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The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah • Page 65
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The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah • Page 65

Salt Lake City, Utah
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TheSaltLake mbune Wednesday, October 24, 1984 D9 Be Activisions Private Eye Jumps Beta Lyrae Tries to Different, But Fails Center Seeks Volunteers The Salt Lake Rape Crisis Center is seeking volunteers to help individuals and familes. The non-profit center will hold a training session for potential counselors which includes films, role playing and talks on legal, medical and psychological aspects. Volunteers will be asked for a commitment of 20 hours or more a month. Training begins Nov. 2.

and applications can be obtained from the Rape Crisis Center, 776 W. 200 North. thought than reaction Players must find the quickest route through the city to satisfy the conditions of each case before time runs out At first the game is tough and engrossing. But once solved, a mystery holds no further surprises. During subsequent games, the location of evidence never varies and the cityscape never power generators are worth 222 points.

Once you have reached and destroyed these all-important power generators, you are given the opportunity to destroy as many of the retreating fleet as possible." Tribune Company Syndicate Stargate Actually Looks, Plays Like Its Coin-Op Namesake to Conclusion changes. This leaves the player with yet another repetitive contest. Suggested retail for Private Eye has bom set at (22 95 about (10 less than the Activision standard for a 4K game cartridge. Tribune Company Syndicate Snowthrower Powerful two-stage performance at a compact price! Deep Snow Performance This Toro two-stage can hurl 650 pound oi snow a minute. That means it'll take only 30 minutes to clear up to 9 Inches of snow oti a 50-toot two-car drive.

Throws snow up to 25 feet. too. 3V2-hp 21 -inch Retail $649.95 499 3521 By Michael Blanchet Stargate is an unusual translation it actually looks and plays similarly to the coin-op its named after. This is not a cash-in product the type of program companies like Co-leco are so fond of pumping out. This is Stargate.

Of course, concessions are to be expected, but the qualities that made the coin-op such a whopping success have found their way into this cartridge. Despite my reservations about blast-em-till-you-die contests. Star-gate should be a refreshing change for jaded Atari 2600 owners. The game doesnt break any new ground thematically, but it does require above average dexterity and a considerable amount of strategy and planning two elements that are absent from most 2600 games. As the pilot of the ship Defender, your job is to protect the 10 ground-based humanoids from alien attack.

In addition to the standard equipment blaster, you can use the inviso and smart bomb options against your attackers. When inviso is activated, your ship, though invisible, can still fire and destroy, on contact, any alien it encounters. Smart bombs could more accurately be called non-selec-tive bombs. When detonated, they destroy everything on the screen. Had all these functions been con similar to illustration Limited to stock on hand New Fall Hours: 9-6 9-5 Sat.

BOUNTIFUL SMALL ENGINE SALES SERVICE PARTS 292-0378, 295-4141 487 NORTH 500 WEST BOUNTIFUL By Michael Blanchet Im beginning to fear that we win never again see an original game for the Atari 2600. Private Eye. Activisions new 2600 effort, is the latest game to try and fail. The game casts the player as Pierre Touche, a floppy hatted French investigator" (an ailusion to Inspector Clouseau?) Touche has tracked wily international criminal Henri La Fiend" to New York. Being a native Parisian, Touche is lost.

Your job is to guide him through the streets and help him collect evidence that will establish reasonable cause for La Fiend's arrest. There are five cases, each with its own statute of limitation (eonstab-lese for time limit). Before time expires, Touche must gather each article of evidence and return it to its place of origin. Once this is done, he can arrest La Fiend and bring him to the precinct no small task when you consider the ground you must cover and the amount of time you are given to do so. The hazards encountered are those associated with city settings potholes, rats and falling bricks.

The falling bricks are reminiscent of the falling flowerpots from another Activision game. Crackpots. In fact, a good bit of this game seems to have come from other Activision games. Sections of the city appear to have stepped right out of Crackpots, the way the scenery changes is reminiscent of Pitfall! and the on-screen action closely follows that of Keystone Kapers. I've never heard of Mike Hammer doing it, but this Private Eye jumps (not to conclusions, he literally jumps).

To avoid obstacles, he must jump. To gather evidence, he must jump. To question suspicious characters, he must jump. Why all the jumping? That, I assume, is the action part of the game. But it seems oddly out of place here.

To its credit. Private Eye, unlike most 2600 software, requires more $579 17 rack By Michael Blanchet The Tail of Beta Lyrae, a tired game with an even wearier story behind it, is yet another reworking of the classic Defender motif of ships vs. ships in aerial combat. Beta Lyrae, a new game from Da-tamost for Atari and Apple computers, also employs play elements first seen in Scramble, in Scramble's successor Super Cobra and in the thematically related Fort Apocalypse. The end result is a game that strives to be different but fails dismally.

The instruction booklet (all two pages of it) spouts more hot air than a politician. On the one page containing text, three-fourths of the space is devoted to the storyline, the remainder to instructions. The facing page contains pictures of all known" alien installations, complete with point values. With the loquacity of an army recruiter, the booklet explains the situation which, of course, is dire and growing worse with every passing moment. You, a Galactic Wing Commander assigned to the Beta quadrant, are part of a force committed to the destruction of the alien war machine that now occupies the mining colonies on Beta Lyrae.

The colonists are being slaughtered on sight All will be lost if you fail in your mission. The game's package, too, reeks of recruit sergeant-ese pilot through the tail, rocket over mountainous terrain. maneuver through caverns under fire, fly over the city settlements. Corny, yes, but necessary in this case. Were the game half as exciting as its makers make it out to be.

they wouldnt have to rely on this infantile call to arms. Game play is straightforward simply shoot everything in sight. Your weaponry" (Why not just weapon? You only have one) is activated by the fire button, while the altitude and speed of your ship are adjusted by the joystick. As you move, the screen scrolls from left to right Your duties are evenly divided between pilot and gunner. Since 10 points are deducted from your score with each shot, selective firing is recommended.

The opposition boasts the usual machines of destruction: ground-based lasers, missiles and what have you. If this game does enjoy one distinction, its the odd point values assigned to some of the targets. Vessels, for instance, score 697 to 700 points when hit, while a destroyed alien miner earns the player 111 points and New Regatta Game Is Nothing Like Real Sailing Coot in aed From Page D-7 Because it is so small, the sail and tiller indicator is also hard to read. Had the game been presented in first person (or cockpit) perspective, these indicators ccmld have been eliminated. As it stands, however, the screen layout is distracting.

Players must divide their attentions between the playfield overview and the bank of indicators. Since a third person perspective was used. Regatta offers none of the thrill of sailing that pleasant bobbing motion and the rushing breeze are absent. Designers Eric Peterson and Joe Demuth could have at least faked it by adding some sound effects the sound of wind, for example, or an occasional slapping of water against the hulL They did not. At times, the silence is deafening.

The game claims to offer four significantly different courses," yet one layout barely differs from the next Two of the courses are more difficult to maneuver through, since their buoys are closely bordered by shallows. This aside, each lake is nearly identical All have three buoys, and all are about the same size. The game is not without some merit It is original (this alone almost makes it worth the (29.96 asking price). It is also well documented by both print and on-screen menus. By pressing at the beginning of the game, players can call up detailed directions, as well as explanations for every indicator.

Trtxjne Company Syndicate Coats! Blazers! Sweaters! We ae ow stocked Get them at our store1 With this ad for one eek. we'll help fto with a DeMontes 66 So. Main journal ul trolled by a single joystick, Stargate might have been as easy as threading a needle while wearing a catchers' mitt. Thoughtfully, these duties are divided between two controllers. The left joystick controls flight and firing, while the right one activates inviso, smart bombs and hyperspace.

By selecting the right difficulty switch on the 2600 console, you can choose to forfeit control of these special functions. If you choose to do this, they will be automatically and sequentially activated until all are used up. In the reverse mode, you must move the joystick until the cursor is aligned with the desired function. Once it has been selected, a tap of the fire button will activate it. Although Stargate is a one-plaver game, it's best when its played by two players not competing but working together as a team.

One player can fly the ship while the other controls inviso, smart bombs and hyperspace. Visually, Stargate is plain; the explosions and effects that made the eoiri-op version such a feast for the senses are absent here. But even without these embellishments, the game succeeds. Stargate is also available from Atarisoft for the Apple and Atari line of home computers. Tribune Company Syndicate DRYER Mode LE5700XM 3 cydes 4 temoerasres Etira targe fart screen Lrt sound afcarm $309 purcrw.

OF UNBEATABLE TV APPLIANCE SALES SERVICE UNDER COUNTER DISHWASHERS Model DU5003XL With rt-Temp Washing Option 4 automate cycles ncuarg pets and pens Power dear1 wasting system Ht Temo wawig ophon Exoiuswe w(he-door swware basket hbgfv Je racks MORE I WHIRLPOOL NO-FROST REFRIG ERATOR Whirlpool Model EHT171TK 0cu ft capacity Textured steel doors Provision for optional ICEMAGIC automate ice maker Arfyistahie full-width stiekes Adjustable rollers, luce can DELUXE WASHER and DRYER PAIR BEST BUY FOB THE MONEY 5 WASHER Uoam LA74S0 5 cycse rwavy 2 speed 4 eaeer lewe 3 temper coreroe Large 388 i i I Model DU1098XL with Normal Heavy Cycle wed tor the most common durrrashgrg load Energy-sewmg ar dry ooeor DURA- PERM'1 door tner Porrar Ename QrvGtoei TX Duet Actor Femg System WHIRLPOOL UPRIGHT WHIRLPOOL MICROWAVE FREEZER Model EV130CXR 13.1 cu. ft. storage capacity Slim 28" width Textured steel door 3 full width shelves Bulk storage trivet 4 super storage door shelves Power saving heater control switch Defrost dram Microcomputer Touch Controls Two cook cycles plus defrost Ten cook powers MEAL SENSOR temp probe Urge 1 3 cu ft capacity 700 watts of cooking power Balanced Wave Cookng System s288 Automate Tmer provides up to 15 mexrtes of continuous cooking 0 8 Cu ft oven capacity provides plenty of cookng convenience Sea'eO-m shed Cooking Giade Weighs just 41 pounds Touch Control Models start at SERVICE THE HOME YOUR ONE-STOP SHOP FOR: Applianc and TV Parts Tap and VkMo (Aw- VxMoDuc vo. movim HMp on Horn Appfcanc Ropav Prompt FREE Delivery Courteous HetphJ Sates Peopte Honest Pnoes FREE Normal InstaMabon Convenient C-edit erms 10-day Money-back Guarantee FF1EE 2-year Warranty on all Wwtpoot Appliances Unbeatable Apptianoe and T.V. Service 4 TV APPLIANCE SALES SERVICE 298-1414 621-5002 360 So.

200 W. 351 36th Street Bountiful Ogden 1 -i i nui'iu ii. iilj UMLW' ijimuuw iwmmw orr 4 liiwwi.

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