Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 22, 1898 · Page 23
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 23

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 22, 1898
Page 23
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^ John Gray's CORNER Qn Muslins, we will meet all Competition on Muslins and you may buy all day from opening until closing time you may come yourself or send your neighbor A. S. Everett, A.M ,M.D Practice limited to Dyspepsia and the rational treatment of Chronic Gastric and Intestinal Disorders . Consultation and Prescriptions by mail. Flat E,, 0158, •reenwood, Are, Chicago. His. . i __.,. AU ktads Insurance and Loans. O f msur- moeand Honda written in first class com- p^nle.. Money to loan 6 per cent. S. M. Closson,3l9 Pearl St In Montlcello Canned by an Elopement in High Life. Two Well-Known Lawyers and the Daughter of a Prominent Citizen Lea™ Together. 308 Market street, Hoppe .Building Daniel Killian & Co. Cmll. . new S17 UDUftSURE Physician. Office in House, Cor, Thirteenth and North starts, Professional calls answered promrtly, GEORGE W. RODEFEB. Real "nd of Market street bridge. KB. C. D. EVEBSOLE'S DEETAL PALLORS Over Porter's New Drug Htore. Corner of-'Fourth and Market Streets. This morning's Chicago Beoord contains a highly interesting article re- eardin* the elopement from Monticello of Robert Haawton, cjunty .4erk of White county, and Miss ^ae Spencer, daughter of a wealthy resident of Monticello, and the subsequent arrest yesterday morning of the eloping couple at the Victoria hytelin Chicago. They had beenac- comoanied in-their flUjht by A. K Sills, a prominent attorney of that town, and well-known in Republican political circles ol the state, who. it Appears left them at Indianapolis. It is thought that a double elopement was Intended, but was presented by some unforseen cbstacle. Both men are married and have stood high In their community. Humston and Mies Spencer left Indianapolis early Thursday morning for Chicago. Here they were fo- lowed by a constable from Monticello, who learned that they had been at the Palmer house the previous night With the aid of the police a cabman was found who had moved Miss Spencer's trunk to the Victoria hotel The constable, witti a police man, proceeded to that hotel and the couple were found on the fourth floor. They attempted at first to deny their Identity, but when coo fronted by the constable admitted they were the parties wanted. The) were taken to a police station where Humston was locked in : cell and the young lady wa given into the care of the matron o the station annex. The couple wer subsequently taken before a justic and the case continued at the request of defendants, after which they gave Miss Spencer's Is a granddaughter of B. 0- Spencer, who kept a grocery years ago In what was known as the "round-stone corner," where the Logansport State Bank is located. When the old gentleman died, the sons removed to Montlcello. The .oung woman has been carefully reared and educated and is of prepos- sing appearance. vening Tent." Broadway M. E. church, B,ev. . L. Semans, pastor—Class meeting t 9; Sunday school at 9:45 Preuch- ng at 11 a. m. Subject, "The con- itlons of success in God's cause." unior League at 6. Revival serv- ces at 7. Subject, "He that klndletb be fire must make restitution." All are cordially invited. Baptist church, Kev. F. M. Hnck- eoerry, pastor.—Sunday school. 9:45 a. ID. Divine service, 1J a. m. Young People's meeting, 6pm. Subject, The Supreme Motive." Evening ervice, 7 p. m. Subject, "The nature and evil consequences of sin." Special meetings will continue next week at 7:30 p. m. It is desired that the members and friends of the church give us their presence. English Lutheran church, B. E. Shaner, pastor—Sunday school at 9:30 a. m. Communion at U a. m., at which nine children will be baptized and memners admitted. Subject of Rev. Wieand's discourse, Christ's Plea to the Man." Junior Endeavor at 3:30 p. m.. Senior En deavorat 6:15 p.-m. Evening services at 7 p. m., at which the pastor will be duly installed by Rev. W. E. Wieand, of Three Risers, Mich.,who will address the congregation and then the pastor, followed by ritual of installation, All are welcome. And Feeds Witliio the Bodies of a Vast Somber. Thonsamds of Persons Still Suffering Prom After Effects of the Grip— Can it be Avoided^ - EL-DENTIST- ^^SSHSAf* on Fourtl1 BUeet ' C 'CT Telephone No. S*. McConnell&McConnell $50,000 6 per cent Money to Loan. Call now Office Opposite Court House. SERVICES AT THE CHURCHES. Topics to be Discussed in the Pulpits Tomorrow. DAILYFHAKOS D SATURDAY. JAN. 23^1898. ^ OITY NRWS The total costs of the Mclntosh •trial will not exceed »5t>0. Dan Bohn, Pharos ageut at Walton, •pent Friday and today In the city, tbe guest, of W. E. Eurd and other Market street friends. SHOT THE WELL. Second Halton Well Better Than the FIrse. The Bunker Hill Oil company shot their well on the Shafler lot today »nd the flow was perceptibly increased. Arrangements are now being made to pump the well. The well of the Bunker Hill company is much better than the one on the Bamsarner lot. The Chicago company will begin another well next week just west of the Shaffer well. Aprons Ayftlu Popular. Women have taken to aprons again. Onr grandmothers \vonld as soon have thought of leaving off their capes or dainty collars and cuffs as their black silk or alpaca aprons in the house. The modern aproa is not so somber an affair as it was in those days. The more useful and less expensive ones are made of fine lawn and trimmed with a little ero- tooidery or lace of dainty pattern. Others are "made of bands of white or colored satin ribbons put together with lace insertion, straight up and down, cross-ways or diagonally. A full frill of lace »ll"the way round, bows on the pockets and ribbon strings give the finishing touch. —Exchange. t>*TU«d Clam*. .Chop fine 25 clams. Drain them and then oook for 30 minntes in a double iKjiler. Drain again, saving the liquor. Hub a tablespoonful of butter and 2 tablespoonfuls of floor together. Add the liquor. "When boiling, add the yolks of 3 eggs, a dash of cayenne, a teaspoonful «f onion juice, a tablespoonful of chopped parsley and the clams. Mix, fill into shells, dnrt'wtffi crumlj&and brown jn»quick oven. "_ Northside U. B. Church.— Preaching at 2:30 p. m. Key. G. W. Lambert, pastor. Southside U. B. Church— Sunday school at 9:30. Preaching at 10:30 a, m. Rev. G. W. Lambert, pastor. Seventh Day Adventlst church, 510 Sycamore street, O. S. Hadley, pastor.— Preaching Sunday evening. The Southside Mission Sunday school will meet in the old cooper shop on Burlington avenue tomorrow afternoon at 2:30. Everybody Invited- The Eastend Sunday school will be held every Sunday afternoon at 2:45 In the free kindergarten rooms on Twelfth street, near George. All are Invited. First Church of Christ (Scientist). — At the Universalist church tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock. Subject: "Jesus Teaching the Beatitudes." A welcome to all. Wheatland Street M. E. church, J, K, Walts, pastor. — Sabbath school, 9:30 a.m. Preaching, 10:45 a. m. Celldren's revival, 2:15 p. m. Epworth League, 6:15 p. m. Sermon and revival services, 7 p. m. Ninth street Christian church, Rev. H. C. Kendrlck, pastor.— Sunday school at 9:30 a. m.; preaching at 11 a. m.; C. E. at 8 p. m., and preaching at "p.m. The sermon In the evening will be to railroad and shop men. All will be welcome. Broadway Presbyterian church, Rev. W. E. Blederwolf, pastor- Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7 p. m. by the pastor. Theme of morning sermon, "A Race for Life." Evening theme, "The Prodigal Son's Father." Special music. Other services at usual hours. Market Street M. E. church, Rev. W. S. Stewart, pastor — Preaching at 10:45 a. m. and 7 p. m. Sunday school at 9:30 a. m. Revival ser vices will also be held. Especla consecration at 2.30 p. m. Junior League meeting at 2 p. m. Ep worth League at 6 p. m. Trinity Episcopal church, Rev. E' C. Coolhaugh. — Morning service with communion and sermon on "Wor ship," at 11 o'clock. Sunda school with sermon, at Union hall on Michigan avenue, at 2:30 p m. Evening service with sermon and worship at 7 o'clock. Cumberland Presbyterian church J. W. McDonald, pastor — Services at H »• m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunda school »t 8:*5 a. m. Junior Endeavor 2:30 p. m. Senior Endeavor, 6:34 p. m. Morning subject, "Wh Bhould be members of the chorea. MASSAGE OR FRICTION. Itl Relation* to Health and Beauty—F»c» la truth, there is no greater aid to beauty than massage. It not only pro- serves beauty against the attacks ol time, but it cures many defects that mar beauty even in youth. It prevents fat accumulating and even reduces it when accumulated. It also gives flesh to the unduly thin figure. In fact, it is the chief agent of plastic form and cannot be T«O much recommended to those who have lost the lithe gracefulness of youth. Massage also excites the vitality of the skin and makes the joints supple, says Vogue, authority also for the following: Massage should always follow the bath and not precede it, because after the hath the skin is most supple and flexible and more easily absorbs outer impressions. Face massage wards off wrinkles better than any cosmetic can do, and this every woman may do for herself. The masseuse uses the purest and best of cold cream in her manipulations, and after a certain amount of rubbing the face is wiped off and a new supply rubbed in. After several applications the face is then washed off with Hungarian or rosewater, and a freez-1 ing process begun with applications of ice, gently administered. The face then blooms out into the sweetest freshness after this treatment is ended, and nothing can exceed the marked improvement observable in all cases where the masseuse is skillful and thoroughly mistress of her art. A few hints are necessary for those who are not within reach of a competent facial masseuse. Dipping the ends of the first three fingers into a pot of cold cream, the cheeks are rubbed upward toward the eyes and sideways toward the nose, many times together. The eyelids are rubbed from the corners toward the nose. The forehead is rubbed sideways toward the center and pressed upward,-and downward toward the eyes, and from the center toward he temples. The neck, where women rst show the loss of youth, should be nbbed from back to front. Always rub ae nose downward, the sides of the ose or nostrils upward. Rub Che chin pward, and the lips from the comers o the center of the mouth. Hard skins are made softer by being nbbed with oil; flabby skins are ren- ered firmer by being rubbed with alco- 10! perfumed with verbena, which is a jrcat strength giver. Hungarian water, elsina water and eau de cologne, how- ver, are equally efficacious aad pleas- nt. Perfumed alum water may be ried in extreme cases of flabbiness, but he skin should never be allowed to become* so flabby as to require extreme Measures. .-»pprcCISted by Knitters. A really useful case for knitting needles is much appreciated if the various sized needles are included. Make it in KXITTIN'G NEEDLE CASE. cloth, serge, linen or .Roman satin at least 20 inches in width. Turn up an inside pocket cf eight inches. The case should be rather more than half a yard Line this pocket with chamois leather before fixing it and then stitch down divisions for the pins so that they wiU slip in, making, of course, larger spaces for the long wooden or ivory pins than for finer steel ones. Mate a pocket just large enough to hold one of the common gauges sold to measure knitting pins. Finish the case by a narrow binding, having turned, down an inch or so of material at the opposite end to pocket. Add strings to tie up the case when, rolled. KM-H»» Put Up tB* Mtaner- New Yorfc, Jan. ZL—"B3d" McCoy has deposited $5,000 with *. sporting pa per as a forfeit to fight either Corbett or HtzsimTEons tor the hr—--—»««•* of the world- »I am cured of the grip, but I do not feel well." This expression Is heard constantly. Perhaps you, reader, have heard it' and possibly you have made it yourself, it is a sad fact, but a fact none the less, that while the grip is bad enough and depressing enough when la its acute 'orm, it is often worse when it settles in some part of the body and continues to destroy the health and ruin the life. Doctor Lombard, in speaking or. this subject recently, said: "It is a well known fact, admitted by all doctors, that grip does settle in the body and bring distressing effects long after It is apparently cured. But the doctors do not always say ju 9t where it usually settles. It should be clearly understood, then, that the spots which grip, commonly selects are the kidneys and urinary organs. It is quite natural that It should do so for these are the very organs that are,, over worked in trying to drive the .grip out of the system and, naturally, being overworked, they are weakened and become an easy prey for disease." "Wiaen. these delicate, but most important organs are attacked in tbeir weakened condition, they cannot throw the grip from the system without help—good help—strong help—reliable help. But, you ask, where : can such . assistance be secured? The question is not an easy one. Many things will help the kidneys, urinary and female organs temporarily, but it is not temporary Lelp'that, they need. They require something strong, something that will seize'the erip and cast it out forever. Ordinary medicines will not accomplish this. It requires a scientific discovery-something out of the ordinary—something that can be depended upon absolutely. There is. so far as we know, so far aa the sclensific world knows, but one remedy that fills this requirement. That remedy is Warner's Safe Cure. It was the most potent factor in conquering the grip in Europe, and it has been the only remedy that has successfully removed its aftereffects in America. Kev. Dr. Kankin, president of Howard university, Washington, D.'C., says concerning this: "I know of persons who have been pprrnanently cured of diseases of the kidneys and adjacent organs by the !,<e or Warner's Safe Cure. I know, uo, of its being used in similar cases y physicians of the highest stand- ng. This great remedy 1 wish, in ie cause of humanity, to recommend." Anv man or woman who isconvers- nt with the advance of science, or he progress of the world, must know hat this great discovery stands on a Igb plane of Its own, far above all rdinary medicines, "remedies" or •cures"' It accomplishes what DO ther medicine ever has accomplish- d or can accomplish. It cures people, md more than all else, It removes be terrible after-effects which, the grip has in hundreds of cases, loaded upon the weakened frames of so many men and women. Sirup For Sore 'Tbro»t. A soothing preparation for an ordinary sore throat is a lemonade made without the addition of water. Grate the rind from one and squeeae the juice from 2 lemons over about 2 heaping teaspoonfuls of sugar. Be very careful to grate only the yellow, as the white gives a bitter flavor. Add the juice and grared rind of an orange, a blood orange making it even more delicious. Let this stand 10 or 15 minutes, and then strain through a cloth. The result is a sirup with a refreshing and delicious taste. More sugar can be used, but the sourer the mixture is the better it assuages the thirst or irritation in the throat. DRESS AND FASHION. M^'.es ol the Moment—Romors ol Chan^ei to Come. Furs are very much to the fore, being osed aH linings, trimmings and lor whole garments. The variety in fur novelties is greater than at any previous season. The furriers have provided ali sorts of fur wraps, including the usual jacket pouched blouses, the long pe- li.se, storm capes and little shoulder capes. Generally speaking, the muffs are medium in size, but there are direc- i toires and Marie Antoinettes, which are so large and softly builc us to be capacious enough to almost lose one's elbows in These raufis are also made up of velvet and trimmed with not a few heads and many tails, interspersed with frills and bowl Boas are exceedingly pretty with numbers of bushy tails and beads fastening under the chin, while others have ribbons or velvet bows intermm- "led The short fur boa is the newest and smartest affair and the most becoming. , Fashion's new aims as evinced by the dressmaker's productions, are in the direction of clinging skirts, close sleeves, a.narrow back, long waist and-low bust, all of which give to the form quite a new shape. The latest cut in skirts is the deep circular flounce, which widens into one with the back breadth and is stitched on to the apron shaped top in front and at the sides. Braiding or bands may cover this seam. In cloth gowns the latest development is a combination of cloth in two shades of the same color. Velvet sleeves are a feature of other new cloth gowns. All cloth gowns, by the way, show a greater amount of trimming than heretofore displayed. Fancy waists, quite unlike the skirts, certainly have lost none of their former popularity, and rumor tells us that they will come to the front with renewed favor when the 6 pring fashions appear. Indeed, dress- A fireat Slaughter SALE OF FIXE WINTER SHOES AYhich must be closed out at one-third their value to make room for our large Purchase of Spring Goods. These shoes are first class and must sell. Come while the sizes are here and get your c.hoice. ELIp~WfflTER. Shoe Store, 510 Broadway, STATEMENT Valley OF THE Legansport & Wabash Gas Company. State of Indiana, Cass County, ss: TLe undersigned, president, secretary, and a majority of the board of directors of toe Lo- gansi>ort£ Wabagb Valley Gag Company, of L/ogunsport, Indiana, in conformity with section SSSS, K. S. 1SS1. each being duly sworn, on their several oaths say that the amount of capital stock of said eompay is one million seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars: that the capital stock of said company is fully paid up in caah and br property: that the amount of existing debts against said company is as follows, viz: A mortice indebtedness of one million seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars: with trterest thereon to the amount of £17,- 500.CO, and other indebtedness of $17,7u4.06. THE LOOAMSPORT & WABASH VALJLKY GAS COMPANY, By C. F. DTETERICH. President. ALMON P. JENKS. Secretarj. Samuel Thome, George C. Clark. James Murdock, James H.Benedict, Arthur B. Proal. State of Indiana, County of Cafe, as; Before the undersigned, a notary public- poreonally appeared Almoa P. Jenks, secretary of the Wabash Valley Gas Company, and subscribed mid swore to the above ana foregoing: affidavit, this 19th day of January, 1S98. Witness my hand and notarial seal. B, E. MULHOIXANB. [Seal.] Notary f «blic. Slate of New York, County Of New York, es: Before me, the undersigned.a Notary Public, personally appeared Samuel Thorn, George U Clark, James H.Benedict and Arthur B.Proal. a nd subscribed and swore to the above ana foregoing aftidavit. this 18th day of January, 189S. Witness my hand and notarial seal. J AMEB P. J. MORRIS, [Seal] Notary Public. State of Indiana. County of Tippecanoe, SB: Before me the undersigned,! Non-ay Public, personally Hppeared James MurOock, a director of the Loeansport & Wabash Valley Qat Company, and subscribed and swore to the above and 1or c iroiiigaffiida tit, this 20th day. of January, 189S. Witness my hand and Notar- ial seal. J.D.HlLDKBRAND. [Sean Notary Public. ASTRAKHAN COAT—SEAL CAPE. makers and tailors have agreed that no costume is complete unless its skirt is accompanied by two or more waists. Spring fashions are already being talked about, and sundry rumors are in the air as to changes likely to corue with the opening buds. It is almost certain that sleeves will be small and denuded of the pnff at the top. The Russian blouse, we are assured, is to make way for a new but equally pretty coat. From Paris comes the news that the becoming neckwear of the present season must give way to a severely plain neck finish. Coming back to the present, dinner gowns are quite elaborate. Trains of moderate length are in order, and the sleeves, which are long, are frequently made of shirred net or lace. The bustle is an accomplished fact. It is already here in modest proportions and is welcomed by tall, slender women. It is claimed that there is already considerable' demand for these small bustles. As at present worn the bustle as a rule consists of a small plaiting of horsehair, some of two narrow plaitings, only large enough to fit into the hollow of a woman's back. Some of these bustles, however, are made with hip pads attached, and then again the hip pads can be purchased separately. ALICE VABNOT. AMUSEMENTS. 'S OPBBA HOUSB. • • • • HOYT'S NIGHT. Saturday, January 22d. Hoyt's Greatest and Hottest Co»edy. A Black Full of Up-to-date j | j i j j \ '•_ : 1 ; Witticisms, comicalities, ;••::::;:: Etc :::::: '• • ' ; : Full of Up-to date • Music, singing, danclmg : Ktr Etc. PRICES.... $1, 75c,£0c, 35c and 25c. Seats on Bale nt Johnston's druft store. D I CLAN'S OPERA HOUSB. WM. DOLAS, MGR. THR City National; Bank. CAPITAL ...... $200.000 JOHN GRAY, President, I. N. CRAWFORD, Vice Pres. F. R. FOWLER, Saskier. — UIKECTOKS — John Gray, C.G. Newell. J. T. EW»tt,Dr. W H Bell, A. K Jenks, W.t,. reomoeK, Isaac ShWeler, Geo. W. Funk and Jota C. . Lmgram. Loan money cm persons! 8»d c»U»t«ral Buy and sell GoTeroment bonds. Will pay 2per cent per annum on *ertit«ates of deposits, when deposited sis montks:.* per cent per annum wken left one yew. Boxes in Safety Deposit Taults, lor safe keeptair ol valuable paper*, rented at Iroin $5 to fl» per rear Monday, January 24th. First Appearance Here. The Famous English Beauty and Original Gaiety GlrL CISSYflTZGERALD THE DANCE QUEEN In New York's Greatest Lamgbiag Success. THE FOUNDLING As Produced for 200 Nights at Hoy? A Theatre, New York. BY CHARLES FROHMJLN See Cissy "Wink. Prices—25c, 35c, 50c, 75c and «1. A Xice Fu<idin*. Moisten S rounded tablespoonfuls of cornstarch with milk, add 4 heaping tablespoonfuls of sugar, the beaten jolks of S eggs, arid pour into a ^oart of boiling milk. "When it boils •gain, turn into a buttered dish, sprinkled with sugar. Beat the-whites of. the eggs-with a teacupfnl of sugar and a teaspoonfal of vaniUsk, spread over the top and brown in a qiiicfc oven. Serve cold. ' .. NO PAINING DANGER! Teeth extracted without pain or after effects, such as sore month, sore gums, etc.-Absolutely safe and painles. The most natural-looking artificial Teeth on new method PLA.TE3, guaranteed to fit. Theftnest and best method ofCROWW and BKUXffl Work. IVNo charge lor extracting without pain Then new teeth tie to be applied. Dr. W. T. Hurtt, ' V *T* I .. S 1112 Fourth St. » ' 1 ! (Established 1867), (Incorporated 18M). Employs mere persons thwa «ny other similar institution In this part of tbe country- HaU's Business College Hat secured more positions for -worthy young menlnd womendt£W thepa«tyearthanafl other commercial schools in U>i* part of ta« State combined. Hail's Business College Has better rooms and is better equipped On* any of its competitors- Hall's Business College 5 Enrolled more ntudents dnrimj the y*«r MB. than during any previous year. II yon want to secure a pootiom atteaa— Cor. Broadway and 6th Street. C.F.MOOBE Prsrt. Don't let the little ones snlter tro» eczema, or other torturing iU» *to" cues. Wo need for it. I*u'tOtal- meat can»- C»n ! * luurm tbemflt delicate ikln. At »uy drff »toi« t K cent*.

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