The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 18, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, December 18, 1908
Page 7
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FRIDAY, DECEMBER 18, 1908. THE BAKEESFIELD OALIFOENIAN The Matliie Brewmi Company OF LOS ANGELES r, Brewers of Celebrated Red Ribbon Wurzburger Bottled Beers A. P. EYRAUD, Agent PHONE MAIN 241 Free delivery to Bakersfteld and uarantce for purity and quality. The best beer of all—a $1000 gKern. LEGAL LEGAL ROAD NOTICE. Office of the Clerk or Uie Board of Supervisors, County of of California. Kern, State To all non-consenting owners of the hereinafter described tlce, that the report lands take no- of tho viewers pcrvisors. on proposed County Road No. 271, described as commencing at the corner to sections 1 and 12 on the east boundary of township 2ti south of :angc 20 cast, M. D. B. & M., thence west along and 30 feet on each side i Attest: of the line between sections 1 and 12, E and 11, 3 and 10, 4 and 9, and 5 and 8, a distance of 5 miles; Road 271 A, beginning at the quarter section corner on the east boundary of section 12 of township 26 highway will pass over, through and upon the lands of Kern County Land Company, E. E. Sherwood, J. L. Robertson, F. Evert, Chas. E. Lawrence, Chas. Benton, J. R. Melchev, M. Perkins, McFftrland-Laird, S. Tucker, W. F. Laird, M. L. McFarland, J. W. Gilmer, J. B. Rao, S. A. 'Stlmpson, J. E. Yoakum, L. L. Kalor, J. L. Nethaf, E. Schumaker and M. M. Cecil. By order of the said Board of Su- pervisors. H. A. JASTRO, Chairman of the said Board. Attest: t. !.. MILLER, Clerk. 12-16 lu H. A. JASTRO, Chairman of said Board. I. L. MILLER, Clerk. ROAD NOTICE. 12-1G SHERIFF'S SALE. No. 28-157. Mutti'snn and Williamson Jl-uiufiic- rinii Co.. Plaintiff, vs. Oldeivliaw ,,-'"•-'.. <> eoiHirtnershin composed of C. H. Olilersha-.v and F. H. Oldershaw, De- tendiinla. Hv virtue nf an execution issued out o! 'he Sunerioi- Court of the Coitti'v o.' l.os Anireif". Sta'e of California, wherelt) Matteson £ Williamson Man- ulaeturin:i Co.. Plaintiff, and Oldershaw Bros,, a coiiiirtnershli) coin nosed of C. I). Oldershaw and F. H. Older- sh-iw. Defou'lanis. nno '.•'Tilered t!ii> nth <h-, I). I'.niS. for tho sun; Office of the Clerk of the Board of I south of range 25 cast, thence west along and 3u feet on each side of tho line between th« north ami south ] halves of stc-Mons 12 and 11, a dls tance of 2 miles; Supervisors of the County of Kern, State of California , ,,,, ,,.,. ,„.,.,. llllv: To all non-consenting owners of the ! """I defendants or eitl rle<jpHliprt iinrf<* tnko nn uescnued lanus, taite no- 1 j n ti u (ice, that the report of the viewers on \:\\\ ad red t!ii) nth <I ;v of November. A. US. for tho sum of .H7-i:i.<:l. lawful inonev of the United States', lie- Allies costs and Interest. 1 have this dav levied ilium all (lip rlnjii. title, claim and interest of. In and to tlio real estate to-wlt: Ml (lie rliiht. title ;ind interest, of ...d defendants or eit an:i to Lot one (II of , C dit er ot them! Block nine (i hester tract, (be same ' Road 271 B, commencing at the cor- j proposed County Road No. 268, cle-! < ?V" r ! nv it ?/ ^? r i n ; ?iV^ C a? r i f'{""'r 01 '!'Oilier to sections 11, 12, 13 and 14 of I scribed as commencing at the Inter- ^[f,i defeSidants or either o" thorn in township 26 south of range 25 east, section of the eastern boundary of and to that certain leasehold of. tin M on to the"Citv"of B'tfcenifleid. _ _. Kern. State ..-" Also all the riu'ht, title.and intereju of thence, west along and 30 feet on each &lde of the line between sections 11 and 14, a distance of 1 mile; Road 271 C, commencing at the corner to sections 13 and 24 on the east boundary of township 26 south of range 25 east, thence' west along and 30 feet, on each side of the Una between sections 13 and 24, a distance of 1 mile; also extending easterly from starting point 113 feet to road No. 99; Road 271 D, beginning at the quar ter section corner on the south boundary of section 13; thence north along and 30 feet on each side of the line between the east ana west, halves of section 13, a distance of 1 mile, baa been set for hearing before the said Board of Supervisors at their rooms in the County Court House, In the City of Bakersfleld, Kern County, County Road No. 9!), and the line be- (ween sections 20 and 29 ot township 27 south of range 26 east, M. D. B. & M., thence oast along and 30 feet on east side of said section line, 3406.7 foot, to corner of sections 20, 21, 28 and 29, thence east along and 30 feet on each side of the line between sections 21 and 28, 22 and 27, 10577 feet to corner of sections 22, 23, 26 and 27, a. distance of 2.64 miles, has been set for hearing before tha said Board of Supervisors at their rooms In the County Court House, In the City of Bakersfteld, county and state aforesaid, at the hour of 10:30 o'clock a. m., of the 4th day of January, 1909, where any and all persons-Interested therein may appear and make objection thereto If deemed proper. The said proposed roaa or public highway will pass over, through and Sta'te of California, at the hour of 10 upon th e lands of unlmown owners, o'clock, a. m., of the 4th day of Janu- j A. N. Towne Co.. H. C. Phillips, estate ary, 1909, where any and all persons of H. P. Bemlo- deceased, S. W. interested therein may appear and I Root, Ollio Thomas. W. A. Frl<:k, W. make objection thereto if deemed j Falconer and the' Sun Francisco Snv- proper. i'lK'; Union. Tlic salt! proposes road or public By order of tho ^-M-^^ occupied bv C. D. Older- w & Co. at No. 1010 10th Ktneet. he Hahert'elde bnildlm* In the City storo shiiw &Co.atNo. . in thf Haiiert'elde buildlm* In the City HnkersileUl. Kern Coiintv. Califor- Public notice is hereby civon that 1 will, on Frtrjav. the Kth dav of January, A. D. 1909. at 2 o'clock n. in. of ~ " Race Track Gambling is Doomed (Sacramento Bee.) .' iiininees that the ami-race HMI-U i'i',1 'ill trluiniili become stronger as th : i inn fcrowif nearer to the next ses- "leii of the let;lKlatnre. Since u->.s'>s , we', rottnted by the Hoe, nio^-e (l-nu :i j i'.i ( ''•'..!; ago, the aKsurcd niajorii\ in j of (In; bill In the renate !ia-i! I I'roin 'iz to 25, and the iiosslbil- j ity nf defeai. is becoming more and | moi" remote. Tiic three additional sknutors who ha\" put themselves on record in favor of nmrality and against the annual loll thii" she gamblers count in millions of doll.irs and BCOI-OS of wrecked lives aro l.'j H>>;, Wright of San Diego, Henry M. \Villis of San Bernardino, and J. C. Batrs of Alaineda. Senator Walter F. Price of Sonnnin, may !><> counted on for a vote aguiiiKt the iar» track, although he has so iur refituMl to make any public statement of his attitude. A natural desire 10 get Into the band waunn will Influence u number of discreet senators to vote for the measure, senators who now refuse to declare thei:;:-r'!v.' ; ; on the ground tii.n it would not be ethical or good taste to do <n. Some of these guarded senn- <>r:; .,.- ''-n|r motives in kcepin;.; sl- l'--:i' a'.-e ;.. .-:ect!y sincere. Some of them will undoubtedly vote to ellmln- i;i. k giiiiililiiij;. but even e.ouutlug all these uncertai.i -mes on the other side the result will !;i' Just i!." same. Xo one has beon sele"'ivl yet 10 in- iroducf- tin- iintl-raoe liack '• -I! In tiie senate. Frank Oils, of Ahum ! i, will do it in the assembly, which will vote for it by a Rood, sai'e rr,a:n iiy. ai reply to an inquiry i'-om the B.-e, OM.; has written as follows as to 'lie natui-'f of the bill: "While 1 hav'i snvenil meriK-.iros th; ; ( 1 will introduce, the inn^t important one Is the an'i-r.iee irnc!; Kainbllti.u. [)on't be Late for the Whistle. 60 to Geo, L. Snider and buy a — = BICYCLE I am* Closing out all '08 models^ at a .Great re ducti ion <?°. ffil 'ifi mimic auction, for lawful mon ern, sell at (i i >, /». i^/, ic'"«'. «it p '— ,-... -. s.aid day. In front ol the Court House Countv )n. Tor la is. all th« of said detenda. _.. ... to the above described oroncrtv. the Countv of tction. Tor lawfi: ed States, all the right. interest of said defendants, of. In and and . or so much ther nev of. the itle. claim sarv isfv s _.,. ?of us mav tie neces : to ra^lse sufficient inonev to sat de. % :nt wit said nidement. with Interest and costs, etc.. to the highest and best rest best ;r Dated Dec. T - w --,«. Bv T. A. Baker. 'Deriutv. ' 12 : 16 The. President's Bad Break All new and u]>-!"./la'o: no shop worn or old slo.-k. You will lie pleased wllh any selei-limi you may make, as every bicycle in my store is "Al'' article- of the ijrnde. Tires! Just received n fresh shipment of (lie best. I want your tire business; I can take care of you in a way thnt will lie sutisfnctory. The Holidays are on us. A question is, what to get for,that preKent Select something beneficial and useful. Nothing better than a Bicycle. .Get Something for home entertainment an Edison Phonograph is the proper article. Have I got them? Rol yon. Call nnd see'and hear them, the up-to-date. Play both the late Amberol or 4 minute, and the Gold Mould or 2 minute records. I am headquarters for Edison phonographs and records; the largest and most-complete stock in Kern county. I sell Edison Phonographs on installments. Just received a largo shipment of Zon-o-pliono records; will sell at a reduced price. I also have a select assortment of pocket cnlelry; also razors, the best ever. Call and examine my line, will be pleaded to see and show you. liioyele and Talking Machine repairing a specialty. A nice line of Cabinets for Edison Keeords in stock. GEORGE L. SNIDER Phones Main 295, Main 1185 958 Baker Street, Kern, Cal bill. 1 ilo not o-«re to make public a' piv ii'iit the enai-o text of the bill, bu* will ptnto fiat, it \vill lie drawn ii'.ion the lines of t'K 1 Hup.hos u.oTi'T'e. \'< fii'ly oni'cte'l in the st.ito of N"\v r oik, and will be Jirec-VPd ryainst tho U'lhng of pools on races or the r'nc- nig of money at the tracV« Its sco will be broad enough to cover the entire subject." obstructive attitude of the Columbian government. So long as tho purchase was free from venality, the Arnorl cnn public takes little Interest In attempts to thresh out the old straw of the Panama secession. That Incident is viewed by popular opinion In the i same light that it viewed the Louis- 1 latm Purchase, the annexation of Tox- j as and the territorial acquisitions re| Kiilting from the Mexican War. President* Roosevelt was right In a ^ ( ' I treating Colombia as a negligible of heat ! (lt] . ultlty , 1I](1 (0 i, nl (,|i nf . 1(le | ts prp . tensions when it endeavored to extort I he silence of contempt—are farCallfornlan want ads.; three days, more effective in rebuking slander inj calling to his side the sense of justice and fair play so elemental In tho American character. Mrs. Andrews' oanclng class will meet tomorow night at the Woman's Club Hall, 8 o'clock. Telephone Main 1407. 116 * * * * * * * * * **•>** * * DE. LUNG CHOW * * DUCK ON TONG 00. * Drug Store 8 The dispatches say there was laughter in the. Senate' when th" President's staiemunts regarding tho I-'amuua scandal wi're read. Stnal! \uY'i<'i'. 'J'li' 1 I'l't'sldi'iil's \va.-. an itniHsnifi'-'il display i'.i!d vloli iHO. The vehemence and ansrr of his denials that, there was onerous conditions ami an exorbitant. 739 19th Street, Cor. Q Sf * <. * **•}•*** * * •:• * * * •:• •> * .? Dec. 2O SPECIAL ENGAGEMENT American Amusement Company Offers Mr. Sanford Dodge, supported by Miss Louise Marshal, in Goethe's Masterpiece FAUST SEE The Crest Electrical Sword Fight. The Wonderful Brocken Scene. The Dance of Death in the Brocken A Carload of Scenery and Electrical Effects. Price.* 25c, 50c, 75c, $1.00 Buy Seats Thursday. jonytliing improper in the pirn-huso of t ho interests of the French Canal Company are singularly out of place i.'i a state paper, and wholly unnecessary. A plain and temperate statement of the case would have been far more effective than his angry denunciation of his rather absurd threat of having a government prosecution In against the editor of Iho New York World, says the Oakland Tribune. The American people arc convinced that there was no corruption In the deal for the purchase of the concession and property of tho French company. and whatever haste and Irregularity there was about, the recognition i of the Republic of Panama has boon th doiiPd and approved, i:i attending circumstance? view of and the •rg Holiday Suggestions •!! Good Things lo Eat and Fine China r -W carry the fiiK-sl line of imported -oods to !,e fmind ;-, tin\ alley. Imported |.'i K s in^ baskets, Stuffed Dates and l-'i-s in boxes and -lass. Cireen Olives in bottles. California <ilace Fruits, Pintml IVuncs in glass. Shelled Almonds. Lowm-y's Chocolates in fancy boxes. Hench Nut Preserves. Jleinxe'.s .Mince Meat in stone crocks and bid-. Kemeinbor we, are sol6 agents for National Crest Coffee. A visit to onr store will eonvinee you of the superior qunlitv of our goods and jaethod of doing, business. Our stock of Iiaviiand and Imported Hand Painted China is complete, ^puple who have called at our store in past week \v»ro amaxed at our beautiful display of llavdand Hand Painted China, Cut, Glass, Brasses, Carving Sets, Steins arid articles in general, which appeal to Christmas shoppers, Bakersfield Grocery Company Tel Maine 186 1715-17 19th. Street sum as the price of allowing the United States to complete the canal. In that matter, as In the matter of the canal purchase, the people of tho United States, as a mass, endorse the acts of President Roosevelt. He should be content with that. He cannot sllenco criticism nor still the tongue of calumny. He only gives his enemies fresh excuse for attack and his friends cause for mortification by hurling epithets, angry denials and empty threats at newspaper editors. Ills manifest, bad temper puts him at a disadvantage, and ho causes tho judicious (o grieve by carrying on undignified controversy, which must of necessity ho profitless, Into his official correspondence with Congress. He discredits his high office by displaying his wounded prldo and angry feelings. Dignity and fortitude—and MECHANICAL TOYS WE HAVE A PEW LEFT FROM LAST YfcAR WHICH WE WILL SELL FOR COST HOLIDAY GOODS SEE OUR CHRISTMAS CARDS A WEABER. 1822 Chester ave Phone Ms'n 4 E C. J. Planr, President Arthur S. Crites, Cashier. A BANK ACCOUNT FOR CHRISTMAS Tliero is no gift for your boy or girl that compares with a bank account. It will make many a Merry Christinas for years to come, because it teaches the wise use of money, instils economy mid thrift and helps to form the saving habit. AVIicn ranking up yo,ji' list of Christmas presents, include a 1'ank hook with the First Hank of Kern. -1 per <-eii(. interest, paid time deposits and Saving accounts. Kahler Sas: Now is the time to make your selections from our complete stock of Christmas Goods Suitable presents for youiiir arid old at prices to suit all. T>o sure and come. HEADQUARTERS FOR CHEISTMAS CARDS AND BOOKS. BAKERSflELD DRUG CO. Kahler Bros. I'HONE MAIN 42 Corner 19th A ! flti. Safe Rent One Now Deposit Cheap Necessary Handy Safe Boxes Bakersfield Abstract Company GEO. HAY, Mar. Chester Ave. and 19th St. Basement The Little Racket Steve Tho little store of L. T. fj od ley & Co., corner 18th and Chester avenue, is still adding new lines of 5, 10, 15 and '2. r )c dry goods and notion specialties. Our latest will be the IJiehard.siiu embroidery am! Ills, which is the most popular i-mhtvidcry line in I In- '.vorlii Y\V invite tb< 1 ladiis Ic i',,' : and inspect a 1Y- w Kiunpl'-.-. already received. .'loin .'i liichardsoji Club ind learn the beautiful art of embroidering. We give spe- many useful on cial prices articles. L. V. GODLEY & CO. Dr. J. S. Weiser Manager of the Weiser \ Optical Co., KKJI! 1 street, Fresno is in Bakersfleld this week commencing .Monday, December M. !!«>.P. m will stop nt (hi.- X--w s',< in thorn Hotel. Eyes Examined Pre« All^Work Guaranteed

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