The Times Dispatch from Richmond, Virginia on November 4, 1950 · 2
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The Times Dispatch from Richmond, Virginia · 2

Richmond, Virginia
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 4, 1950
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"Iiuiyirf 1111 rTiiiii-'""1 rf 2 irtfr 'irr?E -LLpatcb Saturday Nov 4 1950 Redistricting Will Be Done By Assembly Battle and Almond Say There’s Plenty of Time Revision of Virginia’s congressional districts to provide for the tenth district given the Old Dominion by the 1950 census is a job that can wait for the General Assembly’s regular sosion an 1952 This was the word yesterday from Governor Battle and Attorney-General' J Lindsay Almond Jr In the meantime a special -re-districting commission created by the 1950 General Assembly will study reapportionment of both congressional and Assembly dis NewStateVeterinarianNamed Meat Inspection Setup Adopted The State Board of Agriculture yesterday picked Dr Wilmer L Bendik as the new State veterinarian and pul the old one Dr A J Sipos at the head of a new State -'Agriculture Department service Bendix who has been acting as assistant to Sipos was appointed by the board on the recommendation of Parke C Brinkley State j Agriculture Commissioner Brinkley asked the Itoard several months ago to replace Sipos saying he was “not a good administrator” Sipos submitted his resignation as State veterinarian last June giving as his reason a desire to head a unique new program of meat and pou! inspection by specially trained laymen Accepts Resignation 1 The board yesterday accepted tricts Its recommendations on the resignation approved the new' new district lines will go to the inspection scheme and put Siios in charge of it at ’ his present salary of $5400 a year The same board appointed Sipos as the' State's third chief veteri-tion gain of 640907 from 2677773 ' narian in October 1948 after the in 1940 to 3318680 in 1950 would i death of Dr H C Givens lie has restore the tenth district lost byjbeen with the department 23 j Virginia as a result of the 1930 1 years I census ‘ At that time the board acted or its Plenty of Time on the strong recommendation of Governor Battle said yesterday L- M- Walker Jr who was Com-he understood the State’s nw'1®1' of Agriculture until representation couldn’t take effect March- until after the 1952 elections Bendix a native of Richmond Hence there is no need to have as assistant to bothGivens a special legislative session on re-ar? Sipos during his 2u years districting because the regular the department He attended session in January 1952 can take! Henrico County and Richmond —Staff Photo Dr W L Bendix New State Vet care of the rearrangement in ! public schools and was graduated plenty of time he added J in 1928 from the University of Attorney-General Almond the Toronto School of Veterinary State's chief legal advisor agreed : Medicine The legislative commission on He did veterinary work in Han-redistricting made up of three over County and was city veteri-j larger cities which are the big State Senators and six members nai ian at Danville befero joining markets do In addition Brinkley said the trend in dressed poultry is' to- Case Involving Black Eye Is Continued An argument over a blacl eye that involved two ministers got an airing in Police Court yesterday One minister said the other hit him The other admitted it and hoped for forgiveness Complainant was Thomas W Norris of the 1500 block Mechan-icsville Pike pastor of the Church of God on the Pike Charged with being disorderly ami striking and wounding Norris was Wallace H Heflin of the 1100 block Hull St pastor of the Tabernacle Pentecostal Church in that block ! It was testified that the church I of which Norris is pastor belong? to the Pentecostal Alliance and that Ileflin is not a member of tlwt group Norris Stoiy Norris said that on October 23 he was working in a house on North Twenty-second Street that he intends to rent when Heflin and another minister came in Norris testified Heflin said he’d "come for a showdown” about a revival meeting in May and want ed to know if Norris at that time had ordered him out of the tent Norris said he denied ordering Heflin out of the tent Heflin equivalent of any red meat shipped in interstate commerce Only the larger plants however have enough volume to j questioned his veracity and struck keep scarce Federal veterinarians j Norris said he received “25 to on hand for such inspection 30 hard blows” that his ee was Working closely with the United hit his ear "broken” he had 12 States Department of Agriculture bruises and had to cancel some the new State service hopes to j services augment these Federal men and provide uniform and universal red meat inspection The government does not require inspection of poultry shipped out of the State but some of the 2 Navy Men Are Killed In Traffic Two Navy enlisted men were killed and a third was injured seriously yesterday when the car in which they were riding left the Shore Drive near Little Creek Va and struck a tree Killed were Harold W Burns 27 gunner’s mate first class of Logan Ohio and John G Sawyer 28 gunner’s mate third class pf Spartanburg S C The injured sailor was Phillip Woody gunner's matd third class of Rockwood Tenn The three men were stationed at the Little Creek Naval Am- j phibious Base ! The State’s 159th pedestrian1 — pi- Action Taken To Relocate 1040 Graves A petition to remove the bodies from 1040 graves in 28 cemeteries in Mecklenburg County was filed yesterday in Federal District Court by United Staes Attorney George R Humrickhouse Removal of the bod:es to other cemeteries would1 p-event their inundation snd destruction by the Buggs Island dam and reservoir in whose area they are located Niney-six per cent cl the graves are unidentified the petition noted ' and most contain the remains of ' Negro slaves according to the at-' torney’s office The government proposed to re-inter the bodies and move seven highway fatality was registered Queen’s Court Smiles: Barbara Ferre (Center) Is from Miami tombstones to burial areas at yesterday when Jofin Hugh Stout j Be Randolph (Left) and Ann Plunkett Are of Richmond Shiloh Church Island Hill Ccme-l v ashington County was r tery and Jerusalem Cemetery all in Mecklenburg County and at ML Auburn Church Cemetery ' near Drewry N C Another relocation rite would be Rehoboth Church Cemetery in t Mecklenburg County The removal A pretty student queen— Sup sentatives of Mary Washington operation is estimated to cost ' - - ‘ - -College Front Royal-W a r r e n ! 565000 and is the first to be ar- County Chandler Junior High ' nounced Other cemeteries will be School and the University of Rich- transferred at a later date cnnat-iilff ' th 53 of killed when he was struck by an automobile while walking along U S Route II six miles east of Bristol State Trooper C R Collins said a charge of involuntary manslaughter had been placed against Albert K Tasker of Route 1 Bristol identified as the driver of the Peters of Radford — today will car reign over homecoming festivities Annis Wenger 39 of Route 2 are expnCted ? Dayton was killed instantly last 1 1 °00 old grads to the campus of night in a noncollision accident on University of Richmond mond “Generally speaking ' the attor- With Miss Peters in the Gov- ney’s Pan °foT0ic!a V S Route 33 one-half mile west Alumni (and alumnae) will reg- i ernor's box will he her court Jane and neglected of Dale Enterprise Details of the bter at Richmond and Westhamp-j Lawson of South Boston Barbara nf indi- accidcnt were not available late Colleges this morning -Ferre - - - """ last night j Before the day is over most of dolph Toll Raised to 30 them will have watched a foot- mond The four deaths sent Vireima’s hall game at Millhiser field be- i Returning alumni and alumnee 1950 highway fatality toll to 730 ' tween the Richmond and VMI will register on the Richmond Col- memory older generation' of the House of Delegates has k the State department in 1930 as a been awaiting the final census ' veterinary inspector His new ap-coupt pointment carries a salary raise Indications yesterday were that into the $6780-$7416 pay bracket it probably will meet in the next 1 Other Applicants few1 -weeks as soon as the State' The board picked him on Brink- Norris originally appeared in 7-year-o Id boy was injured an aiurnnj luncheon they will court October 24 on which oc-1 yesterday afternoon when he was have watChed a colorful parade casion the case was continued ®truck by tvvo cars at Stop 81 the official crowning of Miss with a blue-black eye Petersburg Turnpike Peters b Governor Battle and " 1W a hrti lAmna V a nrl nr A n Af 1 ’ nil! UR me iwiviimwiiu - freshmen they will have attended ! ege and Westhampton College Driver ASKS AppCRl campuses this morning At 10 - rp-x-f rvir4- fa o’clock the freshmen of VMI and in iraillC tOUR tase the University of Richmond wilfj meet on Millhiser Field in an at-i Charles O Miller 4o or tri JaTS Sanderson°I! another football game-this one traction especially arranged for 1000 block Edgehill Rd filed an Heflin Who he eH m he York town Ave wasreported the varsity of their alma ! the old grads At 12:15 o’clock appl yesterday when he was a boxer’ Wified Norriftd o In "2 comfortably at Stuart rnator and North £arolina State men and women will be guests connoted in Traffic Court on a a ooxer testined ISorris had 01- Circle Hospital He suffered a of the iiniversitv at the Home- charge of driving while under the dereu him out of the tent meeting fractured pelvis anu multiple 1 The campus wa i alive last night he0rJy hmeheno' influence of intoxicants Judge ne campus was anve last nignt - — luncheon Aft er lunch eon influence of intoxicants Judge s to- in May saying “From the chair- abrasions of the face legs and on both sides of University Lake Citv 8tadium Harold Maurice fined him $100 birds man down you’re not wanted” arms Attendants at the hospital a rival organizations prepared j ine(ime t0 witness the homecom-: and ordered a 30-day suspended ward ready-for-the-oven with Federal inspection The larger poultry plants now pay as much as Division of Statutory Research ley’s recommendation over these or $10000 a year to have w r and Drafting can obtain the of-1 final applicants: Dr G I Rob- produce inspected by Federal vet-i before a church meeting that w-as j at Stop 81 and began to run Miss Peters will be crowned by ' Diinford alumni homecoming driving while under the influence ficial census figures from Wash- erts director of the State Diagnos- erinarians and find it pays he coming up at which Norris was across the Turnpike the Governor and then at half- chairman in suggesting that per- of intoxicants was Vander Lowe irgton on Virginia counties and tic Laboratory at Ivor Dr Mark said supposed to be a witness He was first struck by a south- t-me she will present trophies to sons who intend to witness the 57 of the 900 block Brook Ave cities -! A McHale a practicing veterinar- Members Listed 1 ian- at Winchester and Dr L L Shook a retired Army veterinar- Commission members are State jan from New York sfate Senators Andrew W Clarke of Can Save Money Admits Blow I bound car driven by Ruffin R the organizations providing win-'game arrive at the stadium not The State program using lessi Heflin said he hit Norris after Hailey 33 ot the 5200 block ning floats Four bands will be on later than 1:30 in order to view expensive lay inspectors could( Norris questioned his veracity Ave and then by another hand at the football game— repre- the parade save them lot of money and unH ui'car also southbound driven by ren Cooke of Mathews G Ed mond Massie of Richmond Harry j 1 erinarians to do the wjrk B Davis of Princess Anne duVal industries have long advocated ci tv tifUr vu out of the bus and stop the boy the shortage and high cot of vet-isome sort of expanded inspection " d hdt f in hlt the fnt h -a to Support 'Humanities Group Candidate Vieivs Atomic Age VTC Sued for $10000 i The Virginia Transit Company was named defendant in a $10000 suit docketed yesterday in Hustings Court Part II Mrs Hilda I Glazebrook of the 2800 block Semmes Ave the plaintiff alleges Radford of Bedford and George S Aldhizer II of Rockingham Specially trained lavnten will augment existing Federal veter- j system nd they approve of the new plan Brinkley said i The State plan he added will not more than three or lour licks "hen he ran across- "Hiere were WINCHESTER Nov 3— UP— I STAUNTON Nov 3 — (P — A I she was injured by a bus door on passed and Heflin apologized 1 no placed against Bailey The Seventh District Political Ac- humanistic approach adapted to Dec 23 1949 VTC officials de- Said Leber: “Norris then said1 or Mrs Otey Two trucks collided yesterday If past experiences be a reliable lnanans in meat and poultry in- be entirely voluntary and will 1 fJ)l B‘ve i'1 spuit hut in thejat gtop 29 on Petersburg Turn- ken of what to expect in J952 1°"1?11 a U)hinlarv basis utilize no State funds Inspection Kn£ to ake ou 0 pike slightly injuring one of the token of what to expect in 1952 - - — — 1 the Assemblv will have a contro- ImniwIate aims according to wdj he piovided on a fee hai? J Bi ink lev are to expand out-ot- deMgned to make the service sell- versial time v ith redist 1 ict ing leg- r islation — regaidless of what the ‘ l ' 's ol “g"111 1 Mqiporting commission recommends mushrooming poultry industry and j some lay inspectors have al- In 1932 the courts threw out 1 f 1 0e “'"'astate shipment ready been trained by the United the Legislature’s congressional ' ' r' 0UJUt ol sn?a11 meat-pack- Stales Bureau of Animal Indus-districts as failing to meet con-1 PK‘ ‘T11 allord tiy and m Virgin m packing plants stitutional standads and all nine Ft‘d“aI ‘n' Brinkley said - The department ' 'mgiveness Congressmen were elected by the 'klO -said the service would will begin immediately training tlMl allow small cattle sheep and hog others drivers and setting both trucks Curwile asked for a dismissal afire of the ehaige saing a (onviction State Trooper R W Clark said on llefluis record would mean a tractor-trailer owned by J U grave iiiiuy to his wife and clnl-1 Baker of Landisville Pa and dren “We realize we made a driven by George II Sweigart 24 State at large Subsequently the Assembly fixed the present district lines mistake and he ‘f Manheim Pa crashed into the ( theWmni'tVec stated: tion‘ Committee of the Textile the atomic age was foreseen to-' nied their driver was guilty of Workers Union (CIO) today en- day bv members of the Virginia negligence dorsed the congressional candi- Humanities Conference holding J ' dacy of a Republican J A Garber their annual meeting here of Timberville The opportunityfor the humani- Garber is opposing Represent a- ties 'to balance scientific and tech-tive Bui r P Harrison the Demo- nical developments is greater than cratic candidate for re-election ever before delegates to the ccn-In a letter circulated to “mem- feience agreed after an afternoon hers and fi lends” of the TWUA of discussion rear of a tractor-trailer owned by of God do usually se tie heir df- i wlto Freight Garners WinsUn- dor Mr UalTKVk feiences out ol court’ Cmvile Salem N C and driven lv Ml ' ' ld 1° dsk said 1!?' au‘ llnyn ' 1 riends to vote with us and trillie Lawrence Sumpter of n eUnt 1 Attending the meeting were rep-'We voteo unanimously to en- resentatives from 16 Virginia eol- Suit Asks Exemption From Auctioneer’s Tax our leges help p’arlier today they heard Dean Pavmond Pinchbeck of Richmond 01U uttriiai innru 1's College declare that teachers j would also be approved for Stale vvith the Industry and the Federal violated and "we think pastors are Hand and face cuts Ilis truck “nY an“ lea: lather than courses are the key institutions lor the first time he inspection program Brinkley said 1 -subject to the same civil law as 1 den with tobacco leaf and seed lUcal aclon committee to the humanistic apptoach aimed added Actually fullv backed inspec- any other defendants before )our burst into flames which snread to 1 ’ has caeuIy considered ft developing "integrated per- 1 At present the Federal govern- tion will commence alter these court” :he otLr trucrirden wdU isues and the candidates con- sonahties" ment requires Federal inspection meetings Said Judge Carieton E Jewett: material Damige to toth wa" i!' t °f ‘his distrct The coni the T4000O edSo 'm 'thtYu? Two persons were injured early 1 High Court Refuses to Review Decision Made in Rape Case Roy Wheeler doing business as Roy Wheeler Realty Company of Charlottesville filed an application in Law and Equity Court yester-1 day against the City of Richmond asking exemption from an alleged erroneous assessment of auc- tioneer’s license tax 1 The petitioner said he is an auctioneer and real estate agent tjons and tke Martinsville cou-t and broker m Charlottesville and new execution datpS-duly licensed as such ’ m r- In Mav he said he conducted Martin told -the Supieme Court an auction at "Reveille” home of vesterday he was not hying to go the late Mrs Elizabeth Crutch- into the merits of the Martinsville field Blair at the request of tlie lr'a's- He said he bru ight the ha- human mind around December 23 I'm going to continue this case to that time” ! Attempt to Crack Safe D Miller said that if the courts ‘ Is Foiled by Tear Gas did so and instructed that no Negro man be given the death penalty for rape then men of other races could claim they were discriminated against Chief Justice Hudgins In a se ries of questions made the point executors of her estate beas corpus petitions as the on 1(lat case p(s different facts In September he added the city means of raising a point that had and js p0verned thereby He assessed an auctioneer’s license n°t be-n ptoperly f-aised in tne tax of $300 with $15 penalty and first trials— one which the Virginia $662 in interest 1 Supreme Court had rejected oe- The petitioner said he lias at cause there was no e’ idence on it brought out in the evidence of the no other time taken part in an in the record mass rape at Martinsville auction here and is exempt be-j This is the question of whether' Tear gas saved a safe at Wade’s Drug Store 204 North Harrison St about 4 A M yesterday according to a iiolice report ! Police said a resident of tne yesterday when the cr in whi' d£‘rict they were riding went off Broad ‘naf h t of us arf DeTu' Street Road about three miles fn t 81 a?ree hat the west of Richmond and crashed " ?ur naton and our- into a tree selves as citizens are much more The injured taken to Medical ln'P°ranf Hian party labels’ College of Virginia Hospital were Afotorl Finexl Miss Fi ancee 5ternll 18 nf 1808 inetl Miss Frances Stegall 18 of 1808 West Grace St and Bobbie Smith 18 of the 2000 block Monument Ave Miss Stegall suffered a fractured left leg and was admitted to the hospital while Smith was conference e’ected Professor Lewis Hammond of the University of Virginia as chairman of its executive committee succeeding Professor Edward D My-eis of Washington and Lee University Serving with Hammond will he Dean Martha S Grafton of Mary I Baldwin College where the meet cause he is a real estate agent the death penalty for rape is P-- tion of the petition without eom-the sale took place at a private dally reserved for Negroes he ment aftep £ f °m residence and he vvas acting on added behalf of the executor a Rich- As evidence Martin submitted a mond bank comparative list on whites and Nc - j’l1 tTx'j ifnrin I nil c groes convicted for rape in Vi -1 A II UllcUIh ginia since 1907 (Before that time Jllxvx-1 Jn A xtixvfi executions were handl'd in the 41 111 UOH calities ) Among other things the list 1 Marine Corps League Refuses Resignation Members of the Virginia Marine1 showed that on rape charges one’ ! a " n°1' nrod tke names of Corps League at a re ent meet-1 white man had been sentenced t0 ! ®Vr7‘"a"s If' m acton’ ing here refused to accept the j die but later vvas pardoned while wounded area saw two Imrcheadcd young released after being treated for men in white shirts rim out of the ‘minor injuries building about that time 1 One person w as injured last night Investigation showed an attempt when a car headed west on Grace had been made to break the dial Stieet Clashed into the rear of a off the safe which set off the car in the 2200 block West Grace gas police said i St and sidosvviped nine parked r t Entered through the skylight cafs n block police said :ZLCfu''VUnCedUsrPjec-! during the night vvas R L Chris-! Po?‘ce 9ncer Johnson tian & Company Inc 1804 West investigated said a C8r driven Broad St It vas the third recent! Dhmael Gentry 21 of the 300 break-in at the store Groceries p °Fk Grace St hit a car were carted out in a potato bag vvas etng parked in the but officials did not know imme- block and then continued to diately how much was missing The Department of Defense yes-l'S TJrgCtl the 2300 block before coming to a stop sideswiping nine cars in the pi ocess v jo irg was held and Colonel Herbert of Hitzroy administrator of tne Edgewood Ave Richmond Universitj Area was fined $k0 in Chesterfield — : - Trial Justice Court yesterday on reckless driving charges which had been amended from a ehaige of driving while under the influence of intoxicants THE HEW SOUTH LOVES THE COFFEE OF THE OLD SOUTH "iowe no grounds hr eompomf” Nowto relieve distress without dosing rub on VKsSS resignation of its depariment com- 53 Negroes had been sentenced i aXd°e injured in the Korean — — - — - j n r nr Virginia law “required” dilfer- of Mrs Lenora A Barnette of ent penalties for whites and 1 Ripplemead and Private First mandant R B Butts of Alexandria now on active duty with the United States Marine Corps it was announced yes'erday The Virginia league it was stated requested that Butts con- Negroes on convictions for rape Class Arthur A Mooneyham son tinue to serve as commandant of white women For whites the of Wallace B Mooneyham Route until he is transferred from the maximum penalty vvas 20 years 2 Fisherville arpa ! in prison and for Negroes it was In other action the league ac-j death he said cepted the resignation of E T j While the law since then pro-Roland of Jefferson Manor ad-l vides the maximum penalty of jutant-paymaster who has been1 death with no mention of race ordered to active duty and elected he continued he could fnd no Chester E Wells of Arlington to record of any white man ever fill the post 1 lpinS executed for rape lie ar- National Vice-Cimm’andant eui this indicates a practice of Warren L Granger of Alexandria i dLrinati0n against Negroes appointed E L Gwaltney of 1 On Fifth Street A recommendation for a parking ban on the east side of Fifth to die and 45 actually were exe-i Street between Clay and Leigh cuted Those killed in action were Cap-1 Streets was made to the Safety Martin said that prior to 1865 tMn George D Barnette husband Director yesterday by Traffic Di- tector John T Hanna Portsmouth as national aide for Virginia Reeder Asks Agencies To Inventory Records City Manager Reeder asked all city agencies yesterday to look ov er their records with a view toward throwing away those that aren't needed Reeder said he believed this to be the’proper time to inventory old records- since extensive moves of city offices will take places in the next few months The largest single move will be thaKoEthe Department of Public Utilities from City Hall to the Homer-Beneficial Life Insurance Building- at Ninth and Broad Streets Other agencies will be juggled -around at the same time Tucker added in closing the argument that this history shows Virginia thus “never did repeal the pre-Civil War immunity of white men” Members of the court questioned the attorneys frequently One query by Justice John W Eggleston suggested that the defense counsel's plea amounted to asking the judiciary to amend the law to say that no Negroes could be executed unless a certain number of white people also are executed Another from Justice Willis Private First Class David F Walters son of Mrs Mary E Walters Route 2 Manassas died of wounds received previously Wounded were Corporal Benjamin TI Jordan son of Alonza Jordan 458 Harding St Petersburg Private First Class Nathaniel Rhodes son of Mrs Florence G Rhodes Route 1 SL Charles Private Welta L Zimbro son of Mrs Ilattie E Zimbro Route 3 Fairfax Injured was Private First Class Arthur J Prater son of Mrs Mary P Thompson MeadowvieW Hanna said it would be an extension of an existing ban on F'dth from the Viaduct to Leigh Street SNEEZY STUFFY WATERY NC::V misery of in Minxes T5? r ILiiiicIi anal (Blit Shop Cigars — Tobaccos — Patent Medicines YOU WILL FIND ALL QF THESE AT BLAIR J T STONE Mgr 821 E BROAD ST ) K H K H LASSO 'EM BILL On and two gun bolsters FOR PISTOL PACKIN' JUNIOR COW PUNCHERS THEY'RE ftIG THEY'RE SHOWY THEY'RE REAL LEATHER With lot of ‘JOOLS'and golden or tilvered ipot ond conchos Wettern made by western saddlemen Every holster has a BIG cap shootin'toy gun with genuine Imitation white ivory grip Some have metal bullets Come In and ee 'em today J9 Different Models to Choose From! ROWLETT 107 EAST BROAD ST DIAL 7-0303 Open WonJat UM Good news for the weary parker! Today — a portion of our modern new garage now under construction will be opened for limited parking accomo- dations If you will pardon the confusion created by the workmen busily engaged in completing this new building — your car can be parked convenient to the shopping area! We’ve room for 105 cars in the new garage! SJKmSBGK) 0320J cgaaat) G& 0HD 5®

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