Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on September 28, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1916
Page 3
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STIBUNG, IUj 'JfOfS* SIFT, 28, 1916, f «m«I. ERIE SUPPER AND SOCIAL Aid S"0£ic'ly of the M. "E, Church Scored a Success. •**: ; *!^»r?S3^ b^^S mr ««^7Vr W V ****** IWant!" "Give* me cake made »With Calumet—I knowwhnt I'm getting — I know it'* pure,wholesome, nourithlng» tempting and tatty. "It'ihll in Calumet's wonderful leavening arid raising power- JtA- absolute punty. liUM Calumet for uniform . fiiulti and economy." Nne Cut /?«•! f'i' — tn Hit lit n»M c**- 'll) . -.-.--.< ;c ly cr <h" '~Af. K. \-«-;s;r!K w:i« fni'Hy «"< H 'fil***e:H1t lirm- f' Vr<1, 'I |» 11 f > -itf-i truntri");! Tlif Ini H'-dp»'d a 'li.H:ti-, <-nriT»<l nnnvr \ <«•;) . tt'i'n p'.Ared 1 it r.inw ii. s?UiSMtv... l i$**'M>'.. l«3*l >n i hi mfe. sottif- in pfiritominp ;«ri'i < it hers in pt-fl** 1 . stm! pli w*rf wittily pivn When Counted it Wii*;.I HM u« ;i.'ut'- wax lncr»'H«.i-(t t.v J<4'_'. Tin f-e»'ipf>» fr<tfrr the .«ii|ificr :ind «r;t!>- t>f pfnitif'tf wrtw About l!,', .FORMER RESIDENTS HERE. Ttto fV'Mni l" I i'-iii* Hi" nf I'll if ,'U'e. VHilinn i H.'ftiv< .s a ml fri'-tiils in Krf»'. Mrs. Amy 1'lark. of <*|rv< land, Ohio. i<; ih»> mi'-><t nf Mj--rf. f;. x. "Mrs. t't.-uk H the drtuKhtfr of Mr and Mrx. A. A. 'I'itlticrf, and th<- furnily r<-sldHJ ! in Krit> n mimliPr of ye.-ir-*. movitiK the '"IK tn (in.lcsb.urjj. ..Mr,...nnd Mjirry tjtiv nnd three d'ltiiihtcrv from IMvin, III., *pent the' wee*W end In Krlt- with Mr*. «;MI."S parent?:. Mr. and 2 DEATH d£ M. GIVEN. (\ fitvr-n Slid fTnrrehtrr, Mi*.- t*T<-" ftr-" 1 "-.' f.-ri--'- .-.-: M;trm.<I 'Oh-,', '. FENTON BRIEFS, Mr--. M'U". CnvIx-H .tr-I *.•;•. T< imn ailiiiiiruiftirili U'. W. MtllV-J-. of tvtf*-. "f"H! T.'l:;!---:i;\v n! ;fi" h.<-;•;•• i.f hi- vi-'!"! M i •; .!:m«' Mi!!'-i and nf'<".! ' • • -•'?!• '•• > I- ) !" ^. ^ " Mr« Hftivv M\-<rs .in.i ?«*>•• d-Mjf.-t!- tf).. t|,,-.!H Th'ir*»t.i\ ijid 'Yid.MX a I (he Mi--. <'i:'ir*"if*> Ti!tn»M' nnd d.'invh'.cr, little Ml** H»h-n. «-'i'<'nt Tt-.m-.-dnv in .Morti*«'n- nt <h>» hc'in* 1 "f her j>;<ri.>?(«;, Mr. nnd Mrs, A. !,. McF.efmen. Wllliaril r'nmk. <>f fni.m irrov wax at !h«« homi> <>1 Mr and Mr.4. t-<. Mi;.-, Ctiy w^«i fnrmeriy .Miss stnic'- Hmitli. / : A kAMlUY"nEUNION. Mr. and Mrs;' KIK>H Ahilrrm>n n(tf«nd- ;« faintly rr-.unicn of Mrx. y\nt1i i r."nn'» -iiph- tit tfif- iK'inri nf IIIT limtlHT, fJcrt j'ttt'i>uii nt Vorktmvn Kuiulay, tnukitig trip l«.', auto. Tin- rcliitiWN ptfscnt, tit ttv»-fify-fiv<> in nlf, wfrr 1 from wn. Mnniluii, Tliomns nnd Krle. PROPERTY CHANGES HANDS, EIGHTHJREPRIEVE lfrtoii|"""Sc««r" v N»flr« Blayer, Again Saved By Governor.! |irlnnll''UI. Ill,, Ht'|»t. SK. ~ KlKton It, It N'"Krf> Hrllli'tiO'd to bi> !tiin«i'd r a yoat^fiKo In Mntpliy«boro, .lack- «?fluntv, III, for tho n»M'«U'i <<r hl.u ri«tt«t»ilT" hx-*r,-rASr7T»f-K1 rr it—hf*~»-t K h t h f •<*- ^H<*vc bjr—tjnv.- Ihiniif. "I'ht'-haiitjJnK ,*9fafc not for iirt. 13. Tho reprlrvw Klv«'H ftlm «lxjy thivH inoi«» of lift 1 . Sooti •H.-fifn lilV lo HM--tt»»|,ityiUfi> of HluM 1 - . ....^ .. Urn honso on Main «tn'''t, of •I ho own»»r. Mr». Anna Bart nn.-or Au- ilr«'«>n and f«tn(i.v. and fiic ft. H."Tiirn'feB family, whli-h htis occit|i|'-d If, Is nieiv- ', who M 'juiti 1 fr«>b!i», will rrmnln with the. fanilly. Auolh*--r «ah> of rSpitrpiirp i»Fiip<»rty . iii«M hlw» taken plfci-* rw'iitly. Kit. TJoWf ban ndld III* n>*|i|pnc* to KoKcr I'otii'i, who win tuke poftur-xHion In n f*»w w«>«'hn, Mr. nnd Mr«. I*»ttcr hav»> oo-upb-d th<» l^t>r- rln MutthcwH ho vim- Hinri' thflr nnir- riagt-, an Mr. and Mrw, Matthcwn w<-r«' cmt of town diinriK the KprlnK and Hiitn- tni'1% ERIE NEWS, t - Mrj«, \V. J, .Hwirdslpy, who was rnll*>d h<-it< nn ai-fonnt of the death of hnr (» t hfi'r-fft tn*^« Mf>lphnn,~tind rfmalnwl with hi>r -»iNtor.'AllKM Anna, returned to h»-r horn*- ut Hock Inland PVIday «"Vfn- Ihit. Oitoritc l)ndl«.y of HtVrlitiK, who IK «'inploy«'d in tb<iHli»lt« meat rnarkfiU will rcmai-n with hlH nh-cn MINM Annu 'i. for th* present. H. H. Bhnnnnn and baby, of MtwllnK> an- at the R I*. Timtni-rmttri hotm- In Kilo, an .T)r. tt»nl Mrn. .Shannon havi' broken tip huuM>kt*<-i>lnK. PJH- pri'lliif; to lrnx-<i noon for thr- HO nth, in th<- hope of bfnejitin i ' MTB. .Shannon, who »» In III hi-nltii.V- John furry, of Hewar«l, NVh., wa» A th* im«t wt?*k of Ml»s Emtriit ' V** . •*! » *»!'• l»" til" t ( 1 .- t ,T t % » IT t^ i« - Jnm«*s A, \Vluto on jt publl t «*»<! '««' H'fHXnl of f.ov, J)nniH> to I- toermlt thi' pxwutlon to li« public. I ' ^^^^*~-^*-~^- ^ m^^Hmmm^H^mm^mmmmi»mmmmmOiim • House- M|M« .Martha, Murn», who Id toachlnfif ut (itilt, Hp^nt the week end with har MTH. J. c. Adamw and Mr«. W. .W. Miller. —A. Uttlu'-dfttiyhtrr. w.w-l>orn.la4tt week to Mr. 'and Mra. Hunry FrohllnK, who llv<- on HIP Adeibert Uuncun farm, " Vmman'niul family hrt\'«» tnov« • ' -M4H*.- Anna Baxter'* >Jr, rind Mrs. Albert Jam*-* and IV-n .I.'inif!* w>ni to Thotnption.Sattii-<t;iv i»inl wf-r*» nfit«»r<alii»'d nt the hi'tnc of their coiinin. Air. and Mr^ rVi-m I. <'. 1'iriklt-y drovt- to Krie Sntnrday wornlitK on Important htiKlnex* nf Mr, anil MIH, Oljv«'f Jbrifnn. Mrt and Mr?«. Daniel I'..rib and Mr, and MIM. Kay Kwdix and dnui: liter, Hnrhel, went .b-llBhtfiill) enteitniiH-fl Hiliul.iy :it the ,?. Y, MtC:ill h..nv<> in »Mn nnd Mr*. VV, ,1. F<>r!?i and ilnuKli- trr, little Miw Viviiin. wen* very plens- antl\* entei (ain*-d Hnudnj nt the home of Mr. find Mr«. Fred F.irlh. Mr. and Mir. I*. W. WrlKhf. Mr-s. I'nnnie »'i>!\'iliiv and xun r KntM-y. wr-nt tr> Mcfjuulailil, ti-iwn, HundAy and spent tl»» day «( Ih* 1 hofnf« <>t Mr. nnd Mrs, Allln Wright mid family nml Mr. and Mr«: Kmery Wrl»ht, f>r. of (-hlrawro. Is b*>lnB vrry .,.-,—,, i»ni*rtiiin<<«t nt lhi> hfimp of Mr, nnd Mt«. U'il!!«ni .Sprlnklp thi? wwk. Mr .and .Mr.«. Hi'Jjriftn lio^enow and T\lTrcTiTrrrf7 r fi.~KrhirnnrTTfiiri>Td. .of Mor- -rfwiti, "W^rf 1 plr'risnTitlv nTiirrtnin^it Sun* dny nt the bom«« of Mr. nnd Mr«. Fred Mr. wild Mi*. Wllllitm Hprlnkb- 'nnd iJwilKhter. M|HM «*rtrrl»». also their hotiftt* ifiieMt*. ^tiwH Fotii-r. w«'iil to Morriwon Knnday mid were entei tiiined by Mr». Hprjnkle'M piueniK, Mr. anil MIH. John 'I?vn KrVKnii, (p.-ichrr at Hock rtlvi»r whiw^l, jtpttnt ftnndny with her », Mr. and Mix, John Ki-esjan In r If III. .Mr. and Mm Wllllx Null nnd family wef ( > cntortniiKHi Htindny nt tho homo of Mr, and Mr*. .1, A. Kwont. Mr. nnd Mrn. J. K. Uk«» and family w«»nt to Clinton, town, Sundny and . JBere. AH turtn t»«Mt n t -t he- hftmt» - of; M rs Ukwf* nioilidr. Mm. Inws Kprr. ; Mr. nnd Mr«. F. M. ITentley nnd daiiKhter.Ardelti4.Mrn. William Coop, er and Wins Kva Cfooki-r, j»**nt to .Morrison, Tin* huUe.M 'wV-lr>"Anlnk""•'!«> remain In the city fur nn ovt*r Sunday vlnit. ~P»»moflflMl diiw e I y Ctmla* t,r»ot !sf AuHrl. JD Rsduioi Compttf f PROPHETSTOWtV omit"',...whlt'h .yfjyft iriMsewlly vuoatwl by Hatniiel .\J,c<irc>Kor and faniiiy. Mr. and Mr«. li, T. MeArdnworth had for sue*!* SutulHy, Mr. und Mr*». Win Bp«cb, of AJbany. L«t<T In thi» day Mr. and Mm ).)<>nch took tho JJeiirdM- worth family and 'motored to Oordova,' wh»>r« they wero rallerH At th« HomoK of MesdnmertJnhnson and Kliin«'y, Mr*. A, J. Hrncken 'and '-Frt'd Me- formb'k, of VrophftMtown, w<-ru Krle vJsitoiN Knnday ami cnibul on Mr«. Usaln Hat ion and datitfhter, Mlns Ktn- nia U»«*fit>. ATTENDED STAtE PAIR. Mr. nml Mm, Leamon Mill wore «mon«: nthero who~iUtr-ndf«tt the Illinois «tHt«< fair, Mr. and Mm.'Hill «o- Inir down I»H irui-Bts In the Juime of Mr. and Mr*. Frank Mj»rKarldit<N The 'nnd Mra^JJlll had Ihp pli»«»iiitip or tak." ^ni? In . th*. fair nnd of Itoini^ onter- taln»>d t»y th« «bov« peopla during tholt* -rhtn- , The old home place is doubly cheerful, and there's no hesitation now about "taking baby over to grandpa's and grandma's" since chilte around the windows and drafty halls and floors have been banished by the new outfit of ;. These modern, sectional heating outfits are so easily placed in completed buildings, that many an old homestead, rich with memories, has been given renewed life—with its comfort greatly BOILERS increased ^ craning, and tfrere is automatic, perfect control of heat. r\ RADIATORS ccepi by a / f. rchitect8 * n l engineer*, and used in over a million buildings, at home subsMiiie"™ S uarant ^d. yet cost no more than inferior makes. A lifetime of lowest heating cost! ttt«-r« n«/4 A%jfTM>f/"• AM' n*..i;~a ... ... - ---. — .-,,., wan of A Up. 5-73 W IDRAL TUOtt ood 400 ft of 38 In. AMBR1CAN Radl.twCSBrttot «„ ownw $220, wf re uiwi to heat Uti. cot- t*g«. At tbli tirtcc the gcxxl«e«n b« bouiht of any rfput»ble. competent Fitter. Thli dll not include cmt of labor pjp«, v*lv«», freiulil, ruv. which vary according to cUmnUe •nd otlirr conditiont. ° nd t?***! 1 ^' R * diator » are made in sizes and prices to fit old or new cot, apartments, offices* hotels, churches, factories, etc. -S^?l^ .'' Don't pay fprther the price of postponement but warm folkm ^«««SjI «'IDEAL.AMBW- °' Wite f ° r * ^^^^y. or call If 111 H %<*k, and Mr. homo \-«ry favorably Irnprt-Htnvi with the Rfntlfinun nnd roiisldora him Hound • on Umdinff to Krle Bundny and were fur thu .day of Mr. und Mr«. Max lien wood. FENTON NEWS WON DRAWING PRIZES. Orrln" Mooro of tho PrnptwtMuwo schools won llr«t prlr.o nt the Mnrrlmm fnir on tho drawing of fli* best map of tho tow/whip of i'roprfetntowti. Mlnu L-lla J'rite hard won four llrstH un draw- in K, «ht< aluo bolnx i> Htndt-nt in our n. ThlH MDOAkB well both for ^4»HH^r?^-nrtrt-fw^-thp~t^^h^mg^m i y An unfailing, stationary Vacuum Gleaner vacuum CIean«v?or dustleaa, com_ > each floor, Fully GUARANTEED. In sizes at $US up. Send for catalog. tait-thargtnd v/ eoal for R to 24 hour*, clc- peoding on »»• verity of weather. Every ounce ,,of fuel is m»dc to yield utmott tc*ulu. No exclusive agents. Sold by all ckalen.' -. Write Department S-37i 8IW22 S^khljjan Ave. —-w«i««»m ^KMWMOHMHHHHMBHMBHi • ... ChlCBgO "•' W?B ?*nS*M^l^ l nE!' : ^' ^•!" 1 ««*. 11 %he»ter. BoflUo. Ptttebargli, CltvtUnd. CtoclhnatL SJ^rL'! 1 ?'? 5 '' Onui fef lt J* l 2 ne * p S Ut U 8t - p ""i 8 <- t^M"! K«w«» City, Denver. *""""""" ord <OntJ, Loodon, e«ij», Bruml*. B«rlia. CalociuUMUi^ Vk&a* SCHOOLS HAVE OPENING. Tlu> Mt-hotilu have now Mnrted end -jlluwiitK urn the naraow of the uehool nnd tlu-lr toucher In Fenton town«ihlp: Hock Htvor—Mian Eva K«»«gan. leant Kandrld|Kfr—Ml8ii Maude Hlrk«y. Kntt-rprisf—Mls» J'«-arl Horning, • tTobnrn—Mi«a Mnnlm Burns. Fentnn—Mlimpa Corn if. Honk, i Clear, Peaehy Shin ^%oiieWto~ Drinks Hot Water _ j.,,._ ^^** ~ ^".........*\ j ^ \ •n Inildt l?«th, beforo br««k- f*»t htlp« pa look «nd clean, fweet, frc»h, BARN. ; Orw>n and Ston* ur« bulldlnK a barn tin their farm Month-cant of town, eoneme principally Jn the con- on It f« helnur built nnmodfrn nnd -wlllr tw u«ed for the <»f browd »ow«>nml th^lr suck- Ings. It U BO .<*oiu»(rurtfN| that each JtoiT huh her own di»jiartm<*nt .and la tiot alfowcd out of tln> nun unt,II the sil«rii are of Kood H|K*« ^nd able to carp f PHOPHET6TQWN BRIEFS. MrH. W. S. JJIurlbprt and her daughter. MiBii KnHie. ware pan«eng«>r0 to lm i g<!| ?.1' Wlnn.; this w«*k, Monday, tnd will %-lsjt In the home of Mr. and Mr*. IWrry Toultor tor a short tlroA wr«. Foultwr In th* older daughter of tfr. and Mm. W. », Hurllwrt. Gilhwt Itojter^ WIIH a pitusi-nK^r to Button, Butnr<lu.y wv^nlnff and will b« J[» ihjBhomgof >l» aan/Attor (•Ity. Mr, rinmh-y IIVfd fi, r some- tlm<;**'''" dints-let will be dedicated next "»«**' Wlllskl ' y '" w "- • ''"'''''"V "!«hl, Sept. i::i. A tine pro-' ! MI-H. I). A. Swennin^ returned to KHIIII will beniven bvi'tic Kchool Su- ironhotMtown Wcdnt-wday mornlntr. l ! "i intendent |(. H. T'rl.'c \vill «iv«- a • HO Hwi'iinlnjf sufTt-rcd an operation | •»"*. «1«J» ex-Siipcriiiti-ndi-ni M, F, Wnllo Bin* ,lva*s K»riv and ('om<'« home ' "enilrii'Jt.s" v xj-iH glye u xhort KilK, !«•» (mc6uriiKi>d. t.o l.ellnvt» that Khe '\vill !«IileH a fe\0 o'llier«. . let- (team'and tMtunutely rvoover her normal health. •« ul< " will ,bo served. 'A tlnu ..tinm-lH It In to be hoped HO. • iuniii.i..nt.».» C HOPKINS NEWS and afra Bo«*r8, during Rpnrkllng and vivacious -r- ••ykhL.iili'rt-riL^ftftpA^rlftur «k^n Jtn^[ a natural,' ro,sy, healthy complexion are utiaiiri'd only by puru bloo4«' If mtly fvflry mutt and woman turnip ha induced to adopt the inonilp^t «u»*u« bulb, what u gratifying change would tukc.pluYi'. Ipstwd of the thousand^ uf sli-kly, iinaenidi.-'.looking ma*, womeri HIMI *HH», with pa«ty 0r muddy comir pluxiuntj; Iti'titeud of tho multitude of, "nurvo wrBjkM," "rundowwii," "brail) faKM"~und puuslmitttw wo should tf<*$ 4 vinb'. ontira>ito throng of rosy-. cheekiuL iKjop.iu everj^'htsre. Alt iiJBldu 'bath i« had by. drinking eut'h mornttijj bufnro |>i-<»j|k^Mt, i n , Uii stay. From Fulton h« wcpectii to ro to Spirit L*k*, whfre h« will visit "or a, uhort time. • • • K, R Botbwt in improving hl« real- nce by the addition of a bath room fend aluo tht putting ,ln of »«w«r priv- insK -- • -- • — -- • --- ' Mr*. Qp|£t! of the stat« -of ' Ohio, ho - had ho*n Jn town several days, returned home Monday tu h«r fainlLv. During her stay »he WIIB a visitor in h« home of Mr. and Mr», J. F. Bchwlt- iem, Hh« is a «i«t»r of Mm, Schwlt- !«r», wliere sh* visited. J. O. , l'urm«le of Hlourninitton was A_gueHt^ln thu horm« juf M_r, and Mr«t. Iliohurd b'ettk'M, tfili Week, fur a nhuft utay, Mr. I'armelv Ut favorably im* with thu country In thIA FAMILY REUNION. Mr. and Mrs*. Uuyniond llumphi^y jntertalnod at u family reunion Hun- day, in honor of bin father, 1'. J. Jluin- ' k'-fotir ixspomlfd to thfj -.--.- ----- - bfinw present. ,\t OIIP j 0 clock a bountiful three course dinner i wan served by the ho.ttexs und iicr j Tho yotitiK 'soiv,of Mr. and Mm.-John OuidhiTr IM ii'iiuiiMly ill i-f oholi-ru in- fHlittun anil n Iraiii'-d niir*i>'N in ut- ti-niluniH'. Tho lutcst r««|>oitM was thitt ha in hlowly KainiiiK, Ml*, and Mr^. Krnf-nt VV.-avw of Morrison, woiv Knt'StH Thiirxilav cvon- ""''"""" " f M * IIIM| Mrw - Kr ~ ;a the guests all report H m>i? time prosiont w«>re: Mr. and Mrtf ....... WinJet and son Harold of Lyndon, Mr, and MIM. tJeorju. Humphrey and children .Uuehel, U'nhart and Otto. Mr. and MI-H. Hyron Humphrey, 306 First Avenue if- rwil hot watt-r wjtl» ^ ,„- Hjio>>nful of Unn>»tom>, phoBphulo Jn It to wash from the wtomuch, lij'*'r, kfd- HI-J-H und ten yurd_s of InnvwlM tlw pr*« IndlgOHtibN wawtc, mair und pulHuiiH, t hUH the *nui<» alimentary canal before pvjt- 'UK itiorv food into the nUmuieh. - Thuno uubjiH't tu sick bfudHcbtj, bil- itmuvMi iiiihty brgutli. rUuutuutiMni, 'Ul>; ^nd puitirularjy thotiu who hnv<i pallJd. .Hiilltiw comi>H-sion and >ir«- coi^tiputeil very often, urn Jo obtain u iiuaiter IIOMIU! <if lin ph'i.sjihutf jtt - the ding ».tiu«f which rt'lU I'IAM but U tilde, bill i>J wilffiC'h'IU _ to the ijuirk'and lelti:«rk» I !|de_i;h_ll_r;. ill• .l^Ljle^yjL^llJ-.wlii^afe, Fji.i'i ,i\\ iHiiui ilitJKt* u ho jii n'tu'iyl in- lh . "•", .vnut" ihu blot'vl while ill" t!i< S(.;;iyj«.a of t>vw« b U>j. . It. C, Porkey waa a Chicago ger Tu«*di»y morn (UK on hualncuw. Thv Muntwii of . Hi* 1'rwp.hwtmown infltery Hn« mcVntiy jpul Urn I'lace in first r!«HH ordt>r"1>j r h«uwin|{~tlw~^fiiiii mid wt-uda in thu lot, Uj» aim* put th»* driveway* In «ood Hlmpo by nllliiK In the nit« .and muklng u better track. It -will »« jierttmittuit, how«v*n«, until tho-madway in paved with nonut ttrat ' I'ond. 4 Mrw. Uuult und' Miss Uuult of Morrison, Mr, ^nd Mr« Robert Matthew, Mr. and Mrs. Karl * ion and family. Mr. and Mrs*. - \V!UKVI, MUwt-H tiuxtd and Leonn Matthew, l*onu NuwelL und J*«n,ora Alaithe\v, Messrs. Herbert,' Robert Jr. and Vfallttec .Matthew. — AT THE BQlBljNfi HOME. Mr, und Mr«, Ih-rnwn l)ourin« en- tcrtuliied 411 their honii< Suuduy, a largt 1 immli.i—tif thuli—lel^thun—and ; frl»nd«. At the noon hour a mu- tluee; iJourBf dinner was nerved which WUH heartll*-' enjoyed. Those who w<-ro there ^> enjoy the bountiful fejutt wuie Mr. mid Mm, t'arl iained fur. dinner Snnd:i\ ln-> l>H>!tirr. Mr. and Mrn. Al\ln iiartman, of j'hail- ,\lr. mid Mrn., Willard i'itimphn-y. of Morrlnon, motored to l.iiu)i>n Thurt<- <lay afternoon. The Malvern Hchoul h«>ut>t> i^ hvintf Mrs. K. \v. Mitchell Hpent nlidiiy at the liomo of Mr. aiul Mrs, fhaiic.s Mitchell In "MorfTflTtji. '' — ~~ Mr und Mrs. Jamec Crump and f.itn-" Hy uri'ompnntfd by bis brother. Mr«. JoKeph frump and Mr.-), X«iok, of Mor- rlMon, motored to rVntou Hundaj, where th«y nr«j?nt tho duy and took dinner ut the borne of Mr. and Mr<. Hiram i'tirry. Mr. nnd ,Mr*. Kinil Hoffiuan - und family, of .Steilinjf, Mr. und Mra. John Kllei'M and daughter and. tieorwe Ilin- rinks-^wrre- frmprtumrcl at thc"luime"or Mr. and Mrs. Will liarJUM Sundiiy. Antnm*—Kt.jift.ftf |^ "ii ihf -.irk li> t latent report was ho IH a llttlo better Mr. and Mrs. Herman lialster urn (•irandmii llutatcr, of (Jcilf-Hee, Hpen Suiuiay and took dinner at: the Jiomi of -Mr. and Mrs. .luliun Shult/. On ncunimt of HIM serioiiH iilni-.sH o the. yotitiK KOII o.f Mr, and'Mra. Join. Larjdherr, tho Ludle«' Aid of the Onr- man church will-bold their next nic«t- ut tho homo of-Mrs. FJno Camps on Thnrmlay uftttrnoon, Get ftth, In• tcad of at the UaatlhMrJmino as for The^hoiiHO Mayor Van Oiulol, of Mor»on, |« huviUK erected on hjH farm here will noon be in tho bunds of tho plaslercm Mr. uinl Mrs. liobcrt Ilamsoy and family, of Morrison, .wero visitors Hal- vu day afternoon at tho homo of Mr. und Mr«. !•:. \V. Mitchell. • Mr. und Mr*. JIVMO- Hnuoeman ure home of her purentM, Mr. nnd Mrs lliin-y Xewell. Mr. Houseman in u juror at tin* cjty court there. v Mr. and Mrn.' J'emberthy, of Podge- villt*. W!H,,'fluent the past wwek nt tho home of her ulster, Mr. und Mrs, Frank Wood, of Clyde, und uhui visited other and under u doctor's care. He 1» ,.,„ WlH> un abijCeUM in the head. The- . , Himoti Itapp and wift\ accompunled »' fhelr Mon «|HII Mr, ( ii )f l Mr» Key u.ll of Oi'in-soo, 111,, w the liontv of M^ nnd~-4fni. Philip They, nr* r<?l»tiv«« of the Prophet hi own peoplo. Wt»»lt»y fleMr and wifo vlnUcd In ene«(?t» mtd Aikinnon, last wjeok, re- tiirnlnK homo Saturday niKht. Dur« thi'ii-' May tlwy vi«lt»>d their «on mi i>a HH- farm for a hhotu timo. Mr. und-Mra. In. B. ifodson w«>ro to i'lUfujJo, TiK'Mtav , i'Jff. 'wh»r«« Air. HtHUoii wj|| MIOI-K up In 'his t'lothnus «tor»' Uu Im* a tfoort ' ttiiA « lad> frieiul from Km'port, Mr.! and" Mra .Henry stern mid .son.of Hler-y' ling, Mr. and Mrs Ki}uitvd Su-rn and fuinlb, Mr. and Mra. L'oinelhiH Hub. bun and huniis, Mr, and Mrs. fail Stern and family. Mr.' and Mrs. Kit fiilirlck*. Mr" and MIM. OtailrH Mut«-' iitcH. .Mr and MrH. I0nient Su-rn .md mini I >. yff. aiul M rs. John KicKlcfl'tt. | Mr.'und Mr.s. I-V«1 Hubben, Mi and',' Mrs. l-'red Hies und t'anill>, Mr«, .Meins, and Air, and ill.- 'l-'ulliner, I ... ! .DEDICATION SERVICES. " The ,ne« »olnionroilw in the Wood Dr. M; H* Brown . MI;K. John IJnglo, of Morrison, Is xpeiulitiK a few weeks at tho homo of her duuKhtor, Mr. und Mra. Ward Gridley in Untlck. MisseM Clara Kalater nnd Ornco Onken aceiimpitnled HOIIIQ frlendti to Tar'k.Bundny where they,«pent tho day", SEEJKAJbULPRIT Aurora, III., '.Sept. 2X. — A "POKHO of fanners, aided by thu Aurora, pollc* bloodhoundH, jiearclntd Hio country around Xapr-i-vlllo for 11,«torloufl, ( 'Kla«hi?r t who vfHited tho farm iif WIN* Ham ICckhardt und killed onr* horxn and cut, tho arterie.s in tho limbw of another, licit hurdt believsiH tho- knlfo waa wleldt-d by un ewciny or vomu wa.ndcr»; Inj; muniuc. . Balsam Quicicly cufcs piarrhoea, ^•^i_ i ••, l_r_. * • i 11 Cholera Jnfantum and ail, loose bowel troubles in adults and babies, Ncr opium. No opiates. Harmless, Dortprs without« reconnnciul it. Seventy ycart in equal, 35-cci>t» everywhere, National wa« n \VJIUaiti to JJi-nton Hail»»r, MU'h, Tu«»Hduy inofitlnt,, whftv h« si-vkw n-hcf ji-uin i lu which hun lu-fti IxHiu-rliu; JULln of I.Uu «u<| tut MS», ru-ly tliat ho }«»;* M'»-n «i|ili>{t'il to fuiiu* in olf (he n«ud UH tm'vclInK M«|IWU..UI foj ihv CONSERVE FOUR HEALTH h.'iw |>erfeete ( j „ methi.7r*th,it IH an mar' pcifei-tliin ; t .. ;in.v lhlliK.1 .in be If ,vou want to be cured Ul'J lltv\pi nencvit ilmtiil^ If juu prefer tu wc,»r ,i iiu-^ .-rtll for <i tree J ~-' of in- • Living Still High -- ilif iVr'dtut of i'oniuil l:|(nrt> ,»n aifitxal In town 'j'nfMl ly tor ( «!(iv »f ,» M|i,,H ouif tit hnitn- ot \d .tn<| Mi'-*, i.' "V U- in !.-!« •" ' ' ti i" |j4.t.itii*". ^*-« H jtssfciftpt-y • t» i>liy Tu>-«iU> • m*>i niii|$. K<i a wtio -)t u« tUu |in\Vfl-i lo lit'l'l't O TRY iIRT- 1 ! SJomach Bitters the wonder worker dc\ ice fm ruptulc i i{o|'i)t with ijntrprii'Intf e.iSt- No mou- ( truss. .tuHUIv. \ M!!'.( |l( ,,(,*, (i,y| f*"ld hi rnaU Model > tor ivei,\ '!,>ni'i , «.f n>\l(lfi- in iiu'il, \\omeii .Hid i Jill- j | (Ircn No ;<dull ton l.tlKi, ii<. lyln -toy lhit.>i*>t'A not rmut .^itr.Sj d.;.! .^ UIM'i tu'Wi- pMfpti rbuii .vppett'U si •. rj^-'~^.toi~—iii- n ;"?•-! JH--V ti («»«--. s- ^f~=- IT |.|i \UI Hln . v !(• Jt \V ' i.f ,t I -1 ,\,. i! ui ad.itt s ; l , \V. Jt, ( 4 .M'J •;,..' \ , j ' ''"> -'-'i "•• . f - a !• L> 14..^... ..' ,? '...Hi! TT 0 W jjn-uth ilo you \wy each week for *•- * your groceries, your .nu»at, your jvnt, y6ur clotiiing and ubuut fifty utlK'r things 1 ; Js it possible you 'lire' making. Hu» ^n-at luisUiki* uf nut jniyinif out sDiiu'lJiin^- to u savit»yf.s at'i'ountl At tin* end of thu \car, you iuivt- iiiiihiu.^ to >IHAV for y»mr input, gnfwrii'H, rt'iit and HuHi}'-, for par Club. t. 2lHii, -J. , MI Sterling Illinois

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