The Abingdon Virginian from Abingdon, Virginia on March 18, 1864 · Page 4
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The Abingdon Virginian from Abingdon, Virginia · Page 4

Abingdon, Virginia
Issue Date:
Friday, March 18, 1864
Page 4
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- —="^^ If onderfsi Growth of a Child. | One of the most remarkable exhibitions of the age was witnessed at the Old Market veeterday jnortfing, iv the person of a child, it__d fifteen months, and weighing one hundred and eleven pounds. His name is Samuel Merritt Bishop son of Francis and Adeline Bishop, of Prince George county. He is the third child of his mother, who is the second wife of his father, and was born within about five miles of Fort. Powhatan. The parents oame up to market with fowls and farm produce to sell, and brought their infant with them, in order that he might have the benefit of their constant care. But his appearance at Market was a signal for general remarand astonishment. The report of his presence soon spread abroad, and the people rushed around to get a view of him. Edibles for the time were forgotten, and the entire square, except in tbe immediate vicinity of the wonderful baby, was deserted. As the almost incredible reports flew about, persons from the lower portion of the city nocked to the Market Square to see the prodigy, and such was the pressure upon the parents and the baby, that they were compelled to remove him to a house near by, where twenty -five cents admission was charged to see bun.— People willingly paid the sum, *ffl<a handsome amount-at least enough to yoHng giant with clothes for some tifluo come-was realised. About ten o'clock lhe party drove off in their cart and departed homeward*. The parents of the child seem ed to be as much astonished at the effect his size created among the people, as the people ware astonished at the sudden appearance ot such a giant infant in their midst. Accustomed to the continual presence son with them, his rapid growth and _»elope ment, and. bis wonderful weight, had protmbly never been as critically noticed.—Pernsburg Express. _______________ * ,—_ » » — Sorghum. Pupa-ism Soil.—This crop is so similar to corn in all its habits and requirements, that any one who can make a good crop ot f com can likewise make a good crop of Sorghum. For both crops, thorough ploughing is a matter of first importance. The routs of such plants generally penetrate to as great a depth as the best subsoil plough can reach.— The more deeply the soil is broken, then, the more extensive will be the source of nourish ment; and the mors completely will the crop be guarded against drought. It is a point of bo little importance to have the soil intended for Sorghum well pulverized. The young plant is not so vigorous as that of corn, and consequently, the germ when coming up makes its way through the overlying soil with greater difficulty. Clods, rough manure, or any similar oostacle may entirely prevent the germ from finding its way to the open air. * To avoid this difficulty, which is generally confined to clay soils, winter ploughing should be resorted to, wherever practicable. Fropt far surpasses the harrow in reducing a cloddy surface. Manuring.—ln this crop as in corn, manure can be made most available, by being applied in the hill; bot if manure is abundant, and the farmer prefers to give the whole surface of his land a dreeing, he may spread it broadcast. If. however, he wishes to improve both land and growing crop to the highest degree, let the manure be applied as a top-dressing, after the ground has been thoroughly broken up. If the manure is applied sometime before planting, the soluble portions are carried down by rains, become incorporated with the soil, are more fully elaborated, and thus become ready to feed the plant, as soon as its roots begin to spread themselves in search of nourishment. -__ _ ♦ . -— • — From Jtlt-S-S-ippl- Brigadier General Rose, of Lee's cavalry, encountered a detachment of Federal (negro) cavalry in tbe vicinity of Canton, Mississippi, a day or two ago, and killed fifty-five out of seventy-five. It is to be regretted that the remainder succeeded in making their escape before they were also despatched. Sherman is supposed to be somewhere between Canton and Vicksburg,. making good "his retreat to tha latter place. Besides their loss in the great light with Forrest, the enemy's cavalry lost near three hundred men during their retreat, so continually were they harrassed by our troops. — Richmond Whig. . ♦ • — Ban the Blockade. We learn that two more cargoes for the State of North Carolina have recently arrived at Wilmington from a foreign port. One came on Friday last; the second on Saturday. This does'not look much like all the Southern ports are "hermetically sealed." — Richmond Visitors to the University. The following gentlemen have been appointed by Gov. Smith, visitors of the Diversity of Virginia, for the ensuing year, viz: John Letcher, John M. Daniel, John Brannon, Geo. W. Randolph, Wm. Rivers, lhos. L. Preston, Thus. S. Flournoy, Alex. R. Boteler. and James W. Sheffey. ' . » ♦ Passed. The bill appropriating six millions of dollars for .he completion of the Covington and Otuo R*i-road passed the House of Delegates Wednesday—eighty-fonr members—a large majority voting in favor of it. The Secretary of the Treasury bas decided specie to be subject to the tax in kind ef five per coat. ____-_-_---^g__________ __OT_€_-. M I HEREBY give notice that I will be found at the office of the Sheriff, (in rear of Sendee's 8t0r.,) where I will receive the *»*^J™' Agent for Washington County. March 11,1864-2w Tohacco for Sale. WE have a splendid lot of manufactured To- Carrencj R R pepot Hare- ' 964-2 w ! Notice to Tax Payers. 4 LL Persons who have slaughtered Hogs, are ___ required to make returns of the number and weight of all fat Hogs Slaughtered or sold from the 24th day of April, 1863, to the Ist March 1864; In order to give them an opportunity to do so, 1 will be at the following named places at the times mentioned. Abingdon, 15th, 16th and 17th; Goodson, (Bosang'sOffice,) loth and 19th; Mrs. Rogers'2lst; James L. F. Ctmpbell's, 22d; H. C. Gibbons', 23d; Three Springs, 24tlr'''apt. Martin Fleenor's, 25th; Joel Kaylor's' 30th; Ringley's Mill, 31st; Spahr's Mill, Ist April; Isaac Fleenor's, (Black Hawk) 2nd; D 0 Bradley's, 4th; Dr. Craig's office, stb; Dr. Gobble's, 6th; Elisha Pippin's 7th; Wm. Hamilton's Bth; John. W Worley's 9th; White's Mill, 12th; Price's Factory 13th. All persons liable to»pay the tax are required by law to meet make returns. E» JAMES. FIELDS, Assessor 6__k Dist. h. 11th, IS64—sw Arrest the Beserters. Camp 48th Va. Vols., ) Feb. 26th, 1864. J persons are requested to apprehend pria vates Wm. H. Ham and Abel J. B. Ham of my company, (F) 48th Va. Regt., who went home on fur.ough some time ago and have failed to return to their command. The above named deserters live on the North Fork, in the lower end of Washington cou-_ty. The usual reward of thirty (S3O) dollars each will be paid for their arrest ' DAVID N. CLARK, Lieut. Comdg. Co. F, 48th Va. Vols. March 11—3t ' SOTICE. PERSONS endebted to us will please call and settle their accounts by the 25th of March, and all persons holding claims against us will present them for payment by the same time, or they will find their money invested in Confederate States 4 per cent, bonds for their benefit, after which time we will not receive Confederate notes above $5 only at 33£ discount, or i* the notes of the new issue. WILBAR. JOHNSTON & GOOKIN. Goodson, Va., March 11, 1864—3t ~~ ~> ivorice. TIRIVATES Geo. Frasier, John K. Frasier V and Thomas Sailers, all deserters from my company. I will gife the legal reward of $30 Co. F, 7th Confederate Cay. Battalion. March 11, 1864—ta$5 _ TREASURY NOTICE,,as to Funding under Act of February 17th, 1864. v m •TREASURY DEPARTMENT C. S. A, I Ricbmond, Feb. 20, l_b_. J Notice is hereby given to all holders of treasury notes not bearing interest, that tbey may exchange the same immediately, at the office of the Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, or of any depositary tor certificates, which W>ll entitle them t* *>«<• P er cent ' bonds; M . th ? *,* 9a privilege will continue until the Ist April ensu__c after whlah all notes over the denomination af'fivf dollars can be funded only at «6» cents to the dollar, except one hundred dollar notes, which after that date, are no longer meinMe for public dues, and can only be funded at, an additional reduction often per cent. P«f« nt J- I The certificates issued, together with the bonds for which tbey may be exchanged, are receivable S Taxes of the year 1864, at the foil amount expressed on the face without interest and are not subject to the tax imposed for that year on other bonds and credits. ______ The short time allowed should admonish aU holders promptly to present the notes, and not \m theWceV exclusion by hepre™ which will occur at the end of the month of I Mar °(Sigued) CG.MEMMINGER, { ° g J Secretary of Treasury, i Feb. 26—tlstapr. ■ Office ef Exchange Banh of Va. 1 Abingdon, March 2d, 1.64. J NOTICE is hereby given that this Bank will be compelled to give to their depositors, including Banks, in exchange {"if*"" I**1 ** credit on the first day of April, IBM, the 4 : per cent Bonds authorised by tho first section of Se act entitled an act to reduce the currency { and to authorize a new issue of Notes and Bonds , And Depositors and Banks are *"****• *** I balances prior to 20th March as on that day and until the first of April, the Bank jnl he compelled to decline deposits or to pay checks _rawn against them. Balances due, Banks and to Depositors credited on and after the first day of April, will be ° T changed currency. B. B. W*™*^ March 4—aw rpE-f H.EBSEE BAI_T.-TbeStste, Worta 1 at Saltville, have a large supply of Salt for delivery to the counties cf «gg£*jggsee; and the agents are requested to apply us - mediately for their distributive shares. Iwill deliver their quotas in advance, to July, V SO., j Address me at Saltville or Abi^n^a. Mar. 4—Bt Lt. Col- and Sttn\Agent. A Correction. >f A REPORT being circulated to oar prejudice, A that we had charged $700 for a coffin for an old widow lady of this county, we take this method of pronouncing the statement untrue We charged for the coffin $35, having furnished all the material, such as lining, cord, &c_, and the use of hearse, for which we informed the party contracting for it we would take produca at such time as he conld pay it, at old prices. We have in no case charged for jiny of our work in proportion to what we have to pay for everything we use. J- D. ROS- & t-U. Abingdon, March 11,1864— 6w TOALLIV-IOH * I have Engaged Salt. TTJLEASE take notice, that I wil. be at Dick- V ensonville, Russell co., on Wednesday 16th inst, with the Salt engaged to yen for Bacon. I will also be at John D. Dickenson's MiH, in Castle's woods, on Wednesday 28d, with the same, for the same. All persons interested, are notified to attend with their Bacon at the times and places named, and to get their salt. v H. E. CALDWELL, Russell County, TA3- HO* _HLI-5B"-0- IWli.ii receive the above, particularly Bacon and Pork, at the following places, on the days mentioned: New Garden and at Ferguson's Mills, on the 4th, 6th and 7th March; at J. W. Lampkin s on the 9th, 10th and 11th; at Hendnck s old Store House, Hth, 16tband lath; at Hanson ville, 18-h, 19th and 20th; at Isaac B. Fugate s, 23d, 24th •and 25th; at Fugate's old Store House on Copper Creek, 26th, 28th and 29th, al 6. Prater's, 31st March. Ist aud 2d April; at Dickenson's old Store House, Castle's Woods, 4th sth and 6th, and at Jesses Mills, Bth, 9th and Hth. Persons in District No. 1, are requested to deliver toS. W. Astoa, Esq., who is authorized to receipt for same. - . The attention of -X owing Tax, is specially called to this notice. If they will embrace this I opportunity, (and it will not be in my power jo offer them another such.) they will save both themselves and me much trouble. Mr Nathan E. Caldwell is my duly authorized Agent to collect and receipt for Tax in Kind ia Wke and Buchanan «•«*£- WILLIAM g. Capt. & A. C 8. C. S. A. March 4, 1864.—1ri MARTHA WASHINGTON COl-LEGE. .A-toin-ffClon, Ta, \ * WHTILL begin the Second Term of the -fofcent VV Session the Ist day of March, 1864, and close the 14th day of July following. Board of Instruction. K_v WILLIAM A. HARRIS, Prxsiux*., Prof, of Moral Philosophy and Belles Lettres. CHARLES T. BROWNE, A. M., Prof- of Ancient Languages and Mathematics. EDWIN F. KING, A. I*., Prof- of National Science & Modern Languages. Professor of Vocal and Instrumental Music. Miss KATE E. FTJ Department of English and Hisfto* Miss BELLE GORDON, X ' Assistant in Music. EDWIN F. RING. Instructor in Drawing and Painting. By circurmstaaees beyond their eontrel, the Trustees of the College have been compelled to change the terms of Board recently published. The following now are the rates of Board for the above term : ___._. For Board (old price) $50.00, for which payment will be received only in provisions at the most liberal rates of old prices. All Tuition payable in money. -,-«*_* For Tuition in Preparatory Course, $ '_w .«. « " Collegiate ■* 100.00 ****- - - - js-jx » Ancient & Modern Languages, each _*W " Use of Piano, - |jQ* «' Contingent Fee, - - j»-°0 To the above rates of Tuition will b_\added i 50 per cent, if paid prior to the Ist day of* April next. If paid after this date in the prospe*a-e new issues—terms as above stated, vix: $<5 and $100 for the term, ' ... Each pupil will be required to furnish one pair of sheets and pillow cases, also towels and lights. . .. . . No deduction for absence of pupils, except in cases of protracted sickness. All pupils who enter within the first month will be charged for tuition from the beginning of the term. j . _______ The President will be aided by aa efficient corps of Professors and che ;*„.-. R - s Address Rxv- WM- A. HARR3S- Feb. 26, 1864. 'Abingdon. > a. Ti * NOTICE. CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA, j , Waa Department, j Bureau or CosscaiFTios, P Richmond, Va.> January 28th, 1864. LAORAPH X of General Order? No. 82, tad Insp'r General's Office of 1862, rethat '--_pplication for exemptions must, in all cases, be made to the Enrolling officer. If the local Enrolling officer has not the power to aot, or is in doubt, he will, after investigation under circular No. 3, current series, refer such applications through the proper official channels to this Bureau. AU such applications addressed to this Bureau, will necessarily and invariably be returned for local investacation: and tbe applicants will thus have uselesHvlest time and prolonged suspence. Appeals "*om advers*- decisions of the local officer and of the Commandants of Conscripts for the States, will be forwarded by them for hearing, when any plausible ground of ajpeal is set forth. 2 Commandants of Conscripts will give this notice extensive circulation in tbe local press of their respective States. By order g PRESTON, Bupt C. B. DurriKi-S-, A. A. Gen'l. Feb. 26—tf N jOIIX BED, by the celebrated racehorse ci RedEye, out of a thorough-bred Mafjpave mare, will stand the ensuiDg season at my farm, on Middle Fork of Holston river. The terms will be $15- the single leap, $3_ the season, and $40 ensured, one-fourth » grain at old prices-Corn $1, Oets 60 cts., and Wheat $1.50, and the remainder in the curre_gv of the couut-y in January, 1865. All fees wifijbe due the Ist of March, 1865. Persons at a di__f nee will be able to secure pasturage|for their mares, in the neighborhood of the stand. • -.. March 4. 1864-9w W. E. JO^fS. Br. 11. M. GRAST, flFgCfr DENTIST, uMHJ* ABINGDON, VA. /"OFFICE nearly opposite Martha Washington VfFemale College, west end of town-. Feb. 20th. 1868. VIBGiKIA & TEWW.BAII.BBAP. Chau{-e of gtohedwe-__H--.rr;riT-rI PC3g It Ll I ill mmOKms. f*fV * r* 3 W' ■'*-.'■>-' imbi i Bid after Thursday, the 4th of September, Mail and Passenger trains on this read ye Lynchburg daily at 4 o'clock a. m., ye from the West at 4-30 p. m. THOS. DODAMEAD. 5,1862. . <__ MOKING Tobacco at O GEO W-. MANTZ k COs. j ADJ'T & INSP'R GENL'S OFFICE, 1 * KK NoI4. J The following order is po-lished for the iaformation of all concerned: CosrsnußATß States of A*»icv I War Dbpaktment, Richm'd, Feb. 1, 64. f s EXCHANGE NOTICE-NO. S. 1 AU persons heretofore held by the _n.te*r States authorities, whether officers,. soldiers' or civilians, received at City Point, before the Ist of January 1861, ore hereby declared exchanged. 2 All officers and men of the Vicksburg capture, who reported forduty at Enterprise, Miss - at any time_omr to the 14** of November 1863, and whose names were forwarded to me by Msj, Gen. John H. Forney, are declared exchanged. 3 All officers amd men of the \ icksburg cap-* ture, belonging to the Ist Tennessee Heavy Artillery, whoreperted for duty at Marietta, Ga , and whose names were forwarded to me by Gol, Pkson, arcdtelared exchanged. . Agent Of Exchange. SCoo ? >E i t '„ V Adj't and Insp'r Gen'l Ho. Qas. 48th Va. Regt., 1 January 16th, 1864. / Special Ohdeb, > N0.,7. J . _ „ *QERGT. R. M. Gs-lebon having been detail-* lO> ed to bring up clothing, provision, &c. to» tbe members of this Regiment, will be at Mariou the last, aad at Abingdon on the first day of every month, aad all articles for the Regiment found at the ©.pots at those places at the dates indicated, will be received aad brought by hi_*_ to the command. . All boxes or packages should be plainly labeled With the owners natte, "Care R. M. Gollebony" 48th Va. Regt, J. M. •_ one's Brigade, Jok-ason's Division, Ewel-'s Corps, A. N. Va. By order of Cert. R- n. DUNGAN. Wu. F. Pricb, Adjt. 3*an. 22—3ra Wanted, 1 BARBEL of Good Sugar Cane Molasses, 2 Firkins Fresh Butter in exchange for Bale Cotton. L. BA-6H & CO. Feb. 5. 1864. Ticket om_ b Va. a Tbnn. R. R. Co., 1 Lynchburg, Dec. l_th, 18-3. J Notice to Passengers. f\TS and after the 17th ins*., the passenger t_J fare oa this read will be eight cents per mile for wbife adults. Children and servants threefourth rates. Private soldiers on furlough half nrice JOHN W. WING FIELD. Jan. 8. Ticket Seller. ~ $_<»• REWARD. T> AN * waT frOHI the subscriber on Tuesday Jtl, night last, a Negro Boy by the name of Madison, about 19 years old, about 5 feet 10* inches high, dark complexion, slightly pockmarked, and had on a dark .Jeans coat, yellow pants and gray cap. He formerly belonged to* Willoughby Munsey, of Lee counly. I will give' tha above reward for his confinement ia any jail in the State, so that I' get hi--. ; B-C 18, 1863—tf E.. CLARK. I Sew Concern. * I GEORGE W. MANTZ & CO. WILL Tan Hides on the shares, or pay Shee*** & Boots, Mloney or Merchandize for Hides,, upon as good terms as eun be had in this country. They respectfally solicit a trial. Their Shoe Shop is one door eafjt of the Washington house, where George W. Mantz will be found ready toaccommodate all who may call. Their Tan Yard is about eight miles Northeast of Abingdon, Va., where 11. A*. Lipford will be found ready to receive hides, and pay for the same, or take them to tan on tbe shares." Persons wanting Shoes and Boots made, or raonev, in exchrnge for hides, will call on Mr..- Manti. GEO. W. MANTZ k CO. Feb. 27, 1863. JACOB STOKBEHGER, Clock and Watele-Mlal-er, MAS lo*_ate-_ in Aning-On?. Iffrfn don, immediately opposite tne CvA fc»J| Book Store,'where he is prepar-Xttf7 Watches and Clocks in the very best manner possible, and upon reasonable terms.. Work repaired by him will be» warranted for twelve HoKT-as. Thoroughly* uodersfanding his business, he hopes to be encouraged, and promises satisfaction to all. September 28th, 1860.—6 m. J. O. P. I". JONES,-ofVa. £____ HARRIS & JONESV, feral Comroissfim jßmjjanfo, MARIETTA STREET, .Atlanta, Oeorgia, Solicit consignments and orders of all kinds of MERCHANDIZE and PRODUCE, To which they will give prompt and personaattention. July 24—tf. BAILIE NURSERY, a f\g\ f\f\f\ Fruit Trees for sale at _sy XUUijUvWJ Nursery in Abingdon: Apple Trees at $20 per hundred' deli- MfL. vered at my Nurcery in Abingdon. IfjUp packed and sent to the Depot, a reason- able charge will be made for packing and dray- Catalogues Will be sent by mail on ap*»Hc«r-tion. S. W. CARtAHAX. Nov. 6, 1863: \ A f\ AHA LBS - B** lroa » * ' lU,UUV 2,000 lbs. Tire fo*s-two and four horse wagons, which we wish to exchange on favorable terms for any or all of the folmwing articles:—Wool Feathers, Tallow, Wax, BVcon, Flaxseed er Lard. Call early at V. T. Q. McCONNELL k €0 . June 6,1868. ________ *3)r_f| BOXES Chewing Tobacco, <4)\j\J 20 Packages Smoking Tobacco, 5,000 Segars. Feb. 27, '68. T. G. McCONNELL k Co. YI7E will exchange Leather for Hides. TT July 10. . <_. W. MANTZ S- '"0

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