The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 18, 1908 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, December 18, 1908
Page 6
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORN1AN FRIDAY, DECEMBER IS, 1908. *, if Mi Present Him Wi.h Overcoat i«r Xmas? lh ••"its are r".-,t appreciated. ; ! aybe t'.-'HuT. !r'si>,-;i'd or son is just I'.-iirly •j, lo get one of iinr handsome, stylish Sir's or .tats. Wouldn't it !><• a pleasant surpri^-. if •lei-ted one fnr him hy ,mirself'? If t!i.' si/e I'tirlit or tin! p.iiiovii isn't exactly to liis liking, !iaek vvi'li him and \vi>'l! in,ike it rijrltt the day i hristmjis. It will he an unusual onl-of thc- U'.v Christinas present. .1 vmplo maMer ,o liny elo'liiny; at "The ll'ih." "i'ii e to nil. Mvi-rylhini: marked in plain IIM- .\ -iiiall child i\.'!i luiy e.ltithin": here \v' ' -al'eiy as ID v;'!t!es and Kill i.sf'iiction, on. No eld fiinniniLre to work o(T. as a tv wo do. Ih Ilo 01 m IJSIFU GIFTS •t- i.f Sill; K.-i -1'i-rs with lies (,, •'s (if Silk Suspenders wi.'h Ann Mand.s to match. :; h.iiial and-I'lnin Handkerchi !k lincil and unlined. nd if is>\ ei s. it •' (.'oats. "I.e.-,. N Oil Saves Uncle A Laugh in Sam Money Every Line WHEN IN DOUET BUY A MERCHAN- DISE ORDER y» S.VVISEKOPF Corner 19th and I Sts. WE MAKE A SPECIALTY OF . COYS' CLOTHING I), o/iia if IS LIBEL \1C\V VOI1K, Due. 17.— On a charge if criminal libel, n;ade by John 1). 'A'" -U-.-.-i i..-. .I.-., s. s. Carvallio, prc-s- .<!•!!! oi' tlr Stiir Company, pnlilishers .-•: \Viiiiinii il. llearst'h New York v a 1 - ai-n.-sted today and ar- accompanied by his i. .Mr. Murphy, appealed j,, l>j s . , ttonu'v .I'Tonie'.s oMi;i: early in :•' and inadi' i "inplaint that the ' l''i"li.--hi,i! in i he New York an .'!' Hi-. >'i:;ber li; under a o daii of Derember K"., with '.-•'iine, ".I. I). Rockefeller, Jr., ; '• (I i'""na,m- in stockade, it is ' !••.hi- d to injure his good name, ! •ion and credit and to make '•;>' i idir iilous. Also Charged. lijuiitted a typewritten alllda- •otiyiun these charges to As- Mistri'-t Attorney C.arvan, to ii' < a-" was assigned. On the • :i"n of th" aflidavits lo -Mag- i'inii, hi' Issued warrants for si nf .Mr. Carvalho, liadl'onl treasure, and Edward II. of the Star Company, was found in his office. :uul (.'lark were not in their Carvalh-i took bis arrest nood present when , as he did warrants would served today. Lawyer Shearn, af- pleading to have Mr. Carvalho pa- di d hi his custody, said Merrill had ot arrived at the office when the de- calliid, but that he would ap- iu court tomorrow. Clark was In |! California, Shearn said. ... FRANK LAJE L i lie use o: oil, furnished by the Un. Oil Company of Los Angeles, as instead of coal, In the stationary ..lers of the Panama canal zone, Is '' ting a saving lo the United •H government, of 65 per <?etit , luel bills, wherever oil le used, I he LOB Angeles Express, is strong argument In favor of n.-e of California oil as fuel Is inibllc In a recent report of the •cling department of the Isthtul- .nial commission. the first of the now year practl- a'.l of the stationary boilers In 'mania canal zone will have been led for burning oil, and it Is es- d that the monthly consumption u MI be a little more than 24,00fl '-. Besides this, twelve new oil::•-• locomotives have been order•he Pnn-'rnn railroad, .: dell-, .u uy the Panama rail- v-ds .f' a ton aud In -the year elided June "", 1908, the r-.Miion was 31. 292tons In the - in which oil is now being used. , a (omtiHTC'ial basis,"'says the i. "a barrel of oil delivered to mmission will generate as much as a quarter of a ton of coal, the costs In' cents a barrel, -. inu from the fuel point alone , ,"i', p.-r cent. In addition to Mif i'iNcd expenses. mteh as o;' flivmen, etc., are consider- ay iai'i.- are also given concern• I'ni'in oil ompauys pipe line •- th>' isihmtis. T'ais pipe li:ie was a use d an eri'ur by .Mr. !ir.. au In .•'•en; i'i'i'idi ntial campaign. Air. . ia-iiri-'.-tiy assvrted that the ioa tor the !>!;•(' li:.* v.'as giv- •he v. ar depart mi'i't to the . d Oil Company, whi'ii in real- to the Union, tlie ot the Standard on AUTOMOBILE FOR HIRE J. fl. Jones Carter's Hotel, Marlcopa Bakersfield Garage, Bakersfield. Main 142. Main 1200 Those who did not see Max Figtnan in "The Substitute" at the Bakersfield Opera ilouse missed two and o halt hours in solid enjoyment. The play is clean and bright aiul FigmaJi is even better In the role of the cate- less, bright young lawyer than he was In "The Man on the Box." The play Itself Isn't so much, rather weal; In places, but It furnishes action and iiues tor Figmaii, and Figman is the play itself. The actor's style ot speech Is Jn- Imltnlile aud his peculiarities all ! make mi humor. There was a laugh i in every .lino last evening and the I audience thoroughly enjoyed every i iniuutf •>:' the performance. WE HAVE 1,000,000 OPIUM EATERS IN LAND, ! \ chiiii;;!) dispatch gays: • Insanity j-'rows three times as fast ! as the increase ol population in the | I'niied States," i I'r. David Paulson, president of the i Anti-Cigarette League, is authority for | ! tills statement. "China," he continued, "used twenty-si.-, grains of opium last year for eviTv man, wotiiaii and child. The United States used fifty-six grains. c rs in n\\f shrdiii shrdln, hrdlu hrdlu There are at least l.Wiu.oftO opium users In this country." GOOD THINGS TO EAT AND DRINK "We 1 , linvc them. Try some of our imported Italian olive oil. , Just the tiling for your salads and soasoninjj. \Vu also carry a fine line of imported macaroni. Groceries, Liquors and Cigars. Pasquini Bros. 1209 19th St. Main 655 Prompt Delivery. V court before Magis- At the soli<' ; l ation u[ Shenrn, atioruey for the . an without aa> i raised mi the part of r'.-t. A I loi'iiey (lar'/an, Qualify— clean— perfect eacher i v. a.r lii I I'.H'll who eoiild li .:vi- I'.H i .- '• i- i in tin 1 a i hi> . Nu\\ \on li- n.o xvliai inotlvi the !'ri>iii'' I'.ii-.J.t Hoy i.triumphantly I — Loco K-.t'.Yeii.- 'I it-nil.i Yo.ur grocer will ^rlnd better if Kfuuud at home CHICAGO, Dec. 17.—Federal con- i ml over the capitalization of railroads and an extension of the powers of the interstate commerce commis-! sion were urged by Commissioner' Franklin K. Lane iu an address here i today. Declaring th-.u Federal con-j trol was bound to come, .Mr. Lane ! said: "1 would have every railroad board of directors which issues stocks or Lond.s record in its minutes the pro-1 else purpose for which the securities ar" in be Issued. Then 1 would hold the board for all time to a compliance with that purpose. Then if we find thai. SI,111111,11:111 had been raised for aiiuipuii-ut ai:d spent upon Wall street for sp'-ciilaiive purposes, the dircc- uld be held criminally llabk,. ' ouc.'Ssion for the pipe line v.ay .anted to the Union Oil Cotn- < the s;(ivi inmeiit of Panama in r. linCi. and a similar conce^- •.•!• l.uul owned by the United ami the Panama railroad was ' 'd Jan. in, i'.iOO. The latter is ble at will by the United 1:1 i-.-tiirn for tlie court nf ;ii-n the Un. i ill (ill Company pays $.">"n a month, 1,>'uiiiiiini.' Aug. 1, linn;, Ito i::" canal. /.dii'. t.ei^ury, which ii- used 10 sup-* port public schools in the zinc. He-' sides that, the Union Oil Company, pays ?J.jii tn the .government of Pan-, ania and is subject, to the usual canal , zone taxes. It further furniBhes crude ' oil to the isthmian canal commission j and to the Panama railroad for 90 i cents a barrel. • Announcement! £1 Belmont HAVANA CIGARS The NEW kind AMERICAN BAKERY AND EESTAUBANT. afrnn open petising plac A clean and ap- In eat. \Yhite help only. We sell the famous "Btit- tenrut" Bread. RICHARD HOESER, Prop. tors, i-di The Interstate Commerce Commission J huv hl "'« matter and \Ve<d> has now has developed on the part of the rail-1'loaiiod him tlr.U .;!if!'erea! dc-cu:i:.'uc.. roads a serious respect for the law." i '•'» sl hereafter be uiveu . Lane's subject, was "Harrlman, Shoiity, Roosevelt and Taft" Particular 30 Days Fresher Than Eastern Shortening !** MADE ON THE COAST BY THE CUDAHY PACKING CO. LOS ANGELES of Harrlman he discussed the decision of the supreme court, issued on Monday, that Harrlman need not answer the questions put to him by the commission as to the use of the funds of the Union Pacific. "That decision, in my opinion, la 1 the sol-1 the strongest weapon that has yet been forged in (he fight for Federal | control of the capitalization of railroads and that Is t-onn tiling that I be- lleve must come up before long," said •. Lane. The finest Ions asked of Mr. Harriot man were questions that possibly could not have bot-n a- ! !•• d him under the powers that we have, but those fiuestioiis arc bound to be asked, not of Mr, Harrlman alone, but of all other railroad officials, men who have the handling of mom \ which does not belong to them lu connection with the quasi-public corporations of the country, perhaps not under the present law but under some law that will come." u. The attorney general has also Informed Hyat; that In preparing a list of approved text books for submission to tiie various county Boards of Kdii- [ cation the State Board of Education I may place on the list as many texts j 1 as It desires. Provisions of (he po-1 • lltical code provide that the state! : board shall approve of a certain sin,ill I '.number of books and tvihruit the ||-:| 'o the different school boards, the !..!- •tec to select HUM '.'fro.)) ii-.\ts lor UM- j ni the school:* «ovenh-d hy them. ' It was the Intention of those who 'drew up the provisions in qin'.-tio:i '' 1'iake the approved Iksl a .-mall om- in order that there would In- mon- chance I of there beins; uni!'c.r;ii ie\i.< t h/oii:;ii- out the stale. The presi ! Hoard of Education, ho-.veviT i in the habit of Issuing a -la i ket lit" of approved books school boards a wider ramie of selection. Attorney General \\Vbb holds that the board has acted wisely and legally.—Sacramento lice. OLLY G ENUiNE HOLLY HOLLY WREATHS Roses, Carnations. Vi.iletx and Chrysam hciinmi--. 'First clnss Xnrscry Slock, Trees. Shrubs. Orders promptly filled. CHESTER AVENUE NURSERY ALBERT WEEDALL, Prop. Cor. Sivth St. and Chester Are. Phone Main 745. is here Alive and active and uu. Doing Business. Has a choice list of Ranch and City properties for sale Pasadena. A SQUARE DEAL Litt with me, insure with me and be satisfied. Rccm 25, Galtes Block, with J. W. Brockman. here and in NEW CERTIFICATE rill! PEDAGOGUES Hereafter the State Hoard of Education will issue to teachers special cer- ! tlficates, differing from ihosi- which ! have been Riven In the past.. Attor-j ney General Webb has Just presented j j to State Superintendi'iil of Public In-j struetlou Hyatt an opinion to the ef- 1 '!.•;'i that the !."\v rci|ui:v« graded cer: tlficatc-i -tliai is, on.- .kind o>' cfriiti- cate for leach.TS in yrauumir .schools \ aud another kind for high school It has been the custom Heretofore, i for the Board of Education to ts>uo t- 1 i ;^ran Miar school and hi.-h school teach- j i-vs i i'1'iiili'a'.i'.'i that were idi-iitioally . th" 1 .s.tine. .Some Hmo aiwllyati asked '.<• a; ; '>riu''- ..'.I.T.I.-ral 10 loo!, uu iho Adams Fruit .Company Has enlarged its store and is prepared to accommodati: the public with ull kinds of Fruit and Groceries • '• i^{ received a loud ol' i; "itiiiii apples. I'or holiday i •. >'. 806 Baker Street. Telephone Main 714. Christmas is C:ming Doti't forgot that we have everything in the Bicycle line. Having the LARGEST S TOOK of bicycle goods in the city wo are prepared to give, you the right, prices. We guarantee all of our repairs as well as our supplies. Don't forget where to go for the Best Goods. Maine's Cyclery 1725 Nineteenth Street. \W «,'iuirim1ee Ihi- ''Can't !>nckle" frame u^ali vranlloss of thi' cause. e^sr.

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