The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California on June 24, 1969 · Page 16
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The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California · Page 16

San Bernardino, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 24, 1969
Page 16
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AO 6 THE SUN Tuesday, Jun 24, 196? SDS Meeting Ends; Power Fight Looms At the PLP news conference Miss Forman said that a "very clear majority" of the SDS membership had stayed at the Coliseum following the RYM walkout. "There is only one SDS," she said, and issued an appeal for the other faction to return to the fold. The split, she said, was only "a service to imperialism." No program was announced at the PLP news conference. The future of the SDS, which was in the forefront of this spring's unprecedented campus revolt, was uncertain. As long as the RYM retained control of the national office apparatus, including mailing lists, it seemed it would retain the upper hand. Michael Klonsky, outgoing national secretary and an RYM member, said his group was considering "all necessary steps" to keep control of SDS property. Sears jl San Beriiar(liiioli 4 Q Pre Lth of July Mark Rudd, 22, New York City, who played a key part in the Columbia University uprising a year ago this spring, was elected national secretary by the RYM 'faction. Thomas Ayers, Michigan SDS organizer, was elected national secretary for educational affairs, and Jeff Jones, New York City, was elected national secretary for in-terorganizational affairs. The RYM faction officers arrived at their news conference flanked by a squad of bushy haired security guards. Ayers promised massive demonstrations in Chicago Sept. 26-28 "against the war" (in Vietnam), in support of the Black Panther organization, and in solidarity with all political prisoners." The demonstrations, he said, would coincide with the federal trial of eight protesters indicted for their part nnnnnnnn IW ruin. r y Mi m ,-554 M :i 1 MM i J ift f It (DQJLB PMEp FMWSS 1 mm mm New baby? f- urn You' never need the dependability of a new automatic washer and dryer more than you do now! ..iaw m NATIONALLY ADVERTISED NATIONALLY GUARANTEED (0) IF JJUJLUYT Stormy CHICAGO (LTD - The Students for a Democratic Society, in ideological and organization disarray, ended the most turbulent convention in the radical student organization's history yesterday with the formation of two rival groups, each claiming to be the "true" SDS. The groups are the SDS "Regulars" or Revolutionary Youth Movement (RYM), who control the SDS national offices, files and funds in Chicago, and the Progressive Labor Party (PLP), a disciplined, dogmatic band which, like the RYM, claim solidarity with Mai Tse-tung of China. In separate news conferences, the two groups announced their newly elected officers, and the RYM revealed its program for summer and fall. The news conferences, unlike the convention sessions, were open to the "capitalist" press, and each group seemed anxious to spread its interpretation of the "coming revolution." The convention became irreversibly split late Sunday. The RYM walked out and set up a separate convention the First Congregational Church on the city's west side. The PLP remained in the Coliseum, where the convention began last Wednesday. Judge Weeps As He Finds Youth Guilty SEATTLE, Wash. (AP) -Superior Court Judge Charles Smith broke down and wept when he found 14 - year - old Shane White guilty of first-degree murder in the shooting last March of grocer Hervey Avery, 64. The youth also was found guilty of five counts of robbery and one of attempted robbery. White was comitted to the State Department of Institutions' juvenile division for six years and three months until he is 21. His case will be reviewed then, the judge said. J, v m. V. ,jr Kb .'ft? .f Mgmx PLY NYLON TUBELESS LATEST 1969 DESIGN! WASHER - DRYERS WE HAVE 'EM IHE(SDNS If You Don't Mind Getting ED HEIL'S APPLIANCE WORLD DEPENDABILITY SINCE 1921 360 S. Mr. Yernon Ave. TU 5-0739 JjlUKIISflQOD year's Democratic Convention disor- ders. The RYM also voted a "campaign of harassment" against the Chase Manhattan Bank, New York City, and its inv?stors because of the bank's economic ties with ra-cialh sen?-ted South Africa. Rudd said SDS had been broken in two by the PLP's "refusal to recognize the struggle for black liberation." "They are reactionaries who do not have a place for black nationalism. We recognize that groups like the Black Panthers are in the vanguard of the revolutionary struggle," Rudd said. The PLP elected John Pennington, Boston, national secretary: Patricia Forman, San Francisco, inter-organizational secretary, and lan Spector, of the SDS New England region, education secretary. Volley's Larqesf Selection New t Used All Colors All Types HARVEST SOLD AUTOMATIC YELLOW WRINGER WHITE PORTABLE AVOCADO COPPERTONE GENTLE TERMS FREE DELIVERY AND INSTALLATION GENEROUS TRADE-IN ALLOWANCE More for Your Money! Coca-Cola" and 'Coka" art r.gisttr.d tfda marki ot Trta Coca-Cola Company. 220 W.Highland Telephone TU 2-2981 25709 E. Highland at Sterling Telephone 862-6822 in last National . fl . . I 'J (I te (Dote nri BRAND NEW! 100 NYLON I TUBELESS TIRES FOR VW'S, I DATSUNS. TOYOTAS, RENAULTS! COMPACTS. BLACKWALLS i i SIZES 5.20x13 5.60x15 ' 5.0 x!5 5.90x15 I ! REPLACED; ii vi nil m wm a wm I I YvllnlN J TtAKi IX VULI) INSTAUID fBH! 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