The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 18, 1908 · Page 9
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 9

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, December 18, 1908
Page 9
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PAGES 9 TO 12 PART 1 TWO Vol. XX. BAKEKSFHOi.D, CALIFORNIA, KK1DAV. DKCKMBKU 1>, 1'ios. Nu. 119 LEGAL DELINQUENT TAX LIST Treasurer's Office anil ex-Ofllclo Tax Collector's Office. City of HeU. December •!. 1908. Bakers- LEGAL LEGAL Carlson. A.. biHTlnnlni' M> Ieet cast and 4:;i> feet north o' southwest corner ct' southeast uirirter ot. i.outheast duarter ot section 25. townshin 2!) south, ratine 2< east, l nonce north ;•'.;! teot. east 13rt 5-10 teet. south 33 feet, west 136 5-10 feet lo beisln- n Inc. Taxes nnd costs .,... Coronado. Susannah, lot 5. blpck isi; , Taxes and costs Cunnlnehani. K. A.,A- in "l e Lowell Addition, north- .68- 2.7G! 111! PREAMBLE I'l'ULlC XOTICIC IS H^RKHY ellV- en that default l.avini; been made in oaymeiit of taxes due the Citv of Bak- erslHdd for the var I'.H'S. upon the hereln:i!'ter descrr>ed real and personal propel'. I. A. \Yeabcr. Treasurer of said Cilv and Tax Collector of said Citv. bv virtue of the power and authoritv in me ve.sled bv the law and Ordinance No. <i or saiil Citv of Bakerslield. entitled. "An Ordinance Hemdatiir-: t'ne Assessment ol Proper- tv in the Citv of Bnkerslield. and the Collection of Taxes thereon.' 1 passed and approved bv UK.- Hoard of Trustees of said Citv March -I. 1.S9S. «ill upon MONDAY, December 28 1908 at the IK,in o Citv liall in .sell bv (lech, I o; 1 a \ i .. u M 1 • • .- a^f .ire P.1:0. , !:•• !; • : f. " 1 lll'l'll, ! 1 . Ii Oil a.e •; li.-n. ,' I Ml.-.l. I ' ' . o. i'. • •• '!:<!.!. IK C'l'IU- I nor I. I'.liiS. i \. v.KAiiKU. | ri'Tisiin-:- am! KvCulieio T.-IX Collector o!' said I'M ,- o:' li il.ersliel.l. A Arlinmo;; Hotel, personal prop- ei'tv. Taxes and costs $ Allen. C. II.. lot. •(. block 10!» Taxes and costs Abbott. D. C.. lots I. &. 0. block loU. Taxes and costs l.'io Bouinnint-': -1" leel north oi southeast corner block His. (hence nortii !."> feet: west l-'U feet: south 4f> teet: east \~2 leel: to be- sjinniiiii. Taxes and costs' -.1" Bei'iuniau' at soiiUieas! corner lilock His, l hence uorlli I" leel: west 1"J ieet: s..a!,'i 'In feet: east lil! leel: to beidnniin:. Taxes and costs o.iu B Brown. R. A.. In the Lowell Addition, lots J and LI. block l!i. Taxes and costs .. . .. -.»,> Banducei. A., lot ;:, block 11'J. Taxes and costs LJi> Lot n. block Hi!i. Taxes and costs . . . . . 1.10 Lfrown. Irene W.. lots 1 and 2. block 'Mi?,. , east quarter ot northeast quarter, block C. Taxes and costs ..... 4.JJ Church of Christ, north 40 feet lot 8. block in 5. , Taxes and costs ..... 5.b2 j Carder. Geo.. in the Lowell Addition. Lots 11. 12. ! block 42. 1 10 ' Taxes and costs l.lai D | ninkelsnlel. Kstalo of L. M.. ner- , sonal nroportv \ Ti'xes and costs ..... -1.'x i lots 7. 8. Mock L'Sl. ; •Taxes and costs ._ ... oi.-i.i Darnul. .1. .1.. lot L block 1(2. Taxes and costs i.i- E T. A., lot. T. All Mocks ,:! and 7: 1 ,. Taxes and costs . .. Lous ~> to 12 inc. block 7 I. Taxes and costs Lots IB to Hi inc. dlocU 74. Taxes and costs Lots 5. Si. to Iti. Inc. block 75. Taxes and costs ,.,. ... Lots 1 to S. inc. block i G. Taxes and costs All block' 93. Taxes and costs ..... Lots f>. 6. 9. to Iti Inc. 04. 13.01 15.52 2.5:; 5.5f 3.01 6.00 costs 4.87 .costs West half feet bv 1 uO northwest southeast half, northeast west r,uarte, V Ti'o'i an<! cos!:; . . . Einei-v. Mrs. II. H.. lots J. '>. ... nrd \. lib)!''-: ! • ;•. Taxes and costs ..... P Kreonr.n fl. H. lot - 1 '. Monk 2:'.-. Taxes and costs ..... Fertnson A. .1.. lots HI mid 2i>. south 15 '.'cot lot IV block 4*4. 'I'iixi-s and co<=!s ..... Flrel>'nn.h. Sarah .1.. m thoj.o' ell AdiMilon. 10; s i ah.l S bloc!: YII. Taxes and costs ..... Miurana. Morsai;. block Taxes and All block L Taxes and, . West half except J --' •-- •"•"• feet In corner, ouarter. northeast south ...ock G. , Taxes and costs ..... Kast half ot southeast (Liiarter block 11. Taxes and costs M '.--iiis. In <!'o Lowell addition, lo: 14. block IS. T'Ws and e(»,;s .... Kllen M.. innrlir fie in- teresi in. Huihint tract. Irit'S. block V. Taxes M!id <"O<-:s \iiove pro'.iiTtv assosn- e ! to R. T. Bailev. (''eliciilad. lots Ij. 1... block r, L"'.. Taxes and costs ..... •'Mrs. II.. niortuace iii- tcrest in. Citv ol Bnk- (-"•-sfi-'ld, Southern Ad- di'inn. be'-'innjna; at, southwest cor block liience eaft i"" Ieet. >.- ,-lth "u teet. vest I'l'l i'eet. north :}>'< feet to 5.9() 6.3 2.62 AIM AT fflE BAKER5FIELD OPERA HOUSE MM NIGHT li has been suggested by some < rit- that there Is a danger of over-, h'noratlon In the modern system of; plays; but so long as a true are, hocatlM' ho is p.e! lerhiihal- ly a iiroducer, because his work dies; ir.sjie tliiin :i. n • IM>I>. He may impress ;;:i ilidnetiee V : •/.<• •', o;i Ihr- Varied a;i- of his time, ai:,l as a collaborator i i• asi, coiiiriliu:.. to the. world's ,"Tiii.'!ient art r ••.•or is plciorial sug- :.;i^iimis and realizations of pootlo . niii] historic scenes tlia' sliall live a» 'cur.; a.- the snli'erij they illustrate lain! adorn. That Mr. Snnford Dodgt Is a palns-taUiiiK artist, as well as a dee;i stuilent \vill be seen Sunday with him, bnt in these ilays the ac-idtrhl when he presents his dramatic tor. who Is also In thu n : ;u, ; ,gcr approaches a great dramatic i s(ngo mnnageri may leavo l)chlud hill , Opl ,,,, Houso sense a | version of "Faust" at the Bakersfleld G of Mi " L-Hi Taxes and costs ..... Hernuz. li W.. lot 20. block 576. Taxes and costs ..... Brown. George F.. lots,, L! to 10. inc. block 113. ', axes and coats Baiter. Win.. Mprtcaee interest, in the Lowell Addition. lot 13. Dlock 47. i sxes and costs Above oronerty assess••I to A. .1. \yhlte, H'.ixU'el, H. A., lot 0. block 1S2. Taxes and costs lit -:\' i i. ii. A., personal properlv Taxes and costs . .... Lots fi and 7. block 3M. Taxes and costs ..... In the Lowell Addition Lois 15. Iti. lilock :>n. Taxes and costs In tins f'itv ol Bakersfield. Chester tract. eommeiH i'lLT at " point :'.iin feel north of souih east coi HIM' oi' northwest (inarier of northeast miartcr section :iii. lownsiiii) '_'<i sonih. rani'i' L'T east, thence liorlll t'.L'n feet, west 4u7 1-10 feel -nrlli 411 feet, west liio li-ln feet, south iltin feet, east 52S I'eot to bc'dnnine. Taxes at d costs Undivided duarter interest in commencing at nort Invest corner block 234. thence south 27 1-2 feet, east 70 feet north 27 1-2 feet, west 76 feet, to baelnnlnt;. Taxes and costs G Cannell. T. A., morieaee Interest in commencine Bti7 feet, north and 169 feet east of southwest corner of southeast guai- tv •(•!. lol- Uock I!, Taxi s ,-uiii Costs ('ir.Hiil. .lo'Mi 10.. I Hv ol l.l.iM'l.-- V " lc~s'':r, foot o!V i':i.' : ;| end bl, ::> 5K!('. Ta.v.s and cos!?- H Mown.!. !.-ii-!. ncr (.ual i>"oi>e:'!v In '(he 'l,<)v,e!i :i:i':'';io!; lot i. bloc'.; :!*'. Taxes :'tn! •'•'' -i.-; ..... 'Mr,,;,.. O. I... I'" -V b!,:' . I'M.. Taxes inn' cr : 'i ir/i. niOrl"-o:o M1I"!'- . ' >! !• i-; 1 ' t:, !.:> luc-. f;Ues Ti'i'l'1 r ". .-'Is 1 •* l.o\ e lire i"! 1 ! v I'^o^s.•I to .1. M. Hunter et a.l. Hollvv oed. Nellie. C'ltv of Bak- er.-iiicld, HiKlnui tract. lots !'.», 2H. block B. Taxes and costs . Homer. W. H.. lots 12. lo. block 4S7. Taxes and cost:; Harrison. W>n.. lot 17. block -Lv". Taxes and costs Harrison. ICmilv. lot Lv .block Taxes fiiid costs . . . . , lluntlev. .Mrs. M.. in tile I.owe 1 Addition. bus ;,. (.. block L 1 ;:. . and costs ..... o .be-i ir. tr.e Lowejl ad' •; 'on. lois i . V id'.K'k • >> ; Taxes and costs .... .' T.. Li li.i; J.'.-v'eH I'itillll. lot L-. t.-lOOK 'I .,-,.,: -Pd .eo- | •--. Putnam. P. P.. in i.ho i. ; ov.;oil ,, M\r. p. Irj. i (I. I I). ':.-. bin-': 76. •' - •mo with the reverent regard for ' •• author and a well balanced idea' me purpose of scenic decoration,; • cannot KO far wrong in availing | uif-eli ot all the artistic and median. [ ii appliances of the day to enhance , e iritthfulness and reality of his j >ii,. .Mr. San ford Dodge, who will' ; .11 at tiio Bakerslleld Oacra' "MM oa i-ianday evening, has in.I .i. :i:. '.acuity of a poetic iiiiprceia- :, oi hi-,ii dramatic theme. j . eut he : .. i'ain.-.akini; capacity lor bejiin- ).;- :;i la.- b''L',ianing ol thi:i.-.. It i.: . ial since he began p^.iyitio • 'n i. % i i. 11 01 "KanKt" and his •: - na. iii "U beyond his \\iides' .ri e.'.'i'iii'.i. lie has thought of •, 1 ;.!.!.. d o, ii. getting nt the root " ;a H'•. i r! i:>•• intervals of 1; du''iuu tliiit (in; '. Pi'cston. 1 1. Phelpa. P .10 . Taxes and costs ..... Holsini or. S. \V.. lots *. 'J. !•'. block Hi2. Taxes pnd co.->is ..... 2.41 2.00 2.14 is.ns 7.U5 .91 5.41 5.14 2.68 4.67 1.64 1.67 IU, block ll>. Taxes and COSIH. ..... J Johnson. ^Aimiioi. lot 1. block Taxes and costs ..... Jackson. Georee L.. lots I'.i. 2'\ "dock 124. T a>es and costs ..... Klettliiff. Victoria, nortjipast Quarter ot lot 4. block Taxes and costs Krull, C. L.. In.the ' •.(-•r.-'-ona i\'--'S and cos,.-; . . . . ! -H 1. " biock' .". Taxes and costs ...... '(''•rest ill. 'filv of IVil't- .-.-UoU •.•ou: eern adcii- Mtion. east halt lilock r* 1 '. •j-1jvf.« mid cc^tn Abo\e nronertv assess'• i to v;. \v \\ 'Hi"!' > Fieri. L.. lots 7. x. block M'.i. Taxes and ee«(p 1 ';ts .". i>. blo( k ! I'.'. Taxes all:! costs Citv o! Bnkers*ield. iludnnt tract, all block 11. Taxes and costs ..... Lois 4. ",. Ii. block Liu. Taxes and costs R Uosnaule. Kdmuiul J. lol G. block 6:>o. , , -,.. '1 axes and costs ...... KoedliiiT. Ceo C lots M. Jin bloc^k ll!i). , . Taxes and, costs . . . . . J.14 Kebman. ,1r.. .John, lot 1". block ISO. .! . ,,Taxes and costs ...;.- '•'•i Rosemever. Kstate o,l .•)• \. lots 12. 13. biock 11!i ind costs 1 i O'i:.' Oi' .'.':,'. 1 ' ' • ( i"e,V,i.--;l Alt'! -k' I' lie:. i'X '! • 1- Crav.'ii, l!nr ;Km.ii!'. Cratiavli and ::, will! relifs 01' Nuren:l,iir:-; and lounlry, >vHh ; extili.-> .ill- aiM.l nioili'in. with sludi.;-. by Al- Uiirer, with folios of cortivn' ' with many editions of r,.-,eilie's ! dramatic poem. The scoffer at stai;-- \vork Is always anxious (that the actor is not :a to declare a tvgion ol' 1.26 2.11 Uawell 'A'd'- .",. 6. 7. S.. 1.S7 1.18 tion. jots block 47. r „,, Taxes and costs 5.96 oi/.eaux. L. p.. lots block 467C. Taxes and costs ..... one. J. .L. lots 6. 7. Illock 120. Taxes and costs ..... ' 1. 2. 3. •!. 5. iStS 2.76 Lotello. Jnaiinn the "Lowell -id- dition. lot 14. block 8. Taxes and costs ...... Lewis. Mrs. Elizabeth lots la. 10. block 11 G. Taxo* and costs Laird. J. \V. P.. personal ertv. , Taxes and costs t'oliimeneiii'i at 445 led south oi northwest corner ol blo> ,v 3H7 thence east 1L_ feet, souih ".'i I.-;'. \vei-v 121! feet, nortii ,i'i I'ei't. to becinn'.nu., b. • uiu a portioii of l.'ii.icl: 3!>° Ta~xeH and costs ..... Coninicnciri"' i(i,a noiui on west line ot L slreei •>ss 7.1-100 feet south, o; center line ot i::th slreei extended; i hence, wo«i. 122 fe«jt to east. Hue of uUe\. throueh block .,.*.. thence south a onu PHHI line of said alle\ 50 feet: thence east 122 feet to west line ot L street, thence north 50 feet to nolnt ot beginning. , 2.3 .11.08 1.03 Taxes and costs Lot :;. bloc'.; 22i>. Taxes ami* costs . ... . . In the Lowell addition. 1. Robeskv. Belle, in the Lowell addition. lots i. s. i'lo(k 04. Taxes and cost? ..... Reed. John H" in the Lowell addition, lots 1.,. I". lilock 22. Taxes and costs ..... UodrlKiiez, Francisco, in the Lowell addition, lot 4. block IS. , Tuxes and costs 512C. Taxes and costs 8 Snltler. Clias.. personal proper! v Taxes and costs 1 ot 6. block IV'. Taxes and costs . ._... . Suhr. C. and It. lot 3. b' -ck . . Taxes and costs .,. . • - JMe-.vion .l. Skinner. JMe-.vion ,.l. lot block 226. Taxes and costs Sweet. X. S.. lots 17. 1". l lf>6. and Tuxes and c, Smith. Kli'.la S.. inorti est in till. 1 I.e tloii. Lots I. T'a'xes and (•••> Ab 1.80 l.Oo 1.16 2.27 .91 1.73 8.42 1.46 6.2:: 17.84 l.OD I \ »iv > \; 1/1 >* » " ' > i i - > i 1 ed to Maud L. \> ilev. I Ylf.k. Sam. persoiiiil IUOM",U. Taxes and costs i Lot 'A. block J''>< Taxes and costs ..... Smart. S. G., personal ""'I'ein. Lot 5. west hall of lot 6, block 2iio. Taxes and cost^ •••,-,• Starns. H. C.. personal property. ter of aputheast oijar- ,tli.' i east, tnence no feek oust 33 feet, »r section 25. rtio 29 sontn. east, thence town- ranee north south 99 feet, west A3 feet to ben'innlnK. Taxes and costs Cominenclne 567 feet north and 136 feet east of soutfiwest corner of southeast miarter section 25. townshln 2!) south, ranee 2i east. thence n east SI! feet, north 99 reet. w.est SI! feet, south 99 teot to boeinnlne. Taxes and costs Above nronerlv assessed to M. H. Slsson. Caldwell. Marv .1.. personal prop- Lots 9 and 10. block 201. Taxes and costs Campbell. Marv, K... lot 1 and east IS feet lot 2. block 111. Taxes and costs Cookentlorfer. .1.. W.. In citv of Bakersliehl. Southern addition, coinmencur at a point *2 1-2 ice ea«t of northwest Co ner block 1'..'. thence feet.'nprdt 201 feet, to besinninu. Taxes and costs . Caklwt'll, Itobt.. in (ho Lowell 1 dlu Addition, lots 14. 15. 10, block 24. 6.,44 6.44 3.91 ompanv. on. Tot 11, exce eet off east end 6 1'axes and costal Lots, 4, 5. 6. " block 8. Taxes and Lots 1 to 14. bfc ' 10.. iOStS .ock lY. 12.' Y::'. 1.53 1.18 3.37 : cost i 6. inc.. . ock 9. r „. axes and costs . . ... 5.G9 ,11 blocks 10 and 11. ' 8. raxes and costs ... \U except lots 7. lock 12. "BxffH a,nd costs . .11 blocks, 13 to 16 Inc. 5.96 ("axes and cost Lots 1, 2. 5. to block 17. 2.76 11.69 5.00 MS 2.96 1.6'. 'inc. Taxes "n'nrl posts Lot 1. blocli 18 Taxes and costs Lots 1. 2. R. TO R Inc. 13 and 14. lilock 3d. Taxes anil costs 5.41 All block 31 to 40 Inc. Taxes and costs ..... 31.85 All except lot. 2. block Taxes and cost* , 4.12 I ots 1 to ,s. me. block t". Tlixes and costs ..... ...o" Lots 1. '.i to Hi. inc. block 4T,. Taxes nnd costs Lots 1. 2. block 4'.'. Taxes and eosis I ot >i, block :,() TO'IH 'i I 1:1. 10'. lot l» axcent :W feet off east end block 5i>. Taxes nmi i.'osts ...., lx)(H 4 to K.IIIC. iintl it to IS inc. block 69. VJ., IJV1 »."" axes and costs Tlbbetts. Lizzie. In the LOV adUftlon. north C 1 lot 15. block 2V Taxes and costs .. Voelkere. Helen, lot 4 and so half lot 5. block u.ti Taxes and costs .. vv \Vrluht. Mrs. 12.10 19.34 8.37 1.46 .64 7.87 W03 bloc it 'ls'"fee :k 429.. block Wilklns. ^jl?6n!"lJft! — Ta'xes and costs . ... arlua. "(.?•.• '"i I'll [dock 18.05 Taxes and costs t.H> : 1..i9 .91 ~J CxTnNOW\ well borer (formerly of the firm of Ournow & Keefe) artesian and surface wells. Tanks built and put up Address Bakersfield H. P. R. N°- 2 ' I'honu Farmers 181. _ l '_ R ' S AL E EUCALYPTUS TEEES To Fight Bats With Microbes The grealeut pest which is at present afflicting the community in general, and ugainst which a common war is being maintained by all lhe various nations of the world, is the rat.. It. appears as If the problem were impossible of solution. Science, however, maintains otherwise. Recently prolonged investigation has resulted In the discovery of bacillus which, though harmless to human beings and other animals, is fatal to the rat tribe. Two eminent scientists are conjointly 1'tMHHiiB this role of the modern Pit"{ 1 of llamlln—Dr. Jean Dauysz of lhe Pasteur Institute of Paris and Or. .'.' .imaiin of Arlborg. In each ease the same end Is achieved though by < distinctive bacteria. The disease 01' a contagious nature thereby pro; a- ira'.-d spreads rapidly throimh the ra! colony with, in almost every instance the same rotiult—death. Mr. IJanysz in his capacity as director of the laboratory of agriculture bl. ology, had his attention directed to j the outbreak of a spontaneous disease amongst field mice, lie Investigated the epidemic and after prolonged search succeeded In securing the cause of the outbreak, the germ cous- bacillus. Observing its fatal Influence among the field mice, ho applied !; to the brown rat and found that out of every ten thus Inoculated two or three generally succumbed. Ira- pressed by the significance of this result and the possibility of there being some lurking bacteria which was far more virulent, he continued his re| searches and by dint of continued effort and perseverance ultimately Isolated a microbe which was fatal to all and every kind of rat—would kill black, brown or gray rat* as readily as mice—within eight or twelve days of application. Moeover he was able to cultivate the microbe in sufficient quantities to meet commercial demands and today he has enough liar! nor-.Hcd microbes to last for more (ban twelve yc-iis. Technical World Mug- 'a/lne. i EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES Fiancee NEW YORK, Doc I wo perfect men in Nixola Grecley Smith, are Robert Groh and Lane, and they played Adonis a .18.—Th-jie are i "1 am Die taller ol the two," con- New York, says i tinned Lane. Their names | "Cn!y u q;;a:tir o!' an inch," Intor- (lerald Moore l rupted Groh. "And, of course, I am the roles of broader In the shoulders.' You see, I Alienists, respectively, hnvi- developed my physique by swim. when Miss Hay Beverhlge, the American Venus, made her first appearanci.. at the American Music Hall. Patience, ladies! Hon't all sj a,: a; ouce! Fond, llullerlii<; feminine h 'ar 1 , I be silil' You will ail have a ' liatii e iii meet the p, ill i ( men, < ho- n II-I.-M, ":u "onipotltors by Miss Levend.'.- as ;i,,.:'t pear!/ reaM/.i::;; h< r Idea! o; 1 til ; >vo 1','tvored lovi rs of Wim-' \',\< ry Thur ! day a'.'l"rtiooii they are lo uive a lea for (he ladies in (he audience at the American Music Hall. Mean!!!.:". r.iorc favored tiinn any of you, I have met the two favored n.i;. -: and rowing." "And I," Mr. Lane chorused, "hav« j-osed ier aril"ls many times." • ' '.u a.' y,,u --i looKed Inclusively i',' ::; '".i" "peri'-ct man" to lhe other ' .1: yuii iininarried?" ; 'i'.'i- ar.'," • 'ao.-n --. ,[ Adonis and Ani "i -•• •- lii'.'-.-lle r. AI..1 I.,.-. I ..: i. : t, -Siuvi d a li'dji di: poi-1 >;i',i ,:••• (.1 his :'i"al f-r \ o. 1 . f "And 1 am not , imapji-i meaningly. I looked iiKiuiringly at .-ay, .Mr. Lane on to take ad- I'll- he added, Mr. droll, young men, and will indite forthwith 1 but he would divulg" not bins- the story .of their perfections. ever, I learned from another source Robert Groh, who poses as Adonis, I that the young American Adonis, Is an American. Gerald Moore Lane, who bears a striking resemblance to who appears as the older lover, An- chises, Is an Englishman. He Is tall, dark, clean shaven, and when I asketl him how it felt to be a perfect man, he replied with the thickest of Mayfair accents: "Oh—ah—you know, I've often born taken for a perfect fool before, but this Is the first time I've over posed another and better known heart flut- terer, Rlchnrd Ilennet, is engaged. _ She Will Watch Him. Moeover, such Is his fiancee's opinion of his perfections that she da- dares she will call for him at the stage door every evening to protect him from the hordes of feminine admirers she knows will flock there. s» a perfect man. And, by the way, there's a 111 He correction I would like to make. I noticed by one of the morning papers thai It Is said Miss lievoridgo Relucted me for Adonis, nnd then when she saw Mr (!roh decided he was the more perfect and gave the part, lo him. In Justice (o While Mr. Groh was undergoing the Ililrd degree from all sides an to this engagement, which ho persisted in denying, Miss Kay Beveridgc came It* and true to her character as Venus, (lew to the aid of tier blushing Adonis "I observe Mr. I«ine isn't telling any talcs on himself," she remarked. myself I wan lo pay (bat. this was not'"\S'hen 11 came to posing him we dis- the case. 'covered that lie has a large an d tell- \Vhcn vo'i of anv kind f m7T- ' TJ A T,Land and Timber ; ME NT BUREAU. Company, Edward 0. Oribb, Pros, j "We also employ Chinese W. S. Thatcher, Scc'q. 123 So. (Japanese lieln. "Perfect" Min Jealous. "Mls.i Hcvei'lih;,. assures in" 'ha! she selected Hie for AlKhises because he was ill. 1 o'der. and (lie • r---mau- lii'i 1 |o\.-i. Adonis was a mere boy." And 'Aith tliesc words Gerald Moor, Lane ( -Np:i:i''ed Ids; perfi"-' fl.i''i. wiiiKiiig up and down inn III..T in in William .Morris olllces to re.-oncile name -it's Morie, in fact— tattooed on his chesi. js more or 1 ••;--; and lie had III Ing out that paint," uirso his chest d as Anchlses, i trouble touch- wit h grease i it i tOoed .ti .u ture admirer.-), 'himself to the story of his poriV'-tlons,'• he on view n> Mr. Groh's ::r.e > v.or Mr. Lano'3. . neeii vVojTy iileir Ui- Both perfect men will > week, and "you pays Broadwny, I.os Angolos, Cal. i 1219 19th St. Phone Main 313 wheeled suddenly. I your money ami takes your choice."

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