Petaluma Argus-Courier from Petaluma, California on April 25, 2001 · 24
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Petaluma Argus-Courier from Petaluma, California · 24

Petaluma, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 25, 2001
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24 Petaluma Argus-Courier Wednesday, April 25, 2001 r- This L'Jcch: L'JCSiO L'JciGllIno 2001 by Vicki Whiting, Editor Jeff Schinkel, DesignertUustrator Vol. 17 No. 16 unuum OBUUBNt IViiai are file t iree Cl's! And, how can they saw the earth! Every day the average kid makes about 3 pounds of trash, or more! That adds up to more than 1,000 pounds of trash a year! Nearly all of this trash ends up in landfills. But landfills are filling up and we are running out of places to put trash. Many experts agree that Americans must do something about the trash problem. They say that the problem is going to get worse. Is there anything we can do? The 3 Rs can help to beat the trash problem! HI, kkUI Mother Earth here asking for your help In making me a happier, healthier planet Always remember the three Rsl n f-- -y PfTTH fp We can make less trash. Buy things that don't use a lot of packaging. Watch your weight! One morning, weigh an empty trash can in your kitchen. Weigh it again at the aid of the day. How many pounds of trash does your family toss in one day? ; See if your jfamily can lose waste weight in a .week Which makes Icea trcch? Make juice from frozen concentrate and take it to school in a reusable plastic container, Tkash per week: We can change trash into something useful Before you ; toss anything into the trash can, think about how it , could be used again. Jars can be washed and used to ; store things. Plastic but:;r tLs can be used to pack food for lunches. Some trash can be turned into toys! ; Tf 4 I- vwvfi Have some fun while prcfccting our planet with the Scoop Game! Wash err; 7 j a;.: tic milk Jugs and follow ? the directicas to male your scoops. , ; 1, To make ayV C: Use the scoops to tossf scoop, cut f Z . z : ocan c. the t t - If c era c away fee ; bottom and , one side of a plastic milk jug as shown. Take a boxed juice in your school lunch, Trash per week: Standard Link: Earth Science; sludentsunderstand ways to oonserv bwitom. 1. Save six or me: ; j soap, dishwashing L 4 . i 2. Clean bottles there and remove die labels. 3. Place the bottles in a triangle shape. V 4. See how many you and your Mends can knock down with d a medium-sized ball : c i - soda, milk, laundry i bmndarteUnfc J fieadng, rnuttple-etep deecbona. . If the Pilgrims had used aluminum cans at the first Thanksgiving, those cans would still be around today. An important way to reduce trash in landfills is to recycle it! Contact your local waste management company to find out what you can recycle. This symbol on a products packaging tells you that it can be recycled. Also, try to buy products that say Made from Recycled Materials' on the packaging, 0 i packaging u - ra 7 Oi s VtkP EARTH ALERTiFACTS Follow each path to find out what new products can be made from different kinds of trash. Standard Ltafc Earth Saence; students Identify afferent resources and classify them as renewable and non-renewable. Rrrrrrrrrr! Race through the newspaper and find 10 words that start with the letter R How quickly can you put all ten words in ABC order? Standards Uric language Arts; students organize word in order. . a Unscramble the words in CAPITAL letters to discover some fascinating facts about waste. Americans open their (&ERGARFROT1RE an average of 22 times a day. You can save YEN REG by making fewer trips to the (DDIFREG and by keeping the ODOR open for only a few seconds. uooa - 390193 e A993N3 I dOiVU39IU33U I :SH3MSNV GAGCAPNIK materials make up about 30 of the trash in FALNUDSL 'STU30NV1 - Z 9NI9V0Vd i ;sh3msnv Making new SAGLS from old SLAGS containers is REGYEN efficient The 0RYGNEE saved by recycling one LASGS TOBUET could run your TV set for 3 hours. '311109 - 9 'SSV19 - 5 'A9U3N3 k A9U3N3 6 'SSV19 2 'SSV19 - 1 :Sd3MSNV Standards Unk: Earth Science, students understand ways to conserve resources. REDUCE RECYCLE REUSE TRASH PLASTIC LANDFILLS EARTH ALERT WASTE PLANET PLACES PROBLEM MINUTE MILK BALL Find the words in the puzzle, then in this weeks Kid Scoop stories and activities. Standards Unk: Letter sequencing Recognizing identical words. Skim and scan reading. Recall spelling patterns. It i: I't (I) I,' Packaging Police Look through todays newspaper for ads selling products. Write Arrested on the products that use unnecessary packaging. Circle the products that use little or no packaging. Then, write to the companies and share your feelings about their packaging. Standards Unk: Writing, students write persuasive letters that state a clear poutoo in support of a proposal Local laughers submitted their favorite riddles and jokes. Get ready for some giggles. How do you get down off an elephant? You don't get down off an elephant, you get down off a duck. Brian Shahbazian What do you call a huge, ugly, slobbering, furry monster with cotton in his ears? Anything you want , he can't hear you. Katie Lane What are two things you can't eat for breakfast? Lunch and dinner. Taylor Costa What do you call a cat that eats lemons? A sour puss. Kenzie Chelemedos What was Pluto when he was by a fire? A hot dog. Rebecca Cossey If there was one umbrella and a tall lady, a fat lady and a skinny lady, which one got wet? None. It wasn't raining. Jackie Garcia Which football team always wears fresh uniforms? The New Jersey Giants. Abigail Chavez 4 Why did the computer cross the road? To get a byte to eat Rachel Alves 4-4- Where do dogs hate to go? The flea market Cali Spradling 4-4-4- Why do birds fly south for the winter? It's too far to walk. Laura Nunes 4 4- Which weighs more, a 50 pound bag of bricks or a 50 pound bag of feathers? Neither. They weigh the same. Jesse Mossi 4- Why did Cinderella get kicked off the basketball team? Because she ran away from the ball. Caitlin Cam ill Where do football players eat their crackers? At the Soup-ier Bowl. Rosie Reese 4-4- What did the pig say on a hot day? I'm bacon. Kirs tin Kohl 4- 4- What day were French fries invented? Fry-day. Todd Naify 4- What teen-aged, dinosaurs went to a private school? Prep-tiles. Julia Balmer-Martin WmEWini Send your story to: Kid Scoop P.O. Box 1091 What is something you Petaluma 94953 treasure? It could be a . thing, a person or even a dream or belief. Tell us all about it! Deadline: May 13, 2001 Pub.: Week of June 10, 2001 Please include your school and grade. What I Treasure

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