The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 16, 1908 · Page 9
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 9

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 16, 1908
Page 9
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALTPORNIAN 9 THIS IS THE CAR HAVE YOU SEEN IT? •It. has been In prep.iratlori Mr five years, awaitm,'.; the time when tlie plant could he brought to tho point of capaeiu ami perfection which would make it, possible at such a price. There Is not mi ounce of uncertainty or experiment in this marvelous thirty horse-power ear at, fifteen hundred and I'fty dollars, hec.'iuse it derives Its belli;; from twenty thousand oilier Cadillac earn which h:ive preceded It. It springs Immediately into full-Hedged competition with the best of others al. t,wlco and thrico the price, because it Is the outcome and evolution of a factory equipment, and a factory oxperien. c that has ciu'.l millions In tho making. Place your order now. First car load al,.vidv sold. We have a few second hand bargain;!. Cadillnc, one cylinder. 1907 two cylinder Tourist. Two Cylinder Reo, with top. (Trnde for horses). Two cylinder Maxwell. . ••"."'jj&i' Bakersfieid Auto Supply Co. 19th and G kits. Tel. Main 1260 LEGAL. uEGAt- NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP. LEGAk The partnership heretofore existing between .1. K. Smith mill K. T. Unmet I, engaged in the horse-shoeim; business In the. city of Itakersflold, :m'd doln;; business under tlic llnu name of Sniiili & Hurnetl, has been Ilii.-i iliiy dissolved OFFERS f/THE MOST COMPLETE SE- LECTION OF USEFUL XMAS ]7 5 PRESENT^ AT PRICES FAR BELO.W THOSE OF REGULAR DEALERS. A FEW SUGGESTIONS DIAMOND RINGS, DIAMONO BROOCHES, BRACELETS, COMBS, LADIES' OR GENTLEMEN'S WATCHES SCARF PINS, EAR RINGS, STUDS, CHAINS, FOBS, NECKLACES, CLOCKS. liy mutual consent. .1. U. Smith i\ill collect, all accounts due r.-iiil linn up to December .'i, 190S and will pay all outstanding claims af.ainst the :;aitl pa rl nereliip. , .1. U. SMITIf. l'»S |.\ •('. UUKNUTT. ORDINANCE NO. 92. An oi-diuani o i:raii:;a:- unlo the ML \Veilney I'oiver (.'ompany, a corpora- lion, its sin i essors and assigns, a franchise for fifty yearn to erect polfil and streich \vires a.nd other appliances tbei-e.,11, for (ho imrposo of con. duct.iiii; and transmitting electricity and eli'c'.ric curreni for light, power and oliior nceessary and useful purposes, over, aloi:;; and upon the of California, and having Its principal place of business at Vlsalia, in said stale, its successors and assigns, and said Mt. Whitney Power Company having been 'the highest and lies! and only bidder for said franchise; Now, therefore, in accordance with the premises and In <jompliauce with the laws of tho State of California in such cases made and provided, ihe Uqard of Supervisors of said County, of Kern do ordain as follows: •:*" That a franchise he, ami the sat ,e is hereby, granted unto said Mt. v> hit- ney Power Company, a corpoi iiion, its successors and assigns, tor (lie term of flftj; years from and ait' ; the date hereof,-authorizing ami e ii;| n, w . ering, and said Board of Supei \.sors does hereby authorize and emi wer, said Mt. "Whitney Power Conipat,,, its successors aufl assigns, to erect ; u'.es and stretch wires and other appli.incus thereon, for the .purpose of comlu, :ing and tranamlttlngjelottrlcUy. ami < lee- trie current for li^it, power ami . 'liei i|iecessary and useful purposes, an,I to rWintatn, repair "and operate the Hatae, over, along and upon iho streets, alleys and avenues ot th, unincorporated town of. Delano In : aid County of Kern, together with all proper, useful, convenient or deidralde appurtenances ami appliances to mily carry into effect tho said franchise, This tyrant of franchise; is nei exclusive, and the governing board of wild County of Kern shal.l haw- the right to grant simitar franchises to other person«, firms or corporal ions. » It is futher provided that (lie COM- sl'ruction, operation, maintenance and repair of said poles, wires and other ' appliances thereon, over, along and upon the streets, alleys and avenue:: of said town of Delano, shall be under the direction of tho Board of Supervisors of said County of Kern, and Iho erection, construction, operation and repair of tho same shall he done so as to be no injury to the paving, plauUIng, macadamizing or grading of any such streets, alleys or avenues, and so that public travel shall in no way lie obstructed beyond what is necessary in the act of erecting, " lirihed prior thereto for one week In Tin; HaK"i-;ilie!ii California!!, a dally 1'i'wspapor or general circulation printed and published In said County of Kent. 'I he lorogoinj; ordinance Is adopted by .--aid Hoard of Supervisors of the County of Kern, Slate of California, lllli day of December, following vote, to-wit: 1908, Supervisors I'eiersenj BrtU), on the bv the , Aye: Woo,|j, Corsett and .tastro. Noes: None, 11. A. .TASTRO, Chairman of the Hoard of Supervisors of said County of Kern, i.Seal.) Attest: I. I/. MlhLKR, Comity Clerk of said County of Kern, and Clerk of said Board of Supervisors. 12-12 STOCKHOLDER'S ANNUAL MEETING. Tlie reunlar mcetim; of the stockholders ol Hie h'ii'Hi National Hank ot lialierslield will he held at their bank- inn house in the Cltv ol Itakersneld. Cal.. at :: o clock I), m.. on Tuesday, .lanaaiv ll'lh. 1!IH!I. for iht> election of diici-,0!.; and Hie transaction of such, olhoi business a.s mav properly come lieiore li. \VD.hi.\M s. TK\ IS. Pres. JU-ll LKQAU LEGAL, M. D. B. & M.., contalnlne 160 acres more or less. Also. .'._ ' An undivided one-elKhth Interest in the N V« of the SV. of sect ton lu. township 30 S. ranse 21 E. Al. L). It. & M. containing 160 acres more or less. be Also one.set.of slriKTe iiarness mav founjl. .erp Count...... , , , Bids and Coffers In writing dence"pf I K«n>. Cot "IIUUC^ VI U .he aoove real t "•HVev. -.._. -_ r s said omC' clerk of tP offlce flela. Ker cent of tl uanv for Insoectlou a- y)e it-s-.i• T.-Curtis at McKlttrlck. Itv. ..California. In wrltlnK for sail urouerty will be re d udmlnlaf >ay be ni«d named Cot oeraonai urouerty will 1 tn« said a.dmlpl8.tratpr at with the ir or may Jove nan. court house. . ,_ Court at his & court house. In Bakers- ountv. California, ten ner the' court }>o.iis«. fri "Bakers- drTJaTaiice~bh TolitiriifaVio'h at the expense ot purchaser Deed oF"sale uv"8ald guucrlur court, ex Administrator of tlie estaTe" 6"f"ftihll Krlckson, deceased. Matthew a. Plutz. attorney for ad- i purchaser. ' w. A. MCGINN. of the estate of Km mlnlstrati Daf 4. 19t ffcrst uubllcation. December 12-4 In the ° Utfiei' Rououette SUMMONS. luoertor Court or the Countv tate of California, .ouauette. PI am US vs. Peter Defendant. in Kern. ltd urn:* Tuesdays. 3r«ss, MAliitKAIJ ,<- HOQt U Propr NOTICF ru HHIHS ON WILL. PRON In the of Kein. mem i In the i I'iell All:':. Notice !h. Mill ; a I in or: I In • i 'i tin;; I "" : ; 'it ( .nti'-'v oi nf.llio Cl ASSESSMENT NOTICE. Arminta Oil Company, a corporation. l.oeation of principal place of business. liaUersa.'ld. ' allfurnhi. No'e-e Is lierebv aiven: That at a meet in.: (il i ho direclor.s of tile Armltl- la (til Comnanv. a corporation, held on i he ,'ih ii. iv of hoconiher, inns, an as•-(' "aiioin of six and one fourth cents HI'.ei share was levied upon the i-iipn I stuck of said corporation, pav- alii.' mi or before Tuesday. January i:i , I null, to A. B. •Klnioiv, secretary. ,i lnl7 I street. Fresno. California. \nv .-aoek upon wliich this assessment .-hall remain unpaid on Hie '.Mh day ot I'VIa iiarv. l!i()!i. will lie dollmmelit and adkiriisod lor sale al nubile auction. and unless pavmenl Is made before will in- :.nld on Tnesdav. the 2nd dav of March. r.Hili. to pav the doliiiuncnt as- se.t-.nient. touothor with costs ol advert Ming and expenses of sale. js l,a f ,,l. December 7,,,.^.^.^^ s.eretarv Arminta Oil Coniuanv. ation..ot..pllicc. 1017 I St., ght against von m- nlalnUtf. in the Suhe Cpuutv of Kern. ot said Siipe,.,.,, ^v.t.i. Die of the State of Callfor- reetlue to Peter Ronuuette. nia seriil ereetlue defendant. . . , , You are hereby reuulred to appear in an action hrouisht. you ,tiv the above-named nil perior Court of the _. „ ... State of California, and to answer the Complaint filed therein, wjthln .ten da' - s (exclusive of the dav ot service I after service on vou of this Summons If served within said Countv: if nerved elsewhere, within thirty days. And you are hereby notified that, if vou fail to so auuear and ans\yer. the plaintiff will take iuditment lor anv money or damages demanded In the Complaint as arlsim/ upon Contract, or )lv to the • ! • ! :||.- estate 0£ rii .-!:'."is'er, deceaa •!••!•• ;:i .en. that Mo .,. lleeellllier. A. I). .' hi. ul thai da 1 ii. I leparl nielli 1. Ol] Cuiitt House. In •!!i. Wlale ill Ciillfd :i"ui!".| as UK.' tlmq •x I!..', the Will Of . I.MI .a (iildeineister.| MI nle in said Courq !•• laiilicat.lon ot i nance to hlni,. ai-i : J a;loii With the ' 'i'.' I., MIU,Ktt.J31<| 1 !io : >. Sc<itt. Jr.. !':!:i. AM.tnievB for| '.'.'. A. H. T.H»S. SUMMONS M ior Conn of the of Kein. State MI ( alifornla. .1. <). Hoduer,-'. ri-ilntllT VS. Bow Oil Comt'ain. I . >fl<'i;dant.. Action bvouirh: in ilie Su '• Kern. 8t ters oi .'.ii. annexed tl.• • TliOM. Si'.,: Wrlirht .V- V t loner. Da'cd Nin In -ill! or damages demanded In tin ...ut as arlsine upon Contract, o [ipplv to the Court for anv other ' demanded In tlie Complaint "By-Bedel Smlt 1 eputy"0lerk: Howen Irwln and J. W. P. Laird, attorneys for plaintiff. 11-18 stud Couai Ihe (Mi i K The r, o Ilia sell.l (;:•! Ml Company. I't i-n You are I;, i. i ill an action le, tin 1 aim 1 ,," perior Conn n! Slate nf Cabi'i.ri Complaint tiled davs (i-viM-ne ,'lt I el" Sl'lA' H e nil it ser\e.| \\ I! elsewheie. v And \oii a vou tail to - I'laintilT w: money or a Complain: :" will a 111' ' • i' relief denial TU, ia tho . Su;- nor Coiljt tile .-;ia|e (it C3I lver Bo| : ' •ai'l el tile litu- ui ' 'tn: -mi . . i.v reiinlrcd to II itl . ai:aiiuit vl n'aintitT in tl| the County of i:.. and to iheiviu. wlthil in the ilay of net viiu i if this Suji| : lilt I 'olllltV 1 . if ii ihii'tv davs. I' •• '>v notlllud aini"ar aiul an.swi t ,!,-• iiidi:ment NOTICE OF SALE OF STOCK FOR DELINQUENT ASSESSMENT. and avenues ol! tho unincorporated town of Delano, In tho County ot Kern, Slate of California. Whereas Hdwin Aldorsou did heretofore make an application In duo to erect poles and other appliances form for a Irauclii: ; .-••tretch \\iret-. ;iud purpose of conducting v; eioeiririly.-Hnd elec- H'ic luii-eiit i"i- |i<;ht. power and other neeessary and melii! purposes, over, ahiii-r ami upon the streets, alleys and aw ma:: nf (Me iiaiiii orporated town of De of Kern, State pe of fifty ti. pnrpoi-.e of constructing, operating niter appliances for electricity in said town of Dela- applicalioii was made the conveyance and use of in all iis forms no; and \Vheieas, sail under and pursuant to an Act. of the Lei'ir-.hii lire m ihe SiaU' of California, structing, operating, maintaining and repairing such poles and wires, appur- temmces and appliances. It. is further provided that the wires ilaead oil the jioio lines to he eon- Iructed heriMinder shall not bo less ban fifteen feet above tho surface of the ground, and at street, alley and ivoniie 'crossings shall not be less than twenty-five feet above the surface of the. ground; and that the poles to Lie constructed hcrcunder shall he so placed and used as to afford the least Interference with the use of the streets, alleys and avenues of said town of Delano, by the public for traveling and other highway purposes, and the poles shall be placed as 'Jear tho edge of the streets, alleys and avenues and property line as Can reasonably bo done. This franchise is granted upon the condition that work thereunder Khali he commenced In good faith within not more than four months from this date and prosecuted with reasonable diligence to completion, and if tho grantee shall fall HO to do, then and in that event this franchise shall ho for- cited and shall thereafter be of no •arther force or effect. This franchise is granted for tho consideration of the sum of Twenty- live 00-100 dollars, paid in cash by said Mt. Whitney Power Company therefor, and upon the further condition and covenant that the said Mt. Whitney Power Company, its successors and assigns, shall pay, and said Mt. Whit£in GUNS, PISTOLS, TKUNKS, •* SUIT CASES, VIOLINS, ^ GUITARS, MANDOLINS, C/ ACCORDEONS, KNIVES, RAZORS. /? OUR PRICES TALK •* X WE HAVE THE GOODS. •* UNCLE IKE'S \J EMPORIUM. 1406 19th St. JIM Phone Main 1154. etiliiled "An Ad providing for tho sale of railioad and other franchises in iioimiics and miinieipalilies. and pro- \idiuv, conditions for the granting of : an !i fraiichl.-e by lev.islalive or other : "o\ eruiii;; bodie.:, an. | repealing con- llieliii'.'. Hi-Is", approved March 22, I '.inn ; arid Whereas allev due proceedings had jam! taken h> Hie Hoard of Sti|iervlsors of aaitl Counlv oi' Kern, and after due notice gixen ;:in! ad vertiserncnt published as reipiiied by law, said fran- eliiiie was diily sohi. awarded and tiranieil lo the AH. Whitney Power Company, a eoriioration organised and exist inn under the: laws of tho State nev Power Company, ami us successors and assigns, are hereby obligated i-nd required to pay, to said County of Kern, two (2%) per cent of tho gross annual receipts of Itself, its successors ami assigns, arising from the use operation or possession of said fran- ihise; no percentage to bo paid for the first, llvo years succeeding the date of this franchise, hut. thereafter such percentage shall be paid to said Comity of Kern annually, and In the event said payment la not BO made, this franchise shall be forfeited. This ordinance shall take effect and bo in force on and after the Slst day of December, 1908, and shall he pub- \Ve;:;tiu oil c-ompii'xti-. -r.oeatlon of nriuciii-il niai-e of liuslneas. Oakland. iimiv. California. Notice is i-n Dial there is dellnuueut oiiowini: described stock ot it it'ii. on account of assess- eeni -. ner share levied Noi. I'.tiK. tlie several amounts e I lie names Of tllC I'USDeC- 'lolders. as inllows: No. No. Ctt. Sim Amt. . 22 I'M S22..08 "•' 2HH • \V. Adams K r HelllV Nil.'S.-' l.ora I-': Cool; Mai'ilta Siolie .1. 11. AlliM-ii . r, A. iluhiu . M. Calia'en . . SahrilM. I'. K. A. .1. Mil If. . . . K-ilaic ol Ciia: | ileceased 1 147 i;ir; 2»4 •((> 25:: I'.i M7 HI 202 52 241! 5:; 2113 . tin luso (12 2H7 ::tii isiis :air, i-ltis .::os 102 .'.'.ll'.l 1011 i.uu 4.41 NOTICE OP ASSESSMENT. Grand Prize Oil Company. Principal place of business. Bakerslleld. Kern County, California. " hereby ulven that at a the directors, held on tin- November. 190S. an assess- one cent oer Share was levied noon the camtal stock of the corporation, payable Immediately to the nn- dersiitnea secretary of said corporation, at rooms 203-204 Producers Ravines Bank bullu nil. Bakersfleld. Kt^rn Countv. California. , . , Anv stock upon which this assessment shall remain unuaiil on Tnesdav. the 11 In dav of J^nuurv. 1909. will he delliifiuenl and advertised for sale at public auction, and unless ua,yment In made before, win be th flO lin I Illllll^JU I- WUU t*UTi_lt«tiVil» J-ui nm v ui bltc auction, and unless iiayiuent hi de before. wijTTie sold on Saturday. 5th dav of February. 1909. at the r of 2 oclock o. in. to nav the de m 25.44 y.42 ....quent assessinehtV tocether" with costs ot advertising and .expenses of sale P. B. BOHTEN, S«cy. pro tern. Savings Cou n- 11-27 Dll IU V.»M«AJvAV»»J'*^« *-r^*~ J • ]/i v Rooms 203-204 Producers Sa, bank building. Bakersfleld. Horn < tv, California. . said Sntie; ; Kern. Siat of Novetn't I Sea I) C.eo. tilt. a: i: in-- upon Cnntr| u;" Court, lor iittv >"i in Hi" Comulal . a , el and the Ci.ti.'i ol Hie Ce i i',,!ii..taia. this t' )', VP.'M-lt. Cl . Aii.tniev for! In the S'lne of Kern, .-'i a 1 T. M. I!, -i: How (.!•'. i Action In,.' i of the Co'!.'' lornla. ..ii'l ' i" Counlv e' :• Clerk « r -: ; Tin' I'" :-!•• nia send ' • ' Comnanv. i t en an ill an a'-l'":i till' Slh'iv e i,:,; perior Co i"' Stati- ol I'.iiiti Coniplaiti' '> davH levein: u niter Herv II serve'! v. i:' clsew (let i •. ^^ , Alltl veil :ir VOU f.lll to '"•> I'laiiuiif -f't.: nioiit :H:S . ith l. aid of Directors made r. 1 of s be s — with law. and an ade . 1WIS. if each narcel of such m.n I"- necesarv will be sold •il imbKe aiieiion at the otlice of the SecietaM ui said corporation, rooms IN aii'l in. teils ilrnadvyax . Oaklaiid. Alameila Count v. California, on th i'MIl ilnv ocloe 1 .-i. iiiient ass . ih cost.-; oi a,n ert i.-ijni; and expenses .1 II. IOD.SON. Secretary. iin:; oil Company, rooms Ili-oadwav, Oakland. . , f Decenilier. IJKIS. lit .-i. in. <il" (bat dav to pav iielln- assessinenis Iliereon. timether Notic nual m NOTICE OF MEETING. is herein- uiven that tho anetini: of .stockholders of the Oil Coinnanv will he ludd at its ollice, rooin is'o. i, Producern Savings Haul; linildintr. Hakersfleld. Calilornia. mi Thursday. December I :ins. al :! iM'locIf p. m. of said of said rd of dl- rector;, ami such other business as mav lie brought before the meeting. A. T. l.llillTNI'lll. Secy. Oliico. room No. I. I'roducers Sav- Int's Hank building, corner Ilith and II si reels. r.aUorsliohl, California. 12-11 NOJICE OF ASSESSMENT. Ki rn rtali Oil Coniuanv, I'lincliial idaee of business. HillierKfleld. Kern ('oiuity. Calitortiia. Notice is hereby ulven that' at a nicetinu of the directors, held on ihe ;lnl da\ of Decenilier. ItlilS, all assessment ul one iiuai'ier of a cent ner shaie was IcUod upon tlie capital stock of Ihe corporation, payable. Immediately to the undersigned secreta- location, at the sheriff's NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. (Civil Code ot California.) Kern Countv Pine line and Storage Comnanv. Location of principal place ot TmmnesB. San Francisco. California, l.oeation of works. Kern Countv. Call- Notice la hereby Klven. that at a meeting of the Boai'l ol Directors, held on the 2Hrd dav of November. 1908. an assessment No. 2. of 40 cents per share, was levlea upon the Issued canltal stock of the corporation, nay- able immediately in United,States uold the ollice ol Ifornia street. relbd' ilemmtd.-d \Vitm- a, in'. ' said Suncrinr ' Kern. S'at" "i d:iv of. Oct.. \. ' (Seal I ! Ceo. 1C \V't' a! • iLIMMONS. i H"' i . ,iit of the " "I i a •: oi nia. •":<:. !'! Illltlll VS. ; :: -. I'. icndant. • •' ! \ •"!!.' State . • <', nii'aUH tiled :•' 'ii : a.'- I lourl. .a i--,. Si'lle of (I -.;- :.. Silver H| •','',. - ' i-.-,|t|!v"d to !.i--.!i h: rn mist ,t.; ".'-.iiitift. in t MI '*.:•• ' \ atilt V of a :. ... -til i In ans\l le I I ',' : ' ill. Willf . .1 It;,' 'lav Of ui . 'in of this ,-jilifl .n :-•)'.; i 'omitv: if I :! • i i: M i' i: v (I. i \ s. i,.-i ••!'•, nuUficd : !,!!>,;, r .'ind HtlH\v| i , • iiidaliiellt f| demanded i. • ' -• ii'ioit conli 1 : i.e i '."III tin' anv .•d ill 111" COllllll: " i i.l ami t he _ of the Coil • rn.,i. thil coin to the ' .> co n F Anv i secretary at t iv. No. &(Svt Calif sco. California. Anv stock unon which ... 1'iit shall remain unpaid on day. the 26th dav of I: the company San Francl itock~"uDon""whlch this assess- -. dav ll 1: . m 26th dav of December, liitis. >e (loljnaueiit, and ai|v(;r(ised for iiiiiv, the" 15th dav of Jiiniiarv."Titos! sale at puhllc auction: and unless pav- innnt is made before, will bo sold on Frl to iiav th>e (lellunucnt asseRsnient. together with the costs of advertising and expenses of By order Offlce. Francisco. ; oard of Directors. .Jft., Secretary. 3troet. San lT-2, r , alifornla oral a. NOTICE TO CREDITORS TO PRESENT CLAIMS AGAINST THE ESTATE OF L. GARTMAN. DECEASED. TO ADMINISTRATOR. In the Sunerlor Court of the Countv of Kern. State of California, lu the matter of the estate ot L. Gartman. deceased. Notice IH lierebv t f inned administrator or tlie esta. . ,, (Jartman. deceased, to the creditors Notice la IFefeTTv given bv the under duned administrator, or the estate or Bakersfield Iron Works Oil Well Tools And Supplies PHONES MAlk 29 AND 230-L,IM AND 24 STREET ry nl said corporation, at the sheriff's ollice. Hakoifilield, Kern Countv, California. Anv stock upon which this assessment shall remain unpaid on Wednesday, the nth dav of January. 1!KI!1. will deliiiiuji.'nt, and advertised for salel or. IIKI them • within licatiot . aealnst the sal them with th decease^. ._ necessary youchers and all uresonu having claims "d deceased, to exhibit r v ip II ho i a th_ UakersiJt' y ..... _______ four months after the llrst mil; notice to tl his oulco lij .cation of tills minlstrator house. County the sat: transaction o In said Kern \ Dated W. InlBtrator 61 otlce to tho.said :ul- t.he cpi trator at his ( -. in Oie City of Bakerstle :v of Kern. State of Callforn same belnir the place for t nisih'esa "ofsald estii'i r U lV.-1908. cClINN Coi Public ,-_..,._ and AdmuilBtrator o. L. OarUnan. Deceaaed. Thos. Scott. Attorney for Admlnlstra leru Countv, ; e Estate of tor. 11-11 at public auction, and unless payment I before, will lie sold on Muu- made dav, the iTi uu January. 11109. at. tile lie:;: ,,i ^ o'clock U. III. to pay ;!••• drdiiiiiiie.nt asschsmeul. tpy.ot.nj: 1 with co-its ot 'i;lv(M-iisi»Ss a fid expetis- e;-; of the ^':'.l-.. Hi iiruer of the Hoard of Directors. I 1-a T. .\. I,-.\KKK. Secretary. NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL AND PERSONAL ESTATE BY PRIVATE SALE. Associated Supply Company Oil Well Tools and Supplies Phones Main 19 and 1O26 5TORES AT Oilcenter, McRi.$ricli- : a In ihe Sunerior (Viurt 111 and for the County oi i\.,''ti. .State of Californlft. In the mailer of Iho Estate of Emll KriC-Usoii, I leceased. Notice is lierebv glvijn that lu pursuance of an ordri of tho Superior ('our' !>; the Counlv of Kern, state o( 1 . v.liioi uia. made on tho 30tn dav of November. I!MIS jn tho matter of the cKiaie of iCinii I'.riekson. deceased, the nndorsitniod. tlie admluistralor or UK said estate, will Hell at, private sale to i lie highesi bidder for cash, cold coin ot the I'nlled States, and subject to continuation liv the Superior Court, on or after t.he Hist dav of December li'OS. at the ofllce. of the said admlnlK traior in the court lioir.ic, iii Bakers lielil Kern Coiinlv. State of California all the ritht. iii!.'. hUcroHt. and eaUili of the said Kmil ICrickson. ilcceasoil. al i he l.ime of I;:. 1 , ieatli and all tlia right title, and inieiva that the estate has bv iiiioral ion oi law or otherwise, ac uulreil other ili;in or lu addition U: that of the said Kmll lOi'ickson, at the lime of bl-t dca'h. in luid to all thai certain loi. pit ' • , or parcels of lands Miiialo. hin::. and heintr in tho County ol Kern. Stale of (Jallfo.rnla. ami hounded and de.-,cribed a« follows, to- An ntidlviiled mi .'•',; ; interest in tho \\".<. of i';e S\V',.i of Kecl.lon 3T, town- aliln i::i. S. raii'.'e L'I east. M. D. B. & M.. colitainim; MI aeres. more or less \Ko An iiinlivideii one llftli Interest In iheSW'. ofilieSW, and, lotHl. 2 ,-ind :; in eetieti 111 township 30 H ratK-e 21 e'i: t M. D. H. ft M., contain in.- SS ',-'. Inn acres, more a*,,•,!?•»•*,Mso. , . , .,. - '•-•--"'"•"• , . .. ..•An '".) ! . ; •.;•«••:: ,-,•.'-.:.-,„.•>•» ':' ,i.i,i<i-ost In ; .:. .' •- "•'.,",,i '.i 111 section 0. town. :.;,, .;.V ;-.-. rair.-e i!l !•:. M. I). H. and M. eeillaillill" |iin ael'eB IIIOH! Or lOHH. Al o. An Itiidiv ided fin lot.; (!. '.. .S. !i. 10 and Jl townsbie ,'u S. i & M.. eeliiainin It".--:,. M:n NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. .Oil vouuianv. location of uriuclual place of" business, . 1 »'jS litoau- and AJailitiua Couutv. State • lor Pit IT. ,e NOTicr.l . r, i'ti to il i\. i " Dated .li'inia -, :•. NOTICE Of-" A Spr-im'.lii 'I 'Ml • of nrincinal .. Held. Califo'ida, No) ice I , I" i , '. . Illeeltii '. . •'• : ' ' 2:!rd e • . i-: -....- i sessna m oi ',',.. i'. was le\ ie,l ui', i ; ' tile CIINHII-:. "It. i iii I'n'ii'd :; ,it -t tlie ol compai ban;- yv nv si i. men: shall dav o! Dei llnnieiii , I 1 1 ! d 1 1 i e ; 1 1 ' '. • • , made I- e i l|av ot .lae liniin. 'H ,i of H\ A i' ,,--li Hits ' i '-a t| •e^, Will • -.I lor !'•-:: p'tvil .oid on II 1(1 I'.lV ,•.«•! lief W ,el,.,es Ol'l :i'l III Dil I'lli. SeCI'lf ! 'ft idilee[ naer I'.'ilJ ed unon tlig caiilUvl stocli of tlie Cor ooratloo. Payable at once to ,1. II. «j(ison. riecreuirv of said Weillms Oil Comuanv. at hm omce. rooms 18 and IM. 1068 Broauwav. OaklandT Alainuna bounty. California. Any stock upon .,'hlch this assessment shall remain umiafd on the nlntn day of (December. 1908. will, be deYrngueut and advertised for sale at Public. U payment som on the ZHUi day o. 1008. at 8 a. m,. to Day delinauent assessment toeether with coat of adver tlBlne and expense of sale. Bv order of the Boar-' of Directors. J. H. jBDSpN. ^Qcretarv. Ofllce rooms 18 ami 19. 1088 Broad- wav. Ojikhind. Alamedu Countv. State of California. _U-l I NOTICE TCTCREDITORS. In tho Superior Court of the County of Kern. State of California. In tnn Matter of the Kstutu of Alexander Bessueille. deceased. Notice Is hereby ulven. by the tin ill.'.s I tan I. !. Ml reels. I: o . "TAX eoLLEOTOK/s NOT Notice I* taxi'». ,,n rii! jiet-Mopal proportj one-half of thi. erty. »|n ! :.i., uud payable| • oriil Men ; :i \ in (Icloher. dellriqiici.l. OM tlio last MoJ November IU-M tie -rafter, at 0| p. in., ami mil', fifteen per c( n umaiiit tin r.'o' half be no; p't. day in April a uu addlnoi'ti! added then;,. 1. Tnal :-.. the taxc.-: o... .1 payable ot; am (lily ir; .f.iiiua . Notice IB hereov ulven. liv the un- idoiHlSv'iied adnilnistrator of the estate or Alexander BessuellU!. deceased, to the ireuitorB of. and (ill nersonH Iiav- fnc chums aealnst the said deceased to exllfbTt them with the necessary vouchers within four month first publication o in the dale hereof tor at the law. four months alter the this no Xl ti'i'M il.'ie, , .and f'liit mil'-,: live i . i cent. \v uinounf Ihcccii.' L'. '('hat. ail i the lime 111 I'll':, in provided, IK i 3. That tax.' office of the T county couii)i.^: of !i ii. in. titit! : B p. m. Dated ()' i,, ,,, C I- !•• 10-1 .--•r:! rv"' ? ' !o nald • e r 1 ' V-i,"'i :ank of liak rooms :tl and 32.,Bi|nk,pf UakersUold biillijmt!, Bakorsrleld. , Kern Countv. Callfprn a, the same helm: the idacq for tlie Iran said estate. ^.....ornia, me same neliu; the for; .the. transaction of the business or DBSIRK BKSSUKirj.E, 1 >r 6HHII Administrator of the Estate of A! under Bessuellle. Uef«»B};.i •' Dated November 1,3, *i«sf>;' . ..-•••". i.n h prior I tiiidedl ; t i'" eperly !i,:: II fl I'.-'iin'ik I 't'Si'd ay i.e :ii- nl. lia>-ab| ' iiald ; "'-tor .'een thl ind 1 p.l Collect . (.allfl Noricr. -j i, cia 7 on OF necliou i;. towuahlu 30 8. rau«e SPRINGS. *"*ioflt remarRatilB tninoral sprlnga la California. An aosoiute euro for BHBUMATI8M Forty-flve miles from naltorBflidd lu luhtli interest in BUrra Nevada Mountains. Fine aunt M. of Kcctlon {>. mer climate. Good accommodations. M,.il't« ii'ini'!: },;Terms reasonabl*. Stage leaves Bak- .mix moii "r traflcld rpjiursday mornlngu between I and 9 o'clock from Artagtou and ' Occidental hoUla, uud (raw Mttro^olo In ill' Co 11 n I \' In tlie A. Slillrl Nolle. ilersif le exhlliil II. voueliei •; '.. first H'li'lti , sai'l :'.!ii'ia Mattlie-.y -.. the Coni.lla Halter li. Id. Call!.i' -iiia. for the I ,','tii eM ate in s. Matll . nnlntstrator rii.t, , s:it! deceJ li iho ml ,-\ lui.ntliK a| 'i.e rt'itiei a I till: ol • "• •. ill till of Kern. a" he!u:r t" . t l;UHtliei a e,iant v, ",. J. Sf'UKll ol the Mstl N. ',- iiiirlin. Dec! rlai/, attorney! u nrst imbllration Nol

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