Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on September 28, 1916 · Page 7
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 7

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1916
Page 7
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fi' SEVEN. P»gjM^limm#P^I|lffliiff^liui%ll "MJiHtn -iMiW t nil npiuii nil n»i» 11111111,1111,11111111 •miuu «Ui S M w.. »-^w. .•!•»These Wonderful Adjustable Hi-Lo Stilts Free to Children ~V ! • ., "V ; U !-.-.-V' .1 A pair of Hi-Lo Acljusiable Stills will be Riven frc s e with every boys' suit or with cash register checks amounting to S&OO worth of any .«hoes, clothing or furnish- jngs purchased at our store. Our Boys' and Girls' Shoe Department is well stocked ih rugged schcHil shoes and novelty high top dress shoes* Boys' Suits, Overcoats, Sweaters and Furnishings in splendid assortments. Boys and girls come to our store for your ( clothing and shoes; bring your parents and friends here to trade. Save the Checks: Get a pair of Stilts, Free Rebate checks are given with all cash purchases A r,.v. i,,..-!!,...* f, i->~ if.-na.-.i'fisf :.?.<• S >: ! "v '-"'n - -, ;:• A! I'k tar IHr r^mn. .W ,,f P . *,,.,., ih.t; cap: T'.ifH'!! ••• ; ., ; ;/tt J'.- • ;:•>'*••&&***•**. Tf'!'" !k':!'n"V;!!H R!><-'rtfi|feF «!•'*> !Ar>-«. *«".«-..-. -•> -«rv MvpTi. f.<rrr!i r !>•;:[!(!. !?- ( vf- !>''•(! -i' ' •••• • ,i[..!.-iir! •' !>..-. i! !'.t, I;.--.; Vf !:••• .fi-:-! Ki'i-.-f f«:.i -.<, . f-, i CLASSIFIED RATES ONE CENT A WORD SELP WANTED-—MALE FOR RRHt ;'. vi.'...1 • i: ~- - i i.i ;tn»« Alt- :.)V with W. J. Bell & Sons Co. LEAGUE STANDINGS •\ t rtl - I «* tUIrt »..,-».... .J NI-W . Tftrk I ClfVcltuid I \V:i.»liln>{ ' Pltlld'Mptilu " ,:,1 .507 ' .r.u.l ; AMERICAN LEAGUE. \v. j - Yesterday** Results. • •• •! lio.ston, 3, New York. 2. TVt. _ WaKhingion, 13; I'hiladHphi ;,!i*-j Nu other K.imf>« wi'huduteii. iH-tn.-it <'nii'f»«o at Oamei Today. \V.»Mhinuton Try Ja Soap at J'hlladflphfa; New York ,at HosUm. NATIONAL~LEAGU.E. \v. ;,,. rvt • .tii: 1 * ,.vc I'iiiladelphln HoSloll New Voik .'.'0 S7 >>4 *>2 «2 SO ('in. lim.iH-l', not K. tiled. Garnet Today. |!,i.<l<,il at New York; I' JJ at |!rookl> It. AMERICAN ASSOCIATION. t!i<- ir;i.'< ,-i. I- T T':f; •-" .!<• i- m i'Mi In t.'i' fn lii'. M."-!-: tia<. ):n-;iS -l:if,v Ili-lil- «•:!" I'' !< d ill < 'iiii.':iv.o, fir «-!i < 'aliah'U! \vitfi tiiimtj 'hi' in •-.'• ail of h>'l|>:ni.r hifn th*>•,:» I, <hi<-»! lat- ll.illtl- ..* .lirnmy t ••>• - 1 ni •.!!•!• u- :\\ <tit- STATE HUNTERS Arc Polishing Up Their "Csnnnn-t" for the Pall Sport. . I!-, rtii'.'O f.. .<-.> St'Ni.i:!;.-;,!. l!i . S. i-t „:* ilii!,;. r« '! • .>•> r ll l r ,'! . (i id Ml.: own in- thi")'. ?><• lielievi.*. \vill m.'tke ;t V!iI;U!.i!>i<* a*- 1 *' 1 ! '.f n«.,H", lu !!."• Miti.M M.if k has ;it !• :tM nil'' m:in ui... i.-. i-.flc.l hit'.!'. Al:-l it Stuffy. , V '.| to «' "tlicr .h,!,, M.i, k -.•till hflc" i fir-f 1',V> i iiiftii in T'.'ini]'\ti i. » yi.-.i 1 , h w h" !-.- ili'itii; well in le.-irninfc pum'i--- iif (he t:at!!e, I>MM l.;iut» JK H liiilliiiiit I'l'lp.jilnn V, l|i> i« i'Xp, <*i<) to develop r!:i,-« -1 f vtiil 1 !!!.-<• man. S*'-ttt!<i|-> \\"Ut. who ha:i'h(-"n In t.hf -•* stS"ii,_..n< r«'!.',irii-'d !IK a i.t.vr fry -tn^rry ;i hiw U,-MKH>' nKmuK'T; This >iMtth liiii* filayci! witfi il.t5>./,ihifi; liriftiruirc :.riil liriw hi) r<-markniily w< j ll fur « jminKstit. It \n ot'itain that he, nt l«'«st, will IH Into tti«? (ilucf Alack s (iir[s»d for him. Hatr-s, ncjifiltd t,v Clark (ifSffith H« thr «i'ii.«tifr« litu), will In- in thlrtl 1-aHf, A [liirhi'it: KtiifT httvlnu for it* h«-nd .if (!••• I"-: •-.-;• , ^_ I S "f ! he --p-.! I ! ., ••• h -.,,,.,,.t. M- " ' r, ' "'! i , .'Hi' . \ !.-., ; inc. , .. M . .!.'«'"!! illf.-'h i-)|....t Hi,; the t.iniiiif riV.uli; f'iv.- i!,is-; tin:»- is ,'il!tiw».l f.if pi • ,•> . ,'irrt >fn".lilH'. .-Ill'l h'l'itei •; <|. -:;!•. t'lii 'hvy ;U" i —ji«-i"i:i)!y iiIUlT-roii:, )|) <'*!!! f"i; H I 'f:iir !• i Sii ill Sl-,IN>i,. f-p-ifl- l.'\l II plentiful I" the Th?" pi I'rtift j ..! ami <it ait , siM-rtfrn'-ri who tKp< . ( rendition tu brim; th" oth'-r ni!t;nitit)K !-arm< f their ftimrner lmur:t*t il in>: ni«nlh. Sni|«- arid f*»rt*.Hl plentiful . . inallard.v ;tr:.i wl <lt.wti i'r»rn m.: th<- <'>-'.u- pinvcr ;)t ,. ,,.. .. . re; Id*' ><iutn;f-r oin-i ftj( nf f!,*- |»rf'-«t-t}f ttrrr in th-~- l".i'"id«»» cr,s (« lupuiid t" .In- Htroniu t- two thrrr nrr« Jffilitii» aii<l K!i'-f- llitll, \vlni I(.'IV«« IHH'II !Ht'«l ttlMl futltl'l l<> H (1 -f iJ'At';-. Jiiut.. Johixsuii. t ho wt-n- iotiai >«'ii!m rinht hiindk-r frnm "t'fc- ii^ (i.||i^i\ . ulivnily haw won hi-* IK tii fust roinpatiy, < - .'itlh St'hntiK f>rf>»ably will !io sent k n> hi" <>ld «tat Ion hHiind Mro bat MI xt sf:i«.-iin iui(i will, have Hvo . ttft» llviit uiuli'fKtitillcx Jn Halfy ami My- f. . M»ti'k Insists h{» farftous nwichinft with which hr ffimptnl thfouffh th«< a fowr mm>l« nf mMny ••MX'rf^ ,,t fn>*t is u* «(i- f'ft 1>*-forr- Ihf-y utc "t-(ftlly K/*»<|." '.'mi II will n«t (>•• in "('tiyV))! uiiiil N'>v, 11. tiriiTthi'Ti for ntily 1 w»'r>ty-»>ji!!i( tln.v.t, Tli«-y. ,'iic («-pnrt..(i iil'Mitirul. STERLING BOARD OF TRADE .MuxtvHI fti Qulnl. van o| Wheat Open •hleae.,.. HI, Ki-p High Low S t .•••»•!', U' • • l i-.. \V..\\ f'K •'••P • : I; N i i I \ N i » •.,< .>!!• M !.. i. H i 1 I !.-*!'•• T :. t ,'• .'>k. !',.,!( M.-,i : :- t. IH. T'l.ichii!* fir-t "i; HUNT «>.''.' i i f; ;-•'...!!-! l:l » h-. CHI 776-1. r, i - >s *; * p. m. J<il; lis.N'i'i ';<H!!) ffoi>'K To }{!•:!I,M.!'. j..u!', lint, -.v.-id-r fnrtri* 1 '*; fity iv.iN-r, '••ie-.-trk- Irith!.". .Sam Lowry, •">; A\. A. Cnrk i-'alN. fi7tf i'i'!: i:f-,NT .\in|>Ki;.\- i;if iHT-HO'. »M !•'•!-.•• -Ui'l liirn. f IV 'id. M.'.f. Folk- l-'i'Vf >!!(•.'5)r|| (VtnU Hldjf. jLOST OST .<;»!, i.), nun Initials "M. H." on for ictutfi IK Th«- t,')j-:T I'i'X TKItltlOft. 111. A' K MI' uti (mi. I'l-fiwii a riil whlt'f f.-i. '• I'iM ii !r-a-. »• nt W<-fl I-ind l-'nut Sl"i'' -u-T' nnvr !-'.;-'t S;.,!!.-,- i>t;i| A V* . Close .Mlnne.ipoliv MlNni apolls Kiinsaii ' "ity Toledo CYtlnmbut Milutuik 74 74 .»>(! 47 .<;! St. l.ou|« .430 ; .430 tn- I MACK'S METHODS GAINING RESULTS n> It f'.' Hamilton. 'nit«"d Yesterday's Results. Hruoklyn, 2. i'hfe^tifo, 0, New York, ;i; Kt, l.ouln, 2. t HoMton. \: f'lttnbur»!h, ft. y.iiK, S« pt. ^s. 1 —-l-'or i wo year inow' »iosH»;'tll fans hlivi' been having i MilliirtoitS lali^ll 'I' ">'' eXpeiiH.- of « on nie Miitk, matuiKM' of the AthletK'.-. Knt n.iw the latiKh IH >i«-'lnB...t.un»«^dJo 44 '** prepare mys& sometime my chance will come." --ABRAHAM LINCOLN Did you ever think of doing the There IFan~urfent demaiid for-^ business men for office assistants who can do high grade work* To those who measure up to the requirements promotions are rapid. I believe that many more young people would decide to take our course if tfcey fully understood the-advantages. I should like to fcyave an opportunity to explain these to you personally. _..'. „ l f, ..,.:. . .'.,. ,....'... ,...,.,.„.••,., ..„. ",,,„." .. ....' . . • ' *- • ,.,. The fMdis not crowded for those who CL^ * - , -' - ' • - • ~'ft ..*... • - ^ , According to census repui;t« of each , You run get;^hut l»usin«ss oducatioii l()0t) M-liool |)ti|)ils in th(» tJnit('<l Htulcs, ri^ht lu're in'our'tlay'.oi 1 evoniug school, jix years of '^^"-^ *'^V^>' om ^_^^ *t"A~t"TT ?^ I *<* t*. j \* v in > M I * * * f **^ ,*.-.*... L ,,,., i. ,..| k t,.l. i ,il t L * 4l>*t f m i f Ii i im ri* t»f HIM l.'ili ActMU'dinji 1 to.I lit* statistical roports, tho avoraMc yearly tnimintfK of the uu- educated man is $450.00 u year; the l^rainiiiar school ^ratluato $(!(H),OD a. year; tJie man \vith a lii^li school eduea,r tit)ii, or its.equivalent, averages $1000,00 a. year; tlk* av nc.sH iiiaii i.s jjv'OUU.UU a year, • r j'ln».st siati'iiunit wliicli tc»ll.s .thtv truth more .forcibly Mian nujst jn-oplc have rcali/ed wh'cji" ire said,' "A clasnical t»d(icution may help you to onru a living 1 , and H limy. Hot, but. a IHIHUICSH (»ducatiqji always doc.s. Orailuatt'H of good business colleges,, absolutely-': wilhoiil exception, liiive paying posit ions , awaiting them. They dtuiot need to beg, borro\v,,-sieal, the t'ewer-thb work i» x." •-• S^ er« and the greater is the remuneratiotT, i f you -{t re i 11 the rigl 11 1 i lie, -Tho 11. ve.r age income of a lawyer i!srej)orteo! to be $800.00 a yea'V; dtH-tor ^U'00.00 a year. Dr. Unwell 11. t''on-well, President of Teniple I'niversity, which he built by Tfi'eniouey he earned lecturing on *». \«TC.S_ of Diamonds,/', stated a. truth A\'hen he said, *'ff you will hitik at ilie very in Hueniial jiien of the eountry today, >«»u will see they are men. A ml lege etlu«-ation i> a ,uooi| fhiiiu. bu't a '•bus'ineM* education i-* bet(er." lle_knou< since he teacher both ehnsieal ami Iw^i in Temple rni\er.-ily. •• resi'l'ixe tliaf U is bilHiness that makes . the professions possible? -You ,can enter--o'-nr-day -school Mondayi- Oc.t, •Jnd. You ean advance as rapidly JLS. your ability will permit, - OuP night sehool will 'opon 'Monday, Oct. L'nd. Mal.<e' arrange'm«M»ts Sutur day al'turm.uiL ».r Saturday eveniliu-. This is (In? oppiuiiiniiy'for the _young mnn or Avtiiujut who has. to work through, tlie day. A prominent bu^ineriN u.ian recently remarked. "Telj me what a young man d<n> oiithide of hi> working hours ,'ind •i will tell you whetiiei'-.he will succeeil Brown's Business College t n'hi'W th t>'iinl did And it (i diiuh'tful if ih« ntitrtt liii-i <n.«i| MncK 120,000; h!a'i»r<"fi«')it ma- Jt, |ir*-s«'ni FJRST BASEMEN GAIN IN IMPORTANCE AS PARTS r OF TEA£S OFFENSIVE IH II. C. Humiiton. tl'niteil I 'leer* Htaff C'orronpfttidnit.) N..t\ Vo,k. s«-pt. M.~ Tluit. big l*-a-* fiie ririct !..«»!( men «re*fconMtn:n!ly K»ln- Imj In impoi tane* uf- purtj} of their i;imV is •, Ijocominu evident ihi;otif. r h t_ht- <\ron of " i.:.j !.:•.'. 1 : l r.i-% l .:•<« I : f-^~ 1:;TV-—-f . Fept. I >. c Mnf o«u Sept. Pork , De,-. Oct. Jilh. Lard Kept. •I.". ! .'.I I I r.n I;',. 7" H s;. H.MI l;i.7n 11 :ir. Ian. Ribs H 4;: _ _ ijhe liull £on" the iloil? forttto wcr than flv< k -QliiVfe' "> -:. \ t « Tin- sixth probably will be mlttc'd to this total before fh<f .C.ItUMt Of ttftll , and iiiidoutiicdly'Vvh*?! the neit !.(•>: i n «.. .^^ IH. t ;corK«\ Siller, the Hi-int|lhitlnK hnsifsoi'k icii.iidian ; with tho, St. l>ui« lirown, lie in pointed out everywhere no- and he proven it in ticuily evi-ry ^ the ltri-<wn phiy. - HlH nt'ldlni; i* topnoti-l,i and "he hilM riKht cljim- .to 300 Ktradily. Ki^l<••r hn» heen a hijj f.'ium-r 'two year«. SVuItt r I'lpji of tdi' Yankees Is nnoth- •r m wt'otnt r "who hiut.mado u hid /x>r r.-itne ilr«i luixotn^n. His leads the American lei(«ii<> In homo run ••lotils and ha« a heavy hftttiiiK nver- iU-:e. UaAt year, .his Jirm, lie |«.d the !.'a«ile's, nrs^t bas'»in-ll Jn Ilehlliik'. John Meiiraw appear^ to havt trp—n—\\nrlii—hr? I >(".'. Ja'n. .Is'-. 11..^ r:. v 7 M :r," 14.a; HI'. i;-; yit H.r.n I.'S.TO M.r.o ! I <_' ,M ! - 1 4 ;.<• I:: 7^ H :«-• 14..TJ CHICAGO STOCK MARKET. Chleauo. Ill, Sept, ,'v. 1-ioKB Uond . H.-avy .Mfxip.l ,..,. . .X I nttl« Hi — Waller . IraW was so suro of I his .Vouth'H nhil- ty that he . KrJPil Merklo with- hesitating. , Hulk* hu« liveil Up to pfi-tuiions in eyi.-ry rr-nnpct. •• .lack Ni'.s-i. who hohl'w tho world')* :«.'ord for hiUtuK Jn i:ouK«x'uUvo Annies ^ f\f«.|U-nt work for Um \Vhit<« Sos. Thin IH his (irnt year to Htny In the hlK show. (iriffUhV flolilinR wnKatlon, IN hit* JliKt ywir Jn tlm" UK! IIUM done 4T«Hlltublt> worfc. _.. l<ow!s <!uiiji^.jwl|L_i>n.a..»4at«]L-fe -Aha ?.rop of t.n'Illnnt in-wcurneriB utrxt wpriniK .vhi-n ho t!ct« a try out with ih<' in- Han.s. Ills' work hu« been HO good in .!)<• I'iu-yic Coast Jcu«H(i that no one doubt* Hlti ability to hot Chick Ciindll »tir of ft Joli. . ^ lt)*«l(IOK thcjie yotmnstors. who hay* d \Veir uhovt) tbo'uveriiKo, l«»th nro able* to boust 'of remark- Mile first hafienien, amonjr Ui«»m lieinjt •*onu- of the sn-ateijt wtnrK of tltu game, tlnl <'M«s»> and Jake Uinibiirt are a . ,»f tin- most prominent, buth In a lower \V.-,'ik UOKH «'loKc "i tTmn K«tlmated 1 r*"».i't CHICAGO GRAIN MARKET. (•flM'iiKo, III,. Sept, :'s. \\luat - No. a red, l.:.t.«ii l.f.7 1-^: N% .hnrd wln'er, l *,:• ;t- hard wiii«H ! .--'-l.-&7fi : l.«»rt; No. 4 hartj winter, * I..'>» No. 4 Mtfiidy, 11.56; 'No. -i n«-w"spring. JI.H5 1-i: No, \ new sp.ritu J1.4SSi i.DO. No. 2 'hard winter turkey |l.66*f*; N T o, 3 hard wlntf-r turkey si'.i;r,: xamplo i, r nidr. $Mti. No. 2 wMti«, 4.<iT No. a whitt 47 3-4; sampli HELP WANTED — If WANTKIt -HAl^KSUADIKH AT o. Ajijtiy i.-fTirf. K \V. VVi-dltvrirtn 7''tf. : MI-M. t'O.MPirrKNT (HHh i. K. Hurch. Moirisoti. III. l-'ott KI.'.XT ii IJ'iiiM KKAT. A!,|j !ii."l'iii. Lin-nil..! >'ii l''i'int)i A vf», nnd T!.!n! St. M r, un.vt-. 7r,.7fi i"oi; KI;NT r,. KOM.M l I.AT. IN- i?'iir»- !L'";I Third Ave. I'.ell iihunf FOK oALE—FAUM LAUDS HAI.K AN n Sterlin MXTftA <JO(,»p •nship. Lee conn- and Itix'in, with K. at f .'00 p»'I' fli re. <<r «rhi'..| h M.-ll vsfi-3. I, HOV, 14. WITH ISM', rs anil Haturdavs, 1'ltt'in'i MISELLAWEPS MKN lo(;n»- »"X|ilftln«r"ti<' t w' IxitlT-f (nul* 1 quickly. Mulct IJiyhi'r ("ollff;* 1 . * ' ''ATA- the fro«». '111. fai in i» I t> , I.I'l W i tl'-W • • ( i*f rsAT.KTFr: t;xrirA?cni: A I l;ilbt W-ll ILI at''J njlil W«'ll im-" i.d Lu • Ai:!iau.u<:.f.'.'f smaller. r«'.n.taL_ |.|Mjn-ity fn'ifn S'i tn K;D jicreK. Itul- anee ran !»• left in farm at '<'', If d«>- «<lrc<l. (nvtti',1- wljthe.-t to retire on nc« (.unit nf :iu.' II. .1. I'l'lUeis, 74*77 SAI.I-: UNI: t)i 4 Tin; HKST farm<« iri .Int.Ian township, well )m- pfi.Vi.) at Si'STi per fll-le. Well Wllfth $:T.II. II .1 1'iiHuTM. Klrr<i National Hank 151.lir., S!»rlirtK. III. 71-77 015 SAF.K- WKM, IMI'NOVED farm «if .'ilinut x<> aerew on main roait a slim! ilUUUH'f from Itock FnllK.S Thlf«--fiiirm-lH- wf-H • worlh-(h« money- ;i.-knl, 11. .1. rullu-r*. 74-77 FAH.M LOANS-I JIAVK-.Mo.NKV TW loan nr* farm mortk'nui'M at five JI*T- cent interest, with prepayment \.-<iii <;no!> I'RoiH'CTlVK SO- olauxe. Any amount. reiiitir>'d, ficre farm in Hopkins* niwnshlji, lu prompt sorvli'o nnd fair freatmi-nt. nil)If ilUtrlei. Kiiiialdc for " ' When in need of n loan will appre- svuiiil' exoliunjia ffii flute your patroimK", H. U, (,'hnplln, j ,|_ Kolkem. l'"ii>t National Hank Uldw. 7U(i ^ furm. II. 74-77 •—• i l-'OK SAM-; IMI'lidVKU I-'AHM X)1-* IIHI ju-re.i .flu,"!- to vilhlKO. All ^^ Htnoolh. leyrl I/mil i'X''ept 10 (tCreM ,,iT"^T7~p FIFTY' i-'^UI V SI'ltINu! (inilM-r pasture with rnnninK water. I'ohi'nd rhTnu KhontH, K r ,'d*,'.ri.. ! ^i»" rul, Ie,n,K alnl priee.i l,,.|owjt« FOR SALE-.MISOHLLANEOUfc. 1ST, Sti-rlinj?. lntfr«tate phone. «'n- valtn-. \V. S. Al«'«'lt'y, Sterling. «?X- ii'rnU ..... ............... _____ '.-. ____________ ' ...... 75-17 ___ FOR SAI.I-;. I'u.llllte; i>IH> Paine St.! ami one 1'iiiKi'. WANTE1> ~ __ .. ._..._ _ ... All have- cdi't-tric Htarter and «!.<•- ; \VANTKll--Tfl BUT BKKR BOTTLES trie liMhtH and in rtrni-rliiNM .-ondi- j anl all lundn of Junk. Will call fpr- grade, «!. : I'orn-ANu, 2 yellow, KK 3-4f«K'.i No. 3 yi lluw, sti l-24iS7; N«>. 4 ycj- low, X4 t-2; N'o. r. yellow, 7!» 1-'.'; N« H—yHtow. 7'i f 1-4; No. It white, si; 3-4;. No. 4 white, >rnr^!i'?rif5r"i^;rr"N'or7r"vviTj(e; — rs^rw No. 6 w!flt«*. 7S; No. ^ mlxwl, 8C 3-4*1 8S 3-4; No. » mixed. XI! ]-4«iiSfi 1-2; No. r. mixod. 77<i(Kl; Nit. ft mixed. 77 le*«u«>, ," of ho I'hllUe*!. and Kd. Katu*el>y, of mvcrt tiro two of th» most f oared bat«. H-ii in tho older circuit and am »>?r- •<-i:«-nt nridera. Stuffy Wfinnls of'tftt AthltMic» Is another d)inKert)usv"BTick»»i tturi» U ' ' Tr one of"tho cldeix. -Hoblltsscl and (Juiner MIV two mport.uii jiaitti of ih,» Ited Hox ma- liino. Utility, may -K«I Kidly, utility man for th* into n t;rt>r«ri-' HJ «-r if tumors con«tanily heard aroum} hp I'njii t'l-uiuiilK are horne out. jft has a ii-maikahle throwiiiK arm lolm Mfiiraw i« inaid to l«« tryiiiK , v nako a |4ii-hrr of the-yuutiRHier, K«?l|> Vc'ently Mtood ahout twenty ffict to th( iKht of home plute at the Po|o KfonnAf imi Ihi'ew a hall inlo Ihe lonniosi tl»t lilt J* ,, ,,, .,, >'»v(»i. nt-fn, Vlnch is yojiif heave, txhfi 1 playwt ricd it mid non<« of them ivan.hit tlu •leadiers, although Hit-y movwd up to he ton) litu 1 . 75*t 1.14. iti't—Xo. ..... a...!,;^...!...;'....: ............ STERLING Cmr MARKETS •;..« (Oorrectcff (Moses Dillon Company.) iw i^orii ,,, ;".'.V:T.V.~; X«"W No. 1 yellow «-orn : Whlt<» ontH ...; •• No. 3 udxi'd oatB Whoat, No. 2"' ....„..*. Rye Barley .. . .77< ..42c . .95i Uy« Stock. (Plppert Rros. 4 Coe.) FAt stP*ra ....,......,.,..$9.00010,26 Calv«n • . Sheeu ,.; .$5.00®e.OO ' LOCAU RETAIL MARKET. ' - "r (StOTllmr »ept, Store.) Dairy—Ratail. Dairy biittop ...... l>alry lintter l-Yesh cri'ttriTt'ry Pairy— W hol««le. . Voa«t«bl«». 'Head lettuce, por heail ....' celery, each • ...... . fucurnhCTB, I'arnley ,.V«JW . .34f rSS 30<- Be 10c ?f . IRc Beettt. bwncb 'tlrron p('pper», doxt-n FOOTBALL GOSSIP r "ILLINOIS. Trbaiu, III., . Sept, 2* -'Although ••i^i .->lii.\\ei«4 • \«-H(«'nla> afternom) tuned Hlmuis fU'ld im,,- ., |,,, Ki , iu '1'ia't pin- in UN allotted hu t ||« tll thf Kid around m soiue M-I Humane ['pKe \\,i>i p|,-, t .s,.,J \vjih id,, j u .,.. m.tiKi'N nf Knop, Ihe Hm pound "I I't.mi.H' ,ujtl had him iMuKing hard t rail 4ia"> K, "Kn'ili i~ ui the Name- ivpi- an {•jho- llujei, K.ii.l Xuppki'- "He l.s ImiH He .s.vnte. hindlett hini.self at'U-l tilt .mie in.iniii-i, and Ins (he same lej. 1 (•tints" Those \\lin I'l invinlil-r the 1!»M Me!,- s.-c in (hl.H ,i prelty KHOS! MM - liiiiimelitl.itlun lui the ImsKs i'linij.;. !»'!'. . . , " At. thi'le IK ,UI open date S.'ttUlday "' VillMtJ Will" 1 (.'ill I i VkJUt the flet)li- H'll |n| tin- t 'IllH.ttlOII lit the btUlienlii will In- llu- lint opi/iu iimity thut u 1 -, 111 ifii'.ii. .ma oroluhl> will IK «• !.i-l until the Kaunas t;,iiin', < •< t. 7 MINNESOTA. Mioitfptili^. .Minn.: iS» j' 1 - 1 * Th«- Illili«'..!t tiiutlMll atjll.l.l si,l.;i^,j( lii U^ U,. ••,..»• ij si.r-U'l an vi'vu 1.1 ai 8wC«Jtroi'll, don. Fruit. i. dozen ..,,...' t.. 85r Toinntoem, Ib ^.,,.,..,,,, .....6c Slat* 1 of "it V «lf - . - , , r,. ""hitoijdr County. J In Oty Cuurt, Novi-mher teun. A Jl-irtholoinew u Uivutc-e. Alb. rt htis'iiu; been liiett in iii.v »i* 'lost thai the iiliove naniMl r^lheri Barthoh'inew jh a n«in-iv.-.i«l*-nt of tiu Stall* ot flltni'lf. licit Fie lei-vlde* ill W-"J Kat.t Third Nt.. South liethlrht'in. IVniiH^ivntiiu. riotjcf ir» h«i»'iiv <iven to the said definidaiu: Allieft I'.irlh- doniew that the i't.rnpla.Minni has tn my offic-e 'hVr »<HI of ei>m 4K(ilnnl you; that Hunuuoiiv has ln-vn iskuvil Uu-iemi returiiahlu i«i_ Nuvi-nii. bc-r term of M»id court to t>o held ni tht» 1'tniU HiHWf in the t'U.i of .Sterling. *'i>nufi_ttf Whit'.eiUe ami riU 6f lilrtmlVvji OH- ilnnl Moiul.i> of .Vovemlter. A 1> I'*M!, when and tt you t>an Jitn»«'i»l*. plffid,' a.!iHV\cl ot Ut NHld Idll if V"u .stc [It m t.i i You itfe iHTedv tu>tmi-d tti i>- *..*Ul IM ftlli |» ndlf'ii:' Ul t«.nd t tiou. A. J. ,1'ratt'H l!araK«; .7a4p •(ir; SAI.I-: -$r. wn.r* TAKK A si-:<*- ond I'emdnKiihir i-ook >»i«>\'e, in K*>< f >tl. fi'/mlition. JUS Kevrnth Act-. -pas- it. It. Both )ihoi)L'H. '•""• '•. 83-87> WANTED— »BCOND-HAW>' AUTO. will pay tho highest price th KAUAI- WAXTKIJ— I AM IN Kolt SALE—IirifK ItOAl: Illi-ilel ,10. aildi l!»t-l M,'1,VU'V!1 jseiijurr. lloth In K'»'d e,',| - «. v heap. I*, t!. Hort, 4 Wesj Fourth St. phon»'«, HO.NI-JV KUlt SALK I'llti: trai-n.i or In com»>. \Vill .«!• -liver -in I \\'ANTK1 >r- ^<>U .'! IH>I!SK'M Std.lini,- and lt(K'k Fitllf*. i. HwuHe, i d, H1 ,,,,i condition. The Kyre Candy ll.-ll '.C'THl. fall moniiiiK. noon or ,•,, . 75-77 *« .it ' ovomnus. i3-y» WANTIOH li(H ).MI::it8 A NI> ? ,IH)AI«D- ..1-1^4—yis VVii-i 1'ourlfi St, 75.70 V'S* market to h«y--direct from owner— :i| fi well improved ciKhty. It must be ij on 'urnaln.road anil near StorUnK. "-f px - .1. C. Ttinih.' Kurrka. III. „ 72-7&*' '' in condition. ' I'UU jSALH lure, .at Kii-at wtirillue, Call 417 EiiHt Third St. I) I't'UM Al*o idftit "3-7 KdU SALK-TOP Bl'CCV, WITH idi'a'f t «' and " iiolo conipln'te. ~ .\7inoHt' •as wood as nc-w. New tires and gpiiiilles ^i-arcfcly. worn. Cheap, It. I.: I'OR .SALK—4-YKAK-b.My THOR- Hlalllon. w«i((hl ^ _._i3«ar_*. l'«|>er* fur- with liorne. I'rii'e .'rij-rht on imick Nul«». In(|iiire of Hiandt Bro- th^rx, Ownflra. Lyndon. III. 6(i-7a* 'Ibs. Sure foal nnteed in cvf-ry -way. FOK SALE—HKCll-'IS KOU GOUDKN 'Oil Liniment fur- : -rheumaUtsm.'.-.ITnf h'eljied tluiuaandu and undoMbitdly will help you, Send a tlv«» dollar hill for reelpe. Recipe nlk-d at any driiK titore. Address, IKis 428, HooU (••alls, IH. „ 62-79* und phone 381-1. couch. Clieup. IU'11 OH HALK—HAHD I'OAh .STOVE. Inquiri* 'ai front llai over t'oiult''.' Hdw. Store. . , .7;i-7*» .the< ' pHiVATi." 1 <vi i.*™ f rin.* i T v I 111)4^144 t^*\14l < ifllj l'.\ til ailinlnititi'iilitr, will. .H ret-itUtnee of David V. H. eih, -I's niih 1 * north of SterUiiK, on 'I'hnrsda.v, ocl &lh, «eil at private xuU' tin 1 t'huttei property of eslute of Duvid V. Ity. «n»i. CnnHiHtinK of one lu.rnv, nv< mid h I'OWH, nine iu-ifi-r.^ ov calve**, ehii'keiiH, farm luucliiiu-rj, hou-.i-imld and many other aitn-leN.- Teinth cash. Salt* from 2 U> S p. in. ' 'John M. Kohl. Adinlnlstrtuor. 7»-77 Ht,, il|i.Ht:uts • 7.">-7ll* IHliJ Kurd. Apply SI". \\ e>t S> euin 1 St'.-ltufk Kullh. . 7,"»-7U* tll^Ses a(ht KptUIKh. ili'."--!'*- Klll'hel e tlmit t. t.ilili- and .Ini'uii: ih.uiM ront'h. - ruas, AppK -Mi'" I" Sp<din. . tii> l i^tli As-e. «'."<• l-**; SAM' OAK HKATtNi: >'T«>VK. -I . No is In KU.M! loftillUoii l.tltl!- li.iiil >j; .soft voa). A h.iju.iiii t! i.i ken .".inn I'all at Itl'ii- '>'.<•(. >n>t \\e ol lit II phulli- h"ll> 7:>* 75-foot front. '*«>od wt'll ami cis-' t^rn, ("heap If talton at once. In- <iniro at 403 Jlroadway or 108 W, Third, St. ........... •"""""• .......... "• ........ --.--~-74 i7S - XJH KAUO -TWO LOTH IN HIGH- land' I "ark Sul)-divl«ion, far below tin ir original. co»t. 11. L; Chaplin. ' Tltf VOU HAUC—('oMi'-OItTAHLK HOME 7 In T.yii<Ionr u V*ry'<Mieftp. i JI;L. lln. First National Bunk JUdtf. 70tl •">:' < % OU SAIJ-Iv-nON'T FOHdKT THAT when' yon aro In Hot'k Fajl« and when In iiock Falls you are- In HterUntj. Don't forget, :-j| also, that I huve.-punu) of thn heat r ¥J burKalns tn city .lionu;N to i»e found anywln're, U will Certainly pay you to tn'c my home? and prieoa beforo huyln'jf. t«. 1- ChapHn, First Nation, al Hank WKljf.' . 71 it FOU $l.flBO .JIUVH ONK OF tho • hc»t Hls-room hom«>«. close, jn,':"^;) In It<>f-K Falls, that I. huve seen 'In' ; .'4| a Ions' tlni«', You i-annot mS«s it to buy now whil« property in HO eheap^f for rent and hum«*» ar« hound to «o •'Oil KAL1-J—A JlKAUTlFUIj HOMB! In th«*i*>«Ht ijnd, worth much wont than tho ownor a«k«. l-\>r price'ftndf on thin and fifty other bar- In Ht«rling and Ko^k ;Falla f H, •'•Oil WALK—PKHIKAWLK 9-HOOMl hotim*; Corner Avftnue K and West*; tjixth St. Heasonahlo price, Jiuiuir at 409 VVt«t SJixth"J-(t. 7 UARD OF THANKS •ii\i SAM-: LM I'l'HK HUTU UIIIT!'; l.t-.llolll |oot>tel>. \\lll t«h('|., Ktll- i, i-on. ,.r.''ii phone '.c'.'.iu:' ,Ti--7i; H Special offic* coniult«o», Disease* of women ind ohildrnn. For Best Service and Equipment Call Porster&Sons Funeral Directors Night Call* Bdl No. &~ JSJL Day Call* Bell No, 9 . an* outeopatnl* tfMt« tlURB^CTtr 11^^-gtTjTgP tend our ht*«Ht>»lt thiinkw to tlio»e\ who, at (lit- time of the illnfss andf death of onr heloyed Wtft*. njotll«<ri unit Killer, made onr load of sorrow? e.iftit-r tu IM ar, .' -. ' ». i .isii-i- to luai. AV. 1'. Uoehtn aiidi l)anMhti-i, H. 1-'. .Hoover and Wife,.I •Alii.)' ol' THANKS \V«- wish tof ihunk the fiHiiil-j anil neiKhborij for. ••' kiinluesM through thi« UlneHsj •' a tid d'-ath .ui' our Hi tie sister and daughter. Mr. and • Sirs. Frunk £,*"• 'Milnfti and Kuniily. • 7atr : S. W* Lehman, M. Pi BIXQN, ttf K rflir6i . £9, uct. i, :;, iv.

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