The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah on February 25, 1993 · 1
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The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah · 1

Salt Lake City, Utah
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 25, 1993
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I VOLUME 245 NUMBER 134 TODAY'S READERSHIP: 335600 A Miracle in the Rockies? Skiers Show Their "Mettle IlIr ASSOCIATED Pk ESS Through four subzero nights across Taylor Pass at 12000 feet even when his gloves and boots were drenched in water that soon would turn to ice Ken Torp knew he wouldn't die in the Rocky Mountains That cocky confidence that dubious leap of faith may have saved his life and those of his friends Conventional wisdom suggested the group of five cross-country skiers had been lost too long to sul-vivc Rescuers gal the group one chance in 10 But the miracle of survival has to do with more than odds It depends on variables: circumstance and spirit personality and skill luck and determination "There was no question in our minds at any point that we weren't going to make it" Torp said Added his companion Elliott Brown- "We both determined w e were not going to die out there We Just knew we wouldn't" They were right Torp 50 and 13rown 43 showed up Tuesday at a remote trading post about 30 miles south of Aspen and called for help from a pay phone Hours later and about 15 miles away Brigitte Schluger 50 an art-gallery owner Rob Dubin 38 and his wife Dee 40 were rescued by helicopter The ordeal began Friday when the use set out with two other Denver-area skiers — Andrea Brett 42 and Richard Rost 3-1 — for the Goodwin-Greene !tut The hut is seven miles from Ashcroft and 17 miles south of Aspen where their trip started The trip to the hut was an annual excursion for the seven They planned to party there Friday and Somali Mobs Attack US Troops As Pressure Cooker Boils Over THE '11INCIoN Post MOGADISIIU Somalia — The fragile calm that gave a semblance of normalcy to this ravaged city burst apart Wednesday as rampaging mobs shouted for Amehcan troops to leave pelted US and UN forces with rocks and looted the still-functioning Egyptian and French embassies Mobs of young men some car INDEX 1iMMEIMIMIMIIIIM Ann Landers C7 Briefing A-2 Businem B-5 Classifieds D-3 Comics C-6 Crossword D-4 Editorials AS Headliners A-3 Jumble D-5 Letters A-9 Movies C-11 Obituaries 11-1 Record B-3 R S V P A-6 Sci & Med D1 Sports C-I Star Gazer 11)-I Stocks 8-6 Television C-7 Utah News B-I UTAH WEATHER: Northern Utah valleys could get 3 inches of snow today with scattered showers in the south Details 8-2 OMIIMMINIMEMIETIL MIOMMII Baseball Hockey All That Jazz on Miller 's Station By Harold Schindler 1993 TitE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE Utah is about to get the nearest thing it may ever see to a Utah-based all-sports television channel Larry H Millers recent purchase of KXIV enables the businessman to provide a forum for his Utah Jazz and Salt Lake Golden Eagles and an array of other state and Intermountain sports events The station also will air selected children's programs and syndicated actiondrama series Still the sports emphasis could change viewing habits of many Utahns Last week Mr Miller received approval from the Federal Communications Commission to purchase the UHF station from American Stores Inc In an interview Wednesday he summarized for The Salt Lake Tribune what he had in mind for Channel 14: Forty-one Colorado Rockies baseball games (two of which will be spring-training games) beginning in late March when the Denver-based major-league team winds up spring training Utah Jazz games beginning r- 40 Akt' Saturday nights and return Sunday They carried enough food for two nights "It was a trip that vs e'd made many times before in five or six hours— Dubin said But a fierce snowstorm swooped down on them reducing visibility to just a few yards and they lost their way They never found the hut They attempted to build a snow cave Friday night but it collapsed Arguments broke out Saturday morning they decided to turn back Torp and Brown the most experienced skiers led the way During a blinding snowstorm they told the others to wait w they went ahead to get their bearings They disappeared and didn't return The remaining five argued about what to do and Rost and Brett split off from the others They reached Ashcroft by nightfall Saturday after seven hours of hard skiing The ordeal was just beginning for Torp and Brown ho were headed in one direction and for the Dubms and Schluger going in another After skiing for several hours Torp and Brow n reached 12000- foot Taylor Pass where they were greeted with 100 mph winds "That's where I got these" Brown said at a news conference holding up his game rapped fingers They stayed outdoors Saturday night but spent Sunday night in a government cabin and dried their clothing over a fire They wrote a note in case their friends found the cabin Monday night they stayed at an abandoned house in an the old mining tow n See A3 Column I rying pistols attacked at least a half-dozen sites The biggest confrontation took place at a key traffic circle controlling roads to the airport the seaport the former US Embassy and the US Marines headquarters Gunfire crackled through most of the day as troops fired into the air to scatter the mobs Wednesdays violent demonstration coming in the wake of fighting Monday in the southern port of Kismayu re-emphasized Somalia's volatility and set back US efforts to dilute the power of the country's warlords and bring peace and stability It raises new questions about whether US forces will be able to transfer their peacekeeping duties to a UN force within two months US military officials said a Marine lance corporal suffered shrapnel wounds in his hip when youths threw two grenades at troops trying to gain control of the Egyptian Embassy A spokes man for US forces said a Somali was killed and two others were wounded There were unconfirmed reports of at least six other Somali deaths Barr) koughThe Salt Lake Tribune Utah Jazz owner Larry Miller plans to turn KXIV-TV into a sports spectator's dream with everything from prep track to pro baseball this fall An expanded schedule of Salt Lake Golden Eagles hockey games Utah 4-A high school championship football and basketball games Utah 4-A high school track and field competition "It's purely speculative at this point but we see real opportunities for carrying Triple-A baseball games from Salt Lake City in 1994-95" he said "And we're certainly going to focus on other high-intensity sports in Utah that are not already under contract" Mr Miller began negotiations for KXIV almost a year ago when it became clear that KSTU the THURSDAY FEBRUARY 25 1993 Britain's John Major and l'resident Clinton make their points at a nros conference after discussingllosnia Russia and trade Major Meets Clinton Backs Airdrop 6110mome MAI op aid W 10Cat)011 crilaNid by U N rrbouiltar)otr1 'IMAM rnal 1 LVA rnortz di PC141 Possible relief sites lo t'ft- US plans for Bosnia airdrop 7 rti Air Force s C110 111 48" pattet I oultorcpj vvitn COrfugeod wood on bOrtim tO CuSbiOrl landing M Can wor:r1 up to 2200 lbs 'frel vrETA' ltiN9"4 —40 to4 it-10 1 0 SOCA E g At 111k4vol Cce-rwitt Enut Dmpaitwerk news log es Russia Unveils a More Serb-Oriented Peace Plan for Balkan THE Tx N MOSCOW - Russia unveiled a new Balkan peace initiative Wednesday and said it "is considenng the possibility" of joining Western countries in helping enforce a settlement in Bosnia The Russian proposals which call for a more evenhanded approach toward Serbia came on the eve of talks in Geneva between Russian Foreign Minister Andrei Kozyrev and US Secretary of State Warren Christopher They appeared to be aimed in part at addressing the complaints of nationalists in the Russian Parliament that Moscow has abandoned the Serbs its traditional allies in the Balkans The eight-point plan calls for tightening the arms embargo against the Muslims Serbs and Croats in Bosnia and for imposing UN economic sanctions against Croatia if the Zagreb government continues to attack Serb-controlled enclaves in that republic Although the Russian peace plan is worded to avoid a diplomatic rift with the United States which Fox affiliate no longer would carry a 25-game Utah Jazz schedule in prime time "They offered us a tape-delay alternative" said Mr Miller noting that the KSTU contract for Jazz games ends in June "And that was out of the question It put us in the same bind that forced us from KSL six years earlier" Mr Miller needed a channel for the coming NBA season The solution was to buy his own station In the pact with the Colorado Rockies KXIV retains pre-emption rights that allows the station to carry Jazz games if there is a conflicting date with the baseball See A-2 Column 2 t With Jim a Week to Go 111 Ativtliinv GOCS By Dan I larrie and Judy Fahys THE SALT LAKE TKIBUNE People wandering into Utah's Capitol this week might wonder if they have stumbled into a flea market Or as Rep Jeff Alexander RProvo describes it the atmosphere is more like a "Saturday morning swap meet" With a week left before the end of its 45-day legislative session the 104 lawmakers have become peddlers for their favorite projects and programs — all bartering for a share of the scarce money left over in the budget "It's like throwing $20 million into the air and saying 'Majority rules!" said Senate President Arnold Christensen R-Sandy "It's a shame we can't vote on needs but we have to vote on popularity" said Sen Eldon Money D-Spanish Fork "Corrections is really going to get the shaft" Rep Brent Ilaymond RSpringville warned that haggling over the budget could become a "locker-room riot" Legislative committees say they need $90 million to pay for worthwhile projects that will need onetime funding Trouble is they 1M St43' EA web raf nti161 tcom t'a-1t C 11) NjqtrAPf dtAss at o rna141 r 4lovo a:ctaracy ttfoic 1QQ3 r !mt 4a1 aItt aacfa'l Sighting a target k Cargo rttoc Cin'y droC):::I'la'tsC4')7D'Artfl'ItT1Tv Z0r44 COmtt-cselPg fog alitu(10 01(4 attI ArtKibt Of vicilkoM A 2000 tb ciwt (cid tt Din 10000 ft woulti 101 at 60 rtvil AI worst 11 cok1 rntst tt tarlut by morn tf!iin 2 1 2 milol allPo 400-yd landing rano Irian 4 it --- 2-1 2 miles has enlisted Moscow in an effort to improse on the VanceOw en plan it emphasizes Moscow's right to pursue its own policy in the Balkans The Russian Parliament voted Feb 10 to ask the United Nations to reverse its current policy lifting the sanctions on Serbia anti imposing them on Cr° atm It said acceptance of a iware plan worked out by international mediators Cyrus Vance and David Owen would create conditions for lifting the present N sanctions against Serbia and Montenegro the two repoblics remaining in Yugoslavia "It is- impossible in this conflict to determine who is right and st ho is wrong" Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told a news conference "An anthmetteal approach to suffering is utterly irrelevant The Foreign Ministry statement issued in the name of President Boris Ye limn said Russia supports the idea of a multinational force to help implement the Vance-Owen plan for dividing Bosnia into 10 semiautonomous provinces By Tony Semerad THE SALT LAKE TRIUNE Eli Anderson wants to give some early Utah residents a final burial place The Tremonton farmer and lawmaker is pushing for the state to spend $60000 to build a vault at Pioneer Trail State Park on Salt Lake Citys east bench The plain concrete box would house bones unearthed two years ago belonging to ancestors of the Northwestern band of the Shoshoni Nation "They should have the due respect they deserve" the first-term Democrat said 1993 THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE SALT LAKE CITY UTAII 84111 Ito td r t Preident PnwlainF Bonian 'Humanitarian' INthl ‘VASIIINGTON Eresident Clinton said Wednesday that the planned 11 S airdrop of rehef supplies to lostta is a humanitar salt mon that still benefit all soles in the conflict and nut lead to deviser InilitAry involsement 1ritish hone Minister John Maiur said he vs elcomed the l' S action At a fly's conference Ve ethics day Clinton Anti Malor discussed the planned operation in Rusnta effered optimistic ss ord of sop 1011 for Russian President Eltsi amt pledged !hull 1PM 11101-n41A to conclodieg trade ne gohatuens Their statements fulluveed an hourlong meeting Clintun s first vsith a hintiWan head of state and the IA() leaders resumed dis cussions it a vs orkoig dinner Wednesday night The meeting had the potential to be somevs hat sticky Major ss:IS one of the closest antes Of l'rest dent Bush and Major s Consersa live party advisers briefed Bush campaign officials about tactics to use against Clinton during the campaign But Clinton brushed off a clues bon about tensions vs ith a joke sas 'I told the prune minister today that I st as just grateful that I got through this vs hole campaign ith most of my time in England still classified And for !us part Major said s mce having had a number of telephone ronversations over the last fess months to actually see a face across the table rather than just hear a voice across the phone — In Sarajevo Yugoslavia s lary brass accused Washington on Wednesday of planning to use an airdrop as a prelude to Western military intenention Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzie called the plan "a dan gerous mission designed to put new pressure on the Serbs But his commanders eh-timed the plan if it meant Serbs mild re ceive some of the food See A2 Column 4 It's Crunch Tine at the Utah Legislature SJioIiotii lay Get hid Itez1 Place I ha By Tony Semerad Mr Anderson's request was THE SALT LAKE TRIM NE passed unanimously WednesEli Anderson wants to give day by the !louse It now goes some early Utah residents a fi- before the Senate nal burial place The w hole and partial skele The Tremonton farmer and tons of 75 ancestral Shoshoni lawmaker is pushing for the were exposed on the east state to spend $60000 to build shores of the Great Salt Lake during the floods of the '80s a vault at Pioneer Trail State T Park on Salt Lake Citys east They were removed in 1990 by bench The plain concrete box anthropologists from Utah State University to protect would house bones unearthed them from vandalism theft two years ago belonging to an- and the elements cestors of the Northwestern The 1500-year-old bones band of the Shoshoni Nation have remained at the Logan- "They should have the due based university for safekeeprespect they deserve" the rirst-term Democrat said 111 See A-2 Column 1 only have $45 million for them The money squeeze creates a pressure in the Capitol that no one can ignore Even Gov Mike Leavitt must wade into the bazaar to sell his pet proposals "This will likely be one of many visits over the next week- Mr Leavitt told the House Republican Caucus on Wednesday lie pitched for five pet projects including $11 million for more school computers and $15 million for retraining defense workers expected to lose their oltOPPOSIVItrnell-0 jobs in the next 18 months The governor also has his eye on part of the surplus cash if he doesn't like the way lawmakers cut his spending proposals Legislative aide Marion Wittwer a budget writer for 27 years knows most lawmakers and lobbyists will go away disappointed with the final spending package of around $42 billion lie defines budget-making as "the uniform distribution of dis WI See A-2 Column 3 4 0100moN0114m07041"00kono omeoinrmerk - I LAKE TRIBUNE UTAII SI III altd P um Thient lat the relief anwtar 111 all it trail nent John S ekt if ens:se-4 1 N Li p r rpm 11e tie ett 1 s first r state tett ells dinner dent tat tor is l'rest nsers a 41 Bush tetws to mg the a (Nes a pke Ilmster Int that rripalgn :niztanti 1r said nher of vet the y Set' a I' than ss the s trnit anion - for 27 rs and - ng as - )f dis1111113 "t r e 7't 11 11 111" -ta snr II I I- laill 11111 0 A Aila taele m the Rockies? - 1 L - A - : t : 4 !I 1?- ''''' 7''' I ' '' ” ' A:4- i 6 1- '''' ' ' i I i r t It - 14 a 1 i 41 4 '' w A - ! li ' ' - ' ' - " '' '' ' 4 ' : r S Iii I ers Show 'filen Mettle 4 4 ! ! : - :-: r4OWttgri -1 1 t 11 1' 1'F - ' l ' : ' ' ' - ' ' - f : 11' ' - 7- '''''"a"4'74 ' Ai i Ili r ASSoCIATED PRESS Saturday nights and return Sun- : i "-: --li-:' --- - r ' : -ri - 0 -' 7 L ''- :-- -' - -- - e-: - 2t4 ':14 " 1 Through four subzero nights day They carried enough food for t 4'-- I ' eto A ' - fi z y :' 7t"' '- 4:- : - 'cross Taylor Pass at 1'2000 feet two nights -4"i" I dl - 4 1- - - !f - 17 1 " -- - ven when his gloves and boots -It was a trip that we'd made — kl It ----11 ' -r -4 t vere drenched in water that soon many times before in fie or six -t- - cs --441 - i" 4 ' - -74- '-'1'7:ij ' ' f' i T rl i i - - v o u I d turn to ice Ken Torp knew hours- 1)ubin said i C en- ' r i C 3 r ---3 7 - f f t le wouldn't die in the Rocky But a fierce snowstorm elt:ti f dle : dountains swooped down on them reducing -)--- r- t That cocky confidence that du- visibility to just a few yards and : 0 004-4 r 4 443 t nous leap of faith may have they lost their w ay They never : ‘ 'AA rti:i : i - 0 aved his life and those of his found the hut They attempted to 0 ( ' "' t -- -- oks i 4:- - - -r " 4 4 -' is 7 " q - sop us ' - : r - : l - " - 's: :::' 1- riends Conventional wisdom build a snow cave Friday night A ' ' L I uggested the group of I've cross- but it collapsed Arguments broke e7o 7 It -i'' 4Atk i t 1 '' ' : y - ' ' i Air Force N : - -A sv- S rapirgo I 1 'v"-:":---1:717I-7It' IT 1" 1' CA ::133:11:P?'f:i tt'Ll't'll -- et - - - --74 reL ---- I '-":' 1- - '410 -- ' --14IN Nii) 0 -: - CZ!' J kv 6 on rt 1 it 4 t o r 1 t -141:'-' N - -4) EME:r1nie"71 $ la 6 71'""a - -1) 111 4:: i 48" patiet '' t US eoukt (if cv - 4 e toinforciJ vvith -1' aid itt loCabon avp y 4 4 - ') a co111 wood cc od ty Li N ' 14-- - battilrl tO cushion A i- - ' rt-tOttltir ' )Otil i-- ' landing IMAM rri10 PI LACA '' ' ' ' I i ' L ' X 11 CIfl imr-4'4 up - Inortz dis4-441 '-f- ' - -2 to 2200 lbs - 3 C—) ''f - r:tt -t ' 'r - a -4 t Y - -- - — a - p LIN garaitVe ' Catre4ter '' - - Cl 1 C ' C " tra -J) - elt a — 4 Ar e 4' ''' ' '''' n '"'14''-'-' 1 t ':' ' ' Zevew- 0 p ' - 1 -! --40--- ' 4 ' k h A 1 '' OKF I114 0 - - -4 e dip " ' ' ' r ik t P -4"3 ir -qkftw41-o- ' ' ' ' - - v - - ---t''N - ''' " P I ' ' e 0 t ossibe C a rgo r ' E '''-4 't n ' i k re - ' ' 4 bel sites '' cal uts4 r t tr drop' ttl a 4-4 of '' 41C17' rito ' 1 t 4-Arcovzo ' 1 2c00 it) ca(ot ( ee cyrrl t 0 1 z: ov 7 1 1 Z0011414f 4C0:11x1413::::(41111X 470' - ‘a64 i '' I ' V‘t ' 1469 N "114 f i'l ' ' '' - - I i X sires 441 I : 1404 tINN r10 ' ( it4 tp 0 - 1 '- i 10 000 ft AxI1 fall i wOrM tt coilld fri-- morn tt11 ' " - i N '‘11:14210' - aim - ' n'''' 400-yd landing zone sotmcc s ow lukt-y ctry-rie c mkt Dmc-totw11 A (S It! y OS ttan 1 4 nowt vocoes --- 2-1 2 miles — - - ' --- x - - 4 t-'1-I'L- - ' - ' - :- '-: - ''- 1 i ig - - - ' ' ' 'Th K- : ' :' : s --4 - 4'4f ''' '' ' ' - i j' '- -"' i -"--At' '-'' —: C-V ! ' t 4:1:' q —V - ' r- $p !V::- ::: :i :-r - It-: i ' - 1 - i' ::: :i l' --- - St- -- -- - -- - ' A--r -' i ' '7 7! 4 '':' --'-4 NA:: :: : - i- - -e -II r - - 0AP11--kab

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