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Tuesday, October 5, 1971
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m 1 THE YORK DISPATCH TUESDAY OCTOBER 5 1971 25 irrgii Thai By Ursula Vfls nOLLYWX)D —There’s one Cling about children’s humor: It really isn’t funny Most of it is Macabre and hostile according to Dr Walter Meyden director of the Foot-lighters Child Guidance Clinic at Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital here "Adults laugh” he said "because the child expresses directly what we as adults must suppress A child’s humor is pushin another kid and laughing when he skins his knee - I "Basically a child’s humor is like an adult’s but ‘the adult must camouflage his hostility That’s why adults End children’s humor so funny: We’re relieved they can do it even if we can’t” Dr Meyden differentiated ' between humor and the jokes— generally unfunny— that kids repeat "The thing that makes a joke fanny” he said "is an illogical quality or the expression of repressed material Most child ren pick up the kind of stupid jokes that don’t mean anything to adults ' ' i'- Spontaneous "Humor is really a spontaneous way of putting thingi together often weird It relieves us of putting things in order If it’s off-kilter we can accept it in the context of a joke "To earry on a conversation requires a great deal of control over -tbs emotions Even puns break down the discipline and we find! it funny— even children do Language is a constraint in the sense that anything that takes discipline requires energy” Children learn the uses of humor early the psychologist said : "In intolerable situation children will try to find something that will make an adult laugh They really learn more about us than we about them "Children also very quickly learn at 5 or 6 the kinds of sexual things that disturb adults the words that are no-nosand they use them to elicit laughter They don’t really know the meaning but they know-that out of context they trail elicit laughter and get them attention Dr Meyden noted that the smile DILLSBURG-f-Borough council has denied an application for permission to build a mobile homes park within the borough the first such request it has' ever received according to officials Turned down in his bid to put the park on a property know as Pinoak Park was Fred Gettys of Fairview Township northern York County The project 50 by 100 feet each in size Gettys said ' " ' - In returning the applicant’s plan and fee borough Solicitor P Nelson Alexander explained: The plan does not show adequate drainage facilities gives no indication ' of sidewalks street numbers street lighting and does not indicate ade quate sewage facilities or disposal or adequate water system "When these things are corrected council will then give the plan consideration” Nelson added ! Citizens Object Members decided to send a copy of Borough Ordinance 146 with provisions f or dealing L - KEYS to THE VAN-TYPE service truck ncwlv i acquired by East Prospect Fire Co by Donald E Fairdoth chief leftind Harry Able chief engineer The five- level of audience sophistication abects the reception of humor then commented on what the current revolution in sexual mores is doing to humor "A comic can do blue humor in certain nightclubs in less sophisticated areas that will die in a New York supper dub” he said "Most comics have different repertoires based on the sophistication of the audience "Many of them are frightened now because the sexual revolution has brought a revolution in sexual humor It is simply disappearing "Humor now is dependent on the quirks of speech and humor that are almost schizophrenic No it’s not unhealthy The mind is made up of these forces of energy that are struggling to keep in balance Laughter is in itself healthy if it is not hostile or destructive Hostile humor sometimes is a way of relieving hostility that Wary - By Barbara Hansen ' LOS ANGELES— It’s important to learn about nutrition But learn from unauthoritative sources and you canbe worse off than if you know nothing at all Sorting - out misinformation food fears and just plain confusion is one of the tasks undertaken by Dr Roslyn B Alfin-Slater professor of nutriton at the University of California at Los Angeles "I try to present a common sense attitude toward nutrition” Dr Alfin-Slater said She covers such topics as vegetarianism organic foods additives pesticides obesity and fad diets' at the request of her students One student nibbled seeds throughout one of her classes Ibis same student asked Dr Alfin-Slater how she was qualified to teach nutrition He was floored when she recited 10 minutes worth of a five-page single-spaced list of her degrees experience professional activities services honors and awards Dr Alfin-Slater has a master’s degree in chemistry and a PhD in biochemistry from Columbia University She is currently head of the division of environmental and nutritional elects street lighting to Gettys and his associates for study Borough residents from Pin-oak Park area attended the meeting to voice their objections to the mobile homes park and were assured by Solicitor Alexander: "Before council approves any plans for a mobile home Park there would be a public meeting to enable any citizens to voice objections opinions” Councilman Robert Bostic note: "We will not allow your property to be devalued in anyway or damaged Our concern is our constitutents We will have the citizens of our borough foremost in our mind in this situation” Councilman' Chadwick Wagner in presenting the police committee report announced there are 45 to 50 applicants for the position of borough chief of police He said two chiefs of police and one law educator are sifting through the applications and will meet with the borough committee before final selection is made The late Donald K Fry was borough chief until his death several months ago ' adults hesitate to express Dr Meyden said "Don Rickies” he said "is a perfect example of a child’s humor brought up to an adult level It relieves his adult listeners of their -hostility In a socially acceptable structure they can give vent to hostility it’s a form of sublimation "The Sam Levenson brand of humor is nostalgic based on love and sentiment We have a feeling it shouldn’t be true but it is It has an illogical quality I think it’s better— but others need Rickies” Why? "The veneer of dvilization Is at the most 10000 years” he said "Behind that are a million years of jungle living lived pretty much on an animal level with an animal type of social organization” Dr Meyden also said that children thesq days laugh at different things than in years gone by — "there’s a topical of Nutrition Mice sciences in the UCLA School of Public Health 12 Pages And it takes 12 pages singlespaced to list her more than 120 publications in scientific books and journals Dr Alfin-Slater criticizes the faddists Quack health advice is dangerous she said because it can delay or prevent an individual from getting proper treatment But she also criticizes the medical profession for slighting the study of nutrition And she regrets that scientists can debunk misinformation but cannot always offer something positive in return Here are' Dr Alfin-Slaters views on some controversial topics concerning nutrition: Vegetarianism— "It’s a difficult diet from which to get all the essential nutrients There is nothing magical about meat fish eggs and milk except that it is easier to have a good diet using these foods” Organic Food— "I don’t believe in' it Organic gardening is fine for a backyard garden but impractical on a large scale There is nothing wrong with the fruits and vegetables in the supermarket They are less expensive and equally nutritious” Organic fertilizers— “I can’t see anything magical in cow manure” Is it sterilized? "I don’t know” Pesticides— "DDT killed all sorts of things that were bothering the food supply Now it’s our number one villi an However DDT was not used wisely but on the principle that if a little is good a lot is better I think a judicious use might not be objectionable” Depleted Soils— “A depleted soil will not grow a good crop The only depleted soil we have TWO CALLS ANSWERED BY CITY FIREMEN Smoke from an air conditioning unit in a theater and freon gas escaping from a refrigerator in a home resulted in calls for assistance to city firemen Sunday night A malfunctioning motor emitted smoke in the second-floor projection room at the Southern Theater 30 E Jackson St at 9:13 pm There was no fire Return by Eagle Rescue and Rex companies was at 9:30 pjn - Members of Goodwill Fire Co were called at 10:36 pm to the borne of Edward Ehrhart 872 E Princess St where they removed the refrigerator to the back porch False alarms pulled Sunday were: Box 32 Beaver Street and Jefferson Avenue 8:39 pun Box 64 Lehman and Poplar streets 5:21 am Box 247 400-block East Princess Street 4:48 aan and on Saturday Box 231 Pine Street and Boundary Ave-nue at 9:59 pm ten truck with 12-foot body has been renovated to carry first aid rescue and special duty equipment The East Prospect Fire Oo has been serving the community since 1907 Funny? quality to all humor” He thinks that today’s children are generally much more sophisticated because of TV "And that’s not necessarily good” he said "I have not evaluated it but it’s my personal judgment that there’s too much visual and verbal stimulation in areas that are not really important There’s an input of all this junk instead of meaningful material "One of the terrible things Is the number of hours in real inactivity We get more and more kids with poor coordination and poor nerve development because they haven’t used the muscles and nerves to learn coordination "This forces them to a withdrawal pattern in which they are not communicating with peers or parents It’s a minor tragedy Then they add pot to the repertoire and withdraw even more Pot is a way of hiding out in a crowd” is in the Midwest the goiter belt where there is a lack of iodine” Vitamin E The Vitamin E craze— "There have been very few studies where man and animals have been given large doses of vitamin E We should know what we are doing to ourselves by taking these large amounts Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin and other fat soluble vitamins like A and B have been shown to be harmful in large amounts” Additives— “Some are added to food to supply nutrients BetacarQtene is added to margarine to supply vitamin A and to color it yellow That is not the kind of additive you would want Monosodium glutamate is a nutrient There is really nothing wrong with it except it shouldn’t be fed to babies There are a few babies that are sensitive to it” Dr Alfin-Slater says there is no basis for the popular theory that goes "If you can’t pronounce it you shouldn’t eat it” referring to the scientific names on ingredient lists "If you were to analyze food for its constituents you would find a great many chemicals which are naturally and normally present” she said 6 LUZERNE RESIDENTS INJURED IN MISHAP Six Luzerne County residents three of them children were taken to York Hospital Saturday in Spring Garden Township’s Grantley ambulance following what was described by hospital aides as a one-car crash on the Susquehanna Expressway in York Township Treated for bruises were Mrs Judith A Czamedd 31 of Sugar Notch and her children Carrie 9 and Robert 10 the hospital said Shelly Czamecki 4 was discharged with no apparent injury according to aides Ben Thomas 57 also of Sugar Notch received treatment for multiple bruises and his wife Isabelle 56 was treated for scalp cuts and multiple bruises aides added York Township police are investigating REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS The followng transfers of real estate have been entered for record in the office of Recorder of Deeds Allen H Smith according to the Credit Bureau of York Inc-: Robert L Yost to Esther P Kofler property in Conewago Township Levi H Bortner and wife to Stewart A Trone and wife property in North Codorus Township Charles H Falkler and wife to Albert G Muller and wife property at 364 Randolph Drive Mary E- Weaver and wife to Clare M Fetrow and wife property at 113 Stevens Ave Elizabeth L Tome to Floyd L Parrish property at 655 W Clark Ave Bauchman & Bruggeman Inc to George J Misko and wife prpoerty at 40 Dew Drop Court John R Boeckel and wife to Elwood F 'Hoffman and wife property at 117 Hamilton Ave Marie K Hawk and others to George G Harm property in Heidelberg Township Donald J McMillen and wife to Richard M Campbell and wife property in Hanover Pauline B McCall estate to Davi A Bupp and wife property at 345 E- Market St Epstein Building Co to Herbert Morgan and wife property at 1701 Randolph Drive Richard C Dennis and wife to Paige W Fowler and others property in North Codorus and Codorus townships Sadie A Paules to George A McKinley and wife prpoerty in West Manchester Township John L Elsesser estate to Charles A Fantom Sr property at 423 S Duke St David A Bupp and wife to William E Small property at 30 N Pine St W C McKinley to Earl B-Lafean Sr property at 6-6 W-Market St Lloyd E Burke and wife to Thomas E- Redifer and wife property in Chanceford Township Albert 1L Heidelbaugh and wife to Ebert M Blymire and wife property in Lower Windsor Township William L Snyder to Donald E- Campbell and wife property in Dallastown Lloyd E- Burke and wife to Thomas E Redifer and wife property in Chanceford Township fni v ' b V f i 4' - ' YUL BRYNNER AND HIS new wife French socialite Jacqueline DeCroisset arrived at Kennedy Airport in New York City Mixing business and pleasure Brynner will use his visit to promote his new film and to honeymoon with his wife (UPI Telephoto) Medina Resigns Captain Cleared in My Lai Case to End Military Career ft McPherson Ga: (ap) — Capt Ernest Medina cleared of murder charges in the My Lai massacre has submitted his resignation and his Army career is expected to end in about two weeks i "It is with deep sorrow and regret that after 16 years I leave the Army which has meant so much to me and my family” he said after sumbitting his ! resignation to 3rd Army headquarters here I His military attorney ! Capt Marie Kadish said Medina would be a civilian in about two weeks assuming the resignation is accepted - Medina was acquitted of murder involuntary manslaughter and as soul t by a military jury leaving his former subordinate Lt William L Calley Jr the only US soldier convicted of atrocities at My Lai in 1968 Medina of Montrose Colo said his decision to resign in spite of being acquitted "has to do with something of a personal standard I had set for myself It is not because of coercion from someone at Ft McPherson (where he was tried) or threats xom the Army or the Pentagon “If that would be the case” he said “I would be the first to stand up and refuse to resign” Medina’s civilian attorney F Lee Bailey said that Medina will take a job at the R J Enstrom Corp a helicopter manufacturer in Menominee Mich i CHARGE FILED Michael E Kinard 31 of 2980 Englewood Court Dover was arrested by city Patrolmen Vitale A Castellano and Rene A Shue Saturday on a charge of drunken driving according to a police report The charge was brought before District Justice Curtis S Forry The first arithmetic book printed in the colonies was by James Hodder in 1719 I COUNTRY SINGER and folk singer Johnny Cash left receives honorary doctor of humanities degree from Gardner-Webb College Dr E Eugene Poston president of the college conferred the degree upon Cash after commending him for his humanitarian activities with prisoners and victims of drugs and alochol (UPI Telephoto) A THE REV EARLAND WANGDAHL a retired Methodist minister and native of Nor way waves to family and friends as he leaves Sault Ste Marie Mich on the first leg of a 4 000-mile voyage to Bergen Norway in his 27-foot sailing yawl the “Fjording” He will winter in Detroit before beginning his long sea voyage (UPI Telephoto) i THROW OUT APPEAL ZONERS ASK COURT Hellam Township Zoning Hearing Board has followed up a motion to quash by asking the court to dismiss an appeal by Irvin S Naylor 2732 Eastwood Drive from its Aug 18 denial of a special permit for a mobile homes park on Ducktown Road In its answer to Naylor’s appeal of Sept 16 the board denies his allegations and claims its decision is supported by legally competent and sufficient evidence and that it did not ignore the need for mobile home sites in the township The board asserts it considered the avergae daily traffic count as well as the inability of Ducktown Road to accommodate an increase in traffic flow without complete reconstruction and widening as set forth in the Township Comprehensive Plan It points out that the zoning ordinance specifically provides for mobile home parks by special permit in certain zones EXPRESSWAY CRASH HURTS WOMAN SON A city woman and her year-old child were treated for cuts Sunday at York Hospital following a traffic accident on the Queen Street exit to the Susquehanna Expressway the hospital reported Madeline A Powell 30 of 765 Edison St and her son John were removed to the hospital in Spring Garden Towns hip’s Grantley ambulance attendants said York Township police are investigating BANDS ARE REQUESTED DOVER 1 — The borough Halloween parade committee has requested that any band planning to participate in Saturday’s festivities contact Mrs Richard Dorset 1999 Andover Drive To clean a small-necked bottle place two tablespoons of arice in it and then fill about one-fourth full of vinegar Shake well and watch the bottle clean and polish in just a jiffy V -N v M j Reports Visits The staff of the Visiting Nurse Association made 2797 professional visits during the summer months according to reports given at the first falf meeting of the VNA executive board Merger of the Dallastown-Yoe Visiting Nurse Association with the VNA of York and York County was made official Sept 13 and three members from the Dallastown-Yoe organization joined the York board They are James Smith' the Rev Jack Rhen and Lee C Foust Mrs Ruth Knight executive director announced that professional visits totaled 1011 during August including 941 nursing 66 physical therapy and four speech ! There were 96 new patients 95 discharged and the caseload at the end of the month was 747 Other activities were: 696 home health aide hours provided five child health clinics attended by a total of l35 persons Ethnics Added i Dallas Police Hiring More Mexican-Americans DALLAS (AP) — Mexican-American recuriting for the Dallas Police Department has jumped 30 per cent since Chief Frank Dyson launched a crash program to get more blacks and Mexican-Americans into the force Twelve more Mexican-Americans have been hired this year bringing the group’s strength to 23 Only one was hider in 1970 two in 1969 and none in 1968 Boss Had to Pay Water Commissioner Overdue on Water Bill CUMBERLAND Md (AP) — Keith Sisk city water and sanitation commissioner received a notice to pay an overdue water bill or have his water shut off Sisk who said he was unaware of the overdue lull for his home promptly paid the $49 APPEAL SETTLED An appeal by the state from a viewers’ award a year ago of $61855 to Atlantic Richfield Co for the 1969 taking of a 1798-square-foot right-of-way including the entire frontage of its property on Whiteford Road east of Sherman Street for a limited access highway has been settled by stipulation of counsel for $60100 including $53200 paid in 1969 To remove ugly discolorations from a teapot fill it with strong boiling bluing: water and- let stand for a few hours Wash in the usual way' 1 : £ 'imiraer 22 hours of industrial nursing and 27 hours at the York County Prison providing services to 186 prisoners and 1398 medications! The director’s report for July showed 879 professional visits of which 804 were nursing 66 physical therapy and nine speech 93 new patients 68 discharged caseload as of July 31 was 746 436 home health aide hours were provided six: child health clinics were attend-! ed by 149 six persons attended an expectant parents’ class’ there were 21 hours of industrial nursing and 22 hours at the York County Prison serving 137 prisoners and 1210 medications In June there were 907 professional visits including 802 nursing 96 physical therapy and nine speech 103 new patients 62 discharged caseload as of June' 30 was 721 798 borne health aide hours provided six child health clinics attended by 148 nine ex-r pectant parents classes attended by 160 22 industrial nursing hours 28 hours at York County Prison providing services to 158 prisoners and 1553 medications WHITE ROSEJ BRIDGE CLUB LISTS WINNERS The White Rose Bridge Club! winners last week have been announced as follows : ' Monday Mrs Harold Bernstein Mrs Donald Epstein! William C Gaubert Mr and Mrs Albert Crone Mrs i Cheryl Madonick Philip Sheppj and Mrs Joann Winter Tuesday Mr and Mrs William C Gaubert and Mr and Mrs-1 Frank Wheatley Wednesday Mrs Clair Paules Mrs Harry j Reber - Mrs Lawrence! McCulloch and Mrs L G Ro-j bins on ! Thursday Wells Gemberling-Philip Shepp William Warren! Mrs Otto Lewin R A Miller! Frank Brown James Dohm and Richard Miller Saturday Mrs! Michael Yasenchak Mrs Clair Forrey Richard Mann' William Warren Mrs Pat Flinchbaugh Mrs A M Bevalquia Mrs La- wrence McColIoch and Mrs E W Utgard ONE PERSON INJURED IN THREE-CAR CRASH A three-vehicle accident on Market Street near Lyndhurst Road in Springettsbury Township Sunday resulted in injuries to one person and $150(1 damage police reported j Beulah Hartman 61 of 433 Linden Ave a passenger in a sedan operated by her husband Erdman also 61 was treated at Memorial Osteopathic Hospital for scalp cuts it was reported I Damage of $400 was estimated! to Hartman’s auto with $900 loss figured to a vehicle driven by Donald E Boyer 35 of 103 W Jackson St and $250 damage to a coupe operated by Richard A Gatz Jr 34 of Gleq Ellyn i OFFICE ROOMS PRESTIGE OFFICE SPACE 232 CAST MARKET 8T Services - Utilities IncL CALL 843-1501 MR MASSOTH REAL ESTATE FOR RENT OFFICE AND INDUSTRIAL SPACE 1000 sq ft- office space Ideal for drafting and engineering All utilitiea furnished plus six drawing boards stools and blueprint cabinet 1950 sq ft of office space divided into several private offices plus general office 70000 sq ft of one story sprinklered bldgs with loading decks and RR siding with approx 50000 sq ft- In one unit tnwnin hovstum coMMBtaMmMnusMS 11 E MARKET ST-YORK PA 17401 PHONE 845-8091 FREE 18” GE COLORTV A IHM-KEf U fwti Cshf iritis pern ti keep vtu?oi rut at Cedar f Safe TCRJCS 1 evert tmhsest coawraity tffen ret frifuijiri appfaicR'ceitrd air tuditiii! YU II Yili CHPETiKE pita wiU tract tup ttber kiry featmiII l fer expires I8TEMSE1 21 KxinmsctcpmT IT Terakesse Coemisiti leital tf bet ipn daily Take M3 1 Exit II H Curie Si Eiteidtl u prsceed sue n3e port! ti Cedar Viae CIUTCM7EUU1 t '

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