The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 17, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 17, 1908
Page 7
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THURSDAY, DECEMBER 17, 1908. THE BAKEF.SFIELD CALTFORNTAN ROAD NOTICE. ANtgebblcPrcparationfor Assimilating the Food andRcgula tmg llic Stomachs and!3o\\ r els of PromotesDigeslioaCheeTful- nessandRest.Contalns neither Opium/Morphine not Mineral. NOT NAKC OTIC. A perfect Remedy for Constipation, Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea, Worms .Convulsions Jcverish- uess and LOSS OF SLEEP. facsimile Signature .->{ NEW YORK. Innds take no- | of the viewers i ffor Infants and Children. iThe Kind You Have Always Bough! Bears the lature of HK.K fore n in Use For Ovei Thirty Years Office of the Clerk of the Board of Supervisor.•>, Ci.unty oi Kern, State of California. To all iii.n-i•• nsenti'.ig owners of the lief ii:al '• r (i< scribed tiet . th;.! the roporl Mi prop' '-i ii County Hoad No. 271, described as ' ommeneins at the corner to sections 1 and 12 on the east boundary of township -ii south of _ lange 25 east, M. O. Ii. & II.. thence j west, along and !>'> t'e*H on each side ; ) u> ],„ of the line between sections 1 nnd VI, m j,j ;ll . and 11, 3 and in, 4 and :>, and 5 and ' l ; S. a distan-t-e of 5 miles; j ""'"' ! Road 271 A, beginniiiK at the quar-j an '' n | tor section corner on the east, boun- cras-b : dary 01 section 12 of township 20 | z j ( , ,, •south 01' range 25 east, thence west I ! along and 3H feet on each side of tho | j line hi trfcen the north and south j ; halves (,f sections 12 and 11, a dia- j ; i.f 2 miles; i U<.,'.| 271 H, commencing nt the cor- jiier i,, Kectioaa 11, 12, 13 and 14 of town-liip 2fi south of range 25 east. then; i west along and 30 feet on each tUi" < i the line between sections 11 tmd 11, a distance of 1 mile; Rwii 271 C, commencing at the corner to sections 13 and 24 on the Fresno Minister I flon't be Late for Ihe Whistle. Takes His Life 6o to 6eo - L Smder east 1 oiindary of township 2G south of ranae 25 east, thence west along and '•',« feet on each side of the line between sections 13 and 24, a distance of 1 n.He; also extending easterly .from starting point 119 feet to road No. t»0; ViLEY, Dee. 11.— Kneeling be- washstand in a position which assumed hundreds of times in : prayer, Rev. G. \V. Donnel, n minister of Reedley, yesterday ">n about 12:30 sent a hulle! ..; into his brain from the mu;'.-' i .22 caliber rifle. Ho had hren ' ••'-'. for some time from m r- ••ostratlon, and It Is believed was insnne at the time of the 'motive deed. Kill shown Kll'llS of SUleld:il for some time past, and thej have been recognized by his He had been (n hod for some i weelis past and has not In a year had a regular charge as pastor of a sum •: voiis-- • (hut ]• solf-d* He mani:i signs wife. All new am! up-to-< will lie pleased with bicycle ill my store is Tires! Just receive* and useful. Nothing churr-h Day before yesterday he asked to inve a notary public come out to tho family residence, which Is a mile from nccdley, aa he wished to have Ms property deeded to his wife, but. this was not done and the shot | Road 271 D, beginning at the cniar i was fired yesterday without the deed |ter section corner on the south boun- ] havlnir ,,„ roads i clary ot section 13; thence north along ! find ;.'!> tect on each side of the line between the east and west halves of section 13, a distance of 1 mile, has NOTICE. CALLING FOR PROPOSALS TO CONDUCT CITY SEWER FARM. of the order of the Board of Trustees - Citv of Bakersflelfl. the Cirv C'lerU will r"ceivo at his office, room 1. Producers Saving Bank bnildinsr. im to result from the disposal of said sev Dated, December 15. 1!>OS. A. T. IJGHTXFR. Citv Clerlt. 12-K NOTICE. 5 o'clock ]}. m.. on December 2S. 1HOS, | To all whom it mav concern: sealed nronos-ila for tho disposal or j Notice is hereby eivcn that the the sevvnce from the Citv Sewer Svs- Hoard of Supervisors of the Countv of tern, at the point where it is delivered tlironiih tho outfall sewer on \V V a Seeiun H. T. 30 S. R. 2S K.. AT. D. M.. and tor. the cultivation and Iinnrovo- Huard of Supervisors of the ( onntv ol Kern will not audit anv hill or hills 'u:alnsl the connt.v contracted bv county and townshln officers orbv persons . holillnir office bv appointment ot said nient of said land for a period rane-i Hoard of Supervisors, unless a reoui- Imr from ten to twentv vears sition in writinir Is first, presented to The successful applicant will be re- and granted bv the Board. - • • - - • BV order of the Board. fiuircd to L-lvo a irood and sufficient bond to nrotect said Citv from anv and all Kinds of damages or expenses, siris- Inf from suits or otherwise, that mav I In the County Court House, in the iti'y of Bakersfteld, Kern County, * fc-ui'te of California, nt the hour of 10 |OVlt;rk. n. m .. of the 4th day of Jauu- ; nry, Hiflft, where any and all persons j interested therein may appear and ; inal.e objection thereto if deemed I T'ii.- said proposes road or public 'highway will pass over, through aud 'upon 'he lands of Kern County I>and j Company, E. B. Sherwood, J. L. Rob- j ertsou. F. Evert, Chns. E. Lawrence, i Chas. lienton, J. R. Melcher, M. Per- !l;lns, McFarland-Laird, S. Tucker, W. |K. Laird, M. L. McFarland J. W. Gil- In-er. J. 13. Rae, S. A. otlmpson, J. E. 1 Voakum, L. L. Knler, J. L. Nethaf, E. Sibiimaker and M. M. Cecil. By order of the said Board of Supervisors. H. A. JASTRO, Chairman of said Board. Attest: I. U MILLER, Clerk. 12-16 ROAD NOTICE. Yesterday, shortly after noon, "nt went into tho bath room of his house i and his wife, feeling uneasy about him, tried to enter the room, but found the door locked. She became* very uneasy and forced an entrance throuch a <!oor from another room. F.hi.- found he husband lying on thn floor l)e;i,rn a bureau, In a pool of blood, uncoiiKrlous. Attest: T,. \T H. A. Chairman 'ffpr. niprf ol ITRO. Board. OPERA HOUSE tOBT. 0. BARTON, n«n«4rr TONIGHT irt Presents America's Foremos Max Figman In His Latest and Greatest Success Mr. John Cort Presents America's Foremost Comedian, A Comedy by B. M. Dix and E. G. Sutherland "Fijfiniin returns a trrcsit eomedinn'" ••—S. F. (.'.'sill. Prices 25c, 50c, 75c, $1, $1.50 Seats on Sale. ^Sunday, Dec. 2O SPECIAL ENGAGEMENT The American Amusement Company Offers Mr. Sanford Dodge, supported by Miss Louise Marshal, in Goethe's Masterpiece FAUST Office of the-Clerk of the Board of of Kern, anfl Mp< SEE The Great Electrical Sword Fight, The Wonderful Bracken Scene. The- Dance r?f Death in the Brocken A Carload of Scenery and Electrical Effects. Prices 2Dc, DOc, 75e, $1.00 Buy 'Seats Thursday. Supervisors of the County State of California To all non-consenting owners of the hereinafter described lands, take notice, that the report ot the viewers on proposed County Road No. 268, described as commencing at the intersection of the eastern boundary of County Road No. 99, and the line between sections 20 and 29 of township 27 south of range 2G east, M. 0. B. & M., thence east along and SO feet on tast side of said section line, 8406.7 feet to romer of sections 20. 21. 2S nnd 29, thence east along and 30 feet on each side of tho line between sec- linns 21 nnd 28, 22 and 27, 10577 feet to corner of sections 22, 23, 20 and 27. I a distance of 2.04 mill's, has been set . for h<--arinK before the said Board of j Snm'i-vlsor* nt their rooms in the i Co'inty Court House, in the City of i Ha!o'i'Kficl<l, county nnd state afore i said, at the hour of 10:30 o'clock a. j in., of Hie itu day of January, 1009.1 where any and all persons Interested : therein moy appear and make obji•••• . ilc.ii ih"rHo If doc-ced proper. i Thr said proposed roan or public i highway will pass over, through and j upon th e lands of unknown owners, j A. N. Tow PC Co., H. C. Phillips, estate | of II. P. Hende- deceased, S. W. Hoot. Ollie Thomas, W. A. Fmk. V/. Kalcuner and the San Francisco Savin KS Union. By order of the said Board of Su] pervisors. H. A. JASTRO. Chairman of the said Board. | A (lest: I. I,. MIU.ER, Clerk. 12-1C R. .1. CtJRNOW, well borer (formerly i)!' HIP firm of Ournow & KeorO fir Ionian and surface wells. Tanks built and put up. Address Tinkers- field U. K. D. No. 2. Phono Fflrm- CI-H 181. tf TEXAS PRESIDENT MARES A CALL J. S. Collinan, president of the Texas Company, which is one of the j largest producing and marketing oil | companies around the Oluf, is heroj today as the guest of Colonel Tim . Spellacy. Mr. Collinan's visit is purely of a social character and has no' business significance whatever. The Texas president and Mr. Spellacy have been fast friends for many years j = BICYCLE I am Closing out all '08 models at a Great reduction : tin shop \vovn or old stoek. \ on s,-Veti.>:i \»u may make. ;;s .'very " article of the urade. fresh shipment of the hest. I want your tire business; I can take care of you in a way that will be satisfactory. ,, ... The Holidays are on us. A question is, what to ^et tor inai present Select something beneficial better than a Bicycle. . Get Something for home entertainment an Edison Phonograph is the proper article. Have I got them? Bet yon. Call am\ sec and hear them, the up-to-date. Play both the late Amberol or 4 minute, and the Hold Mould or 2 minute records. I am headquarters for Edison phonographs and records; the Inrjrest and most complete s'.ock in Kern county. I sell Edison Phonographs on installments. Just received a large, shipment of %on-o-phone records;,will sell at a reduced price. I also have a select assortment of pocket eutelry: also razors, the best ever. Call and examine my line, \vi yon. Bicycle and Talking Machinr A nice line of Cabinets f.>r leased to and sluvw repairing a specialty, I'M i son Records in stock. GEORGE L. SNIDER Phones Main 295, Main 1185 958 Baker Street, Kern, Ca 1 . Californlan want, ads.: thr'Pc days, !5e. was In Bakersfleld enjoying a similar social visit with the the local oil man In 1000. The two went to the Midway this morning and after spending the night on the Mas- E. H. LOVELAND * ——— •!• Wholesale Produce Merchant •?• Hay, Grain. Potatoes, Beans, •* Eggs, and all farm products. + ***•!••>*•{••!•*•><• •?• + * <- + + t-lass eot property will return here tomor-j 140 "-_ row and continue northward the same night. Mrs. Andrews' danelii,.; meet tomorow night Club Hall, S o'clock. Telephone Main 11C. MOVE TO DEVELOP OIL AT INDIAN SPRINGS. * * * * * * •!• LOS ANGELES, Dec. 17— Private advices received by .L H. Brown, chief traffic clerk of the l^aa Vesas & Tonopah Railroad, from Indian Srrini;s. Ncv., indicate development work for oil will he speedily under-; I alien there, uidian Sprincs Is about seventy miles southeast, of Beatty. ThoKn ndvl'-es state Iliat a geologist from New York has been investigating the oil outcropl'lngs in the last! ten'days and that he lias reported par- | licularly in favor of a location threap or four i^^; KOiilh of the Las Vi'gan • & Tonopah tracks at Indian Springs, j althoupli seepages are evident on both i sides of the valley. ' i It is s'atcd that Goldfield r-apUnllsts j will have a drill at work there soon after January 1. DR. LUNG CHOW DUCK ON TONG CO. Drug Store 739 19th Street, Cor. Q St COFFEE Poor coffee has to be sold in bulk, it isn't worth packing. Your crcrtr rplurns vnur money II you don'l like Scbillins'a Bi-ft. wo pay him PMNT YOUR HOUSE J Mmiflp painting Is niy spt-clnl- 4 T uHfl nothing bu> t.m» b»Bt •> i;>n(eriaiN. jiM.irfintee my work 4 ind ebrirgp reai-ontttd.' nr!>"os. $ ' D. MEREDITH, Contractor . .* PAINT YOUR HOUSE House painting Is my specialty.' • I use nothing; but tho best mate• rials, guarantee my work and charm.' reasonable prices. >.. I. D. MEREDITH, Contractor • 2117 B St. Phone Main 172 i »*« *j* *•*• *j» »*•* *j« »3» **« »j« **•» «^» »j« »j* »j« *j« »j» C. J. ninnz, President Arthur 8. Crites, Cashier. May Suggestions !! to Eat and Fine China Ilii- liin'st imported ;_'oods \V earrv Valley. Imported Fitfs in baskets, Sin (Ted Dales and 1 ( j^las-. ('.reen Olives in bottles. California (ilace in K'lass. Shelled Almonds, l^owney's ('h round in th. i: r ;s in boxes and Kniils. 1'iuard „ .. ... icolates in I'ancy box-s. I'.each Nut PruHerves. Ileinxo's Mince Meat in stone crocks and bill;-. Remember we are sole agents for National ('rest ,('olTee. A visit to our store will eonvhiee you of the superior quality of our foods and method of doinj,'"business. Our stoek of llavi'laml and Imported Hand Painted China is complete. «»|'op!e who have ealh d at our store in past week were ainaxed at our beautiful dis- T lla\ ihuid Hand Painted China, Cut (ilass. Mras-'es ('arvini; Sel>- pers. , articles in general, which appeal to ( 'lirislmas shop- Tel M Bf kersfield Grocery Company nel,6 1715-17 1 9th. Street MECHANICAL TOYS WE HAVE A FEW LEFT FROM LAST Y£AP WHICH WE WILL SELL FOR COST HOLIDAY GOODS SEE OUR CHRISTMAS CARDS A WEABER. 1822 Chester ave Phone Miln 4 A BANK ACCOUNT FOR CHRISTMAS ' There is no gift for your hoy or girl that compares with a hank account. It will make many a Merry Christmas for years to come, because it teaches the wise use of money, instils economy nnd thrift and h$ps to form the .savins,' habit. AVhen making up your list, of Christinas presents, include a Haiik P>iiok with (lie First Hank of Kern. « per cent interest, paid on tiin" deposits and Sa\ inir ;i>'- '•ounts. Kahler Sas: Now is the lime In your selections from our complete stock of Christmas Goods SMiitalilo presents for youiiLC and old at prices t<» suit all. T<c sure and come. HEADQUARTERS FOR CHRISTMAS CARDS AND BOOKS. BAKERSflELD DRUG CO. Kahler Bros, PHONE MAIN 42 10th * I Qti, Safe Rent One Now Cheap Necessary Handy Safe Deposit Boxes Bakersfield Abstract Company QEO. HAY, Mgr. Chester Ave. and 19th 8t. Basement The Little Racket Stci-e The little store of L. T. Codlcy & Co., corner 18th and Chester avenue, is still adding new lines of ."i, 10, 1- r » and 2">c dry uoods and notion specialties. Our latest will he the Ui.-hnnNon cin- ,(.-., uhieh is the invil'f Hi. 1 cial firic artic.lcs. L. V. ;l : . n'''<'v -\ ri L'ifliardsoti t'liiii i n I In' lii'iiutil'iil art of dfri ii(,'. We trivi' spe- iccs on many uscfif.l GODLEY & CO. Dr. J. S. Weiser Manner of the Weiser Optienl Co., 103:5 I street, Fresno JK in BakiTsfiel/1 this week c.oiniiienc.iiiK Monday, December 14, IMS, and will Htoji nt the New Southern Hotel. Eyes Examined Free All Work Guaranteed

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