The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 19, 1908 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 19, 1908
Page 2
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r THE BAKERSPIELD CALTPORNIAN .SATURDAY, DECEMBER 19, 1908 Bakcrsficid California!! -filed Rwr.v Evening but Sundays nt •V'l<errtllelil. Kern County, California. City and Count) Bntcrcd In PostofllK- Mt BakerMlrdd, Cal., JIB Second-class Mall Miitter. |.n n>ntH ;i month; $5 a Year In Advance ALFRED HARRELU, Telephone Main Saturday, Deo. 19 DEAF TOM:How about that Christmas box of of candy? Of Gourr-o it's going to be Gruenhagen 1 s, and you're going to • WHY DON'T THE CHURCHES ADVERTISE? Why don't th tise? Some of t our impression printers' ink' inl tiny the e elmrrhes atlver- heni do. and it is that, surh as use •ilim-ntlv are -.r-t- 4'est returns in the wa> Ol congregations. We do uol speak now of jidvertisiny in tin sense that it is a[iplied to the merchant. The latter buys .spjiue, pays for it al so much an inch, and makes known to (he public such features of his business as he thinks will brini: him additional trade. The average newspaper stands ready to donate its space to the I'liurdi. and what would be charged for at so much per line to others is freely nt the disposal of the churches, if those in chartre see lit to avail themselves of it, Hut aside from the perfunctory church noliee \\hii-h is not very alluring reading, the average'minis- ter makes but little use of the | newspapers, even thou<_'li he is! free to do so, at no othei >t than j a little time and trouble to him- Bclt'. In this community, for il-l lustration, the ministers have a standing invitation from Imth of the local papers to place before i the people whate\i r is ,,|' interest in connection \\itli their work, in- clndiii!,' a review of i heir sermons. > ObvioM.ilv a small paper cannot _ ' ' ' have ri'iiorlers at the several Churches to cover (he Services.' but every rur.d paper stands! ready to print the news of those services if it In- furnished. l-Yw! ministers have over availed them-j selves of t he privilege. Hut there is one minister do\vn in Los Ansjeles who knows the value of adverti.,i;;o; and that is the Kev. Hobt. P.urdett. 1'erhaps the fact that he was once a newspaper man is responsible, but. in any event, a l/os Anirdes eitv na- buy it at and the thiir_r within sound • voice. Why ii"i This isn't a b: from tlu; Calif"!' for space in 1hi< onitbie extent is i ;roney's. BILL -- to bring them ! the preacher's advertise? siness suggestion nan's standpoint paper to a reas- it is They to the clergy, business for cannot suc- induce the J. B* Berges & Company Whol$ale Dealers in Wines, Liquors And Cigars The cream of all goods served in sample room. Quotations and samples sent on application Phone Main 237 1623 Nineteenth Street lint we believi the churches, ceed unless th people to attend services, anymore than u (heater can pay without audiences. So why not mnke use, of the same, medium that the theaters so successfully? Why not advertise? TO SHIFT KNOX. of the Morgan Interests. It will be: recalled Hint Mr. Morgan was a liberal contributor to the Roosevelt and' Taft campaign funds, and reputably j Roosevelt, despite his antipathy to j "malefactors of great wealth," has been very tender of Morgan and the giant steel industry of which he was the principal promoter. The Rockefeller crowd has boon attacked savagely, if somewhat impotently, and it Is classified in the White House records as anti-Morgan as well as antl- Pi-i ext> la! : . hundreds of thousands on roads. The steel car for pas- is PO great a success that the vr.inla road Is now using them vi ]y and making them a pec- ire of Its advertising.— Bee. •>." sniil his mother, "when vii'led those five caramels with -ter. did you give her three?" in;i. I thought tliey wouldn't mi even, so I ate one 'fore I be- divide." — The I'uiled Presby- ' tin < And now the report comes that _ Jon. Philander ('. Knox is to ho Roo8evel t- It- Is also recalled that; I the head of the new cabinet I Robert Bacon - ™w Assistant Becre-:<"" Fine! The way thnt Knox i s i »ary of State, was formerly assocJat-1 , r shifted ii bout from corporation at-' *' (I wlth tho Mor S nn firm - Whether, i torney to cabinet positions, into ! "' ro " eh InvWl fltu the senate and back to the cabinet i dont| al campaigns, or for other rea- \ ajrain is really quite wonderful. [ sons> u ls apparent that J. Pierpontj Knox used to "j^t $50,000 n year Morgan " !ls ft powerful Influence as attorney for big Pennsylvania OVCr Theodore Roosevelt, and has ; • •oppositions. He irnve that up to' never lKH ' n cast lnto tne outer dark-! ho|i| -Hi **IIUO a year job as attor- | ness by the anti-trust administration,! ii'-y L'eneral. Then he went to the ! after tin? fashion of John D. Rockefel. senate on $'7500 ii year. am l now. I'fr ;-nd Edward H.' Harrlman.—Troy ! California and Sure, and in Scotland they the Myles entirely. II, Sine, and how do they do Why. they're kilt i mi rely.—Bal- \mericiin. Marek's Cigar Store J. F. Marek, Proprietor 1308 Nineteenth St., Phone Main 908. Wholesale and Retail cigars, Tobaccos, Pipes and Chewing Gum. Distributor for Bakersfleld of LOVERA, 12i/ 2 c Cigar AVALON, lOo Cigar HALO, 6c Cigar i!' rumor is correct, he is goini: to be TJI ft 's rjirlit hand man at. sfNduii. Hul who complains? And what i'"i'.' 'I must, be right, for the I ..... pi' 1 have so willed it, and the people rule. Of course they do. Press. SACRAMENTO MAKES FIRST STEEL CAR ON COAST. Im: ported Port Wines I • 'astro, in Herlin, says he lakes n" stork jn the talk of revolution in V'-ne/uela. But is is observed thi't ill.- president or ex-president j as I he c.ise may he, does not show) lhal coin-em nver the situation that miy-hl he expected. It may 1 lie that thect- is nioi-e in the report j lluiii * 'aslro will admit that he has i left his country never to return.! Which may be a <_'oo,l thiii'j; both! for ('astro and the countrv. ' To the Sacramento shops of the j Southern Pacific belongs the distinction of turning out the first steel pas-! senger coach, although steel freight ( cars had previously been made and per last Sunday contained lowing in heavy type in "vertisinir column : IIKAR nnn>MTT Humorist, Author I'reacl 1'aslor Temple Haptisl ('liurel Splendid Trained (.^uartett. \,»r t 'hol-ll-; ( 'hoif. LAIUJK.ST UIU;A.\ ON THK COAST. Hl'.Al! Till', ('HIM! Seats I'Yee. Si rni: I;KT TIIK One day in December with ll TEA was a royal indulgence two hundred years ago. Tis yet. Your rtorer fHurnj your money II you don't Vk< Schilliui'i Best: we par bim We're headquarters for Port Wilie«—and ;ill other iiq'iors that you may want. Wilt-never you buy Port Wines buy them hen; \\hrre you can M't the best in quality and flavor. We oarrv both (he Call- lonila and Imported Port Wines — die California .-ells for $1 ',o $1.50 a gallon and (he Imported for $1 to $4. Take your choice and phone vis your order. fol-1 mercury at :{H causes much com- iifl-! fiicnt. If was rather disa.Lfreeable. land what is worse, such a, day has i a :om/oncy (o injure (lie December ' roses. uss int th parliament 'ess as that there will iii about a SCIENCE PREVENTS BALDNESS. The Fnfnl Grrm and It* Remedy 2Vow Fact* of Science. It 1« the rarest tlilnj? In the world for a man u bf; iifocjs.sarlly bald. .\'o man whoso hair 1« not. dfn! at the roots, need ^' '.};.. i ii Iio v.ill u.--o Xt'Wbro'R Hei-pi- cliln, t!io new sL'alp antiseptic. I-lcrpI- C i,i . .!-...-t>-:)y!! tV: Be-:.! that Outr. the hn!r >.ff .-t t'io r--.ot; ii'i.l t-leanK the rciilp of danilrii,;' ar;;! l".\-\i It in a porfc-t'v !j. :•!.:-.- on r ..!!tl;-'. Mr. Mnnnolt, In >li.- .*'..'r'-; r-.l i: 1 '-?!-., !?,iUi-, ?,Ii.;it.. vn? on- t !r '. ' '11, T i !'— - tli.?ri a month Torpl- Fred Co. ( Family Trade Solicited Store and Warerooms 1518 18th St. No bar attached. Phone Main 99. r. ir.i ]• KJ Now bi're i -, trael ;i! Iciil ion lated to lu'iim I' ami t liiil is I In- i greu.'it ions fire • lllllsl Illl ve. eollv of those who Strilelioll. The tially tjo to elm .. , ! 'I |>eo| i-eh III. ' "'' II! i II is! e|'-, nnide !! |i i;i'!i ual iu- wlio haliit- as a mat ter of 11 MOROAN'S SON-INLAW RE- 1 W.'-RD<£0'BY POWER'S THAT BE. j iii 11....-I ].. Siittei-|(. ( .. son-in-law of I I'!' ii'' in .\li.i-;m, li.'is he,.,, offered ' Hi' p M (if A>^isiaiit Seci-etary of the' Navy. \\'e believe it was from this ' vantage pnuind thai Theodoro ROOHQ- | veil I'ceanic a Rouj-h Hiding Colonel, •Oovernor, Vice 1'resldent. President . Jl.'U Two si^es, 50c and $1.00. J. A. HUGHES, Agent. religious duty are not just the people that, the rhurehcs need to reach. They accept the teachings' « lul Autocrat of the Republican party. of the eieriry' without i|iieslion, i Mr - Satierlce can not hope to dupll- Tbere are thousands, IIOM ever ,| l ' at( - ">".'h a marvelous career, how- who do need to hear the Word. I t>V( ' r . even with the powerful backing When the Furnace Fails On many a roll '.sinlir morning you >Vi!l wake to find th-.- Kr.'s "out." What arc you (joint) lo do aheul il—shiver ? ^Prepare ;.'07t' ior ll.i- c;nc:'(;ciioy with a City Fish Market ALWAYS A FRESH SUPPLY ON HAND. GIVE US A TRY. PROMPT DELIVERY. A. Lyons ^ P . 1512-18 M,-iin 9,7. Announcement! AMERICAN BAKERY AND RESTAURANT. r.jrain open. A clean and ap- petising place to eat. White help only. We sell the famous ternut" Bread. 'But- RICHARD HOESER, Prop. Open day and night. i 1923 CHester Avenue. OH leater (Equipped with Smokeless Device) / •nd you'll have genial, glowing heal—inslanlly—wherever you want it—without smoke or smell—smokeless de- wam it—wnnoui smoxe or smell—smokeless de- __ vice prevents—turn the wick as high or as low as jl you like. Easily carried about. Brass lonl holds £——3 J WU ••••U* ««IHU»J KIWI* •*•»• MWVHt. .. _, m-~,,, ..».«.., 4 quarts of oil—burns 9 hours. Handsomely (in- ished in japan and nickel. Every heater warranted. The lakes cherry th« Ion cherry the lung evening—brilliant, sttady liyhl l^r reatliny nr sew. ing. MlJc o! b.-au. nickel |4jliJ imi equipped with 'Ke lalcd ImptoveJ central dull burner, rlvery bmp wo,ranted. If your Jmlt! dnr&n'l carry <}>« Peilrclipn Oil Hetkr <nil Riyo Ltmp, valU uur nurol igrncy lor deuri|>liv< circular. GOOD THINGS TO EAT AND DRINK Crand 0 Manford , Kansas City, j 7: Mercoft | 7:55 Oakland Oukdale . Richmond ... 7:! 8 : 20 Stockton Tulare 8:20 Yoaemlte . . . 7:f.5 8:20 7:30 7:5G 8:20 8:20 7:1 : DO :30 :30 :30 :30 For detail Infornmtlon phone < ^ ____ jjttll on ...... N'. ' or We have tlii'iii. Try sonic of our imported Ituliim olive oil. Just HIP tliiti),' Cor your suhitls nud Honsoiiiuy. \\'o ulso carry a fine lim^ of iui- ]>oi'ttid mnoironi. Groceries, Liquors and Cigars. Pasquini Bros. 1200 10th St. Main 856 Prompt Delivery. ODD FELOWS. KERN LODGE NO. 202, I. O. O. F.— Regular meetings every Saturday evening, 8 o'clock. Work in second degree, Saturday, December 19th. T. P. Plnnell, N. G.; J. W. Crosland, secretary. P. O. Box 62. ' • GOLDEN WEST HOTEL THE LANDMARK OF SAN FRANCISCO—NOW OPEN Cor. Powell and Ellis Streets FRED P. PLAGEMANN, Prop. New building. Modern In every respect 160 rooms. Opposite Railroad and Steamship offices. Especially convenient for commercial travelers. IN THE HEART OF THE CITY Free bus meets all trains and boats. Take Market St. cars or Fourth and Ellis car to hotel, i Entrance on Powell St. HO I EL BRIILE STRICTLY FIRST-CLASS. $1 PER DAY AND UP 670 Eddy, bet. Polk and Larkln SAN FRANCISCO Headquarters for Bakersflel people. THE WERINGER ASSAYING CO. Is now prepared to make assays of all ores, metals and waters. Ore samples by mail cost Ic pe ounce. Send for free mailing envelopes and price list. F. J. WERINGER, Assayer Woody, Cal. and Metallurgical Chemist Near Bakersfleld GENTLE HORSES. j We always have on hand safe ; and gentle lorses that ladies can drive. You will find everything spick and spar, about our stables, our horses good animals, and carriages, cabs, surreys, etc, etc., in good running order all the time. W. T. RATLIFF Cor 21st and X Sts Tel. Main 88 For Sale.... Second quality sewer pipe, suitable for sewers, ditches, and culverts. GLASS & FISCHER, Q and 19th Sts, Capital Paid Up, $100,000 Surplus, $25,000 A cheesing account with the First National Rank has HO many advantages that you will find it a great aid in your financial affairs. If you have uot already such an account with us we shall be pleased to have you open one and test it fo^ yourself. ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN BAKER3FIELD OR KERN Corner 19th and H Streets. PAYNE {ft SON Fields o: ia. FOUP AND ONE-HALF JOYOUS DAYS ON THE OCEAN TRIP. ELEGANTLY EQUIPPED ASK ANY AGENT Funeral Directors Embalmers AMbULACNE Phone Answered Day or Night A Bargain!! FOR SALE—t.olH ^n nml 21. block 3fi. on Ci s>t root, between KlnK nud Halter strootw, Kern. Price $450. .Terms If desired, $150 tlrst puyinunt; bulunce t, 2, II years. Write to Lelnh Thornton, 031 North Boylston Streut, Los Angeles. California. OLD 1ILXABLE Painters v •NYDEB & JACKSON Painting in all branches. Interior Decorations a Spe olalty. OARBUOE PAINTINO 8IGNO Phon* Main 1188 1627 Wall 8t C«l.

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