The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 16, 1908 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 16, 1908
Page 6
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ANNUAL SALE Of 1847 Rogers Bros. Silverware IS SCHEDULED FOR Wednesday Thursday and Friday Positively No Longer! This (ireat Tl!l> Klvl>A Y event will crowd nnr maiiiiilieent store with enui i.vers-^ we are well prepared. Kxtru salespeo|ile are hen- \>< serve you; ])lenty of nn t"", for we have, i-eeently remodeled our jewelry store and instead of one nislo, we A have two main aisles in thN vction. Lust year's snie of 1^47 Holers Bros.',Silverware created miie.h enthusiast • 'itoiiirh- ont the entire county. It wns nppreciated, coininu as it did, BEFORE Gliri llins cmililmi:' our enstomet's to save 25 per cent of their Christmas money. In repenting the sale this yenr we do so with a still larger stock of the el '•••^pnt- It-rns of Rogers Bros.'goods, and with ft.fimnruntee I'niin the oldest and mo- reliable .jewelry store in Bakerslield—Wiekershnm's Note The Details of This Great Sale Tea Spoons Vintage Pattern, set of six, regular price Charter Oak Pattern, -set of six regular price I'rlsellla Pattern, set of six. regular price Avon Pattern, set of six, regular price Berkshire Pattern, set of six, regular price Lexington Pattern, set of six, regular price Crest Pattern, sot of six, regular price $2.25 $2.25 $2.25 $2.25 $2.25 •$2.25 $2.25 Sale Price $1.69 Ul GOOD THINGS TO EAT AND DRINK 'lined From Page !.) desert Spoons Vintage Pattern, Hot of six, regular price $3.50 Charter Oak Pattern, set of six regular pi-ice $3.50 Priscilla Pattern, net of six, regular price $3.50 Avon Pattern, set of six, regular price $3.50 Berkshire Pattern, set of six, regular price $3.50 Lexington Pattern, set of six, regular price $S.50 (''rest Pattern, set of six. regular price $3.50 Sale Price $2.63 Table Spoons l;it;i::e Pattern, set nf six. regular pri' liarier Oak Pattern, set of six regular pni Piiseilla Pattern, set of six, Avon Pattern, set of six, r Berkshire Pattern, set of six. r Lexington Pattern, set of six. I'.iltorn, set six, r pillar price gnlar price ^ular price aular price gular price $4.00 $4.00 $4.00 $4.00 $4.00 $4.00 $4.00 jale Price $3.00 Desert Forks i in. set uf six, regular pi-ice Pal tern, set of six regular price ern. set of six, resnlar price •n, set of six. regular price n. set of six, regular price •n, S"t of six, regular price set of six. regular prire $3.50 $3.50 $3.50 $3.50 $3.50 $3.50 $3.50 Sale Price $2.63 Dinner Forks P:iM. Sc! •I'll, \\l of six, regular price ,et of Mix regular price dl six. regulur pi-leu ,!' ;,|\. regular price n|' MX. regular price Hi six. I''-.;'! 1 .'!!' price ! six, iV4Ml:ir prii.-o $4.00 $-».00 $4.00 $4.00 5-1.00 $4.00 $i.OO Sale Price $3,00 Wickersham Co. (inc.) OPEN EVENINGS UNTIL XMAS Nineteenth and Chester BBPPBBJiMHJMBMPB^^Mi^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^™'™"' — Why Not Present Him With a Siut or Overcoat lor Xmas? •i t J appreeiati il. Maylie oi l SHU is just fairly aii'ls.iiMe Mvlish SuiN i>r e a pleasant surprise, it' iy yolU'seir'.' 11' the si/e u'i exactly 1o his likitur, him and we'll make it ri^ht (he day It will he an tiiiustial ont-nf the- It's a sin !,[e mai'erlo buy elotliing at'"The Hub." One p r ' ( '<' to all. Kverything marked in plain figures. A small child can buy clothing here with as much safety as tn values and satisfaction, as ^ u grown person. No old rummage to work off. We're fim< In serve everybody right - and we do. OTHER IStFL'L GIFTS ('omb Silk Drert Hilk sets of Silk Kec s,-ts of Silk S .\rm Hands to u Initial and ,:'U lined and lei' ith Ties to match. i-M't-iulers with Hose and •f- ' I ' -'i Mi Bo lluime Coals. Bathrobes, N« WHEN, IN DOUDT BUY A DISC ORDER EASTERN STAR INSTALLS The annual in.-' of, the Order e!' K; the principal even year, occurred la.--: emonles altr.n-ti i tendance. Mr-, iny. worthy m:i InsJallins uliict ; cjuet was sei hour was mo-i board of oHleers i.- Worlhy matron, Jameson; worthy Ktirdloy; associate U. Webster; >ei-r.-i Baker; conduct i Kaye; associate Maggie E. Strot.le; Knapp; Ruth,-Mr ther, Mrs. I.ulu pi'osecnt: - < liy the goveiumeni of cit ' Irenn vl ' criticized tin; conduct of the •;.,'• -iiic-nt or Hie conduct of In- I tlivltln.-i ,> iin may ha\e had dealings with il • • ovt nu'ieut. N'elther tho ', Kltiy ei t^'-nt Mrltaln nor the German j Kmpei": v,onl(| venture to arrogate: such pM-.ver to himself. .John Adams' ; attempt '(i enforce the sedition law I desire." d the 'Federalist' party in! An:> r :>. Vet Mr. Uoosevelt, in the ; abscii'-" of law, officially proposes to ! use all the power of the greatest gov- urnii:' in on earth to cripple the freedom oi tlie press on 'ho pretext that the uu\ lament itself has been lihelcd -and lie is the Kovernment. i Cromwell Started Row. i "li is true that the World printed the public, reports concerning tint Panama canal affairs which resulted I nun William Nelson Cromwell's np- peiil to the district attorney's office during the recent campaign to prevent !'.e puhlicatlon o[ a story which was said to he in, the hands of the Deiiiocratie national committee. It was Mi 1 . Cromwell's own action which raised the issue in the campaign. It Is true also that when Mr. Roosevelt j ma<le y his attack upon Delevan Smith, the World called attention to certain statements and appealed to Congress to end «ill scandal hy a full and impartial investigation. If this be the 1 j-eiisoiij let Mr, Roosevelt make tljt; most oFit. "Mr. Roosevelt's lamentable habit of inaccurate statements makes it Impossible to accept his judgments or liis conclusions. In his message he does not state correctly even so simple a matter as the pretended causes of his grievance. Nothing From RcblnBon. "The World has never said that Charles V. Tali, .or Ounglas Robinson ' mndo uny profits whatever. Mr. Taft i denied that he was concerned in the j transaction in any way, which denial j tho World published and accepted. It i would have been equally glad to print Mr. Hohlnson's denial had it succeeded Iff obtaining it from him, as it frequently attempted. The World has no evidence that he was associated with ill 1 . Cromwell and would accept his word to that effect, for Mr. Robinson is na estimable gentleman of high t horneter, whose reputation for veracity I.-; infinitely better than that, of his distinguished brother-in-law. "11 the World has libeled anybody we hope it will be punished, but we do not Intend to be intimidated by Mr. llcosevelt's threats; or by Mr. Roosevelt's denunciation or by Mr. Hooseveil's power. No other living mnn ever so grossly libeled the United States as does this President, who besmirches Con| gress, bulldozes ju;!yes. assails the integrity of courts, slanders private citizens and who shown himself the most reckless, unscrupulous demagogue whom the American people , e/er trusted with rirest power and authority. i "We say this not In anger, but in ' sincere sorrow. The World has im, : m'-a-snn-alily more respi-ct for tilt. 1 of; lie of resident, of the ('lilted State? 1 ihaa Theodore Roosevelt has ever Miowii during the years in which lie \ ins maintained a reign of terror and i \ Hilled the lu nor and honesty of both i i nhlic dllicials and private- citizens ; who opposed hi.s poicles or thwarted , him in hi.s purposes, "So far as the World Is concerned, ! Us proprietor may so to jail If Mr. Hoosevelt silt-coeds, as he- threatens, but even in jail the VvV>rld will not cense to bo a fearleyj champion of free speech, free press and a free people." Pulitzer Was at Sea. Joseph Pallt/i r, proprietor , of the World, made, tin? following statement: "So far as I am personally -concerned, 1 wns at sea during the whole of Oeio!,er and, In- fact, practically for two years, having been yachting on account oi m y' health. I never read a word or syllable of this Panama slory, was not in connection with the pap.-i- and had nothing to do with It. \lr. Koi>,evelt knows all this perfect- lv. Ik- Knows I am a chronic invalid :iiul mi .-tly abroad yachting on account of my health. "1 think his anger Is simply due to sharp Hi tacks made by the World "We have them. Try some of our imported Italian olive oil. Just, the thing for your salads and seasoning. We also carry a fine line of imported macaroni. Groceries, Liquors and Cigars. Pasquini Bros. 1209 19th St. Main 655 Prompt Delivery. Announcement! AMERICAN BAKERY AND RESTAURANT. illlll piillUeul For that, perhaps, h We sell the famous "Butternut" Bread, RICHARD HOESER, Prop. Open day and night. 1923 Chester Avenue. 1 am responsible, that, is for tho gen- (•;il political criticism of Mr. Hoose- velt on public and political grounds solely. 1 am really rorry he should I,,- so very anli'V, but the World will continue to critic!-e him without a shadow of t'car, if ho should succeed in compelling mr- to edit the paper from jail." s I'iotle I",, n, A. • ina 1 !on, M'.-s. Anna 'Kii'.v. Mi.-.- DiamoiH , Ai:'~. l-'-.aiiie M. ( ott.liu i'.ess, Mrs. : Ada, Mrs. Pearl H. s. C'ora tlraudy; .1. Wilbur. Martha, S.WISEKOPF Corner 19th and I Sts. WE MAKE A, SPECIALTY OF BOYS' CLOTHING Mrs, Martha Payne; I-M, He Slieedy; warden. Howoll; sentliiel. Mt^ Ward; chaplain, Mrs. 1 marshal, Mrs. Klla M ganht, Mrs. Harri Hard Times The Hard Times s men of Woodtralt i, ud to be a very tu- .'Sind a tidy sum \\:i , evening's eater'aii'iiH nntnv amusing i;;.?--!. I. Tile |.fi/ Mr. |)IM-.I,',..-. Mr. H^'.' .; celH ii 1 -' holll. 'I MIS. i:: Mec.t Tori FOR SALE EUCALYPTUS TREES 3,000,000, Leading Varieties Eucalyptus Land and Timber Company, Edward C. Cribb, Pres. W. S. TUatcher, See'q, 123 So. Broadway, Los Angeles, Cal. (-ir;i, Mrs. Nel- MIS. Uda M. .Margaret K. .-n u. Tracy; Wiihrow; or- nutritious pn>p«'i";c« u i;' every rcquircr.icat. It i. jut-hit '-aio iind fur t!i <i f-vpri-.^ liiiiiiliini or ti>!ik' In i!i" homo. I I- U. S. c;<>vrrjirru in s'.mUjnl ( |»0'', llm "Green Uovernmont Stump" a\\u-\lng h-still (if t.-llli,- ll«.,! !,< it ONNV Hiti ii iK HdiiliMi in prdof Jiii-l *•-. .TV hot 11 ul'U-<;l IIL''-' uti'l quantity, Iniitt on getting the genuine, accept no lubttitute, SUNNY BHOOK DISTILLEHY CO., JeOerioo Co., Ky. L. 0. BOBS. General Distributor. BAKER8FIELD, CAL.

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