The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 17, 1908 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 17, 1908
Page 4
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN THURSDAY, DECEMBER 17, 1908. "The Proofs" It's Say Solons WASHINGTON, Dec. 17.— President Roosevelt Is placed In an embar.'VF'-ing position by the action of the House today unless ho has seme facts to sustain the charge In his meesni:" with jvfcl ''tl' 1 '' HI [!•(> st'CH't Kel'Vlci , Will !'e- In til" I'r.'M'lent openly «!;'!>• I liia' Congressmen were ehlefly concerned nvci Hie I'M''! tli:H seiret M" •. iee men bad been InvestlKiMlnR the Congressmen themselves. Chairman 1'erkins of tin- special House ciinimittc'c appointed to recommend ii course of act inn, presented bis report at the beijinnlii" "I the session this morning. The report recomim nds (lie ndop- tlon of a resolution ralllnp: upon Roosevelt to furnish the House with the evidence iipiin which he hased the statement. which LK resented by every Congressman. The report \\.i-- M deep !!;'< rest, and ai vras adopted, after a Really Extraordinary How Much People Know About Clothes! l.ncd to with its conclusion It few comments, without a dissenting voice. WILSON CHARGED WITH THE DEATH OF BOAS. SAN FRANCISCO, Dee. 17—J. Wai- j Walter \V1lson, friend and business associate of Harry .1. Boas, the young electrician who died in groat agony about t «'o weeks ago, after taking some powders received by him through the mall, svith directions '" : U?e the m for his st'ijuiieh trouble, was 1 last evening charged with the imir- : der of Bous by a coroner's'jury. The jury returned a verdict finding that : Boas came, to his death from strychnine poisoning and that the poison ! was gent to him through the malls ! by Wilson. i While the imniest was In progress | attorneys for Wilson obtained ! a writ of habeas corpus from Judge Frank H. Dunne, which is returnable Bt 2 o'clock this alternoon. With a j formal charge of murder placed j against Wilson, the habeas corpus j proceedings will probably lie dismiss- ! ed. ! Probably the most damaging evi- j dence against Wilson given at the I inquest was by Theodore Kytka, the I handwriting expert. Kytka showed ! showed the jury enlargements of ; specimens of Wilson's writing and ! pointed out the many similarities to | the writing In the letter a c.'< >T r>0 »/*"'** Ing the poisonous '.-c^ae^f^e said ' be WM,;•<•>'-•'.-•tf.'ii'" the fata] letter r ," • * -..Lien by Wilson. The expert also exhibited a package of letters found among Wilson's effects on each of which was a forged governmental cancellation stamp. Too Late For Classification We see it every day in the way our customers choose the best things. We're helping educate them, too, by offering only the highest qualities in merchandise. The best way to know how to avoid poor stuff is to get thoroughly familiar with the goods. You have only to say what style you want in either overcoats or suits; tell us the color of the fabric you choose; the cut of cottar, front or back; we'll show you what will please you. Prices $10 to $30. . ***•- IlKV. Ml;:-' c <.... in A. < i i ,','-'.: : at 7::, ') n'i 'n . . FOR Christmas Suggestions For Men's Gifts .Most people consider buying a man a gift for Christmas rather a hard problem—not so in ITocliheimer's Men's Store, for hen; useful, practical and acceptable gifts are to be found. Any of these will please your friend: Waistcoats, $2.50 to $5. Mufflers, 50c to $2.50. waistsoats, in all the new colorings in Reefers and mufflers in blaek while and col- olive «reen, tan and in-own ; many nobby effects, ors; some with hemstitched ends; some with Shirts, $1.50 to $2.50 Km ill I ess (hiy sliirts; iii pretty imported and domestic fabrics; <;ont slyle,; with mill's uttaeh- ed and <oiijirale cuffs;. Neckwear, 5Gc to $2.50 A pretty assortment ol' holiday neckwear, in ,\\\ th>' latest >!yl. s and culm-itiys. embroidered initials. Pajamas, $1 to $6. i'a.jaimis and slumbering robes; made of flannelette, satin and pongee; in pretty eolors; neatly trimmed. Handkerchiefs, 25c and 50c .Men's initial handkerchiefs, in silk and linen; every initial represented. LOST In |lai;e day (•;• 1-Vi la iii'o i" nl i ] l'".i'i'b.inl\.-;, Ai CITY PP'EFS. VMIii.irn • Ha'.-. Dr. Kill.: . Ki'iii LOST • Kin- 'i..,'. '.. : v.i-. i ! Truxttin nvi i:u.•. i.. ' ami limb si reel-, nu I ' . Finder will el" . ..• :>:> Kft at liedllcU s si.,,-- NOTICE. KNIGHTS Ol- .'.. Nil (Mi ollll.!.', O' Kei '• ' lor will lie held '".. the niU'sion. T!.e ii.-. • tin hell on i he Ii -i January. l!y (irder o! 1 'A'. \. i i Ed lio'.blln;, l-'iiii'ie .. i .-.. • FOR SALE Oil UKNT wodern eottap'. '''''I quire tit room ,">, i'i.:ilc!i 192U Chester avenn.- I hours of in and 1' i. n 4 p. m. v s,.',-room i.-.itrd. Ini bulldliiK. et Wi'i II Ille and ;! and tf .ar.uains In Dr.tey's Funeral Held—The funeral ' 'I \V. lialey, ihe youiij; man who e ;.i(-, iliniai at Mojave last \vcoU, M* lield from the Hixon umlei I,iking •ir!< r> ihi ; morning. \v:il Be Operator—Manuel Serrano a 'i.i.rn named In occupy Ihe posl- ••! • .f moving picture maihine oper- '•• J' at Morley's, which place will be •iMdo vacant at the end of ibis week \ X'.-l; I liH'h' -,' n-ninva • m S-inia University Students Return-*-H''K Korl>iT, students at >!' California. return- y I'll.' morning to with Uieir I'atnil- wiin is ai :••:!.tin-; ', came with is cxpecii i| EAGLES PLAN T XMAS SOCIAL NOTES AND PERSONALS, ;i (.'ill-is-! 111:1,-; n.n I and appoint 11 : , '• e tn arram.i li.i 1 : .1. lions.., T, N. .:<••:. The-,,, will I)' ii' and vocal, o p <'. lorniil tit a in • V, ii! ill'.'ile some n n <A i: ll (belli ill e. In decide;! to oil ChrisinniH lolnwiug coin- tin' ellU'l'laill- Ma.-.~ey and .1. music, both i.i'icjni'; and • ; "mcnt. The ' : 'i;.'ilni; the eeling the. she !!, them. the ho'idayi- ' • .ii 1 .' • HtOIle ikeley i'olyt Lawrence \Velll NEAT ADVERTISING BOOKLET OF BAKERSFIELD AND KERN. and Kern let just is- 1'rlntlng ! h interest-, ; n County i I work ty-' home K,morrow. FOR SALE—A few <;"o.| inu-.u;. cheap houses. One place tor $7110, another for $1000; four at ?H.'im; u great bargnln In Kern City at $14"H, 'etc. Don't fall to see me if yon want a home. Easy terms offered, H, G. Parsons, 1707 Chester avenue.. lls FOR SALE—Good building lots, one on Truxtun avenue, another on California avenue, another on R street —all at bargain prices. See H. (i. Pnrsons, 1707 Chester avenue. US | ENGLISH CHAMPION TO I MEET TOM LONGBOAT. VISITING (Jeorgc Hrnndii raiili lirnnilam' irandase of Wy IN TULARE. I e and Mr and Mrs. : nd Mr. and Mrs. 1). iuin;; and Henjainla A. G. Hughes left last night for Santa Barbara, where he is to take charge of the Victoii|j Theater. Charles A. Son came d rvn fvoni the north this morning. Prof. G. H. Taylor is Ki'"stio. Policeman Jamse Glenn , he, n ill, Is corn-descent. | Thy postoftlee Is already 11 ii'ecis of the Christina !m> 1 ,1. L. Barker, the Berkeley ! i;t. is in this city today. I Mrs. W. Jones pralseii ihe uroe.'r ' lor neilins her folder'.- (e,|il. n (;,),. i Co'i'eo, wiiieh he Kfo'.md fn:- in.r. 'i Me i',ro'liid about Hie n.".v Inll nf • i. ••. . U !'I;IK been si'e Ii I l-i '.bie ' :.. •.... I-'. B. Fussell has returned from a hort trip to the mountains, A .lance t* scheduled for Friday liirlit at the Cailente hotel. A --ocial dance will !»• pivi>n i' \ssociated hall, Kern Hiver A MEXICAN RANCHER IS LAID TO REST. F. Corajabl, the Mexican rancher i who died yesterday at his place* five 1 miles south ot town, was hurled thiti ACCEPTS A BABY LEFT HER BY COUPLE'S WILL. BOSTON, Robblns, ii'.'ternoon from die Catholic eliurcb,; College?, has -•'•;i!'er l.'niiul oflicfallnj,. The deceas-1 n( , T | )v the will • i i: survived hy n taniily. lie had • <"< a resilient of Californln for ten ea i'.-i. *-»-»——-—. Chamberlain's Liniment is one of has I the most remarkable preparations yet ' produced for the rellet of rheumatic pains, and for lame hack, sprains and bruises. Tho quick relief from pain Dec. 17.—Miss Mary E. instructor at Simmons accepted the baby left of a young married couple, hoih of whom died. Miss Robbins met the pair abroad and formed an aequalntaucc. Recently a trained nurse called at her apartme:H,i in Brookline, a sub. urb, with an infant, saying that the father and mother had , left liistruc- apital-i which it affords iln case of rheuma- | l!olls ''"'• -Miss liobbius to accept It. j tlBm Is alone worth many times its ! Documents brought by the nurse mto- cost. Price, 23 cents; largo slze^ 50 ; suintiaied her rtatemenis and'tho in- 1 . 11 lunacy was aceepied. . (?nts. For sale by BaSf Bros.. Bnk- : ' erf-Held; Kern Drug Co.. Kern. oil CROUP QUICKLY CURED. Don't Let the Child Choke to Death While Waiting For the Doctor. \ INVENTION USEFUL TO FARMERS AND TEAMSTERS. Mcnllou was made in the Californ- '"" 8 "'" °' " pn " llf to He, 17. Alfred Sbrubb, Ke of Uakerslield are the uui'als ui' Mr. and Mrs. T. .1. Uiuulapo of Fnnnersville and will likely remain | Vo day pusses until after holidays, llenjaniin UOSTOX, the Kng'liBh champion long distance I runner, will meet Tom Lnii'.'liiial, llu,. ! Indian vanquisher of Dorando, on the ! "''"ndiifie, who was formerly a siiper- alRht of January !». It Is said that nil'"' Jndfie of Kern Couniy, and lour cornered race between Dorando, J itrnndago, who are Shruhb. Longboat and Hayes will soon take place. tal;e j)!ace soon thereafter. AUTO GOES INTO OPEN DRAW AND TWO DROWN. J^OST—Between Lakeside and Hak- ersfield. new, dark-brown overcoat with Sllverwood'e name on collar. Kinder please leave same at Korn bridge Valley Bank and receive ward. M1LWAUKICK. Dec. 17.—An auto, j mobile with three men dashed into an open draw at tho Oneida street this morning. Two were $5 re- drowned, Oscar Z. HartleU, a member 123 of the Board of Trade, and Alfred 0aHfor»lan want ad» bring result*;. wa« re»ouad. Manx, the chauffeur. The other both brothers oft T. J. llnuulnge, had not seen each other for forty-four years. The second mentioned Is now 7fl years of age. The reunion of the brothers has been! a happy one, a happy one.—Vlsalla Times. "I live in a stale where there are no divorcee." "Indeed! What state IB that? "Tho state of singe blessedness,"— Boston Transcript. Callforniai! does m-r |:",,ve a noo 1 hi . -tvient tor sumo >•'.••'. \l.i.\ Flgman lu "The siiliMituu'" ai tl'"' IHikerstleld Opera House toniv;bt. Hood prosress is beinn made on the work preparator to buildiii!; \Vood- •lleli'H Hall. .Miss Martha Maud returned from a vi^it in San Francisco this mornlns?. .1. Hen son Wrenn Is in town from Coallnga. Max Figman, who plays at the llakersfleld tonight, arrived at the Southern this morning. A. Ramerlez was brought down from Mojave this morning by Constable Redd to serve thirty days for pety larceny. He was sentenced by Hyomei, the miraculous, antiseptic, dry air treatment, will cure croup in I erantej to Johu *• " Io " ls . tho Union either the first or second singes. Has- avenue farmer, for a wagon coupling, j lly Inhaled, even when tho breathing and an Inspection of tho coupling i !s Irregular, it reaches more promptly shows the device to bu au ingenious in than any other remedy tho terribly in- l nil( j USO f U i onc . flamed membrane of the windpipe. Its I ,„. .. . soothing balsams act immediately, the 1 rho col 'l )lln s ^ an extension affair inflammation Is allayed and the swell- that wl " l)0 appreciated by every Ing reduced. farmer and teamster who uses a trail "Not long ago our little boy, Walter, awoke In the alght with a bad attack of croup. We allowed him to inhale Hyomei; ho began to breathe easier, and In half an hour was fast asleep. I am glad to speak a good word for a remedy that will rob croup ot Ha terrors."—Rev. Geo. Slsson, pastor of M. E. church, South Londonderry, Vt Hyomei (pronounced (Kigh-o-me) la guaranteed by druggists to cure catarrh, coughs, colds, asthma, bronchitis and croup, or money back. A complete outflt. Including a neat hard Justice Coleman. rubber pocket inhaler, coatb only $1. Wl B. Isaacs, superintcndnet of the An wtra. bottlo of Hyowal, II Sunset Woe tern, is in town today, wtrdtf »eed«i, «Mta III M Mflfc. wagon, and It enables the connection to be made readily and without danger. Mr. Morris Is prepared to show his Invention to all and to supply the trade. "What Is your Idea of a flirt?" ash- ed the young man. "Oh, every other girl," answered the fair maid.—Chicago News. *-•-• THE WEATHER. Fair tonight and Friday. Heavy frost Friday morning

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