Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 8, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 8, 1895
Page 2
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THERE ARE TO MANY CLOTHING STORES IN LOGANSPORT! The above heading was taken from my last week's ad. The sense of my argument has been appreciated by at least one of my Competitors who wants to quit business. $15 Suits, Sacks and Cutaways $20 Suits, Sacks and Cutaways - Also Clay Worsted Suits, Sacks and Gntaways The above was the Knock-Out argument $7.50 $7,50 $7.50 We don't want to quit business. I We don't want to lose trade. We want money. We must have money, therein we are like our Competitors I don't deal in Generalities. I don't use high sounding phrases such as..... SENSATIONAL SALE! BONA FIDE CLOSING OUT SALE! TREMENDOUS HAVOC! TO QUIT BUSINESS; LEASE AND FIXTURES FOR SALE! 50 PER CENT LESS THAN ANYBODY! We name certain price suits at $7,5O. We placeadvertised goods on the sidewalk We name prices that seem marvelous, but are real, You can see them in passing store. COAIPETITI ON Otto Kraus. WIN THEIE POINT. Amalgamated Association in Pennsylvania Score a Victory, Management of the Sligo Iron Works Agree' to Wage Scale—Blast Furnace Men Strike for More Pay. Prrrsmntoir, Fa.,May 7.—The Amulga- -jnatcd association officials -wero greatly elated Tuesday over the receipt of the *ignaturos of the management of the Sllgo .iron works to the wage scale. The firm concedes the demand of the -workers in nil departments of the mill, and work will resume at once, giving 1 employment to about 400 men. This is the third victory of the kind ' within the past twenty-four hours for the Amalgamated association, and 'it is thought possible 'that the strike magnet extend much further. There were •no other changes in the situation up to the hour of 2 p. m. Illaitt Furnnca M«n Strike. CIUCAOO, May 7.—Twelve hundred '• men employed in the blast furnace de' jwrtment of the Illinois Stool company mills at South Chicago .quit work Tuesday morning. Two furnaces «ro shut down as a result, and the strikers expect that they •have sympathizers enough to spread the disaffection to other departments. It is likely that the four other furnaces may bo compelled to suspend before the hour for closing Tuesday. rthe strikers claim that not enough men are employed in the blast furnace work to divide the labor fairly and that they are not receiving wages that will enable them to live. Two years ago, the men claim, they were toeing paid §2,10 a day for work that ithcy now do in twelve hours for 81.00. Everything- is quiet and orderly at the •mills! May H»vo to Shut I>own Entirely. CinCAOO, May 7.—R. Forsythe, sec- <md vice president of the Illinois Steel company, said Tuesday afternoon that the believed that it would be necessary Ho shut down the plant at South Chicago Tuesday night because of a lack «f pig iron, which is the product of the ifurnftcos on which the men have *toppeA work. If the mills are shut down 3,000 tuen will be thrown out of employment. Fifteen Unndred Men Thrown Oat, ' JOIJXT, 111., May 7.—Firemen, labor- ier* and greasers to the number ol aoo, employed at the Illinois Steel (company's mills here, struck Mon• !d»y for an advance In their wages jot from 2S to SO per cent. The : strike o^ these men made it impossible (to continue running tho mills and they Iwere closed down at midnight, throw: Unf 1,500 men oat of employment. ' Rioting a» Had»an, X. Y. Hciwox, N. Y., May 7.—A riothM out in the brick yard of Walsh Bros.', 7 miles above' this city, and the sheriff of Columbia couaty has been called upon to quell tho disturbance. Monday evening- the body of James McGuire, a deck hand on tho brick-barg-e loading 1 at Walsh Bros', dock, was found in the river. There is a belief that McGuire was thrown into the water by the Infuriated Italians, all of whom were drunk Monday, and demanded an increase of wages. McGuire lived in Newburgh. Almen <jt Virginia Meet- POCAUOSTAS, Va., May 7.—There was no mining Tuesday. Tho soldiers are having a quiet reception and are mingling freely with tho people. They say they came hero under a misapprehension, the belief that trouble would occur. The minors' convention assembled Tuesday.- Tho railway company is doing' practically nothing and no' shipments of .coal are being made. No effort to destroy railway property has been.made and the officers of Tazewell county, Virginia', with special deputies.; are on the ground to prevent any possible disturbance. ISHPKMDfO, Mich., May 7.—The miners in the different workings have presented requests for increased pay, and a strike will follow refusal to grant their request A definite answer is expected from the mine owners this week. Will Try- to S*ttlo the Trouble. MILWAUKEE, May 7.—A special to the Daily News from Sheboygan, Wis., says: Mayor Born Tuesday sent out a circular to manufacturers and the labor committee inviting- them to attend a meeting at the council room Wednesday morning. The object of the meeting is the settlement of the present labor trouble. To Hn«h a Great Scandal. LOSDOX, May 7.—It is generally understood here that Oscar Wilde will forfeit the bail bond given for his future appearance and leave the country. In fact, it is boldly asserted that the amount of the bond was subscribed by prominent political and social leaders, with the understanding- that Wilde would quit the country. i Ex-Uov. R. S. Green' Dettd. ELIZABETH, ST. J-, May ^-Vice- Chancellor and ex-Gov. Robert S. Green died at his home here Tuesday in his G5th year. He was a delegate to the democratic national convention of 1SOO which nominated Stephen A. Douglas for the presidency. Canal Opening Credit Valued. BERLIN, May 7.—The reichstag Tuesday definitely passed the Baltic and Korth Sea canal festivities credit of 1,700,000 marks, the social democrats alone opposing it. •MOT WHAT WE SAY, bat " what Hood's Sarsaparffla Does, that tells the story of its merit and success Remember HOOD'S CURES. A DIABOLICAL DEED. to Attempt of a Di«ohttrn«d Workman mow Up a Ilotol. CBAXFORD, N. J., May 7.— An attempt was made early Tuesday morning to blow up a new hotel at Garwood. Garwood is situated a short distance from Cranford in Union county. A portion of the building was destroyed. Proprietor Patten and his wife, who were in the hotel at tho time, escapod without being seriously hurt Two cartridges of dynamite were used, one being placed under th« front porch. This cartridge exploded and demolished the front of the building. The other cartridge failed to explode. It is thought that the perpetrator of the deed was a workman who had been employed at the hotel and who was .discharged. A KING "IN AJTRAIN WRECK. Ruler of Italy and Hl« Quean Have a Narrow Enoap* from Death. ROME, May 7.— King Humbert and Queen . Margherita Tuesday had a narrow. escape from death. They were on their way by rail in a special train from Florence to this cltj, attended by their suite. Suddenly, near Incisa lake, there was a violent shock. One of the carriages was derailed and everybody on board the train received more or less serious concussions. An obstruction of some description, it appears, either fell across the track or was placed there by evil- minded persons. Several members of the royal suite sustained slight injuries, but tho king and ijueen escaped with nothing more serious than a bad shaking up. SAW WASHINGTON. A New Joner Necro Wno LlTed In the Day» of '70. ASBUBT PAKK, N. J., May 7.— Uncla Randall Jones, 114 years old, is dead at his home in West Park. When a young man he was a slave, the property of Dr. Gilbert Woodhull, a colonial physician. In 1SOS he purchased his liberty for 533 cash. \Ynen "Washington came through Trenton on his way to take his oath of office as president Uncle Randall stood on the" bank of the Delaware and witnessed the crossing. He helped to erect a triumphal arch.on this occasion at the apei of which appeared: ''The defenders of the mothers will be the protectors of the daug-hters.", His Body Torneil to Bone. "^ MOXTEREY, Cal., May 7.— The death in this city of William Libbetts ended a case which is almost without a parallel in medical history. The deceased was a sufferer from dropsy, but the peculiarity is that he was in a state oJ partial petrifaction. . His body _was as rigid as a stone, the . pricking- of ; a needle made no indentation oin the flesh, and all the powers of sensation had disappeared., . The Kentnciry Derby-.. LOUISTTLLE, KJM May?. — Halmawon the twenty-first .Kentucky ueroy at Churchill Downs Monday, passing 1 under the wire fully four lengths in advance of Basso, who was second, in 2:37^. The distance was 1% miles, and the stake 53,300. Twenty-five thousand persons witnessed the race. Onward, Chrintlau Soldier*. CLEVELAND, O.-, May 7.—The Association Rifles, fifty strong, commanded by Capt. J. C. Beardsley, an ex-army officer, departed for tho national Y. M. C. A. convention at Springfield, Mass. This is the first Y. M. C. A. company ever formed. THE MABKETS. Grain, Provluloni, Etc. CHICAGO, May 1. — f»lr demand and firm. Quotable aii lollowa: Winter— Patents, *2.»0ias.»; ivratebts, ti75Q3.00; clears, K.352t!.<»: neoooda. |iOOiil2.S5; low grades, ILT&aLOO. Spring- Putonts, S3. -(OSS. 00; straights, SS.7KaS.l5; bakers', S1.854&2.25; low grades, 81.7531.90; Ra<! - . -.. — Unsettled and lower, with liberal trading. No. 2 cash, OOX@«lKo; May, «o«(2 eitfo; July, 61«a<BXc. COBN— Fulrly. active and flrm, No. 2 J<( under July and No, 3 Yellow %c under July. May, 49.4fiH9Xo; July, 49M&-WXC; September, . • • OATS— Moderately active and lower witt eood trading. No. 2, 2SJ<£@28tto; May, «8H<8 23«c;.. June, s8Vi®£8X°; July, 28K<a2«Ko. Samples are lower. No, 8, 2fta8lc; No. i •VVUlte, MMiiJtf-Ko; No. 2, J»XiS30o; No. 3 White. 32)<(ii33c. RYI_ Steady; demand fair. No. S la store, 63c; sample lots, 6*a»4o; May delivery, 02o bid. BABIJT— Steady; offerings small No. 4, <8<a sic; No. 3, -19*61^0 for fair to choice, and No. 2, 61SJKC. Screenings at 11100318.50 per ton. Miss POBK— Trading fairly active and prlcej lower. Quotations ranged at |11.70aiL85 for c»sh regular; »l 1.77tf SJ11.95 for July, and »li 00 S12. 10 for September. LJJID— Active and lower. Quotations ranged at taWae-SM for casn; t6.6ftaO.6S for July, and Jft77K<aa80 for September. LIVE PODLTBY— Per pound: Turkeys, 7® too; Chickens, 8^0; Ducks, 8®9c; Geese, per dozen, t3.OiX9b.oa BUTTER— Creamery, BSlOc; dairy,, 7<3l5c; Packing Stock, 5®«c. LIQUORS— Wb-lsky quotedstoady at $1.20 per gallon for hlghwines. _ Nzw YORK, May T. FixjCB^State and western quiet, steady. WHEAT— Fairly active; steady. May, S53f4J CSJfc- July. K 7-loaBT 5-16c: August, ft*® 67Hc; September, 67^67*0; December, 63 3-1(1 , COBN— Ko, 2 quiet, firmer. July, September, Mf»««Sc; Na 2, steamer mixed, TO YOUNG e Offer s Eemedy Whichlnaures SaTe- ty to Life ol Mother and child. "MOTHERS'FRIEND" ROBS CONFINEMENT OF ITB PAIN, ' HORROR AND RISK. "Mj wile nsed only two bottles. She wa» easily »nd quickly relieved; Is cow doing •plendidly.- j. S. MOBTON, Harlow, N- C. malltdtne. . _ BRADFIELD BFGULATOB CO., ATLAHTA.QA. •OLD BT 4-Llt DBCSSMTa. OATS—No. !!, aull. ateaay. Juiy, 3i;iic; sllio, 37,j.-llu; western, 3^@41c. BKKV— Firm, Extra moss, $a50Q9.00; tarn- lly.»ll.00a!3,00. POKK—Quiet, stoudy. Mess, J13.50fflH.00. L,AJtD—Quiet, o^uy. Steam-rendered, $8.75, Burrtil— Jii>sy. moderate demnnd. Western dairy, Siil-c: do. creamery new, ISOlSo; do. old, D.tfUo; Elgins, l«c. : CiiKESE-Qulut, easy. State old largo, 5!3 lie; do. now. 5^ii75ic: do. fancy new, TMSf!%a; do. small old, C^lic; do. new, 5K@"Xc. EGGS—Moderate demaad; unchanged. L.ITC Stock. CHICAGO, May 7. HOGS—Market rather slow, opening weak at yesterday's closing llgures. und now 53100 lower. Sales ranged ut $3.4034.40 for pigs; $.L2"'i3AOO for light; $4.2084.35 for rough packing; $tloa4.(15 for mixed, and $4.40 (5i4.80 for heavy packing and shipping lots. CATTLE—Supply moderate and demand very good. Prices strong and a shade higher. Quotations ranged at $5.(5»2>C.15 for choice to extra shipping Steers; $5.I5'ft5.65 for good to cholo« do.; $4.60^6.20 for fair to good"; »4.0«34.70for common to medium do.; Kiwa4.40 for Butchers' Steers; $2.5033.70 for Stockers; $3.76(3 43S for Feeders; $l.7!»a3.80 for Cows; $3,M at 80 for Heifers; $100®* 40 for Bulls; $2.90 ias.20 for Texas Steers, and $a 003* 75 for Veal Calves • • A GIFT FROM GROVE.R. Tbe Preildeot Provide! for the fiducm- tlon of Indiana Triplet*. DECATUR, Ihd.; May 7.—Three weeks ag-o there was .born to Mr. and Mrs. Albert Zerkles near this city three pirl babies. The parents named the children Ruth, Esther and Frances. A neig-hbor of the Zerkles. wrote President Cleveland informing- him of the facts, and on Monday the father of the children received a draft from the president for $500, to be used for the education oi the pirls, should they lice. Won't Go to California. XE-\Y YORK, May 7.—Jud^e Brown in the United States circuit court Tuesday denied the application for a writ for removal in the case of Collis P. Euntington, president of the Southern Pacific ..Railway company, indicted in California for violating- the interstate commerce law in having; R-iven a pass over the Southern Pacific railway tx> a man named Prank Stone. Roonorelt .tlado I*rc»ld«nt. XEW YOBK. May 7.—Theodore Roosevelt, Andruw D. iiarker and CoL Fred D. Grant were sworn in by Mayor Strong- Monday morning 1 at 10 o'clock at the city hall as commissioners of police. At its meeting- in the afternoon the new board elected Theodore Roosevelt president. Avery D. Andrews was elected treasurer. (Vilde &aln» SI* freedom. LONDON, May 7.—Oscar Wilde was released on bail Tuesday after furnishing a personal bond for §12,500 and two sureties in 86,250 each. His sureties were Lord Alfred Douglas, eldest surviving son of the marquis of Queensberry, and Rev. Stewart Headlam. Population of Buffalo. BcFFAix), N. Y., May 7.—The polioo reported Monday that the centos of the city of Buffalo taken May 1 showed the population to be 335.709. IIor*«« Wanted 'or Saatag-m. The countenance of the American horse, of late charg-cd with gloom and humility on account of the low price at whicli he lias been rated, may now brig-htcn nfi-ain, as a new demand has risen for him, this time in Germany, for purposes of sausag-e, and his market value has doubled within a comparatively short period. It is notable that while that country continually make» objection to our cattle on the hoof and otherwise, it interposes no obstacle whatever to the admission of our horses in any of their various ante or postmortem forms of export. — N. Y. Tribune. __ rjonouod Ilornei In France. The French law enumerates the various forms of unsoundness to which a .horse is- liable, and provides that an animal found to be suffering from any of these within nine days after its sale may be returned to the seller. Such a law in this country would do much to protect buyers, and it would also be welcome to the reputable men who are engaged in selling horses. The «hont of • Is a very fhidowy affair. Ere the chance of recovery becomes a vanishing *ho«t, lake a mott potent means ol overcoming the Inactivity of th« organs that terminates In their too frequently fatal disease, by retorting to Boitetter's Stomach Bitten, wlilcli gives Just the requisite lmpnl«e to the rensl organs to promote their vigorous action without exciting tbera. an effect too often pro duced by the llery and unmedlcated stimulants ot commerce. Brteht's disease, diabetes a»d Inactivity of the bladder, are foes of terrible menace to tte system. The Inroads may, however, be stayed If they are met at the start and combnttd with the Bitters. Tnls One and genial corrective also remedies malaria, djspepsla, rheumatism, debUlly, nervoosnoss and tbe Infirmities Incident toiige. It hastens convalescence, and Is pronio- tlve or sleep and appetite. _ SDCC«tlon for "New Women." In China there is a strange profession for ladies. It is carried on by elderly ladies, who go the round of the best houses, announcing their coming by -beating a. drum, and offering their services to amuse tbe lady of the house. This offer accepted, they sit down and tell the latest scandals and the newest Btories and on dits, and we rewarded at the rate of a shilling an hour. MoneyMade at Home tart ttontn I cleared. afK-r partne »nerp«w«<. *236 33- the Biooth before |1S« SC and liave at thfl •ame time attended to mi regular bo»lnes». I believe anyone, anywhere, ran ao aiwel!. as I nave not a panleularlr good location and pot mach w- DerleBce. WHen you hare an- srtlcl* Oat erery famuy TOnt». it 1» very easy selling Jt It teem* ttnnge tnata good, cheap dub wa«her wm« ne»et before] placed on the martcet With th* Pertec- Son whlcn Mll» for «5, you on ««h andjrr a* , Aisoonu the peopl* tine te ans - ^tbemuser work, they want one widtEat tt whr so much money can be made 10 qmlekJjr. For foil pa«cn,an addreu The Perfection Ktg. Co., 8^1on07lailetrooa.nL I leel oonrlnced tliat , S toiu)» -aa:** every faallj will ten looa te » dUh waiter. Try Itand poblub jour ez- a«rlettce lor ih* benefit or omen. luoo.

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