The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 18, 1908 · Page 11
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 11

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, December 18, 1908
Page 11
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THE BAKERSPIELD CALIFOENIAN FRIDAY, DECEMBER 18. 1908. NOTICE. The ladies of the St. Paul and St. Agnes Guild hold thfilr animal sale nt the Guild Hall Saturday afternoon and evening, December 19th. The ladies offer for sale ninny things that v/ill solve the problem of Christmas shoppers. Drop in and mi'kc your | selections early. 119| " SPECIAL SALE. Beginning next Monday Maine's Cy- clery at 172,") IMh street will inaugurate a special sale. Whereby each person buying an article valued at 25 cents, will be entitled to a coupon representing a chance to secure free a now standard make bicvcle. tf LEQAU pi said cornoratlon. Charles A. Lee. at his office at the office o! the Co intv Recorder of Kern County. Anv stock upon whicli this assessment shall remain unimid on the ?th iav of January. 19()'J. will be dplln- 'iiienf and advertised for sale at pub- lie auction, and unless payment Is made before, will be sold on the 30th nay of January. Ifld'J. lo pav the defin- nuent assessment, together with the costs of advertlsinar and exnenses of sale. CHAS. A. LEE. Seeretnrv. of the P.-tki ' " ' Oil Co.. Bakeraf '' LEGAL. LEGAL. ..crsfiotd Fuel aim eld. Cal. IM CALLING FOR PliOPOSALS CONDUCT CITY SEWER FA TO RM. NOTICE. Bakf-i-afleld, Cal., Dec. 13, I DOS. I hereby assign all my rights and Interests and money also outstanding debts since November 21st, 1908, to Rimer Luiideen. prop. Building located at ISIS Chester avenue, In Bakers- fleld, California, knowns as Tracy's Inn. (Signed) PATSY DORMER. Mer. Attest: J. II. Ruberson, A. A. Hampton. 120 ~ NOTICE OF BIDS. Notice is hereby given, that scaled bids for the painting of the Old Hospital Building (the body of said building to receive two coats of paint composed of best quality of white lead and oil, and the roof of said building to receive one coat of paint) will be received by the Board of Supervisors at their rooms in the County Court House in the City of Bakersfield, County of Kern, State of California, up the hour of 10 o'clock a. m. of January 7(h, 1909. No bid will bo received or considered by said Board unless it Is accompanied with a certified check or cash deposit in ten per cent of the amount of such bid. The said Board of Supervisors reserving the right to reject any and all bids. By order of the said Board of Supervisors. H. A. JASTHO. Chairman of said Board of Supervisors Attest: I. L. Miller, Clerk. 12-17 NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Bakersfield Fuel and Oil Company. Location ol .principal place of business belma, California. Location of works Kern Couutv. California. Notice is hereby iriven. that, at a meetlne of the directors of the. above named corporation, held on the fith dav of December, liios. an assessment of one nun- dollars per share was levied upon i Bv order of the Board of Trustees " tho Cttv ce, room of t'ho"clf.v "of iiakersiiebi.' Clerk will receive nt ' ' __--••• ••!...•.••••--.I. n is t)iiiv/v iv ' i ^* i|j ' Producers Saving Bank blinding, tin to Lmim L — >. n. m., on Uecembei' 2S. Ihe . (Yism>s'u"oi ' of California, and having its principal place of business at Vlsalla, in said state, its successors and assigns, and said Mt. Whitney Power Company having been the highest and best and only bidder for said franchise; Now, therefore, in accordance with the, premises and In compliance with tho laws of the State of California In find such cases made and provided, the Board of Supervisors of said County of Kern do ordain as follows: That a franchise be, and the same Is hereby, granted unto said Mt. Whitney Power Company, a corporation, Its successors and assigns, for tho term of fifty years from and after tho date hereof, authorizing and empowering, 'and said Board of Supervisors does hereby authorize and empower o'clock ... „.., „.. .. seated proposals for t! the sewaRO from I lie C (em. at the point where throueh (tie outfall se. Seclon. 3. T. 30 S. R. 28 ~ _ - and for the cultivation and improve- j successors nud assigns, to erect poles ment of said land for a period ranc-1 iiu: Ironi ten to twenty years. ' The successful applicant will be re Cltv .Sewer Svs- •o It is delivered MUM r _ *"&.. M 1 . IX Sit i ^d ML Whitney Po~wer"company, its llshed prior thereto for one week In The Uakersfleld Callfornlan, a daily newspaper of general circulation printed and published in said County of Kern. Tho foregoing ordinance IB adopted by said Board of Supervisors of tho County of Kern, State of California, on tho IHh day of December, Itujs, by the following vote, to-wlt: Ayes: Supervisors Petersen, P,r.",.!, V.', Corsett and Jastro. Nous: None. H. A. JASTRO, man of the Board of Supervisors .-aid County of Kern. :al.) • at: I. L. MILLER, iy Clerk of said County of Keru, 1 Clerk of said Board of Super- UEQAL. LEGAL, nulred lo irive a bond to protect sal pood and sufficient - ,-,-f, d Cltv'from nnv and all kinds of damages or expenses, urls- me from suits or otherwise, that mav result from the disposal of said Dated. December lC t 19Q8. 12-15 A ' F NOTICE. To all whoni It may concern: Notice is hereby elven that loard of Supervisors of the Conn Corn will not audit anv bill or ,. Mtrafust the M ...e eountv contracted bv coun ty and townshjn offlcers^orby ill IT ce nersont of said ~r pfflCL. ._. Board of Supervisors, unless a reaul- ' wrlt.lnir. Is first .presented to bv annolntment , . _. _.,.. ?rvlBors. unlc sitlon in wrltlnir Is first \. and granted by the Board. By order of the Board. H. A. JASTRO. in t f , n.,,, < 7 nal OT IVI J of Boar Attest: T. L. Miller. Clerk. 1 NOTICE TO HEIRS ON WILL. PROVING rt of tho County In the Superior Cour ___ . of Kern. State of California. Denartment 2. In the Matter of the Estate of James Goodwin, deceased. , . Notice is hereby given, that Monday. the 2 1st day of December. A. D."19ns. ami stretch wires and other thereon, for tho purpose of conducting and transmitting electricity, and electric current for 1'ght, power and othei necessary and useful purposes, and to maintain, repair and operate the same, over, along and upon the streets, alleys and avenues of the unincorporated town of Delano In said County of Kern, together with all proper, useful, convenient or desirable appurtenances and appliances to fully oarry into effect the said franchise. This grant of franchise Is not exclusive, and the governing hoard of said County of Kern shall have the right to grant similar franchises to other person=, firms or corporations. It is futher provided that the construction, operation, maintenance and repair of said poles, wires and other appliances thereon, over, along and upon the streets, alleys and avenues of said town of Delano, shall be under tv of Kern. State of California, have been appointed as tlie time and nl-ice for nrpvinir the will of'said James i and Goodwin, dpce/ised. now on file in said U-av Court.'and of A. D. Whitt'-moff to him o" ' ' the capital stock 'of the' coY'iYoration! j tinner, navable immediately to the secretary H.v U N - OFFERS THE MOST COMPLETE SELECTION OF USEFUL L E I K E XMAS PRESENT^ AT PRICES THOSE OF DEALERS. FAR BELOW REGULAR M <P O R I U M A PEW SUGGESTIONS DIAMOND RINGS, DIAMOND BROOCHES, BRACELETS, COMBS, LADIES' OR GENTLEMEN'S WATCHES SCARF PINS, EAR RINGS, STUDS, CHAINS, FOBS, NECKLACES, CLOCKS. GUNS, PISTOLS, TRUNKS, SUIT CASES, VIOLINS, GUITARS, MANDOLINS, ACCORDEONG, KNIVES, RAZORS. OUR PRICES TALK WE HAVE THE GOODS. the direction of the Board of Super visors of said County of Kern, and the erection, construction, operation and repair of the same shall be done so as to ba no Injury to the paving, planking, macadamizing or grading ot any such streets, alleys or avenues, so that, public travel shall in no way be obstructed beyond what Is nee- tlie'lssiianco j essary in the act of erecting, con- >rs' testamentary ihereon. j slructing, operating, maintaining and in-n'oy',' Attorney'for Petl-j repairing such poles and wires, appur ' and appliances. It is further provided that the wires placed on Uie pole lines lo be const rue-ted hereunder shall not bo less :hnn fifteen feet above the surface ol the ground, and at street, alley and avenue crossings shall not be less than twenty-five feet above the surface for .. lilt, lettei-h Flou 1 Dec. !>. A. D. 190S. ORDINANCE NO. 92. [ ie application 12-9 An ordinance granting unto the Mt. WMtney Power Company, a corporation, its successors and assigns, a franchise for fifty years to erect polei and stretch wires and other appliances thereon, for the purpose of con. ducting and transmitting electricity and electric current for light, power and other necessary and useful purposes, over, along and upon the streets, alleys and avenues of the unincorporated town of Delano, in the County of Kern, State ot California. Whereas Edwin Alderson did heretofore make an application In due form for a franchise to erect poles and stretch wires and other appliances thereon, for the purpose of conducting and transmitting electricity, and electric current for light, power and other necessary and useful purposes, over, along and upon the streets, alleys and i avenues of the unincorporated town of, Delano, in the County of Kern, State of California, for a period of fifty years, for the purpose of constructing, maintaining, repairing and operating electric lines and other appliances for the conveyance and use of electricity iu all its forms in said town of Delano; and Whereas, paid application was made under and pursuant to an Act of tho Legislature of the State of California, i assigns, slla11 P uy ' al! entitled "An Act providing for the sale ] "f-y Power Company, of railroad and other franchises in ! t-ors and assigns, are coiintic.i and municipalities and providing conditions for the granting of Eiich franchise by legislative or other governing bodies, and repealing con- dieting acts", approved March 22, 1905; and Whereas after due proceedings had of the ground; and that the poles to be constructed hereunder shall be so placed and used as to atford the leasf interfe'rence with the use of the streets, alleys and avenues of sale town of Delano, by the public for traveling and other highway purposes and (he poles shall be placed as Mear the edge of the streets, alleys and avc nues and property line as can reas onably be done. This franchise Is granted upon the condition that work thereunder shal be commenced In good faith within not more than four months from this date and prosecuted with reasonable diligence to completion, and If tho grantee shall fall so to do, then at that event this franchise shall be teited and shall thereafter be of no further force or effect. This franchise is granted for tho consideration of the sum of Twenty- five 00-100 dollars, paid in cash by said Mt. Whitney Power Company therefor, and upon the further condition and covenant that, the said Mt. Whitney Power Company, Its successors and and said Mt. Whit- and Its suceea- j hereby obligated E-nd required to pay, to said County of Kern, two (2',;) per cent of the gross.] annual receipts of itself, its succea- | sors and assigns, arising from the use operation or possession of said franchise: no percentage to bo paid for the first five years succeeding the dale M. D. B. & M.. containing more or less. Also. j An undivided one-eighth Interest In ! the NU. of the SV> of section ID. town! PtitP Uu S. ruiiKU L'l li.. M. Li. It. <t Al. i contalnin: Icio acres more or lei-.s. | Also one uct of single ha;m.v-s m<iv I be i. mm tor l:i:-,L>i'c.iion » -na resl- I deuce o! I. T. Curtiu at .Mcivittrick. Kern County. Ciililoriila. '. Bids raid offers In writing for s:aid 'real and personal property will be rc- i ceived bv ;ln.' ^aid administrator at I iiis snid otlico, or mav be filed with tho 'clerk oi thy above named Court at his i iillice in it;e co,nt housc>. in liakers- ! Held. Kern I'oimtv. Oilltonn.i. ten per : cent of tin- iii.noiuit uid mi:, t accoin- ! panv the bid. balance on (.•oininuatloii i of sale bv sai.l .superior cou,i. Heed lilt the expense ot purchaser. \V. A. Mel.INN. I Administrator of the eat.ue in i;n i Matthew si'. ' Pl'iiu! attorns 1 mlii'strator. I liaie of first publication. D< I. inns. ir date hereof, to said adminlKtr*- nt the law oltice of C. P.. ClsjlilV us ;',i anil 3i!. Bank ol BakerfiJ«kF .I..,., ti ,t.~.. r ,n~! 160 acresiIs thr tor rooms 1,1 JUKI oi. j>iiu.. „. ._. ' 'Idlnu. Bakersfield. Kern _ Itornla. the same beini: the phton he transaction ef ine Duslriesti of estate. biitldinu, CaHtor tor thr said Administrator rf tlie I-Mute ander Hi -iui'llle. Hi i-easo Dated November 1!). 1'K'X. of visors. •i; lold. Jiak. nc jilt 12-12 ANNUAL MEETING. ? „ ..i,...i. Batik of I regular muetlui: ot of the First Nation... _ _. held will be held at their bank- house In the CltV of Bakerslield. . a; 3 o'clock. u. m.. on Tuesday. nuary 12th. 1U()9. for the election of mciHis and the transaction of such Jther business as ma.y nrqperlv come belore it. Wii.LlAM.S. TEV1S. Pres... SUMMONS. j Iu tlin Superior Cotwt o: u-.u County ! of Ki-rn, Kt.ito of California. i luiu'i HouuueiLu, Piaiuiuf vs. Peter ; llouiiiiuitn. Defendant. Ac- in brought in the Suuerlor Court ot Ihe Couutv of Kern, t^tate of Ure Couiululni Ke Af<«11-16 OELONcUHA MO f ypRINQB. Most rfniii'V.i.iiie r^nt-tnl sprtng« A California. A-i auso.ate cure for P.M11W ^T!" M Forty-five inlle.^ rrom ttuliersfleld 1« vl«rra Nevada Mountains. Fine sura - .iier climate. fifiod accouiinodutloii*. Terms reasonable. SMPO leaves Bait- trsfleld Thursday inomiugH between 1 und 9 o'clock front Ar'-.ii'.tou ».nd Occidental hotels, and fro--a MetropoSe ji Kern. Heturns rucsdays. Ad- !ress, BAHBEAU & ROQUETTK. f ' Proprletoi said . In the otllcis tlci! December lltu. lUOb.' 12-11 ASSESSMENT NOTICE. ' ration, sii , Arralnta Oil Company, n Location of nilncioal place Bakorsfleld. California. Notice is hereby elven: That at a neetlng of the directors of, the.Armln- :a Oil Company, a cornoratlon. held on the ith day of Deceniber. 19U8. an assessment of Six ni'' nnp-fonrtn c-pntH (tiVic) per share .. capital stock of sal able on or before T B. Klmore. :anlt f jple on or 19th, liiO'j. to A. _ :u 1017 I street., Any stock uuon whfcL shall remain unpaid on t ieunuirv. lyou. will be d s levied upon the corporation, pav- 'uesday. January Couutv of Keru. ._, tlie C'li;ii< of staid Suuerlor C. The People, o( the JStato of California send uruetinc to Peter Houuuette. defendant. you are hereby reaulred to appear In an action broutrht apainst you by the above-named u Iain tiff. In the Su- if the County of Kern, ruia. and to answer the .a Iherelu. withlu ten ,»«.ve of the.dav of service) after service on you ot this Summons, if served within salcl Countv: If served elsewhere, within thirty days. iljy notin SUMMONS In the Superior Court of the Counts of Kern..State of .California. now Action _. Hodtienu. Plaiutlft vs. Oil Coniuanv. Deieiulaut. Lion ' ' brouuut la tjie Sllvw Superior And you are nereoy fall . fied that If vou fall to so appear and answer, the win talte .lUUKnient for . any y or dauiuces demanded In the Complaint as arlBlnp upon Contract, or win apnlv el brunrv. lyou. wil advertised lor sale at public auction. and unless payment is ill be sold on Tuesday, March. I'.iuil. sessm.'iit, touether vert.isine and expense , to pay the with costs . _______ ., 9th day of nauent and lic auction made before the. 2nd day bf ellnauont iffe- costs of ad- of sale. noney or dauiuces demauBed as ariBlnp upon Conlrm-i. o. to the Court for nnv other demanded lu uie Complaint, aess mv liand ancl the Seal of iimerlor Court of the Countv or dav of July. A. D. 1906. (Seal) I. I,. MILLI3R. Clerk. By Bedel Smith, Deputy Clerk. Roweti Irwln and J. W. P. Laird, attorneys for ulalntlff. 11-18 Court" bt thir County of Kern. State « ...... ed m Hint fe . Complaint rn, in the o Ice California, .ind K*ild County ^ the Clerk of said Superior Court. The 1'ooide of the State of Callfj nla send C.reetlnc to Silver Bow ( Conioanv. Defendant. You are nereuv reoulred to anw in an action brought iiEalnst Vou — tne above-named ulalutiff. In tne, Sa- 'erlor Court of the Countv of Kerm, itate of California, and to answer th» " minlaint hied therein, within te» vs (exclusive of the.duv of sen-ice* after service on vou of this 8ummon% If served within said. Couutv: Ifaerve* elsewhere, within thirty days. .... And you are hereby nqtlfte.d that tt you fall to so appear and answer. U»* Plaintiff will take Inclement .tor any money or damages demanded In to* Couuilalnt as arising unon Contract, <mr will auplv to the Court tor any other demanded. In .tne Comnmmt, BtJftl O^ becreui." Arminta O Local ,1,11 of offlce. Fresno. California. Comuitny, 1047 , St., 12-S .\CTICE OF SALE CF STOCK FOR DELINQUENT ASSESSMENT. Welll:i_' Oil C-.,nii...^-.-. r.i< Mon of nrinciual tilace of bit. VBH. i... /land. Alamoda County. Calli'oi ..•;•, Noli.-" is beri'bv then that, thi're i. VlinuiR.!!! upon the followln-i describe . lock ol the corporation, on account i/ ssess- meiit nf '•> cents per share lev'n- ; No- vfiiil'er lith. IHi'S. the several a.inouiits .set ontKiHtte the n inn live siiitri.liolder-?. as N'amos F. .M. ilillikan K. .it. I Dearborn K. \V. AdaiiiK 11. !.. Mclloberts R A. illlbert H. I-:. Childs F, M. Leo 4!» K P. Facelv 51 i^rv^ii ^ ¥;i - r - u " A .ilL.. (lubiix M. "Ciihalen .'.".'.'.'. ii". .SO! Sabrina. P. K. Mills . .'M X H. Allison E. A. Ca brina. P. „. J. Mills Estate of Chas E. Cain. n ^ .,„ (deceased) 311 848 Zo.44 John B. Eaton 313 314 8.42 And in accordance with law. and an NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Grand Pri/e Oil Company. Principal place of business. .Bnkersfleld. Kern Countv. California. Notice is hereby clvcn that at a meetlne of the directors, held on the 21st day of November. 190S. an a,asess- Mierit or op.° cent t't-r share was levied upon the capital stock of the corporation, navable immediately to the undersigned secretary of said corporation, at rooms 2(i;'-201 Producers Sav- iimn Uauk bulldinu'. Bakerslield. Kern Cduntv. California. Anv stock upon which this assesa- nu PI .shall remain unpaid on Tuesday. the li>ii dav of Jiinuarv. ismii. will be deliuiiui-nt and ad\ertisied for sale at public Miictton. and unless-, payment is maiii betoro. will be sold on Saturday, the .">Mi ilav of February. I9(i». at the Hour of - o'clock p. m. to pav the do- liudiient assesstneiit. tocethor with jcosls of advertising and t'xponeea ot snlo F. E. BOIITEN, Secy, pro tern. 1 I Rooms 20H-204 Producers Savings ,i!t l.'Uildiui:. Bakersflold. Keru Coun- tv. Cuiliornlu. ll-"7 ..... rell D. vember. A. . . ER Geo. E. Whitaker. Attorney for .. 309 . B irectora made of N the nipth day _.. _iif stock as biic oveniber. I9u8. ' " ;n t public uijption. at tKe pQlce of the so riinny"snares"b'f eacK'narc'e) of such may be_ necesgry will be,, sold cretarv of said corporation, rooms and" 19. IOCS Broadwiiv. Oakland. Fimeda Countv. California, on the _ th dav of Deceiiber. 1!»0,S, at 8 o'cloe a. in. of that dav to pav delln- aitont assessments thereon, together with costs of advertUiim ami expenses of sale. „ , J. H. EUSON. Secretary. U,".ice of \\elllnii' Oil Conn.anv. rooms IS and 19. Ititi8 Brotulwav. Oai'.Htrid. Ai.imeda Couutv. CallrornlM. 1^-11 NOTICE OF MEETING. Notice hi herein' given that the an- anal meeting ol stockholders of the Snrlnurield Oi! Comti'iuv will be held at. Its ofllr-e. loom NcT. 1. Producers Savings Bank building. B:ikerKl;eid Cullfornla. on Thiirs lav. Oecember ','4tb, I'.ius. at ,', o'clock n. m. of said 'lav. tor the election of a lm;ud of director.-; and such other business as may b(j brought before the tnceilnir A. T. LIGH'l NRR. Sec N'o. ' NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. (Civil Code of California.) t:iu vjuuiu.v i iiiu nut: uuu DIUIUHC- panv. Ixicntion of nrlnolpnl nlace uHiness. San Kranclscn California, tlon of works. Kern Countv. Cull- rk. l$j SUMMONS. In the Superior Court of the Countr of Kern. State of California. T. M, Moderns. Plaintiff, vs. Silv* Bow Oil Comnanv. Defendant. Action brought. In tne Sum:m;r Cpu, of the Countv of Keru, Stale of Ca fprnla. and the Complaint filed in soli.. Countv of Kern, In the oflicf uf tin* Clerk of said Superior Court. The People of tlie State ef : ,'iL!^ nia send r-reetimr lo .Silver l.>.w UK Company. Deiendant. \ou are iu-robv rci-iu!:' 1 . 1 '! to annetir In an action brouciit aiiiiinsl vou Iw the above-named plaintiff, in lite S-«- perlor Co'irl (it the (.''v nt Korm. State ot Caltl'oinia. an I to answer rile Complaint riled therein, w'thln te*>. rhiVH (excliti:ive of tin- d;>r ui K«rvii.«4 after service on vou of s'tlp ht:miiHin% If served within Kaid CI.HUIV: if serve* elsewhere, within tlilrtv 'iavs ; . . ., And you are Meve'tv ri"ilflod Kern County Pine line and Storaee Companv. '•-••- - • • • • el br i.ocn . fornla. Notice Is hereby clven. that nt a meetlnK ot the Bouil ot Directors. Held on the 23rd dav of November. 1908. an assessment No. 2. of 40 cents per share, was levleti upon the issued ranital stock of the corporation, nay- able Immediately In United States eold coin to the secretary at the office of the company. No. 569 California street. San Francisco. California. Anv stock unon which this nssess- me.nt spall.. _ren}ain .ujiD-ild on Sat- cember. 1!>P8. vou fail to >-o niinui-'' .''"- 1 >iu.-"•'• <'r. tire " " ill take lnd-j-.-.'i nt lor tmr money or damaues dem.iiidvd« complaint as nrls'.nc ui-.on contract or will ttiiiilv to the Court lc>r any ot&ar relief demanded In the complaint Witness mv unnd ami the sen\ * Baiil Superior Court pf the Countv ; Kern. State of California, this 2.W dav of Oct.. A. D. 1908. ^ Geo. E. Whitakcr.Atty for Pltff. 1.1- urda '**' k ,. . remain the 26th day of -j clellnauent an sale at nubllp auction: e .ben 5 will be clellnauent and advertised for sale at nubile auction: ai ment Is macje before, w Friday, the If" " and unless nuv will be sold on ... . th day of January. .to piiv the de Inauent asKi'sstnent. together with the costs of advertising and expenses of sale. Bv order of the Board of Directors. F. UF-IS. .IK.. Secretary. Oillce. No. Sfi'l California Struct. San Francisco. California. 11-25 SHERIFFS SALE. Miliolas .liicobs. Plain! iff. UNCLE IKE'S EMPORIUM. 1406 19th St. Phone Main 1154. :ind taken by the Board of Supervisors i of this franchise, but thereafter such of said County o f Kern, and after due pi-n.-eutase shall be paid to sam notice given and advertisement published County of Kern annually, and in tho as required, by law, said fran- event said payment Is not so made, chlao was duly sold, awarded and this franchise shall be forfeited. grunted to the Mt. Whitney Power This ordinance shall takes effect and Company, a corporation organized and be In force on and after tho Jist ciay existing under the laws of the State of December, 1908, and shall be -"••-*~* pub Bakersfield Iron Works Oil Well Tools And Supplies Oiiico. room N'o. I. Inxs H •:•'; bulldinc. ci. si reels. tiakei'Hliold. (.' Producers S;iv- nriier I'.ith and ,'aliionita. 12-11 NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Kerii-I'tah Oil Company. Principal place of business, Bakersfleld, Kern i Viniiiv i 1111fii'n111 County. C ililornhi. Notice is hereby given that ot a meeting ol tlie directors, held on the 3rd dav of December. 1908. an assessment, of one-quarter of a cent per share was levied upon the capital stock of the corporation, payable Immediately to Ihe undersiKiied secretary of said corporation, at the sheriff's o.lllce. ISakerbfleld. Kern County. Cul- iloruia. Anv stock unon which this assessment Khali remain unpaid on Wednesday, the <>th dav of January, liiilli. will be dclmmient und advertised for sale at piildir auction, and unless payment is miiilo before, will be sold on Monday, the 25th dav, of January, moil, at the .hour of 2 o clock p. in. lo pav it. touetiier und exuens- Consolidated •tid'iut. Mlntiu: Compain . l:v virtue of nil execution issued out. of the; Siinorlor Court, of (he County of Kern. State of Calilpruia. wnerein Nicholas Jacobs. PhijutifT. and Karuia- Aiax Consolidated Mlnlnir Co.. Defendant, ui>on a ludi'iueut rendered the r,ih day of Novuiiilmr. A. D. lilOK for Hie sum of fr>S(i.C>ri. lawful money of ll:e I'tiited States, liesides costs and interest, 1 have this day levied upon all th.i- 1-isrh.t. Mile. cla!i|i and inlerc'sl. "ant. icribed tli of" Kiibl defendant, 'of." lii "ami to the l!illo\vlnc described real oslato. lo-wil : ......... _ ..... . ... ................... Hie K-irma-Ajnx mine, together with villl. machi th cated , . nery und anoliuncos lo- thereon, situated about four , out miles south ot the town of Moiuvo and ii'ori' particularly described at nil. Hook 8 of mlulnc- recorda of In riiiKO Kern of California. ern Countv. Stsite Tho said is herein- trlven thyl ou giiturduv. the Olh duv of Jan 11:30 o'clock Hie deliimuent assessment. with costs ol Hrlvertisine es of the sale. rder, of the T. A. liAKKH. Secretary. . fly or ll-o . the Board of Directors. NOTICE PERSC SALE, - ..__ OF SALE OF PERSONAL ESTATE D REAL AND Y PRIVATE (\niiitv. Sli. property beln^; of California, I'uhMc notice will, ou giiturdi,.. uarv. A. D. l!»0f>. at 11:30 o'clock n. in. of said dav. In front of tho Court HI-IIH- door of Ihe Countv of Kern. sell -it iiMbllf aiictirm. for lawful money ol tln> 1'nited Stales, all tho Hunt.. title, cluin) nud Intercut of said do- fend-iiit. of. in and lo the above described propertv, or BO much thereof us IIIHV be necessary to raise Hiifllcient 1 money to satisfy said iiid'-'Uieut. with j Interi-Ht and costs, etc.-., to the hluh- I esl and best bidder. Dated Dec. llilli. Kins. '„,,; nv V^. K - ww>Y -* lM "' 11 D S e' SHERIFF'S SALE. I In the Sunorlor Ouurt In ami for Kern, I'.rlcksou. . Notice IB hereby elven that ulntlff. VB, Karma" County of , In the matter of State of Calilorin,;. atter of Deceased. the of E he orin,;. state of fcmil In pur- . , nine Company, PHONES MAIN 29 AND 230 V -L, M AND 24 STREET Associated ^Supply Company Oil Well Tools and Supplies Phones Main 19 and 1O26 STORES AT OilcenteiY'McKitricK and i-Vj"^*,•--,'<« ;\tf • » ' • ' -v--.- »<-|*JV ••+-£ f ^"" a 'r*"WKf-'-^tffAM1i'V^M f -V.">'. -*•***V ' Ji'- • ' " •'• ' ' • .• •,-•»• ' --V -,-r \* Coalinga ) of an order of the Sai.erio»r ol tin 1 Counlv of Kara. Slate of •nla. made on the .:<i'li d:\v of •ber lllilj, H tl, P . iimtha- oi the oi Kiinl I'.rlcksqn. dorcasud. Uie ... ...l-iiied. UK- aijuiinl.slratoi- (,!' tl.o sale) estate, will sell ni private Halo t-i liii- hmhesi bidder for ciiHh. i;old foin oi I'n' I'lii'ed Kttttt-y, ami »uhlei:t to ,, C'iiif!rni:'lifin bv tlie .Supc.-rlor Cniirt. en » ! or alsi-r Uio 21st. dav of Heremin-r. IHO.S. at, Uie. iidice ot tho said .idnilul.--- inilur in tin- court hoiiKc. In ll--i[-er:-- field. Kern Cou.ntv, State of C iliforui.i. i»ll JliH riulit. title. lnU.-risHl. and estat" ol the liuid Kmil lOrlckKOli. deci'ahed. at the time of his deuth and nil tln> rlnin. tll.lo. and Interest that the e;-t».te ha.s bv operation of law or otln;rwloH. ae- aulrod other than or In addition lo that ol' tbp said Kmll ErlckKn.'i. at the time ui Ills death. In and to all that certain lot. piece, or paicola of lands situate. Ivlnir. and bulmr In the Countv of Kijrn. State of California, and bounded and described as follows, towlt: F. L, Wecman. Plain A lax Consolidated Mi Defendant. " ISv vlrtuo of an tyxecutlon Issued out of tho Superior Court, of ine ('oiiiitv of Kern. State of CHillonilii. wl">'-iti K. I,. We'.;i"jip. Plntntlff. and Kunmi-Aiax C(;n"(dii!:iti'd Miuiiu.' ('o.. pelondanl. iipini M iu.u.:I.icnt rend'Ted the nth day ot Voveinlier. A. I). H'llK. for the sum i of $l. r il 1.115. lawful inoiU'V of (be l ; nit -I ; i'd Hl;ile--i. liesidi S cnsifi and lutefei;t I ha'. .'• I lib: dav |;>vl."l uiioii all (lie •rl-.-bt. !iib\ claim mid Intotvsl of said ili'l'i'iidatil. ol. in and ID (h" Icduiv.ln.'V described real ".-:l:tt". lo-wii.: The Karma -A lax mini', tot'cther with DOG LICENSE NOTICE. Notice la hereby elven to all sons owning and keerilnc doM. wli the limits of the Cltv of Bakersfl, that License Tags tor the year IS § re now readv tor delivery at the ce of the Cltv Clerk in the Ua 8 ?,^. of Producera Savings Bank bullmi and on after the 1 >th day of Jawi ory. J will proceed to Impound ,ai does round running on Ihe streets th* are not wearing the license tac ft* the year 190S. ,. J. K. COX. Poundmaster. Dated January 9. 1908. NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Snrlnsfiold Oil Company. L<5o«itroilL of principal place of bu::iness. Bakerr Iteld. Ciilifoinla. Not 'ce Is hf-rebv ulvc.n that at « inci'tlai! of tne Directors held on the Wrd dav t.r i N :oven-ibi".'. I'.tos. au »»of two (21 ci-uui per Kl\nr« wus levied UDC.' I the c'aiiital Htoc,; ru' coniorr.tion. tiavalile hniiieiilatRlv wus the .. n I'uHed St. ites uold coin In :li» retarv of s:>id i-nrDonition nt offic tho coiiiDuuv. room 1. IVndticern ; SE cS: _.. bnnk in '.luliit;. I! ... Anv slock upiiu whlcli ment sl;all rein.ihi uni-.iid dav o! DeCv-inlH-r. l!i"V ll'inuent and a'lverti'id public :.tic!ic!l and unle.---« mado helcre. will lie soli day of Jaii'.mrv. I'.u'.i. to of advert'isi'ir^ mid ''-\pensc Bv order or the Hoard of Director*. A. T. UCHTNKU. See-retury. Oilice. romp No. 1. I'rodiicerH ;" Ines Hank.builijiiji:. Corner linh aui}. tfc- !ft ou tlie V7t !i;iv Hio «. with coafc 'orner rnla. It Ines Hunk buildiui: ''orne streets. Bakersneld. Cahlo TAX COLLECTOR'S NOTICE fhe''inill. inacliitiej v and apidiaiici-s lo- iMtinl thc'reon. siniaieit >iboiit li Notice Is hereby g\\< n that 'tto taxes on all personal proi-erty, anfl one-half of the taxes on a.: real profr erty, will bo due and payable on Hw second Monday In October, and Wttl ho delinquent on the last Monday tu, November next thoraftei*. at G o'cUx* p. m., and unless paid prior thereto fifteen per cent will be added to Out amount thereof, and that If said ochr half be not paid before the last Macday In April next, at 6 o'clock p. m-« an additional five per cent will b» added thereto. 1. That the remaining one-halt oft the taxes on all real properly will tw payable on and after tho first Mo& day In January next, and will 1/e delinquent on the last Monday lu Anri; next thereafter, at ti o'clock p. »>., and that uuloys ;,;iid prior thnrelii live per cent will ho added to t!t«i amount thereof, 2. That nil Likes niity be paid A* tho time th fir-it Installment, as here In provided, !:< duo find payable. 3. That taxt-s may bo paid In th** ,„.,.-. sriiii'li ViY'tlie' iiiwn of Moiave an'11 office of the Tax Collector In U. R more ii-iriieularlv desrrilied at iijii;" county courthouse betwf-(;n Iho nouif "ill, Hook X, mill IT..; re.-onfH ol' Kern j nf 9 ,,. nl _ um ] 12 m ., and 1 P. m. »«* An undivided Quarter interest In tho WM, ot the SWM of section HI. town- shin ail. fj. ramro 21 east. M. " M.. containlne »0 acres, mon Also. An undivided one-fifth Internet In the SWVi of the 8W>/, and lots I. ". and H ill section 10. township ',',<} S. ramie 21 ea;il. M. D. B. & M.. contaln- Inir 8S 7;!-.i(iO acres, more or lost:. An undivided one-eiehth Interest In lots \. 2. 3. 4. and 5 In section C, township :U) S. ranuo 21 K. M. D. B. arid M. containing: 160 acres more or less. Also. ' D. H. or less. Countv. Stale of ('jilllornln. The said iiiYitv-t,- ln'iim In Keru Comitv. Kiai" of California. , Public nollce l> hereby iriven thai I will, "ii Hnliii'd.iv. tin; !ilu dav of Jonuarv. A. U. 1!in'.». nt II o'clock a. in. of N-'d dav. lu front ol the Conn. House door ol the f'oiintv of Kern, sell al nubile aiicllon. for lawful nnm- ev of the United Slates, all the r\i:l\\, (Hie, claim and Intercut of wild defendant, of. in and to tho aboi-o described oropertv. or so much thereof as mav be necessary to raise siimclent monev to satisfy said iudcniicnt. will' IntereKt and costs, etc.. to the hlnhesl IIP i ln-t I'lddc'iv Dated December Kilb. 1'i,08, • ^NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Ill the Superior Court of the County Kprri. State of O'lllfornla. In the Matter of the Kstiite of Alex- of Kerri. State of O'lTlfornla. " "i« Matter of the KsUi ;ind«'r Hessii'dlle deceaHod. the un... «Htate er>f)HBo<|. to m., C p. m. Dated October 1, 1908. C. E, DAY, Tax Collector, 10-1 Kern County, California. NOTICE TcTcREDITORS. In the Sunerlor Court In and for vV* of Ker " County of Kern. Stnto of California. the mutter of tho estate of limliy rll I A. nurlln. deceuped. Jbtlco la ' led iv the un tho estaia ed. to tho iar cl exli _ hereby elven administrator « A. Simrlln. decc 1 of. and ,ill nernins th". sal' n O'Scn'ors''^!''^^ rut publication said lull Matthew t (10 I^OIIK ii u 4Jim\*n-if*-± K^ »w .—-i nakersneld. County of Kern,.Sii f'allfprnla. tho same ceine the for the transaction of ptiHiiiesn ot BUIO estate In Hiild Kern county. bJ 't,Re K derfilei-.... of jsmfiv creditors of. am] .ill nernins iinvlt'ir ' il nealnst the said dreeasorl. to >lt them with the netw-fjiitm lour inontli.'i ani";r trHi ...... of Ib'M I'otlfe jo tli'-- iidmlnlBtrator at the ol . lTn An undlrldad one-elKhth interest loft 12. 18. 14. IB. Jjf. J7. 18. 1». •ecuoo «. fownulD SO 8. ranm 21 jnu cla to ejh voucner, •irft Ml . alnst the said ueceased TO. with the^ necessary four jnontbii after, the •f this notice, wtitca Ad w,.< tne . H.WW. inistrator fc..v »• ;. w ti. flatz. atiorue.v iw 'tw^ ,r»t ouhllcatlon NovemlT«L

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