Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on September 28, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1916
Page 2
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TWO S'TEBUKfr. lUINOJS. THURSDAY. SEPT. 28, 1916, DAILY GAZETTE ^.MORRISON. ILLINOIS, THURSDAY. SBPT. 28, 1916. CORN CARNIVAL WOKfilsaN BRIEFS ' THE RALLY DAY l-*.'ip« fr-'tri Annual : Will Bft Kf ionvill* Schoc! A» l.'n Arrrl Annual Promotion Dav Wi'l Held By (.1. E, S.tntfay School <- nrr '. i ril v. ill I r< h'.» 1 .* ,'eic'i'rt fflttt ;tl| th" t will ?•""•' >• ';i- tor H v. rlM ! tm'infc. p>-'»'r»]i> r «ltt' (5 A* WHU:il ft'f- -:'• ^ftfHt into two *id> '.}iltl. WNrii will • »<h<-r The l!:n<-! Lincoln, I'fiio l '•: \\ Tn • •••! u'. n •tMf-tie <•-. .ii!--: for the (H.-J|i!;iy . iti" nine ami ! lif I , •(!!,••<? ,.ir:i"|. i , : \. < ' -t H il! . ..tns'f!'-' ! IK (it..,<• .M..I ! ),!..(,- ii;» '< i, 1 'I t ' I ',' '*'.'' I ll : irt.tlfc -.-. ill •-.-.• ;ir Hi. ! hf« |-rout tin 'or tf;- slid ! li>- ft • 'iii itn ii-;' ill'- r r - \ t M f I ; I .- : -"flji Hr S'« I llrss, 11 i ni in-ii Tii'-Ml.i «•<.!!. ' 'i -ink '•!-! to I "»,:','.-1 ..! I ! \ll I" i.-!.. i - -Miit ... !..-;• ••' h..i.j -it ,- in:; f - pc, l : i.ilh -hi- full v' i-i-iji't'i ••: fi'."l i' i-- . M"- (• '1 ri- I 'ftni'-'llt ;(M«I (!)•• I f.-ilN !" i -- " ii) •!." .,n! i>i Mill ! . U i-i| - - h Ms Trie iii p.lM ?lf Tit lll.i) '• I ii- .il'i'. a ft.'i! f!!' !! •\ I ---itoi > :uid |=ro.«|-i-f r ;\i of th' SMII.I.I-, ;-. hool ..-. ill ill : in ' m< rr r?|"th''r. Mr-' .Ylrlli'h-.- H.I h-ut n'l:< tl."" ! "! <•< f.irtti,'!- ,if<- \<'i\ t'ii.-y fi!;intii,4: NEWMSIONLAW is Explaind in Circular Letter Prepared By the Pension Commissioner. Widows €f Soldiers Or Sailors Can Rceive 120 Per Month Under New Law.. Tf". i'l.i; 1'iirr-it for ; ."ioni r ,,f AlMetics/^~~> Hall game. I.|H«. ', •. ' !'•!'': 'J. 10, ','(! yd. d.n-li. f ;t-l-f H yd, dash: ho>?, Ji ;m<.l I.'. '•' girjn, 11 Brtd 1.. .'•« yd. d.isl IMld *»V«>r, »'•'' vd dnsh irit! . i FOR MRS, ESLINGER i Mi i.i'd .'.I i i: ,\ l: * .,,,); .. f, W i H; f rU-y- I liifTI«-.v I s 1 -i'» r>ilo« n, I'l'tlli , V I! l i-C.ii iir-.l fi> .Idljt t. I fionic of Ills part-tit :.!'' v Mlt ' l ",".,. : CWIdN>n Celebrated SeventySeventh I Birthday of Their Mother. MI ff'lnlhrra Jitiil frlrnds of Mrs, RJItlH r«'il rlt •i'-lf ill i'lik'UKo. at rl\ i-l I'roni j I'if! iv for ii ' .lohlt r. i' ; in riilrrnvillp Tm«rl.'iy in honor of hf-r a; je nrrrd on thiil itsiy, A it»-ii<-lou-< ilin- i ricr WJIH ««f-rv*'d at fi: 3(i mid thf liiiur^ , I»f l"lt< i', rHiiiiint' hii'h io li; funning iiiKh \>itttii i-- and o\<' ruftnlng hroa;! Jimij-, iiuvv > !o 1-'; inn, n!ng ttrond jtunp, bnya 13 and i VIT. jmlt dflvlOK rontr-ttt, Kills; tug uf w»r, Jllue V». . <»<ild; «:rm'hptir.»! i-ont'st, m-rainl>lc. F*fm Product* fi frf'sl <v»r«» of whiti- ! orn: T. host Of yllOW «'orr», .'• Ix-^f « ;irji of f".l a ' vt-it with rf'lativi'* in thi^ \-i«'liiltv Ur, ami Mr" II I/. .IV(t< I ha , !(t!iit'.i| from a short \ iM( with ii <• < in i 'hii ;ipo. C \V. .!Uj*,in>-.'. J n Iu.i5 t-nffi! t!i" Vanjjvtrft »'J)juxabii._.i'Ui'lit ltl.fl._.i*or-|)il way. i'- i.ii 'mo.'i- «'ii Knox H!I>'<-( :ui>! will i Mrs. l-Ycd f,oos and .ion, Joint, of Stf-r- liiitii- tin-!-,-. > 0011. The llii.iln'11 f«- j f-!|UiK /mil Mrs. Kd. l!att»-nii;i!i, oTf'hi- idi-ii<-f on iii'ii(»i«-(> HtKt't will li<> oc- (u K ,i wfrc out of town i H|'i>-d hv i 'hnrlc-M "\V">«t find futiid'y Mrn K«l HaB* i rinnn ri i tiirin'il to hi liutiM' In '"li'ittno Wcdiif*ilay rtfti ,«T inothir, MrM. . . John K- tr»»- ;,,,, r; )t .- ----- - •» » —- — • •* -» Tf—*i •»•-—w •' —- —•r- -^r 9 may i •*» i!i w * •y y"*P p ">^Hr^''y^iyyipj| Come and, Inspect Fall Stock Wo extend a cordial invitation to visit mir stnrp and inspect our new lines of merchandise for'Fall and Winter. We have secured many items of reliable jjoodn -on very favorable terms and are thus able to offer them to you at prices that mean a bitr SWEATER COATS AND COMFORT -wvnftT ;inv son-nil, |( j<- jj>. (if ]|i'.'|V t\rt ' ALL WOOL SWEATERS for t rolls at ji >•« f', hn tnon'h heciui«.'«. tli-.y v. ••!•' Ihf-.'wives of wrldlrrj* ,,r *:iilor« ilnntiK the p»-tiud ,,f I.* in tlji ft-, il war, or hi.- * • f * '"^ **' *' TJ(^ ft^t' t.J| .('1 -A Wldo'V Wilt).-has* ai-i|!dH-d li,!le under the w-u j.-iv, dy r,n,--iin of iTu- fact that P!K> HUH married t.. thl- soldier or Miilor prir>r to .him v;;, jj*'i<i t 'or n rc- HiiUiied widow « ho U ^milled to re- or ordinal ifm*!on under the \Vc li;i\ «•" prm idcd n v<-i'v l;irf<> -j< Liiili'i--. .\!iv-~i.< and <'iiildrcn, jtijf) our j-rif Sl-00, S1.50, $1.75, $2.00, $4.00, S5.00, S6.00 Dp not miss this opportunity to get one of these nice warm garments/ Beautiful Silk Fabrics V\ <• !-'!HI-\V ;t line riui'/< 1 (»)' i!iV new New Headwcar for the Children A SOCIM,DANCE Hari'v Xi«rn;in wfnt to l-a Kuilo fo- nv •(•••> H-fv^ dayf' vif-il {Will B* Held in M»lv«rn Halt Prlday Evening. 5 l'0*a f' b poptorn; 5 !»«•-<< tt of small ••fir of cm n'; tiVl Tin krr ,. lv»-d Vi'rdtK adsiV from 11i;ini|<:ii)iti for a whorl visil at UIP hortu- t>( his. p.'irenlH, Mr. and Mi'H. ^rt H-fHf* of futhi-r. charlcK !« (H'!ivlt'»t <abl>n««K, ."> r rod onJoiiK; ' *> I>"«1 whlt«» onSons ] J a^,y"i«iuu.^rt b^'L'r, 1 - 1 :: 1 "•'«-"" •» M--.^^^........^ firU'ly of api'l'M fro" *• THE LARKIN CLUB Omwing *?th n'nd «lli Knidi-K UluKinilo it j 0 6fh and Kth KTiulfH." hird; l loj Enjoyed, Afternoon «t Homo of mrt, RIOIIJ) tif lour tliuwliiKH j J. A. George. Tin- ladii.<4 of the tonkin <'luli .''iijoy- Hpi n( with dainty luiu-li wan tt'SM. . ....... M>I. i.ii inilict 1 vvifl Hr TTJTTf in tin- tiall on l'"rlday tAi-mitK. ''''•'' <'oininitti?(- tit l''n-d Wood. Ahihlo will cl I'dUl KI-II- Wtlls mid l'rn\-i.-.jon.- ,,f that law. lilt a formal d< i•)?>?;n i»> rri| f..r |, l»r•|.artl1l»-n( of the Int..|ji,|-. llMiiatl of IV'ii«inns, \Vn<jhlngt.iti. J.), (". Aifiilaiii: Tin- IlrKt'.KMvUim jif thf A"t * -._. ami a gmxt tit?ic IN «'X|>('vt' il. INSTALL OFFICERS Grove Lodge Will Install Officers Tuesday Evening, fir.'vc L.«IKI.', Xo. 257, I, t). (). I'., will hold tht'ir romilar iTi<-<-tinK tintl in- Htalifitlon of iiffi<vr« on Tui'.«dny cyi'ti- K. Oi't.Srd. All invmiifTH art- m>- r 3rd and ^««»." Mcfit late oakts whtto. Cookinfl vt'f t'iik work and a by iho IIOM- plain i WILL ENLARGE OFFICE !!. It. I'hivlM and company nro )tn* j Mlritth, who cows WE¥E KILLED Lightning Strikes Two Cow* Belonging To A. P. MoElrath. Two C»\\H bt'loiiKtiiK to A, I'. Mi 1 their plnnt trrthp pmjthpHHtr-rrt t while apron, ««rs S Io 12: 43 j part oj Un* <'ity by building mi nddi- nnd over rrwlu-l I"' 1 *' I-' yaid, iloily; li-m ot> thir norilit-rn Hid.- of their of- 9 tnch*s' in Uliumt'T with urorhct i lii'.\ \vhirh will umko • a trnu h Iwltor «d«e: bath tbvyid with , ««dKi>; juu-st showroom for thrlr potted plantM and towel, crnchot l'iw> Insertion. i'"t »Tf--Aiitrrisnh, and kilhnl in nort% wtruck by lif,'litntnn tho pasturv Tuo»<luy THEJURRITT PLACE , KING CONSTANTINE IS ELEVENTH I H BUUJE m CENTER EUEOPEAN WAR l •-- ' •"- ' " ' • :-•-. • i _ Hi» Been Purchnsed by Harry TVaum Of North Clyde. Harry Tratim, of KortU Clyde, ha« pun-haMed the Walter Burtltt rwidencg on 1' Wail Kt. and ii^pwl.s to move jJitirtsr-tl»«: 45r»t of.-1 h«^ y«nr •• to |I(H homo. Mr. Hut'ritt JIUH n^ purclniMfd Jh«- (Srlerxon ivtiidenct* on 1'ark Kt. S»Tt. S, into. T»>ads as follow*: " *- * * Thitt from and alt«-r ih» TUSWIRO of Ihl» Ant thn rate of I'l'ti.iion for a wUIOTtr. now on the roll or • hft-friffrr frt un r | n rc-»-t>iii {he pt'U- sfon roll and entitled tit receive a IOFS rate than hrreljiAifter prux'idfd. u-ho wax the lawful wife of any nl'ii rr "or enlisted iniui in the Army N«vy. or Alaiine t'orpn of Ihe l.'iiited .Staten, durlttR tfm-jtprtort of lifiritcrVIfe Tn We (Ivil war. slml! ho. $J*» per month, and thf nite of piMifloji for n wlflou of un officer, or ontlstfd mnn of the Army, Niuy or Marine Cotpn of. the l'nlt*>d Hhitcs \vho M-rvi'd !ti the civil war, th«> War with Mexico, -or tho War <*f 1812. now oh the roll or hi natter t,, bn to in-rive a Itiig rate tiuin Jir»r provided, "who has rfacltrd or hereafter reach tho stj;e of Vu yearf. nliall bo $^u fier montti; * • » >• If yon arc • pvnuiunpcl aw tho widow of a KoUlirr. Bailor or marine, who nerved in the civil war, tft<« War with Altxie.i, wr Uie, War pf ISIS, and If yon huvM rcurhed tlm aj?*» of-70 JWITH. you 1 liii out »he Wawlt on tho hack hi pfo\ !(lo for lltf ehjldn •ial pritlf' in Kt'I^-tlji.^ 'lOlllH'f ~. ^ c ji !'HI.I - 4 ,||.,.| i,»n of flo ('H';itinn< rnnrjinir in Tliay jut- nil hiuh i:r;i fan Miif \Miir t'ancv Is ail' in si an l',fni n inip'iii. \;H-'| witlc. JTM'^L,,., ,,,...,,, ^ ,;.., ,_S150 3'','Hicy Siripffl T;i iTri;i. yard \viilc, priced .;,,.. ... ... ,$1.75 Fancy Plaid TalTfia, :\n incli..j>rin IVautii'nl Silk ('n-pc, faii'-v >fripc. Silk, yard .50c of this commimicattion -Hud return from 50c to $2.00. NEW NEC'KWPUR, NEW STRAP PURSES, NEW HANDBAGS The Home Store HODGE'SPe Home Store 106 EAST THIRD s to the. Conuniaaioner of Pensions, injtton. D><t;,, bt-lnR careful to «tat* correctly your pension certillcatf ntiiiabtr, tho name ^md- mrvjce of the (toldter, wiUor or*tbMrrar, thn exact rtate of your birth, tin. p|»ct- of your birth, your mujxe.a-a It appears in your sdon certificate, and your prewnt "olfjce address Jn" fujf. If the evidence Inyour pension atso «ho\vn that you 'are entitled ty the In« of |M»n»irtn_|Htrovid««d by-thiH len- mark tin- t-atram-c"nit nutlons Inlo world 1 ''- ~ ~ . . )y 58, 1911— Auwtriu declared war 1.— Oermuny declared -w«ir on declared war on .. V—Genn»«l<irc'd wu"r on Britain dwclured war ori Cicr- join the entente. 3. Failure, of tln> BulKarlijrtH find their allies to keep HulKnrln'M proniiso not to .m«l'/.e Drama, Seri-M and Kavala. 3. Seizure of tlu- Greek army corps (40.000 -men) ul Kavala and deportation of the troop's to Oerniti'ny. The peoplo of fir^KP hnv* leaned toward tho entente allleM the th<> war. King (,'onHtan- tine. Whose'fjneen IH a MlHter of'Killser ;. C—.Austria declared war on HUH- [.Wllholm, has heun cansldcred pro- noxi.' h»M Aujr. 10—Kramre declared war or Attwtiria. '" ""i—»aiontonogro declared war —ny, , .Britain declared war on Au«- 'l'2S-~Japan dychirod wnr on fler- 25—AUfltrlu doclurcil war or «iji 5—Great- JJrlUiin declared war rkey. •.-•' --- : - ' i8, IdlB^-Itnly declared war on AtlWfla. JB J—Sflji ^furlno declared war on —JtAly doclar#d war on Tur- war on .-Ji» •— . Offal Uritaln, France, and, Huiwio. declare*! war on liul- declared igal, Ty tT-rItj|Ty dpf tared war on Per- 87—Boumanla declaretl war-on 28—Qermany 4eolar«tl waj- on klriR and cabinet <u>- on -- nce nan rondo mi formal dooiara* tldh of war on Ocrniany. At the open- tttg -41, ho.itjmti<»H un -tbt> woJttorn frOnf «rlXjn ^.«««>»<u mi, .t,h*» rt.pu|>HP J»- «uea a. statement aiuiounclntr that Htich T«k«» Step. w*«csp- UM y bo r ttltii«liV of former P-remlo tVto-wur on tho «id*» of thp entente. When pressure from ;tho people ftr«t wan appliml. alx:iut a year-afro. Will' Enjoy Social Meeting «t Church Friday. Evening, Th« member* of the tlaptlMt eholr will enjoy a w:«rial meeting at^ the church |>ar.lorn on Friday . Tjpc.h . of tho choir in Invitwl to come and lirliiK u frJiniiU. APPLE TREE BLOOMS An incident which i« attract »HK con- derahlrt attiintkin IK th« blowmlnjf of u-eo, rw«Mrdle«« of Ht« ««aeon, has ^, . grain the in'crfaae.. If further evldetu-o. fm n«»o«t«Biuy, it iidl for satne Will l!»*tlf>. . ' ^^ No cNim agent or attortn-y -will be INCOME TAX RECORDS Should Be Published Or At I (o jmy the hravlr-at tax. N'ot d.irin; j io siHaelv the !tn II!IH> t, t x prim i| I,- Whm Mich incotno oonstitinen the ui'oii.Viiii'i'.h thcjr mm i.ix is<oni- Least Opened For Public Inspection He Says, Tty Paul (>. HiiMiliiir - HiatfM Ht-»riil«r-from WJM-, lax n.'luiii,.« ii I'lllilir doi'iltnent. I If i! shoiifd hf. Kliritvn thnt the' in jj'uiy to private liti^ineww ',y rv:f...n ,,f jpuldlelty Inetdent'al to the ns.s. .-.-sm, n; jiind *.o||<-»t!on of the. jncoine tax l» out jo!' all inji]iortl(.n to th<« |»'Ht.|itx ( |,.!ii v .'"! .(r.«.!!.n..jluiL i-uri...uf. mx-tiiuj!,..,.!!!,.: tax Hhould l»e .'iholished, btit m> (omt \n* it I.H In fore*- all wtop.s neieHn.irv to 'I,, -my Jnd^ien,, „„ valid acumen, | arulx^S^KlJ^ 1 . 1 taken"^ lian ever yet been advaii.'ed why In- though in .-x.'eptj,,nal rase* u' nt'/v iM'^^^^l^V-"!'^!''V- 1 '^ 1 -"---"''" t-r;" 1 ^' ('-<""^f or In.-onveiiiejM,:, |."t,"- forT '""' '" "'"*' ! It •(Written for tho I'nltud matter: ' ' : ~;"* i Hesjieetively, t'omml&Hluner, tion» were b«tweer> Oroece and tha eiiU'iids at which time, it IK un» (Jreece was offered valuable for H* ««>rv,U'e in thw wflir, Kino Prevtnt» War. T)f»lny by th$ king, however, kept OrffeM from jfrininR the "entente and national affairs in the 'kingdom drlft- ed from had to wor«e until the en-. tenU« virltiftUy eKtaliliwhed n dictator- In nio'tii of tho country, Tho tlrxt Htcp in the dictatorship c/iinn wjth tho. ffttAlilitthmoht at the i-iiti-'ji Halkun at Kaloniki on Inyitation' _<if the Urtte it,- u-i.t.^ -fUMtrht to nlff forth Into full bloom, although thure uro very lew .k>t)v«9 upon its brancheii. . . - f HAHNAMAN NEWS j Mr, and Airs. -IV in. Hutten .motored to Ohio Sunday to vlult Mr. Hutten, who haw lieeii vory ill hut in now very much better. ' * . " Mr«. t'etwr Mc(5uire from Iowa, who (-ailed here by tho death of the. The followlntf iH the blank tin the reverse i>f tlu< circular: ..»..,,.,.......... .IS.. : \\"ldow'» crrtilicHte number ......... , Name -of. soldier (or tiallor; .......... Service of xoldier (or sailor) -.--. ...... , ronimlsH loner of Pe Sir: >, I). <". I am jtensioiu.'U under the mi m Ucr. bet'ausn <tf 1 was his wife during tha civil war. 1 am .......... years of ajft'. liuvliiK iH'fn born IS.., ut.... • certain Individuals evade o o. In whole or in part, (heir prop _jUKt—1 BANlOSjCHANGE: j<«! uvndcd hns* 1 to hi" lilrtdt*' KOf'd t -j i .,,, . -•>• those who -make full and hont-st re- i 'I'.i/Igi*^"* 1 !^ turns of their imiperty. -Kvyry tax- ' payer ha« a rlsht t«i know what every othvi*. taxpayer Men will ilodfie taxe.«. I do not'thlnk thiH due *o tini' II to Ililiili-isl dishonesty as to itielTlc'it'iit administration of thn tax lawn. 1 helieve mottt men are willlnic to I'ay their taxex if assured that their fellow (•irl/i-iiK pay' theirs. ilecauHt» of imperfeet, loose 'and fre- (jnpntly dishonest afiseswnent metji- od»r It i»~-nr»t^-ttnu>Mirtl for— men t» From Natio,n«l to "State"" Institution. United NTationul \l/n\;. ,,{ Little York i?« <'lo«.| -M preparatory to -taking | ~Uitii lunik i.'harler, " •ininrij?- the very few* in] ili«' r.iunti \ to dtpart from the i>f X.-iTli.ii,i| !,anl(M and xi\e,« il^. rr a :^,-:^r l> '^ v> ' -• i:hiu - utt " erl "Wall country institution! and tin••<•$"!?. A;,y they are euinpHledl Io j,,,y .$i,:,i;.i iuiniMlly for f. di-ral pro-1 POSTQFFICE SAFE CRACKED. !><-s .Moiiu'K. Iowa. .St-pt, :.;•> |{ohh». hlivke iisto ||)c po.moffie.- at 1'olk CJtyl ami dynamited tin- .safe and e«cnped| with l;'.-u in curn-nry.jiiid Kt;trnpA. I .Montnonth. 111.. Hept -js. The Fir»t. 308 Randolph Why don't you try xiHrraBieel Sold by your druggist, or Mnt postpaid ,for 25c. F. ARTHUR JOHNSON JACKSON, MICH, 4 1 am entitled to the IhcrcuHO of pen- lun. providei! by the tirsi aectlon of f Act of HepL », 1916. ' required—l>y -IreaJiy. I'rot«Htn by Oreee« to the entente were futllo and when the- king ua- Htimed an arbitrary demeanor th«> entente bt'Rnn'to apply more pre«suro on the country. Ainons the flrnt jncas- wa*i a Mookade. This wu« ef- footlvo In a rat Ion of "benevolent neutrality," Uradudlly tin* entente' utrengthened, l» tjrlp on the country until It had teUt'd all the rneunu of communlcu- Son it ml oiiHtud Gorman UKOHU, HtiieRfllp" ....,_ , ,.,„_ ... of a. revolt former Premier declared .the king would uive to how to the popular will or the jtiopjw would take ,th« counu-y'H fate nto tht-lr owij hundjn, Crete was* noised hy the revoiution- little HUH of Joha .tohn hsiH return- »l week-end guest of John Orew'x. • ! Th<iH. Munniou and family from Harmon motored to Huhiminun and Visited at the home of Joseph Kelly laat Sunday. HORSE RAISERS Are Making' Big Jftoney tWpito Into crease In Motor*. . Chicago, 111.' Sept. 38.~T.3'hp Knropoun n— a praetiee .-ictTuTeMfeTl Tn ii~n~ai~ nanctioiU'd hy the authorities, to ilodne their taxes. Often It i.s considered clever for men to Ket the best of their nelKhhorw in conrealliiK properly. .Men Uoant about it and a nort of rivalry has Hprcing ui» between them on the point. Tliiy do not MUi|f to think that they Ute cheating their fellow rltlzena who do pay their just tnxen. They do mil stop to think that tht-y are "welchcra" or "Hprtng-frH" un Moeiety. Some of these aru men who ordinarily would Hpurn. the idea of on their lias in ^uch a Bcarcity of m«rH who raise, the adaptable weight ranfte from, to 1,600 , pounds makew It on cxvollent cavalry or pollen, WutYint, are putting a fellows or , cheating their partner*), Home one IKIH estimated that thi» iruvernrneflt lose* -annually f3oO,uoo,ooo by income tax dodging. Thin may be a very high estimate, do know that 1 do not know, if dOilara of properly payable Uixes under, tho Income tux law are loot to tho United Stntesft-euch 'year bevuuHv of false re- turnsl"- -A- t'orp* -of- Inspectors un- N. B.C. GRAHAM You don't have to coax the children to eat plenty of N. B. C, Graham crackers, These are not only rich in the nourishment that builds bone and muscle, but their tempting taste makes the little appetites hungry for more. N. B. C. Graham' Crackers added an individuality and nut-like flavor that other graham crackers lacked. Thit makes them an almost universally popular article of everyday diet. NAJIOKAL BISCUIT fled Ath«ni» in in open boat to take charge- of a flro- • .^ , and. IVow hw klnff has "decldcul" to «nt«r tlm friends. ernt«n and family motored i und vtalted friendu. / Kelly, or Htorllng visited over Sunday. i e und family motored to it Sunday and. vislte-d i- I'ettljohn luft for her tVlephono men are doing u lixlnir nit of UI..JP :ll,iu prlc'i- on the animals winch ut the prewent lime in being attcunU'd.J^' '-tJie •WhH« thou»nml» oC Percheronu and BejKiana, wel^hiug from 1,500 t«> 1,800 potmdii are «t present emyloywl in drawing' cannon and ammunition wagon* on the batttafteldtf, they are not HO commonly used hore a« the lighter an- A crows between Percheron «t*»fk and ooveriiiK thewe t«x uvas<iou .lutllUwia. to the tax reeelti tnovt;d and all, theae n;i-( to the light of day. . Mi evade their taxes If they tion. The loudest protest BI Ik-lty naturally come» from *mam' ' M^BI Men will not 5c COMPANY and lOc , down trota that are obutrucU ing the wires and doing ^uUo u little repairing In general. 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The polite MeAit-an "Do' you tiH-u'ii Mexican or dme," You inwin ijngHtili thin*. Ko the -MeAicunVw'ill be at -dinner between a and 3 p. in, But if. inadvertently, you should dt'MKHHU "Mexican time," the invited gutmt woiid apin-iu; un> time hMvveen '£ p. m. aiwl V B p m Thai 1^ "Maiiaria"™ tomduow — and it Is MI typist ttiat a MvAican Hi^trii*, another who routine*! that "puh.ctuaHty the pohtenejia. of —Don't nmnlt B dnngftrom op»ratlon for pile* until you haVo ae«n what Pyramid pile Treatment can do for you iu the privacy of your own home. he Automatic Sealing Burial Vault POLICEMAN ENDS UFE. iaiwipoIU-, Iml., Sept, 28,- FourlitK . Uiat_ ha .wujs losiiiK hia_ mijid.. 1'ulict- j;ink M. Hi'hvvak UK^d 5S. killed hSi)it«-lf. Srluvab w.u. the otdi>l 111.Ill on tht' • ludUfliapuljU polK'e I'ol'ee ,. ...... f<t service,' huvttiK served wince April H, IS43. BIO ELEVATOR DESTROYED. Import**. Ihdr. 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More Ber-utiful than Stqne or Mud-- of reiufon t ,1 -et>ni-u-it*, MJ'li a mineral intpervuHiM t» inui.stuie ax pl, t sa Tin- .\nt..rii and w«ler can never «i,t,-; i,,j;,>,i ,,,p, I,IUI):UMIS Will prote. t e.itikef Ijelfediy |ii|'«\<; Don't use the .pe_n-l, ihSl- tt ", ,... v „ ;,,, s u j ,, i, pi««••*)lire, or joint* d \.ntU,V w.iMi • ui.oi i .- j !( , wall water oi Hie e.irlh. \ ASK Y'iru .J-N'I'I:KT.\KI:I: a»>.,f the \ ,- Vauil, and let h:iu iKnmns.Kn,' t', .ii^i,i, 1( n .,.,,, Ui ij, i m ,,(,.i \\{\i,J !r h;j" Y'l-ii il in- tit. i :,-,' u"*' • ' •'- ••> " t i. , - 5iTi .._ f -,- T -= rf -=r i - r _^-*~--- «--=--^^_S5-=i£isJ = -----ajj. Uxxa -Ku^iit .Ui4- tUt pil^i_l ,a III" !,<w '••'-( M,.. i,.| i, , „ , j,,, ,,,, !,(,,( FOR SALE BY ALL Uf.DfKT.^ . . ,. ^ hftanui' .- J iy J. W. HODGi S,-Lyndoii, Hi AT THE CeMENTVriLt < )' iiu.shesi under i.i:!it and wwu. fill ''! • !-• .,!nc; r.nriul

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