Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 20, 1964 · Page 1
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 1

Redlands, California
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Thursday, February 20, 1964
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JDailu 74th Year Phone 793-3221 REDLANDS, CALIFORNIA, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 1964 $1.50 Per Month Sixteen Pages 10 Cents Johnson flies to California to meet with Lopez Mateos DESERT "WHITE HOUSE" - This Palm Springs house is where President Johnson will stay tonight. Tomorrow he will welcome President lopez-Moteos of Mexico in Los Angeles and they will drive to Palm Springs. This house is owned by Louis Taubman, a real estate developer. First ladies plan big weekend in Palm Springs PALM SPRINGS (UPD—The wives of President Johnson and Mexican President Aldolfo Lopez Mateos will tour an art museum and visit a high school j when they accompany their husbands to Southern California this weekend. The two first ladies have entertained one another before and are personal friends. Each speaks English and Spanish. Mrs. Johnson is to arrive with her husband at this desert resort tonight, and she will meet President and Mrs Lopez Mateos at Los Angcies International Airport Friday morning when they arrive from Mexico. The ladies are scheduled to attend a luncheon in their honor at the Ambassador Hotel put on by Mrs. Edmund G. Brown, wife of California's Governor, while their husbands fly to Palm Springs for conferences. Then Mrs. Johnson and Mrs Lopez Mateos will visit Abraham Lincoln High School in; East Los Angeles. After watching classroom demonstrations on language instruction, the two ladies willj tour an exhibition of Mexican j art at the Los Angeles County! Museum of Art. | After the museum tour, the two first ladies will fly to Palmj Springs to join their husbands for a small dinner party. THE LATEST WORD TOKYO (UPD — Skin-tight leather bikini swimsuits arc the latest word in Japan's fashion world. They come in white kid and suede and will be modeled at the coming leather fashion show at the U. S. Trade Center in Tokyo. Tax cut bill may be on Johnson's desk next week WASHINGTON (UPD — Con-'ing rates drop from 18 to 14 gressional leaders were confi-iper cent, dent today the $11.5 billion tax! Johnson is anxious to see this cut bill would be on President Johnson's desk by the middle of next week to provide an ear ly March paycheck boost foi millions of wage earners. I S27 million - a - day in greater consumer spending start flowing into the economy as early for 1 as possible this election year. The compromise bill which Kidnapers didn't recognize Frankie on telephone LOS ANGELES (UPI)-Frank Sinatra's famous voice was not immediately recognized by the kidnapers of his son when they first telephoned the crooner to negotiate payment of $240,000 ransom. Attorney Milton A. Rudin. By MERRIMAN SMITH WASHINGTON (UPI) —President Johnson will deliver an important foreign policy speech Friday in California during his two-day meeting with President 'Adolfo Lopez Mateos of Mexico. He finished work on the speech today. Johnson and his wife were scheduled to leave Washington at 3 p.m.. PST today for a jet flight of five hours. 15 minutes to Palm Springs. Calif., where they will spend the night. The President's speech was regarded at the White House as a comprehensive review of the world situation plus Johnson's philosophy on the conduct of foreign policy. The speech will be given at UCLA at 10 a.m. PST. In Palm Springs, the chief executive and his wife will make their headquarters at the home of Louis Taubman, a Los Ange- 'les petroleum engineer and real ! estate developer. The five bedroom, ultra-modern residence with floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows, is about two miles from the Rivera Hotei where Lopez Mateos will stay. Lopez Mateos and his wife, who arc arriving in Los Angeles Thursday morning, were to be greeted by the Johnsons at International Airport. Both Presidents speak and receive honorary degrees Thursday at the University of California at Los Angeles tUCLAi. then flv by helicopter to Palm Springs to begin their official talks. While their meeting was largely a hands-across-the-border gesture of friendship customary early in a new administration, there were some substantive matters to come before the two Chief Executives. Lopez Mateos was expected to urge a permanent solution to salinitv of the Colorado River The final compromise ver-l emerged from the House-Senate sion of the biggest tax cut in | conference group after four U. S. history was cleared by a days of bargaining gave the ... . .... . , J about all. Sinatra s lawyer, testified for jthc government today in the trial of House-Senate conference com -j new Chief Executive mittee Wednesday — almost 13'that he wanted, months after the late President I It provides top-to-bottom cuts' toiin tax rates for about 51 million |Uanapin a North Atlantic search on for missing seamen NEW YORK (UPD—A Coast three men accused of;Guard cutter and plane , „ „ , , , .. . , , . , ,^w„u,,..,, 20 -vearold Frank Jr.lsearched the North Atlantic to- John F. Kennedy proposed to; HI tax rates for about al million | . ^ . Tahoc . ^ ^ ^ where thc ^ remove the brakes' of high .taxpayers m all income brack-. (d on ^ CaMornia . Neva(ia ! ing 0 f a mysterious light re| border. jvived hopes that 14 seamen This doesn't sound like Sin- missing from the British said in and the damage it has caused to an estimated 50.000 acres of I Mexican farmland. The same I problem figured prominently in the March, 1962, meeting between Lopez Mateos and the I late President John F. Ken- I nedy. ! Kennedy and the Mexican i president agreed to seek a solution, and certain steps have been taken by the United States to solve the problem. Mexico, however, contends that salinity of the Colorado remains excessive and that damage to Mexican farmland continues. Johnson and Lopez Mateos scheduled two main business sessions — Thursday afternoon and the second on Saturday morning, after which a joint communique was to be issued land the Mexican president planned to hold a news conference in Palm Springs. Ruby's defense again | Trembling stops, seeks to have trial moved\ Azores begins lets. Another 1.5 million would! Senate was to follow suit the!persons. same day or Wednesday. Final j A single taxpayer, for exam- l..!„ c= nnn •> year will when the freighter Ambassador might be After more than wartime federal tax rates House leaders planned to alibe removed from thc tax rolls lot one hour of debate and pass I altogether through more libera! | the bill next Tuesday. The] tax treatment of low - income^j^™^ ^Vf^alive in rafts conversation with thc elder Sin- ™ hours nothing was found, atra. "It is, it is." said Sinatra. 5 Twenty other crew members Rudin was called as a wit-j from thc storm-battered ship nro«ram is fullv effective Aincss today following Sinatra's »'wc rescued Wednesday and program is luny eutciut. n| •>_ U _ .,„„J!,I s captains body was recovered. The 14 men who took to life rafts in thc midst of a both approval by was assured. 1? Per Cent Cut When fully effective in 1965. the average taxpayer will en joy about a 19 per cent tax, cut, the first major reduction in federal income taxes since a 10 per cent slash in 1954. Most important to the Presi dent, the take - home pay of wage earners will increase an average of $4.50 a week eight days after the bill is signed into law when payroll withhold- chamberslple, earning $5,000 a jpay $147 less taxes married couple with two child!appearance on thc stand! 1 ren, $10,000 a year income and typical itemized deductions, will have the tax bill reduced by $233 a year. Two-thirds of the tax reduction bill will be effective this year, retroactive to Jan. 1. The remainder will go into effect Jan. 1, 1965. The cuts do not apply to taxes due now on 1963 income. Tables show comparison in compromise tax cut bill WASHINGTON (UPD-FoI- lowing are samples of the new MARRIED COUPLE Two Dependents Weather Rcdlands Weather Today Highest 70, Lowest 50 One Year Ago Highest 71, Lowest 45 Tomorrow's Sunrise and Sunset 6:28 a.m. — 5:38 p.m. No smog, allowable burning. San Bernardino Valley: Sunny with some high clouds Friday. Local strong gusty northeast winds reaching 50 mph or more today diminishing tonight and Friday. Considerable blowing dust. Slightly cooler today and tonight. Lows tonight 32-40. U.S. Weather Bureau Noon Forecast There will be some high cloudiness at times but sunny weather will prevail in all areas of Southern California today, Friday and Saturday. Slightly higher temperatures are expected in the northern mountains and deserts and coastal sections Friday afternoon. Slightly higher temperatures are likely in most areas Saturday. Temperatures and precipitation for the 24-hour period ended at 4 a.m.: High Low Precip, Boston Chicago Cincinnati Denver Fairbanks Fort Worth Helena Honolulu Kansas City Las Vegas Los Angeles Minneapolis New York Oklahoma City Palm Springs Sacramento Salt Lake City San Francisco Spokane Washington withholding rates provided by j weekly the compromise how they compare cnt rates: SINGLE PERSONS tax bill andi wage with c pres- wcckly present wage deduction $25 S2.30 $30 S6.S0 S75 $11.20 S100 S16.10 S125 $20.60 $150 $25.60 $175 S29.20 $200 $33.70 The present withholding for persons earning more than $200 a week in wages is $33.70 plus 18 per cent of wages over $200. This will be reduced to $26.20 plus 14 per cent of the excess over $200. S25 I $50 new jSloo deduction j S125 $1.60 S5.30 $8.70 $12.60 $16.10 $19.90 S22.70 $26.20 MARRIED COUPLE No Dependents present new deduction deduction S0.00 $0.00 S4.50 $3.50 S8.90 $6.90 $13.50 $10.80 S18.30 $14.30 S23.30 S18.10 $26.90 S20.90 $31.40 $24.40 cscnt withholding for persons earning more than $200 a week in wages is $31.40 plus 18 per cent of the amount over $200. This will be reduced to $24.40 plus 14 per cent of the excess over $200. weekly wage $25 $50 $75 S100 $125 S150 $175 $200 Thc Administration 34 36 34 26 28 27 .82 T .13 m\ dividends 37 19 .03 WASHINGTON (UPI) — The 0 -3 .01 WASHINGTON (UPI) — The 54 28 administration is expecting big 37 13 .03 dividends from the tax cut. 83 69 Among them: 41 30 —$20 billion more a year 71 43 spending by Americans on tele­ 79 56 vision sets, automobiles, shoes 32 13 and other consumer goods. 34 29 .25 —$12 billion more invested 45 32 each year in new industrial 85 58 plant and equipment, new 74 49 homes and new schools, roads 26 19 .01 and other public works. 75 60 —Between 2 and 3 million 40 21 new jobs. 40 31 .09 (Continued on Page 5) present deduction SO. 00 $'1.00 S4.30 $9.20 $13.70 S18.70 $24.60 S26.80 Wednesday in regard to calls between one of the three men on trial. The defendants are Barry Worthinglon Kecnan, 23: John William Irwin, 42, and Joseph Clyde Amsler, 23. Rudin said when thc kidnaper was convinced he was speaking with the victim's father he assured Sinatra "Your kid is in good shape. Don't worrv about him." Rudin testified he received two telephone calls from the kidnapers after he and Sinatra flew to Reno. Nev., and checked in at the Mapes Hotel. Sinatra took the first call and Rudin answered following calls. Sinatra's attorney said the kidnaper spoke in an "apologet- tone" once and apologized howling gale Tuesday were presumed drowned until a Canadian aircraft sighted a blip of light in the inky sea Wednesday night. The U.S. Coast Guard cutter Coos Bay searched the area through the night and day. A plane circled the area 600 miles off Halifax, N.S., since day break. now deduction ' c ,. ... . .. , ,. for sending Sinatra Sr. to the wrong gas station in Carson ! City. Nev.. to receive telephone • instructions. Baker faces threat of contempt citation 0.00 $0.00 s::.r ,o $7.20 $10.70 $14.50 $17.30 $20.80 $150 $175 $200 Thc present withholding for persons earning more than $200 a week in wages is S26.80 plus 18 per cent of the mount over $200. This will be reduced to $20.80 plus 14 per cent of thc excess over $200. MARRIED COUPLE Three Dependents weekly wage S25 $50 $75 $100 SI25 S150 $175 $200 The present withholding for persons earning more than $200 a week in wages is $24.50 plus 18 per cent of the amount over $200. This will be reduced to present new deduction deduction S0.00 S0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $2.00 $1.50 $6.90 $5.40 $11.40 S8.90 $16.40 $12.70 $20.00 S15.50 $24.50 S19.00 Strong winds hit Southern California WASHINGTON (UPD—Form­ er Senate aide Robert G. (Bobby) Baker faced the threat of a contempt citation today but three members of thc Senate Rules Committee agreed he was safely entrenched behind the Fifth Amendment. Sen. John Sherman Cooper, R-Ky., said the Fifth Amendment was an "air tight de fense" against contempt action Sens. Howard W. Cannon, D-Nev., and Robert C. Byrd D-W. Va., agreed that a citation was possible but they said a conviction was virtually impossible. Baker, former secretary to Democrats who resigned Oct. 7 when his outside The Santa Ana wind condi- 1 business interests became pub- tion knocked down trees, now- j lie, refused at closed session erlines and restricted highway Wednesday to surrender his rec- travel. especially in the Ontario-;ords in compliance with a sub- Fontana region. 'poena. Winds up to 80 miles per hour! > were reported at the Kaiser: The slight, baldish Baker took DALLAS (UPD—Jack Ruby's defense erupted angrily in court today and twice demanded transfer of the murder trial to another city because two prospective jurors had opinions on I insanity and Ruby's guilt. Chief defense attorney Melvin Eelli renewed his motion for a change of venue to any other Texas community when thc state insisted on questioning a prospective juror who said he did not believe Ruby could be proved insane at the time he shot Lee Harvey Oswald. He demanded trial in another city "where it will be apparent that we are not in the Dark Ages, that there is such a thing as insanity.'' He was overruled. The defense demanded change of venue again when Mrs. H.M. Walne, a widow, declared she had an opinion in the case and "no intelligent person can avoid having one." Call More Veniremen Dist. Judge Joe B. Brown ordered the trial to continue and more veniremen were called. In the fourth day of the trial not one juror has yet been qualified. Prospective juror No. 21, the fashionably-dressed Mrs. Walne. was dismissed "for cause." So was J. P. Carr. a mon­ ument maker, who was thc fourth venireman for the day. The first three were quickly excused for cause because they did not believe in the death penalty, which the state seeks. It was a morning of roaring, caustic, sometimes rollicking exchanges between opposing attorneys and the judge. Belli at one point shouted: "We're surrounded by the police here." and asking that his table be moved so that no one could hear the instructions he was giving to an associate who was questioning a venire­ man. Belli Shouts Challenge Carr said he had no scruples against capital punishment. Dist. Atty. Henry M. Wade began to explain to him the law on insanity and asked him if he could follow it. There was a long pause while Carr pondered. Then he said: "Well, I don't think they can prove he was insane." Belli sprang to his feet and said: "I challenge the juror for cause." Wade said he wanted to tell Carr about the law on insanity and Belli shot back: "I don't think he wants to know." Wade continued thc questioning on insanity, and Belli stood! and intermpted. I cleanup task i I ANGRA DO HEROISMO, Azores (UPD—The islands of thc Azores archipelago, rocked by three days of sharp earthquakes, stopped trembling today and their residents began to clean up the wreckage. The quakes miraculously caused no casualties, a U.S. Air Force spokesman said. But they destroyed almost all of the 2,000 homes of the pencil- shaped island of Sao Jorge and flattened the island's main city, Vila Das Velas. The last—and worst—quake came Wednesday morning, a tremor that registered force eight on the 12-degree international scale. But by that time there were no houses on Sao Jorge left to topple and an international evacuation of the island was underway. At least 1,800 of the island's 20.000 residents were taken to other islands. The remaining 18.200 persons began the massive repair job today. Communications between the island and this central Azores district capital were restored Wednesday by a team of telephone engineers. LOS ANGELES (UPD—Strong winds buffeted Southern California today, overturning campers along some highways and carrying gusts up to 85 miles per hour in mountain areas near!,!,,. Senate Newhall. Steel plant this morning in Fon-; re f ugc behind the first, fourth, tana. A 42 - foot houstrailer.j fifth and sixth amendments but parked one mile north of the;specifically invoked "the privi- plant, overturned. The persons,| e gc against self-incrimination." inside were not injured. Six oth- He was ordered under subpoena S19 plus 14 per cent of the ex-ier trailers in the same trailer!to return Tuesday for a public cess over $200. jpark were blown off their found-!hearing. dations. j Thc committee scheduled Thc U.S. Forest Service sta-jthree and possibly four wit- MARRIED COUPLE Four Dependents weekly present new wage deduction deduction S25 $0.00 $0.00 S50 S0.00 $0.00 S75 S0.00 $0.00 $100 $4.60 S3.60 $125 $9.10 $7.10 $150 $14.10 S10.90 $175 $17.70 S13.70 $200 $22.20 $17.20 The present withholding for persons earning more than $200 a week in wages is $22.20 plus 18 per cent of the amount over $200. This will be reduced to $17.20 plus 14 per cent of the excess over $200. BAD EXAMPLE LONDON (UPI) — The Post Office said today it has been flooded with complaints about faulty coin slots in telephone booths following a television program on which a performer extracted money from a coin­ box with a trick. tion on Sierra Pelona lookout at thc 4,000.foot level northeast of Newhall reported northeast winds up to 85 miles per hour. Dust storms whirled through desert areas, restricting visibility and pitting automobiles. In Santa Ana a car on West Fifth Street was damaged by a toppled tree, and police reported signs were torn from moorings. Perils of gambling RENO. Nev. (UPD — Duox Di'trinacria filed suit in district court Wednesday seeking $45,000 damages for injuries he claimed were suffered in a crap game. Di'trinacria said he shooting dice in a casino when one of the cubes struck him in the eye. causing "extreme painful injury." nesscs to appear at an open hearing today. They were Jose (Chi-Chi) Bcnitez, deputy high commissioner for the Pacific trust territories who was involved with Baker in a Haitian meat deal; William F. Collins, president of the District of Columbia Bank and trustee of Baker's $125,000 home; and a staff investigator. The possible fourth witness was William Armstrong, who served as West Coast representative for the Serv-U Vending Corp., in which Baker has large holdings. CAUSE OF RETRIAL LONDON (UPD — Judge I. Loyd dismissed thc jury at i West London County Court iI Wednesday and ordered a re- was!trial because one juror left the jury room to telephone his secretary to arrange for his children to be picked up from school. BAKER — Surrounded by reporters Bobby Boker, former power in U. S. Senate, left Capitol yesterday after refusing to produce his records. Senate Committee ordered him to return Tuesday, with his records. (UPI Telephoto)

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