The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 18, 1908 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, December 18, 1908
Page 4
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-i»WSi*»iWt-V. •J»*S»(*M.iii»«^i.-., 1 .'' " • ' • THE BAKERSFEELD CALIFOBK1AN Farce Companyjt> s at the Union ! •J lie Kehn I'arci Cotnrdy CoiMpaay mala« if* in.'f.lal appearance at '!)« Uni'ir ') heater M< ndiiy, ! >• • caiN ; its!. !l !'»• ''1« l.'H'cf COrt" '!>' I-"'" t ",..^, I! - I'uele's Visit." i ill* i.(_ n( . o: ' i itnni'-s' t'Oiu 1 ;i* - s ' '' •' ,• : : :i !w '. . ;- fvtVI S I.' ' 'll «a ! .1 ,:,'. • i a- ', . •'•,!•. rs o' " i> orr-ai. i ., . I'M-. ...i! !• •mi'" 1 . ' ' Really Extraordinary How Much People Know About Clothes! ••> V r: In a-; " • • :>r:tins;, tlii 1 - ' e.ti'i my are all ! -..'-ri-rs and danei r- am) svill ii ' •• . ; • • .-;IM laities dnrliin the ai tlon "f ;he comedies. Dnrini: their stay ;il (ho Union the company v.-ill |int on (in entire now show '-''-fry Monday and Thursday cl^lit. Matinee, Saturday only at 2:]~> P. in. New Suit Over an Oil Lease .lames K. peck has begun snii against Timothy pellacy, C. H. Young Arthur D. Lockwood. A. II. tlriggs ot nl to have declared forfeited a lease on the southwest corner of section 1C 32-23. The lease was originally made to Uriggs and Ixickwood and snbso quently tnin.sterrcd to the other defendants. It Is alleged that the terms of the lease have not been compiled with. New Oil Company. The Square Heal Oil Co. has Hied articles of incorporation. The capital stock Is $11111.aoii and the incorporaiors are C. \V. Harreit, (Irani Starkweather T. H. Skinner. \V. H. lli;i 1,-n, Ii. T. ; Hendrieks and Holit. \V. Miller, I Gives Bond. I .J. K. (Sore) filed lit:.- i'<-;i-l in the j estate of Louis lion | !ere,-..-;,.,) \\im| A. P, Ivvraud and .]. ,i: MltVties. ,\I, I'hnliel, 'I .lean Kyraud haw I.e.-n : praisers b\ .lud:.e lli ;,-.." ,:u Nollii, a g'i"oc< Oth-;r, must :'• sell it ' that ma vnii dtn'l Chan : . : :->ii!' • i .hiMii'-i, 1 • ; ,,.,,, ,./ tho most iiiaaikal.le \:\ i'ir.ii ions \e> pains, and foi- )an<.e bar',, • i.i-tlns and hnjisc.., T!, ; ,,„,, I; n ,ji, ,- ,-,..,,„ ,,.,!„ which it afford:; 1m case o' - rheumn- tism i-i aluno worth ninny times Its cost. I'ri.-e. :;:, rent,.*; lai-iro s -;/e, 5,-, cents. Kor sale by llaer Urns., HM<- orsfleld; Keva Drug t.'o , K"rn. * ,/L- :'a-.v',: you clico^":; the cut 01 collar, ir^nr or back; we'll show you what will please you. Prices $10 to $30. Christmas Suggestions For Men's Gifts Most people consider buying a man a gift for Christmas rather a hard problem—not so in Hoflilu-imer's Men's Store, for here useful, practical and acceptable gifts are to be found. Auy of these will please your friend: Waistcoats, $2.50 to ,$5. Mufflers, 50c to $2.50. Fancy wnistsoats, in all the new colorings in Reefers and mufflers in black white iind col- olive given, tari and brown ; many nobby effects, ors; some with hemstitched ends: some with . " „ embroidered initials. Shirts, $1.50 to $2.50 <M * «« Pajamas, $1 to $6. Faultless dny shirts; in pretty imported and ,,. lilimas and sh.mherm!? rohes: made of flan' » in neatlv trimmed. ' e, fal tries; coat style; with ettlTs atlnuh- ed ami «epnrate cuffs. Neckwear. 50c to $2.50 A prett-. ..-.Mirtntent of holiday neckwear, in all tin- -',;'• -i -;tvles and Handkerchiefs, 25c and 50c .Men's initial handkerchiefs, in silk and linen ; rvrry inil iiil represented. ^MiJMSK^- is it Gold Enough Too Late For Classification .Men in y at noun, :;-\' l-'il'l ilial III" lilli: 1 . e\ c'ii i:.- • ().•(•<• !iei- \\e-iilier in ('aiil'oriiia'; 'I'be "''\'-- i>!"ii! d'.-.. no! n-c i day -11 c. .1.1 '' >''• ''•>>' ") P ,.|ie,l V, il'i •. elillliv I, •.'! I '-. inie,, ... .A,'-; i,'.,,. , ,,; I ,| !;|i , Week of December :'1, 1908. For the tlrst tin. i ,,,i ; p;.- e the Sreiimin:: Coined' , "HIS UNCLE'S VISIT." Also two New Moviiu; I'i' ii.;.'S Two Three Vaudeville Specialtie at each pertormanei' Last Pour nights, the Hig K J'roduecr. "ALL MIXED UP." Albo New Pictures, New Suisv;;, and New Vaiidevilel Ai-i,s. Matinee Saturday only Price* 10c, 25c and SOc Everybody Buys Kern River Mills Flour 1* has the givule.-! liiand of iiii.v iloiir nu and is used by all lion wives who appreciate t (lour. \Vhi-n you're paying i your money Tor uood tin ^e( H—-and always ask this brand. Ii will pay you to this Hour and to find i Us thorough Kooilness. At a)) grocer.*. ••:\\\ l.i the while ol '.vinier ttnd ;}«• n o/.i-n IOL; \sas o,i-i- all. , And lliere was liltle cessation of tie j cold. The iherino]ne!er rose ahove 'the fref/lng poini, Inn at noon it hail . climbed to bat ;;s. and the chill In tla a-, air was sllll ibal of a •.-. inti-r's mm:-. , in 1 .; before the Bliu rirfes. ij : 'The coldest day e\e>,' -aid the nio- ; m er o;' 7n; and '• e.-, ',.!•.- lool;e;l is ', ; Men \\h(j rarely \\t,,- .. , ;eoals win-. .' i'ii.-in to lay, and .••! '-, * ' The weaiher ]-,:.. it-i\ , '; be mav :\.-,\. a:rl eveji that .!• . • '• • . i! -... :- the eo'.d- : i ,- . ,, ;,.,,. 10 • 1,1: 10V a. I ll,.! - -., I II i; rn11 1 . n. * ~ t CAKD OF HiANKS. County Clerl;, at his utiice in the Court House, at: Uakerssllekl, and hi: j accoinpiinli'd with certified c.-he/ck for j not less than 10 per cent of tho amount bid. | I reserve the right to reject any i and all bids. A. J. WOODY, I M. E. CHOIR REHEARSES CHRISTMAS MUSIC. WANTED—Solicitor : Chriaimas and caliii opportilnity I'oi .oun Christmas nnme\ ia work a day. • W. li. Hotel. KOR UBNT—Th-ee r. modern couvenien. -. no children; no dot- 1 Seventeenth St. l--fTl?ND— A purse, in ware store. Party c by calling, proving paying for this ad. FOR RENT—A suite e trie light, water an 2] 15 G street. To I-* 1 dear 1 . :;.- , ',..ho so lomleivil tiieir .,.:..,.i^ [W - t . ihir-;, i-icKni's-, and deaih ol our linle i.'i' lv\, \ve wish In expiv-.- ou .•ini.'! 1 .' MiniiUs and \vi- .-.iial! i liiei.lln-r tlll'Ill Wtlll IliO dee) c • itude and to the eninloyev ot i| l|t As soi'iaii'd t,)il l'oni|'.an\ \vt- v.oni.1 also exi.'iid from l lie depths of our lio'arts our most tender thanks, and when o..o and all shall tie called to their last reward may coinloris and Uliul ness lie bi'slowed u]ion you in li|<e iiiaiuier, which you so Kindly have shown us, and may you all BO live, i tint we may meel In ihe life beyond th. >',rave, is the earnest prayers of your loving friends. .Mr. and Mrs. John Cook, liukers- lield; Cilenu Porter, and Mr. and Mrs. K. C. I'orter. Denver, Colorado. IMS Supervisor's Com. CITY BP'EFS. TROOPS WITHDRAWN. PBKIN, Dec. J8.—Half of the guanl Japan has been maintaining in the Chi LI provincu left for home today. auto, 16 h. p. .Vpassen: ly new, 1 offer it .:t ' ii' taken hy l)e<-ein: . ,.x)iect to return li'iiu- Williams. BuHi'i'sllel. 1 Whitaker's Fruit S' \. Thompson. lilt .Tflj SELL AT Al'CTiiiN i 11, lle- .-eniher 20th, I'J"*. at •• o'clock •. m. al my place of business, 141"! lltth street, Uakerstleld. Cal. 1 will sell at public auction to highest bidder, pledge 2^,'.iTJ, same being a wateh, chain, diamond ring, gold match box, gold cigar cutler and gold knife, pawned here on May 1, 1908, by ('.. Corwin. (Signed) William H. Stanion. ' 11( NOTICE FOR SEALED BIDS. Notice is hereby given that I will receive up to trie liour of 10 n. m., December 26, 1908, sealed bids for tho sale of the water tower and electric motor and pump at the Kern County Hospital. Qaid bide to lie fil«4 *ltb tb« Practice Stenography—Tho shorthand and typewriting class at tub niiUersficld High School yesterday \iHited Judge Mahon'B court for the purpose of taking tho testimony in i the case under trial. This Is one of 1 the means of practice adopted by I ho i High School professor to lest the efficiency of the students in this particular department. The members of the class lire Venra IMcCollum, Hazel Curtis, Marcelle Phillips, Marie Lambert, Katie Skeese, Marie Lowe, Bessie Jones, Marguerite Murphy, Hazel UawlinRS, Marnneiiie Holmes, Frank Cunco and .lean Phillips. Exciting Runaway.—The delivery wagon of the Pioneer Dyo and Clean- Ins Works was in an exciting runaway this morning shortly before 10 o'clock, Slartins on Chester avenue near 21st, the two horses ran south at breakneck speed and near the clock tower collided with another rig. The waKon sudonly came to a stop, the frightened horses breaking IOOHO from the harness, continued on their dnsh to the barn, No damage was done either wagon In the collision, and the repairs to tho lmrne«s can be uuxJa at little expense. The choir of tho First M. E. Church met last niglu at the home of Miss Lena Yiuicey to practice the music for the Christ mas service. The choir is being drilled hy Miss Jane Umber. After the rehearsal those present «.-n- joyed refreshments and a pleasant to- |cial hour. They were Kev. and Mrs. | Stiwiden, Mr. and Mrs. Lelghton, Miss jAkei'B, Miss Tyre, Miss ALic/iK-iiit' I Holmes, Miss Martha Kelson, Miss : Klbalieth Mercer, Miss Marion Hughey, Miss Jane, Harbor, Miss llariihiim Hunt, Miss Helen Frye, Mi aa I Ytuicey, Mr. Shoemaker , Mr. Clair. -*-n AUTO STAGE LINE. The blK 00 h. p. Thomas Klyer ujn make regular tri|is to Marlcopa. si MI iiiK from in front of the MajesMe Cafe at in o'clock In the morning and leaviiiK from in front of the Cate Hotel at Maricopa ;,t :, ji. m. \\'ill siart tomnrrow moruliu; on anotli'-r tri)i. Passengers can llnd days ol leaving from binckboard in front of Majestic Cafe. Fare, $5 per passenger, each way. 11!) K. 1C. Reynolds has been named as humane officer for Kern county. Miss Ciladys Lightner has returned from a visit to Oakland. NOTICE, KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS! No meeting of Kern Valley Chapter will be hold tomorow, owing 10 the mission. The next meeting will be held on the first meeting night la January. By order of W. A. HOWELI., Grand Knight. N Ed Helbllng, Financial Sec. 118

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