The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 18, 1908 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, December 18, 1908
Page 8
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THE BAXEKSFIELD CALIFORNIAN FR1DAT, DECEMBER 18/1908. lest For Christines •BLOOOEl IS K9N- • <•! jis'; c; >ver JJI' I !'•>!• "Very a'.'e mill COM. They are In-Hor than !']li ; 'ni<-iil.: till? TlC\Vest . ' ''if pi'iees are a* al - . e as n:;r irnillls. Sn .- :i'ly i'l i- Uie be-.' picU- Give Her Perfumery for ( 'li rist inns. We would like tit show you tliO l;i!i--i!. long-litY. diiinlii'sl odors in handsome. iiiti>|iir holiday puck,!'-:' 1 -. Slii> will appreciate thrill. A Kodak. today ilyini; business trip t ther desired to dis- i jinrted terms of the • .ins for the .future. •\. he explained, to i .-lldllty for the Un. ] A hat are the prob- j • iie bis company, | i:" was not ready j I'liir any statement ; Hess plans. Union In the For a Man ? A t'niiiitii'ii pi'ii: -- per- (",'i't wrilii:-,". solid gold [icti mid handsome trimmed linrrel: si:'.' 1 convenient. Nn leaking, big ink capacity. They cost niil t<m tnr.ell. See the beautiful d in our windows. Baer's Leading Druggists. ... , ., Special Attention to mail or- H A. Hind.:'•: |i:esident of the San. set 11 ond Oil (••>, ihe extensive \Veti Side oil ;> perly that will bo operated by tin I'nion Oil Company ;] in the future, >• decidedly non • >n\- inlttal rcuard;:i ' ' te: m.-; of the lease , | when seen in his return ti' to San Fram !.-• " Mr. Hlodget i.i , cnaa any of Ihf i' 1 transfer nor hi.- i i lie has no airli: assume any resp-i' ion and uiinouii' ' '-•• able Intention" '•' 'i •vhi'e bin::- '•: :i« yet to mnl<e \< r concerning his l-u- The advent of ih West Side fields will be of tremen- dons value to tin "il industry of the county. A powerful organization that nc.ts and deals in n straightforward ; manner Is Ihe reputation that the Union has generally < stabliHhed and when Its Sunset and Midway plan of operation is put in'" execution, work on a very larae sonl'- is to be looked for. As a refiner, i>mdneer and marketer It is expected ihat the Union will do much for the opening up of the West Side territory. Contest Over M'Kittrick Land The case ol H. li. Sill \s. .losia'n Owen, involving a desert land ciury enibraciir-: the j-olilll halt' of seclii.ll "S-:!L'-"". was lielir^ heiird in tin- I.null] I olll.-c \c;;;erda.v. ..This is the lir.-t of a nnmlier "f similar ilnn \vill pi'db.ildy ei-cine I lie land dtljce oi'- 'i,.j ,|, ' -.( , ,.| i; J..J-, ;'n;' ,-inne lill'e. l.nlll- hc;s;iii I'.nd l.aniliersdn and tleoive I V.'h'':i!,er. i,l' IS.iKcrsileld. are aller- I :;e\ • iCi' eoni i :-i;.ni. and • I'.n vne <>v| ,.|: [i. n'' i.ns Aiu'.'le.-,. lor cl-iiiaa'ii. ' I'.e a: . ;er,.j.,..,| -.I-ihn \V. llev. ey ••' I'l.Illn h.'! • I "''' i'v'l a pillellt II) the ' I--;.;' Ji:ili' ii!" Ilii. nurihellSt ipl.d'ler, tile ; i.e. ; ii".'"-: IMI.II t»-r of I he noi'tile I'-l CREST Hos has YOU WANT IT \ SOL.D ONLY IN TINS Bakersflcld Grocery Co. Bakersfletd, Cal. Sole Agents !. : ' Phone Main 188. 171M719 1! ''e-i'i'.'Ml a patent to lot i'i (j! section ' 2-KM I. ; Annie i.. llev,e\ <n' Porlervilh-, has I'.'i-ceived a patent to the north half of j 'the northeast quarter and the sunitli '. ea-'t quarter of the northeast (|iiarter of section 1!Mi;!-'.!S. I Henlah II. Steinman of Selnia. ha.s ! rei ,-{\ e.l ii paiein '.'•) Ine tractional , p.i ,. -ectlon ^i'i-^'ii-!!i, cmbracint; 'I. ' .:•••:. Vi.--.ilia 'I'ime.-. .FUNERAL SERVICES OF ! .._._ i LITTLE IVY COOK SATURDAY | CaUforninn want ads bring results.) 'i'lu- I'un. r:il se-, ice ot litile Ivy | . | Cook whose sad death was chronicled! .^ .. f^*9*4^f\ • Ji ' "" Mond.i.v. uil! he held al Dixun's nn- | 1^^*%^^ I \JTl I JT\ I deriakin.n parlois i,n Saturdiiy after-j For Infants and Childien. ! ^ j|' - " VI "" K - ; " l<: "» " '"'"^ ;;n ' 3u Kind You Ha»e Always Bought |"'TI','' e (i ,aii, «m i-, ,1,,, n, n«- n - /9 - —.^t ver I'di' inierment in !•'. iniKium Btorsthe x^x/^y^ , ;r! . 1;(> o( )jv 4pator.of UtaSrtrt&Z&UV ; Mi .; ;iml M ;. s ,,, ( . ,, rl( . n i):ironts o( . ^ , .+ i the bereaved lather and moiher, i\lr. ''..•ilifornian want ads bring results. ! . Ml] j],,. ,,, llm (•„„!;. '|-|,,. . 4 randpar- ts of Ibe lille om o isie v . • ' n'iab'o vuccine made. .- ;•-. ::ir.,-KcriMlHonn. Writs "• "''' c * ' , •'• fc '- U V/^\»v:r. INCATTLBCAN Be Mtv«NT«»!"i"* '"' ""• ' "»'' airive,l here from CUTTER'S BLACK LEO VACCIHB | Den vi-r on Thursday inornliiK. C -.'ifoniia's favorite, the most sue- ^^ •= ,f'jl r-isieit usi'd aud lowest ^ ' ^ i " ' ' FINE NEW PROGRAM I AT MORLEY'S THEATER. ! Kolowiici is the line new pnvinini at j Mm !,->'•.• "The l.iid.v or Ihe Ti.^er," i "I'ic! . ,e-i,!,. .1-. ji.iii." "A qalet Trip to j i!:e Cn.ii.i:;,." " I'he American Kleei , Kilie: iir. ,\\i l!ay al Sidney ." "Let it ? .\ • • .! ' '• d I,ail'. lc- l.asl l.nuxhs :•-•. :. '.': i.', ;.; are ".-'.he \Ya:i a ' (iiaiul >MI>'.' and "i.oney Time,' j I In .--i.ei-:,ll I'l (ple.-l 1 . The drawin:; for i lie silver set will take place on Monday next. »'.0c!i OUI n4 ad- reunite. •;.-, v • i O'h'-'T P('ll'-\v EMPIRE THEATER EBK1TE & SON, Porps. i'ii-ecs on S^turd.iy and Sunday 2:30 p. r.i. oi'rt open at 7. ,-ihuw begins al T.30. Second perl'.'-nninv'e. It ((.'(intiniii) 1 ;.; 'i 'rfoi'inani'" I STOCKHOLDER'S ANNUAL MEETING. . , ,. The regular aniinal ineetlne of the stockholder.; of the Firm National Hank of HaUeralleld will be held at their hnnkluir lioime In the Cltv of Bakernneld. Oal.. at 3 o'clock i>. m,. on Tuesdi.iv, Jiinuarv )2th. lOOit, for the election of directors and the, transaction of such Ut I UVi VVfl a t*UU l*4U V» llMDf»*<l>»V*M »J » u«.«^.»* other business as. may urouflrly come before It. WILLI-WJ- TBVIS.Pres. December lltli. 1908. 12-11 Men's $25 Sui i Are on Sale this Week for PROGRAM 1. Ovortinv, 'Manila" Miss J. Singing and DiuicInK Comedian, C.KOIU'.H JONES 2. niU8tra<ed Song, "Dixie and the Girl 1 K.OVO" Paul Tonjes 14. The Punioiis ShadowgraphorB, ' MORRKI.I.o HHOTHHHS ThW wiH rnpi'ddnce scenes fron ttt« Sunday paper eonilu sheet finished with ;i sratid Naval Com bat at SHU. 5 The Ileleu Soule Comnany in "The SKRBNADKIl" Jtatute DaBhaway 'I, 1 ; 1 ''" f"^. klr. Dashaway • • A - K - ll "- v 5 SenHUlional Figure Posiny. and Dancing, CHRISTIE DENE t STANLEY and WEAVER, Presenting their sketch, Mrs- O'Orady's Washday. <t KMl'lRE MOTION PlOTURKh. Two uood comedies—"We Close at Noon" and "Will They Ever Get to Town." IT IS THE PRICES: General Admission J0° V«fl«>rvi>d Section - 1 " 0 GROPING IN THE DARK ; | is bud policy ; lots of people do it : i i no oxcuse for it, tlioity; people who j !lradi' here are not in the ilni'l;.! i \Vc have n full stock of harness,; saddles, ruin's and blankets, tit j prices to suit nil coiners. All nv. wish is 1o once e.-jve us a trial, Try inir drivins proves, ladies or gouts (('arson's') ; none bettor. .. x 4. B. HIHRINC-TOST^ '^^""^ '"""isiTlolb gr-"**'"•*' Greatest Clothing Sale ,»-i, * •--»** r* ^^B^^ _ ,-^ A ,..-, •*, •. •<A' t ;* i ^c','**.y-**^ 1 T f '** < Vr ON RECORD No worc ] e:-v/hen you can buy stylish up- to-c\ i« suits of newest fabrics, well tailor- i.^msuch famous makers as Alfred .I, ..ijamin & Co., Hart, Schaffnar & Marx, Rosenwald & Weil, and Washington Fashioned Apparel, Worth up to $25.00 For #. u i Christmas Suggestions For Men | t-»V_Ji V O UR Men's Furnishings Dept, is overflowing with the choicest suggestions for Christmas gifts; the good taste manifested through out this entire section is more apparent than ever be- fore.Nobby and exclusive styles from fashion centers-values naturally being greater by reason of Redlick's unusual purchasing power. Noblest Neckwear ' There's >ueh a profusion of fashionable neckwear that it's hard to even aiti-mpt description—snmeo m say that no where else will yon find ;-u<'h an array of the correct new styles and exclusive patterns and coloring. Knll folded fonr-in-hands, plain and fancy, 25c to $1.50 — Many in fancy Christinas boxes. Stvlish Shirts Both light and dark colors—(he new tans, greens, hellos and bines, and plenty of other colors, are to be found in our great shirt, section, styles to suit every Individual taste, for we snuw every one of the new conceptions, plaited bosoms In several styles, negligee and golf shirts salon-, the most extensive line and best vahi'-s at $1—others raniTe in price from 50c to $5, Good Gloves Swell Silk Sox The popularity of our silk hose was fortunately foreseen by ns. so we prepared a big Christmas supply. Almost every known shade In solid colors and fancies, are shown in these silk sox at $1 to $2— hundreds of imported cotton and lisle sox in black and all colors, 25c to 50c. Fancy Vests The fact thai there are many new shades in gloves that are shown onK here, and that \ve show more makes and styles than others, "assures" yon of n satisfactory selection both as to style and value. $1 to $5. No matter what price you want to pay for a waistcoat yon have a largo assortment to select from—every one of the correct new models is here, in the popular tans, browns, greens, grays and-beautiful light effects, figures and stripes, the workmanship of the finest, fabrics of the highest class, every price from $1.50 to $5.00—all other little accessories that help to make correct attire have been carefully looked after for the holiday trade, such as pocket handkerchiefs, suspenders, fancy garters and men's inexpensive jewelry. Don't Forget The Big Suit Sale Now on in Men's Clothing Dept. Walk-Over Shoes as Xmas Gifts The pcrfeet assurance oC appropriateness is conveyed in a gift of f'hfiiitmas shoes. —a practical expression of holiday sentiment that will appeal partieul.irly to men The reliable .urnl'ity of Walk- Over Shoes, the great range in variety of styles and the prices—$3.50, $4.00 nml $5.00 merits iinmeiliat-i recognition. Every Man Will Appreciate a Smoking Jacket or a BathRobe for Xmas Especially If It is selected from the splendid assortments shown at Redlick's. Let us show yon the comfortable and warm Smoking Jackets we have for $4,50, see how well they are made and note their good materials. Finer ones are priced up to $10.00. Every man should own a bath robe—often used as a lounging robe—those we are showing at $5 are of heavy blanket cloth in a variety of choice colorings and designs. Up to $10.00 .we .have .the choicest collections of bath robes ever shown In Bakers- fle'd. Trunks, ^Dalises, suit Cases, Etc Are practical Christmas idi'ts. More sentiment attaches to the gift that can lie put to a practical purpose than some trifle that lacks the virtue of practicability. Here are numerous traveling requisiloi Ihnt merit attention because they reflect good taste and are appreciated by men. Trunks range in prices from $3.50 to $35.00. Suit cases from $1.50 to $25. If You Can't Decide u What to Give," Just Get a Redlick Merchandise or Glove Order The iveipiont can then please lin'sell and >ei,,ct any kind of RooOs, al uny time, to the amount you state on the Merehandise urder. Gloves are always accepU.Me just give him a Uodlick Glove Order, he eau then select any style, color and size he likes. llolh oi'dei's arc- handy Christmas gifts.

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