The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 18, 1908 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, December 18, 1908
Page 1
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Vol. XX. BAKERSFIELD, CALIFOBNIA, KHIDAY, DKCEMBER is, mos. No. 119 ARE IN JAIL Sheriff Kelly returned-from Los Angeles tills morning with John McCann and Robert Armstrong, wanted In Mojave for robbery committed In the desert town about a week ago. The two men held up and robbed another of a $500 check and other valuables They Immediately fled and were traced to Los Angeles by Constable Redd, who succeeded In having theni arrested there. Sheriff Kelly, who went south Wednesday with Spencerl the Kern show man who was committed • to an asylum, and Deputy Creasey brought the prisoners with them on their return today. CHARGE Roosevelt Will Give Facts WASHINGTON, Dec. 28.—The | President has begun preparing for ! submission to CongreSB.a mass of evi : ] dence upon which was based " state- \ meuts in his message regarcHng^thej secret service,*'and which have been ; called for by the Perkins resolution adopted yesterday. The amount of work Involved Is so great that the matter will not be ready until after : the Christmas holidays. " -- -*-»*•• THINK 'CASTRO WILL i ""* NEVER GO BACK. Anna Williams was held without, bail this afternoon In Justice Ulack's court for the murder of Laurn lx>gan. She was arraing.od and her preliminary examination set for tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock. The important witnesses are .still under arrest. Assistant District Attorney; irwin was present flt the arraignment. Policeman Frank Di«, arresting officer of Annie Williams, the murderess of Laura Logan, In the 'tenderloin on Tuesday last, this morning In Judge Black's court, filed a charge of murder against tho little colored woman. A warant was Issued. .. The complaint was drawn up by District Attorney Laird. Buried This Afternoon. Laura Logan, the Williams woman's victim, was buried this afternoon at I o'clock from the Dixon undertaking parlors. Services were rendered under the auspices of the Colored Bsptist church. Burial was in Union Cemetery. JASTRO OF THE P. I, & L, At a meellng of the board <>f director-, of the Power, Transit and Until Company held In San Francisco t,,day, Harry A. Jastro was appointed manager of the company's business to succeed,tho Into .lumes Goodwin, anil he Is to take charne at once. * The offer came from the directors to place Mr. .lastro, Jr. at the head of the business here, and In response to a phone message he c!ft for San Francisco" on Wednesday evening. H. A. .las•• tro, father of'the new manager; was apprised by wire of the appointment this afternoon. ; Harry Jastro will enter upon, his lieu iiutlos with not a little practical and ranch theoretical knowledge of the business. He was ed- uented in Germany, and took a^coursc in electrical engineering. loiter he was connected wlth^the Edison {'ompuny, having extensive contracts In the canyon dittlng the const ruction of the plant recently completed. For the ii^st year he has been connected with the HOBO ranch. ,/•. The newly appointed manager is exi» (ted back from the city tomorrow or the first of next Week, nud will at once assume control of the company's affairs here.- All Four Get Three Hung Full Penalty at One Time HAKRlSnURG. Pa., Dec. IS.—Two years' imprisonment and a flne of $:>00 was ,the maximum penalty Imposed today upon the four men con. vited of defrauding the state In connection with furnishing the Capitol building. The convicted men are John It. Sanderson, the contractor for the furniture; James Shumaker, superintendent of public buildings; W. P. Snydor, auditor general, and W. L. Matthews, state treasurer, the latter three being state officials at the time the contracts were let. BKI.LIXCHAM.Dor. lM. I In:.. .In, in I'oi-lella and ,lee hanged on tin- provincial jail this morning. Jenkins and ,ue! Chung a .lnhn Jcilk- Chang wero at scaffold in the Now Westminster I'orlplla wore negroes Chinese. They wore t'rir.n the "luue trap while tho Salvation Army officers repeated pray- oi.e. ,lenl<ins assaulted mid murdered Mrs. Mary Morrison at Hazel more, and Portflllii killed n mulatto woman at Vancouver. (Hums killed another Chinese. The latter two confessed their crimes. ROBBERS ESCAPE AFTER A PITCHED BATTLE. CLARENCE BERRY'S NEW "RED DEVIll ISKRLIN. Doc. 1S.—P.oth at tho German and foreign President Castrn'disredilf the report that Venezuela has declared war against the Netherlands. The feeling is growing that Castro left South America, not ( on account of 111 health, but to escape the political turmoil, and that he has !'o Intention of returning. : E. W. WINTF.RS ERECTING ' BUILDING ON K STREET. " GIBBON, Neb., Dec. 18.— Six robbers, after dynamiting the safes of the, Farmers State Hank at Kerne and the Commercial Dank at Gibbon', - engaged iu a pitched battle with* citizens here today, but escap- .e;l in an automobile with $f>,."mi. HAD FORGED PAPERS HID IN HIS v\'OODE;-i LEG * *' I •'<• 1 *i i E. W. Winters has begun the, ereq- tion of a concrete b'ulldlhg' "ba K street 20x70. The lower floor is to 1e used for business purposes and the upper story for a lodge room for the colored fraternal societies. The hall will be 25x45 and ample provision will be made for anterooms. rr.VTi'fl"A, DPI'. 1v—TI.H' i'n M.I'/: r.r notes totalling about Si ; '.'"' ', alleged to have been forced, anil concealed i'u a bole 1 yn.-d ;n nis wooden U-.l. caused, ; ''."Vire o, fo'.''- v ory to 1,. _» oi'.- U'Tc-i nsii.tu.-i! A. H. otnilii. H' ,:.i helu o;i .-j'.iO'Ju bon is for trirl. WILBUR WRIGHT MAKES . 4 A NEW RECORD. Clarence Berry, the oil man, Is now the owner of the largest and speediest automobile In this section of the state. The new machine Is a "big red speed devil" for fair. In size and speed and appearance it looks the part of a mechanical greyhound nml the way it eals up distance is the proof. The bit; car Is a, 1.909 American roadster, south last night and today attracted much atU'Ution in auto circles. TJie bin car ia a Groat American roadster. It lias a Horsepower'of 7u, capable ($ d.iing- almost eighty miles. U 18 equipped with forty inch wheels ucttl has -ill ''<o new ideas of i!>09 nutom£- ble manufacture In'its makeup. SUICIDE DIED BY Ten Acres of Midway ; Land Bring Qwne Fiatik I. Sherman, on oil worker about 4.1 years of age, was the unfortunate who took strychnine on the Richardson ranch, seventeen mllea west of 1'oud. The suicide was premeditated and death occurred about one hour and a half after the fatal dose was swallowed. Coroner McGinn conducted the. inquest yesterday and It was established that Sherman's end came by self destruction. The remains wero brought to Bakersllold last night by the coroner and ruder- taker Dixon and are now at the Dixim parlors awaiting word from relatives in New Hampshire. .. ... Two yi-ais ago Shu-man was dis- The car is the first of its niodufclnmissed from an asylum for the in- rs •:• Ten acres of Midway land brought $13,0011 this morning. Clarence •* J. Berry and Frank Keller, owners of the 0. & .1. Oil Company, op-, * crating extensively In the West Side, purchased the northwest quar- •{• ter of the northwest quarter of the southeast quarter of section •t« 25, 32-23, paying Frank Graham, the well known nil man. $1500 an •:• acre for the ten, comprising the valuable piece of property. Berry and Keller will begin tho development <>V their new possession 1m- v mediately. It is situated In tho famuim 25 section in Midway, •;• where the best results In the district have been obtained. * * * * * * * * Ml DINER 1 AT NARIGOPA LKMANS, France, Dec. 18.—Wilbur Wngh* established a new record for henrvier tinti uir machines today j when he remaintd In ihe air for one! hour, fifty-three ininiuo^. ncty-uine | seconds in bin ncroplauc.. ' - v. the west. The hip .'forty inch wheels are n departure- in auto building. TJije tires are four inch and the body of car la hung below the.axles, mak the big machine much easier rid and at the sa_me time wear and shock to the tires in trav< Ing bad roads. Berry, accompanied by R. W. Gallagher, the Los Angeles agent for the car and W. W. Weinberger of the Now Men's Shirts for Christmas! T/ie swellest line:* in town to pick from here. $1.50 to $5. And if you're In doubt about 'fits' size or the style he likes, get a TOGGERY merchandise order and let "him" choise for himself. niristmsis suggestions: Smoking jackets, bath rulies, neckwear, shirts, huts, umbrellas, trunks, siut cases, fancy half hose, suspenders, handkerchiefs. sane. His mental weakness was a source of great worry to him and while he suffered for nothing money could buy, enjoying a good salary and having a fair-sized estate, he was always troubled. He remained on the coast to be near'relatives at Gllroy, and had only gone to the Richardson place a few days before. A new bottle of strychnine had been purchased to kill coyotes. Sher. ninn, after deciding to suicide, took the bottle down from Its place on the shelf, unwrapped it, poured out the desired amount and then carefully rewrapped and replaced the bottle to i 1 * position. He then went to th« barn, where the act was done. Richardson heard iilj moans and to his anxio'i;'. questions Sherman replied that he her' parnosely taken strychnine. He d'ed In an how and a half. A mother and brother iu New Hampshire have been notified. Tln> passengers on tho Sunset train yesterday afternoon aro pretty sore lit tlie railroad company, and they are today considering a petition for Yesterday In the nuw < lum.'ll build- lug in .Miiricopa tlie first, social function to be- held in the structure occurred. A liazaur was given by the la- a dining car and sleeper on the regu-i dies of the church to raisa additional that!' 1 -"' 'I:' 1 ' 1 ? train. Yesterday the train I money for the building fund and $80 pulled out of the West Side depot at j was the result of the day's work. 4 o'clock and exactly five hours lat- Fancy work, til! the handiwork of the er landed tho tralnload of husky, nun-1 ludle«, home rookery and all tho gry oil men at the Kern depot 'other things that go to make the ba- "It's an outrage," said one well j zaars what, they are, w*?o otx sale, icnowu Sunset man today, "If we hud The Indies In charge were Mrs. l«ow, a diner It would not be so. bad and a I Mrs. F. *". Weed, Mrs. Charles Dlckln. sleeper could be used to flue advan-1 son and Mrs. Smith, luge considering the time some of The church was formally opened those trains nmko." YES, IT WAS QUITE A GOOD SIZED PIG. last Sunday. Hev. iVfnil of Los Angeles occupied tho pulpit and almost 100 people wero In attendance. All of the money for the payment of the building has been subscribed and will lie received shortly. YorH house, left I,OB Anueles day afternoon, arriving here midnight. They encountered r.-.' '.3 and on the summit tl:v y ester- about heavy plowed snow, the Twenty-live gallons of pure lard rendered from the fat of one Hi-months, old hog sounds pretty big, but yet lliat 1 Is what Elbert George did on Tuesday j of this week. Hi- raised nud fattened' the hog for bin own use mid on Tuesday be butchert'd It. The hog \va.s dressed and cured for in the ordinary way without any thought of making a record, but lifter tho lard bud nil been reii,!••!<•'! stud Mr. George found that be had twviuy Ive gallons of fine lard 'from l ho one licy, '."tides the moat and sausage, ho though, •< worth re- i Swedish steamer Star porting and so called up the ,v.V.-<«.;v« I wan mink In collision and told us about it. Can anyone !><•-'. "•"•" ulcaim-r that record?—-Tulare Advance. — —j SELECTS f»:~W YORK Francisco. Robert Myers and Irving Brower, students nt Stanford University, re- lumed this morning lo spend the liol- ii!:.>- '-Cation with relatives. Hugh Allen IH In from Bnrstow for the liolldtiysi. WITH BRIDE. l.^vold of thw o ieavq to- AN S. P. MAN WILL RT.TURN Stenographer F. \V. • store. department expo: morrow lor Kl I'auo. Texas, and when he returns he will bring K bride with him. During bis absence Miss Busslo Jones will fill bis place In the ollloo. EIGHT DROWNED WHEN A STEAMER SINKS. DOVER, England, Dec. IS.-rTlia of i.lniiiiolmen with the Oer- Frelderlk-Muelter today. ' her rrew woro drowned. < MAN FOR A'f TCONEY GENERAL. i NKW YOTiK, Dec. l v ••!' i.-> 'named! ' Irom a souref rc-gardod as .'"tiabla that Taft has selected George ,t". i SVlckersliiiin of tlie luw flnn of Strong ; * fadwaliader of tills city, for attor- I ue.v general. THE TOGGERY ICWClt A fLOOH Another good producer hs just been brought In In the Kern Rjver field by the new well of the Kainbler Company. The Rambler was recently organized by O. L. ClaJlin, W. W. Steph enson, Carl Bennett, B. B. Hayden and a few others to take over the Henrietta property on which wera i : >:-':e old wells. These were placed iu pumping order and drilling began on well No. 4, with tho result that it was landed and put on the pump day before yesterday at 1046 feet. It Is » fine producer. r NOTES AND PERSONALS. W. S. Cone of the fidison Company Is Iu town today. W. H. Coons, the Marlcopa merchant, came In from the West Side last night on a short business trip. Chas. St, Louis of Midway was an arrival at the Grand last night. , John Patterson Is in town from; • Maricopa. I F. H. Herry Is here from San Francisco. ; Hllmnii Arms rnme down from the i Tejon ranch last nigh'.. I Max Flgman and troupe departed j for thii ,-oiith today on the daylight , train. l.iiwr.-iice \VcIII retiuned this morning from li'-i kdey, where In. has been attending tlie stale iinivc-r.sii \, H. A, Hlodgt'i returned this morning from a short business trip to Sun Our Entire Stock of Holiday Goods is Nbw on Display Now is tho time to see tho goods. You can't begin too nnrly and we shall take pleasure iu showing yon Ilic goods whether yon are ready to make selections at onee or not. Wo can only offer a few outlines of the stock here, there lire plenty of things not mentioned; take time nnd wee thorn all. GIFTS FOR LADIES GIFTS FOR MEN. Something for a man soems often to be a pir/./.lIni? question for (he ladles. Don't pu/zlc- any more, here are many items that will please him: Cit'urs, $1.0ii to I.'I.CMI. Shaving Sets, $1.0U to $0.00. Fountain Pens, SL'.in to $i;:.i">. Pocket Bookh, -~ic up. U:ilr HruslieK, i'ii'<: to f,5.0fl. Military Hair Uruaht-s, $2.r.'i to $10.01). Hat lirusbeH, fine to $ Traveling Sets. ?2.:'n to $ln.uO. Sli.'ivlnt; Mlrrorf. 5dc to (iillelle Snf'.'ty llaznr.-, $f, to $0.50 Those who are ptlzzled HK to what to sive a lady had better consult tbls list, make memoranda, and then come and sec; other things we have no space, to mention: Toilet Sets, $1.50 to $JO.Oi'i, Manicure Sots, 7"ic, to $10.on. h'ancy Candle Slicks, !>0c to |j (,'ut (!!ass, Jl.uo to $ao.OO. Gold Founlain f'ons, $2.50 to $l:i Imported Perfume, $1 to $!!.'. Triplicate Mirrors, $:: to $IL'.UO. Jewel Uoves, $1.00 lit $1.Vi"'. Pocket Hooks and- Pur- "-. $1.00 to $20.00. Kodak.-, $1.00 $;!5.i'n'i. J. A. HUGHES The Leading Prescription Druggist, Phones Main 64 and 74.

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