The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 18, 1908 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, December 18, 1908
Page 12
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THE BAKERSFTELD CALIFORNIA!? FRIDAY, DECEMBER is, loos. ROMANY OF THEM .••;;>• / I 1 :. i ;it; -' !M ; •,,-, . \\ :» * - ;• I'm I' • ! • i .r 111; 11 •••'.' ' ; ":inl ; ' ; ' i '. 'V : -' • •• •-, 'III 5 ' * ' l ' * I i J i • , ' / I j ; nil!:.: nuil mil* ;i'!''M>ii <; to *i*'..;roer Cleaners &ttd Dyers A C. Jacobsen, Proprietor, lr*. I. lJ 19th £f.. Fhoni* Main 176 , i'j:»-m 20th St. Phone Mfiu. 168 c E E S iV.<i- I T R U S T R ci.>. \ •<" n- j.'is, KiircJcM J-oiiio))s. buds Hi'Ineto ! Cn-in cholco bearing ^"•'';'' 'I!, 1 ;! s \'!, u1 '. j j;i' :1( y ii; .'- 1 S.EED BED STOCK. I'.-ilms. cjimnhors SOUTHERLAND NURSERY, F.i-i*. TjlKlw.*'. Propr. .PASADENA C°Ati ',i The ver acha ROUGH DRY '* -.'.- -• -t f v <f x ..; ' v r Did You Know We will call for your family washing wash and iron all sheets. •;, slips, counterpanes, etc. /ill pieces that require Nfardiini: and return to you for only o' ccnls per pound? If you arc in a hurry telephone for us to call Friday morning and hnvt. 1 them returned S/iturdav u-o us y trial. Satisfaction guaranteed. Give us a trial. Telephone Main 259. CITIZENS LAUNDER Poultry Exchange THRONSEN & STALLARD, Props. Highest Price paid for Poultry and Eggs. Prompt Delivery In Bak- ersfleld and Kern. Phone Main 593. 2115 Q Street. Adverlisernets seVced in t o mr.n re: alls Classified ;, Make n- want your li- through cty pays lines, three limes, S-lc; three lines, one week, 50c. Phone Main ATTORNEYS FRATERNAL, E. L. POSTEE Attorney-at-Law Koorn -•), i.l;ink of Bakersfleld Ing. Tol-i'honft Mala 240. add GEOFLOURNOY Attorney-at-Law Nof;Ty Public. Office, S toner corner Chester avenue aad 17th strict. Telephone Main 67. THOI. EOOTT Attorney and Counselor at Law Offlca over the Bank of B&k«r«t«l4 O. E. No. 266—i3akyrsfle!d Ixxlge L<;t], n. P. O. B. meets ev'»ry - <f:;,y night rt' 7:3<> at Odd Fel- linll, Che^'i 1 t.vopue. Vifliting 'iu-pn cordiail;. invited to attend/ -at ion ever'" other Tuesday, i;. A. Lee, K. !:.; C 3. Merouey. The Californiati clasaifled advertising columns are the best medium for making known your wants. Five lines, one week Five lines, three days 50c 25& PHYSICIANS TERNAL ORDER EAGLES, MP No. !''•, meots every Wefla^ft' , evening :it S n'clo'.-k at Eagle -M!V 10th street. Visiting breth- fire cordially (uvtted to attend. Hweitzor, \V. P.; Jo P. •rotary. WANTED FOR BAL \V.\r\TKl>-*Drt'S:ii:mk»*r to BOW ;>M Hie PHYSICALLY nimble lo opi-ntR- my <hi.v. Inquire al. .i'JOl) K auto, 10 li. p. Itt-o, noar- BAKERSFIELD SANATORIUM 2205 K Street Phone Main 414 GHTS OF PYTHIAS—Kern'Lodge ' 7C», meets every ^'odaosday PV*.,: at S o'clock iu L O. O, F. Hai! invitation to vJsKln>; REV - MUS - COON wil1 in A o u w HftU Sunday evenlng| at 7:;J(* o'clock,, and will hold clr- clos every Friday and Tuesday at 7:;j(i o'clock. Readings dally at room B. Willow bbulUliug, corner of —j ly nr-w, I ott'cr It at a givut services it 1 t.,i, lt n in- i ii.r»r.«iiK»« *»i L .t it' taken by December ^Ist, when I expect to return home. See Harry \Vtlllams, Bakersfield, or myself, at Dr. Kills', Kern. J. N. Thompson. 120 DR. J. L. CARSON, Physician and Surgeon. Ofllt-ft ami residence 301-2-3, Prnrtw /?rs Savings Bank IniiUHn". V,^ I from 10 to 12 n. m., 2 to-1 and 7 to } p rn. Office and resH -nco Main C«3. OF HONOR \\n\\ and L streets. 10 moet all. She will bo 121 • \ iirsi and uh at A I DR. R. B. REES Physician a:>J Surgeon. Booms 'j and ! n , Fish block, ovc Husfhos dnifr st<y 'MiJiuo Main 30 i M:a. Duri I No. 78. D ot Ii. Fridays in \V. hail at •H cordially i, C. of H. \VANTKD~Work by a young man jiist from the east. Willing to work for promotion. Phone Main 641. 1229 Seventeenth St. 119 FOR SALE AT A BARGAIN—A tent house, 14x18 feet; 12 oz. canvass; also oil burner for stove. Enquire of W. J. Thompson at Ardlzzi-Ol- cese Company, or at corner of J ana Tulare streets. Kern. 119 HI2V. MRS. COON has just arrived in FOH SAl.K—Two nood aad.llo horses. Can bo soon at Dexter stiiblea. tf f ' i i V • i. L r v' \ j - i * iuli. DR. CHAS. A. DAVIS Physician and Surgeon Office, Fish block, rooms 11 anil Office hours 11 to 12 a. in., 2 to 4 p. 7 to S p. in. Phones, oflloo, Main residence Main 073. 11 ' «- » i r, A. O, U. W, <:u)ng at No. 1620 ro-t. Visiting tnon> hr/it ••>:!. O II. West, (\.i .' iior, iteuoraer. Friday and Tuesday at 7:30 o'clock. Headings dally at the Willow building, corner Nineteenth und L streets room L'. She will he glad to meet all. 121 i i DR. FRED J. CREASE Physician and 3';rrjecn. •V;iuii building, northeast corn :r ave., and l!)th at ; rooiua M, JlnUorsiloK omoc i<ln M'lin 2-17. TEes. phonr- Mnin Ho. Oil; hours jO u; 11! a. m.; 2 u> 1; T to S ;> v::rj ORDER or- REDMEN e, Xo. i." t, poTinan 7,n. Meeis ovovy "Wedin. in rlie WorUnian —The good times are \vtth us! Are you going to nl- J I M I' N * •i Mn.-et. Visiting ••• invited. J. M.-MRS MARTINEZ 13 ready .- : ac:u i m; .loUU TF 1 L- v ^ i 't / • id 1 !••-• T. W. HELM, M. D. Physician and Surtjeon. or^ Bill - L I t :t I*. BROTHERHOOD — 5-. i L. '• .:i:s! Wroth.; -:;..: third ; :. ui S i>. K=-ni Cit.v. OH i (his city ami will hold circles every i FOIi SAUC—Ueginnins Mummy, !)<;comber the 7th, Grout Salu will go on at the Store, front street, Kern, opposite depot 41)0 pair Alen'HShota from luavy working shoes U> hl»;h i;r;ide dress nhnes In patent leather, genuine Kangaroo from popular man. ul'acturors aud at Lowest Price possible. ;i.V) Hals in latest colors and styles Irom ."HI com a lo $-..">o. i.ess than oilier storey ask for same hats. Best Railroad Men's Gloves, gauntlet and wrirft gloves; also wool .gloves <U K'.MUri'tl Prices. asH'jrtnK'nl; nf N^rKtles in all o/. an.-I color;;. SHU ; r.d orlu-r •t, heavy wool anil sood working s, heavy wool ;uia (.olion uu- dci",, ar, 5-oine douhlo breasted cor- dui-cy coats and vests 1 lead light make. ; OPJH r .liviU'ii overalls at TO cent:--. l^voi^oiidy in\ Ite-i. Uoni- ter or add to your house, or even to i build? I^et me figure for the job. Wallace Watson, 007 P street, Kern City. Phone Main 820. to do all ; kinds of sewing at the \VUlo\v, room i B. Expert on evening dresses or j tailor made suits. Mrs. Martinez is ! well known. Telephone Main 163;!. 136 A i;ou t'Otl i Main R, L. M, CAIN and Surgeon. r* < • o _, ^, 1 '- J t J 1 <- X" . t « '. , «v» I (*. / T: 1 . n- £luda '- i..!. iy 1:1 I-..::i^" L sir wants H \vorlv in town. i. ihiyi-j 6c Co., Trops. HUMS FOR SAI.K— 250 boad of t. . - t\ \\\ -e w • t v '•:'*'! 1 - *, I L. 4, ^ : i an;! IVMI!<>IKV, \ r. or carload V FARMKUS 141 for Gurliek'<3 s wweot potatoes. Delivered in by the hundred pounds, the U:t[.-:e(l H A. f .tl in mountains; !-. \Vools( j >' ( * 129 DR. W. P. SCOTT Physician and Surgeon. Omoo honi-ii: 11 to 12 ;i. m.; 2 nnd 7:: j »0 j». TO. Offloo nn.i reslflenc % J!i>. Jioouis I't'T. 'JOS and Hl Bank bnlldlnc. 1 7l! p. OF OV/LS !, luee'-c evi-r nt., at. Maiuls hall ? ronli;Mly in\ ite _ V ' -r. 10 OU f-A' \v!uOt\ v. itii i'tin;;inre as a Vi.iit.lng j \V. ot n i Uin.; UM or away, p, ni. ;i! 171 M nin '>"•> lllll 'JU-. !<; i. JIC.L.. y< M by n ! --ci'. Owner (.'all lu-twren '2 and 1st ii : irt-e', 'udeph'j 116 iT^|llt11^l"%T*i^ f" 1 f"l^*jT^*lll"\' 'til > f J" J J "i V\ ^J ' ,—•-.»••««. 'rf i.t ^ m ^ *. -^ U^ni'ro. i!:-sii.teut; Joe Miiel^y, ser-- \\'AX'non™Men and srrongs boys, j ^'(^^7^5 ?OR~STF^T: —'l~vw7i7\• head relary. DR. A. F. SCHAFEE Physician and Surgeon. Ofilce, rooms 1. 2. 3. and 4. Oil and Stock Exchange building. Office hours ! from 1 to 3 o'clock; Sundays by ap- ; pointments only. i FOR SALE—fiSAL ESTATE FOR SAU2 OR UTSNT Combination Trade School & Contracting Co. foacht'3 the trnOes by actual wovk. electricity, plumbing, bricklaying, nn*i p«ys advanced students wages. Free catalogue. Union School of Trades, 124 East DR. F. W. MITCHELL Physician and Surgeon. Onice, rooms SI'L" and 8»»6, Producers Bank building. Oftlce hours from 11 to 12 a. m., and 2 to 4 p. m. Tele- i phone Main 002. Res. Main 612. -A six-room! wodern cottago, \vell located. In- i quire at room 5, Conldin building, 192G Chester avenue between the hours of lo and 11 a. m. und 3 and NOTICE—Have you 4 p. m. tf of woll broke driving hovsej-:. etc. suddio Jjof^e.s. For s:il<> at tlio track. Con;* 1 ? early and take your pick. L. J, Lavers. 113 Ninth, Los Angeles. tf i 1, DOCTOR TOWLER Phystcian and Surgeon Ofllce aud Private Hospital, rooms 4, B aud G, Hopkins Building. i FOR SAKE—A few good bargains In cheap houses. One place for $700; another for $1000; four at $1200; a bargain in Kern City at $1400, Don't fail to see me if you a borne. Easy terms offered. H. (1, nue 1707 Chester ave 118 :*» Special attention to diseases of Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Office hours, 10 a. m. to 1^ m.; 2 to 4 p. m. Phone Main 249. I*OR ( SAM-:—Good building lots, one on TnixMn; avemio, another on California avenue, another on E street —all at barsnin prices. See H, G. Parsons, iTuT Chester avenue. 118 any live stock for sale? If so list it with rue and f will endeavor to find you a bu}'er. Am in touch with buyers every day. Small commission. U. J. Rose, at Kern County Creamery, tf A BARGAIN"— -Iu aero dairy ranch for sate, together with 2M dairy cow a aud other stock. Or will sell cows and rent ranch. For particulars inquire of R. J. Rose, at Kern County y. 117 WANTED—Old furniture- to be made liko new.' CARPETS CUEANED AND LAYED. Upholstering in all branches. Mattresses made over and returned the same .lay. C. C. FOR SALK—My standard bred driving horse, 7 years old, A Xn. 1 roadster, hixh spirited, kind disposition; any woman or child can drive him, Very valuable horse. Alsoone hand made top buggy and trap nearly new. Prof. Carriers. tf Crowell, street Main 398; shop 3oO K tf Patents Procured in all Countries. Infringement Litigation. TOWNSEND, LYON, HACKLE? 504-7 Merchants 1 Trust Bldg LOB Angeles, Cal. MAIL aud EXPRESS ORDERS CAREFULLY ATTENED TO Office Phone Main 69 Works Phone, Main 163 LESSER HIRSHFELD Real Estate and Fir Insurance. Root S, Conklln b«ll(1lnpr.l92fi Chester Av/, BAKERSFIELD CLEANING AND DYING WORKS AND RENOVAFORY Neatly Dene. Goods called for and Delivered. Contracts taken. Office, 2027-2029 Chester Avenue. Works, Corner Eighth, and L Streets, Bakersfleld, Cal. W. W. KELLY. Real Estate antf Insurance Room 4, up stMrn, corner Nineteenth Street Chester Avenue Phone Main 149, NOW LISTEN—I am going to tell you how to make some money, If you are the right fellow, i have for sale one of the best little business places hi town, have lease for two years with privilege of renewal, building 25xSt) feet, on Cheater avenue. Sickness cause of selling. Investigate this; It's a snap. R. A. Moore, room 11, Hopkins blclg. ll'J LOUT AND FOUND LOST—Between Lakeside and Bak- erafleld, new, dark-brown overcoat with Silverwood's name, on collar. Finder please leave same at Kern Valley Bank and receive $5 reward. 123 MAOK, Cashier WH»* Pmld«nt j. J. MACK, Vice President. Q. J. PLANZ, Aast Cashier. BANK OF BAKERSFIELD Capital Stock, $250,000 Surplus, $140,000 ^ u Resources, One Million Dollars Director*— 8. W. Wlble, 8. L. Mack, J. J. Mack, J. M. Keith, L. Quggcnhlme. General Banking, Domestic aFo reign Exchange. Letters ot Creilt. Tbe officers of the Bank will be glad to give the benefit ofr their experience or observation to all ppersona desiring Information on matters Of business. C. L. CONNER, President R. MCDONALD, Cashier KERN VALLEY . 0. HARNF.S& With J. W, Brocr*man Real Estate and Insurance Horn 25, dalles Block Phono Main 232 BakersfieU, Cal t WELL BOEER. FOR SALE OU LEASE—For crystal- Ized and all kinds of gypsum, Fullers earth, c«mont clay, pain clays of all colors, china clay, pattory clay anil all kinds of clays, address! William Harmon & Co., Bakersfielcl, Cal, 127 LOST—In BaUorsfield or Kern, Thursday or Friday of last week, a pack- ago of old letters, «ddn. i ssed to Fairtninks, Morse & Co. lU'lurn to saim.* ;md roci'ivo reward, LOST Knr ho:), hdxvccn I 1 rnxtun ;iV"iUH', or arifl L^'fli sirccis on J) nr iMIt FiiitliT will itlrn-.!• [hiiii 1 ;, II. ( and p| m , HIGHEST CASH VAlD for old rags, sacks, bottles, iron, brass and copper, hides and wool. Junk Yard, Twoi.ty-seconrt and M streets. Tel- ne Main 7U9. tt FOit SAuC—One span of work mares; seven and nine years old; both in foal; weight about 1150 pounds, Also one span ot 1 work mares, three years old; both in foal, weighing 1300 pounds; one span of black driving mares, weighing 1000 qounds; 3 and four years old; one saddle pony weighing 800 pounds, 4 years old. Inquire at Union Shoeing Shop, between 20th and 2lst street on K street. tf itltxl- TEN ACRES, $.V» CASn — naluuce $1 STOLKN— Parties taking Now Homo per month. Price $2f. per acre. No' taxes, no interest. Nn risk. Prolltg certain. Locuied half mile from It II. station, six inik-s from Bakers- _ _ field.<l lt»\ol, No hanlpan or I PIANO^TUNING AND REPAIRING alkali. OraiiRe, trult, and v ine land, FOB JRENT FOR HKNT- Furnished front room .suitable I'or ''itfuT one or two t^n- tk-'inen. Kh'fi ;•!;• lights and '>:iih. Kent reasonably 1(^1 li'Jd suve', corner ol li sirt el, l»*.i sowing machine from S. p. freight | (l " O[l HKNT—Furnished rooms for house will please return and save i roen at 25 cents per night. Apply trouble. 119 fit 2103 Chewier avenue, corner 21st St. 119 * J. H. KEEFE Well Borer. Work Guaranteed * 2917 Chester Ave. FOR SOLID COMFORT A Go to the *: * OEANADA HOTEL * Butter and Hyde 8ts, San Francisco $3.50 per day American plan. Headquarters for Bakersfleid, + * * Bakersfleld, California. Solicits accounts of individuals, companies and corporations. All roads lead to 0. N. JOHNSTON'S BLACKSMITH SHOP. Insurance Eatat bearing oran.eo orchards nenr. ripen for earliest markets. Payments are easy, ami land advancing. $100 per acre should be realized for the land before your contract expires. Title good. Maps and further particulars on application. Right to raise price of land without notice re served. SUNSET REALTY CO.. Julius Umioftron IH an expert, tuner 1 1-X)R RENT—A Fresno, Cal. tl FOE SALE—1 have listed with me for sale several lota of milk cows of from 10 to 90 head. Also other stock. For Information call on mt at Kern County Creamery. R. J. Rose. tt * PAINT YOUR HOUSE * * House painting is my specialty. I use nothing but the best materials, guarantee my work aud charge reasonable prices. *,, I. D. MEREDITH, Contractor 2117 B St. Phone Main 172 and repairer of pianos. Ho has highest recommendations from the best of pianists and vocalists and from Steinway & Sons and other first class piano manufacturers. Leave orders at Biter's drug store. ^^__ ^L — ^^ . — - ^^^f Grand Hotel o'clock. piano. Inquire at between 4 and 5 119 FOR RENT— Furnished rooms. In Phone, Main 39. 143 quire at 1221 H street. 120 JAPANESE AND CHINESE LABOR Bureau, first class h*Jp furnished; male or female, for hotels, restaurants, housework, etc. Ranch hands and laborers furnished on short notice, day or contract. A. S. Takayama, 2100 L st. Phone Main 1074. * *:* E. H. LOVELAND — u - ' Wholesale Produce Merchant l.iy, Grain, Potatoes, Beans* and all farui products, ** i r 'H \ 'f ' »V ff. Business address DON'T PUT IT OPF UNTIL TOMORROW, FIX YOUR ROOF TODAY If the cost worries you consult us. We will agreeably surprise you. Again you can do it so quickly. MALTHOID ROOFING IS JUST WHAT YOU WANT. j Comes in rolls, quickly tip- costs so little. plied, comes in any width; FOR RENT—Four room cottage with bath, pantry and electric lights; newly painted and papered. Inquire at 2028 Q street, corner 21st st. 117 FOR SALE OR RENT—Falrview ranch, containing 160 acres, near Rosedale. All under cultivation; good water right from the Galloway canal. John A, Fry, 902 Chester avenue, corner of 9th street, Bale- ersfleld. FOR RENT—Two furnished housekeeping rooms; electric light, gas, phone 2227 K. tf FURNISHED ROOMS—Single or In housekeeping suites, with gas ana electric lights. Hot and cold baths and use of telephone free. The Willow, 1223% 19th street. E. L. Willow, proprietor. FOR RENT—AKalfa pasturage for twenty head of horses or colts, until Jan. 1st. Apply to H. J. Rellly, R. F. D. No. 2, Bakorsfleld. 120 Phone, Main 856, 1301 Nineteenth St. Phone 161 THE MAJESTIC Pioneer Mercantile Co FOR RENT—Koi\ furnished rooms or houses call at Mascot restaurant, 1621 Nineteenth street. tf BUCKEYE EMPLOYMENT BUREAU. M. M. Odoll & Co., proprietors, 12'.? Nineteenth street. Walter^ Hotel, sue- _ 1 Om lohtmbliD Main 218 and 266, Help of alt furnlehed free of charge to employer,

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