Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 24, 1898 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, January 24, 1898
Page 2
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'J'-iJ Runaway Marriage That Is Responsible for Hoffiiclde, Lawsuit and Divorce. TRIAL IDE IfUBDEE IS PBOBABLE Civil Solt Now Going on That May Be tli« WorkluE Aculnst Knell Other — So.n« Good Citizen* Buy » "Gold" Brlck- Elopenicnt End" at Chicago\>1>1 cat MiMtrliU—St»to News lleni>>. Lebanon, Ind.. Jan. 24.-The case o) Mrs. Talltha C. Rlley against Thomas Allen was called for trial in the Boone circuit court this morning. According to the plaintiff's complaint the suit la •ne of damages for the injury to lire. Kiley's means of support caused by the defendant killing her husband, Wallace Rlley, but in reality Allen will be on trial for murder. Riley and Allen met Jn the lobby of the Lebanon postofllce June 1, 1896. Almost simultaneously Tooth drew pistols and. began firing. As to which fired the first shot witnesses differ. Both men emptied their weapons and when the smoke cleared away Riley was lying in the doorway dead, •while directly over the prostrate body ihe victor stood with his pistol still pointing at the head of his victim. Tragedy Follows the Elopement. The tragedy was the result of the «lopment of Roy. son of Thomas Allen, •with Pearl, the 19-year-old daughter »t Wallace Rlley. Rlley opposed the marriage, but one Saturday afternoon Pearl went out for a walk and^ failed to return, that a sates were selected to the district con- venUons, which meet Feb. 1 to select a new state committee. Harry New. of this city, will be the comrnitteeman in this district. Newton Hording having withdrawn from thejjice. Mother Kills Her-.e1f and Babe. New Albany. Ind.. Jan. 24.-M«. Seth Coffman, who lived in Greenville tow n- shlp Clark county, near this city, committed suicide Saturday by cutting her throat with a kitchen knife. Before •orninUtlni: the rash deedsne nmd* sure ot f-ndine the life of her infant child who slept in its cradle in an ad- Snln B room. she poured a large do* of liudunum down its throat and lefi The child will die. DR. 'TALMAGE EXPOSES TRAPS SET FOR UNWARY FEET. lemptati™ Which Attract * B d Then T>e- 8troy _Coirrapt Boohs, Alcoholic Stimui- and Gambllne In«i C l>ed Against. American Press it to its cause fate. -No of Mrs. Coffman time of th, m aligned for the suicide, as th? wen-- in fairly good eircum- and no domestic troubles existed. The husband was in Louisville at the suicide. Independent Tcl«l.h»ne Companies. Indianapolis. Jan. 24.-The movement •which has resulted in the organization oTmany independent telephone companies throughout the state: has developed here with Honey Prom the Eternal Rock. [Copyright. 1898, WASHINGTON, Jan. 23.— Dr. Talmage here starts with an oriental scene, from which he draws practical lessons as to the allurements which entrap the unwary and the discourse will pat many the incorporation of The New Telephone Company, iness men is given of putting ?oon as a: The test is I Samuel taste a little with a cap- Hal" stock of $350.000. The officers and directors representjhe best ^^ in an exchange as fra'nchise can be secured from the city The rates are to be less than 50 per cent, of those now charged by the Bell company. Yet Two of the Gang Confessed. Decatur. Ind., Jan. 24.-After over thirty hours' deliberation the jury m the whitecap case of state vs. Rohrer brothers was called in. at a late hour at night and discharged. There seemed to be no chance of an agreement, the jury standing 7 to 5 for acquittal. There is much conjecture now as to what tht do with Nichols and Ash- plead guilty some timf refused to pass evi- on their guard. xiv 43, "I di d b with the end of the rod that was in my hand, and, lo, I must die." The honeybee is a most ingenious architect, a Christopher Wren among insects; geometer drawing hexagons and pentagons, a freebooter robbmc the fields of pollen and aroma, wondrous creature of God, whose biography, written by Hnber and Swammerdam, is an enchantment for any lover of natare. Virgil celebrated the bee in his fa bin of Aristaeus, and Moses and Samuel and David and Solomon and Jeremiah and Ezekiel and St. John used the delicacies of bee manufacture as a Bible symbol— a miracle of formation is the bee. _ live eyes, two tongues, the outer haying a sheath of protection, hairs on all sides - . other cause. Elopements, marital intrigues, sly correspondence, fictitious names given at postofBce •windows, clandestine meetings m parks and « ferry gates and in note! parlors and conjugal perjuries are among the ruinous results. When a woman young or old gets her head thoroughly stuffed with the modem novel, she is in appalling peril. But some one will say, Ihe heroes are so adroitly ravish and the -heroines so bewitchiugly untrue and the turn of the story so exquisite, and all the characters so enrapturing I cannot quit them " My brother, my sister, you can find stvlesof literature just as charming that will elevate and purify and ennoble aB d Christianize while they please. The devil does not own all the honey. There is a wealth of good hooks coming forth from our publishing houses that leave no «cuse for the choice ot that which is debauching to body, mind and soul. Go to some intelligent man or woman and ask for a list of books that will be strengthening to your mental and moral condition. Life is so short and your time for improvement so abbreviated that you cannot afford to fill up with husks and cinders and debris. In the interstices of Business that young man treading that which will prepare him to be a merchant prince, and that yotmg woman zs nlHng her mind with an intelligence that will yet either make her the chief attraction of a good man's home or give her an independence oi character tha find on some of the ' our cities the words "Old Crow mightily suggestive of the carcass and the filthy raven swoos upon it that swoops upon beak and claw into Dcuiv UJ-iu i_it»" *—-w -- , of what was once gloriously al ye but now morally dead. " Old Crow! But alas, how many take no warning! * . f s^ . .«.« h i = TV make me tbink ot ITCHING SKIN DISEASES court will baucher, who investigation disclosed the fact ago. the judges havin marriage license had been issued sentence until he had heard the t« young Allen and Miss Riley about an hour after the latter had left home, Ihe elder Allen making the required certificate as to the £«e of the prospective bride. The marriage of the young couple followed and they went to Chicago to spend their honeymoon. Allen, Insisted Riley, had made a false affidavit In swearing Miss Riley to have teen of marriageable age. Allen learned of this, and, it Is alleged, sent word to Riley that he would shoot him on sight. The tragedy followed. The Marrluge Wall ft Failure, Too. Allen was released from, jail ten days after the shooting. The special grand jury called to investigate the case failed to indict him, accepting his plea of self- defense. The bringing of this civil action by Mrs. Rlley U considered as being for the purpose of establishing, if possible, the criminal liability of the defendant rather than to recover damages. Should the verdict be for the plaintiff there is little doubt that Allen will be •ailed to answer to the criminal charge of murder. Since the bringing of this •uit the young Mr. and Mrs. Allen have separated. The husband will be a witness in behalf of the defense, while the young wife will aid her mother and will in every way within her power endeavor to bring about the punishment of her lather's slayer. •TRICK A VERT OLD SCHEME. T«t Thes« Bent Citizens Boucht This Chunk of "Gold Bi'iok." Crawfordsville, Ind., Jan. 24.—Mrs. Samuel Petro. of Darlington, has a $1,- CtO "foot warmer" in the shape of a brass brick, which her husband and Wilson Hunt, a stock buyer, recently purchased from two Colorado "miners" -who said it was gold. An alleged miner •ame to Petro and Hunt and asserted that he and his partner were possessed •f a $5,300 gold brick which they had •btalned in a questionable manner in the west and which they were afraid to offer for sale at a mint or bank for fear of detection. Petro and Hunt agreed to pay $1.600 for the bullion and accompanied the man to Terre Haute, where partner and brick were duly found. A hole was; drilled in the center and the filing stoo'd the acid tests. The farmers gave, up their money and received the brick, over which they stood guard all night with cocked revolvers. They took the early morning train for home a.nd at Petro's house guarded the brick for three days more. Then the skeptical Mrs. Petro insisted that it be drilled into at another place. This was done and the b-ick was found to be brass. Less than J5 worth of gold had been poured into a hole in the center and from this the filings which stood the test was taken. Mrs. Petro now hoats the brick and puts it in the bottom of her tragey to keep her feet warm when she drives to church or town. INDIANA ELOPKKS CORNERED. dence. ____ TTiree-Cornerea Political Fusion. Lebanon,-Ind., Jan. 24.-Fusion between the Democrats, free silver. Republicans of its tiny body to brush up the i particles of flowers, its flight so straight that. all the world knows of the bee line. The honeycomb is a palace such as no one but God could plan and the honeybee construct, its cells sometimes a doi-mi- on his way to Ljn WA ^*~- ~ , assassination, fearing nothing, though his statue in the hall crashed into fny m ents at his feet, and a scroll containing the names of the conspirator, wab toast into bis bands, yet walking rieht on to meet the dagger thw was to take his life- This infatuate- of strons, drink is so mighty in many a man that though his fortunes are crashing, and health is crashing, and his domes tic interests are crashing, and we hand him a long scroll containing the names of perils that await him, he goes straight on to physical and mental and moral assassination. In proportion as any style ol alcoholism is pleasant to your taste and stimulating to yonr nerves, and for time delightful to all your physica and mental constitution, is tha peril awful. Bemember Jonathan ^<L tfla forbidden honey in tbe woods at betn- ttrinK. Itching, bor diseases wiih loss ofb^r. - Ticn«A SOAP. K« u (ointment), and full T*hT, greatest of blood p .. Jr CCTICTIU. storehouse and These winged aven Populists and has been per- 11CC OIIV*.L. +.f~r- . . ,,_„ fected here, by the terms of which the two latter factions are to abandon their organizations, the Populists' cana.dates for representative, auditor and one commissioner and the silver Republicans candidate for county surveyor, to receive thase places on the ticket at the fall election. Democratic Policeman Has to Fay Damages. Muncie, Ind., Jan-. 24.-The jury in the J5000 damage suit by Marion Collins against Patrolman George Bonadnum decided to give the plaintiff $9S^ Collins, it is said, insulted Bonadnum s wife. Bonadnum pursued him^and sho in the air to friehten him. The bullet struck a telephone wire, glanced, and hit Collins. The judge's charge was that the policeman's act in firing his pistol was -a violatlon_of the law. Death of a Roman Catholic Priest. Fort Wayne, Ind., Jan. 24.-Rev. Father Koenig, pastor of St. Paul s Roman Catholic church, died Saturday after a three days' illness. He was the oldest Roman Catholic clergymen in point of service in northern Indiana. He Germany, S2 was born in Westphalia, years ago. _ __ Gerinun Police Are Book Agents. Berlin Jan. 24.— ThroughoutthePrus- dan provinces a historical work on William I entitled "Our Hero Emperor. which is greatly approved by the pre«- ent emperor, is being peddled out by the police, who are securing thousands of subscriptions by intimidating farm- tory and sometimes a sometimes a cemetery, toilers first make eight strips oi was, and by their antenna, which are to them hammer and chisel and square and plumb line, fashion them for use. Two and two these workers shape the wall II an accident happens, they put B p buttresses of extra beams to remedy the damage. . When about the year 1,76 an insect before unknown in the nighttime attacked the beehives all over Europe, and the men who owned them were in vain trying to plan something to keep out the invader that was tbe terror ol the beehives of the continent, it was found that everywhere the bees had ar- ran^ed for their own protection and buift before their honeycombs an especial wall of wax with portholes through which the bees might go to and fro, bu; not large enough to admit the winged combatant called the Sphinx atropos. Divine Direction. Do yon know that tbe swarming ol the bees is divinely directed? The moth- bee starts for a new borne, and be- ua use of this the Other bees of the hive get into an excitement which raises the heat of the hive some four degrees, and they must die unless they leave their heated apartments, and they follow the mother bee and alight on the branch of a tree and cling to each other and hold on until a committee of two or thnie ntli at-i iut^v£'••'— — — — | w:ill qnalify her to build her own home and maintain it in a happiness that re- onires no augmentation from any of our rougher sex. That young man or young woman can by the right literary aud moral improvement of the spare ten minutes here or there every day rise head and shoulders in prosperity and character and influence above the loun- E prs who read nothing or read that which bedwarfs. See all the forests ol cood American literature dripping with honey. Why pick up the honeycombs that have in them the fiery, bees which will Bting you with an eternal poison while you taste it? One book rnay f or . . , , Furthermore, the gamester's indulgence must be put in the list of temptations delicious, but destructive, iou who have crossed the ocean many times have noticed that always one of the best rooms has from morning until late at RED ROUGH HMDS I. N. Crawford is transacting business and visiting friends at Pittsburg, Pa. How's Tbist We offer One Hundred Dollar* ro-wmrd !•«• any case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure, F. J. CHENEY & CO., Props.. T«l»*o, O. We the undersigned, have k»owm P. J. Cheney lortne last 15 years, and beli.re him perfectly honorable in all businesa treanM- ttons and flnauctallT able to carry o«t amy obligations made by their firm. WIST & TRUAX. Wholesale DrugglsU, Toledo* . ____ me decide everything for this word and the next. It was a turning you or or cause ABBREVIATED TELEGRAMS. Rev T. DeWitt Talmage has married Mrs. Eleanor M. Collier, of Allegheny, Pa. Governor and Mrs Tanner and party- UL1 UlluA* •* w~— , bees have explored the region and found the hollow of a tree or rock not far off from a stream of water, and they here set up a new colony and ply their aro xnatio industries and give themselye to tbe manufacture of the saccharin edible But who can tell the chemistry of that mixture of sweetness, part oi it the very life of the bee and part ot it the life of the fields? Plenty of this luscious product was hanging in the woods of Bethaveu during the time of Saul and Jonathan. Their army was in pursuit of an enemy point with me when Ln a bookstore in Syracuse one day I picked up a book called "The Beauties of Buskin. it was only a book of extracts, but it was all pure honey, and I was not satisfied until I had purchased all his works, at that time expensive beyond an easy ca pacity to own them, and with what de- lisht I went through reading his Sevi Lamps of Architecture" and his Stones of Venice" it is impossible for me to describe except by saying that it K ave me a rapture for good books and an everlasting disgust for decrepit or •Immoral books that will last me while my life lasts. All around the church and the world today there are busy hives of intelligence occupied by authors and authoresses from whose pens drip a distillation which is the very nectar of heaven, and why will you thrust your rod of inquisitiveness into the deathful saccharine of perdition? Bewara of Strong Drink. Stimulating liquids also come into the category of temptation delicious but night been given up to gambling prac tices. I heard of men who went on board with enough for a European excursion who landed without money to get their baggage up to the hotel or railroad station. To many there is a complete fascination in games of hazard or the risking of money on possibilities. It seems as natural for them to bet as to eat. Indeed, the hunger for food IB often overpowered by the hunger for wafers. It iu absurd for those of us who have never felt the fascination of the wager to speak slightingly of the temptation. It has slain a multitude of intellectual and moral giants, men and women stronger than you or I. Down under its power went glorious Oliver Goldsmith and Gibbon, the famous historian, and Charles Fos, the renowned statesman, and in olden times senators of the United States, who used to be as regularly at the gambling house all night as they were in the halls of legislation by day. Oh, the tragedies of tho faro tablel I know persons who began KINSAN & Druggists, Toledo, 0. Ball's Catarrh Cure is taken hnrtrily. «* ing directly upon the blood u« mucous surfaces of t»e eysteni. Prie», 75. *«• bottle. Sold by all drureiets. Testimonial* sent free. Hall's Family Pills are the best. Marion Leader: G. P. Washburn, ot Logansport, was in the city last evening. Great Trlcmph. Instant relief and acpermanent cu»e great remedy. Otto's Cure for lung an* diseases. Why willlyou irritate your tkr«*» and lungs with a backing cough w«en W. K^ Porter, comer Fourth and Market streets. §•» agent, will furnish you a free sample teonle «f this guaranteed remedy? Its suocess is w» derful, as your druggist will tell you. 8»»»» free. Large bottle 50c aud *5c. Teresa Callaoan Has returned from a week's visit at El wood. Rhewathm Cured in a D*y. "My stlc I Cure" for rbeuKRtlsji «»* ne«- ,i£i« ridicallT cures In 1 to 8 *ay§. deathful. You say, "I cannot bear the taste of intoxicating liquor, and how any man can like it is to me an amazement." Well, then, it is no credit to you that you do not take it. Do not brag about your total abstinence, because it is not from any principle that you reject alcoholism, but for the reason that you reject certain styles of food; you simply don't like the taste of them. - -cr,*- rrmUirndes of neople have a natural have left Springfield, Ills., for Hot Springs, Ark. \t Hot Springs, Ark., Saturday, Jacn Everhart knocked Eddy Donnelly out in the sixth round. Senator Cannon has introduced a bill providing for the publication of thejen- sion roll by Jan. 1, 1899. German emigration during 1897 was the lowest since 1874. It only totaled 23 228 persons, against 32,114 in 1S96. Rev Dr. Michael J. Cramer, brother- in-law of General U. S. Grant, is dead at Carlisle, Pa., from angina pectons. King Humbert has siened a decree reducing the Italian customs tariff on cereals from 7 Vs. to 5 lire, until April 30. The Japanese cruiser Shitosewas successfully launched from the Union Iron Works yard. San Francisco. Saturday. The ballot in the Maryland legislature for senator was a tie Saturday on two candidates, McComas and Gorman-Jb with a slight stake in a ladies' parlor and ended with the suicide's pistol at Monte Carlo. They played with tne square pieces of bone with black marks on them, not knowing that satan was playing for their bones at the same time and was sure to sweep all the stakes off on his side of the table, btate legislatures have again and again sanctioned the mighty evil by passing laws ia defense of race tracks, and many young men have lost all their wages at such so called "meetings." Every man who voted for such infamous bills has on his hands and forehead the blood of these souls. Eternal Catastrophe. But in this connection some young converts say to me: "Is it right to play cards?. Is there any harm in a game of whist or euchre?" Well, I know good men who play whist and euchre and ralKla radically action upon tie cures — - — - --,. syptemi Is mmwkaWe es at once each. '•hat by God's command must be exterminated. The soldiery were positively forbidden to stop to eat anything until the work was done. If they disobeyed they were accursed. Coming through the woods, they found a place where the bees had been busy—a great honey mannfactory-honey gathered in the hollow of the trees until it had overflowed upon the ground in great profu- Bion of sweetness. All the army obeyed orders and touched it not save Jonathan, and he, not knowing the military order about abstinence, dipped the end of a stick he had in his hand into the candied liquid, and as yellow and tempting it glowed on the end of the stick; he put it to bis mouth and ate the honey Judgment fell upon him, and but for special intervention he would have been slain. In my test Jonathan an- normces his awful mistake, "I did but; little honey with the end of the Man and Woman in the Case Separate and Aro Not Prosecuted, Indianapolis, Jan.24.—A dispatch from Chicago says: By consenting: to part and to go their ways Miss Rae Spencer and Robert Humston. the eloping couple arrested Thursday night at the Victoria hotel, escaped prosecution. The cases •were dismissed on motion of Constable Alfred Schwick. Schwick was the only person connected with the case who appeared in court. He is a constable in Monticello. Ind.. and was sent to Chicago to have Miss Rae Spencer and Humston arrested. The latter is county clerk at that place ana Miss Spencer is the daughter of a prominent Monticello citizen. The couple, in company with Attorney A. K. Sills, of Montioello. eloped Tuesday night, and it is said Sills was to have met a classmate of Miss Spencer at Indianapolis. She failed them. Humston and Miss Spencer came to Chicago. They registered at the Victoria as Mr. and Mrs. Morris. Con- itable Schwick arrested them and took them to Justice Martin's house at 12 o'clock Thursday night, where they pave bonds for their appearance. Humsr ton and Sills left wives behind them. The affair has caused a sensation in Monticello. Republican Reorganization. Indianapolis. Jan. 24.-Indiana Republicans Saturday began their organi- sation for the campaijm in which all the state officers but the governor, a legislature that elects a United States senator to succeed Turpie. congressmen and county officers are to be elected. Precinct meetings were h«W throughout the •tatc Saturday afternoon and evening Benson Essrers. 17 years old. of North Salem. Ind.. is credited with having been married three times, and charged with having two wives now. The next meeting of the Eisteddfod, the great Welsh Musical organization of the United States, will be he!d at Milwaukee. Jan. 1 and 2. 1S99. "Jake" Schaefer, the billiard wizard. beat Ives in the Chicago tournament, He ran 13S. which is score was 400 to Mich.. tieing the game. another record. The 37S. Wilkinson'? hank. MarQuette has closed its do,,-,, J. M. Wilkinson, who i« dyins. has made an assignment. All creditors are expected to be paid in full. Dr Johr Hall has announced from the pulpit of the Fifth Avenue Praby- terian church. New York, that he ha* reconsidered his determination to resign. . \ccordins to information received Spanish sources at Sancti Esplritus fiv- private soldiers; belonging to the squadron of Genera,! Maximo Gomez have surrendered to the Spaniards. J, tremendously high tide in Lynn (Mass.) harbor yesterday swept up Saugus river and completely submerged the streets along the banks m that portion of the^ityJvnown_asJVVest Lynn. The Weather Wo Maj Expect- Washington. Jan. 34.-FoBoiring «***• weatherindications for *"«»£- fcrar J? < ^ from S p. m. ye*t«rday: For IndS»oa and IHi ji^yj _ Fair w«»tiier, fcrtlo'wvl OT increaCiiift doudiaess; slower rising tw»p«ratnrein »««"- orn portions; Tarlable winds, beoomin* nrterlr. ! > orMt«hi«»n-G«n«i»l>" f ™ T ' or- brisk nortiwwiterlj- -wic*, For •WIsconsU-J'KtiT ckrady ^•^ Hr:1 "? > : •r; ron'B»riy winds- For taste a **«..» * JIT rod that was in my hand, and, lo, J. must die." Alas, what multitudes oi people in all ages have been damaged by forbidden honey, by -which I mean temptation, delicious and attractive, but damaging and destructive! ErilB of Bad Literature. Corrupt literature, fascinating, bnt deathful, comes in this category. Where one good, honest, healthful book is read now there are a hundred made up of rhetorical trash consumed with avidity. When the boys on the cars come througb Bnt multitudes of people fondness for all kinds of intoxicants. They like it so much that it makes them smack their lips to look at it. They are dyspeptic, and they like to aid digestion; or they are annoyed by insomnia, and they take it to produce sleep; or they are troubled, and they take it to make them oblivious; or they f-el happy, and they must celebrate their hilarity. They begin with mint julep sucked through two straws on the Long Branch piazza and end in the ditch, taking from a jug a liquid bal kerosene and half whisky. They no only like it, bnt it is an all consuming passion of body, mind and soul, and aft er awhile have it they will, though one •wineglass of it should cost the temporal and eternal destruction of themselves and all their families and the whole human race. They would say, "I am sorry it is going to cost me and my family and all the world's population so very much, but here it goes to my lips, and now let it roll over my parched tongue and down my heated throat, the sweet- j_ : ;«n rr *"Vl Q TT1 AKfi (iPLl- port. Don't ruiTany risks about heritbfl Avoid coughs, colde,, fevers, pne»- monlu, and all other similar ailments by keeping your blood rlcfc and pure with Hood's Sarsaparilla. Hood's pills are purely vegetable and do not purge, pain or gripe. Art druggists. Pern Chronicle: Mike Doherty, ot Logansport, is visiting with Frank Fisher. other wagers. styles of games without any I had a friend who played us have prayers. er men cards with his wife and children, and then at the close said, "Gome, now. let prayers." I will not judge otb- K1 u. w s consciences, but I tell you that cards are in my mind so associated with the temporal and spiritual ruin of splendid young men that I would as soon say to my family, "Come, let ns have a game of cards" as I would go into a menagerie and say, "Come, let us have a game of rattlesnakes" or into a cemetery and, sitting down by a "•"", slab, say to the gravediggers, let us have a game at skulls." Conscientious young ladies are silently saying, "Do yon think card playing will do us any harm?" Perhaps not, but how wii you feel if in the great day of eternity when we are asked to give an accoun of our influence, some man .should say "I was introduced to games of chanc in the year 1898, at your house, and I on from that sport to something exciting and went on down until marble Come, went on more Tiding* The specific forj dyspepsia, liver ce»pl«« heumatism, cogtivtmeeB,'general <K*!lH7,««£- rhe Ttt 1s Bacon's Celery King! for the Nerre*. ,rreat herbal tonic stimulates tt* «ig< organ*, regulates the liver and rcstorts t*» system to vlgorpaslhealOi and energies. Pa^ pies free. Large package* 50c and 25«. a«i» only by W. H. Porter, corner Fourth »s«Mir heffetreett. ^^ McCoy's New European Hotel COR. CLARK AND VAN BUREh .TS. CHICAGO. est, the rcost inspiring. the most deli- was a man •with a pile of publications, look over the titles and notice that nine out of ten of the books are injurious. All the way from here to Chicago or New Orleans notice that objectionable books dominate. Taste for pure literature is poisoned by this scum of the publishirig house. Every book in which sin tri no-obs over virtue or in which a glamour is thrown over dissipation or which leaves you at its last lirw with less respect for the marriage institution and less abhorrence for the paramour is a depression of your own moral character. The hook bindery may be attractive and tie plot dramatic and startling and the gtyle of -writing sweet as the honey that Jonathan took up with bis rod, but your best interests forbid it, your moral safety forbids it, your God forbids it, and one taste of it may lead to snch bad results that you may have to say at the close of the experiment, or at the close of m misiDiproved lifetime, "I did but taste a little honey with the rod that was in my hand, and, lo, I must die." Oorrnpt literature is doing more to- d»y 1« the dismjitiMi of domestic lift cious draft that ever thrilled a human frame." To cure the habit before it comes to its last stages, various plans were tried in olden times. This plan recommended in the books: When „ _an wanted to reform, he put shot or bullets into the cup or glass of strong drink—one additional shot or bullet each day, that displaced so much liquor Bullet after bullet added day by day, of course the liquor became less and less until the bullets would entirely fill up the glass and there was no room for the liquid, and by that time it was said the inebriate would be cured. Whether any one ever was cured in that way I know, not, but by long experiment it is.round that tho only way is to stop short off, and when a man does that he needs God to help him, and there have been more cases than yon can count when C?od has BO helped the man that he left off the * _ _ i -i ».*. n cr*nT*O JIIUJ.O C.^«J-* "*' J t5 »™-~ . -J lost my business and lest my morals and lost my soul, and these chains that you see on my wrists and feet are the chains of a gamester's doom, and I aai on my way to a gambler's helL I ey at the start, eternal catastrophe at the last. Stock gambling comes into tae same catalogue. It must be very exhilarating to go into tho stock market and, depositing a small sum of money, run the chance of taking out a fortune. Many men are doing an honest and safe business in the stock market, and yon are an ignoramus if you do not know that it is just as legitimate to deal in stocks as it is to deal in coffee or sugar or flour. But nearly all the outsiders who go there on a financial excursion, lose all The old spiders eat up the unsuspecting flies. I had a friend who put FIRE PROOF. One block from C. ». I- * V>. and !„ s. & 71. S. Railroad, depot. imp-ovements costing $75,000.00 have just been completed, and the house BOW offers every convenience to be found m «yr hotel, including hot and cold water, eJectr* light and steam heat in every room.. Rates 75 cents per day and upwards. First ciass restaurant in connectio*. WILLIAM JKcCOY, Owner *ri drink forever, and I could count a score of them, some of them pillars in the house of God. Horfcl One would suppose that men would take warning from some of the ominous names given to the intoxicants and stand off from the devastating influence, that some You have noticed, for UB L ~w of the restaurants are called The Shades," typical of the f act; that it puts a roirn's repusation in the shade, »nd his morals in the shade, and his prosperity in the shade, and his wife and childKsn in the shade, and his immortal destiny in th« shade. Now, I bis hand on'his hip pocket and said in I have there the value of His home is today penni- substance, $250,000." ,. _- -. less. What was the matter? Stock gambling. Of the vast majority who are victimized you hear not one word. One great stock firm goes down, and whole columns of newspapers discuss their fraud or their disaster, and we are presented with their features and their biography. Bnt where one such famous firm sinks 500 unknown men sink with them. The great steamer goes down, and all the little boats are swallowed in the same engulf cient. Gambling is gambling, whether in stocks or breadstuffs or dice or race horse betting. Exhilaration at the start, hot a raving brain and a shattered nerv- ITTLE IVER PILLS SICK HEADACHE Positively cored by theao Little Pills. , 'They also rdiere Distress fr •^digestion and Too Hearty Eating. Ajx»- bet remedy for Dizziness, Kuuea, Drowrf- oen, BadTistein the Mouth, Coated Toof* ous system and a. sacrificed prop«rtJ. I StlMall PHU Purerf VeptaUe. **"•*

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