The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 18, 1908 · Page 5
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 5

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, December 18, 1908
Page 5
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LARGE ASSORTMENTS TO THE LAST MINUTE Whdt You lan't Find Elsewhere You Will Probably Find Here These items are lint n mere .suggestion of what inny be fount! in our collections, which arc hriin full of ideas for gift seekers. Prices range from the inexpensive In the elaborate. In this store you'll find shown the highest possibilities in Jewelry making; the Ix-st efforts of Die world's foremost makers in finality nnd designs, giving us H high standing with those who want distinction in design imd excellence in quality. It is a most complete mid ndeqimh' showing. ONLY 7 DAYS j Kern City THREE HELD TO ANSWER IN SUPERIOR COURT, II. Murphy, Jock Kays, S. W. Hack. ft and C. S. Reams, the four boys ;.r- res,ied Tuesday charged with hur^la:-- i/.int; an S. I', freight car, had their i'i''-!:minary examination this mon.iiH,' in .fudge Marion's court anil nil i \. '''- t! Roams, \vlii) was discharged. v . ,TO ''' •! to answer to llio superior < -n, edi.'itely ii|)(in the discha; ,>; i :is aiioi'',er eimv.xe of bar; 1 .' •. , -. • • • i .'!'--.iilir i I in' I'iinr, hii' i . i»V, I'd ' ' I • o ,:[, ji lllilll !>,,];•' . Boys Playing Basket Ball A hi>s\efbal1 i this afieiiinon picked Nani !>'•• of the liiirli hi'!' i tcored MI t:et ,ia trim Ci" re<;til:<r ;,H1K' is it Anne v Illfi till .'. Mv. .1 team . The i i short i: o ni.'i-.! • pro:;re-'s i hull'. A Annett's Bakery The Place For GOOD PASTRY CLEAN BREAD .J _JU *,..;...•;•;'.;,:•;,•":,., rV:,,;^;,;, UPEND ABLE CHRISTMAS GIFTS ^ Where i|ii,'iliiy, variety ;md value nssvrt llu-ni-:.. 1 ves most "tron-Jy, there is the store io pnrchnse gil't-worDiy Christmas things—these characteristics predominate in our splendid Holiday stock. BOTH THE LARGEST SELECTION — and the highest quality are to be found at this store and it is the most natural and logical place to come for all gifts. In the same proportion that our Buying Facilities are the Greatest, prices are Lowest. New thimrs arc continually on the in-come. Call and see them. \ LATE SHOPPERS WILL FIND COMPLETE STOCKS HERE. This Store, the Frugal Shopper's Buying Headquarters, Fairly Bristles with Bargains Store open evenings until Christmas. Every article sold is fully guaranteed Buying Direct from the Manufacturers, we Save You the Middleman's Profit our OUR LARGE NEW ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE FREE Call or write for it—Today It will be of considerable service to you in suggesting suitable articles for {jifts MAIL ORDERS promptly filled. Anything pictured forwarded immediately, postage prepaid, on receipt of price, and delivery guaranteed. Fill in this Coupon and mail to us Name Street City State The American Jewelry Co, Bakersf^eld COOKS AND WAITERS NAME NEW OFFICERS. At the regular meeting ot the Cooks und Waiters I'nion last evening, the following officers were elected: President, H. Morgan; vice president. F. Krause; recording secretary. K \V. Klvins; financial secretary, i,. A. 1'oni- "f.v; treasni'er, .1. J. O'Kane; ebaplahi. Miss II. Tuttle; inspecior, 11. Smith; gila.-d, Wm. Kalikin; delegate M tile K' n County I.aim, Coiitieil. 10. W. KlM'ns. A. J. Altard, ,f. .1. (VKane; inislees, E. W. KU'ir.s, !•;. C',.rV;. A. J. Allan), II. I-TIIN am! ',',. .Mi;:-." >,. THE SALE TOMORROW. When you go shopping tomorrow afternoon to buy Christmas presents, don't fail to go to St. Paul's Guild hall. There you will find things you really want. Aprons, slippers, dolls, dress hangt rs, bags of nil description, pin cushions of every variety, sachet puffs and so on and so forth. And they arc dainty and cute. Just the thing for presents for anyone. No one need buy. Come and ttfke a look nnd buy If you seo something you want. A candy booth nnd home.- et:o!;ing booth will be popular as usual. Tomorrow afternoon and e\enintr. H : .iu:ey :i| i'1v ' l.-i.~i evening an Y ^ $ A); h< i. .. W- • S. and Mllo 0. •-. I.,',.r.vv«. AUCTi ':^z:'^vsm$f,XBim®^i^$mwxamm^ ^ t <* ft TSTS By order Ii, iv-Imies ul Woodland, Yolo county, having sold his much, consigned fill Ilix stock' to us In sell to the liiu'hest bidder, ISO horses and mares, nil li''d';e and ready I'or work, Siattii'day. December Illlh. til 1 |>. m. l']l Ciipitun Sinhle. J. S. KELLY, Auctioneer. •ortunity FOR THE RIGHT MAN OR FIRM The Bakersfield Agent of MOTOR CAR is open The 190!) line comprises nine models. All that the dealer wonts or needs, from a .^(K) runabout to n $17SO (ourin<r «'(ir and eoiinner- I'iu! delivery c;ir. A GOOD PROPOSITION FOR THE RIGHT MAN. Address up to December 21st, Maxwell-Briscoe Motor Co., cr 0. B. Smith, Sales Manager, Southern Hotel, Bakerafleld. Announcement Extraordinary Pro)'. .1. Francis Ureniian, I lit world's riio:;1 eolebrato.-t ffiilmlsM and | clairvoyant, has arrive in the city an-; ha.-; onene.l an office in the j GRAND HOTEL, j (Jor. 20th Street and Chester Ave. i Boom 2. j whore ho can !i" con- j •-•ilte.l en all affairs oi' !i;e. I'rof. j !'"e:i,nan li-i.-, 110 in ..-•. i;-.-[iio.-v • ••'<">. i:e M-in is alone, la- pivi.'-e oi • (-•l-tirvY,; u):<. a:i'l !a n>..-o: <.,'• :••-! by the j l>n. ss ,-'))!) puidic as the vre .;.-<i ' mas- j t> r of the science or palini:iry Hie He guarantees to reve:;! e\ery In- cideill of jour life; tell Wii'-u. whom and where yon will marr, ; tell you JIIM what you art; fitted I'm 1 and how to obtain money you are in need of. 'The happiness of your future life may depend upon the ri;;ht solution and proper advice. The profess r makes no mistakes, nnd all his predictions are true, and he may lie roll >d upon. You may wisli to know if ii is advisable to make a c!wji;.'.e in business, lu love nnd in man-lane. WHOM SHAM, 1 MAHP.Y? HOW OFTEN SHALL 1 MAI.'KV'.' SHALL Ji KVKH HE LUVOUCKI).' H.OKS AN- OTltlCIt SHAHR THK I.OVK THAT KIC-MTLY IIELONHS I" Mi-:'.' IF ."'U, WHO? IS MY 11'.-!'ASK Cl'U- .MIL!-;-.' WI1KN SHAi I. I UiAVlOj HKRIC? AM '. l.lAKI-i: 'i'O ACCI- UICNTV snorLi) i i .\YKST MY MOM:Y? i,\- %VH.-\Y . <i \u, i IN- VICST? 1-1A V10 1 V• V I'.NKMIIOS? CAN i TRUST MY n;!i :M>S? IN WHAT TOWN OK ,-Vl '. i I \VUCI.1) 1 I'.i 1 : MOST ;-,!'('(•;:.•;.-'[ i '..' now CAX I SELL MY I'K'il'!':.' ; Y? Tile professor leir-i all ii-"'." things, and many more. He it; I-\M- ready to help those with small i'i lind a quick and suro liivesimciM. If your business is uuiaic.c.e:-Kl"iil, or I: ;.mi ave in trouble of any kind, you sli'i-iid sue this truly Rifted medium at onre. He has helped thousands on the mad to trticcess and he can and will h«-lp yon. lie not only tells you what your life hits been and will be, but also how to better your condition In every possible way. Thousands of people are failures today simply because they do not see things for themselves or are not following the right trade or profession. Prof. Hrennau has made a life study of thpse things aud he IN now prepared to show you how to make a thorough success of your life,. His fee Is reaKonnblo /md within reach of all, ' and If ho does not make you a read- i Ing that J« superior to any you have | ever hod ho will positively refuse to accept any tee whatever. Ofltee hours, 10 a. m., to 8 p. m. Sunday, t to 4 p. m. Lady attendance. ler sea l-'iv 1 S: '"'.' > 0 1 ' • ' '• ..!' !i • '.;. A. 1C. Mason oi bowler i>: a guest at -Mrs. llattie Horn lias gone to Los Angeles for a two weeks visit. Mrs. Alma Stonor and little grandson Alton Flnelling came up from Los Angeles last night on the Owl. A. J. Olsen has resigned Ills position in the S. P. car shops. Mr. and Mrs. Will June expect to leave soon for Los Angeles where they wi) spend the holidays. D. A.-Olsen of San Francisco Is in town on business. W. B. Hoskins of Visalia is a visitor In town. A. H. Stanley returned from Los Angeles yesterday after visiting relatives for the past six weeks. Jesse Johnston is expected up from Mojave soon to spend the holidays with relatives. Miss Marguerite Murphy went to Los Angeles last night for a few days visit. '• Mrs. J. O'Toole has returned from Los Angeles. Newborn McArtluir is exppcted homo from Coopers Medical College in a day or two. Peter Cuneo arrive.I on the Owl this morning from San Francisco, where in; Is attending Coopers Medical College, and will spend Christmas with his parents. i::'j on K si reel, between King and! l->eale. opposite lieale avenue, school I house. Kern. For sale at $tir, a lot I Wt.-nl'i m.-:ke - m idea) home. .For tern,,'. I •vrile to ri;ai!p.-i T. Xensen. y,;c, M.'.u-i itou avenue, l.o.s Aflyflci, Citlif. f';-j '• o! Sermon 1- U:l A. .IM i,.i : .1!. Karma Mining Company to I drid Mining Company, $10; Kaam ."'•', land Ajax mines, Karma aniS S. J., delivered a | nil ,, b | U , S| all ,,,-operty, mining iorciblo sermon last night at SI. Fran- j ,„,„ B , u>|Sp r r , Bht8> pipe fines of jffiQ.^.iaHV*.*.,.;. Father Meai;her, KNCX MAY fiE£ THE SECRETARY OF STATE WASHINGTON, Dec. IS.- Heiiatoi j Kliox today refused lo Hillnii or deny' the report that, he is to be secretary of 1 state in Tafl'a ealilnet. ' j WILSON'S PRELIMINARY i HEARING IS SET. i :i.\N FHAXCISCO, Dec. IS.— .1. \\'al-| ter Wilson, accused O i' the murder of I lli-nry Uoa;< by mean.s of poi.son sent! in a letter, was arraigned bi.fnre .hub',.! Conlan todav, anil instructed as lo his; ri«liis. Ui.s prelioiinary liearlni; vvil^ i .sel ior .Ian. 5th. cis on "Deaht." Aa usual lie ludd his nidience in perfect, atteution during he evening. The speaker In his re- uarks pictured In eloquent words the jeautifu! Queen Isabella, "a.s she aji- >eared pliysically during life, but when :he hand of death touched her all earthly beauty was turned at once to i ghastly mass of corruption." On the qualities, uncertainties and lessons of death the spoaUcr summarized: Qualities—Certain as to fact and uncertain as to all attending circumstances. The Master's lesson for this, "We know not the day nor the hour," therefore be always ready. Many miss the lesson and live on in presumption in the foolish hope that after living a life of sin they will at the last moment reconcile themselves to Ood by a tardy repentance, a presumption based on no scriptural assurance or facts. Thin evening Fill her O'Maliy will deliver H discourse on "TJio Cliurcli O f Christ." ICverybody Is invited to, •otne out and hear this talenled speak. : •r. i The following prayer is recited often ! iy all, making for tho success of die' Mission: "Oh, my C.oil,, Who deign-' I'M to b«-.mow i»i> our parish Hi,, iaes-; llmable -races of a Mission, vouHi^ife ' "> prepare mir hearts Tor its iriiiil'ul i lecemiou.' Cram that all sinner .. an,I . " '("•-•ially |\, x.i, , Uliy b,. coMverli--.!; '• !' •! all who are in e-'n-ei- ,,r •..,!„ , 01 sill I,; 1 nrl.iiltius may reci-ivi- an ineiv.ise ,,*'• tervor ami holy perseverance in TJ, V . si-rvire. O Holy Spirit, del.mi lo en- ! fl«ht."i te, dint, we may elearlv p,.,-. j eelve our shortcomings (o f ;ellier with! the means of correcting tiiem; |ioiut i • mi. to us our obligations an.l Impart | to us the, strength to discharge i|ie m faithfully unto death. () Mary, Mother ori'.;r|ietnal Help, and the refug,. ', way and pipe nes of firs! party "te Kern County, subject to $:',9,0t» to. mortgages and judgment Lut\cafttBe vs. John A. Genjor. Amaranth Land Company to M. Herman, $10; lots »2, 105, 211 nnd 212 Fourth Home BxteaitOK colony. J. b, Scott nnd wife to A. $10; beginning at southeast block 13, Chester tract, north ZKUBB feet, west 419 feet, south 391.8*east 419 feet. 33i Per Cent Off For all TOYS for One Day December 19th 'Olwfety is?*m£/ TRACY RESIGNS. \\-\SHlNOTON, Dee. is.-.ramos F. j Tr.u'y, as'iipianl jusiii-e nf ibe MI- i pf.'liie court of (he J'c.iiiiipiiies, | resigned and will resume bis law prae-! (ice in Albany, N. Y. | BURNING OIL SHIP j SCUTTLED IN HARBOR; SIMJAJ'OJtK, Dec. 1s;.--Tbe burning I oil ship Kalam Kaloma was bombarded by ill"- harl)or fort here today and finally sunk, riddle'with shot. The Dinning steamer hailing from Hn:;lana, arrived from New York two days ago with a cargo of case oil on lire. All attempts to extinguish the blaze was unsuccessful. Kfforls to scuttle failed and the tire became serious. It was inipossible to go near the craft on account of I lie danger of explosion, M> bombardment was decided upon. Three reception rooms, so arranged that you meet no strangers. Perfect satisfaction by mail. Send $1, day and date of birth, for mall reading. SPKClAI^-Proi 1 . Brennan Is tho only medium in the country who positively tella your full name; and he will tell It free of clinrgo to all who come prepared to take a reading. Capital furnished for business enterprises; partners found; property bought mid sold, etc. Kemomber tbo addrot»w, Grand Hotel, corner Twentieth and Cheater avenue. Office located Ju»t at brad of ntnlre. tff One Week to Xmas _\Ve have the best sclented stock "I Fine Funiiliiiv in Kern County und every ftrtiele in our store sn<4- P_'Ms someMiiiitf usel'iil in |] "i .'! ( ' ('il't. DYER 4 JONES. BY THE WAY, have you sepn thai "Hoozitr" cabinet that we are going to Kive a way New Year's Day—if uirt drop In and «et> it. We will be glad to show bow. you may become tho winner of one of tho most useful nr- tkic.u ever placed in a kitchen. \

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