The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 16, 1908 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
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Wednesday, December 16, 1908
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Vol. XX. BAKERSFIEI.D, CALIFORNIA, WKDNESDAY, DECEMBER 10,1908. No. 117 WORLD MAKES HOT REPLY TO ROOSEVELT NEW YORK, Dec. 16.-—The World In replying to Roosevelt's message to Congress says: "No other living man ever so grossly libeled the United States as does this President, who besmirches Congress, bulldozes judges, assails the integrity of courts, slanders private citizens, and who has shown himself the most reckless.unscrupulous demagogue whom the American people ever trusted with great power and authority. "We say this not In anger, but In sincere sorrow. The World has Immeasurably more respect for the office of President of (be United States than Theodore Roosevelt has ever shown during the years In which he has maintained a reign of terror and vilified the honor and honesty of both public officials and private citizens who opposed his policies or thwarted him In hla purposes. "Mr. Roosvelt Is mistaken. He cannot muzzle the World. While no amount of 'billingsgate' on his part can alter our determination to treat scrupulous fairness, wo repeat ORDINANCE GOVERNS LIQUOR THAU; we have already said, that the Congress of the United States should make a thorough investigation of the whole Panama transaction, that the full truth may be known to the Amer- can people. "The World appreciates the import, ancc and significance of Mr. Roosevelt's statement when he declared to Congress that the proprietor of the DEAD mm The Board of Supervisors today passed the new ordinance, number 93, to regulate and restrict the Issuance of liquor licenses In all territory outside of Incorporated towns. The ordinance is in line with that suggested some weeks since, but It Is more stringent with reference to saloons outside of towns. The ordinance provides that before o license for a road house can be Issued, the petitioner must secure the consent of two-thirds of the propel y holders within a radius of three ml IB of tho location of the saloon. The" 1< t formerly placed the limit at five ml, but experience showed It was efi to secure the consent of prope holders at a distanec, and£oftentln the residents in. a three mile rad found themselvesfin. a minority . compared with the whole number . property holders In the district. It^ls argued that the t&i4e mile limit wlUiter January 5th. l>lace the responsibility directly upon thosi? who reside close by the proposed saloon. In towns, the provisions of the old ordinance were entirely abrogated and now the petition for a license must contain the signatures of two thirds of the actual residents, wheth er property holders or renters, within a radius of 600 feet. This means that two-thirds of the residents on an area of about four blocks must sign a petition before a license will be granted, and it places the veto power in such places as Tehachapl, Mojave, Randsburg, Delano and other towns directly with the people if they see fit to exercise It. They must sanction the Issuance of the license, or no license will be Issued. The question of raising the license j from $3110 to $600 per year was dis- , cussed, tnit no action was taken, Ttv; ordinance will be In effect at- RULES TO AN CARACAS, Venezuela, Dec. 15.—An gored by the warlike demonstrations of the Dutch ships, the people of Caracas rose today against the rule of President Castro, now In Europe, nnd It Is believed his authority is at an end. An infuriated mob, without hindrance from the police swept through the city, wrecking the property of Castro's henchmen and friends. 'Hie mob rounded up all statues of Castro and pictures, removing them from the clubs and semi public buildings and burnedj them in the boule- SECOND DEATH FROM jCORN STALKS MAKE POISONED LUNCHEON. I NEWSPRINT PAPER. Coroner McGinn is holding World 'should be prosecuted for libel \ » this ^ternoon^verjhe by the government authorities and that 'the attorney general has under consideration the form under which the proceedings against Mr: Pulitzer shall be brought.' "This is the first time a President ever asserted the doctrine of los? majesty, or proposed, In the absenrj of specific legislation, the criminal PERFECT PLAN III Ml mains of Laura Logan, the colored woman who was shot and Instantly Ulllt-,1 yesterday shoi lly»beforc 1100:1 by Williams, atao colored. While tho defendant's pie.i \.iil 1111 doubtedly be self>, evi.l-jnce was introduced which prove-1 that one of the fatal shots were fired while the deceased was lying on the ofior. R. E. Jones, a yoinig colored man, s:i\v the shooting. He heard 'be flr-t shot and saw the Lo^an woman f-ik<- roi.ii'.e in the room of Jessie Richmon i. T.V) I William.- woman followed Her victim | into the room, anil standing in the center of tho Moor, (lie 1 ! oner at tin, VALLEJO, -Dec. 15.—Mrs. August : WASHINGTON, Dec. 15.- Roso, wife of Bandsman Rose of | print paper can be produced That from Mare Island, died at 3:40 o'clock this corn stalks In competition with wood ELKS APPROVE OF BUG PLANS At the meeting of the Elks last night, the plans tor the now building and lodge rooms were approved pemi-1 ..^{'"'."'i!-',!!,".'. 'l,,~ •!... „,,,.,,.,(.,,>„« ,,f tlm .lli'nofnrn nf i'Ml'»»l uilliui ard De Plaza. Further dangerous domonsuui ions' re anticipated. It Is expected that of- Iclal action will be taken deposing Castro: The first building looted was that containing the lottery monopoly, a slate enterprise which enriched Itself it the expense of the people. It was sacked and pillaged. The printing office of El Constltu- clonal was pillaged completely. It Is the organ of Castro and has suspended publication, leaving Caracas without a newspaper. The steam lam-dry of Senor Rlvas was wrecked, nnd several drug stores of Senor Thielen wore turned inside out. Thielen Is the son-in-law of general Mendo/.a, a staunch supporter of Castro, nnd 'hia former private bocro- tary. Inscriptions extolling the. vlrtuei :ind power* of Castro, carved on public buildings iiml elsewhere Unvo been hacked, cut and (.-rased. The mob dla- afternoon from ptomaine poisoning, ! pulp was the purport, of a qualified ing tho acceptance of the directors of A-uilf'the result of partaking of food served | report that Dr. B. T. Galloway of the the Elks Hall Association. The plans ' at the luncheon given after the j bureau of plant inquiry of the depart- j were on exhibition and lu the opinion launching of the collier Phometheus on December 5th. I She is the second person who ate of the luncheon to die. James C. Roy[voids, a waiter, expired from the ! same cause in San Francisco last Wednesday. mum of agriculture made to the of the. lodge, meets lt« requirements house committee on agriculture to-1 for the now home, day. A commercial lest will*soon be I rr ne plans call for a two story LOS ANUKLUS, Dec. 16.—Southern California oil producers met at the Union League Club yesterday afternoon to complete the organization of an Independent agency lor this part of the state. The movement was started several weeks ago at a meeting of local oil men in the office of M. T. M-cQulgg, at •which a committee was appointed to draft a form of organization. H. S. Woolnor was chairman of this committee. The. 1 committee has agreed to report on the Coallngn plan for an agency rather than the Kern River plan. i.ogatt v/omail, who app»'iti,-i in ilO lal'.inir shelter behin.l Uie duo:-. The d'.M.I woman fell forward t» U-e floor tiBd \.-j .so" l-.iy there t'ue juur'vivfii filed" i"-..s'u!ii. This last shot produced i lie wound In ilio ut'U.l v.'blch shatter- ! nd the brain and eaiu.eJ inatant death. Tin- revolver had five empty chambers bii' Jones can remember 'hearing but throe shots. Jessie Richmond, another witness, heard four. Dr. Crease, the autops\ the first wounds. The bullet which pissed through the arm entered *the bo.!y and shattered tho eighth rib, took a downward course, penetrated the left kidney and stopping in the spine. It caused a hemorrhage which would have caused death, was in the head. Quick Work in rder T alt, Joe risk, William James, James Kilpatrio.',,, F, Morris. Peter Wi.lBor, and J. il. Heath." ! Paul /\Meoud, who was wounded; Kvlcn by tKo fin<t bullets fired by tho j woman, v -.» a witness, That Alleoud j had a nn..'^w escape from serious in j ——— jiv.'y '.:'. H ..hown by the bullet hole lu i ^; ; A thick bundle of letters. | Tho remnlnins four jurymen in the bOM- the mark of the bullet, ] Lowolllng murder case wore secured 1 moon iu the persons! II. Reeve, Chris ', 1 structure, the first floor to bo utli- jlzed for two store rooms und the Becloud for the homo of the order. There j will bo a lodge room, 48x61 feet, a so- j clal hall, reading room, secretary's of- i rice, closets, anterooms and kitchen, ' A meeting of the Elks Hall Assocla- ' lion slCi'kholdersj will be hold next • Tuesday night anil tin: IudlcauvV-5. 'are that the new building will b6 | under way before the Of.-ni!ng year l)iis much advanced. will bi< bc-gun and oilier em- •s of El ConstItucional for firing at. a crowd, causing several fatalities. The funeral of the victims is expected to give rise to further disorders. _. *-«-»• \vhi''|) bOM- l"e malic 01 me DUIIOI, j i-i-wi-uuii; uiurui-r ilei'.ectea'"the course of" tin.- Ooadlj^ Tuesday aftemcx lead, causing buL a Bllsht wound in i of C. E. Ren!, W, TWO PATIENTS TAKEN TO STATE INSTITUTIONS. the side. According to derloln this is th farr and G. H. Tellhct, and after a{ Two patients were taken to Insllt.u- the gossip Of the ten statement by District Attorney Laird j tlons for the Insane this morning. ,....„ „ .„ .ho tWrd life thf little I th* taking of testimony was at once Sheriff Kelly left at. noon for Hl s h- IBC-, me iiuiopsv suri-.;n, was colored womas has claimed. It Is sflid begun. So rapid has the progress lands near ban Bernardino with Spen- witness. He "described the I that about ofte year and a half ago sh*l*een that H Is anticipated the testl- cer, the Kern showman. Deputy mony will bo all in before night, and , Creasey accompanied the sheriff, as the jury tomor- ' Spenfer has been bad for siveeral killed another colored woman in the Sacramento tenderloin, but escaped punishment for the crime. Will .Bury Woman, Friends Of the deceased woman are busying themselves today In rals The oilier wound j Ing money for her burial. A siibscrlp- The thickness of it ion list has been started and clrcu the case will go to ... ....„ r ow days past and in his spells', requires The testimony, though circumstan-'considerable force Ui bo subdued. Hal, Is very strong. Uossullle, tho! * ' * mnn who was killed, was tending 1 bar tit Verdlor's snloon when shot. Ho was In tho saloon alone when AWAKENED INTEREST IN THE BOARD OF TRADE. Under tho former the producers sell their oil to the agency, while under •the Kern River plan the various pro- rlucers jjnerato under leases from the agency. j The meeting was well attended and j ltu I tho skull partoil the bullet, one part; lated through the lower end of town | Levelling is supposed to have enter-| I jamming against the bone ami the oth• | and has secured sufficient money for , od. A shot was heard, tho wounded or taking a downward course s ing the brain and lodging und ruht ear. II was the death .i wound, taking the woman's 1; sli.ntly. Tills bullet W;M fired woman was on the floor. was open to all Interested In it. No- j Jesse Richmond, colored, an eye wit- tices had been sent to all producers,: \ess, told the c,ame story printed yes of IAS Angeles and vicinity, Including the \\1hittler and Fullerton fields. It is intended that this agency will include all the oil fields sotuh o" the Tehachapl eventually. ierday. She was positive she saw the deceased make a motion as If to draw a weapon from her waist. Coroner McGinn selected the following jury: T. L. Blackburn, J. I- Zum- man staggered out through the front ' door, and Lewelling left about the probably be In this city. \ same time through a side door. He Was Stolen Gun. 1 was subsequently found hiding In the The gun with which the Williams j rear of the premises in a China gar- woman did the shooting has been > den. The pistol was also found In identified as the one stolen from i the garden by Marshal Badger. tKtu-r : the burial. Although the woman has r the l-relatlves In Hanford, interment will •.illn;,'' V in James Bowen from his room la the Midland two months ago. He had marked the weapon and last night identified it. How the Williams woman came in possession of It has not yet been explained. The witnesses so far examined are Dr. West, J. T. Heguera, W. M, Buf- j flngton, T. A. Baker, S, Selna, Jacob Dorr, Marshal Badger and Joe Maler. FINAL FIGURES ON THE POPULAR VOTE. Make this Store Your Christmas Store for Men's Gifts Make this Store Your Christmas Store for Men's Gifts Get Your Christmas Gift Shirts Here! When you make a man a present of a shirt get it at a store like " ours—where yon know that any shirt you buy here is the latest stylo out, the prettiest patterns and the best values. Men like nice shirts—in fact, very few men ever feel they have , too many, So yon see one or two shirts chosen from our large and complete assortment will surely please the recipient. to make your so f slyles for KiLilit now is the ' All prices -sniaili i-etions. ('lirist mas Keleoti"lis. Start Your Shopping Nc Christmas THE Men's G'ft? Arc Easii/ Found Here! NEW YORK, Dec. 16.—The total popular vote, of the presidential candidates lit the last Presidential elec- i tion was made known yesterday in ' RV. official form by the filing of tho I 1: : of the official vote, that of Michl-! - - Ttio total shows the following' That Ilioro In mi awiilionod Interest in (bo Hoiird of Tnulo is evitU'iiced from tho fact thiit H number of new iiioni- bei'M have onrolled tbumsHlVL-s this week since the Cnllforiiiiin directed iiltentlon to the need for more support for the or- Kiinlzntlon, and It la now cor- tain that whenever the directors call the annual meet inn, there will bo a lai'Ko nttend- anco of members 'prepared lo laki- an active Interest in the future of the board. . No definite tbito has yot boon fixed for the meeting, but It will bo between now and the first of the year. DEFEATS ITALIAN XI-;W YOUK, Pec. ir,.~-,\K on the im-m,,ral.1o ocoi'm'ii.H oIVlS first Oiym-, lior.nulo IMotrl collap'?"-! V>'IU*.H wlsbi of the (.•!nil last night and Tom Longboat, ilii'- Indian runner, Wllp had !;een led by it \anl of liiol'c Hourly alt tho way, won the Marathon race at Mftdluou Square Garden last nlgfth-i Tim men was hard fought from start to und k"pl thp thousands of spectators in wild excitement. At twenty.five niiloH Dorando was leading by two yards. A moment before IxmsjbOHt had made n remarkable .-ipurf and put himself on an even foot- Ins with the little Italian. Dorando immediately regained first position and the men wore fighting R out In thn l woiit.v-sixtb mile, with Dorando in tho load, but visibly weaker. Tho chances of Longboat appeared lo Improve In {ho second nnd third laps. In the fourth luj) while tho crowd was crying Itself hoarse both Blackened perceptibly. Then suddenly Dorando .staggered nnd dropped. Longboat finished iilono. His time for the distance of 2£ miles, I!H5 yards was H. A. JASTRO ENTERTAINED OFFICIALS AT DINNER. SENATE WANTS TO KNOW. was host at an enjoyable dinner at I bo Southern Orlll last night at which Supervisors N. P, Peterson, Frank Corset!, L. F. Brlte, A. J. Woody nnd County Clerk Miller wore the guests. The dinner was In honor of Sfiporvis- ois Peterson and Corsett, the retiring members of the board, and an excellent menu wns discussed between the s cast: J aft, Republican, 7,637,670. Ilryan, Democrat, 6,393,182. Debs, Socialist 448,471. Chafin, Prohibitionist ,241,252. lilsgon, Independence, 83,180. Watson, Populist, 33,871. Oilhaus, Socialist-Labor, 15,421. Total fcr all candidates, 1-1.S52,23!) This grand total oxcet'ds by 1.IM1, | hours of (i:80 and 9. 51U the total number of votes cast In : L_i_!i_. '..•ssssa^. . tht? Presidential election of 11)04. when the grand total was Ki,51(>,7i)8. Compared with that election, the candidates of tho Republican and Democratic nnd Socialist parties Increased their vote this -year. The reverse is true of the* candidates of the Prohibition, Populist and Socialist- Labor parties. The Independence party did not figure In the Presidential election four years ago. Deb* Gain 45,368. The biggest difference In a party vote Is shown in an Increase for l>y- an of 1,315,211 over the total vote cast for Alton B. Parker, the Democratic candidate. Taft received 14,190 votes more than were polled for President Roosevelt In 1904, and Debs ran 45,368 ahead of his predecessor on the Socialist ticket. WASHINGTON, Dec. 16.— Senator Aldrlch today Introduced a resolution directing tho committee on appropriations to consider that portion of tha President's message dealing with the secret service. Senators Aldrich and Culberaon thought tho resolution WHS not positive enough and offered a substitute, and both wore referred to the commit- too, which commit too, through Chairman Keano, immediately reported favorably tho Aldrlch resolution. Short- II. A. Jnstro, chairman of the board, ; |y afterwards the Republican and l)omoor,'ittc lenders got together and iijiieed lo thu compromise, which wa« ailoptoil. KIBBEY NAMED AS GOVERNOR OF ARIZONA. WASHINGTON, Dec. 1C.—The President today sent to tho senate tha nomination of Joseph II. KIbbey for governor of Arizona. OFFICER KILLS ONE AND I8%WOUNDED HIMSELF. TOLEDO, Dec. 16.~-An unknown man was killed nnd Marshal C. W. Woods of Orenwlch, Huron County, was seriously wounded this morning. Tho marshal had an encounter with five men In tho railroad yards of that village. He was escorting a prisoner when four men sot on him. Ho shot out; dond. They re-turned tho, flro, | wounding him, then beat him lino In• sensibility nnd . escaped. A po-so In I on their trail. i - -.»-»*. — - JOHIO CITIZENS WILL I.OS7. ! THOUSAr-.'DS BY fiANK FAILURE Our Entire Stock of Holiday Goods is Now on Display Now is tho time to see (ho goods. 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(Jobl Foiinniln Pens, $L'.fjO to $1.3. Imporii-i! Perfume, $1 to $12. Trlpllc.-iie Mirrors, $:1 to $12.'iO. Jowol Iioxott, $1.00 io Sir,.00. I'ocln-i Moults ami Purses, $1.00 lo 51.mi $::5.On. J. A. HU6HC& The Leadiir,; 1 Prescription Druggist. Phones "Main G4 and 74,

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