The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 16, 1908 · Page 5
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 5

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 16, 1908
Page 5
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Our Watch Supremacy If you can find such watches as these, at such prices, in any other store we shall not expect you to give preference to us. But it would he vain to try to find equally reliable Watches at our prices. This is not boasting, but sober fact. We guarantee every watch. Our standing is your security. We do not advertise one thing and show you another. We would appreciate a call. Gold Filled No. 1000 Plain Polishtd 07 Engine Turned Case Finely Jeweled Movement New Designs Continually Arriving Gold Filled No. 1017 Richly Engraved Hunting Case Finely jeweled Movement 14K Solid Gold No. 646 Finely Jeweled Movement Plain or Satin Finish 14K Solid Gold No. 514 A decoration is always Popular I fe i Kern City WILL CONSTRUCT A FIRE-PROOF BUILDING. C. Fisher has gone to Los Angeles topurchase material with which to construct an iron building on the lot now occupied by Coppers shoe shop. The building will be used for a restaurant. Mr. Copper will move his shop over on the Druids lots until such a time as they start to build. ERECTING NEW BUILDING ON BAKER STREET. Clinton Thurlow and A. Shaw arc erecting a building on Baker street next to the Kern furniture More, which, when completed, will be occupied by the moving picture show The building; 19 being built to resemble a Pullman car. Our STANDARD WATCHES FROM LEADING MAKERS. Every Watch has Our Personal Guarantee, Every Watch that we sell is thoroughly examined and regulated by experienced 'Watchchmakers and guaranteed to give entire satisfaction to the purchns- er, no matter how inexpensive .the watch. Consider this guarantee Avhen ready to purchase. WE BUY DIRECT PROM MANUFACTURERS AND SAVE YOU THE MIDDLEMAN'S PROFIT As the success and reputation of a Retail Jewelry House depends, to a great extent, on their Watch Department, you are assured that this establishment handles only reliable standard goods, the prodcts of the leading makers, whose name alone Is a guarantee of reliability. OPEN EVENINGS UNTIL CHRISTMAS A PLEASANT SOCIAL AFFAIR LAST NIGHT. The social affair given last evening at the home of Mrs. E. Radebaugh by the League of Helpers was a very successful one. The house was decorated throughout with red ribbons and greenery, suggestive of Christmas, presenting a very pretty appear ance. in tne front parlor a larse table, decorated In greenery and tinsel, was covered with dalntly dressed dolls, numerous fancy article. A cake set donated by Ardlzzl's, was raffled off and was won by Mrs. Geo. Stalhcm. During the evening a very fine program was rendered and dainty refresr- ments served. About twenty dollars was realized and Mrs, Rudebaugh and her girls are to be congratulated upon their great) success ;ind especially as it it's thei* first vein tire. NOTES AND PERSONALS Mrs. Fred Stanley and son who were Injured Saturday In n runaway, are recovering y.ipldly. Mrs. A. Burrlngton and daughter, Mrs. C. E. Smith, have returned from a month's visit in Los Angeles. H. B. Tltcomb, district engineer, arrived In town last evening on No. S and In company with Superlntenden' j Worthlngton, wont to Porterville iiiis' morning. j Special Officer O .1. Mi-.-id is , <>u- fined to his room \v'h an n'taek of malaria. F. B. Owen of the resldeir .'ii.iu i eor's office, is aliqhily 111. | Mrs. J. X. Thom.json le't l i • infill I for her homo In Piisnden i. ; f!eo. DeCnlvin wen: to Lo-i Angeles | last nleht on a b uwiess trip. Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Chrlstoiihei e-, ; pect to leave in a few days 'or Simla Rosn, whero they will spend Christ ; mas with relatives. i Mrs. Ray Warnock left ye.Mevdi.v ! for (i visit with relatives In K;>:if,iekv. Annett's Bakeryj The Place For GOOD PASTRY CLEAN BREAD MacDONALD I > FAMOUS ! CANDIES ; j 1627 19th St. Phone M 930 \ Chus. Davis nml daughter left, on the noon train tot'av Mrs. Madge for Los Angeles, where they will \\A\\ for a few weeks. Mr. and Mrs. P. F. Lewis, who ire visiting Mrs. Ed Badebaugh, expect to leave Sunday for Mexico. Miss Eunice Scott arrived on No. S last evening from Snn Francisco, where she has been attending dramatic school, and will spend the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Scott. Geo. Taylor of Fresno was In town today on business. GUILD MEETING. of St. Barnabas guild Chas. Green, F. B. Owen and O. West returned on No. 7 this morning from Los Angeles, where they have been attending a convention of the chief clerks of the Southern district. met vest, r lay at the home of the Trainmaster Harry Kinch of Fresno president, Mrs. J. D. Haynes and spent . , the afternoon in quilting. It was de-l w ^. ln ..° wn cided that the fitild should adjourn "" until the first Tuc.-day in January. Miss Aulta Claflin is able to be •* again after being ill for some time. BUCKEYE EMPLOYMENT BUREAU. M. M. Odell & Co., proprietors, Utt Nineteenth (street. Walters Hotel, *me- cessors to C. p. Scrlbner. Phonn Main 21S and 2CO. Help of all ktate furnished free, of charge to employw. Announcement Extraordinary Our Large New Illustrated CATALOG FREE Call or Write for It today It will be of considerable service to you In suggesting suitable articles for gifts. MAKE YOUR SELECTION EARLY. WE WILL PUT IT AWAY UNTIL WANTED. MAIL ORDERS promptly filled. Anything pic- tared forwarded Immediately, postage prepaid, on 'receipt of price, and delivery guaranteed. ALL GOODS SOLD ARE FULLY GUARANTEED, AND WE'LL CHEERFULLY REFUND MONEY IF ANY ARTICLE PURCHASED DOES NOT PROVE JUST AS REPRESENTED American Jewelry Company 1430 Nineteenth St., Bakersfield Phone Main 73 Mr. Lottlnville has sold out his Interest In the Whltaker fruit store and left this morning for Fresno. L. Aginette is about fruit store In the Marsh Bakor street. to'open a Mrs. Mitchell of Modesto, who has building on been the guest of Mrs. C. P. Badger, returned to her home yesterday. A .. A.iax Consolidated Defendant. ,. Karma- Mining Comuanv, The Kern Mandolin Club will meet tonight at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chns. Schwain on M street. L. A. ,Roberts has been assigned a run out of Mojave. By virtue pf an execution issued out will Sillier haq returned from n f the Sunerior Court, of the County ot.' " "' oll " er luta ".mined nom a .ern. Stint- of. CullfornlH. wr-n'-hi E. visit in .Delano. u. weenian. Plaintiff, and Karma-AInx ,, , r - ,. „ , , Consolidated Minim:, Co.. petendant. i Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Bruce left for giijnjthe east today. They will be accompanied by the letter's father, Mr. Stockton, as far as Los Angeles. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Doyle and son have returned to thejr home In San Luis Oblspo, after visiting friends here for a few days. of ilnH.'Jo, lawful money of ttie tlnil- ed States, besides costs and interest. I have this dav levied unon all the ri;nit. title, claim and interest of naid defendant, of. in ami to the following described real estate, to-wit: Tho Karma-Aiax mine, _.,. ,. tot-ether wllh ....11. machinery and aimliances located thereon, situated about, four miles south oi the town of Molave and more inrtlcularlv described at J>aee 50, Book 8, mining records of Kern Countv. State of CnlHovnUv. The said mon'"-tv belns; in Kern Countv. State of California. Public notice is hereby clven that 1 will, on Saturday. tha^9lh dav of Januarv. A. D. IDOSt. ut 11 o clock a. m. of s^'rt dav. in front ot the Court House door of tho Countv of,Kern, sell at .mibljc. auction, for Ijiwful nwn- 'Ae' de- at nubile auction, for lawful m< ' United States, all the rln and interest o! a nvo'pertv. or so much e,v of the title, claim and interest „. .... fendant. of. in ami to the gboye of said e seVib'ed nvo'pertv. or so tm.«.. _ as raav be necessary to raise sufficient money to satisfy said nidament, witn interest and „ ^a^De^WilUiLh.!^ 12 " 16 Bv' Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Ammerrnan Jhave returned from Armona, where they have been living for the past few months. ( necessary to raise sufflcu satisfy said iudament. w ml costs, etc.. to the hieni "" ^.mfTAberiir. T. A. Baker. Deuutv. world's moat celebrated palmist art. clairvoyant, has arrive In the titf and has opened an office in tho (Irsix 1 Hotel, corner Twentieth and Chest*: avenue, room 2, where he can bo suited on all affairs of lift-. Hrennan hns no equal In nis profession. He stands alone, the prince uf clairvoyants, and is recognized by 11m press and pulillc as the greatest master of tile scit nee of palmistry thp \vorM has ever produced. He guarantees to reveal every 1*- cldent of your life; teil when, wSsoai and where you will marry; tell yim just what you are fitted for and taut' to obtain money you arc In need «C The happiness of your future life miff depend upon the right solution ant' I proper advice. Tho professor raalaKv no mistakes, and all his predictions Mrs. Fred Christopher and daughter .,,.<, lnK>> : , n ,i i, 0 mny ot , r «>iied UJWB . .lave returned from Los Angeles and! You may wish to know If it is afieiie- expect to take up their residence I able lo muke a cl >»ns e ln business. J& love and In marriage. WHOM SHALL I MARRY? UOW OFTEN SHALL. I MARRY? SHAIX 1 EVER BE DIVORCED? DOES A»- OTHBR SHARE THE LOVE THAR" RIGHTLY BELONGS TO ME? IT SO, WHO? 18 MY DISEASE CURABLE? WHEN SHALL 1 LEAV»: HERE? AM 'i LIABLE TO ACCS- DENT? SHOULD I INVEST H* MONEY? IN WHAT SHALL I »VEST? HAVE I ANY ENEMIES'" CAN I TRUST MY FRIENDS? 1*. WHAT TOWN OR STATE WOITIJU } HE MOST SUCCESSFUL? HO*} CAN I SELL MY PROPERTY.? „_ , agaln> Too Late For Classification FOR SALE—Beginning Monday. De-1 comber the 7th, Great Sale will go on at the Store, Front street, Kern,' opposite depot. 400 pair Men's Shoes from heavy working shoes lo high j grade dress shoes In patent leather, j genuine, kangaroo from popular man. ufacturers am! at Lowest Price pos The professor d-n« nil these tlii&St* slide. | and ninny more. Ho is ever readj' to ,'i.V.i Hals In latest colors and styles 1 help UIOHC with small capital to IVuiu 50 cents to $2.50. Less than ' qiiick and SUM investment. H -jt We Offer Many Opportunities to Procure Useful Acceptable Gifts Buy your Clirislmns gli'is here and they will surely he npprc- inled. They. will not only bo attractive nud pretty, but they will, ic practical, sfi'vieenble and useful. Just now our whole store* is plentifully supplied with (.-lever nud stylish articles. Whether it \>e neckwenr, belts, petticoats, waists, furs, suils <ir millinery, you will find onv assortments unusually attractive. Pretty Tailored Suits That Should be $27.50 for Several very effr-ntive models on sale at this price — They not only attractive bargains, but tliey are authoritative and solutely reliable. The necessary alterations will be free of charge. STYLE 1 made of diagonal cheviot; has a long coat made with pointed front, and back IH single breasted; has long sleeves and Is bound with silk liruid. The skirt is full gored and Is trimmed with silk braid t" match the coat. STYLE 2 Ti-t a« directoire model made of a two toned Striped worsted; Is very mannish; has turn back cuffs, pointed slfjcves, an empire back and is trimmed with satin buiionrf. The skirt is cut circular gored and is trlmiwd with u bias foot fold. Christmas Furs There is nothing nicer or more appropriate for Christmas gifts than fine Furs. We are showing a very Interesting assortment, including all the new pretty models. In our assortment you will find genuine Mink, real Lynx, Sable Fox, Alaskan Squirrel, .Japanese Mink, Silver Fox, etc., in the. better grades, besides a good collec- ( tion of thn. intermediate kinds. ' Prices are nil reasonable. CHILDREN'S SETS _ $2.50" to $5.00 We received yesterday and will show today for the. first time a very pretty assortment of children's Furs in matched sets. They include all the popular kinds, such as angora, fox and imitation ermine. If you want a dainty, useful gift for a child, you Hhould see these. e Selling Out The Entire Milliner) Dept. 'This is unquestionably 111*' must stupendous sale, of line millinery ever attempted !n I'.akersiield---Costs have I n forgotten and protits entirely ignored. Our solo iim!.>!l i"ii ... „., and earnesl; desire is to close nut this stuck al once. Kv- I'VVi'v/-^' erytliinj.? is j'tisliioualile. new, up-to-date and at the ln\ve>! tt'V'-.y/.^, pi-ices, iihnost irresistible. Sec the window mid the eiivu- lars for full details. SHOP EARLY Hamilton's Phone Main 309 Speciol Prices on Ostrich Plumes $7.50 values, $4.05 $15.00 values, $0.95. $10.00 values, $6.95 $20.00 values, $12.95 Most remarkable sale of ostrich plumes. Coining an it does just before Christmas it is an exceptionally fine chance to procure a very practical as well as useful gift at a truly remarkable price. They are all fine qualities In good full effects In several effective colors, as well as liluck and white. These plumes are now displayed In the window and we ask you to especially note, tho line qualities, the good sizes and the unusual prices. Silk Petticoats-Excellefot tiifts We have now on display und s.ile an extremely full line of carefully scle.cted shades. They are all ni;ni<- of fine silks that will give entire s-atlsfacUpn. We alSb show many exqiiislle creations In brocaded, embroidered and lace effects. Our special line, well miido of pmv silk, with Percallno dust ruffles and wide 9-lnch flounce, consist Ing of two tucked nifties and knlfn plaiting; conies in all colors uml Is worth $10. Our apeclal price is $7.50. Stylish Waists-Practical Gifts A fine range of models to select from, all at popular prices. Waists made of nets, silk, lace, damask, linens, madras, lawns, etc., In all kinds of effective styles from the strictly plain tailored models to the- uiuat exquisite croaliouK. As price examples note the following: One style IB very daintily made with yoke formed of net and dnfn'y embroiderery and trimmed around the 'aiioulderB and around the front with 4 rows of fancy lube; la cut very full in the front. Priced at $6.00. other stores ask for same hats. Best Railroad Men's Gloves, gaunllet and wrist gloves; also wool gloves at Reduced Prices. Fine assortment of Neckties in all shapes and colors. Silk and other shirts, heavy wool and good working shirts, heavy wool and cotton underwear. Some double breasted corduroy coats and vests. Headlight make, copper rivitpj overalls at 70 cents. Evoryobdy Invited. Rombach, Clar & Co., Propw. 123 NOW LISTEN—i~am Kolns U) Tell you how to make some money, if you are UK; ri^lit fellow. I have for sale, one of the host little Imsi- ness places in town, havo lease for two yeura with privilege of renewal, liuildini; 25x80 feet, on Chester ave- iir.c. V-'ii iviiehs cause of Hulling. In- vesllgiito tills; it'H a snap. K. A. Moore,, room 11, Hopkins bids. 11!) HOGS FOR SALE—250 head of hogs, inoHtly red. Raised in mountains; good rustlers. A. L. Woolscy, Kooue, Cal. 119 STOLEN—Parties taking New Home sewing machine from S. P. freight house will please return and save trouble. 119 WANTED—Work by a young man just from the east. Willing to work for promollon. Phono Main fill. 1229 Seventeenth St. 119 REV. MRS. COON has just. arrlvcdTn this city and will hold circlOB every Friday and Tuesday at 7:30 o'clock. Headings, dally at the. Willow building, corner Nineteenth and L streets room 2. She will be glad to meet all. 121 is uiifaiccessful, or if you azt» in troulile of any kind, you should WET this truly i;li't','d medium ut once.. lite has helpi*] thousands on tho roa^ St; success and he can nud will help j He not only tells you what your ' luis been and will be, but also how better your comlitlon in every way. Thotis:inds of people are fall/vmr. today simply because they do not iw these thhiKH for ihemse'vrs or are i**" following the ri^ht trade or profeattoK. Prof. Hrenuan has mude a life st»a«f of tlu-po tilings and he Is now prcpMF- ed to show you how to make a Usa*- ough success of your life. Ills fee t» reasonable and within reach oi afi, and if he dues not make : »ti a tr>a4- liiK tl'iit is superior to a: ever had he will positive accept any fee whatever. Olneo hours, in a m,, to day, 1 to 4 p. m Lady Three reception rooms, so nrrangtSi that you meet no strangers. Perfect HUtisfaclion by mail. Ss«ki $1, day and date of birth, for m«l reading. SPECIAIv—Prof. Brennan IB C*t, only me<lium In the country who pt* ilively tells your full name; and hr> will toll It free of charge to all »')M.' cdine propareil to take a reading. Capital furnlidied for business enterpri* en; partners found; property Ixm^ti* and sold, etc. Remember the addritti. Grand Hot«;l, corner Twentieth p,»i. i Chester ;iv<-nu». Oftl'e Iccal.-.I jtl.'it I j \w\\t\ ul' stairs. y : SHERIFF'S SALE. you refuse •»» p. m. 8l»- ttendaJW* H ut ion ii-'i in-i] fi I he I'oiinl v California, whw-it l'l;iinliff. ;nid Kiirfi.a FOR SALE— In fine location In Kern, new house; modern; hardwood finished throughout; flno bath and bent plumbing. Suiter & Co., 1920 I street, Main 1434. 117 Hie K.'irma-Ajiix i lie iiilit nmcnlnerv FOR SAMS—A few pieces of kitchen and bedroom furniture cheap. Also .................. ... dishes and cooking utensils. Room I ca.i.ed" thr"r<V6n.Y 2, Echo building. Telephone Main 1434. ' 117 FOR SALE AT A BARGA1N-^A tout house, 14x18 feet; 12 oz. canvass; also oil burner for stove. Enquire of W. J. Thompson at Ardlzzl-Ol- cese Company, or at corner of J and Tularo streets, Kern. 119 : Itv \ ii i lie nl .in . nl' Uii' SUIHTHH ( Kern. Khiii' <il Nichnl.1.-: .liicn! .-< I Alux Conr.oliiliiied Minim: Co., 'iinl, unon a iuiiiMiient reiulereil n«-, III dav of Nnvi'iiibcr. A, D. 1!)0». !•-•-' sum <>f $. r .M;.i;5. lawful money »<s tln^ I'lilicd Suites, besides c.oslH anc inieresi, 1 have this day levied ii|>i<ii nil the ri.'ht. title, claim and I til ore-* or Hiild defendiint. of. In and lo u»i followinir (lesfi'ltii'd real estate, to-wlr. . i he FOR RENT—Furnished rooms for men at 2fi cunts nor night. Apj% at 2103 Chester avenue, corner 21st St. Tit? 3R RENT—A piano. -Inquire at Grand Hotel between 4 and 6 o'clock. 119 mine, louciher wit); . rv and aimliances '.'» Hituated iibiiill KUJI miles Koutli of the. town of Moliivrs abc ore luti'tleiilarlv drwrilied (it, nnirt ..ntr records of Ken; Cijllforiilii. The_saH more iMirtieiu... . . 50. Book 8 of mini 11 Countv. State of Ca , nroiierlv belnic in Kern Oiintv. Stntt PUIII'C no'tice i !.>r<l,v tiven Ihnt i will, on 8'iturihr,. the full day or Jsn uarv. A. D. I90fi. at ll:3u o'clock *, 'jji of said dav. m front ol tin; Cinfr, House door ol I he Count v of notii, sell at public auction, for lawful mO» ev of tho United mules, all the rum. title, claini and interest of .said rtrv fondant, r.f. . In iir.u to D.e iiuqyo ae. Mcrlbeil nrouertv. or so much tjiorool as mav be necossarv to raise mi(ncli;f\i nionev to sutisfv Kiild ludemcnf, v- lultii'oHi ,aua eosts. etc., to the n • ---• '---ft bj(] est and best Dated Uec. 12-16 Bv A/ ET'.I.Y. Sherltt. Baker. Deputy,

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