Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on September 28, 1916 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1916
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT. STERLING DAILY GAZETTE THURSDAY, SEPT. 28. 1916. AMUSEMENTS. HOUSE OF fEATURES GRAND ..... . Sarah Bertihardt IN "Jeanne Dore' EXTRA! Burion lfolmr< TnivH Pi.-fuiv FRIDAY VICTOR MOORE (thimmieFadden) In "THE RACE" EXTRA! BRAY CARTOONS SATURDAY MADAM PETROVA In "The Scarlet Woman" Also "Musty Suffer" comedy AMUSEMENTS. . Vaudeife TQ^IGHT VAUDEVILLE 1 " THREE FINE ACTS' X : •. \ !•. : ,n I: l . •: :-s f..---:n- r. - i, !.:\Tl:.\ ' -••'•• "*.•;>•••••: .o' . • I- I'-.- ! TOMORROW. MONDAY ..••.ix "MANY MILLIONS very WOMAN FELL OVER BRICKS. i i lik, t.f !. ilH h (NEWS IN PASTOR RESIGNS CHARGE. Hf'V, I'. II. llMV cioM (1 M« |«;l«lor:lle With we rhriNfi.'in fluirrh nl I' Jam Kiinil'ty. Mr "••'." '»" '" lls "l"'""- InK <li«' next ye,-ir in centi.-il Illinois. 'to nttrwl the Ko'reUrn Mi.—i"tiiiry ' In- tr Htltntlon located at .MiiiftHipolt'vAlInn, Th'-i"' stu<fentw «te educated in the f Ilililp arnt special work In » missionary way, un<'r which th-y are ff-nt out to triPlr respective rotintrlcM a-4 mi«"<ioll- «fit>H. Next Kundax tin- pnlpil of the Chrltllnn church xxill )>e occupied hy IU-V W, VV. .Moore, of \Vcit t'nton. Ill, |o BlH'oeed Key, I'a.x. Mr. .Moore is highly recotnmi'iidf d for the place nnd Hhotlhl lie fl larue attendance at L_imaiU.uii iunl, C.V.- 1111 IK .,-".- r.v.i.ceffi.. -Vit f tlie -ire,.t r'MilV • i\ ^ hnx e l>< < n in the haMl oi' ',-. thi'i'e xxitli thitrf, !l i» thought • -x-if.'il l>.ix« -'hoxf-il ox<f si pi!'- \l'k* ohto tile Walk. The stt.'i-t \\efi- nut :i! (hi time and it i-k'i pili-d on thi STREET LIGHTS WERE OUT. Sotrie "iitth- ditTlcnU x\,tf i-xp< rii neril ..!>•? riiuht NX 'xiofkrm/n of the lihnoi" N'oftherti I 'tllitly '< "otnpiiiiy xvitli yotne of the sll"it circuits. The trouble Marted in the carlv t-v» nun: and expert no n xx<ii. «<t at xvotk at once to dlvi-oVcr the tfoulde. I "on-<ii[i-l ;ilil<- of it xva*i cum ' tetl. but the real causf- |i'f the trouble was not db:i'ov« j j-i d until ihi.i rnornirur. I'y 3 nYim-H thin rnoin- inn the ni'ti had in-nrl> three hundred of the !U;ht.-. nil tin- street ill ttolklHU ordi-r. .Men w.-i'e at work on the i rou- ble all nlcht. THE STORES WILL CLOSE. The l-f-.||i«.«t of the .S I' we _ftre welcome. TO BOOST THE Y. M. C. A. _± The JJbum ¥.. Ah A 1 , .A, hutldint; ..has fctlffleien't facHiticH to ti»U«- c.m- of a BK-fTlbet-Hhlp of film, when fun !o H--- full j fcijiitcfty. The pri;*ent_in«mbei ship §ij3, of thin unmix i Ki Siovetnber and 1). cttilbi I. The t,oa iirf**tor:< dei iib'd, ,ln u;d< l to si r«-miltH nnd litinu tic. <lo,«e Friday afternoon from I;.'.'"» (in* ill I no oYloi-k on account of the Hock I-°,HN coin i.unix'al. M*-ern,< to meet \*itli cejirrni favor, Nvvirtr THT orpine vTiv (.:"oil-<, cloihim:. footwear, .|e«\i-lry and .••ollle o|||ef llflOM of s|ii|-«-« |];lXe .'IKI'i'd . , , .., , i to I lli-<e MiillX othi'l'N III >ii!i-N I lie KlH'H ,. s ,,,,,. d. toll,,, mil||| , m|1|li „.,-„ „,„, ,.,,-„ ,, s „.,.„ ,.,„ • n : MM. ! •' number of»~j,ft II-CM, .ind thii.< nearly evi-ryhody xv'ill he i.; 1 yen ;in opportunity t nixal and' have a wood tin- l»*t r«-miltH nnd hvinit the numuiti^, ( <( [u ()u , ( .. ( of irjeltlhetM to . r i'i« In put in ii special j . inil \ *horl time whirlwind cHinpaiun for t rec.iJay^. <K-!. II. t;, IH. tn order iiecotnpiuh t hi" ' 11 mciidoiix ta^k ry wijl n."" appioximalely \'i'> i»oys ml m*n i" make th uUfUurti will bu oijfuniio-d In i'" tcatum coimiHting of » in- n <""' captain THE I. -N, U. MOVES SUNDAY.- ArrtUWmt-Ulw have been iitiide for TO REMODEL PARSONAGE. H of the HieUinii church on Sixth -avenue rtrr iroinjr to ri-inoih ; l the piii'Nonaue of the church in the mar future. KstitnnlCK are hHllK ttiade re- liatilin^r the co«<i of the work desired, It TH tin- jilsm to tear fiiit thr- patti- ljotir< in many plnceH ilmxiy niaitx tiiiil chatiye it into a modern IHJII.H/:.. ,',i.nij,;to Iti'iaiton* in tile r'i i.jtt \ • .t i to \ <• i r I'M! nm;: Uli |>e|?',' l'.';!.h''?l? t.'li-;U!^. ! he :lii.iu;iit. apt .jren'ix-. of what t!,->n «it down .it"! xv'ait f"l t»..-ni to Imr'n bi-'.-itiHe <ve t.ecl'-i t (he t!r«t ptln- i jjile of fire ! rei r-nt i"fi. <fa."oline. ivhii h )." more ib/itlix tiiin i!x n.-imite.' we -ha.'nlle ; ,.n if It w.'iv so much water. \\t- ie^i'.e mnt'-hes aro!i><, ( | r«.r < hildr< »i to pla.x- with. We h.ini; ,.iir face cuitain« < lose io the w ,i« jit .•Ilu! tll'-ll le.'IXf- th» XX Itnloxv opfll XXfirll xx e uo tn bei| MO tf' the xvin.l <:M! l?|oW tiie i.'o e curtain into the ll.iine Slafl. 1 -! i' •- <"t .Hi- \e,ii l!"l.% «ho\x hf-tter ihnii wordH tli" tetlile.'t \\-\\ in which, tlie people h-|t«lie their property. '• Thetf. were In 1 'II,"i no It-."- 1 than 3,\'-'l indlxidual fil»-.«. whii h In e;n h in-t.Hiic t/limed an e«tinialed propi'ily diirnai;e of mote than $ln,ono. The total lite (OS-H fur life Tithed An Endless Variety of Fascinating Fall Styles That Beckon All Early Purchasers to Chester's *€> /•"' to IMiO.IMul a year. Ill I:'!,'• it f ; ho- ft)i!;ht dro|!. but liien- |x tin re:i? believe that thi.-i i« more !h;in fem- poiat'.x. for the Io.«.>ie.;-Oiu«! far in !^'l'*. (ti'.lii ale thht they will 'be f,<> uivatef X 1 , hen the year Is completed If thin $"L'."I'»,iii»",ci'ii lo.«.H were all. it xvould eeil:«in!v i>e t-noituh, <n«t wh«-n m. The Charm of the New Fall Suits v^lu. ^mrwnVof the tixtnrc, w , a '-„,„,„ j J"^-; --»;;; «' «^»; ••;;-,;;»'.";• .»"J^ i. fticnt o'f the office of the IIlinolw North- ''"> - IN "1 i I, 1 - • , "\En imilly «'o. on-r-'.utth Kiieet «o it-!"'--'"Me will be very to id. t^w .iiinrt..rH ni the cottier of Third j otvnpantH. PW i|in«rtciM «nd Avt-mre It on next Sunday.! of the xvorkim', I'Midl'im-nt hai* ai-j hein nioveil and woiktnen'luivej RE«DEC6RATING ROOM. i-(«»ra Hi' in (hi- i-ortn;r for si vcral da>->. htit the of iipcr hu« not been moyed, Tlie ii'lll.V llilH lieeli 'cailMid hy the' lioli- "|ifi*»!l fit lice "of tlieirexv, nirnitViie.Huti- i loom of the Call lloune block feib in|'- atinK i>, \Vh--n all in complelfil it XXill lie a Ii.'ll>d:i0me_t oiilu_, a til) ..W.he.l.'. fiiii'-'heij tin- Slejlim; A,--- ocia t ii/n o( 'tl seli-cleil US the hest d:i v I I 'omineree XX lit on (U-colint of there belnKJ t "re home. thai day. The company HI hnve'a Very piejly oil ice when It :ir and MC|tlcdi E> TWIN CITY PRODUE CO. Th«» Twin City Produce' Oompuuy jiotor (ruck for iwu in Its hi into it for MM fu- TO ATTEND WEDDING Mt>! H.I try 1 his .i Mi'i noon lor tvit'K her lUnurlit'M*. • x\ cut i tew day .\lr-i. All,., to Ile aioo. tin Haturdav Mrs. Spear ao- i-oinpanied hy her duuuhter xvlll 1:0 to I'Mliy IUIH hwii t:i'owlm; to wiicli nn cx- it*nt that the additional truck WIIM nec- HIiiiKUri ThacKiibeny di livr-r- tho trni'k to the company thin I'wornlnjr. he imvlm; drlycn it fmrn' ConoHha, Win., HturtinK yculerduy aft- moon. and only to Steilint; at ?S' o'clock this morning. ^llt> went Very deep mud eirroute. but i«»|tt lit it-«ml finally reached his dis-I ^nation. . __•__.. , ,,aV"even,ni. Bi SIXTH AVENUE PAVING. I Mr«. Lout H Sox JLJ/ifiK-g force- of men from the <'oil- i*lcK. — . I'avlng t'onipany in at work rin<i napti.xt • xxcddiiiK oi the. lormcr'H cousin. DAILY WEATHER REPORT.''"" The I'hlcago xyealher litiieaii fore- are aw folloxf*. I'ai'Ily cloudy and cinder totil^ht, pmhatdy fmst in north i; I- lidiiy /air and M, K, church, Kri- reported to Jie very »i!iit\ ; iw r,,i,i Tfe-"TiTeM'"Ui'e Ti'iirhlfm iii 1 uf pto|iei(y, %ve ^H-iid e\ety \e:if il! IhiM (oinilry moie (hati li'."ti).i)ini.i»ii' for there i« iiddltliuial wa->(e in the in- iieiMed M/I' of Int-uranie premium made neee;,,;ary by our oxx n i.iieli-Hx. MlMire il out fof yourself. Tlilte ale pill,1KHI.HUM pimple ill til" 1'll'ileil Stalef, rouixlilx- *\ e,,'l.ini;. The annual Hie ta.x' i« ir.liO.IHMI.dil'l. That tneaiiM that exery man, wonnn and child nniid.H $;. -i more to hx»> heeauMc nt. our national cjireii-dfiieKs, If the ax-eiaue family eonMi«l« of HI-XCII, It tnealiM that every f a m 11 v — Wtm;*—H- IjllllU-ll of fjfi ;t year bei-iilixe of tile lire wiiHt.c. lunoianee of the lire diinK''f Is.Htu- |iein1oii>i. It i.« xyillful l«ri'ir!ince, for In thefc dax'H there i?< no tciiHon why anyone should not know, and kimwhttf there IH no rraKiiin why hi- should nol have «l leant rudimentary mean* of Take y out" own ease, for instance, Suppose a lln v staffed in your home white >«U Wi I'e asleep, \Vliat In and went |( fabiiiic it long time for It IH ' idiovel In-itead by tin doili TiuTeTi hnino <'ou l-'rank Ward went to Alurrlxoii today bllsll «'!««« r., Hi. .lohn'fi l,uth»«rHn c| iiii-nns haxe you at hand to put the Iii e oil!'.' Huppohc a lite Waited HUM minute in your home while, you aie axxay. Itoxy would it be. cMinKUiHlied WiiliiVriT i lie" iYef|T~of Tlie « i'ty lire pattineiit '.' In then- all exiincui.xlii your IIOUKC? Iri there i-xen a tile pall or a bucket of .sand? In ninety-nil"' 1 c.iWK out of exi-ry hundled it i.H wale Io WIIKLT that then" in not. • K.yrrt -nrcttHvr prt*r-atitntn^ ;ttr-tti»t- taKen. I'eople peilllii lubblM.h to .!•••• cumiililte in piles in ttii-lr iMttc, in closeiM, in their cellar. . A pile of papeiM under Ijo- »<lair.s or i"iT Tlie" ciYiSiMTs u "TTiT^ -cTa^iTTiv fTifRT These *placen lisiinlly are dark, tiud when they are xiwited u i.natcli lO^cnn- die IH reiniirc'd. ViueleMSIH-HS fl/nueut- ly li-MilltH in the match' beilS^dropped oV the eiinilU' ln'in« left beliilld when the visitor -di-puriH. If it In H cloxet, the door'IN «littt ahd MOOD tiiere irt u hriidit little lira-burnttiR ihcrv. . If the proiiol'tioil in one ci.ircfill "per- HOD t» nlm't.V*nine emi-leuM" in-rxoiiM. what rlKht lniy« l»!<*«• nlneiy-rtine. to expect llie other ln-INons to ht'lll'lllflil pay their lire plidcctloit',' Should m«t be made io pax •Many fetching new models are r coming in, hand-in-hand with au» iumn r this year; subtile changes in the silhouette; a new sweep and grace of line; stunning broad collars* worn open or snug up under the chin; the smartest uses that JiutlauK, pockels_. and fur were ever put to -and such clever effects from those new half- belts. You are going to fall in love with these engagjng new styles when you wee the^siunning models in our suit section. Here are a number of the beautiful "W6o.ltex suits—majtle of the most delightful materials. You must see the rest-of these—Wooltex creations in ^ahardim% Velvets, Bedford (Y>rds. Wool Velours, Serges, Novelty- Pi'o ^ahrUrs —such'a wealth of rich materials and wanted colors and shade:-?. U,. II. tl M | tl,. r*(./ll|h' I9l«Tti« Style No. 22W^—T-.xo ?dx I,- fi,.t;ir-« of siii-i filial I Mill,, the I'ltr.l "!l|H;lll <•! the irnl.el III ,ii,s \v.,...ev ''•"-=«'^'^Hiu.,i : jjom^ "' H And, do remember, these are Wool- Stylc No. 2880—Here (« the j«po|-tM ;:uit ill iii best. ?,ar>'.e jet btli^iles 'iold a d-Mible ii"it xx hi- ii s:oef all the xx.-iy lontid. Italian ^leexe.s, ex'l.i full .-Mil, $28.50. ivory nick with pneumonia. HELEN HESS HURT. I }•'«•»> »««•««»« «.•)»«"•«» home Helen.' th« littlo daughter of rjty will' hiitiirduy nt t.«iilra|kp».* 3oart Clprk anil MTU: Knrl 1if'N» fell f Anron IUIH 'accident* in tin tln< victim of Ki'verul «l'"nUiiiK the week lu-ru with ri'lattvt'.s viiiir wnil friends. t MI-H. .William Miller, who fell down Utuii'M a few duy.s ano in not improyiiiK <IH fust a.s her friendn hud Imped. ' TODAY IN ILLINOIS HISTORY. On Hept, i'8, I7tif», Hit- William .lohn- ri»on~-fnrmorly repoTmrrtnlro-Hriii ^'mlnlMtry that ld» ilepuly, ' - hud Hliccecd««d III pi IniliiitiK and in nei~urinn their to Uiu piihHi'.sukin of thi< lllliuiiM [«ountry by the Hritli>li. Some complaint' is .heiiig mnilo oil" ntount of tin* fulhwHH of the wnatv ti* coriialiifrH on the Mtr«H>| c'orat-rw. oat of them lire HO full that they cun t bt» Uhi-d. Tho Mtroet nuperinlendent ft it IH not hiH huninc'iM to attend them, hui lio IH goltiK to empty them no a ' few " at tin'- honu her niotln'r, Mrs, John l«ir«un. Mr«, Marl IJetwt'iler, of M Who VV.IH op»'i'Htwl on >Tue(fduy at th honpital it* uliiwly Intoi inatioii (jivi'ii ami orders . Ktnuri. [Ml phuiii* "7.S-W.* MisH.Ji'N^ic l!rtckt>r, wlui.ri Oi-rwt'iH mi iipcnitloii at th«« h'b'npltal, in reiHirted tn lie Improving very Mat- infut'tiu-ily, "• I'j'yati'ta and Ifornli'*! Thnrrie. HOOF8TITLER TO SPEAK. I Th«»r«< will bf no inecllnj; In the Jor- j town hall Haturdav evening. Mr, [ We ill.'l Hill api.Ui t-Saiuid.u nl'H'-i •' • '""'i I of Ui'Kalb, aro vi.sitliiH at the Jioijj.e of Mr. and Mrs. Cloi Smith on Nineteenth avenue. , REMOVAL NOTICE to announce that on TtTrt—WT>—srttl ne m our at 3.80 and 7 tti» in Hie cxcjiiiiH' ! n» v w_lOi•!»\\iin.jiii_i)Ui-"uur.iU5r-4»(-A¥»*m» r-of -(.octiHt auiJ"ThJi-d rB'-inii ..'(Ijtfil street. Illinois. Northern i, ! ruiitie.s < 'ontpany.* i860 - " • ~~7 ........ : ; ...... ~ ''r: : ...... ...... ": ..... : ........ '" ...... 191C €HR1STOPHEH white ash coal JiLACK DIAMOND EGG VULCAN Coke, "the perfect uel" \ Give OUR $4,00 lOTFToaTa try out, SCI«ANTN H ARI) COAL WASHED NUT AND EGG range coal WA8HED PEA Coal for underfeed . • • * furnace IF YOU WANT SERVICE. QUALITY AND I G4ve ywir orders to Moses Dillon 'matter w4i4t-a i», if it's m the buddma ''"«• nave ThT fnr-TiuttinK-trttt-tl'n'-Tirr-tn—tiTS- If tlie flic «preadf> front IdH home to hi* neiKlibor # Mhotild lie not pay hi.-r lu-tKliliur. for it"' lo**- 1 *. where tin.* liiv waw due to ldn own i-are|eHSilc«H? Thu idua of pirraonul n-.ipunnitiUtty is Hpreailini.? fu**t. feniiHylvaiil!^ han panned lawM on t)it» tuihjei < : i." Thu'prm- clpli! IIUH I until adopted In New Vork City, where* .the city IUIH collected dam- UK«'« In HiH't*ral c(iwe« from i>wni'r« of that ha\e caught lire, own- JIHXU hwii compelled to pay tilt- co«t of vxtinKUixniii'K- th*' tti<t, for Uu* water, tin- .HH'n'w nahirit'^ and thu n>nt- al for the app.iriitUM. * uiu» of thi'w; days we will wake up to the tn.-il lire Ions IK a needlcus wa»l«. 'i'he |ei>plf of Kurtme' .liaxi* it. tex suits, every thread of them is highest grade wool or silk. Even the sewing thread is silk. And every woman who likes well-made clothes and heat .finishing knows what the Wooltex label on a garment means. PRICKS RANGE FROM $ll).0() TO $42.00 Those StylishJWooltexjCoats; a Fine Assortment ~~"llolv well th^ fairly long for the brink chilly days. And now this is your invitation to come and speiid some happy hours inspect- M ing these new creations. sp PRICES RANGE FROM $12.50 to -$65.00 f AMUSEMENTS j THE 'SLOPERIB TONIGHT. laical tlu'atteKoerM, who neck .tUt'tr riuii'i 1 HeiiitinnTTiTIK«""1n"usrc^^^^ arc promlMetl a treat in the iMutJi^Mnrnt- tonltfiit at tiie Aciujemy of ,\lu«ic ot "Th*< KlontJt'H," one of th»^ real HUX;CVHS- i'H of (he- IM Halle opera llonw. t'hl- caKo, TliiH tntiflcal play in componcd Hf a. p|e)i>diiK tiiixture of fun, mustc . iinil duiiciiiM. interpt'cted by a cawt of iiiited for ihetr cnlertalninj, . tlu< direction uf l-'i edcric'k Hcmidecn. liaw nj)«-ni money lavishly in tic- tho liiKi* ttiaiuliU'd net In Uttn uiUtUVal comedy. Thero arc Smart Autumn Dresses of We .offer an especially choice assortment of attractive styles in Serge,"SatinrTatfeta and Grope de Chines. All the wanted.coir" OTS are rei^esenteTlr Every dress in oiir assortment has an individual style and the prices are exceptionally reasonable. ^JW^e-rWarit-you -to^-see-these- attractive dresses whether you buy now or later on, Prices range from $7.50 to $32.00 Blankets and Comfortables svhitcF^^llTeirwai'm. Blank.^ts 7 Comf()rtablesVwill be called for, and the rapid approach o-f cooler weathe.i; inakes it all the more important that you make your selections early while the stocks' are their best. Prices will not be lower as re-orders are bcmird to be effected by present trade conditions. CMtonJBlanketa Wool Blankets, priced from.$5.00 to $10,00 Home-Made Comfortables, priced from ........... $2.95 to $4.25 ^r fr •«• * ' w^i •fa * The New Tennis Flannels There are many^beautilul patterns to select from and the aualities are of the best, jy •. All 27 i n ches \yide. ____ IQc to l2V z c F Waists and -Blouses -JlurLjmu,^bpa44nwnt-^ very attractive, showing- the daintiest models in*cr.epe de chine and gfeorgrette crepes, m M- into the, ai;tiosi of tin- piwi- unit a uum- n-r of the latcNt danccM fire illxo u prominent ft-atiin 1 . 'flw c.horu.H is to contain "• }»•%•>• i»f \iuiidKoine tulefitcd KirlH, and all in__Jili to he IHSe Thtit wlfl -a 15 best; uiliiiti v ,i17",HVfiHv licre liiis reason. S~ v r- •-- ^" / •" '• Skirts ~Al\ the correct models are shown here. The materials j§ are Serges, Gabardines^jf _, = _ ^ LITTLE NINETEEN Coaches Are Hard at Work Getting Team* in Condition. ' ti5> I'llitid I'HhHI I'toiii, in, HIr»t _"» \\tih ihi toi "op.'lHIO id Ilu fl'dlloll M l-ion ot JtU I Ht ! SllUllllS Ml l»| I H t ,tll the X.IHOIIM i n M in -I liiiouHioul MIC i onli n me .Hi puttiio in ' \li«i houi^i , nt iiih ^ii ipt v .U ii in i i li \i u xx iii on i \hlhllioin in \l a i ot tin mi ii in pit )• t ix, and tht otiti oiiii oi ilu •! Itiiotu lioul tin fl tit- t'iui. h Waiin or ih.' Mtoiu MllttMit u.iiu will '-i inl id- n i n i' uic^i Uu xi i - (tlii i;ol|u ,NI i nn i oi \| im -. /ii x i n Jl lltll t IX ll I'olO Mo 1 lit lit ' lllll II nil C» llMlit, oil -.null lllllji mil ol (ficll < i.r * lot HH it ['lj-j;?~~\ii • mil i,,U i n i U \i am ll, tin , Ui l Illllii i x pt«tiii-i xx.II pui hi« ni « him on't-lii ' (oj. f hi i pi IIIIU i unit 1,1 in i H ii ati._Ui*a >- j /.in., ton « o|lt»i " t .'h i l» Miht III 1 |t l I !, XX I H II 1 1 Iti < 11 I ill I • I ih- i onu ii (i- i iiii t' i f fi' i- n i t 111 illl I ! 1 1 llll llll X> I 1 I Jll I I ) ' I -I I |l I I I i I 1(1 j| j , t . I tl .fll XX il I . 1 1 . I i > l ijjjjij Lr LJ_..J...'....' . ',.,.U-- -J- t-- — L'i rr .,! Prices range from $5 to.-$-15 /^ J ' %' O* •:• •• f me Store that Sells Wooltex" nRj m .* .championship ilth \\ nh Mill!) m -. in w;i , l> ,i- i •> Mi tut* 11 ii'l'li d i), ( l \\ j( i .1 .111) Illinoi- Coll!/,. 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