Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on September 29, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, September 29, 1916
Page 1
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READ IT TODAY W THE GAZETTE AND STANDARD STERLING DAILY G SIXTY-THIRD Y£AR~-NO. 76r AND DAILY STANDAtlD STERLING, ILLINOIS. FRIDAY, SEPT. 29, 1916. FINE WEATHER ASSURES A BIG CROWD FOR ROCK FALLS CARNIVAL THEN READ IT TOMORROW \H CITY PAPERS PRICE TWO CENTS. Sterling Merchants Will Close Their Stores and florsc Show Day Will Attract Many From the Country, ( With fine weather on trip today n bin MOW-! i- :i*wufed for the Hock Falls Com f uniViil. Thi . >. .-p. t ially true in vi'W of the f.-tet that the st«-r- lltur mf'H hauls plan to • lo-ie their. plft*-es of bl|slt|.-«s flotn 12 lo 4 o'tjliu k j tn that thejr employes may attMul the! <-iitet tainmenl . a«-ro«« the river.! fj< boric day and lait^e crowd", from (he country are expected. Tb<-' fine weiithe! tfiday i'i cii lainly -i re- ; lief to the Hock Kalb< Imsirie^s n r. xv u, i; oiul ii St... on W Pippi f\v w IMn.d iiieri;. hite I -rt w • II y. won S, < '. H. J,i •«»! i .'! Jltsts atid e Inland l<ed.« of | tjx.iii, uon jni-ks. n :' f)rsj 'i first:? •mi*'. I ini. I'ouliry (••arm won -<."• uulo despite ThiirStlav carnival und leather the many country people peopl« were present !• trutw. The Hock I-'nl plfiyintr at I o'clock _phLyln^__t_htouKhout fh " e ven i h K. Th e~"fW-0" fi'e duv at th the Ine IVer'e and mil rort! eh nient ' ro M d'M, ! of- tim fi | 1 rAK'.-n /e ,Vl Lit prize* e,n poultry, |-'lr«'t est sniliiher of idnls nf vanity. enjoy the con" hand "tarf'-d ,'ind i-ont Inued ^.aftetnoo'ii. jind Tot rii'a'ncei took hfittl aftefJIOdll illtd e\enll][- ;(!!'! 'H "TIlP KelllM Wheel Culs' Jind HI. lUcrrtanls In llvltu;. stiitm^ wlueh with flu> prrfortiianee^ ,.» U'ul- tfir« fhlrrt • rtttrnrttrsn wnrrti t-; || Sifter* w«-n' mt Inuid \e«.- Thcv hiivt' a fatnmift fwitm- IHK ladder act, uliuwltii; anJtK'omp.ira- |J!P dlHjiln.v nf Hfcxiliililv on two f-wiiiK- Injjr IniliU-t'B HUHpendrd in midair. There •cimtntno* air flaboiati- ami thfy in H that have never li^for n vv ni Mh. l-'rv «. Shirk Tiitk- — -.;. . >i ! I I ' , I I lii ii 4 and on ! fir:<( land Hedw, ii-Ki on l'i»; and I M on iitst i. Mr- White ||,i| oil Wale won l Mvi con. _ '' Hoi won ] Hid :i <!... won . J" 4 ' k.»,/ ^tisv Jt, I-'. CotiUii,, Clillllion Till key... <'. A. Mm t won | Inland l!e<lH ami I «'otnpim M, Ullh .) Ji.u red on Ked Silvt-i TO DIVIDE FUNDS Lee County Sjpervisors Vote To Spend half On Lincoln Way, Rest t,n Amboy Road. Sheriff ..Given An Increase For Feeding Prisoners As Food Is High. SOME MORE OLD CITY RESIDENTS r> ..f .-i xtv \rrnv bi -lo .'ind f-v ie-.t and •f the li I he III' tlllrt-l - a Hi i iii: the ippropr'ia! ion ... ,.\pi nd-.!. \inty 11 i\ i i h Highway .-id* lit Ambov ti 111 i. Sin M- It-i..I I -Hi- o f(l.',l V ' • of Hi ln th HI, In >.- Met . 1 •| f ! i)fe Use ,,, h Vide ", of ' hi n , 11 \ iv hi. b for the tin Ml t The" ..boa id ( il hit ',«. . • D I h „ ,l!,.,. ;,!!.! the ill). M"th Hide appiopi iittion a<-kllotV |eill;|-d • history mot nine il jam••• f e- th" > ear's •ait" Would - Linc fllendM ..lie l.cvo • \, ept I >; |-:in. a rnl With n f>- All "f I in th" d of N 'MM n o \v [i it>t h^' },i tif' c old 'hunter* • c.f f !', ll \V:<t i;ani" law. the,-?*'' Were C?i t.orh K-te in •Thirtv !l|lt;oi~. hut lirur. Th» c.|her of other «t-ite«: man f "ath« i Ian. t hat - atni- f t'oi i ,'i«f er county ( nir M.\ty in nearly nil Sterlinit men. •(.'ome down lMvi«<. and wi'itf us in r - thirty wf.f i fr- w ho hut %vr> lh«' rn iti the know «>f %<twti in In.y. Het HOIK hail SEVERE DEFEAT COMBLES CAN BOAST OF GREATEST SIEGE IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD Villa Is In Possession Of the Mining Town Of Cusihui- rachi Says Report. Aitny riti and in the ill' enemy ally it w a v !|Iii he ey to he ll.we that tin- mom l.lnl. (.ne-haif \ml-ov i"ol and the-othel' on Itnyta di\'i-ion of Lincoln ' hu:hway. i'he latt.i part, will he of In iek and A'ill start wlu-ie tin- pi"-' i nt brick rood and will extend i* a we.,t..||y dl- tow-ilil (he lifjck load which ' behn.' built i a.«l flotn Htellint. The Atnho> load will tie of ». ravel tut will join (be iioith end of the AN INTEBESTING SUIT Testimony In CaBc Of Beclcer Against Eiler Proves Very Contradictory, t Sal and will ^M M. V an Horn won 1' Hccotid.s on The automobile contest which was the main entertainment on Thursday mlltes: Prank Tracer, ~\\ ;tliiam TfreV- Tmminil UIIH IIannen, The cmjte><(M and the winner* are JIH follow*: liap*> J,—-Uentlernen'N Novelty Kace. ( In thlK race the earn wer»- lined tip. I the driver* <»tandlm? loii feet i fl thrj rw»r nf their respective cars. When i the word wa« Kiven the driver* run) to their cur*, turned the spark, crank- j . pd engine, mounted car* and drove two) block, far* of i'n 11. I', or under. l-'irM prttje, $3,00, Kd. f!r*>nnan. Hecond prUe, $2.oft, ('. Hcutt. 2.— I^adicK* Js'nvclty llace. fon- wer*« xame ,-IM In <ientleman'« K. .M. cons. Ol'oVe wot) on ,lai:uh I lax land Heds won Won ] Ke(. >ml ..mi lUi won -I IttMtn Wyandottex. D. 1, Wit; "ft < '.tII 1 )nc .Mrs! J. Worth Whilo i»d I Wyatidottc M'CnndN on Barred •ile IH- l'*arm White 1 HcC- wun 1 Hist and ll 1 !lfMt on I'eliill had With tl<mr« *. «.'ur» of a K.. h. I'l.-mn, of Meloit, Win., who represents the Klmwood I'outtry Kurm, ha* a tine display of poultry on ex- hihitlon, In previous years Mr. fln«s bun taken -cnuiiKh rlbbun pri/es to make two bed spreadM and lie won the runnliiK ami sit in. tlu- cars Balloon Attention. •'] i, ' ' ,' . i : 1 ' tl<1 balloon •axcciixion did not ii'i^ • i t*!,;. 0 ^ 1 ! 1 " »' V , L M'bice last evcniriu a« was* adv. ^^M^^\& tej »K? S^-X?^ S'^iock ^j<»^ •?•— tientlemen'8 Novell^, freeia.ijd Siillifilai J.OVOIIOCK for alt race, f»irn of any horse power ; at !»;3o. were aUowetl to enter, KiiKlnes were until earn tak si-d hut ock and agnin ' o.iil of th-il hial •="T-rt—n'irrtti— ~-- ite .'H-i'i ake it. •This ile.-p.ion wa« only 'lout: aiu'l li'itd ilubt in inn \ i-Jietil.t,». Ainom: fit-i'fioon W.I.H a tn.-tion \<\~ t*\ ami to t.ibb' .Ml. Hurkalon'- Ite I . -ollltiitn. Tile Vote sto I'l and the (evolution wai- tabi .me -n will d after in thr Mailer tlivli off.-led the improveim ntn instead of the a I.-M m the oln hu;hwa\ d II' to d. .Mr. iiltion' to pill Amlioy road Thiw The vote stood II to 's vote 4l na> to be |o»t. »! tli«hL tliL-Il Ihe and . left running, l.ui wtrw in s ,tha wturtiiiM: niKual wa*» run jwtK hlotjlktf. __ _ ____ : ni-utra! given. ,., Tho only priae awanle<l wan fS.OO and Was-won by C. F. Hociee. --'Jttca 4,~Ce(tar Post HHcer Thin wii* *• an ttnlirciy-dlflffiront rac.o than hiw ever ?.'be«n pulled off and It cauwed g'reat deal of laughtt-r. There W-IIM xnvcn half round cedar pont» place-U flat Hide down, -tS feet -npurt, CortleHtanlK carried a hartl boiled VKIt in a Hpnon and wnrc lo une uny KCIII- he imiy While rnnninK over (he po.vts. J'rlKex were Klvcn for the best Him the ftniMh with run in Kpoon all th way, CASES ANNOUNCED Long List Of Oases Are On the Docket For the Octdber Term Of Court. rait led I -' to ol iu'inal r«-si"d Chairman Sti TI| th" moiion ct«-d the Vnl*'~»-»ll -tb«i I'liKiliitl resolution and Hii.s time voted yen. This cansr-d the original moiion (o he car•Tied by a vote of IL' to Ju, thus settlitiK Mr, Mct'lear^ ' informed the 1 *other meinberM «f the hoard that two -\a- cam-|er,i existed nn the l)l.\i>n township clectlini boanl. One of these was in the- Knurl h and the other in the Sixth precind. For ihc lirst be lecomniend- • il Klmer Jones and for the other Clar- ti 1 "" J»tack. The ln>a:d approvd the ei'ommendations and the gentlemen were appiiltiti-d. ~Tnr nrrmuiT Tif the hiish co«t of food ifodlictK ShetllT Phillips wan allowed if* cents per day for boardi.tiK prison- ••tn instead of fill cents as heretofore! fcThe only.other bit of important ICK- iiriatfon tranKacti-d with raisim: Cirtnjir 1'lrrk ISnRr.rran'H »r J15t»U to $1SOO per year. o'f Til'- Unit of tjeorffti. IJecker ilKtlillf ''hnrh's I'Jiler wan commenced \i-st «-i day in the city court. The case tie veloped into an inlin-stinn unit be -r-mjnf- -tif- • -!-!-?rr ~-v*-Jtfa=T-«HfI«tnrrtv~ttr.~.-Uifc testimony. Allot Hex Harry Waite, of Prophets, town. I*-' atlotmy for III" defendant, find H, ('. and I", H. Ward, attorneys 1V>! ih»' pJfiinfiO; Air 1 ; Ht-ekt-iv .Huba*.Ward ftHted in his openitiK remark* that the Meeker and Kennedy families with .Miss Keefi-r. made up an auto party on flu even I UK of AUK. I!'. They went out the Lincoln Way, West of SterlitiK to the forks and return. On the way b.ick when about at tlu r brow of tin- hill they met earn K'»lnK tin- other way. Mr. .liei-ker was driving his car wciuhinK about two ton-* and traveling at the rate of fifteen to seventeen miles 'pi-r hour, at the top of the hill ihey sjiw /»n»'Icar jjoing at H. fair ratf of speed, while directly behind It wa*« another <"*r, whlcli later proved to be the lijtht Mix driven by Mr. l%!lei'« and hli« party. The car wn.«t .weaving back and forth acrosH the neveiiteen- foot pavement, nt a hlKh rate of speed, the driver acting at* though he desired to pans the car in front. Mr. Becker saw the car utlini? up und to*get away from It, drove both wheels of (he rlKht side of his machine clear off the pavement. They were thus situated \yln-n Mr. Kih-rs with hi* car made directly for tlu- iSecki r cur ami ran into it. di>tnK--coiMdetJtbl»*~dnmaKi». The rnr was taken to ClilCilno, where it was repaired. Mr, Hecker KIU.-K to recover pay for .the repair*. tlu» difference In the market value of tbe car, and for the IOHH of its Uht- while It was. fixed. Thirty Armed Mexicans Were Found On Texas Soil But Fled When Discovered. Villa b.'ol ailniiiii^leied a H.-yre d«-f> it to the-d-lacto forces arid was still in of Cio.ihulrui'hi last nb:ht. port received hv anent« of I". S. covernnu nt ,,depart- m the rrnnnirer < r f :m Amer- mine nt-ai the town officials i telegram from Mad- s.n inc he J^iul fb-d to .liuiic'/. on a K ! >-""- >M th po«ses^ xv a.« Hi olli 1 of tnen!-'. I ,ii an own are In r,--c< ipt ,-,f era. chihuahua, iitid '.van lit!" Vr-lorjpl-de. II iM believed tllllt if tbtj f firi-MHi/iKta.« Were victorious the man.'w r would haw retntiM-d to the mini'. * l-'toti) f.irran/a anthoi itlen nt Juarez, few details are aviiilabli-. They nlaf- i-tl that tip lo the ptc^s-lH .'tho imly IH-WM lii'cjvfd wn.t H me^HHKe from <ien. HatnoM. tyimmander of tin- ^lefai'to troopH at fhibttulmu. wtatltm l/liat him tn>op« had (MM-II etiKaj^ed antl a«klmj that a hoHpital train and mirfjc'ons be hiiBtenetl to Ids a.isiKtance., ' lUiniim hini-«e|f was slightly injured He «ave the added Information that In the battle 1<IO VilliHtitpi had been killed and thtr -lernti-fr \liett.j\lrf^— :ht»ll•.•.:4*et4fc.Tf'•*i^^^. Hie defiM'lo folreM Htlf- naltie.«<. e \vi«n* yat'yiiJfSJCrportH tif the bat !)••.( On Staff Correspondent Wood Who Witnessed the Final Assault—Says Flashes Prom Big Guns Resembled Fireflies. !!-,'V \\'ood «S'tnff c,,tte-pond«-ni of 5'nitcd |'te««ii With the |.'reiic|i .Arrny nenr Corn- hirt;. Sf-pt. ^:* Horse** led into a fit- tioiiw nalinp in tnad t fders forward^ vvitli lillKf Uilaif ainmunlt ton. « j(h :tho\e. \itltui>' Ilk awaititni nred•i^nd that ereil heavy ea« In ,lnaie/ the f the oillcome re- for •einforci mciitM and was Meelng with Ihe remnants of his shattered command toward Santu Y-csble. It wan >ojnted mil from the laconic statement >f tifti. IJatc.o'* there had been a bin tattle rcsultitiK in another victory fi^r he bandit, for had the farraii7.a for(*e» M>HII «occe«(«fii| his teport would have said KO. The town of ftisihnlrachl i» an Im- xirtant mining center, Heveral Atner- can owned mini's are located there over sunken titli-'<i of ho\ erijii; th»» fall of i'nmblf-F. men «»n-eritlne and flKhtlni: their way forward over shell pocketed load's in terrible r-hell Ore. These were, some of the dramatic! thirurs which preeedcd the capture of I the JJtrotiKly fottHled silia^e, which I had blocked the allied advance north j of the Somme 'Capturs Wai Certain. The eventua! capture of Comities became certain Tuesday mottling when soiit h-e(islet |v. met eaKtWtil'tl of Com"'•'"" ; ~ I fTlHTf"" (Tfry -crtfnt'tcf f'ly"7 T Tjf l tfT I t? r it vjllat;e, cuttflii: off the last com- liraiion with the ficrman iirmy In tear. > " . *>n the sant<'tiimr.. I ..ri-n.chfti.1 Comlib-H from the west. HtarthiK from M'lrlciiiii't, the junction point from which the l-'iem h and .Km:l!.»h- offi-n- nlve w as InTitu hcd mi July I and tra\ • ersiiii; each step of the advance made in the Interv-efilnK three montlm re- i|ii(rei| for the attainment of the find irreat objective. When wo arrived te«M t'hati a mile a"nd a <|UHrter from CTom- blen the town ' Itself .waw its tl-nal bomhardnu-nt and Although Cornble.n WIIH a mere vll- the nin (he ftiffiblf niirnhr-r nf nhr-tts rnltiod fnfii if, I'oinhlKS cnn ea.»llv f?oa*)t of ha\Tn»? iinderKotif> UIP rnoFt tferrlfle wjiiKfi in (h» IdKfory of the world. Only on rrnchinir the mo<«f mlvnnrrd artillery HDP beforr- f'ornblr^ could ono ttrnifv tnnttit'rriatleal>5' thf mothodirnt i prot?res« 'which had r«ndcrr<1 the* ftllies* new taetlew of advancing hc'nvy artillery ahHoItltely Irrenlntdldr., Tfinimh the final artillery line* bnfbr* 1 rombtpH <'on«l»if-d of ei.mpnratlveTy 1iKhl tmt- tfi'ies, the.ufi had IIPCTI rtmhfd frirwnrd at nlKht over L'roiind rrimlerfd )m- pnssahlo t>y shell holrx for fverytblngf t.Jse (HIT foot mildler*. Wlillp the troo|?M were fiiKK-iriK the Ktm» across thrt fctronnd the nrmy sunk n fortnoti« wind- biK roildwity f!f>verfll f<»et ho low Ihn snrfaep of the ground, pnvlnir with brick from the nearby IIOIIUPM wreckcil j' f)pr>. ~~ -~ -~^~-' ---— • Munition Ruthed to Guns, rick roadway 'th«« nrxt • MEXICANS CONCEALED. illy I'nitcd I'resK.) ... AVuuhltiKttin, 1J. tl. Kept. 29^- Thirty arrntd Mexicans belmiKluK to the corn* tnand of fi'd, Itfvei. a f arrait/u officer. were found concealed in the briifiri two miles wef«l of Yaleta, Tex., by a special patrol of the KiKhih cavalry yesterday, l Si n. I'unnton reported to the War department today. The Mexicans were dismounted, said, inn! were concealed ex- Iy ttu> i>liar« l, that to J-*lrHt The October term of tlh <om iy i irciiit (insi-t xvin ctnui-ne fiext •it (•Monday, the fsraml. jury meeting, at ""' same tim.-, in (he middle of the TcTK t ami' ~TTfF fl.'oit, c in 3)i, M«cond pr •cromln. • — — Kttrr. fi. — Tiro chniiKing conte.m Fordn. furn wcr»* run two" iiiock*. _ Jackid up wlu-i-U-jL-t. out air, took ; off tlr* 1 , replaced tirts with another, piunp up fo f>u HIM or more, UKIIIK aiu- kind of pump detdied, remove jack, mmint t c»r and rptui'm-d to point of tituninK Wr«t pristf, fa.oii, Mi. Hook, time t\vo minutcw. Second prize, $2.00, C. Sr-utt, tiiiu' ,3 _jnlnut« > M. ____ , __ : __ ; ______________ — Thi» WUH thij ln»t .of the automobile BtuntH and toiiay !H Uorne Hhow day, Poultry Prizes. -^ 13, L. Ciixa and won, of .ManchcMti'r, .11). Won 28' llrnt.nnd 11 nei-uiid prijteM on fHiuttry «nd fiwond prize on larg- •«wt iiumhef of en trie? . (unl, fli'Mt piizi> on ]i»rK*Mt exhibit of water fowln iind prlKO on lnrnf*i display of , .,. , , i locket LlklU—ilJ J.,,: Hii ,,,i -wl { ,„- tu'Xi term, a« the of the new cases win tie read amTT Well-Known Local Business Man Passed Away Last Long HI. cane may be. Homo In eoiiinion law will will takt« tjomt- titnc Joint Kurns -won second pri/i 'ouloun'ifi-eHo. il. J. Utt*H»tt won 2 (Ti-siN oil Am- Ki'cotltl on and find r<>r ill '.i lirnl^ ami on KHMii I tlisplay of 0, ldiT won < llrst ami 1 sec.. tid i>n Hilvt-r I,HCI.(| \V.viiniliiltt"«. — Mrs, Jahn J. -Muniu wan ^'lir.Htu. m'i J0ll«lis|l Ht'U C'lt|IM illlll 2 Kt>l'< Illllil till lie). mi ,S. i' Hoger«. KlaniH-ry ,\L " "Vnioniaii viTriUK I-VunkH, Atlorncv' .1. O. Allen. .siiunuin . aKetii for Walrath • vertniM Schwab, uttaclinu'iit'; Attorney* J. M, Huckb-y ami II, C, Warner. Wallintifurd, et als, tiiriH-y A. M. Isenh.iri v Attirriu-y H. \V.'irn«r . M.nft'ly " At- Wi'lls, onkt) N\'arni'i-, 'hiul I.iid vcrsitN TTT *~ JMttrUl—N^-,lohnMuti--won -"-I iirwt » Mecomi, on I'iu'eon. Walton won 1 HIH! ami l i Kry woii a lor i^rank Vfui. ISicw wi Olid (in Hide litnv thf* part CAEOLUS COMl'AN V It Ei'sctina An Addition To Its Factory Buildiny. The Caiolu* Manufat tin inr <'onipiii\ llUr. !>ee|l enhirKlll.. ll'> lai lol\ nut hi been cri-t'tllii) a hit; addilion to tin a! Tfttdy KOI n I sijtul • hop 'I !ii wink ha- In-4'li (l('-la)ed of I iti b\ tin imii ippi 11 of the tntlfllil 1" lolltphti tin • ure. Now the till loi tin oitt hurt arrive,;! and Hi" t i>mph tl'-n is . 'u»inuiUi <d i f~iwsdi\i Tin c\pcCt» fo hi n oh I . oi i upi liew t'acloli iddillon l! iill.i of nek! Week Tin '- tm\ i lo Jilfii '»'»' <b LL£ Lk ll±> ' nii.;i fa.cim.; tin. a|)c> Tin i oinp HI\« in uui fiU'Uirerti the Caioiii. • hpp. t 'linn Ul'e four fcba'H and Iliiii • di^HMit i.of each bi/e 'i'lu i Iippt i lent of Dr. W U Catoiu w iUtt'-iu-ud of Hie loinpinj machinei v h i In • u in and thts has lu'i n pl/o i d i>i (h part of,tbe f,u toi \ nut Ih* old chincw will In ,lty <he Ilihlllj. floor «pace led. • • The *•*!_«_i_ <»I<i "p 7 *"' t. iTuil over the cnSiu * tirO H lu>, U, Hot I i. i'itppein any fm lit WM'« UN,," ll cli''.i|"> 1 fort i d to id., il • licient <-tc»,| to n i .'lie IIH ll I unU- iui. lals [torui'v rr. TT Kcuti, (Continued on Pate Four) AFTER REGRUITS Army Officer Here to Enlist Men to Join the United States Army, —Ab~vHtihn--.btbnKon,- from- t4ui-UnlUul .states rciTiiitiim otTict- at Clinton, la., will lie in Sterlim,- i«vcTy day next week it the j-iiei'bug lim, to necttn- rccruiti* for tlie regular army. He Will be at the post nit ice every day al S and IT ji'uliick, -*=vcr>~«ft<!r4uwn—at—-l--tt«U--.V iyj^od^-JJlui_ULJtiu:' eyeiiin^s at 7 and S o'clock.- Those dc.siruiK to t-iiter tin- it'niv'nriv I!Q -^o t.y Hiiiilvliii' to him T.hc death of AlbiiiTTTMIaWkiiiM oc- nrred Tluifwd.a.N' iiitjht. .Si^M. L'sth. at M reHitlence on Avenue f iii thi.M city. rr— nnrf— Wn»r— rirrn-hins-— vrhih— ht -l-<iKi«|ed- In-^itr-t'lft^- about- -t^lx— ytvtfx t well known throtiKhont thiH vicinity to many friends and business ai'i|iiainl- .anci'M, During liin residence here Mr. Hawkins has built up a "la rue liii.-tllie.SH for IdM Htore. "The Ktiierprixo.-" Thii (tecen^Pd WHK Itr.Ht tab-n ill law! fall and on ndvice of hix ph\ nician took u /iHhln»f trip to WiHcumdn ^vh.ich ben- V/itted him very much and he «ained I'oiiriideralde ntren«;th. Last ber lie placed himself in the the i'l-cMbyteiiaii HoMpital, under their Hkilleil xtnff of p f *rhifj~f h i-~rt rFrlrtff ~ca"Re~Wirsn* cancer of the stomach.: und little hnpe wan offered the family for his recovery.- If <•- improved «re,-itty in May and June and his fricndn hoped the dlan- IIOK|« WJ»M in error, lii'- July he lont streriKth and an operation was decided on, which -xhnwcd. that he had 'wineur as wun previmittlly Uidb-aied. He was broiiRht Jioinc win-re he Hlowly . lost -•itreilKth. His ("lid WHH liaHtened' hy ail attack of piie'.imonla from whicli he .4(M! to rally. Yf>Nti-rduy he became wnrwe funl paxHcd nway at nine oVlock claimed, in his opening talk (hat Mr. I HilerH and his puny were KOIIIK tthtwly I along th«" pavement and not trying toj p.i?..-< any one. The llwkfcr car W«H over«( TFTTTl'n'eT«iy*^l~wlTi'h~n:'] outihi to have been -<»n the south »idc. j Wllrn« r thT That .Mr. lt«n.-ker ran fnto him and [oner for cept one man* who wan mounted on a •burro -tti«i~rO«i«i-ri-rt— Ritnrtl.-— -T-hf-MfX-l'- faiiw retreated a cru, ••-!,., the Hl<» (Jramle When dlsciivercd. Tin- mounted Mexican left -no hurriedly 'Unit he left hl« burro. He also left- his carbine which was marked "Tr-oop K loth Cttvalry," . ( !(j( < »r-wl--tr4M»p.i whi<'h w*>rt« I'ligai;, — at farri/.al. No nholM were fired, CHICAGO MEN (Uy WERE HELD, evrry > machine >?iin» the nlltra • were forced employe vh-Be methoilH. They -com* plftely encircled the town witb h«*tivy artillery which gradually closed It with every advance of the infantry line. '• Greatest Siogi in World. J-'rom the view point of the enor- i|iiantity of artillery mussed It and nlxo from the Incal- I STILLMLULL Five Days' Battle North Of the Somme Continues Without a Let Up. Novem- 'cure of • it this time. .SUTliiiK "has-het'ti a place fn,|- in lVr<" |>ant eat many haw been ten '•* yearn ,i up bfiv, m oi<- j-'i ib -ui ted Albert II. Hawkins was born in NVw ./erney in 1K57 of sturdy American parentage. At iin early a«e he .started work iii a m-wxpapcr office at Middletown, N. V... where he learned the print ur'K fnubv.-.iiid a I HO wa.s corrc- rtpi'iii'deiri for city nc\v.spaper.H. • .March 17th, ISM, lu>,marrii-i! MIMH Adcle 'Wood of Mhhlleion, N. V., who .survives, him. T wo'~Bo tw ~w e IT- ~~T>nr a ~ new rs w rrrwr Hut ton n,, who alst> survive him. In !S»5 lie fiiteietl the mercantile IMIHJIICMS und in-.lKt|n came to the middle, went. He CKiulucifd u «toi-f at Waukcjjan, . nm*(Kh«»d bin car Into a Junk heap', bud- 'Jen. Iy inJuriOK «i»mc of hl» party. The car. wan turned to-the north to avoid the collision mi that tin- north wheehi were away i>ff the pavement. That. Home time after the accident Home oiie, he knowijM not who who, lifte<l up IIJH cur and MWUIIK ii around to the other wide, inakiiiK it appear to have been there when Htruck, The testimony beliiK so diametrically what Inrtlve*-4f~tH»Hl«t*-r-e»4— tt»- havn-faern on liiH.uwti Ki,!e of the «trcet and each hums hiH wheels were off the-pavement, at the time to avoid being; Htrnck. K A NNALL YCTORE New Stora Building Being Finished On *» Third Street, The addition of the new structure of the. Kannally i-Htaic on West Third street adds much to the vultie of the Ifmprrty—rnf-thnt~block; "The vn-fctliin of tiiln four «<tore brick., and copper 3'rotit Htructnre replaced, the.aid wooden one erected by M. Kannnlly over a Jialf a century HKO, and it wa« th«n con-' xideivd a btK buildliie. The new Mtore hats been erected by Contractor Cush, under tiie ijireciion of the member* of tin- family of the late. M. Kunnaliy; The building i« forty feet wide by forty-two feet deep. It watt planned by l-'rank A.. Ward, deKiutu-r, and instead of being I'liade into two hiiw «tore rooms it has been divided Into fi-et wide. 7 of "f^hicaKO, w'aii held n prln- lu days, at Kaliinan, MI-JC., by MurKHia, commander-of tile C»r- farrison there, lie "reported on his arrival-today. He wn* released he Haiti throtiKh the effort« of HrlllHh Cun- (?eor>ji' Aliei-H, also of ChlcnKo.-JH prJMoiu-r accordiriR to Wlltneth. Both eprenented financial Germany Expects a Declaration Of War By Greece In Next 72 Hours. Jiy United London, KIIK., Sept. yi>.~ Without n moment's lull in (he live days' battle north of the Somme. (he itrltlsh ad- vanccd from direction of t^tyjr- celetie early this morning and cTip- (ured a sir. over thta b mornlfo? munition r/iixannA Wfre tlniwn t tie leiigtb t>t f he fond way hy fotir, six and even elwlit horses, daHhlrnc uluttK every moment with an Incredlbln number of iihciiN ii> feed the advanced lines of artillery, xvtih-h could b* reached In no other way. Heai'hlmf MautepiiH, nbotit a mllrt and a <|iiarter from- fomblen, I had a vivid (rnpp'tiNlon of t'lie actual ntate, of affnlrw In Comble«, then undertfolntr . flu- Hame boinlmrtlment that prt-cedptl the capture of Matirepan Inntend of belnit leveled like other Bomrrie townn Maurepan wn« IKernlly driven ltjto v the ground by the terrific BheJl poundhn?. The" village had almoHt dln- appearetl from the (turfi'ie«> of the earth,' leaving only the naked *ite, piin mnrk- ed by Hhell's, DtirliiK the ntendy proif- < afoot, KIMIH 100 yardH npurt wero flrlDK HO fiercely and no clone to us that It-drowned out the roaring artIK lery and dentrttyed any pon»lble -Im- [jroHMion «if the KlKantic HtriiK«h' n«i a whole," only after renchlnR the nd- • vanced n.rttilery llneB where I ««w » well placed Kheii oKplode a munition und njton rei«irnliiK-to-th<»-re«r, -— W-IIH I able to wet an ImpreHxIon, at leant In part, of th« tTiannltude «>f tho Terrific Bombardment. Krt*n a hill well in the 'rear, one rrjiiid BPP -the rntlrr Jinn, cxtpndlnir from MaurepaM to the Homnnv a. din- lalicp of about «lx kllomotfrw. (about four rnilem. which yrnt no honey- eombg'l with bHtfnrlfii Ihnt.^he.l'r fla»h- es ., in broad dayllKht, gave much the•«Hm«< tmpresKlon a* a dark June night, IItBr»Ily alive with flrefll**. Each flofth rf-prMicntwl a blunt from a itlant irun. ThlH wan only one oif hatlf a do»on oth- i-r« H«'«-n In ai>proachlnK ComblM from one niilo only. An my pyea ached try' follow the IncfcHHant flanhCB, hnnttliiK • MeemliiKl)' on every Inch of tin- creMt, I told tJi»j Alpine Chau««i>r*v who wan my uuide, that the action wow. prohahly at HH hnliiht. "ThlM in an ii;dlnary . liofiibaplnutnt," ho repliud, I"'or Will Depart This Afternppn For Battle Greek To Deliver First Speech. (Staff New Hy ,l. I'. Yodcr Correspondent ..of I'tiltcd York. N. Y., Sept. <(l.-~Cnl. Vl'lt. l»X-pr«!HtikMH, Will flppeftj f«t for another man, Charleu Kvans u. for the place of prt-nldent. In a Mpfech tomorrow at liuttln Creek, -Mich. ...•-. ' ' He wiw* ready this afternoon to ..leave at 5 o'clock and ix duo in HtHttf ("reek In the morninK and w.lll cant bin hat into the, political an-na tomorrow afternoon. Tin* wpcctaclp of a fo niter Hnimpinn: for another'B I today. , .. j Itrltluli • bombers were active In the; neighborhood of the Sehwaben re- j doubts and the llchwian treiit-lieH in! tbi.-i part of this «ector arc Stilt held hy the enemy. -. North of Ttilepval the new HrltiHh positions, were heavily bombarded, on the greater part of the front there WIIH t|liiet last • nii^lit. ment 'wlti Hanll. I' taken. ... ....... . Ty.lTfw foltowM the Kcneral a«- hlew had already be<in FRENCH MAKE SOME GAINS, (Hy United I'reiw) l»nris, I'Ynnce. Hppt.-^ii.^-aenr Poch'Ji troopn made further progrtfMs north of the Homme ia*st nlKiit, advancltiK between Morval and • Fre«icourt Jn an fffol.t to .Hi|iice/.e the GermaitH out. of! I'eronne, it wan officially announced! today, , j APPLAUD CHANCELLOR Von Bethmann-Holweg Says aermany Will Fight Until , It Is Victorious, By C'arl VV. Aekerman EXPECT WAR DECLARATION. (Hy United PriMw) London, Knff.. »Sept, 2'J. ... in SiOiteHt, All of •frtentlH open hearted —*nH upriuhi man. lemn.-i' ,tt llii" have heft) made de.siraole and attractive pjace.s 'for stores nml they huvi- al! been rented. The Adunis KxprenK fo. is already located in one of ihenv The \Vcsici n t'liidii TeicBiaph fo, haM runt- ed one. Her! U'liudyal L-hflh.H.eeurt-d-Ulu-: for ;rre«tauTani, iind tin- other ha« hewn obtained by a cobbler. ThV three vacant ntores will be oc- election haw been wtlnf-UHed before , only In IS'JO when Harrinon *poke for expet Is a declaration of war li McKinley' ajjaiiiKt HulMfU'ia within 72 lio Knroun. to Michigan Hoosevelt will hi" Anuuerdaiii dispai,ch totUty "ItntCTlTB bin e Hcrlin, (Jer,, Hepl. 29,— "ffeavy and violent IK the lljfhtliiK on tho Homme and the end !H not In, night, li'urthor xjicriilt'eii are neccmsftfy. Kut the «>IH*- •Qernutnpipitiy will not mmh' through otir^ llnea, by Orecce ' 'I'liiw IH axmirrct' i»y tair — romtntttttf urx, HII id and by the incomparable* bravery of cotifel' wMh Ralph 1». Col* a* to lltn itinerary " for a further cainp«l>s:n. Amoni; the placet* mentioned on JI'H HWlriif arc IndianapollH, Cleyelftinl, tl'o- InmhiiH. ChicaKO, Kun«us tJlty, .. Alln- and St. I'nnl. thoiiKli hit) Dual will b»> in a few "dayw.. The up stairs will make two dc«iralihi Hats of live roomri mid a bath «'?»ch. The. extale may Well 'be -plea.-.!'!! oVi-r it.s line improve, mciit. Home roiinideral ion will lie Riyen a tour to tlm I'acillc coanl. , The i our iroopH frciin nil partB of tlei'inany." 'reinforced tfiT-fr™iini*»" i |»r|~' — *Hiir» decintatioii of hlh laltli in iitti eaHtern '^lacedoniu but .believe 'tl'ie «!«>- j Mucce»«.aif. (Jiirnitlli «H««, mado |iy.. lay in the M reck moblllx-ation will jumi- . chancellor von ftath«>&tn-II6Uvcs; In pone an attack for .several dayw. i htH addiehM before tho reicliHlaw. won The tJn-ck to Huigada j the moMt liberal uppluutK) of any state- demanding the evacuation tit oc<-upied ; innnt 'ot' lii» -w holfi *l»(Jtii'4i. will lie _ dlt)-_j ...... !iUia._clianc«dli»r rovlpwwl hrietly lhi» STRUT DATE ton and nearly nil of thi-m have od soldi* i -» and not one luu i.'\it\ fi-v\ month^ lh« Ji ollli i al |),i\inpo|l oi filn- i iitin i is to Si. ilini |oi im n i!\% i\ . .i i ni i a 11 u mi n i NEW DOCTORS Tiirtst Havo Located In Stealing Within ,1 Shott Time. Thiii in u I'o' ii.ivt uti'iiilv lo • Hi d in H(i ill!' I n Tin ui * J__L.I. in.I < hji 1^.0 \v is so \\tll With Stt li|IH. tl tt lu boll.'Ill .1. HI il ottii • oi I n Htittin in . ... ... . hpim-apal cburcb and several times ilitereHled himself in the .Sunday school work of dial deiMimiinitiiui i.'uV Ijjht Ji.ll.. be sii^id on lhe'\(>ti\ i.t 'liriHl Chinili \\anki M iii niidu (hi .HfHUiu.p U l: Toll I.ewH \V M.iwKiiix tile i hb i son Is t'nil en^ini 1 1 <mpto\(d in llu M n iiloiliii o| .UK Illmoi . t 'enli il i ul- loul oiti jl Illtfl. i 'tt\ Cll{i|M'lf. 4»f in nl< hi- .nili ot d iti di m il o|tii i nf tlu VIM 1 • •.( Tin Or U I ii tu -i 1 ipi In d lip V U 11 . I . l-, 1/ t i di ntal niiii i on |)lt 1'lt-t u itni ui i !"rtlltill_ I, () \ Mi \\ iHi 1(0 t\ , M lmaj,, 'j'li. HnuKin I- .t M tdllil. UI Who hi. Ins J ithtj >mimii -nt lim- ,i Inn hum il in f (In 1 nuiiv|(\ ,,| linn ,1 homcillll- i, (, i.ij tin si ii .I.IJIIK, m u \. w 'iioui n )i, . id i'h I nn, i u \i( I •> Will III In hi 1 1 oil! til o r- i pi~I'll ill-Ill I, .SltllldH (I _> p || L J{, v itUtlt I 0| I III, <il.u i t.plM op il o( (in n I vu. ( i no t, i s ,sh i The Mhiutni will I'n il .-itoiid.nd ,--• M rnpb llott t )• t and II I U • ili I, ,„,! till 101 n h \ul| h i\v HUH tl in l!i\ - 1 c\ oi K. P i n In II i I-. •Ipli \ on K Tiv A TOURNAMENT Being Played at tho For t*ietiJcnr« The Lashnick Directory Company Will l*su» One in Near Future, ""• The ..l.etdmii-k Directory, company whliii p-Mii'd the (ilicitoiv of ^teillnt: ind liotl, I'tlln in l't|5. Ii4\e_£<><«mc i4i Huum» ILI! ihu puijM»»e of jiMiiiiiK nut inoihit i su | oi HUB The loin-. pm\ Iii, li-iii»-,.s ol1iie<i in the Ma' -onii T\mp'« m Pi mil with branch "ti|i i s m m uii. i nn a ut tlu «»» Mi Li -.him ii nt ti i i oinprtm IK no^v in Mi illlll MUM!!!, Ihe \\oik «Uld the it«sue ot I hi 1 -o!i will In- a.s «oi»(l as jhe t"lM ol n>< n i in ,,1 t It n. ui) It in tin mtiniiot m-ibt lompam to K«'t oil! .1 iol l h li (. l.tSMtlt d I-'UMIU h.s (II* itilotv a 1 - VM d i> oiii* whowlm: tin- J-J-iui — U — u,.> . . ).>•! ..HH livtiiK in the i\\o ill,. -. ud (Inn addu-s- The pith ll-,|lll% 111,!! i-t III!! pen) It' of (l||« (\\0 iitnH iptinuhid li\ (heir n«cn to ».iK«> i MI In j_i\in (oi (t \\ill he ll is tht n Again Monday As the Pros- jt ban nnder- patched from Atliens today If not been already m-nt, it i« Htood here. . WENT I A RAMPAGE Uw wtli ent Has FaileU. »U\ I nlli d I'lt i»s ) N'fvv Yoik. N V,^>tpfl"J d.Ui fm u |.illtt<il MJ-lke Cal] trade tmiutiM may lie' wt totlay liiK (he lailuif ol tin union A new tin all follow- m kci« HoteTPttitl Boy Wounded--fhree Himgelf Badly, Wounded. ( Hv Ill. l nited 1'iewsj. Sepl 'J» The font! l inloi matiou \ii\ mm h appii> i.ileil |> , (s piiteit a 1111) lo plltiii s pusslbif SONS WIUL RETURN HOME, Ml (ohm i i in tun 111 in.iv • I oi the >s. S Mi ii .\!itk«i is much pliM-.iil at 11 ' i u i d t n it the H«i mill leu (in t hit u o whi'h h i» hi i n nti i i .1 in inv montli> i~ to liliU itl_ 11 d Wi'ik ^itut lo in not ti nn Id- t/v, 11 < tot miii i •» - di-tin^,n hi 1\I II p| 0)1! till 'A hit in ill |.i..l liiiiilii Hi -Hi -J~-i t . v __l.a_nii-L tti > JLU.L o M -on i (hi. U 1111 utin. VI to walkout SVidniMlrv N« Xt Moil d,i> II Ife piidlittd llu IOIIK thicaletli il lu up will t ike pi n • ' Tluie.lM a possilitlilv lioVVeVt-l that tlu ini i I nit-, t^n tjiit date in Itfthovtn hail vviil In mukcd n.,,'1 by tlu look t'vyct d d 1, sn-.pi iiNinii of Sv'oi K but b\ i lie i eitii ui ii ib tali d union* i>l tb i ilh ' illnik oil llu pi in '-Tbe liKlH i- tliil oil the labor U id••is th i l.tii d todav while admitting tlu unions )ii\c stoi'd bv thi ii iiinliait'i ,ind falit d to v\ ilk out ts i \pert til I'ohci ('iiinmissioiu i U oiui dMluiid " \... tai as \M ( iti i ii Main it is II) ovii ''I couiMe w i --li-.U lontlnuc tin u h . null! t li.'-i > In l w 11 n the k all i :-•' tut . e in UtlM ut J Kiii,i i IN ROCK FAtLS flONOR N Kli i Ill'tlll .mil l oiliik .nil i-< tut of-the i-Luij.—i_i ttl ai t" .jii_ ui ii_u.oi oj. ijic 1 1^1 K i ill -. iotn . inn, il \V ith llu > s (•] u.,i ill n ^! n i MIS < t ntei tlonei \ «i « iui^itii -«. ti i -, H v > t ti tiwr a I'd t i)uoii in i n Iii tit r;t-j tn t i rti Into an upiiMi hhoith alui noon io- d«\ W llell \IIKClO t\i||lehlh, a bllNW l'0> ,tt tlu I'oiiHlcNs, shot two oftiielti utttl t lushing .« W.iitel M sl.liil with .» tollec | ol in. (tie Ml' hi II ot (jle ,f ongll-hH ho t.l ' I I'm iiclns i haned a<m«« the .-I j cil 1>> ,i boii-c dili itm- Kmiiilnj; up Ilihlit < ol hlaiisi he tinned iiinl Iin, I at the dilcitiVe wounding him tn the ahdjuiun Se\eiul polite- nun follow id ,uid mu- n. mud U.uiltj wan "shot in the !»'«. Tim boy wa« t.hut In u polii i m ni ImilU and Is m a d.iliKt'ioiih londltion. Thi w.illei, \\ll- Salmis lf> not e\pei U-il to live BEING WRECKED. iilue mtlai;t, \sllich ti I -, i I l nt li 4 , o » U t^\\ >!!! t I ,"•!! 1 I|IH, > I lli I In (I j li -.(MI "i,.r ll In, an I • ii rr F-j f! ii K n U GARAGE Tin lu »t i\i mi I lit h boiu lit ,l.e>. H btiiiK vMtiKitt li\ tin m. The tout o| nun an now on tlie ion! of I hi ijli-.' 1 liuiiiiii ti 111114 down the i ov inn,, ninth, bv m ins littssi-. lluouKh ml tin bnitdiftv, «• i Hi U no posit* -\vit* l.MlssllS Tilt V i(H 'l \l" I IlllC (O tl.U d'Wa UH VN iii . - \v« H 'll'st iin't ti;n ilitiiilv n< w buildriu f-t*lit u pt-rmitH nliinltd (In iliv i mini U tails I'oi \\ ill . _!». ,-i!i till hi>Mi i xd ndiitk ovti tin ii.'ui. <'o did hi. Tlu owmiibivi {In |.lin- to toiili oto|s> unit »t,i-i irri-v it<- tiinvruri svtttt lhr-i-n»t' Aitf-tS ^ it. i r.i< , i on »t Uind of lli. s kvMi hn-*« t oiittttut Ud economic Hjiuatlon Ami declined that the KntdiKh blockuil«« h/id fulled. paid a tribute to Urn heroisin which the Uermun niUion bcuiB the bui'deiiM of the war iniTJ eMiMifiliiriy" of Hie heioiNtn "with whtuh-our HOHH and b|'otht'i> on the front' lmveAv4Jjj»(tood the fiiriouw attacks of tljw^enemy. fur s*nijer|cir In number und projci'lileM " _."Ttm wjir ajfin»*£>f our enemy are an- ot la* mininterpr*«led. IH lei'i'i'orial ' They < le**tiuctitjn. Their abject d o tif intend u> KLV" ...» " ... 1T- tiinlinoph- to ItilBHln. AlHace-I.or- rulnn lo l-'rance, Trtoiitlno to th« Hul- laiiH and TraiiHylvalila lo Ihe Kou- Hut Oertbtttiy will pie(*en,«> Hie win endK viclot iomsh " unlil uupisH Th» Removal of Co»rt« Fnh From Rock River Hat B»en Started. (jame and l'»«h Wardert H »' Turner H,I\ lontiutlN luive hw«sii let f"» Hie ie> inoutl of roiit'li n«h KIII h an buffalo, alp, Mione lolleiti unit Hinkcis fnnn Hoi U llv<i, the Work to biiKln Hinin -inn t. mtit.n.) — nu\ em the ilvei ftom lie Uoiiit'nid dam to Hocktoli, another tiom Huie lo Hyton, «nd otheia cover stiiitH of like Hlise The r|Toit& of .he l',o;k HUei Hod and i(eel*tjrub weie a tin loi in indiuiiiK (hi) Mluto aim .ind liHh i omtiilwwlnn to M nn; tlm iv<t \ii K>unv> lifh luken out n ii'Uiiiiid to Hio Htreum The toiiKh litih tlnd u ready it Ih iindtiiBtood the «lal*- imc . l-^ll U pound wbb'b i( Ulill/.l'M the i is ir \\ith t^amt' fish H,im Hose, it l» l ••polled, ban bt-en tp|oin!id .t deputy tooMtrtei tin. tiem- in. iM'H one to WtlHik W»U- I'MU-ia pl e-<|il( nt MOVE TO III, Hi pt !i'j W .s I'aitcr, • of tlu llnilhi l hood ot l.u- « uinottv i I u . nn n ai.d I,:u,in. nn n i mi-. I (In- i Lo •iii K of u i out Mill tor nlTU <- m>i<tn WI ttui bt.uiqii H 1.1-. of- •btoxiii;t'! J ."i.'tt— tl- —'-k"-j-*-kt*i~i '—W **move fiom I'l oil i .inn innci In. U 1 ind ,M !. h uU.

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