Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 6, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 6, 1896
Page 5
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y^^?s^^^^|^«^^^ Patent Adjustable Unitrella Roofs. Your Umbrella Hade as Good as New While You Wait. DEWENTER, The HATTER And FURNISHER ifPlsifS^^ ^IB^Wfl^^ " • '"« . ^.Ac A Plush Lined Case containing 26 pieces of silver- Otto's Remarkable Offer: ^ are , FREE ng ^«^ on Sunfof 'the SILVER .AGITATION, we secured 500 jjm SHver Kni|giForks> Table Spoons and Tea Spoons, SHOElARGAINS. IT WAS TOO HOT 98 Cents | Buys Men's Shoei solid leather, lace Council Rushes Business to Escape the Heat. A DEFECTIVE SEWER Complained of at the Plum Street '" School Building. or congress. 98 Cents Bays Ladies Kid Pftteut Leather Tip Shoes, button or l*oe. 63 Cents Buys'Ladies' Kid Oxford Ties, pat- tett leather tips, 73 Cents BnysBLadlea' Low Calf Skin Shoea jast the thing for 9arden. 29 Cents Boys Ladles Serge Slippers, >olid coun'ort. 69 Cents Buy*. Children's Tan Shoes, button or lace, 19 Cents Buys Baby Shoe-, patent leather tips- . _ , .50 Cents Buys Beantlful Velvet Slippers for house wear. SteYenson & Klinsick 403 Broadway. a purchase .* Gbo«s Bepartmjmt inences Saturday. Department If you accumulate 26 ™ur trading,) we will present you in cistributio11 com - Coimc.il met -in regular session with the Mayor nwd nil tilio mwubere present. Tine FLiiamce commltitec i-ocoinmended tilie allowance of the following refund" 1ji£ onlin-.*. To correct errors of assessment: Matllds P. Campbell ............................... •* p»t uriumn, one Auro'»Morn»n and William irmstro THE .FIRSI PHONAL BANK -OJ- 10GANSPORT. . INDIANA: , «250.OOO Pat urwmn, one poll... Auro'S Hoi Emma and J. W. WllklnMm... John K. McMlUen - • - •'Plie'CMms eommltitee submitted the foltowJaig Ust of claims which were allowed : STREET DEPARTMENT. pa - ro ll S39 48 D«nlelCo"r'p'<io'i',"»tr«it crossing 17» 21 Bclward Shaffer, bouMerlng gutter I J» Lux A TaiDoU, stone -••• B {'» Chrli Ick»rt, repair* ,J JX John itdBMon, 3tn*t crossing «« »' J, ?un Btuklrk lumber ; j» « Ulohnel Nsvl i. bouiderlng (rutttrs <J8 « p J UarpbT, boulderhiK gittert 13° King Drill Co gratf« J "" W L rwnald lumber * "• Cltj Trwinrer tmlirtit is •» ELECTRIC LIGHT DEPARTMEN r: ^W^™*^^"*' DIRECTORS: W. H. BrtnghuMt, Dennli OnL •• • >g. M. Harwooa, w. T. Wilson. Banking In ali'lf. DepartmenU promptly 7^ " y c2rtw«« and Stockholder. 1 RMWV* TuM maintained. YtntU. BULLETINS; OF THE RIDE. Clothing and Tan Shoes Half Price. "Of Course" m.rlc C o p ™- We»tlnghou»«Eli>ctrloirrgCo "- Ing. TDe sewor iiR-r both oC Mul'tlie IniKtcos coniplato'tH'Jit-Ia time of heavy r.viiis tlic chip«i«kfyot'-the-sew-' or Is overtaxed. rosuUliVp tif bnckijis the water, loaded -wltiii-fool' deposits,; Into the basement of the school building. It ta olfllmed -tlMtflie building- \» iWicnehy rendered wnflt for occupancy by ron'son of the iiiihwittli'fu'1- cqidltfoji; Vesulflufi «iweCroni. :: .'^iie;boanl urgOR t,uc lmm«dto.tc stoppftfc '^''^ sMTfaca wnto- flowtog into ciiE sower; 'or that the 'sewer he eniiairfiwl/.llirouc.hoiit Its oniUv-o hiiwUi. Tlie nmtter was- referred to Uie Sewer cotmiilM^;' y';'|'h''pP'w« to" act. '.'."..' ' '.'. .. ", "'„,' The petition of ;Frri,uk'STeW;li;lpney timt a rofiuidiJJG ard'er^be/iiwied; h'lni for nn eiToneoMS assessifitn.t ainoufitlniS to $14.32-' was referred '{^thc^rtoaiice. coramlttco. . , ,;.....'- , , .'> Tlie potitloTi of properly 'owners' that 'the alley bot.weem J.rnrkt*'. .street and Bmadwny, from T^Ktji street to Thlr- : l.ecnitl) 'street,' be "bou.ldai'ed, . was i-o- fcrred-to the '" j FOrable.oll .............. -,» Parkw & Johnston lumber... ....... • . J *}• » w OJ 8to« Business Change. jamea Beahoor haa porcbased the Pelton meat market. He now occupies »b« n»w room just erected to the west of the .oU'tfnd. and " te to tote " lon to'run'a flnrt-daa* stop and handle a full Bne of freah and salt m«at». DAILY JOURNAL FIRE DEPARTMENT. Jacob WesWfrtler, extra wrvlcei *'* Jj Park*T& Johnston lumber.— _ !£ Central Ui Ion Tel Co, t»lepbon» : f « WHMaxwell, broom». ; ; |g Ellen Brown waiolng 5 °0 SEWER DEPARTMENT. A B Keeport * Co. * • U.Uebnndt.. Kreis Brothers Will Receive Telegrams From .the Riders. Telegrams -will, be sent troi.i each town cm lli_Q-ion.%b; by -the Logausport wheelmen. Grant 'aiadjSklmicr.-whlle on "ti>e way around ibe'<siTclc o' 200 miles: today, inic start-Wis made at 2 o'clock .ibis mominK^the-n'rst place'on-, the line. '•Wins DelpW/'-Jit te hoped that ihe two "riders will be-ublc to'toish tihls eveu- 'tog cariiet.tiina"C".o i 'cfoci£. There will be nl ai-'go crowd. xaJting th ls cvcuilnjt 'at 'lvrV.slBws,';,fpi-",tlie. retnrn ot the plucky" xaioe»Va«^|uB4. .the relay . road race «i^V TJie'^towliw is tho . coorsc ,10 'be t<Aia\ved.i& : tke-.w"^ to IM> ^ o1 ' iowwl liy'thc moa: of friends nflitr- lionic on the Wosl-sWe last iilKlC iU t\ Leap Yeiir party. The yoiiDB IJKliw oanrlod out the old fad and escorted' the gojiT'-emeii Home at a late' liour. M"«««Uatiftouioliir«Ba'.'.V.'. t u.ifleonioai WATER WORKS DEPARTMENT. |7i W 1UCUU* \Hfii mo .*••«»»« i •!••••• •• " *"* POLICE DEPARTMENT. p....,, „ 1-127 2t jJiiM O'iionne'ii,"pntrol «ng«n 10 K) MISCELLANEOUS CLAIMS. Riverside .P.Mk.p«j J8J1.. J: ._».--— »•• ^ Jg ['.'.'.'.'.. 1« Mill K»»« Hooley la the guest ; her siiter fttBlchmond. The .R«T. D. P. Potnam,- vrho it making a tour ol the Ea.t, is now In - The funeral" of the late Chas, Polk will occur this afternoon at the resl- denoe on Llndeniayenue »t,8 o;oloolc. MM. Anna Horn has retarned to her home at Sandusky, Ohio, after a Tl»1t with Mra... Bernarxl. BUgh and other relative!here.' .-.•-? Mr. and Mr§. Edward Qordnerand daughter left yerterday pfternooa for.a vlilt of thirty. daya with Mr. Gardner's relative* »t Jamestown, TV V -The weekly crop bulletin has the 'following with reference to •'Cass county: Heavy rains; all unthrasbed grains badly damaged; potatoes t&k- InK geeond growth and some rotting; streams out of banks; corn slightly damaged. ^— Awarded Highe* Konor»-World'« Fair. '"" '' rnc, ..............— O J stooflM. rtectlon bootm....^ i»"S "" «00 -to e re v . . resolution. ,referr^iic,'t'1ic"matter of .the bad. ccodttlom of the "alley between Fourth and • Pearl .streete and Market ami Wall streets to tli« Sti'eet commltj- toe wn« adapted: •_•.:•.: '•:••'•" m't.< \ The Street caiwmlititee ^-ns ordered, to look alter the condition of . anuc near Oak s enue repaired. . •••: ' .; -i.'r.jnf ': TLe Street committee was ordered, to lmv« ,Uie ditch in the y.lctoltj;!e< Market ami Wrishti st.reots, Vnear .-rFlftoenth st.it>e,t. cleamed out OUIon. •'. Adjourned at 8: FRANTIC Alilc 28 '22, 20 , Ddpiii TJio Crooked Creek Smidfi.v-selwol in .Tefferson townsJiiip will hokl It* annual picnic Satnrd'ay, August in, 1SOG. All arc Iwiitcd to -attend. . WlHUinn Counley. clii«f electrician OD tihe Chesapeake ami Ohio railroad. Has rcturnwl to his home at CovJiigton, Ky., •afrer a visit with' his parents In this ci:y. A NARROW MARGIN. Htvrr of » Man Who Stood on • WM B»v»o. Kokomo ..Ix«ainsport. tjjreai, pmuiio, uivm«»i ^~ -.- -- Tlie StrOfat committee reportetfon the, matter of the opening, nltaring,and wid- 1 ounng.af a stmeflt oommecitlpg TJbl -nnd Mardyke ^treetg,- aubmltHng- the. report of the City Commlssiatnere assess- Injf'-.baacttrs nmd dnma'ges thereon..' p. D. Dykcmnn, whose' propert}' i« ''alone mrtected by tli.c^change,;,JlJed..n.'-*alTW of nri ocrtillcc iiud tte street'wus ordereil opoiwd as pi-oposod. . The Ctty.'of. Lo- gwnspiwt.-fe. -alone . bemetitcd, in ihe ainounit of .$230. ELECTRIC LIGHT REPORT. , • ' ' BKC1IPTS. „ For iijotlng.:.........:.".....:... •'• '•.-"-. Rent of mnere.- Bale o( lamps wiring • «: imceilaneotu - ^1.....:..: '•.:.. '•••••• *«°j 1 ? Tlie Board of Health recommended tilie spriiukltn's; of ;th« .bi-lck streets lie-, fore swoep'toK, ns ttoe pgwrinous arnoumt o£ 'dust raised by sweepln-Kt-he street3 while dry is Imjurioius to Krarfth. Tho matter wnsTefermi'to Hie Street- cotn- mjnitee. 'plic petl«oii,'oC property. owners in tilie" vitality -of" Riverside "park Uiat the' pond.be' filled : up, as It is n nulsamjce. ' thc.,iK>nd|"ls Democrats in Will Try to Bunco, Populists. dmte to s;o ngaibst IIoo.:W» T.wflsbu for the. Joint Seiiitto'rSi'lJ)''* o'f'Chss > OJ« M'Uiim,! ciniDtli*, witfifeiicfii' tWs afternoon at'Fem. The .nwtim«.|l9n I* con- cAled to betoDS : to "*—- 1 —-'" ""'' Cass.WilH lit is .said .thot .tnru«d down at voniKon would J.np eoJisldercd-t-hut ; the jnore. hopcfiri, ~ awwoy; , ; .. fihuit poor. .Toiseph-'lJTrtmer .•lias'.-.-beo^ pushed Into. The ,o-ptnilo«.--l«v>' htowto'lrfc •tot the effort.t«-.»effibtoe';rli6 two; con'-; I st!iitei ; s"tf:ive- ' dime PUP , 2':00 .a. ui. ',4:00 a. IE. ,,5:30.8.111. T:iiO a.m. , 10:30.n..m. • ,2:30 a..m. 4:00 p. m, 0:00 p.m. •"00!;" 4< •'-"'- '• ••''•• •• 16 hours-. •"•Ai'rmigemeMs 'Imve/beoD made' ntoug ;the 'UsnetW pa<* «akers, and ever.v- 'tililng is favorable for I lie success of the vemfiir.e, -. Tihe-i-o.-was-ai crowU o-t club members •abouytihe-.'ctau-'liotise all CTenlns and -die -Mflftdoltoi-^rchestira enllvtnod the 1 time, for Wio start.' -Ait'l. o-'SloiSUi-n. crowd of young lacllis BWa-¥*Daeip«i, returning home from the')€rip'y*rt*f>' i> ' 1 ' t y «t Miller Uhl's, At'flVe-mimft*^ 0 ' 2 o'clock the two Hdere ; hatf'-fliiiafel'-thelr final prcpnra- wait" for the mln- <aOas • wheels "Svei-c hiken-'to^Hifi-center'of Broadway, wJtli 'Safe ElSWiSr^'m the lead; and at two m'lmi'fw of^wtlme the riders. mbunte«l.'''"'A&' ; ith$ wwrt hoiise clock boomod'~o'u.Ptifie l 'fl"i-st stroke.ot,2 the •'st.iitmifiiveilie wlveels a. push and-ttie the racers aped . ai-d set tlie' ' lt w-ieaD. . em iu tot ciity.- ?W* expected that the TjcsfWe willi be jiwle between -Delphi.' 'ai^-taJiwforcUvlllc; n^ tuis ''ti ! K: '&>!"<>? Iht nionil'ns,. H, ''«x>I- «™« '.tuese 'iiOf days. 600 .Inhnbtted by .myriads of ..frogs, whose silvery aoites ttpe-'peiice-SMsturblng and ^Te-d«rtrdyiniB^.T*-e'-'nwfecr-;.wns.-rc.-. i>eeii~eariie be miccosi-il/ 'ieieyiia >eei~eaie tall hustJliniK *rafe'' jiltji' -tfa^t- pfc'ije'ct .Jn; TlMlSn? UlVPoii view, ' oppOBcd -the' a^. absorbers, and ni^-^ip: iiaa-. ' The ca.iiiHdftte) in would lie -liai-a ,;tp : .'choose,' 'J be a benipcr.ftt. '";.; thc v ' . it^the , woulu-'ba : out at Peini i.o r _.... , 1 . of Populists;" '' work 'In the M trict ' . . the n 'idoinp fpersonril iC'eofliiit|ea of 'the dis- ' ..an.. B iWrecohV tlicy.-wni.be' gtlv-: ) Jieir. return.' -In. any ie.v are largely cn- .to. undertake: Hie race: -THE7EJRST, CLUB. Soflrid-Money Republicans "Organ- '''"" '' ••• : .gou, ';aepnbllcan . wai? orfifljifeed; last' 'eVeulns'atjIi &GnMo- way scJjcol house i'if .leffcrson'townsjilp -'' 'bcw. . . . The Strt?t (jfpnjjiilaiUcaier'wns .or'ilered- 1 . to-repal-r •tW'Wjadwnys to Mt., Hope '-,- whiciulje' recent hea'vy -rain-: PERFECT .WADE.. . ..,.», -we Grar*.iCream of Tartar.'fewder. Fret . „• l.i; Ammwia, Alum or^y other adulterant 40 : .- washed out. 'The pettttoo^of Rwfua- Magce Uia,t. an ordet'-.be 'iatula .• nefimditag an asses.!- nMof of $00, iissciwed-^gaJiistlhini .for tJ»ViS^Bb^,6Xa;'B>treet,- was referred to the 'Ftoanice commlttiEe. "• " ' Tic' School' Board xrf Trustees . prer isentcd a remonstrance njitainst the eon- tlmtnuice of a sewer receatly -eonstruot- •ed.-leadi-Dg from the Plum street bulld- ., nr(.'i\""Tiie"meetlng'-.wns addressed ''' '- , .' .The house cnpn<;Ity. . A . frpni- this city A bnd case of scifl^fewr'fe reported to 'tue'.'ftamffly.''or^^&h'IADdrer who lives flu n r4offl1 * wn* l.lrnt »MJiri&. "To — By, -waejobliitea "Were you ever,suspected of mur- tler?" inquired a government official of a reporter. , " : "Never," responded the reporter, ns calmly as if questions of that character were his daily food. "Well, I was once, and if you have ony feelings at all you need never want The reporter nodded for the official to proceed and the official proceeded. "When I was about 20 or thereabouts," he said, "I was » hard case,; -I don't know why, becau«« my faro.Jy. were decent people and had some mog- ev; butsomehow I flew the track and before I had attained my majority IWM a jrambler; a drunkard, and generally a tough character, though up to the tirao df which S am about to .tell I had never, been in the hands of the law. Liring. ia my neighborhood wa» *'»»/*"" I hadn't much nae for, and It was known we were not friends, thougfc we were on epeaklng term, and had .orne :buslne«s relations. Our.town was about 'three miles from the railroad ate«on. and one November evening just about sunset, as. I. was coming to town afoot, I mefrhim walking to the stttion. i "He stopped ro«, much to my Burpme, and asked, me « I had any money, because If I had he would sell me hli watch for almost nothing, a« he WM go-, •ing to the city unexpectedly and needed cash. A. it happened I had two ten- dollar bills and three fives, which I received from the station agent not an hour before, and. as the man's _w«tch was a good gold one I thoughtlhad a •chance to turn an. honest penny—•ome- thing I didn't ,do very often. So I opened ntgotla«on«. .Several persons we knew pawed: «• as we were dickering and at last I wentonhome with the watch and he-went to the station with $25. Including a $10 bill with the station agent's name on it, in red ink, which had caused a pf of our delay in the trade, as he didn't wan-t It and I insisted that he-take It.. . "As it turned out he had a reason for not wanting-•»• wd I can't say why, I wa. so anxious for.him ttvtake It. Well, next day the man'c dead body wa» found in the woods quite ueartiw station, and a rolle from where we hadmet and made our trade, and it was evident thatTe had been robbed, for hi. pockets were turned inside bwt and every^b^w taken My connection with the matter did not strike roc until the day.atteiV ntid I was arrested on suspicion. I was so badly rattled by the shock of **«? rest on such a charge *hat I made my case worse by talking, and when the man's watch was found on me and it was known that I had been tre.iinp the crowd the night of the murder, I hadn't.any show at all. •-, , __ "Of course, I protested my innocence and told W.;story, but people took it with little grace, for my character wa, kn6wn and-after: an ejcamining trial J. was jailed without ball. What. I «if-- fered nobody except myself can know and before a week had pamed. I had made up my mind to commit, snicide and end'the whole thing. 1 am sure! Would have'dbne soi but.provldence had somethingielae In store for me, •«">.«?« It by a fttranger. - This man-'wa^arre.ted as drunk ai,d dUorderly ten day».after my 'arrest,- and-when' h* w«* searched m the station house a,$10 bill,was found .on'him bearing-, the sta.tion .apent B. A Stolen Bicycle Means a great deal to the one chat 1« » loser. Why run an/ risk when you c» have your wheel insured against theft at a very nominal figure and get Its value -rclien stolen? Insurmt once and bt on the safe side. Pnnctnrd Tires Repaired. From this date on for as cents at the * Burgman Cycle Co His hand* on me bin he ™°°&£ ne n "J found a way out of my d '» cul " el! ' «* went after my lawyer The* they .saw the station agent, and he identified Uio bill as the only one he had ev*r put hi. name on, and remembered that I.htt lovingly asked him what to do to make. it rood. The next move was to make » lew irquirlex ol the stranger a» to how be ca^.e into possession ot the money. This was done by waiting until nert morning when he wa« sober, and charg* ing him directly, with the murder. « wa* so sudden that he weakened on the spot, a» most murderers will, and th« result was that I wa» saved. Bared to more senses than one, too," concluded, the official. "for from that day I lived a new life, and thank Ood I have nerer fallen into evil ways sine*, and that w»s 30 year* ago." "How do you explain the notion t» have the station agent'i signature om the bill and your insisting on the »«m taking It?" inquired the writer. "God move, in a mysterious way Him, wonders to perform," was the reverent ""And the man who did not want t» take the marked hill?" ' { He was running away from justice. - ,, ' - '. -« ; • ine o frl«nd of ' ''' , noon M lie "He was runnng aw . He had spent every dollar of » fundbe- longlng to an orphan and had been called to an accounting."- Washington Star __ _ • ' . ' Tut* •no' SmolL Physiologist* have long known that : many sensations ordinarily ascribed t» : taste are in reality due to smell, but Oii« ; fact has lately been made clearer than. before by the investigations of Germa* | slants. Air enters the olfactory »hain- her, where the nerves connected wtf». the sense of Krnell are centered, botu through the nostrils and through an inlet leading from the mouth. In eoni*- •> quei ce. a breath of perfumed air pant feats its odor not only nrhen it U breathedin. but when it is breathed out. For this reason we are sometime* deceived as to the source of the pleasure we derive from things taken into uje, mouth, the oKTeeablcnesiof the taprcs- •ion being due, in some cases, rather to smell than to tast«.-\outh s Companion. . . ' A Duietnf i,U»rA ' : One of the interesting little animal. that live in far away Aurtralis, is tte , . dancing lizards,; known scjentificaHy M the chlamydosaurus king!.. ,, ln» ; queer, reptile is about, three feet ,tm length aad wears a collar of bright red. yellow,aj>d blue mixture. Ue pets hi» name from the collar ond is called th. frilled lizard. He is :not a bit p and has a way of jumping around Klvea one a peruliar fright if one come. upon him; suddenly. -Although thto , frilled chap has four legs »£«*«» ' «J like walking and dancing, upon hi« HIM leg. better than traveling upon all , fo«M. He to •« quick a. ligbtalnff to : bl» movements and liven upon the in. '' Beeti thatinhabit the tree, of tb« tale* N- V. SIID: .. :

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