Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 19, 1964 · Page 5
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 5

Redlands, California
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Wednesday, February 19, 1964
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Council puts ordinance on rubbish ballot Local Notes Closed All Day Thursday in respect to the passing of Mr. C. F. Hales. Nelson-Hales Furniture, 128 E. State. x Time Valuable? Call 792-8472. Haircuts by Ap | An jnjUatjv,, ordinance which i treated as a separate article in not apparently understood by... pointment. Bill s Barber Shop. x, wouId return collection today's Facts. In addition, how- 1 them Echo Time Tonight ' l0 a voluntary status was ever, Burroughs made the fol At 7:53 p.m. today Echo l!placed on the April 14 munici-jlowing observations concerning will be south of.the city, 5aipat ballot by the City Council!the initiative ordinance: degrees above the horizon, and .last night. | -jf this ordinance is ap- moving northeast. j In a countering move, the!proved by the people and Council enacted a modified:adopted as law, and if any part compulsory collection ordinance (proves unworkable, it would Property owners still favor annexation Mrs. Jelliffe returns to UR after taking Ph.D. Property owners along t h e : "The main issue of the Red-, Forced Sale — Save '59 Ford Galaxy and Bird*. Zh wUh ^drheateT:^^ 5 wiU " aci * ^dlandsjiake another vote of the peo- automatic transmission, air con-| vo ' crs - ., . , , . P Ic to amcnd or ch *nge such automatic transmission, air con ditioning. power steering, power)...' brakes. 793-3610 or 792-6958. Councilmen rejected the in ^jitiative ordinance formulated by * jthe Voters Committee Against Voter Registration Compulsory Rubbish Collection Deadline for voter registra-! as being "contrary to public in lion for the April 14 municipal jterest." Reasons for the action elections is tomorrow at 5 p.m.'were set forth in a carefully at City Hall. However, there!worded motion by Councilman will be voter registration tables j Waldo F. Burroughs, who in operation at the east en-jserved as chairman of the citi- trance to Sage's Shopping Cen-! zen s committee organized to ter during the evening until thcj stUf j } . the citv's rubbish collec- shopping center closes. jtion program. New Car Announcement ] Lease 19G4 Mercury, gel free! maintenance up to 40.000 miles.) Ask Leo Crane at Jim Glaze I Leasing. 793-2141 nr 703-47721 (eves.). We lease all makes, xj Rummage and. Bake Sale j 23 Cajon (opposite Cily Hall).j Feb. 20, 21, 22. x l ordinance. Again creating addi tional cost to the taxpayer "There is virtually no ordin ance of our city, or any city, that must not be modified or amended to meet with chang ing times and conditions. I also believe that because of the lengthy nature of the. ordin' ance attached to the petition the signers of same could not have read petition in full, and if they did, the serious results Burroughs' statement is!of adopting such ordinance was Mrs. Rebecca Jelliffe has returned to the University of Redlands this semester after com- est Redlands boulevard renting her Ph.D. degree in main favorable to city annexa-jEngush at the University of i nri TV M i n H* h .lion in spite of a scries of con- California. Berkeley, lands Disposal Ordinance has, ditions ; c(J b cj An instructor of English at been universal col cction versus;, u ^ i the University of Redlands in voluntary disposal. This issue; ' , q = fi x Jr „ jpiijffp , va « a«-ardrrf should have been resolved be-! Jed J Stevenson^ ^^^^S^.^S cause of the amendment to our tor the group pe . for an- for ]gg061 ^ ^ new ordinance, which we arc n^t.on. "™« d ' hc Clt - V .pTion her dissertation. She was one adopting tonight, would aUo«.«« night »•» he wou d pre-• professors from througn . for variance in case of hard -sent the pronoscd_ annexation to-^ (hc S(ates , 0 ship or unusual conditions. Lo^I Agencies Formation such a gran , s(]c n . as , wice •The ordinance by petition al^omnussion. .Reappointed the grant to corn- lows for no variance. A resi-> If 'he annexation is approved, p i C ( C her dissertation dent must subscribe to City by the I.AFC, it would eventual-j Previously distinguishing her-) service, bury or haul his own '>' be put to an eleclion mvolv-l sc[f by rcco j v j ng a Fullbright refuse." ;ing residents of the area. As scno i arship , 0 obt ain her M.A. Alter turning down the initia-jP rc ^ ntcd »y Stevenson the areai degrce at oberlin College Ohio, tive measure, the Council had. 1 " "e annexed would extend j Mrs . j eU iffe completed her doc- no alternative but to place the I? ,0 " g ' he south sldc of R^hmoV issue before the voters in April. ! b,Vf • , from a P° lnt sevcral hun More than 2,500 persons signed; dr « ?d fcet ," st of Kansas west ' petitions in support of the initi-i ER J>' t0 Alabama, ative which would repeal the' »°«ever. the Council altered : ment by Cily Councilman Wal Straube Services {do F. Burroughs outlines the Funeral services for Mrs. Council's reasons for rejecting Lena Adelaide Straube were'an initiative ordinance submit- held Monday morning at ll]ted by the Voters Committee o'clock from the F. Arthur!Against Compulsory Rubbish Cortiier Chapel, with Rev. A.!Collection. Burroughs gives council's stand on rubbish question The following prepared state-.the public interest for several city's six-month-old compul the boundaries to include all of (orate requirements in three and a half years. She received her B.A. degree at the Central Phillipine CoUege and taught at MRS. REBECCA JELLIFFE Kobe CoUege in Japan be/ore , coming to the United States, i Mrs. Jelliffe wiU edit the thesis sorv collection program. ! thc property bounded by Red-, interested in American litera-lthis summer in preparation for Once action was taken to', Iands boulevard, Kansas street.! turc , Mrs. JeUiffc's thesis sub-!publication. and Alabama place the initiative measure on- Par ' k * avenue the ballot the Council moved j strcct immediately into consideration! Stephenson noted that the own ject is a "Critical Study of Wil-j This semester she teaches liam Cullcn Bryant's Practice!two freshman English classes] |and Theory of Poetry." Thorn-;and two classes in American of a revised compulsory ordin-i crs of tho property added to thei as p ar kinson. director of her)Literature. C. Schaller. pastor of the Christ Lutheran Church, of Redlands and Rev. Erwin Nordcn, of Pasadena, officiating. Pallbear crs were Harry Kramer, M. C Klinker, B. F. Stirdivant, Norman C. Herring. Clarence Kruse, and John C. (Jack) Stoddart. Interment was in Hillside Memorial Park. Citrus Market LOS ANGELES, Feb. 19 (UPI) — Representative prices by size and grade all orange auction markets: 48$ 56s 72s 88s First grade... .4.57 4.49 3.63 3.46 Second grade..— 2.89 3.09 2.90 113s 136s T63s First grade 3.35 3.51 3.51 Second grade 2.86 2.83 3.18 Trend: About steady. NEW YORK (UPI)—Citrus: California Navels: 12 cars, half boxes S3.51. Burroughs identified four specific areas in which the initiative ordinance — if adopted — would not "be in the public interest." Redlands voters will resolve the issue on April 14. The statement foUows without quotation marks: A primary responsibility of this or any city council is the health and cleanUness of t h e community. For many months, this Council has been deeply concerned about the disposal of rubbish in the City of Redlands. Prior to last fall, under a voluntary system of disposal collection, the City retained a, normally clean condition through ; the use of a free dump located close to the City. In October, the County closed this dump, and made available a pay-at- tlie-gate dump much further away. The result was immediate. Even before the City could put into operation its universal disposal program, many streets, groves and the wash area were Really Dry | littered with rubbish. True, the Some parts of southwestern)majority of people were not Africa are so dry that one min- 1-1 reasons: 1. It permits a ing center must distill fresh wa ter from the sea and even con. dense water from fog. Weather Jan. 19 _ _ 57 Jan. 20 61 Jan. 21 S3 Jan. 22 54 Jan. 23 54 Rainfall Temp. 24 Sea- Hours son .11 6.61 Jan. 24 . Jan. 25 . Jan. 26 Jan. 27 Jan. 28 Jan. 29 Jan. 30 Jan. 31 Feb. 1 Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. 10 Feb. 11 ... Feb. 12 Feb. 13 _.. Feb. 14 ..... Feb. IS Feb. 16 Feb. 17 Feb. 18 ..... Feb. 19 . 61 . 67 , 58 , 70 . 70 . 70 70 7R 7!S 77 70 73 63 64 - BO 80 62 69 _ 65 64 61 _ 61 69 - 80 82 43 38 47 41 34 33 33 36 36 38 3!) 40 42 41 37 40 37 41 40 41 39 34 32 33 41 35 40 43 7.39 8.11 causing this problem, but laws are not forced upon us by the majority. Littering Stops With the City trucks pickinj up twice each week, these iUe gal dumping conditions stopped. The County Welfare Department stepped in to pay disposal fees for 94 per cent of all welfare cases. The Council, through an appointed Citizens' Committee, made many improvements to the original ordinance, which we arc to finalize tonight. Now we must consider this initiative petition, as presented over the signatures of approximately 2500 citizens of this community. Naturally, we must give every consideration to a petition signed by this number of citizens, but also we mustj |ands for thcir vote on April M I Announcement of Services ROWE. Mrs. Flora 2:00 p.m. Today Valley Chapel Lorn a Linda GUDMUNDSON. Moses S. 10:00 a.m. Friday Redlands Chapel NELSON, Mrs. Clara A. Friends may caU at the Chapel Thursday afternoon or evening BUTLER, Mrs. Marjorie Services Pending Yucaipa Chapel HARMES, John Services Pending Yucaipa Chapel STRUTHERS, Lloyd D. Rosary: 7:30 p.m. Thursday Redlands Chapel Requiem Mass: 10:00 a.m. Friday Sacred Heart Church Emmerson Mortuaries and Chapels 703 BROOKSIDE AVE, 793-244' keep in mind our responsibility to all the citizens of this com• 8I3 ]munity. and evaluate any pro gram from the standpoint of what is best for all. After careful study of the pe tition submitted to the Council by the citizens' committee opposed to universal collection of garbage and trash, I find that it is a complete ordinance which would amend out of existence the amended ordinance which the Council gave first reading on February 4 (The amended ordinance was adopted last night.) If adopted it would not be in resident to bury garbage any place on his premises. This would be t h e first time in 36 years in Redlands that it has been lawful to bury garbage within 250 fcet of any residence. There is no question in my mind that the people of Redlands desire a clean city. With indiscriminate burial of garbage allowed, a high costly degree of inspection of private property wiU be forced upon the taxpayers by this ordinance in order to guarantee a clean city. Deafeats Objective 2. It removes the universal clause thereby lessening the De. partmcnts opportunities to keep collection costs down because of regular coUection and a volume operation and also will be a prime reason to let garbage and refuse accumulate until the resident may find time to dispose of it in other ways. This of course defeats our objective of keeping Redlands clean and sanitary. These extra cost factors make it more costly for those people who need the service. Cans on Street 3. It permits a resident who refuses to aUow pick up of garbage and rubbish on his premises to put garbage cans on the street curb — this the people of Redlands have always objected to. Must Hire Doctor 4. In regards to enforcement — the ordinance requires sanitary inspection to be made only by a graduate Doctor of Medicine or a graduate Sanitary Engineer. This would eliminate our present City or County Health Department inspections. Therefore, it would be necessary for the City to employ additional personnel to meet the requirements of this ordinance, at a substantial increase in cost) to the Disposal Department andj the taxpayer. | For these reasons, I move that the City Council reject this ordinance of the petitioner and submit it to the people of Red ance worked out by the citizens study group, headed by Burroughs. The dressed up compulsory ordinance was adopted after brief discussion. It wiU go into effect in 30 days. The major changes to the new compuslory program, however, were implemented by a companion resolution establishing rates and charges for rubbish collection. The resolution authorizes the Council to make exemptions from compulsory collection under the following conditions: (1) A dwelling on a single par- annexation were not favorablefrfissertation, has recommended j She is the wife of Dr. Rob- to becoming a part of the city. He did not object to including it however, when it was reported that the appraised value of the| S pcctives in Criticism additional land was only S9.120.' The appraised value of t h e property owned by the signers of the petition is $56,750 — well over the 51 per cent required her dissertation for publication |Crt Jelliffe, a writer and former by the UC Berkeley press. It j Fullbright lecturer. She has two will be published in the "Per-jdaughters — Angela, 12; and scries. ICynthia, 1. N.Y. Stocks NEW YORK (UPI) — Stocks for annexation, according to a'revcrsed their upside pattern in report last night. Other conditions stipulated by the City Council were that the proponents instaU a six-inch wa ter main and four fire hydrants along Redlands boulevard, that eel of land which includes five! tne proponents pay the adminis- acres or more and is used primarily for agricultural purposes; (2) Residences of per sons who can give clear and satisfactory evidence that com pulsory rubbish coUection would cause substantial hardship. Under the new compulsory program, the Council may authorize such exemptions following a report and recommendation from a committee comprised of the city treasurer, the director of finance and the disposal superintendent. Vital Records trative costs of the annexation including the election, and that they install sewer mains as the area develops and the need for sewers increases. Estimated cost of the water line installation was S9.200. Costs of the annexation were estimated at Si,175 plus S4 per acre annexed. It was also indicated that the probable zoning of the Redlands boulevard frontage properties, would be C-4 highway commercial. The area behind the boulevard frontage properties would tentatively be zoned for agricultural uses. midsession today and finished with only a sprinkling of small gains. Cigar stocks continued to take the worst beating, reacting to a statement that excessive cigar smoking can be as harmful as cigarettes. Consolidated. General and Bayuk were off large fractions to more than 2. Word that House and Senate negotiators had reached final agreement on the S11.5 billion tax cut bill did little to stimulate buying of stocks. Dow Jones Stock Averages Open Low Close Chgs. 30 ind 800.27 791.32 794.91 off 0.49 20 rrs 185.71 183.82 184.94 up C.47 Struthers dead in Phoenix, aged 34 Lloyd D. Struthers. formerly of Redlands and more recently of Phoenix, Ariz., died suddenly in Phoenix yesterday, according to word received in Redlands today. He was 34 years old. Mr. Struthers moved to Phoenix about two years ago and was a salesman for the Echo Flint Company there. His wife is the former Nancy Bennett, daughter of the Ernest W. Bennetts, 1509 West Olive avenue. They have three children. Lauriej Lynn. Felicia Sue and Melaniej Marie. ] A native of Stratton, Colo. I Redlands Daily Facts 1 Wed., Feb. 19, 1964 - S Redlands High drama group presents 'Harvey' Who is Harvey? WeU Harvey is the six foot rabbit who has been roaming the Redlands High School campus the past (few weeks demonstrating his many talents, one which is the ability to make himself invisible. ! Yes. Harvey is waiting pati- .ently to perform in the upcoming production of the popular ; comedy hit "Harvey". The play. Iwriteen by Mary Chase, will be !under the direction of Mrs. Bil! lie Daniel, and wiU be presented Friday and Saturday Jjevenings, Feb. 21 and Feb. 22 in Clock Auditorium. Tom Recder and Nora Delancy will portray the leading roles of Edlwood P. Dowd and his eccentric sister, Veta Louise, in both 8:00 p.m. performances. Other talented cast members [include Maggie Habecker, as Myrtle Mac Simmons. Melinda Burns as Mrs. Ethel Chavenet. Cynthia Sussman as Ruth Kelly. Carl McWilliams as Duane Wilson. Jym Dickey as Lyman Sanderson, Larry Kistner as WilUam Chumley, Judy Ashton as Betty Chumley. AUcn Whitlow as Judge Gaffney. and Trent Walker as E. J. Lafgren. The production of this delightful comedy includes Christi Johnson as production manager; Harry Donahue, technical head; Benjie Osbun, stage manager; Peggy Beauregard, business manager; and Carol Dennison, prompter. Tickets may be purchased at the door both evenings for 50 cents, with an evening of laughter and enjoyment assured by all who attend. 15 utl 140.07 138.96 139.66 up 0.46 Mr _ struthers was educated in Three USAF generals in permanent rank Announcement of Funeral Services MRS. CARRIE L. SMITH Services 11:00 a.m., Friday, at the F. Arthur Cortner Chapel. CARL F. HALES Services 2:00 p.m., Thursday, at the F. Arthur Cortner Chapel. HARRY A. HILL, JR. Services 2:00 p.m., Friday, at the F. Arthur Cortner Chapel. f. ARTHUR CORTNER 221 BR0OTBWE JWt • PT 2-M1 Two RHS students attacked after basketball game Two Redlands high school boys were injured after the bas- ketbaU game yesterday evening when they were attacked from behind. One of the youths lost two front teeth in the surprise attack and the other received a small cut on the top of his head. The attack occurred about 6:50 p.m. when the two youths were walking across the high school gym parking lot after the tension-packed game. The two injured boys told police that they did not know eith er of their attackers and had never seen them before. It was assumed they were from San Bernardino high school. The boy who lost his teeth said he felt a tap on his shoulder, turned around to say heUo, thinking it was a friend of his, but got a fist in the mouth instead. Neither of the attackers said a word before fleeing. INSURANCE AETNA C & S CO. EMPLOYER'S GROUP MARYLAND CASUALTY CO. NATL. AUTO CLUB "YOUR PROTECTION IS MY BUSINESS- JACK W. ROSE 793-3134 416 E. Redlands Blvd. Redlands ,.„rw^ B ' RT HS (charge of local arrangements. WILMOT _ Born, a daughter. STRUTH ERS - Died in Phoe to Mr. and Mrs. RusseU A Wilmot, 1509 Bel Air Court. Redlands, Feb. 12. 1964, at Loma Linda hospital. HERNANDEZ—Born, a daughter, to Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Hernandez. 26027 Juanita street, Bryn Mawr, Feb. 13 1964, at Redlands Community hospital. BOGGS — Born, a daughter, to Mr. and Mrs. John Boggs, 810 West Palm avenue, Feb. 19, 1964. at Redlands Community hospital. ROBINSON — Born, a son. Keith WilUam Jr., to Mr. and Mrs. Keith W. Robinson, 217-= Colton avenue, Mcntone, Feb. 18. 1964, at Redlands Community hospital. Maternal grand- Parents are Mr. and Mrs. Jake Harbet of Redlands. Paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. William Anderson of Mentone. Marriage Licenses Issued BARTON-CLARK — Clyde A. Barton, 21. and Barbara A. Clark. 22; both Redlands. (Issued in Las Vegas) MAY-HUNTSMAN—Everett R. May, 24, and Juanita J. Huntsman, 18: both Redlands. (Is sued in Las Vegas) DEATHS GUDMUDSON — Died in Riverside, Calif., Feb. 18, 1964, Moses Samuel Gudmundson, 3409 Vista, Riverside, Calif, aged 84 years, native of Utah, and resident of Riverside for 15 years, former resident of Redlands. Deceased is survived by his wife. May Gudmundson, Riverside, the foUowing children: Crandall Gudmundson, Beau mont; Clair Gudmundson, Ely, Nev.: FarreU Gudmundson, Bountiful, Utah; Keith Gudmundson, Inglewood; Levi Gudmundson, Barstow; Earl Gudmundson. Saratoga. Calif.: Leona Clark, Las Vegas, Nev LiUias Appland, Hawaii; Gloria Thompson. Riverside; Barbara Lidquist, BeU, Calif., also 32 grandchildren and 26 great grandchildren. Funeral services will be held Friday 10:00 a.m. at the Emmerson Redlands Mortuary chapel. Rev. John D. Foerster, pastor of the First EvangeUcal Lutheran church, officiating. Interment in Hillside Memorial Park. NELSON — Died in Fontana. Calif., Feb. 18, 1964, Mrs. Clara A. Nelson, 545 4th street, Redlands, Calif., aged 87 years, native of Iowa, and resident of Redlands for 6 years. Deceased is survived by her son and daughter: Robert E. Nelson; Lenore Busby, both of Redlands, 5 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren and the foUowing brother: Jay P. Manatt, Brooklyn, Iowa. Friends may caU at the Mortuary Thursday afternoon or evening. Funeral services wiU be held in Brooklyn, Iowa. Interment in Brooklyn. Iowa cemetercy. Emmerson Redlands Mortuary in nix, Ariz.. February 18, 19G4 Lloyd D. Struthers. 2431 West Echo lane. Phoenix, Ariz, aged 34 years, native of Strat ton, Colo., and resident of Phoenix for 2 years and former resident of Redlands. Recitation of the Rosary Thursday 7:30 p.m. at Emmerson Redlands Chapel. Requiem Mass will be celebrated Friday 10 a.m. in Sacred Heart Church. Rev. Henry W. Keanc officiating. Interment in Montecito Memorial Park, Emmerson Redlands Mortuary in charge. SMITH — Died in San Bernardino, California. Feb. 15. 1964, Mrs. Carrie LoweU Smith, aged 93 years, native of Galveston. Texas and resident of Redlands for 10 years. Funeral services will be held Friday morning at 11 o'clock from the F. Arthur Cortner Chapel, with Rev. John tie Boer Cummings. of Trinity Episcopal Church, and Copa Del Oro Chapter. No. 142, OES, officiating. Interment wiU be in Hillside .Memorial Park. HALES — Died in Redlands. California, Feb. 18, 1964, Carl F. Hales, 24 Parkwood drive, aged 79 years, native of Ohio and resident of Redlands for 46 years. Deceased is survived by hisj wife, Mrs. Edna S. Hales, two sons, Paul F. Hales, San Diego: and Lawrence E. Hales, Redlands; four sisters, Mrs. Dora Berk, Long Beach: Mrs. Mac Hale. Huntington Park: M r s. Bernicc Jessop, Encinitas; and Mrs. Neva Cannicott, Huntington Park; and 5 grandchildren. Funeral services will be held Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock from the F. Arthur Cortner Chapel, with Rev. Willard Schurr, pastor of the First Methodist Church, officiating. Entombment will be in the Mausoleum at Hillside Memorial I Park. Those who wish mayj make Memorial contributions to j the Cancer Fund, in care of; Miss Martha Mueller, at t h c Bank of America. HILL — Died in Long Beach Calif., Feb. 18, 1964, Harry Albert HiU, 520 East Pennsylvania avenue, Redlands. aged 40 years, native of Enterprise, Oklahoma, and resident of Redlands for 23 years. Funeral services wiU be held Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock from the F. Arthur Cortner Chapel. Rev. Andrew Young, pastor of the Church of the Nazarene officiating. Interment in Stigler, Oklahoma. 65 stk 278.60 275.72 277.10 up 0.24 |Red]ands schools and for three years served with the U.S. Air Force in England. In addition to his wife and children, he leaves his mother, Mrs. Maude Struthers of Red- Sales today were about 4.28 milUon shares compared with 4.66 million shares Tuesday. 1.1 Mo->t Arllvt Stocks (Dow-Jones Srrvicr. Courtesy Lestrr. Ryons & Co.) ••US t. Stile Volume .-.O.IOII Grneral Motors <fl..»o« Coot. Air .tD.r.oo Braniff m.lun Penn». K.R. ... .IT.OO Helrne Curtis 11/1(10 Gillette .1.t.(MMI Pan Am. Air. .. .11.300 V.S. Steel Vnited Air Sperry Band IH.Itnn Amer. T. & T. 2*..~,00 Xerox Close Chns. . 7!» - -'j . fir* —2'i, in - 'i ... onch. ... lev, ... ~ 1 1 .. :tt'i 5 » - «» .. :!»'. 1 3 — 1 r — 1- 35'i .. I»i« ..l4S'i .. :IH Three Norton Air Force Base generals have been nominated by President Lyndon B. Johnson for appointment as permanent brigadier generals in the regular Air Force. AH are assigned lands; three brothers, James! ^ , 0 " ice , of T , he ln ,T^° T Struthers of Walla Walla, i Ge " e ™± i^T ^f: b ? AF Wash.; Noble Struthers of Redlands and Ralph Struthers of Glendora; and two sisters, Audrey Ross and Bettie Bcdner, both of Redlands. j Rosary wiU be recited tomor- jrow at 7:30 p.m. in Emmer! son's Redlands chapel. Re- Recommended for the important career step by Air Force Secretary Eugene Zuckcrt and Chief of Staff General Curtis LeMay on Monday were Major General Bertram C. Harrison, Deputy The Inspector General, USAF; Brigadier General Henry C. Newcomer. Director of In- Mrs. Golitz dies in Maywood Word was received in Redlands today of the death of a former resident. Mrs. Leah Catharine Gibbons Golitz, who died in Maywood on January first after only a day's illness. Mrs. Golitz lived most of her life in Redlands and graduated in 1932 from Redlands High school. She leaves her husband. Robert Golitz. 5413 Everett avenue. Maywood. I quicm Mass wiU be celebrated , J0 USAF and Brigadier in Sacred Heart church Friday General j T Rohhi Direc . at 10 am. by the pastor. Rev ^ of Aero ace Safetv _ USAF . i HC ,?7,) • f^^ent Gencrals Harrison and Rob- j will follow m Montecito Memor- bjns rcside at Norton wWIe Gen . I lal Fark - eral Newcomer lives at 209 East J . i Sunset drive in Redlands. i PoUlfrY Olid COOS I 0fficial appointment as briga ' J3 j dier generals in the regular Air LOS ANGELES. Feb. 19 IUPI' -,p orce now _ pprl as a CoHTe>;- Ecgs: Pri«s to retailers f.o.b. to dis- , orc V " OW " aS 3 e \ tributor plants ideUvered ni cents, sional formality, means in effect Mi uV'Si-S!? that the appointees can remain 33>i-42'i. A large 36'3-37'i. B Urge several additional years on ac- 32'i-33'i. AA medium 36'i-39'.-. A »j v _ A j r forep dutv It also medium 34',-33'i. AA small uve , f orce Qulv - 11 dlso A smaii 27 'b -28' 3 . I greatly enhances their chances Prices to consumers: AA large for nromotion to hi«her ranks 39. A large 51-55, AA medium 51-56.! lur pro»'»»»" '» • A medium 50-52. AA small 45-49. A I ~ Poultry: Fryers 17-19. roasters 21- ; TREASURE HOUSE iV £ h i. l i'£. h r« J« Your unused furniture or an- 4.43. hens cross 5-6 wtd. avg. o.46:f turkeys: young toms 2i, young hens Pliancts will find a ready mar- M-24',. roasters 22. ; ket though classified Ads. SELL IT TOMORROW With low - cost Classified Ads Facts Classified Ads Can Sell Anything CaU 793-3221 Redlands DISCOUNT Wallpaper Store 25e-3Se-45e-«e-85c Home Owner* Paint Store 9 West State, Redlands How sons and daughters of Californians 65 and over can enroll their parents in a new liberal health insurance plan Western 65 is the liberal new health insurance plan you can enroll your parents in without their signature. A new state law enabled 62 leading insurance companies to make it possible. These companies work together; share the risk in order to provide this more adequate plan. You get generous benefits, yet the premiums are reasonable. Get together with your brothers and sisters. Share the premium. That way you can give your parents—and yourselves—peace of mind for just a few cents a day. Mail this coupon now for your free folder on Western 65. No obligation. Or call an insurance agent today. Any one of them will gladly help you choose the coverage best suited to your needs. Hurry! Enrollment opens March 1, end* March 31, 1964 Please mail me the complete folder on Western 65. I understand there is no obligation. WESTERN 65 Dept. B Box 65, Los Angeles, Calif. 90054 Name. (PLEASE PRINT) !! Address. City No. 6D .Zone. .State. ATTENTION CALIFORNIANS 65 OR OVER Ask These Agents About AVESTEKY 65 Health Insurance BEAVER, WILCOXSON & DAVIS 204 E. Stale St., Ph.j 793-2373 BOB COX 16 W. Cilrus Ave.. Ph.: 793-5221 FOWLER'S REAL ESTATE & INSURANCE 25 Cajon St. Phone: 793-2883 FOY & FOY REAL ESTATE & INSURANCE 8 E. Citrus Ave. Phone: 793-2591 GILLMORE INSURANCE, INC. 35 £. Citrui Ave. Ph.: 793-2151 MORT AGENCY 107 E. Citrui Ave. Ph^ 792-1 465 LARRY W. NOBLE INSURANCE AGENCY 103 W. Slate St. Ph.. 792-1341 REDLANDS INSURANCE AGENCY 273X5 W. Redlandi Blvd. Phone: 792-3442 JACK W. ROSE 416 E. Redlands Blvd. Phone: 793-3134 SAWYER, COOK & CO. 12 W. Stole St. Ph. : 793-2314 SEDGWICK-ARNEGARD INSURANCE 211 Orange St. Phones 793-5939 GARRY VAN VLIET 111 E. Citrui Ave. Ph.: 793-5141 Hurry . . . enrollments end March 31, 1964! REDLANDS INSURANCE AGENTS ASSOCIATION i

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