The L'Anse Sentinel from L'Anse, Michigan on May 20, 1911 · 6
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The L'Anse Sentinel from L'Anse, Michigan · 6

L'Anse, Michigan
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 20, 1911
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The L'Anse Sentinel Baraga County Publishing Company L'ANSE ' """mICIHQAN EPITOME WEEK'S HEWS Most Important Happen-fags ToMiaBrid Washiizgtoa Ti ielcici mil Q giidim. ttI as ttaailar-is Sor tint's am piawas ar rwrmrnniilmf tr cangrfw 3 a joint pwointiim jrxpartd 3?" iTjr- n TT st roywM xr.amee wnractw P3Pr at tim c tS 9s ' ,U 3r- to ::r Txwi -JLtCr aatrlmctial piHst of tin Onstiaa jur t"SwMw teu canrt. said ox of erery ' Vrtmui assaults m is 'rmala r-NrtproKtr "nil- xsrfltti i2 iwtrrtas: "Tb wtLiuxwnt lots a suit ra Kew nx inir, neam tr fc T. Tn-t Tr ennjje: ii etcsie of R. O. 3nam .xurrnzilte ?itiaifl 3tca "Saw , iiffvawyHr Tr tnrlet a StraCrrsrias Tiurrtfr nates. SH3stmb. Jtq. &ttse '; ial wjud. the lai supar maiuJac-xr. MJask-.' T"r'Mrj iw , 'fcnapin lor gT.TiC tn ZSu&. (turtx; itwr tbxwc mszee snt xu2Sa , aaa nicy had never len paid Jn fc. MinT J! ixxKC. wrainar & uti rprcr: .Txrr al "arrt: tcrir tatcrr Trt- i lacrrouan7d xancy tiuC rocs. :&. m-arnt: tor Toattr- wac coil! lor 4aV tr Bernard ' K. Ixiriw.. a lztox (Ksh.) narber, 1 rijiTetttealiox or ta Anmcar Bajar jAain. , Vi. ItcSntay; oaigpaar " ' 3! n j . WW ajEajtd to tlf nmnrlactnw- r t-jj t. Tirm4tt e-nr iTHiB- or -Tefmlnj: of usr. t nscerulE vncther or not tfeer nav eex -ntutuanr i tne snti-trust law. was ibciuii nmnaad by tiie tmme of Tepresexutrees xxmt mlttee onTnies By the orerwbeimtn: rote ot 58C to 109 the fanners free list bill passed the bouse amid Xemocratic spplaoe. There were 23 Republicans Toting tor the bill on final passsge, made up of the progressives from the middle west. A change of the date of the Inauguration of the president is assured of ' ratification, and it is not improbsble that similar action win be taken to change the date of holding the national elections. ; Domestic The application - of Acfan J. McKa-xnara for the fixing of bail on the charge of dynamiting waa disallowed by Superior Judge Hon well at Los Axgeles, Cal., without prejudice and with leave to renew it at any time. Three companies of rebels, comprising 2&o men, are camped In the buildings and streets of Tijuana, Lower California. The town was taken by asssult, .the bstlle lasting four hours. Conservative estimates of the dead and wounded on both sides place the number at 75. Northern Wisconsin snd Michigan are In the grip of forest fires. They are burning in hundreds of places on all sides of Lake Superior. A settler, Kltto Mlkalla, living near Evelejh Minn., was burned to death. Several hundred men are fighting the flr'eav- The property loss already has been great. Two thousand tracts of unallotted Indian land In the Seminole, Cherokee and Creek nations, Oklahoma, are to be offered for rale by the government at auction, beginning May IS and closing May 22. ) Tresldent Taft will visit Newark, N. J., as the guest of St. John's lodge of Masons on Its one hundred and fiftieth anniversary. The president will attend also a reception in honor of former Gov. Franklin Murphy. Search Is being made at Danville, III, for two thugs, who are thought to be members of an organized band, whose methods rival In flendlsbness the product of the imaginations of the writers of the most weird melodramas. One ma a Is dead and an-. other la dying after having been attacked and knocked unconscious and their bodies plsced across railroad tracks in the path of approaching trains. Errors la the printing of legislative bills have been so , frequent at the , present session of the New York legis lature that the senate printing commit tee is conducting an investigation. Th famous Aaron Burr mansion, on Riverside drive, New York, is to be torn down to make room for apartment , houses. The msnslon waa occupied by President Madison from 1804 to 1806, ,.. , e . ' e . e .. When Judge W. E. Pardeen. admin istrator of tho estate of Frederick Patterson, 74, who died In supposed pov erty, at Akron, O., opened a tin box found la the old man's room, ho dis closed a fortune of $100,000 la coins. bank-notes, bank books and securities. e . e , College professors of Colorado re fused to translate Into Greek sn la TltatioA to Gov. Wood row Wilson- of New Jersey to address the ' Denver Press club, oa the ground that Wilson was one of the greatest . authorities ca Greek fa the country. r ' - r With efficiency la play the key note, the fifth annual mooting of too Playground Association of America opened In Washington. -- . .; Oon. Juan Navarro surrendered Jua-rei, tho objoctlro point of tbo Mexico revolutionists, and placed hla army, his barrack and hla equipment In th bands of Ocn. Francisco I. Madero, provisional president of hla opponents. Madero asserts he la ready to end the conflict If Diss's government If disposed to deal frankly with him. . Lieut. George M. E. Kelly of the Thirtieth Infantry, detailed to study the science of aviation, waa killed when he was thrown from a Curtlsi aeroplane at Fort Bam Houston. , Two men were killed and 17 persons Injured when west-bound Den rer ft Rio Grande passenger train No. 1 was derailed while rounding a curve two miles east ot Mlntura. Goto. rigkttsg wtth grim determination to esd her fcTe, Mrs. EXxabeth Hartley of EaJTaSo. sixty years old, was mm! fc-aea death at the brink of the catirsrt at Niagara FaTis by Coasta-5 Txcnxa HarrixgH. wko faced caascaxi laxrer tS tx carried ore ffsJH si rsxct&g woctajL j ;Kallanid j,, oeknfi. 'if caiQ to ibsw conlesBee peculations Aaacuattag T J11S.H' during the last Tears. A msjuur: Issued 17 Exited StJLtes Uistrici Attorney TJsj specifically ciasrges him wtib the IheSt Ieclaring the entire inoTXiry being conducted by the Helm committee into the election of Senator Lorimer to be without warrant of law. Judge A. J. Petit at Chicago sustained the writs of habeas corpus issued to prevent Edward Tilden. William C Cummings and George M. Benedict from being taken before the bar of the state senate at Epringfleld to answer contempt proceedings. Leaving a note that he was a failure in life. Prof. Fred Lemar Charles assistant professor of agricultural education in the University of Illinois, committed suicide at Urban by strangling himself with a book strap. Oxe child is dead and sixty rendered homeless by s fire which destroyed the Mary Marllla Hobbs building of the Methodist Deacons' Orphanage at Lake Bluff, 111. e There will be no more Sunday the atrical performances In sny town In Kansas if the order of John 8. Daw son, sttorney general, just issued, is observed. They are In violation of the Sunday labor Isw, he ssys. An effort to recover his hat, which had been carried away by a gust of wind, cost John French his lire at Buffalo, N. Y, The hat was carried be neath a high pile of lumber, which fell on blm. A passenger train' was delayed at Manford, Okla., by millions of cater pillars clustered on a bridge. The wheels of the engine, crushing the larvae, made the track slippery, and the drivers spun on the rails. Seventeen students of Dr. Charles B. Simon, the authority on cancer at Baltimore, have offered themselves as subjects for a test cure which has yielded results ' when applied to beasts'. Attorney General Wlckersham has written a letter of protest to President Taft against the proposed Rockefeller foundation, a bill for the authorisation of which Is In congress. ' Christian Scientists are to erect one of the most magnificent monuments In the world over the grave of Mrs. Mary Baker G. Eddy In Mount Auburn cemetery, Cambridge, Mass. Foreign When the ruins ot the Empire music hall at Edinburgh, Scotland, which was burned to the ground, were examined. Identification ot the bodies of the eight persons who lost their lives got under way. Among the dead is "Lafayette the Great," who escaped the flames at the outset, but re-entered the burning building to rescue his horse and dog. - . e The Empire Music hall la Edin burgh, Scotland, at which George V. had ordered an entertainment during his stay In this city,' after the coronation, was burned. Seven . persons are known to be dead and fire are missing. '.. ; , The guard Isn of the Mosque of Omsr, the genaermes and the Inter preter who accompanied the excava tors, has been arrested at the direction of tho commission Inquiring Into lha rilimnrMiAranr of tfca ark ot the coTenant '. ' STAH DALL FIAVE3 Tr Ooba, chaaapiosi batsman of the American league for the season of lilt sand star cctfielder with the Detroit Tigers, wears the smile of a speed oesneai as he sits at the wheel of a big racing car at the Indianapolis motor speedway. Cobb made several fast drives while he was at Indianapolis reocsUy sad proved beyond a doubt that ho can handle an automobile wheel as w3 as a baseball bat. KEPT SURS OFF THE STAGE Honaa Wagner Spamed Tewtptinf Offer ts Ptrform at Last Moswt Batting Act Ail Rearfy. T-rry Lavjme almost went Into nude- vQe last talL He was wining and anx ious, so sxxlocs that be tried, to xn- anoe Bans Wagner to go cm the stage wltli v Bans premised, and then backed out, and thereby hangs a tale. Bm Qrxr. a New Tork theatrical manager. Lad a batting act far Larry, Wagner. Cobs aad rwiHia Hs had a machine that tested tho speed of a ban off the bat. A ball was throws Henws Wsgner. '"I op automatically fa front of the batter, who hit it toward a target Ac curacy la hitting the target and the speed of the ball was shown. There was to be nightly bsttlng contests between the four big etars. Here Is the tale of Hans' promise snd refusal to be an actor ss told by Larry: Grsy and 1 went to Carnegie to line op Hans. He had promised Grsy to go on the stsge, but did not answer Gray's letters snd telegrams. Everybody In Carnegie knew Hans, but they never saw blm. We ran across Hans' brother Al snd asked him when Hans would be home. 'Pretty soon,' said AL 'He never stays out after dark.' "Hans came Just at- duak muddy and In old clothes, fresh from tbo chase. He was tickled to aee us snd sccepted Grey's offer, which wss 8500 a week for. him, $25 a week and traveling expenses for his brother At whom Hans wanted as his companion on the road. "It was all fixed. Gray and 1 thought A contract was left with Hans, which he waa to sign and send to me. MICHIGAN STATE LEAGUE SCHEDULE ABROAD. A Musksgon. At Holland. At Cadatlaa, At Travsrse City At Manistee. At Borne City. " MarMMtt June ' June U II May It Juns 1 1 June II it 14 MUSKEGON ... TU. iuni1.1?a ,.uylll!!! J.ul !... July 14 U M Jun 10 July 1 I ALL THE u- AUI.1IU1I .. Aug. I I 10 July MSN- - Aug. M IT M 8pU U W 14 Sept. til Aug. 10 11 XT Aug. I li U BntMMn M Juns II is IT May It June II June 11 U ' June 14 1 HOLLAND JunsM UM IMPORTANT June ? July 1 1 July 14 U U July I I II July I 4 . Aui l i t lasrWKTAWT Aug. 14 1 II, July H H M July 14 M Aug. 11 II II " BoPt- 8-pl I 10 U ' Aug. M 14 g . Bapt 111 t topi II II 1 JurM8 ' Junes MM! May M IT M ' May 11 Juns J CADnC........,jS!UyAu..l JKM" tPORT NEWS a, ' lgSr? i. ..Uf M . Bcptl ll Aug. M II . ; Aug. MIT . S.pU U 14 It Sspl. I t I t Jun 15 II IT May t W Juna 10 11 II ' 1 Juna III . ' May IS 14 M - Juna IT tt 19 July II 1! II July II 11 M mm.uwm. July I 4 Juna M M M TRAVKRSBCITy July It M II Aug. IT II II Aug. I I 4 PRINTED j JiliAug. 1 Au. 14 M M - . Aug. II M II . , Sapt II 14 IT , Aug. NUB : UU 14 fUpfc 111 ' May SI . Juns II 11 14 v May 0 Juna I T I Juna 11 II M July II 1 . . July 1 1 T . June 14 15 M Juna X July 1 1 ,,, Jul II 1? is MANISTEE...... Aug. 14 II II - July II M U Aug. II 11 II Aug. I I t . IN THESE . j" J i) if , SaptllOU Septlll Aug. U 14 U Sept. 4 1 L ' Aug. If IT It Jtjna I M 11 . Jan I T I May fj M ' (May N rt W .tuna H 14 If ' '. . - JulylHO JulyllllSJ July I 4 T Juna II 2! U Jun"j7Mli 1 BOTNECITT. Aug. IT II IS . July M l Aug. 1 July II M B Aug. I I 10 A- 114 COLUMNS Stpl U 14 11 Aug. MM II Sept 4 r dpU I 1 U At 19 11 IS- CPE3 CIuO.'l "Hans was a little shy shout signing to be an actor until Gray told him all he would have to do was walk on the stage, his bat la one hand and his cap la the other. When tho people applaud, take off your can, said Gray. Then tako your bat aad bit the ball a half doxea times, "Four days later I got a letter from Hans. It read: "Dear Larry: Td like to take up your offer, but I can't stand traveling. It makes me 11L' "And he never replied to my tele a-rama mwtJI lHmrm Baseball started after the golfers, aaywaj. Count that day tost when Fred Clarke does not get a hit What's the one of having boxing so long as wo are allowed baseball ? They call Pitcher Crlss ot the St Louis Browns "King Dodo la tho Mound City. Silk OXoughlla says a player must have brains as well as aa umpire to get along la baseball. If all tbo Pittsburg players wore Fred Clarkes. It would bo easy to guess where the Pirates would bo t tho end of the season. Ted Easterly, tho Nso right fielder, must hit J00 la order to hold his job on Jim McOulre's team. George Dsvls has one place ho never will lose a warm place la the hearts of Chicago baseball fans. New York fans will not be satisfied with anything lass than two pennants this year. Neither will those la Chi cago. . .A triple play was made by the Springfield Three-I league team the other day, but the Springfield team lost the game. Horace Fogel thinks himself ssfe la offering Dooln a $15,000 contract If he wins a pennant. Hal Chase writes right-handed. plays billiards left-handed, bats right-handed, throws left-banded and- can butter bis bread with either band. In spite of Jimmy McAIeer's state ment that "women never can understand baseball." tho Cardinals are trying to demonstrate women know something about "magnatlng" them. Clarke, Wagner end -Leach do. not show tho effect of their advanced ago this year. They are supposed to bo shout tho oldest trio In tho league, but they look to be good for another year or two. - . JLiJLX-yyaVii n y ADVICE TO EXriTArJI FA Series of "Donta" That May Be Ap- piled to Rooters of All Classes ,ln Any City. ' Wltlfthe baseball pennant-4ees finally out loose the fans In every city, and towa that is represented by teams ot diamond experts are" ready tor another strenuous, campaign, The baseball colons have framed many , rules governing tho national pastime, bat, they have never seen fit to give words of advice to the rooters who keep the sport alive with the money passed into the box office windows. Fandom includes all classesof cltlsens and la order to keep them la check tho following warnings have been framed by a person who knows something about the unbridled enthusiasm of those who follow the fortunes of their favorite teams: Dont roast players to? making errors. ' ;. Don't shout words of advice to the players. , ' Don't pan the manager when his team loses. " Don't try to climb over the fence with new clothes on. Don't go homo angry la tho hour ot defeat Laugh and be merry. . Don't eat more than six bsgs ot pea nuts unless your team Is losing. Don't elbow your neighbor and step on his corns unless he's a cripple. Don't try to explain the game to a womaa while other men are listening. Don't Indulge In open abuse of visit-. Ing players so that they caa get at you. Don't call the umpire a robber because you bear others applying this name. Don't pan the team when the manager's errors of Judgment are to blame. . Don't pocket foul balls while tho sleuths are looking squarely in your direction. Don't try to score a game unless you know . the difference between a run and an error. Don't put the lighted end ot a cigar Into your mouth when your favorite knocks out a four bagger. Don't throw cushions or pop bottles st the umpire or the visiting players nnlsss you are hidden from view. Don't try to Identify the players for the benefit of the unsophisticated unless you are absolutely sure of your ground. Don't root for the visiting team unless you are Isolated In the grandstand and you can't speak above whisper. Don't show how llttls you know about Inside balLy telling your neigh bor why such and such a play didn't go through. ' Don't cheer snd throw your hat In the air whea . a home player knocks the bsll over the fence a foot outside the foul line. Don't throw newspapers or other missiles at persons who come In Into and can't find seats unless they are small and timid. Don't roast the umpire when he calls a strike oa a ball that passes over the middle of the piste and retires your hero to the bench. Notre Dsms 8tsr to Cosch. " Howard Edwards, captain and tackle on the Notre Dame western champion football team of 190v. will coach the University of West Virginia squad this yesr. ' ' .- "Rosy" Dolan, all-western guard the same year, will coach Oregon university sgain this falL "Red" Miller will coach Crelghton university next year. Two more baseball games have been added' to the Notre Dame baseball schedule. Manager Hope has secured a game with the Keio university team of Japan for June 6, and Georgetown university of Washington, ,D. C, June 10. ( Americana Win at Oxford. . Two Rhodes scholars from th United States won events In tho con, eluding program of the Oxford var sity annual sports the other dsy. R L. Lange, from Oklahoma, won tho 1W yard daah In : 10,' and W. A. Ziegler ol Iowa the weight contest, with a throo of 89 feet 9 inches. . Texas Sprinter In Olymplo Games. Gwynn Henry, the Texas sprinter wiU be a member of the Olympll team that Invades Europe in 19 IX. Announcement to this effect Is niadi by I Di Benedetto, secretary of thi southern division of the Amateur Athletic union. Henry will bo tho flrsl southerner thus honored. FOR 1911 THE IMMIGRATION TO liANADA 8URPA88ES ALL RCCOJtD. The returns recently Issued by tho, Canadian Immigration Branch shows thst upwards of 823,000 persona aj ' rived In Canada during the past iwbito uiuuuia, uoviai lug vucir uimsu tlon of becoming settlers In that coun- v try. Of this . number about 130,000 were from tho United States, the bal- anco being from tho British Isles and Northern Europe. It will thus bo seen mai iuo siuruy larming element uu ' has gone forward from the united Din im uwu( ayivuuiui uyjiivuiQUV" od by an equally sturdy settlement from across tho seas.' Tho lure of Canadian wheat, oats, barley and. flax grown on tho rich prairie of Western -Canada Is constantly attracting more and more,' and year by year tho tide of Immigrants to tho Western, Canada plains lncresses; there, is no ebb to . this tide. Tho Canadian authorities are not surprised at the number from the United States being as largo as it Is but they did not look for so large an Immigration from the old countries. Still, they will not be found unpre pared. Reception halls are In readiness at all Important points In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, surveyors were at work during tho past season opening up new districts on which to place - those seeking .free homesteads of 1C0 ' acres each, railways have been projecting laterals from their main lines, and every provision has been taken to accommodate tho newcomer. A recent dispatch from Antwerp reads: "The diversion of European emigration from the United States to Canada is said to be Seriously affecting tho Atlantic steamship lines. The Red Star today gives up to the America-Canada lino two of the best special emigrant steamers afloat, the Gothland and the . Samland. These vessels ' heretofore In the Antwerp-New Tork service are now to be operated from Rotterdam to Canadian ports." On the date ot the above dispatch word came to the Immigration branch that the "Vanguard of the 1911 army of United States settlers reached Winnipeg at 1:30 o'clock this morning. There was a solid train load of effects, comprising 41 carloads and two colonist sleepers attached to the train, which contained the members of 25 families. Every man Jack in the party Is a skilled farmer, and all ha,ve come north prepared to go right on the land, which was purchased last yesr. They are equipped with everything that experience has shown Is necessary to make a start on virgin prairie. In addition to machinery and household effects there were a large number of boraes and cattle. Some of the farmers hsd also brought along gss tractors, which will be put light to work on ground breaking." One of the agents of the Canadian rnvrrnmont adviaoa that ft wnuM in. pear as if each month of the present year would show a large Increase over the past year. The demand for the literature of the department, describing the country and Its resources. Is grester than It ever has been. WHY, YES SHE GOT THE NOTE Beautiful Rosss Appreciated, but There Was a "Fly In the Olntmsnt. A young man whose gallantry Is In excess of his means sought to remedy this defect and to save the expense of the money required . for the purchase of flowers for his lady loves by arranging with a gardener to let him have a bouquet from time to tlmerin return for his castoff clothes. 6o U hsppened that one day he received a bunch of beautiful roses, which he at once dispatched to her house. In sure anticipation of a friendly welcome, he called on the young woman that evening.' He got a frosty reception. . - , "Did er did you get my flowers today?" he was finally forced to ask. "Yes, snd the note that went with them." "Note? Why, did I send a note?" "Ton did. . A disgraceful note, sere led with a blunt pencil on dirty pspf. Here It Is. I don't understand It, and I don't think you are very humorous.'. The note read aa follows: "Here's your flowers, but you owe me a pair of pants for 'em." Cleveland Plain Dealer. . . Breaking a Hobo's Hssri. . Manager Gus Harts was standing near tho opera house box office when one of two panhandlers who had entered the' lobby approached him. and, holding out an addressed and sealed envelope, begged for the price of a postage stamp. ' ' "It's for me mudder, boss," he sniveled. "You'se wouldn't turn down er guy fer do price er' do stamp, would youssT . ' ' . v ' -. "Never," said the manager, deftly grasping the envelope and throwing tt through the box-oOce-wlndow. - "Here Fred," addressing himself to Treasurer Fred Co an, "stamp this and have It mailed." - The velocity of the proceeding fairly took the panhandler's breath way. Then, backing away to where his partner awaited htm, be whispered, "Noth-in' doing, bo the guy's wlse,"---Clevo-land Leader. - Horrors I - I-'-"Che Is always delay; something original." "Tea, but her latist stunt, If It becomes a fad. wCl v-:;t socisty." "Why, what U It?" . "Che has craflcytl a nurse to look after hr roc" at! IzxUts on locUsj tur L:r til L:n "J." , . . r,

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