The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 19, 1908 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 19, 1908
Page 4
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s Worth a Good Deal to a Man to be in Love With His Business And Worth a Good Deal to His Customers— We're in love with this business; enthusiastic about it; discovering new merits in it every day- and new vvays to make it better. We shall never be satisfied with it until every customer of ours is satisfied with it. One of the best things we're doing is to sell Stein-Bloch clothing. This brand of clothing represents honest sterling quality throughout, in scientific skill of designing and style, in careful workmanship by the best tailors, in all things which a man wants of clothes, the highest type of service. They fit exactly. O . r idea of what we want to do for you—and what you want to have done for you. Priced from $10 to $30. Game Hogs at In the Churches Work Again on Sunday Quartette at Baptist Church. Tomorrow oc an especially in- Whether California h ripe for the passage of a sweping non-sale game law, such as has been enacted in several states, is ons of Uie questions being considered by sportsmen in discussing the changes or new leglsla. An ^' wU1 sp( , ak . A t 7:30 p. m. U» tlon which the next legislature may famong r)ower Qunr tette will have be asked to enact, says the IXJB Ange- | ( ., ini . ge 0 , the serv iccs. Come and I hear the sweet Gospel story both in word and song. ten-sting day at the Baptist Church. At 11 o'clock the morning hour of worship, Jas. H. Woertendyke of Los Jes Express. Several measures for the further] protection of game in California, any or all of which, it is said, may l>e brought before tb fng discussed. Among these are laws the sale of wild dii'-Us, a Life Sentence for Mrs. Martin OAKLAND, Doc. 19.—Mrs. Isabel Martin, convicted of complicity in the dynamiting of Judge Ogden's house, was today sentenced to life Imprisonment by Superior Judge Wells. The crime was committeed months ago, and Mrs. Martin was apprehended through the statements of her son, Baby John. The jury after a lone trial found the woman guilty in eight minutes). Judge Wells passed sentence in The Sunday school will convene at one minute. legislature, are be-1 preventing; in a. m. in a separate room and though life sentence she .'.iii'tinn in ducks anil The ' Mrs. Mnrtin was composed when she young people have completed their [came into court, study of Africa and they will study | Hushed when the Christmas fit fi:SO p. m. the present bai; liHilts quail, u provision (miuuiug the. shoot Ing of dm Us from .-unrli-" 'o sunset.; instead <>< half an limir before and i after as at, present, si-Hint; the open-; i Prayer Hireling is held every Wed- 7 :'.?n. A cordial i i:«'sday c v> nlng welcomo to nil. ; Second Bapt'.bt Church. Thirteenth arid V streets. Preaching leg of the dove season at least two ' at 11 a. Sunday school at 12:30, weeks later, and having 'be duck and' H. Y. P. U., 7 ]>. m. Preaching at 8 Cnall seasons open simultaneously in-! p. '"• A " are welcome, Dr. F. T. r.ead of fifteen days apart as at pres- j Walker, pastor. 18<14 Forrest street. «t. i M. E. Church South. The 01 a mw prohibiting tho sale of ducks Is likely to meet with opposition from the market hunters, the dealers and hotel and restaurant den, while It probably would be en. tbuslastlcally championed by club- Ben and others who shoot for tho Corner of H and Sixteenth streets. Sunday school at 10 n. m. and public preaching at 11 a. m. Subject of seromn, "The Mystery of Godliness; God Manifest in the Flesh." Epworth League at C:30 and at 7:30 Mr. Jas. Woertendyke of l^os Angeles will iport, and who believe that game has j speak on the saloon and Its (Jestruc- & greater value to the mate than the xnerc price value which this bird will bring on the market. SPECIA'L SALE. game iiK next Monday Miiiuo's Cy clery at 1725 I'.itli strn-t will inaugurate !t Hpt'dal .-tale. V, I,. r< by each per- Bon buying an article valued at ^c>, cents, will be entitled in a in,i|,on ]<.;). j Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock, resenting a chance (•> M.I-UK. !,•,... ',, i al .,, welcome. new standard make lilc\c!e. tf live power. Come and hear us for our cause. A. L. Paul, pastor. Christian Science Services. Assembly hall, Producers Bank building. Sunday morning at 11 o'clock. Subject of the lesson sermon, "la the Universe, Including Man, Kvolvt-d by Atomic Force?" All Something All Should Hear. [• service's at i lie First MethodisU. Everybody Kern River Mills Flour it has tlu> p. rent I'M t de- of any flour nt; and is used by uil housewives who appreciate; line flour. When you're paying out your money rliurrh tniimrriiw will In- of a very ,ln- iereriilnn nature!! Tln> sermon for i)i' i.ioiiiin;; will lie appropriate to tho reason. Subject, "Tli" Other Wine Men." The music will lie In harmony will) i be time of the year. Anihoma by a splendid choir. Miss Tyrer and Miss Jane Harber will render solos. A live, up-ui-diite Sunday school will meet at ll:4& o'clock. The Junior l.nague, one of the youngest, but one of tho most vigorous organizations of tho church, will hold its session at ;i p. in. The Epworth Koague will con- vi'iio nt 0:30. Tho uvnnlUK sermon will be thn fifth of the series on "The Home." A practical gospel for u practical age. pronounced she was undemonstrative. GARFIELD EXPLAINS AS TO PHOSF"»TE LANDS. WASHINGTON, Dec. 10.—The question of tlif; entry of large tracts of phosphate lauds in Idaho, Wyoming and Utah was taken up by the house committee on public lands today. Sec- rotary of the Interior Garfleld was before the committee to explain the reason which prompted him recently to withdraw 2,000,000 acres of this kind of land from entry. The subject was only gone Into superficially, Secretary Garfleld being Invited to reappear before the committee after the holidays to continue his explanation. W. O. W. HALL ASSOCIATION TO ELECT OFFICERS. Tho annual election of officers of W. O. W. hall association will take place at A. O. K. W. ball next Monday evening, December 21 at 8 p. m. It T. F. BURKE, Secy. m » ^ -. BRITISH STEAMER IS SUNK IN A FOG. NEW YORK, Dee. Hi.—The British freight steamer Danliesiau was sunk Woman's Club Annual Jinks The Woman's Club will hold their annual jinks on Monday afternoon. Tins function is for club members only, and is always anticipated with a K resit deal of pleasure, as It Is the jollification of the year, and a general good time is eujoy»d. The program, in charge of Mrs. C. A. Hare, is progressing finely and will be most amusing. All members are requested to appear in fancy cos- tiVme. • Elaborate refreshments will be served All club- members who will be present are requested to send word to the committee, if they have not already done so, in order that proper arrangements may be made for a definite number. PROMINENT MAN MYSTERIOUSLY SHOT. SAN BERNARDINO, Dec. 18.—W. H. Eadie, a well known local merchant and member of the' Masonic, Odd Fellows, Elks and other lodges, was found yesterday shot through the head in the brush six miles west of Crestmore, by Rowland Moore, Chris Hansen and a traveling man named Morrow, with whom he left here on a hunting trip. There was no eye witness to the tragedy and the belief is he shot himself aclcdentally. Eadie had b'een a resident of this city for a number of years and leaves a widow and three children. The remains I were taken to Riverside and an in-1 quest will be held there. , Too Late For Classification HIGHEST PRICES PAID for poultry and eggs, hay and grain; promptly delivered by phone orders. Phone Main 2G7. Farmers Commission Co., 2215 Chester Ave. 125 FOR SALE—Combination sideboard and china closet. Price $30. Also a sideboard for $15. Apply 2109 B street. 122 WANTED—A partner with services in a light manufacturing business; small investment and a good income guaranteed. Call 529 H street, Kern Cal., between 12 and 4 p. m. 125 WANTED—-Good cheap lands. 1 can sell your lands if you list them with as I have the buyers if your hind is good and price right. G. L. Robertson, 12;> South Broadway, Los Angeles, Cal. 125 | NOTES AND PERSONALS. | I I outside the iHirbor tramp schooner, tin was no loss of life. Vlritisher wa« savd Fog was the ciiuse < night by a I'atalone. There The crew of the Iv the Catalone. l I he collision. Chorus—"Glory m God in the Highest," (Hamilton drey). Baritone solo—"Joy to the World," (Marzo), Clarence M. Fuller. 2:30 p. m., Chinese. Mission Sunday school. 3 p. m.. Junior Endeavor. 6:30 p. m., Y. P. S. C. E. At 7: HO p. in. the pastor will deliver the third of his series on "The Making of Our Bible." The following special music will bo rendered: Tenor and baritone duet, "Sun of for rood (iour, got it—and ulwi.VM ask for thin brand. It will |my you to try this flour and to find out ltn thorough poo.lniwa. At all Thome, for the evoning' "Daughter— My Soul," Ideal and Otherwise." (Dudley lluck), Messrs, All we.llcoino. First Congregational Church. On Seventeenth street between Q and H. 'ilble school, 9:45 a. m. Morning worship, 11 a. in. Sermon theme, "A Continuous Christmas." Special mualc aa follows; G:M»I Music. I Roy Pathe and C. M. Fuller. Choral with tenor solo, "The Story of Old" (Plnsuti), full chorus. Trio of male voices, "Art Thou Weary?" (Berwold), Messrs. Goodwin, Patbe and Fuller. A most cordial welcome is extended Mrs. Albert Gordon of Maricopa is a visitor in this city today. Mr. and Mrs. Enime; Hayes are in town from Wnsco. j ".ludse" Kersey has i,--nnic<i from a Bhort business trip to Hie south. The "judge" reports financial conditions more sound and ih" i.r;,ni.<> CTO|> most promising In the !air southland. J. F. Bcltbert returned from Los Angeles 'h'te morning. ' ". C. u'.jiley of the Santa Fe oil in- t' rests is in town. W. B. Moore came in from Sunset last night. ,1. C. Mead and wife are at the Grand from Orcutt. Dr. C. E. Smith and wife of Los An- Keles are at the Grand, Mrs. Brlggs says that since she bought a coffee mill and grinds her Folger's Golden Gate coffee, Mr. B. never complains about the coffee. Joe, Voorheis has returned from Berkeley for the holidays. Louis Baer, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Baer, arrived from San Francisco this morning to spend the holidays with Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Baor. George Parkor, who has been ill for to all to attend these services. Ed-1 the past week, was on the streets to- gar R. Fuller, pastor. day feeling somewhat better. FOR SALE—F> room house, toilet, hath, etc., chicken yard, stable, lot ,")0xl22. on corner, K street. The house is furnished complete withe coal and wood for most of the winter. Price $2000. R. A. Moore,! room 11, Hopkins building; phono Main -in:;. PASTURE—For horses. Upton ranch one-half mile south of old stock yards, east of Kern. Telephone Farmers 27. 122 REV. MRS. COONS will lecture In the A. O. U. W. hall Sunday, December 20 at 7:30. The lecture will be followed by messages. All are made welcome. CITY BP'EFS. * i * .;. .;. .;. »;. .;. .;. •> •;« •;• •;« •;« •»• •!« •$• •!• •!« Buried in Wheeling—Dlxon & Sons have received word from the relatives of the late John B. Sawtelle, the well known West Side man. who met a shocking death last month by being accidentally shot by a shotgun In the overturning of his wagon, that the remains reached their destination In West Virginia In perfect condition and the funeral was held in Wheeling the following Sunday. Will Be Sent East—The remains of Frank I. Sherman, who suicided near Pond earlier In the week, will be ship- ped'to New Hampshire for burial. Under the X Ray—The condition of Adrian Von Plank has so much improved that last night he was removed to the Hopkins building where an X ray photograph of the Injured actor's body was taken. Von Plank is in good condition and spirits today and stood the strain of the sitting last night in good shape. Will Sell Edition:—Eu Fussell has arranged with the Kern Valley Printing Works to sell the edition of "The Spirit of Bakersfield and Kern." just issued. The hook Is an artistic work and excelelntly displays the attractiveness of Bakersfleld. It sells for 50 cents the copy. Callfomlan want ads.; three days. 26c. I I |\/| r"* to buy that present now. 1-5T /k f^p Uncle Ike's Emporium. AND-I young or old, rich or poor, handsome m- just plain, will be delighted to ve- c'l-ive a fdt't selected from the enormous stock we carry. Times are never hard for tin- pitlrons of your good old Uncle Ike, because he gives you the benefit of his business success in buying best goods the markets afford and you can rest assured he buys so cheap, the result is all in your favor. No house is more reliable. Xo house can show a more complete line of useful gifts. Uncle Ike's Emporium 1408 19th St. Phone Main 1154 Bakersfleld, Cal.

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