The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 16, 1908 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 16, 1908
Page 4
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The Xmas Store j Hochheimer's Gifts are Gifts of Qyality 1 When in doubt Give a Gift Certificate 5 The Xmas Store This is the Greatest Christmas Store of Bakersfield We're ns busy as can bo now—ami how we do enjoy waiting on the vast throng of enthusiastic Choppers! This is the greatest Christmas store in Kern county—people know that it's easily the most, important and the best merchandise store in town. Do all your Christmas shopping here where you know that everything chosen from our popular am! well liked store will be acceptable. Qualities are always up to standard, and superior service superior goods and superior values are given you in every littld purchase, no matter how small it is. the morning hours for Christmas shopping—at that time of the day you'll have more time to v.mder leisurely around the store and make your selections. An hour in the morning is worth two or three in the afternoon. Try it tomorrow—and then again the next morning. See how wonderfully it works I If you will shop early in the morning as we've been telling you, we ought to be able to save lots < ; Christmas worries and fatigue and to eliminate many of the common unfortunate Christmas errors. You're with us. <>!' course—and tomorrow you're going to make a morning start. Store News! Use the phone ns often as you wish. All phone orders are gladly taken and filled with the greatest of care and attention. Remember that we have a Private Exchange that puts you quickly In touch with all departments. To be able to phone your orders and have them filled satisfactory is quite a convenience—try it and see how fine it is! Don't worry or fret over .your gifts—when really at a loss what to give a friend, send a glove or a gift certificate. They're redeemable In any part of the store for the amount you made them. Quite the best and cleverest gift after all! Shop early in the day—and early In the week. Make this store your Christmas headquarters and Christmas buying will be a pleasure. We insure prompt attention, courteous treatment, superior values, superior goods and superior service In all your Christmas buy- Ing. Make this your happiest Christmas and buy all your gifts here. Put Gloves on Your Christmas List And while you're writing them Jmvii. make up your mind to buy them at Hochheimer's where you can make your selections from the largest and best irlove asortment in town. A few hints as to prices: At $1.25 a pair—Women'H 2- elasp Capitol gloves in all colors and white and black. At $1.75 a pair :i clasp Flor- iue kid n'lovcs; in all colors; line quality kid. At $3.75—1 <i button glace jjlovcs. in black, brown, tan and white; very best quality. Of Course He'd Like a Smoking Jacket Lounging or Bath Robe _it't a man appreciates or • 1 especially pleased and de- ii from our fine assortment. Why shouldn't he be? There's likes more than something useful. \ lighted would he be if they were el We have all colors in all the new -tyles—and you can be sure your gift is going to have a royal i> ''ption if you give him any one of the threa Many priies- -hut a pride to plea- every one Shop early In the week —early In the day Shop early in the week— early In the day Tailored Suits of Style and Smartness If you've planned to pay #-•"> or £27.."ill fur your suit, here are, txvo very .stunning suits at these prices. As long as you're going to have a new suit, and have planned mi getting it. you might as well buy it tomorrow and have it to wear for the holidays. But anyhow come in and try these suits on—they're very, very stylish. Suit at $25 < 't navy blue invisible Mrip- '•ci M-r-ev: .'JO'-ineli jaeket, neatly finished ; yorci! skirl, with tailoivl lap in front. Suit at $27.50. ' ); ' - : 'l ill -.trine V,. n , (',;,,, eloth -ii >•' 'I; 1 ! 1 shade; l^n.: seini-iit- 1 i!i'.r .ia>-l:e: : I I-M,'!!!'''! iii satin and '.M-!,,;,s ; v:i>rr 1 | skirl. Lots of Excitement These Days in Our Toyland! These are happy, happy days in Toyland— those are the children's real Christmas days whenthnr enthusiasm and curiosity is aroused to the highest pitch, wondering if dear old. old Santa Claus heard their wants and if he will bring the riirht present to make them happy on Christmas morning. And these are enjoyable days for mothers, too— when they listen carefully to the wants of their children and know that tomorrow the toys that have been asked for are going to be selected from Uoehheinicr'.s largo assortment. That Santa Cluas may be sure to deliver the toys wanted, all mothers should be buying now. We're sell in-.' more Chri.stifiHf) toys now at this time of the year than over before. Make our Toyland your head'iiiurteix !',,,• and best assortment of toys iu Iv-ru Coiu.iy. Lowest prices prevail here, as usual. What to Give Man For Christmas * Shouldn't be at all a perplexing problem. •lust buy him something useful—and it's sure to be what he wants. Let these few experienced suggestions help you plan your Christmas gift list: Gloves, $1 to'$2—Dent's imported kid, silk lined dogskin and mochas. Reefers and Mufflers, 50e to $2.50—Tn black, white and colors. Hats, $2 to $5—Soft and Derby hats in all the new shades and shapes. Christmas Shop- •ers For Men Look down your shopping list —why sure, there's slippers written down for father, mother, sister and maybe brother! And here are just the styles yon want: Men's Slippers, $1. | Vici kid, tan and black slippers ; turn sjjle. Men's Slippers, $1.76 Tan and black Romoes; turn soles; low heels. Men's Slippers, $2. Tan vici kid slippers, trimmed in black patent leather. Men's Slippers, $2.50 Men's tan alligator slippers; turn soles; common sense heels. Women's Slippers, $1.25 Women's felt slippers; trimmed in fur; turn soles; common sense heels. Suit Case) Headquarters Trunk Headquarters have the largest Get That Christmas Trunk or Suit Case Here There's really no gift that'smore appreciated by a man or a woman than a good trunk or suitcase. It's a lasting present, a useful one and a necessary one. • • ! And right here we know we can please you in a trunk, grip or suit case. We've the most complete line in town. They're well made, have all the new up-to-date and modern improvements, and are the kind that will always do good service, is we.ll spent, for we know the it c*se or trunk at Hochheimer's The money invested in a sum to be just as we represent them—superior iu every way. As to prices and sixes, we have them all. Early selections, as you know, are always best. We always sell a great, great number of suit eases and trunks for Christ- nas, so choose yours tomorrow 1 . The Christmas Store Give Sensible Gifts MURRAY LEAVES-DALE SUBSTITUTE EKI'O Koht'eld l.s bomonnlnir the loss of nifty little Kid Murray, who wan scheduled to fight Kid Alexander, one Of the preliminaries to the While- Lander light al SerHmcr'n next .Monday night. This afternoon, however, lie Hlgnud a local lad of much popularity and is now feeling much better than ho dtfl this mornlnir. Murray, who la Jio orditiai-y ll.i.,iiior. Jaat night received an offer to ll.nht Kid Fisher at San Bernardino Decent ber 25i- for fifty per cent et the i e- celpts. He was forwarded :i round trip ticket, and under i..e clioiun-lan- CBS, Itehfeld thought it no inuiv i*-in just to return the Hi tie fighter's forfeit money und release him from tbe preliminary. Murray lias a chance to make several hundred dollars in San Bernardino, while hero his winnings would have been .small. Joe Dale, a local pugilist who promises to do 120 pounds for Alexander, has been substituted for Murray. Tho little negro cares not who be is pitted against just so hla opponent weighs iu at 120 pounds. As Dale, despite hi.s | long reach and greater height, can do weight easily tho match was J made. The fight will attract mneii interest. Dale is n " spaghetti champion" and against the little m-vrt fightor will be forced to show his cali- bre. He baa fought here before and | proved to be a gamo boy. Tho "Congo Coon" writes from San iFronclsco that he will be here for the Iflght nnd in all probability Manager IRehfeld will give him a preliminary Iflght. Slick Morrell, the clever negro.wel- Iter, has been matched with "Sailor ay" for,.ibe first preliminary. Both hard fighters .and will make a effort to corral th^ big end of tin* purse Refer' i- s. i.i I'.-i :-nson this afternoon \i-dic,I Kddie White, in training ill MeD'iie.'iill's mad house. Sam went out for tie ji irposc of lalkliu; over tho rules and eondi, urns of ihe li-hi no as to siv.e- any misunderstandings that may have arisen, before tile fighters enter tin- ihm. |ie w ill vi.ilt Lander loiiiunow. Lander continues liis work at tho Louvre and d.rla'e.-, ih;..r he is now In line condition lor Ihe L-.OIU;. lie is at weight and ceriainly appears lo he in /.ire ir s!iaps. No Iii-Min:-; has yet liecn r. corded. j Last nirhi ui the Louvre an oiTor was I mu-le in h;n k \vidle for Si:'n even mon 1 '•>'• )•'>' >'!' -" w;,-: nn liiKi r,. It is loo I ''.'ti> >i ' ii!l N'lljii:.- Jill 1 |)o WaiMTS j ate e.\p.-r.-d liel'oi -• :;.;M|i-d,iy. Tick i ''ii v > il! '<•'• pl.t:-"'! on sate tomorrow ; m <b" I.'" 1 .-, ii , De! Men.e and' Chili .«- „.»... . !)O GUARANTEE AGAIN FOR THESE DEPOSITORS. \\ASIII\i,TON, Dec. It 1 ..-.A defalcation of $S.Vuiiii bus be(-n discovered in (he Khsi National Btuik of Sonier- worth, N. (I. The cashier, K V. \'ar tier was arrested and the director's have asked the bank examiner to take possession. The information came to tho comptroller today from the examiner of that district. The bank run undivided profits of $25,mm, but tin- directors say they are unable to n store tho impair**! capital. The capital IB $100,1100, and the deposits nn tier $200,000. MUSIC IN IHE HIGH SCHOOL The music in the ||| K h School till >ear, under the direction ol' 1'rofessor j \V. L. Mas'>n, has proved If I... u Kn , a t ' success. The school lias learned " GIRLS WILL GO AGAINST A VERY FAST TEAM.] The girls of the High School basket ball team have a fast team to play when they meet fortervllle m;re at. Armory hall on the cominu Saturday ni^ht. A Tulare paper says that. Per| terville has a team pf very fine n,a- i ti-rial, but that they' lack in team CITY BRIEFS. New Lieutenant meeting of •!• ••• •',' •'• •'.• •»• •$• •!• Named.—At the Company L- last The locals played a practice game u-t night with the second team, and 'i"n practiced some now team plays number oi betiutilul n.-\ v unison " 1|llt -' 1 ' 'lie coaching of .Mr. Gainer. The as Saul-! l,iii-i,i. of the \\'i;u,i : , I. I pupils have been taiiuhl on ,m Merry j t> am showed up In fine form and they :. The! 1 ''' 1 ' 1 B"' - e of a vitcory against their veniue ; opponents. Last year large crowds turned out for tho games and np a result, tho t'itls cnnie out ahead financially. j The girls went behind on the I llattiVird banquet and dance given in . and have! .-•.i' 1 MI re,id- j 1 iho pains I'.iylor las! ' t«- maiinei' i.-u~li"il in Professor and to Ihe • iin-; piano n response "icallv-the TEN KILLED AND FIFTEEN INJURED IN COLLISION. LIMOGES, France, Dec. Hi.—Ton persons wore killed and fifteen isjured in a collision between a freight and a passenger train In a tunnel between the towns of Rrleve and Limoges today. ACCOUNT ALLOWED. In the guardianship of J. T. Mnr- mlou et al, the first acouut was allow. ed by Judge Bennett. i about t wo new soii';s :i v •-. j KI etned in learn tin-'.-, -va a ines-,. Tills is huy.el. iinklnv: work of Prol', . u. \ ear and to the cm',,,. , . i.i i> liic'i the new fii, M ,i .<' ru; i ion Introdii'-ed h. Mason has been ivi eiv.- j. addilion of a tin 11 in M. ,-;t, j by the Hoard of Kdtt. aiii.u i 10 a petition sis. ne I by i,,-, whole student body. Ill addition to liie unison work in the assembly, Professor M-isoii lias organized a double male quartette. mixed choriiH, and a chorus of fbc! m , t more experienced |>irl singers. Kx- | perionce .shows that practically tho en- K |,- r K , U ± Z^^^^X -in^o worry over money matter,: lust ruction in formal music and part singing, requiring as it does prolonged drill and special study, meets with more or less resistance on tho nan' of students who do not feel' themselves to be musically gifted. It is planned Arthur Nagle. for many years identified with the local militia company, was elected to the pout of first lieutenant to (ill the vacancy caused by the retirement of Lieutenant Kent. The annual banquet was served after the business meeting and the militia members assembled passed n most enjoyable evening. Von Plank Improving—Dr. Long today found further Improvement in the i condition of Adrian You Plank, The ! patient himself finds that he is much '•• better and to the physician this morn- i . AUTO STAGE LINE. ! The big 60 h. p. Thomas Flyer will make regular trips to Marlcopa, starL Ing from in front of the Majestic £afe at 10 o'clock in the morning and leaving from In front of tho Gate Hotel at Marlcopa at 6 p. rn. Will start tomorrow morning on the first trip. Passnegers can find days of leaving from blackboard in front of Majestic Cafe. Fare, $5 per passenger, each way. 117 COLLAPSE OF BRIDGE KILLS FOUR PERSONS. M.\HTI.\SHURO, M. Va., Dec. Four PCI-K.;ns were killed by the lapse (,;' a pier and span of a hrid:-i- Mi'nss Iho Potomac river col- new here time ago I'ar away and lacks good railroad connections with Bakersfleld the girls will be to a great expense In bring. Ing the team here. The ^his are exhorting everybody to come so thoy will not be financially embarrassed NOTICE. To all whom 11 may concern: v '"' : - '- hereby ulyep that Will Reside Here—E. ncnitts and daughter have arrived from their home in Sydney, Ohio, to make their future residence In California. Dally Auto Service—Jack Tihbetttt. art-r the game. Many'of the students who ° wns the bis Tll( " uas K 'yer, be- a are soiling tickets, but the results n ro "iicouraglng. a large crowd can be feel that they can play bettor, ginning tomorrow, will establish a daily auto stage Hue between this i Hoard o| Supervisors ol the (lount.v of . Kern will not audit anv bill or bill-i tmalnst the county contracted bv comity and township officers orbv persons holdlnir office bv, aunointuiont of .said Hoard of Sunervisors, unless n requisition Iu wmliiirjs jtrst presented to Hv •order cured tho clty nnd Marlco l">- ,'rltlmr is Hr d by tho Do of the Hoard. H. A. JASTHO. Chairman of Board. Her. Clerk. in-15 to Instruct the classes separately in ' musical notation and Kiyht Hinging, ami a beginning has already been made in this direction with the freshman class. CONFIRMATION CLASS. The confirmation class at St. Paul's will meet for Instruction tonight at the Guild Hall. Bishop Nichols will bo here on January 10. NOTES AND PERSONALS Mrs. T. L, Seebold Miss Lillian, will leave this evening for Los Angeles^ where they have been called by the death of Mrs. Secbold's mother. Sixteen 13!) on R Beale, opposite Beale avenue school house, Kern. For sale at $05 a lot. Would make an ideal home. For terms write to Charles T. Zenson, 2616 Manitou avenue, LOB Angeles, Calif. 132 Harry Jaetro la In from Poso today. F. N, Lindsay la in town from Midway. Mrs. C. S. Garticld Is in town from Marlcopa today. E. Kothe of tho Pacific Monthly has returned from a business trip to oLs and daughter, j Angelen and San Francisco. C, B. Colby returned from Lindsay last evening, where lie had been for several days looking over his ranch property near that place, W. H. Graham was nn arlvel from lots, south half of block strer-t, between King and Fresno this morning. Mrs. A. B. Kilben and Miss M. Delamore ctime down from Wasco last evening. Harvey W, Frost, Jr., and Hanry B. Morse are at the Southern from Delano. W. B. Moore came In from Sunset last evening. Attest: !. L. Mil NOTICE. CALLING FOR PROPOSALS TO CONDUCT CITY_8EWER FARM. "" onjer of .the Board ,nf Trustees Bake" ' sealed iiroixmlfPfpr'The""dfsoosiiL'of sewRR? from the City Aewer"fe V 8- iore it is delivered sower on \V '/4 - 13.. M. D. M . and fmnrove- period ranu- i th Jdlf toin. at the riolnt ., throuch t he outfa.. ...... ,. Soclon :',. T. :io a. R. as tf.. and for the cultivation ant ent of said land for a ne m from ten to""iwe'nfv"yeaTr'a. successful anollcant will be ret° Bivq o. Rood and sufficient ! oq .,. .., cood an -. - a nrotect said City from anv and [Jnds of damascs or expe: -- 1 - ing from suits or ptherwrae, It from the disposal of botHt to protec all kinds of da '— resul Dated. December 15 18-15 A> Tl arls- mav said sew., ty Clerk.

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