The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 17, 1908 · Page 5
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 5

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 17, 1908
Page 5
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THE BAKBRSPIBLD CALIPOEN1AN THURSDAY, DECEMBER 17, 1008. LARGE ASSORTMENTS TO THE LAST MINUTE What You tan't Find Elsewhere You Will Probably Find Here These item* nrr Ijut n mere suggestion oi' wlini may be found in our collections, which nrc Iji'iii, mil of ideas for gift seekers. Prices ran»-e from the inexpensive, to the elaborate. In this store you'll find shown the highest possibilities in Jewelry mnkinir; the best efforts of the world's foremost makers in quality and designs, giving usa high standing with those who wnnt distinction in design and excellence in quality. It is n most complete mid adequate showing. ONLY ~~ 8 112.60 14K Soli'l Onli! Scarf 1'i'i Fine Sparklini; Diamond ami Rutiv Kycs £13.50 No. 2860 SuliiKiold Brooch Real I'Hiia-o Hand Carvorl 115.00 Solid Gold Locket Finfi Sparkling Diamond For Two Pictures No. 2844 Kern City Curfew Shall Ring at Night • principal subject of discussion mcetins of the town trustees evening were the curfow nrdl- •, the doi? license and u petition il liv a number of residents re- ing a bridge over the Eimi f at Tulare street, ui eemnlaivtt of the school • "'i. ~i& Per Pair HK Solid Gold Enameled in Blue No. 2898 r.mii eemiilaint of the school an (henries It. was decided to enforce tb cm:.-,', (.rdlni-.nce. The urdiminci er,rr;>,-il!ns all doss to have a licen.< was dt'ci Tnts key , strui Line up for Basketball Ticket a for the basketball game here Saturday evccing are selling I brlfhly now and the -prospects are| brightening tor the glrU. A new j idea of the 'much worn saying, "it pays to advertise," has come to light. j Yesterday Mr. Gainer went from town to the school with a pamebo;ird advertisement, ot the game in his hat. With him was Mr. Oriiliib with a pasteboard billboard where his shirt trout should have been, beshh .-, sever. Annett's Bakery The Place For GOOD PASTRY CLEAN BREAD ih<. license •d 11 '.r-'VO i. License J15.00 No. 2R29 Solid OH I.ocl:ct Fine S]>reklin(? Diamond ,-iul Ruby Eyes Fcr Two 1'icturcs DEPENDABLE CHRISTMAS GIFTS "Where 'juality, variety and value assert themselves most strongly, there is the store to pnrchnst? gift-wortliy Christmas things—these characteristics predominate in our splendid Holiday stock. BOTH THE LARGEST SELECTION —and the highest quality are to be found at this store and it is.the most natural and logical place to come for all gifts. In the same proportion that our Buying Facilities are the Greatest, our prices are Lowest. New things are continually on the in-conic. Call and see them. LATE SHOPPERS WILL FIND COMPLETE STOCKS HERE. This Store, the Frugal Shopper's Buying Headquarters, Fairly Bristles with Bargains Store open evenings until Christmas. Every article sold is fully guaranteed. Buying Direct from the Manufacturers, we Save You the Middleman's Profit. •'- •-.- ~,..M-e in tl built on the and tags may ,ue<l from the city marshal, tiie wist ei which will be $U for a female lind i>i,e dollar for a male dog. .\1 \Vet7.el made a request for permission to construct at 14 foot cement sidewalk in front of residence on Ha-1 ker and M streets. The ordinance pro-j vides for a 12 foot walk, but pennis-) siort was iiranted for a 1-1 foot one pending the action of the board amending ordlnace Ifi section 1, providing for 12 foot walks. A communication from Attorney General 1". ri. \Vebb was read, in which ht> overruled vhe request of Mr. fJcinard to sue in repaid to the nulli- flciitlou of the -.-.Tinex-itlon of th" Hernard uti.i'tion to the town of Kern. Tells the Children. . Principal I'auly announced in the ! school-; to-lay thru, the curfew ordinance won' ! be strictly enforced hereafter and warned the children not to on the streets after the ring- MacDONALD FAMOUS CAND1ES al cards pinned on his coa many of the boys are i;.in..f'irmlng their hats into signboards. Couch Gainer has aiinoiipo-j,: •' line-up of the team ••;. •.'••'.',.v. a; Ar ells Hare, Kaila .C-"" ir.ii;e, forwards; horonghly discussed and it was-JMi.ii'..> ><\:. :.*, v Isabel Forker, ren- •'l to have it strictly enforc. !.:«...., i>; ri ie Slater, Claire Header, s Cm-ran, Snider "-..; »\ • ••'. a-"j guards. The subs will be Beulah ; " Egan and Valentine Curraii. The Portbrviiie team wilt come over , the S. P., arriving Saturday at noon, and returning by the 6:3 Otraln Sunday morning. The girls will have am-, the distnct attorneys olnce, everf pie time to see the town under the i fort will be 1627 19th St. Phone M 930 SAN KHANC1SCO, Dec. 17.— According to the announced program ot 01'R LARGE NEW ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE FREE Call or write for It—Today It will lie of 'considerable service to you in suggesting suitable articles for gifts MAIL ORDERS ^ promptly filled. Anything pictured forwarded immedHately, postage prepaid, on receipt of price, and delivery guaranteed. Fill In this Coupon and mail to us Name Street City State The American Jewelry Co. 1 guidance of the members of the local \ thc flrst of Girls Athletic Association, and to at- ' tend the dance given In their honor a Woman's Club hall after the game. •-»-• made immediately lh( , y( , ar to t,,.| D g graft prosecution In this e$T <» speedy trial. Already two of the** cases, that of Patrick Calhonn, pre»- ident and manager of the United JlaB- i-oiids, chavse-d with bribery In WILL SELL LOTS IN A NEW TOWN SITE. Notices have liec-n posted at Parker. Arizona, that the government will be- | nectlon with the overhead gin the sale oV town loi.s In Parker i irauchlse, and that of Attorney A. S. Newburgh of the Huef defense, *&& to have been implicated In the ai- | tempted bribery of Venlrenian Martin ncxt. month, Mid it is expected that tin' town wlU then boom. Parker is the place \\here the n.-w Santa Fe line, from central Ari/ona j Kelly of the Ruef jury, have been** \veat across the Colorado Ulvev into;fur January uth, California, and where the new bridge, j The cases will come tip belu^ built by the Santa Fe by special per- i,Judge Lawlor and Judge Murnskjr m lug ot the citiiew without a note from i mission of congress, has recently been [ 8 pe-ctlvely, and It Is planned t.o their parents. A number of the young boys have made it ;> cusH'..ii to hang around town until late at night -nd as a consequence would nut be able to do their school work the next day. and upon complaint of the opened for traffic. The town is *itu-l one o f the other graft cases bate* tiled on an Indian reservation, and|j iu ig e Dunne on about, the sum heretofore it has been impossible to I dat(J( though the particular casi> or *»• obtain title to town lots, but the ROV-! ft>n ,j allt nas not DCl , n determined yfl*. an- emment's action In selling them will| T i ie tr lal of Newburgh will close UK remove this difficulty.—Los AiiKelvs | cngcs arising from the attempt te Express, {bribe Kelley, as Attorney F. J. MSB- •"*•*"- phy, associated with Newburgh, idly enforce the ordinance. The. engineer at tJie fire house was instructed to ring the bell eight times at S o'clock every evening and after that time no minors are to be allowed on the streets. Marshal Hadger and Night-; watchman Selna will do all in their power to sec that the ordinance is en-1 Bakersfleld, and to stimulate the erec HAS PLANS FOR MODERN BUNGALOWS AND COTTAGES recently acquitted on a similar Glass, attorney for the telephone In view of theTe^al of building In j P«ny, w "° w a" convicted of brlboy ' and has been out of jail .for some tln» forced. MRv^. Bakersfield REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. * Deeds. Kern County Land Company to Ella Hudson, $5 etc., lots 26 and 31, section 2!), 30-27. J. W. Brockman and wife to J. R. Neff, $10; east half of northeast quarter section 9, 31-30, Lowell I^and and Improvement Company to Mamie M. Morgan $10; lots I and 2, block 28. Lowell addition, BaUersfleld. Amaranth Land Company to 'Elmer .!. fcou, $10; lot 172, Fourth Home, /•>:' elision Colony. Same to John W. Koo;ney, $10; lota 141, 173 and 174, Fourth Home Exten. slon Colony.. F. L-. Smith and wife and A. R. Hos- sacK to Grace L. Ubby, $10; northeast quarter of north hnlf of southwest quarter of northeast quartel section 22, 29-28. GILLETT IS STILL IN POOR CONDITION. SACRAMENTO, Dec. l7.—(!ov. Mt avrived here this morning l» a feeble condition. He, does not expect to be in his office for over a week yet. Announcement Extraordinary Mrs. C. P. Badger entertained <he O. K. C. ladies last evening at a cos- toume party given for the benefit of the order. All the ladies came attired in costumes of various characters and I a very enjoyable evening was spent. Prizes were awarded Mrs. Harry Gates and Mrs. Newhouse for the best sustained characters. An elaborate menu was served, a young roast pig being one of the fentures, tint! it was n late hour when the pleasant party broke up. tlon of a good class of dwellings, H. G. Parsons, the well known real es- a large number of plans of modern bungalows and cottages. These structures ave the latest creations from the offices of Los Angeles and Seattle architects, many of them very reasonable In expense. Beautiful views ot the completed buildings with floor plans, are shown with much clearness. Mr. Parsons invites any prospective builder to visit his office and Inspect the plans. )ii account of 111 health, jefore .Ttidge Lawlor yesterday » requested a month's postponement the remaining cases against him court granted the petition. world's celebrate.T clairvoyant, has arrive and -has opened an office Hotel, corner Twentieth BOYS CHARGLD WITH BURGLARY IN COURT. Murphy, Hadcrf, earns, and Kays, j the four boys arreste.i tor Imrgl'.rix- inx a Southern i'acitk' car, will be examined at 1'J o'clock in ,)<id-;e .Marions i i; court. lioou, the Tiue.ii n>tloon keipe,, arrested for receiving stoh-Mi liouds, will have his. exataiii'iliuii on S.aai lay inornint; at 1" o'clock. BOYS' CLUB WILL j HOLD A MEETING. ' The Congr Barnum Is here Alive and active and Doing Business. "Has a choice, list of Ranch and City properties for sale here and in Pasadena. A SQUARE DEAL List with me, insure with me and be satisfied. Room 25, Galtes Block, with J. W. Brockman. NOTEG AND • * •:• •;• * •'.• <• •!- PERSONALS. palmist anil in the city i in thc Grand j and Chester,j California!! want ads.: three days. 2iic. j :i venue, room '2, where h" can be con-j T — "-'--" : ~ j suited on all affairs of life. Prof.! j Hrenni'.n bus no equal in uis prot'es- i sion. He stands alone, the prlnco ol i). lio^b of i-an Francisco Is in (own clairvoyants, and Is recognized by she O n business. • pi-ess i;nd public as the greatest mas-) vy. li. Isaacs t .f Hnzletou was in , ter or the science of palmistry the j i uwn today ( world has ever proditcc;i. j Pave H ;. nse has go , K , on a week's i Ho guarantee? cideut of your Hoys' Club of the Pilgrims ' sational (!hnvch will hold a ] il meeting Friday evening at <<i make ;\vnuis«'ments for pur- ! ch-tslne athletic materials for their gymnasium. j BUCKEYE EMPLOYMENT i BUREAU. ! M. M. Odell & Co., proprietors. J2IT j Nineteenth street, Walters Hotel, HUC- ' ot>K-.u!V (o ('. C. Scribner. Phones t Main L'lS aiid.Sfifi. Help of all kinds; furnished free of charge to cmiilover l es TO reveal every in-j hunting trip, life; tell when, whom Mrs. E. K. Ellsworth is enjoying o Christmas is Ccming Bicycle Huvuig UK- LAROF.ST STOCK ol bleyt-'e ;;OOI|H ill tile city \Ve are prepared to (;tve. vim t'he rl;;ht prli'es. \\- ( > guarantee al! of our repairs as well as our 'inpiHli- Don't forcet where to go for the Best Goods. Maine's Cyclery 1725 Nineteenth Street. and where you will marry;' tell you just what you are lilted for and how to obtain money you are In need of. '. The happiness of your future life may 11 depend upon the right solution and | proper advice. The, professor makes j no mistakes, and all his predictions i are true, and ho maj^ bo relied upon. t Yon dii:.v wish to know If it is advls- 1 able to make a change in bnsines.s, In '. love and in marriage. 1 WHOM SHALL 1 MARRY? HOW OFTEN SHALL I MAHHV? SHALL i I KVJ3U HE DIVORCED? IIOKS AN- OTIIKH SHAHK TUB l.OVK THAT KI'JIJTLV BELONG SO. WHO? IS MY AIM.!-:? WHKN SHALL I LL'AVIO 1 HliHIS? AM ". LlAltl.K visit from Oakland relatives. Kussell Cooper Is here from San Francisco-to sue ml the holidays with his mother. Mrs. Jane Cooper. Airs. W. M. HutehingB and children returned yesterday from a visit lu Los Angeles. W. T. Lottinvile left on the noon train yr.iU-rday for Los Angeles. Mrs. 11. Melon, and family left ycs- REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. Patent. Dulled States to Francois Chanac, lots S, 9 and 10, section 111, 12-lfi. Deeds. Pacific Improvement Company to Ida U Nelson, $^25; lots 4, 5 and G, block 31, Tnhaehapl. Ajiiip-K .levsenaeii to II. P. Hanson, $10; all Interest War Kagle and Yellow Jacket Consolidated, one-third Interest Agnes, Sky Scraper, Sunshine and Mlnnchaha mines. Rand District. JoRoph Hankiowlez to Martin Mark. 331 Per Cent Off For all TOYS for One Day Saturday 'December 19th where they will reside In the future, eson, $10; west half of west half of! F, H. Hussler of Marlcopa Is registered at, the Mctropole. ! Mrs. Cash Murphy and son, Leon,) have returned from a vltslt to Ohio, i F. P. Taylor went to 1'otrerville j this morning on a business trip. j Dr. V. ItasH Is here from San Fran- southwest quarter of northeast quarter section 11, 9-16. DK.NT? SHOULD I I\\I,.^T MONEY? IN WHAT S!I\U. I VKST? HAVK r ANY I'.VKMI CAN l TUVST MY FHIKNUS? WHAT TO\VN OK ;-;TATI', \vnci.i) r UK MOST srcrnsHFi'i.'. 1 CAN I S!-:i.l, MY PItOI'Klv'i V ' The professor tr'iis .',1! ' til! 1 , and many !>j;>ie. He K e 1 , er :e>,.;;. biinluess iv un;.ii:'< i'«sful, or if you in trouble i.f any kind, you should ACC1- cinco on ImslnewB. MVj P. 11. Plnartl of the. andiUir's onice ]N-j)n San Francisco, who has been pay- ""^''infi- the division accounting bureau a '•^'i visit, left on No. 7 this morning for San Francisco. Master Mechanic ,1. Shelaberger! !ha« returned from San Francisco. i ,. S| i (}. W. Mulks, district auditor, 'came ] to i up on No. 107 yesterday and left on • lajNo. 7 this morning for Coalinga. ' : mi-! P. A. Murray, the Wasco merchant., a if- wag a guest In town yesterday. Miss Ollle Mosler came up from Low AngtileB this afternoon on No. \V the "Can't line i'l'iiinc l)tickliiifr. rejrunlless of th«'' cause. tliis truly gifted medium at once, lit has helped thousand!) on (ho road to land will he the guest of Mrs .0. P. success and be can niut will help y-u. Badger for a week. He not only tells you what your llt'o Frank Hlggins of T.OS Angeles was has been iind will be, but also how to I In town today on business. better your condition In every possible Sixteen lots, south half of block way. Thousands of people are failures today simply because they do not see these things for themselves or are not following the right trade or profession. Prof. Brennan has made a life study of these things and he is now prepared to show you how to make a thorough success of your life. His fee Is reasonable and within reach of all, and If he does not make you a read- Ing that Is superior to any yon have ever had he will positively refuse to 1.19 on K Hlreot, between Hint; and Beale, opposite' Uuiilo avenue school house. Kern. For sale at $(!5 a lot. Would make an Ideiil home. For terms write to Charles T. Zon«en, 2G10 Man- lUm avenue, Los Angeles, Calif. T.52 reading. SPECIAL— Prof. Brennan ia the only medium In the country who positively tells your full name; and he will tell it free of charge to nil who t accept any fee whatever. come prepared to take a reading. Cap- Offlee hours, 10 a. m., to 8 p. m. Sun- Hal furnished for business enterpris- day, 1 to 4 p. m. Lady attendance, es; partners found; property bought Three reception rooms, so arranged and Bold, etc. Remember the address, that you meet no strangers. Orand Hotel, corner Twentieth and Perfect Batlufa-ction by mall. Send Chester avenue. Office located just at fl, day and date of birth, for raati> fc»a<l of »t»<r», tf One Week to Xmas \Ve liiivr the hesl selected slock ol' Fine (-'limitlire in Kern Comity and every :irtie,le in our store sii'-r- yests somcMiiiie; useful in the \yjiv o r a ClirisliiMS irif't. DYER 4 JONES. BY THE WAY, have you seen that "Hoozler" cabinet that we are going lo give away New Year's Day—if not drop In ami see it. We will be glad to show how you may become the winner of one of the most useful sir-, tides over placed in a kitchen.

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