Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 20, 1964 · Page 10
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 10

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1964
Page 10
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Kansas City still in deadlock CHICAGO (UPI) — Charles 0. Finley, owner of the Kansas City Athletics, and Kansas City officials remained deadlocked today over terms for a stad- The Yucaipa Kiwanis Rotary | is the tryouts which will be held (bold their annual auction soon'"'"" 1 '" 1 '""'"'""* Hum lease and the next move Little League holds breakfast |.March 7. 14 and 28 at the reo- after the trials and the boys' morning at 6:45 a.m. in Terrier I was up to Finley's fellow Amer- meetings every month on thejreation field on 7th street. The who make the best showing will Hall. ican League owners, first and third Monday's. Theyjtrials will start at 1 p.m. All:compete in the Major League.| Basketball coach Al Endeman' F 'n'cy Wednesday offered to are at the Yucaipa Elementaryiplayers new to the program as There arc berths for 90 play-l ar>f j wrestling mentor Bob Cham-! for 2 et — at Ieast for lIle l ' me school starting at 7:30 a.m. and'those who competed in the Min- ers in the Major League and a ; bers will bc°'he main speakers. Dcin 3 — attempts to move his the public is invited. ^or League last year must at-lsimilar number in the Minor The event is open to the public. ' c,llb to 0ak Iand, Calif., if the A score keeping class will be:tend so as to give the man-jLeague as Willie Wilsdon, vice-' president for the Minor League. 10 - Thurs, Feb. 20, 1964 Redlands Daily Facts Yucaipa Little League preparations underway Benchwarmer breakfast at 6:45 tomorrow The Benchwarmer Booster group will hold its regular breakfast meeting tomorrow THERE'S A TIME FOR TALKING AND ... held this Monday at 7:30 p.m.jagers and coaches a chance to at the Yucaipa school. The assess their ability. Failure to class is designed to increase appear will prevent them from the efficiency of the little qualifying for berths in the league. Pony and Colt league -Major League managers and coaches. It is! Major league managers will open to all interested persons. The annual Little Lcaguel breakfast will be held at the! high school cafeteria, on April IS. it was announced by Stuart Ramsay, president of the Yucaipa Rotary Kiwanis Little <T • u J , J . . . DETROIT (UPI) - The Los Servmg is scheduled to start:^ , cs Lakers wnQ have , ost at 6:30 a.m. with team man- , hcir ]ast four s b nQ agers coaches and their wives :mqro , han fivc ^ take on and friends doing the cooking ; the Dctroit pislons t|ffl . M fa and serving. As usual the pneej^ secQnd game of a lwo . game One-Point Lakers drop another Face The Facts in Santa Susana Stakes ARCADIA (UPI) — Double expects to field six teams of 15 players each. I Under Little League rules | boys eight years old are not eligible to compete in either of j these two leagues and they, as well as inexperienced boys of i nine, will be assigned to thc: stakes „j nnC r Face The Facts farm league. The farm lcagucj did j ust tnat today when she will operate as a training, went p05tW ard at Santa Anita in league for inexperienced and lthe $4o ,oOO-added Santa Susana young boys. They will be given j stakes, the mile and 1-16 test instruction under the supervi-| for three-year-old fillies, sion of George Leja, recrea ' tion district director. I Kansas City fathers agreed to ia two-year lease. | But Mayor Ilus W. Davis of I Kansas City gave Finley his [usual answer — "No." ! The American League owners ! meet Friday to consider what to do about Finley's failure to heed their order to sign a lease renewal with Kansas City by Feb. 13. To offer course in Judo at Y The Santa Susana, feminine counterpart of the Santa Anita Derby, offered a larger purse this year, with $27,100 going to the winner. AH horses carried a level weight of 115 pounds. The featured Glendale Purse was won by Repute Wednesday the l l 4 mile turf course. By United Press International UCLA and Oregon State are considered co-favorites for next month's Western Regional bas- A 12 week course in begin-'was won by Repute \Vcdncsday| kct ^ u , to " r f, ame . nt : * ul . ! hey ning judo will be conducted at!on the m mile turf course .l could S« r " att< L ned b > - tl,at the Redlands YMCA starting .Repute paid S9.20. .versUy of San Franc.sco jugger- Tuesday evening at 7 p.m. The Revive and Kathalina com-! n ™ • Wednesday night class will meet twice weekly bmed to produce the second, ° Dons threat to UCLA, Oregon in tourney will be 50 cents for a menu in- 1 eluding juice, milk or coffee,j^'he" Lakers, now in third ham and eggs and hot cakes. ;placc in tnc Western Divi- It will be the seventh annual s j on of the National Basketball breakfast and is the only;Association, lost to the Pistons money making event staged by : nfi-115 last night. the league. Dr. J. C. Barr will j The Lakers, behind as muchjciass wm meet iwicc wceniy • uuiuu i« (»»«*'"«•"«-' mt Bl:, - uu "j won their l°th straight contest be in charge of tickets and ; as 12 points in the third quar-'from 7-9 p.m. on Tuesday and j largest daily double payoff in: with anot hcr lop-sided win on Frank Hughes of the Food Fair^er, caught Dctroit 108-10S with|Thursdays. i track history — ?1.123.20. , an enemy court USF> wn j c j, Markets will act as supplier, j three minutes remaining. How| Instructor for the course will; — scored over 100 against Pepper- < assisted by some local firms.lever. Jerry West and Elgin!be Jurgcn Wahl, an exchange, Now You Know dj ne ant i Loyola last weekend.! The annual rally, to which all Baylor missed two easy shots!student at the University of By United Press International jniaulcd the "best University of' persons interested in Little and the Pistons took the lead I Redlands. Uniform for the first j There are an estimated 57 j pacific team in years. 80-59. i League arc invited will be held for good. 'four weeks of the course will'million hogs in the United; JJSF still has "to clinch the. May 15. I Baylor led the Laker scoring|bc shorts and sweatshirts. Poo- States, according to the Holly-jvVest Coast Athletic Conference! The next big event, as far with 34 points, and West added pie may enroll by signing up wood chapter of the American!j n order to reach the NCAA! /T<S OU12 GUBSS' ACTION AND WILL GET 77-/e *JOS DONE IN /SOUND -~ ? as the players arc concerned, 28 more. i at the YMCA. i Humane Association. CLEARANCE MORE KOPLERIKOHBOOOYEARTOBWIUHHtiUIULKWHO : tournament, but its 7-0 record is well ahead of second-place San Jose State (5-2). Coach Pete Peletta undoubted ly has the Coast's deepest squad and his main problem every' game is to find which of his top dozen men to start. His two most consistent performers, Dave Lee and Ollie Johnson, led Wednesday night's attack with 26 and 19. Leo Middleton scored 25 for the Tigers, now 4-3. j More insight into the Western Regional NCAA will be gained tonivht when Seattle comes calling on Utah State. Both are at- large picks in the tournament. "I'm bigger than anybody" Clays cold war of nerves giving promoter the shivers MIAMI BEACH, FLA.—(NEA) —High winds hit the Miami area, ripping off roofs, shattering plate glass windows and even dislodging borsch-heavy park bench sitters from their moorings. Miamians modestly admitted to Sonny Liston when he attempts to take the lattcr's heavyweight champion's title away from him at Miami Beach's Convention Hall Feb. Report had it that the chal- the tornado-like blow and re- LCN S CR had decided to abandon sultant deep freeze were unus-! nls campaign of psychological RETURNS CONTRACT !ual for this winter vacationlandiwelfare against Liston when his MILWAUKEE (UPI) - Tonv - and had a ready explanation.:* [em & , to P"*et the titlchold- . u „, .. . ,; i _. . .. , ,. . ers training camp at nearby Clomngcr. a 24-year-old right-j They reasoned that the Sales wa .° halted by a police handcr who compiled a 9-1 were cold air rushing in to fill d)jcf nanm , _ MW hear thjs record last season. Wednesday; the vacuum left when Cassiu jreturned his signed contract to]Marccllus Clay stopped spout- the Milwaukee Braves. 'ing hot air about what he'll do of tickets. I hope he does it.' "What can you do with a filbert like that?" Dundee had another fear about the forthcoming fight, which has been partially allayed. He got thinking how horrible it would be if Clay, for all bis bluster, choked up when he got in the ring with the man he calls The Big Bear. "I called in Cass for a heart- to-heart talk," Chris said. "I asked him how he knew he — Wiley Barefoot. j wouldn't wilt under the horrible Chris Dundee, the profession-!glare Sonny gives opponents al promoter who is partnered!just before the fight starts." with tycoon-sportsman Bill Mac-i " 'Anybody wilt, it gotta be HUGE SAVINGS |H OUR BARGAIN RACK Inventory Cleannce *Wid«Whit«! • Narrow Whittrt *3.TNyIonl *3-T Rayon! *TubfTy|»l *Tubt1«Ml *13,14,1»,lMnch Shwel EXTRA BIG TRADE-IN ALLOWANCES EASY TERMS! ONE WEEK ONLY! BRAND-NEW GOODYEARS l.7hll I lick til ut ttutf* MflrLKntit. * NOT SECONDS * NOT RETREADS 3 JRIYI AN AH-Weather "42 I II I LUIl Made with TUFSYN M 25 Weekly will buy a full set of 4 tiresl Buy nowl 650-13 Nylon A/W Blackwall, Tubeless $12.65 650-13 Nylon A/W Whitewall, Tubeless 15.64 710-15 Nylon Safety A/W Whitewall, Tubeless 26.00 670-15 Nylon A/W Blackwall, Tube Type 11.45 750-14 Nylon A/W Whitewall, Tubeless 16.55 710-15 Nylon A/W Blackwall, Tubeless 15.73 800-14 Nylon Safety A/W Whitewall, Tubeless 25.95 670-15 Nylon A/W Whitewall, Tube Type 14.71 760-15 Nylyon A/W Whitewall, Tubeless 19.98 800-14 Nylon A/W Blackwall, Tubeless 15.60 850-14 Nylon Safety A/W Whitewall, Tubeless 28.50 800/820-15 Nylon A/W Whitewall, Tubeless 22.32 RETREADS, ANY SIZE-4 44.44 Whitewalli $2.00 more each USED TIRES 2.95 up TIRES MOUNTED FREE DURING SALE | OPEN TIL 9:00 P.M. FRIDAY LOOK AT THESE BUYS! " GOOD/YEAR SERVICE STORE I 112 W. STATE ST. PLENTY OF FREE PARKING 793-2935 "Don't balloon to the moon.. •. M 9 Come down to earth and play it safe. Save at Arrowhead Savings where accounts are insured by an agency of the Federal Government up to $10,000. Your money will earn 4.85%' interest compounded quarterly, together with daily interest and bonus interest. Come join the crowd and we can assure you that at Arrowhead Savings you will receive down to earth service from some real down to earth people. 4.85* current annual rata AND LOAN lay ASSOCIATION 301 W. Highland Ave., San Bernardino, Calif. 148 South Riverside Ave.. RIalto, Calif. Donald in promoting the 15 round contest, wishes it were true. "This goofball, lovable kid is driving me crazy on this fight," Dundee said. "He thinks he's getting to Liston with all his big talk and threats and, ya' know something? I'm beginning to think he is. But it's all very disconcerting to a promoter who never knows for sure when his fight might explode outside the ring — and without paying customers." Dundee cited as an example of the high explosive prcfight atmosphere. Clay's welcome of Liston when the champion Liston,' Cassius said. TU stick my nose right up against his and glare harder than he ever could. The fight might end right there, that's just how powerful my glare can be.' " Dundee has had one more big problem with Clay. It had been reported that Cassius was playing footsies with the Black Muslims, a rabidly anti-white, Negro organization. When Chris heard that Malcolm X, one of the Muslim leaders, had attended one of Clay's workouts, he again summoned the challenger to his office. I explained to him that I didn't want to interfere with his personal life and didn't believe •arrived here to take up train-[that he could really be interims. Clay, and a mob of co-icstcd in a hate organization of |horts — all carrying elegant!any kind, but that this talk i canes — chased Liston into a Iabout the Muslims was liable private waiting room at the airport, forcing him to escape by a back door. A fine publicity gag everybody said. Chris says no. "I tried my damndest to talk him out of the idea," Dundee said. "I told him 'this big guy is liable to get tired of this stuff and pop you right in the mouth.' " 'That would be great." Cas- to ruin the fight. " 'Now Chris," Cassius answered, 'you know I go to the Elks Club and the Rotary and all those places with you. I got­ ta be nice to everybody so they'll get to like me and buy tickets. " 'As for that Malcolm X, I'm bigger than he is. I'm bigger than anybody.' " Dundee is still trying to fig- sius said. 'It would sell a lot'ure out that one. Challenging Cassius feels "old man's gone stale" MIAMI BEACH (UPI)—Sonny Liston's sudden finish to his sparring preparations drew gleeful shouts today of "stale, stale, the old man's gone stale," from challenger Cassius Clay and bis handlers. Champion Liston had planned to box Wednesday and today, at least, in training for his second defense of the heavyweight crown next Tuesday night at the Miami Beach Convention Hall against Cassius, the Kentucky braggart. Instead, 30-year-old Sonny made a retroactive announcement Wednesday that he had finished his sparring chores on Tuesday. That came as a surprise to the 600 spectators and about 70 sports writers and photographers at the Surf side Community Center. Trainer Willie Reddish explained: "Sonny is right on edge now and we want to keep him sharp that way until time for the fight He'll do just enough roadwork and gym exercises to hold the edge." However, 22-year-old Clay declared: 'A lotta worry and a little work made that ugly old bear go green-cheese stale. He didn't box enough to put a midget in shape — just 91 rounds. He was so scared of me — the greatest —he just turned into a tired old 1 senior citizen, who'll be goin' around talkin' next Wednesday about what a great champleen he wuz. I said wuz." Angelo Dundee, challenger | Clay's trainer, expressed amazement He stated: "As long as I've been in boxing, I never heard of any man quitting his sparring a week before an important fight unless he was very stale or hurt in some way." Although Cassius already has sparred 143 rounds, to Sonny's 91, he will not complete his leather-tossing until Saturday, Dundee disclosed. NBA Standings Eastern Division W. L. Pet. Boston 46 16 .742 Cincinnati 45 20 .692 Philadelphia 27 33 .435 New York 19 48 2&i Western Division San Francisco St Louis Los Angeles Baltimore Detroit W. L. Pet. 38 26 .594 36 28 .563 23 32 .508 27 36 .429 16 46 .258 Wednesday's Results New York 120 St. Louis 114 Philadelphia 130 Baltimore 122 Detroit 116 Los Angeles 115 San Fran 108 Cincinnati 101

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