The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah on February 25, 1993 · 2
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The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah · 2

Salt Lake City, Utah
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 25, 1993
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Briefing Editors: Andrea Otanez and Gerald Cunningham IMEMEMEME111 :rIIE ANIERICtIS THE RIGHT STUFF: How fie skiers survived four days and five nights in the subzero temperatures of high Colu tado is remarkable Wildernesssumsal expertise played a part but so did the will to live It's axiomatic Whether you think you"! die or whether you think youll live you're tight Thrtaih: A MULRONEY TO RESICOs: After Ws years Canadian Prime Minister Prian Mulroney is resigning He is elpected to lease office officially in mid June after the Progrettive Consersatise Par ty chooses a 1 urrewir Ilth departure may mean Ole end of a consersatise era tn Canadian polities 'flails 3 IVSTIMONV lit GINS judge in the trial ut tur men charged in Mr torating of tita(k rnitrit ItiKtnr )irg 41enir1 a ctefrnw riellue-41 VI a iNtri41 V 1-k1 ?lc day and rt upgrnme wtatuncrito tiegin toctlY The dt-trtiko Lad aid (14 a mit trial hen an clittowl Vb r )11!r rtlfrd I tilark liontan arrritr1 fT 1! jury 4f illAk irg taked rttna716 AS11 ‘101 p h till 1 A tilt?at ould 141) tdr motel tnAke 11acts ILarer trrne-n and thrtu to trIng nsit r10-ts lasswts agairst their atIarkrta saas intrsduvr4 day In the il“tib4 and Sf nate in WW1 14:Tim i)1' The tneaturr has hvatil Ian suiirt TV IALMI'l CIO tinftl VI tit 1 In Met tro Nktio tam tesk ttAn !'bow0 A !trAt t0 Irtftn pAling tate on Itcm the Stellean ttrasuo tev trtat VIritnevta - Vie VI- A Ate f Ve irn 1ttaner to clut rtintr of ale furl tnrntal tarr t at rfrAlof tf culture an1 ttfrnlets of out It al !ton ItraturN Seery-tart Atpe tt rrptni&4 came kite a meeting aith prominent Metocart ritrts rn duir So14-1 laureate (irttolo Pat rat 1114 the lorttrtit gattle1 ' moral ter ogrullon of 014 tntrtitc(tat lator M JuK M P11 1ti IttltiLt1 Prime Minttler John Major met filth l'reo dent Clinton at the At-ate Itotlao on At-Ant-slat and gate Clinton tot tup imort for the t' S airdrop to 1otnia Clinton ins011rti in a Motto tomatAc rniteatit mutt vtotored latthout Ci trj Any ImPtriawn tkn i1rs Said Clinton it a ertill" a humantattan noution Shoshoni Remains May Get Final Resting Place Continued from A1 INV 111111110 ing and research Mr Anderson's proposal is supported by Shoshoni leaders "It's important to the Indian tribes that for cultural and rehgious purposes the remains of our ancestors be properly and respectfully reburied" said Mae Parry vice chairman of the Northwestern Band of Shoshom Nation Though Shoshoni leaders gave oral permission for the removal of the bones in late 1989 Ms Parry said the disinterment has been "distressing" Mr Anderson is requesting a one-time addition of $50000 to the budget of the state Division of Parks and Recreation The money would pay for a partially buried "bare-minimum" concrete vault about 12 feet by 12 feet by 3 feet at the state park up Emigration Canyon in east Salt Lake City Shoshoni leaders would get another $10000 for about 100 handmade wooden reburial caskets and bronze identification tags to be set inside the vault Pioneer Trail State Park is not the tribe's first choice Tribal members and ex-Gov Norm Bangerter tried in 1992 to obtain a 212-acre reburial plot on Antelope Island considered a sacred site by Shoshonis That was vetoed by the US Department of Interior Nonetheless the state park is a fitting locale state and tribal offi I PclAili to 1 4 I (I tt Ii VC110S Cuba on Wednesday held its first direct clec twns for parliament in the 11470 Communist reso!utton tnit Uh rAndi dales supporting the party line ere permitted to ron rresident ridel Castro is a candidate Wednesdas (narked the first Lime loner the resolution that Castro has fared a popular election Ile I seeking a National Assembly it That txxi elects the Council of State sshos leader is the president Of the rounto Voters had s choice of toting yrs or not at itti 1 k i Arrtse Ore Canada: Prime Minister Mulroney plans to resign Los Angeles: Opening statements ten today in taped-beating trial ! linramentoinsom )1 0pe " flt EuRoPEAFRIcA Om- t t ""s'itt i- no - --' WINIIIIMOINNIC slitt's smtr And ktmv setwiet sorts- called in to alrantled dmers Wednrsdas aftri a Lc as!' inwasturrn Lsr-tivIrd traffic tn Vienna and most of eastern Austria M'11F Ws 11(11 I) Yaiking rnuir urn lb(lk en forred the rktlftnAlln pktnetla Of the l'ar3 (111ng Cf Stalaw rlftfit at the l'orriikiou Cettrr 1hr mulcurn (P ktri arr de ttoinktmg t-etter )(1) 01-ciatIty nA pro' te Alc Inrtated kirnttti(on St 4tAb41) I In a teandal tteting M4itvq-e0 the- natonal eletim aittet in eaahlanea fare' txvvihle life In priton tor allegedly ruteing atkiut Goo sumen and gltIA Into textial in countetti that tie nte-ttaped ' 4'41 MC INS (it) ItsiMr: Angr) S matv r to! (-41 htnt hiut ladtau en A eilneklay sn the ortit usltesst wire the :3 Lalitin forte led hy the tnsleti Stales arrs‘eA 1as1 Isel-enct )lot of to- nuntr 4 ineotle killed in the tiolenre varied The Stale Department denorll troops killed anon e lealst one Marme asi hounded Petalh: I1 COMNIENTARI II AHD-01'S ASTI: Last year the Utah Leoslature passed 110 14t-trd fee s)stem for hatatdous ssaste (10ptsa1 one ler for taste produced outside thr state and a losser Ice for ' resident ' aste In June 11042 the Supretne Court ruled such fee structures unclinstitutional SolA the tAl:islature is considering a bill settIng a umforrn fee of $28 per ton The 1-egts1ature should pass the tneaslirt Snd then cart-fully rnonitor its impact Edlutist 411 riT 11 VA EV O's 711 Thr Nb tinr editorial cartonnist eighs in on Ziff Da ‘is deciding against Clah Sigh- cartoon: A-8 cials said Members of the band allied themselves w MI early Mar mon pioneers and were among the first Natie Americans baptized into the church In the 1970s the LDS Church donated 1 ti4 acres of land al Washakie m Ito Adel County six miles south of the Utah-Idaho border for a Shosboni reservation The vault would have extra room allowing the state to process a backlog of requests from other tribes for similar reburials said Wit Numkena director of the state Division Of Indian Affairs "Indian burials are not only sacred- Mr Numkena said When the graves are uncovered the spirits are left to wander and this reflects on the tribe There always is a sense of spiritual relief when burial remains are attended to receremomalized and reburied- Baseball hockey All That Jan on Miller's Station II Continued from A-I EISIIMINNIMIMMMINIMIO schedule Aside from the KXIV license he got existing electronic equipment KX IV's offices and studio at 5181 West Amelia Earhart Drive050 North) all the contract obligations binding at the time of sale and a batch of undetermined debts and liabilities There was a decided financial risk involved but risks are nothing new to Larry Miller When all has been reconciled the total cost will approach $9 million I :'r- ' "a 0 A t d S I Paris: Museum-worker I strike delays Matisse shay' 1 ht$alt fake'c'Tribunt THURSDAY February 25 1993 Otst III Continued from A-1 FEITURES Under immediate consideration is expansion of KX1Irs UHF broadcast range which now is limited to the Wasatch Front from Provo Payson and Spanish Fork on the south to Brigham City on the north By constructing a half-dozen translator stations for which FCC authorization already exists KXIV can increase its range by 637c to include St George and Cedar City in southern Utah as well John Martin KXIV's new general manager and J Spence Kinard assistant general manager say expansion is high on their list of phorities KXIV is the first broadcast property acquired by Mr Miller's communication corporation It will continue to provide viewers with entertainment programming he said It's Crunch Time As Legislature Winds to an End satisfaction" Spending choices that face legislators in this final crunch are the most difficult decisions of the session If they bump up a proposed salary increase for public-school teachers another $15 a year it could mean scrapping a prison education program designed to turn inmates into productive taxpayers when they are paroled They could put $2 million into nonprofit medical clinics for low-income people Or the same - t-- pv-----4 :: - fs "-r t '' ( 'y y p 4 egt $174 4 1v---1--- c-----1 i-- C- i 41''''''-- A k e 1) N --- i ) rl---174 4 I V NS 1 LA '1 NN r' '''-' k '4 j 2 1 ii--:1-'' 07 C1-('''— 1 A 4 - -c ' " 0 0 1-- 1 N-'1 t 1 ( Somalia: Rampaging 1) (I mats riot in Mogadishu d' 1mimpopipEIMINIEW11111011111111111 1 ASIAOCEANIA k I A eninr tY S Off' rial on Wednesda? said the Clinton ad ministration has no intention of reneA ing diplomatic Les Oh the PIA) Serretar) of State Warren Christopher also ended his Ntidd:e East tour Wednesday There is no date for the re umptIon of veare talks 11)1111(N DoNS's V's1)11t: Australian Prime Stimster Paul Keating launched a canipagn to keep his Labor Patty in r0 rr in nest month's viertion calling for Queen Elizabeth It to te replaced as bead of state Iteplanng the queen ssould Howl Australia to be deflated a ceputlic by 2001 Keating told !ili0 part) members tn the tosn ha:I of his home constituency of Pank stossn st ()rising class s4estern Sdney 1)11111 Mt 44 ES: Thou:sands of riot rihre aled off much of New Del hi tin Wednesday to keep a right-wing Ilinda party from holding a rally in de fiance of the tottering gmernment Ear ly today those forces used riot sticks and tear pa to halt a crush of iseopie Details: 4-4 NATO 1101A Tsso unstaffed spare crafts ill be sent to explore the little understood Pluto as early as 1998 rourse the planet is a mere 2 8 billion miles assay photos and information stouldn I be beamed bark for seven or eight years The titg unknossn la there money in federal coffers' Science ffedicine: ITRIMENOKUSE: Contrary to common belief cessation of menstrual does not mean a woman suddenly is menopausal Researchers are finding that a tradual fouryear transition called penmenopause precedes menopause Unfortunately health-care workers may unnecessarily resort to ex treme measures to regulate erratic cycles There are other alternatives Iler Health column: D-2 lasfil amount could be used to pay the University of Utah's legal costs in a federal antitrust investigation Still alive in the money chase is a $18 million grant to Salt Lake City for its new baseball stadium To help sell the stadium to rural legislators it has been packaged with 12 million for other statewide -economic development projects" That list includes $250000 for rebuilding the Antelope Island causeway 220000 to promote restoration of downtowns in outlying areas 250000 for a science center in Brigham City and $100000 for Utah County art and history museums "If the money is going to be up for grabs they feel they ought to stand up and get a piece of it" said Rep Clark Reber R-South Jordan "The process isn't a bad one particularly when it is open and everybody has a chance to bid" said the conservative Republican House Minority Whip Kelly Atkinson D-West Jordan sees it differently from the other side of the political aisle "It's a free-for-all" Mr Atkinson complained "Look at all the pork in the budget They're talking about building a marina at Bear Lake vs more money in education" Major Endorses Clinton on Airdrop Plan Continued from Al Karadzic said his forces would 1 Arthe Or4 Nimmmmvommf Israel: Christopher leaves Middle East no talks set Par itte Oro fon 1 ) 'ii:6 oirretg- soron t '''C') 11' 6 rr f 1 1 a rf--- India: Thousands of pace I brace for Hindu demonstration 1 BUSINESS M ARKET RALLIES: The Dow Jones as erage of 30 industrials rose 33 23 points to 3356 50 Stocks that had plunged m 'aloe regained some ground health-care tobacco and auto ISbtlell sere among the gainers on Wednesday Details: ILLE PACIFIC: Did a Bonneville Pacific attorney ignore signs of fraud at the bankrupt company! That's IA hat one of the failed company's (Tech-tors is alleging in federal bankruptcy court The Bonnesille Pacific attorney denies the allegations and testified Wednesday that the creditor may have caused the bankruptcy by vsithdravy mg its financial support Prialls: 8-3 No ELI CUTS PHIS: Novell Inc cut 82 employees from its Utah staff Wednesday citing an effort to better meet customers needs Officials say how mer plans for an overall expansion are still in the works The cuts are part of a 41 reduction worldwide Def"' 1 115 SEIMEINEMIMPROSIIIIIIIIIIIII SPORTS Golden Slate 120 Jazz 108 NO-SHOW FINE: Bulls All-Stars Mi chael Jordan and Scottie Pippen were fined 110000 each Wednesday for missing a media eent during the All-Star festivities last week Details: C I SPEAKING OF FIN ES: Eagles Coach Rob Francis received a "significant fine- and was ordered to perform 100 hours of community service for fighting with Atlanta Coach Gene libriaco last Sunday The coaches reconciled so the 1111 stopped short of suspensions Dux ing the two-game series in Atlanta the referee assessed more than 300 player penalty minutes and 13 ejections Details: C I not fire at US planes but that he thought Bosnian government troops would Belgrade television reported Mediators in the Bosnian peace negotiations announced that the suspended talks will resume by Monday at the latest and the UN Security Council urged the three warring factions to move rapidly towards a settlement The decisions by Bosnian Muslim Serb and Croat leaders to return to New York after a two UTAH t INTERMOUNTAIN A2 'GOD MAKERS II' SUIT? A lawyer for the LDS Church has warned producers of "God Makers II" to stop distributing the film or face a lawsuit Attorney Patrick A Shea said the film contains false information about Gor- don B Hinckley a top church official DCLSIIS: II-1 IIIGHER-ED CHIEF The Board of Regents on Wednesday promoted deputy commissioner Cecelia IL Fox ley to COMMiSSIOner of higher education filling the position to be vacated by Wm Rolfe Kerr She is the first woman to oversee ITtah's nine public universities and colleges Details: XI UINTA DRILLING? A proposed exploratory well on the north slope of the Uinta mountains has drawn a gush of opposition Environmentalists claim the well will cut further into precious few natural lands The oil company says its planning an -environmentally responsible" project Arta Ils: ii 1 MURDER CHARGES: Two I8-year old men are blaming each other in the Dee 21 shooting death of Greg Carrell during an apparent phony drug deal David Corona and Brent J Robinson are in the midst of a preliminary hear ing on charges of aggravated murder Drta ifs: 5-3 IRISH PARADE:: For the first time in the history of Utah's St Patrick's Day parade the grand marshal is a woman: Rose lee Norw ood Peta Its: IDAHO COURT APPOINTEE: Gov Cecil Andrus has named a second woman to the Idaho Supreme Court Cathy Silak will fill the seat of retired Chief Justice Robert Bakes on the five-member court "We're not at 50 but we're getting closer" Andrus said "But was gender the reason' No" The governor made history late last summer by naming Linda Copp le Trout as the first woman on the states high court Silak 42 was the first woman appointed to the state appellate bench COUNTING COYOTES: Game offi-' cials want to know how many coyotes roam the Wyoming range Such a count would help them better manage wildlife herds Game managers already have census figures for other predators like wolverines mountain lions and lynxes They hope to have a coyote-counting system in place by next winter FORBIDDEN ART: A painting exhib it of semi-nude women at Idaho State University in Pocatello has been rated "R" Admittance is restricted to those 17 and over Even the gallery windows have been covered to keep passers-by from peeking The curator thinks the measures are silly "My job is to challenge college students and to help them expand their exposure to the arts" said the curator "That means not sticking to things like majestic snow-covered sheep" week hiatus capped a concerted diplomatic drive by Washington the United Nations and European powers to move them back to the negotiating table Mediators Cyrus Vance and David Owen cautioned however that the Serbs and Muslims remain far apart and made no predictions of a rapid accord Resumption of the snarled talks will clarify whether Washington is bringing something new to the talks or only buttressing the Vance-Owen initiative Zbt graft gakt Ztibunt CIRCULATION Carrier and home delivery Information on week days before 10 am and Sundays before 1 pm Salt Lake south Dam counties 2372900 All other areas 1800-662-9076 New subscriptions mtarting subscription cancel-lotions and billing Information Monday through Friday I am to 5 pm 237-2900 NEWSROOM Business 237-2055 Newspaper in Ed 2372018 News Desk 237-2045 Photography 2372065 Editor 2372011 Publisher 237-2031 Editonal Writers 2372019 Reader Advocate 237-2015 Entertainment 237-2078 Roily & Welk 237-2054 Lifestyle 237-2075 Sports 2372070 Sport Scores: 1900-896-1551 95 cents per minute — touch-tone phone required (Sports staff not permitted to give out scores) ADVERTISING Classified Advertising 237-2000 Retail Display Advertising 237-2713 Obituaries (Mon-Fri before 5 pm) 237-2911 (After 5 pm weekends holidays) 237-2990 Cbt gat Pit tRikuts (USPS 4 711-360) 443 South Mom 237-2600 e rvit Ewa lanea ADIS IS 1674 Pal 'shed (logy and Sunday by Ind Sams-tribun Cofpotanom 4143 Scath Main SI Sall Lake Clty Utah 1141 i 1 Second doss postoge pord ot Soil Lake City wort POSIMASItit Send address changes to the SoN Loire Inbune 143 South Man St Solt take CON Mon 114111 SiALSCRielSON SAILS Comer De lesey DI S 24 pet copy Sunday wile doity $62 or copy Sunday Orey $i 50 pet copy Newstack cm Vendor Daily $50 per copy Sunday $i 50 pet copy (Pales may dines outside Me kW Lake Mellopoklan area) By Moil Doily and Sunday (Woe Moho Nevado and Wyoming) S42 00 mo Doily Only (Ulah idoho Nevado and Wyoming) NI 00 ino Soluraoy and Sunday by comet Wednesday by mail pan Whete avowable) $4 NI ma Sunday Only (All °Mei stoles) $9 00 ma Doily and Sunday (Ail Other Sales) $23 00 ina Ail ince subscephose PaYoble tsMioness Member Budd Bureau Cl Cebuktelons 4 1) MOUS nut 11 rougduisilut dft gm& - Prtse Ortte ITIMITMTIZZ Arttat Orimos 1 Canada: Prime Minister LI:L111111111 ' plans to Mulroney resign 47-rA:a 7 "'' t7"-- t — -----pe------4 stopher leaves r (vostr Israel: Christopher a- t rt 4 ------ '' -Ac L-- Middle East no talks set 1 - A 'c '-1e- 1 S 41 I b----- 0 1 '44 P 1-- -I 17 e:of:t4 ' 011-1 NsZti 1 7 ' riti 0 a A 'et St OtI frm rir ba11 ti i I r 4 4 't rr--lr --N I i 1 — t'it 0 ' 1 4N - 4 orarette Oro ) " '--11 A x Lai : ' 1 t'i 2J - —-:t Is Ei '1l 14----1 A E 1- c) '0:4 -1 ' ''S 0 Pi - ' t ill' 4 ) t 4 'h 1 1 - ifLos Angeles: Opening statements ri 'T:? 't 'k - - gL - - — litisto Her am Somalia: Rampaging 1 I mats not in MogadIshui I r 1117 I A: a

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