The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 15, 1908 · Page 9
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 9

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 15, 1908
Page 9
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THIS IS THE CAR HAVE YOU SEEN IT? It has been in preparation for five years, awaiting the time when the plant could be brought to the point of capacity and perfection which "Would make It possible atisuch a price. There is not an ounce of uncertainty or experiment In this marvelous thirty horse power car at fifteen hundred and fifty dollars, because It derives its being from twenty thousand other Cadillac cars which hare preceded It. It springs immediately into full-fledged competition with the best of others at twice and thrice the price, because It is the outcome and evolution of a factory equipment, and a factory experience that has cost millions In the making. Place your order now. First car load aluady sold. We have a few second hand bargains. Cadillac, one cylinder. 1907 two cylinder Tourist. /• Two Cylinder Reo, with top. (Trade for hones). " Two cylinder Maxwell. ft, Bakersfield Auto Supply Go. 19th and G tft*. Tel. Main 1260 of California, and having its principal NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP. The partnership heretofore existing between J. R. Smith and P. T. Burnett engaged in the horse-shoeing business in the city of Bakersfield, and doing business under the firm name of Smith & Burnett, has been this day dissolved UEOAb OFFERS (J THE MOST COMPLETE SE- LECTION USEFUL K AT PRICES THOSE OF DEALERS. FAR BELOW REGULAR by mutual consent. J. R. Smith will collect all account* due. said firm up to December 3, 1908 and will pay all outstanding claims against the said partnership. J. R. SMITH. 1Q 8 F. T. BURNETT. M cp O R I U M A FEW SUGGESTIONS DIAMOND RINGS, DIAMOND BROOCHES, BRACELETS, COMBS, LADIES' OR GENTLEMEN'S WATCHES SCARF PINS, EAR RINGS, STUDS, CHAINS, FOBS, NECKLACES, CLOCKS. GUNS, PISTOLS, TRUNKS, SUIT CASES, VIOLINS, GUITARS, MANDOLINS, ACCORDEONS, KNIVES, RAZORS. OUR PRICES TALK WE HAVE THE GOODS. UNCLE IKE'S EMPORIUM. 1406 19th St. Phone Main 1154. ORDINANCE NO. 92. An ordinance granting unto the Mt. Whitney Power Company, a corporation, Its successors and assigns, a franchise for nfty-years to erect pola and stretch wires and other appll-i ances thereon, for the purpose of con. ducting and transmitting electricity and electric current for light, power and other necessary and useful pur poses, over, along and upon the streets, alleys and avenues of tlie unincorporated town of Delano, in the County of Kern, State of California. Whereas Edwin Alderson did heretofore make an application In due form for a franchise to erect poles and atrctch wires and other appliances thereon, for the purpose of conducting ami transmitting electricity, and electric current for light, power and othei necessary and useful purposes, over, along and upon the streets, alleys and avenues of the unincorporated town of Delano, in the County of Kern, State of California, for a period of fifty years, for the purpose of constructing, maintaining, repairing and operating electric lines and other appliances for the conveyance and use of electricity In all its forms in said town of Delano"; and Whereas, said application was made under and pursuant to an Act of the Legislature of the State of California, entitled "An Act providing for the sale of railroad and other franchises in counties and municipalities, and providing conditions for the granting of such franchise by legislative or other governing bodies, and repealing conflicting acts", approved March 22, 1905; and Whereas after due proceedings had and taken by the Board of Supervisors of said County of Kern, and after due notice given and advertisement published as required by law, said franchise was duly sold, awarded and granted to the Mt. Whitney Power Company, a corporation organized and existing under the laws ot the State place of business at Visalla, in said state, its successors and assigns, and said Mt. Whitney Power Company having been the highest and best and only bidder for said franchise; Now, therefore, in accordance with the .premises and in compliance with the laws of the State of California in such cases made and provided, the Board of Supervisors of said County of Kern do ordain as follows: That a franchise be, and tho same is hereby, granted unto said Mt. Whitney Power Company, a corporation, its successors and assigns, for the term of fifty years from and after the date hereof, authorizing and empowering, and said Board of Supervisors does hereby authorize and empower, qald Mt. Whitney Power Company, Us successors and assigdfc, to erect poles and stretch wires and other appliances thereon, for the .purpose of conducting and transmitting electricity, and electric current for light, power and othei necessary and useful purposes, and to maintain, repair and operate the same, over, along and upon the streets, alleys and avenues of the unincorporated town of Delano in said County of Kern, together with all proper, useful, convenient or desirable appurtenances and appliances to fully carry into effect the said franchise. This grant of franchise is not exclusive, and the governing board of said County of Kern shall have the right to grant similar franchises to other person", firms or corporations. It is futher provided that the construction, operation, maintenance and repair of said poles, wires and other appliances thereon, over, along and upon the streets, alleys and avenues of said town of Delano, shall be under the direction of the Board of Supervisors of said County of Kern, and the erection, construction, operation and repair of the same shall be done so as to he no injury to the paving, planking, macadamizing or grading of any such streets, alleys or avenues, and so that public travel shall in no way be obstructed beyond what is necessary in the act of erecting, con- structlng, operating, maintaining and repairing such poles and wires, appurtenances and appliances. It is further provided that the wires placad on the pole lines to be constructed hereunder shall not be less tbnn fifteen feet above the surfac e of the ground, and at street, alley and avenue crossings shall not be Jess than twenty-five feet above the surface of the ground; and that the poles to be constructed hereunder shall be so placed and used as to afford the least Interference with the use of the streets, alleys and * avenues of said town of Delano, by the public for traveling and other highway purptosea, and the poles shall be placed aa near the edge of the streets, alleys and avenues and property line as can neas- onably be done. This franchise is granted npon the condition that work thereunder shall be commenced In good faith within not more than four months from this date and prosecuted with seasonable diligence to completion, and if the grantee shall fall so to do, then and in that event this franchise shall be fot» felted and shall thereafter he of no further force or effect. This franchise is granted for thu consideration of the sum of Twenty- five 00-100 dollars, paid in cash, by said Mt. Whitney Power Company therefor, and upon the further condition and covenant that the said Alt. Whitney Power Company, its ERSccessorB a&u assigns, shall pay, and, said Mt. \\ Whitney Power Company, and its sue ces- tiora and assigns, are hereby obllga ted 0nd required to pay, to said County ' of Kern, two (2%) pep cent of the gn wfi annual receipts of itself, its succ es- eors and assigns, arising from the u *e operation or possession of said fra n- chlse; no percentage to be paid f< >r the first five years succeeding the dat » of this franchise, but thereafter sue h percentage shall be paid to salt 1 County of Kern annually, and In the i event said payment is not so made, this franchise shall he forfeited. This ordinance shall take effect and be v in force on and after the 31st day of December, 1908, and snail be pub- llahed prior thereto for one week in The Bakersflold Californian, a daily newspaper of general circulation printed and published In said County of Kern. The foregoing ordinance Is adopted by said Board of Supervisors ot tbo County of Keru, State of California, on the llth day of December, 1908, by the following vote, to-wlt: Ayes: Supervisors Peterson, Br.'U;. Woody, Corsett and Jastro. Noes: None. ii. A. JASTRO, Chairman of the. Board of Supervisors of f-iilj County of Kern. (S«al.) Attest: I. Li. MILUSR, County Clerk of said County of Keru, and Clerk of said Board of Supervisors. 12-1'.! M. D. B. & M.. containing 11.0 acres more or less. Ah . An undivided OiL.'-eljjhtl; ' I'.urt'st in) the 14'A of the SV o" sect i !0. township 30 K. range il :•;.. M l . ». & M. containing HiO acioi, nion . r less. Also one set of nli:«le li:n..esn iu.i;> he found for insiiettlon a. 'ha n-ri- ' T. Onrti:, .at McKittrick. denci) or I. T. Cnrti:, Kern County. Cnlltornla, d ~ at Bids and offers In"'writing for real iind personal property will I cclved iiv the said n.dmlnistnit his said o/Ilce. or clerk of the auove named CPU office in the court house, in said do. clerk of the uuove uuniotl Court at '" s if lount uid must, his Meld. Kern Com cent, of i he ani millV .the bid. b , County. California, ion talance on continuation superior court. Deed McCI of sale at the ex Administrator of the estrite Krickson. deceased. Matthew S. Platz. attorney lor administrator. Datu of first publication. lJe-ceml>er 1. 1!»OS. 12-} a Kern. Returns Tuesdays. BARBEAU & Proprietor* NOTICE TO HEIRS WILL, ON PROVING In the Superior gourt of the County of Kern, stun- of Collfornia. Deoar> uieut .1. if that dar, tinent 1. of House. Jlp :e of Califo as the um» STOCKHOLDER'S ANNUAL MEETING. . The reuular meotinir pf the stockholders of the First National Bank ol Bakerml inc hou nc h ul.. pf tio ld will bo held nl their bank the City of Bakersileld. in ' er Tu Cul. at :; o'clock ii. m.. on Tuesday. Januarv 12th. liioO. for the election ol nirectnts ami the transaction ol such other liiisineuH a.-i niav properly cotue belmv ii. \vn.UAM 8. TEV18. Pres. Di'c.'inher llt.h. 1!>OS. 12-11 ASSESSMENT NOTICE. , Armiuta Oil Company, a corporation. Location ol principal place of business. BakerslTeiii. ('; litornia. Notlt. is In i-eliv clvon: That at a nu'ettn of 11.e directors of tho Armin- t.a Oil Connuiiiv. a corporation, held on the Vih din of December. H)OS. iin assessment oi' six ajid one-fourth cents (b'.ci per share was levied upon tne capita! .stock of said corporation, payable iiu or before Tuesday. Januarv 19th.'.i. to A. B. Klmore. secretary, at 1017 1 street. Fresno. California. of SUMMONS. In the Superior Court of thu County Kern. State of California. Kthel Uouuuettc. Plaintiff vn. Peter Hoiiuuettu, Defendant. Aci-on broueut In the Sunerlor ' urt of the County of Kern. Slate Hied will lie sold on Tuesday, the 2nd dav of March. I'JO'.i. to tiav the. delimiueiit assessment, together with costs ot advertising and expenses of ( BaIe. (Sean''' ' " C<im J0r 7 A.''B. ELMO Secretary Aruitnla Oil Conine iO-17 I California, and the Complaint said Countv of Kern. In the ollice oi tlie Clerk of said Superior Court. The People of tho tslato of California fiend greeting; to Peter Kouuueitu. defendant. You are herebv required to appear in an action brought against you \>\ tlie above-named Plaintiff., In the Su- p.-rlor Court of the County of Kern. Stale of California, and to answer the Complaint filed therein, wl.thin ten d;i v « (exclusive of the dav of service) after service on vou of this Summons, il sened within said County; it served elsewhere, within thirty days. And vou are-herenv notified that II vou. tail to so appear and answer, the plaint iff will take iudiniieut tor am money or damages demanded In the Complaint as arising upon Contract, or will uniilv to the Court lor anv other relief demanded lu the Complaint. Witness mv hand and the Seal of said Superior Court of the Countv of Keru. State of California, this 10th duv of .luTv, A. D. I'JOti. (Seal) I. [,. MILLKIl. Clerk. I5y Hedel Smith, I)eputy Clerk. In the matter of the estate of H< rich AUKUIU (.iildemoistur. ti Notice is hcrubv given, tb tho 14th dav or December. _ at 10 o'clock, a. m. of that the Courtroom. Department Court, at the Court 1 Ootintv of Keru. State Have hern apnolntud as the Um tilaco for proving the will Of lltiinrlch Aticust (illdemelster, ceased, now on lile in said, Cou tor hearing the implication of MolniH for the issuance to him OL tors of Administration with tho annexed thereon. I. L. MILLER. CI Thos. Scott. Thos. Scott. Jr.. Wrirht & WriEht. Attorneys for t inner 1>; I Nov. 19. A. D. 1908. SUMMONS In the Siiuerlor Court of the County nl Kern. State of California, _ . .1. O. HodKons, Plalutifr vs. BHT« Mow oil t'omnanv. Defendant... ._. Action broimht In the SUDenot Court of the County of Kern. roMf pi California, and the Complaint iUea l» said Count v of Kern, lu the. Office Of the Clerk of .said Sunerlor Court.,. Tin; People of the State of California send (irecttnc to Silver Bow On Company. Defendant. Vou are hereby renillred to ao in an action brought aKalnat vp u • he above-named rilalntla. in tn perior Court of the County of Ketk. State of Howen Irwin and .1. \V. toruevs for plaintiff. Laird, at- 11-1S Complain days (pxc ourt of the California, nt filed th clusdvo of t » Ke swer tn« erein, within M» «> ami to a 8»rrlc«> „. vheilnv OL il'ter service on vou of this Summonfc If served within «aid Countr: flTienr*! elsewhere, within thirty days. . „ And you are hereby notlfle.d that » vou full to HO appear and answer. tm» I'lainUlf will take ludmnent tor tag money or damages demanded in la* t'omnlalnt aa arising upon Contract, « >ulv to the Court for any other .... letnanded in the Complaint. \yitness .my Jmntl and, the. seal of da* money Complain will apu relief de location of office. Fresno. California. panv. ' St.. 12-S NOTICE OF SALE OF STOCK FOR DELINQUENT ASSESSMENT. Wei 11m: Oil l Plac r.ocatlon cltial place of business. Oakl eda .County. California. prlneltm Aim of Oakland. Notice Is hereby eiveti thai there is delinciuent upon the following described stock of the corporation, op account of assessment. of •! cents tier share levied November 9th. 11108. the several amounts %et opposite the names of the respective shareholder.'?, as follows: P. M. Millikail ........ K ;>(. Dearborn ...... It. \.'. Adams ....... 11. 1. McKoberts ...... K. A. (iilbert ..... ____ No. Crt. i'l '. P. Fagoly lenry Nuess rf>ra F. Cook Martha Stone J. II. Allison K. A. Ciiibitz M. Cahalen , Sabrina. P. K. Mills A. .1. Mills .110:1 Estate of Chus K. Cain. (deceased) - !1 ! John K. Eaton ,.\! And in at order of th till til! :tui '.105 "US. No. Shs 7:!ti : H7 202 2-Ui 29S 1JJ8H ISt'.F, 140S 102 Ami. "!50 4.-II 4.q[j \'.M 4.41 S 91 65.9r. 42.24 3.0K ;',.oo 25.44 9.42 NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. Grand Prize Oil Company. Principal place, of business, liakerstleld. Kern County. California. Notice is hereby clven tint at a meeting of tho directors, held on the 21st day of November. I'.IIIN. an assessment of one cent per share waa levied upon the capital stock of the corpora- lion. payable immediately to the un- dersicnod secretary of said corporation. at. rooms 2o:;-2(H Producers Suv- in«s Hank tnmdlni:. UaKersneld. Kern County. California. Anv stock upo ent shall remai he I lib dav of J. . dellnmient and, advertised for sale at public auction, and unless payment IB made before, will be s( Id on baturdav the 5th dav of February. i'Jtui. fit the hour of 2 o'clock p. in. to iiav the c!e- linnuerit assessment, toirether with costs of advertising and .expenses ot sale F. E. TIGHTEN, Secy, pro tern. Rooms 21)3-204 Producers SnvlnuR ank buildlne. liakerstleld. Keru Coun- v. Callfonila. __ __ 1HJ7 NOTICE OF'ASSE'S s M E N T. (Civil Code of California.) ded in the Comn v hand and the oY"Npvenib~or. A. D. 1 (Seal) I. I.. M Gao. Ii. Whltaker. At . tiff. Attorney for the . . stock upon which this assessment shall remain unpaid on 1'uesdav. the I lib dav of January. I'JtJ'J. will be Court of the Countr Bow Oil Company. Defen—..... Action brought In the Superior O of the County of Kern. State of fornla. undine Complaint filed Countv of Kern, in tne office Clerk of sal.d Supe.rlor_O The P< ourt, ate of CaW ....... . .. - - - - - - ccordance with law. and an oard pf Director* made day, ot November. 1908. on the ninth "dav, of November., K sr US may ue nece»<n . ..... public auction, at the office of the , . . HO many shares of each narcpl of such stock. us necesarv \vill behold Superior _ .. Jeople of the State _. send -rreetlnz to Silver Bow Company. Defendant. You are berebv reaulred tp uupeAt In an. action brought. iiKjUiuit jcm J»F Ciilifprnta'.'nnd to "answer &» flled therein, within t«m lavs (exclusive of of senrloe) after service on vou of this Summons. If served within said County: iTiervaa n an notion orouuht ajcain he above-named plaintiff. I lerlor Court of the County State of C Complaint within tlitrtv are hereby no titl t.'lNowhere. And vou vnu full to «o nnnoar ntit. — ,— PlaintIIT will take ludirment for aBT or damages demanded in tn« days. tified that IX answer, tn* Secretary of sat JS and IU. 106S sj\lil_c"orppratloii, rooms 'Countv. California, on of n, rot.. Oakland, the ife'll Brpadwav. . Alnnieila Countv. California. 28(.h day of December. 190S. o f cloc'- n. m. of that dav to pav delinquent assessments thereon, together with costs of ndvertUine and expenses of sale. .T. II. I'IDSQN. Secretary. Office of Welling Oil Company, rooms. 18 and 10, lOfiS Brondw<\v. Oakland. • niArlti /-^*\ll«tl' f^nllfrtl-Tllfl 1^-11 , Alameda County. fornia. NOTICE OF MEETING. Kern County Pipe Hue rind Storaeo Company. Location ol principal place <-t business. San Frauciscn California. Location of works. Kern County. California. Notice Is herebv given, that at a meeting of the Boai-l of Direct nqs. held on tlie 2'.!rd day of November. 11*08. an uBB<">sinent No. 2. of 4U ceniH per share., was luvleu upon the issued (tioltal stock of the, corporation, payable immediately in United States mild coin to tho secretary at the office ot the company. No. G6!t California street. San Francisco. California. Anv stock upon which this assessment shall remain unpaid on Snt- urdav. the 2fith dav of December. V.HIK will bo delinquent and advertised for sale at public auction; anil unless payment is made before, will he sold on Friday, the 15th dav of January. lOoS. to pay the delinquent assessment, to- nether with the costs of advertising complaint a* arising upon contract, or will aiuilv in the Court, for any pthfl relief demanded in tho complaint., v hand anil ths 1.1 aniil 1 .ief det... Witness .. iiiv Sunerlor Court o or ('allf ind tne it the 0 ., seal i . Kern State or ('allfornia. 't'a;;,^ ° Ct - A -1 D -1. U ^U.BII, Clerk. ' Ceo. 1C. Whltaker.Alty forPltff. 11- DOG LICENSE NOTICE. and expenses of By order of t Notice nuai n, Sprinei it its o ings is liereby given that the an- ting of stockhuMcrs of, the ehi Oil Company will be held „ Office. No. nt>: _ Francisco. California. of the Board of F. HEIS. JR.. Se i. ijGn California S of Olrectors. Secretary. Street. "' .Ice. . Bank room No. building. . California, on Thursday 24th. 1908, nt. I! o'clock p day. for the, election of a Bitch Ii .... 1, Producers :ng. Biikorsfleld. sdav. December ck p. m. of said di- riCE OF ASSESSMENT. Itali Oil Company. Principal BaKersflehl, Kern yen that at n Keft place of County. C Notice m«c on the 3rd dav _ assessment of one-mainer levied ilace of business. California. is, hereby glyei noting of the directorH. . the Jrd. day of December. 11)08. an Ptir share | stock -of Bakersfield Iron Works Oil Well Tools And Supplies HID corporal _„.,, to tho uudi rv of said corporation ptflcti. BakorHUuld. Kern 1 mediately of sail of a con upon the capita. Jtlon. payable Im uudersiuued secret^- PHONES MAIN 29 AND 230~L,'M AND 24 STREET ffornia. Any .stock lent shall iy. the •*• B delliii Dubllc at The sherf County. upon which this assess. shall remain unpaid on Wednes- the Oth day of January. 1909. will eluiauent ana advertised for sale L b JL° Aicypn-M\ unle ,. « e , made b< lay. L the !._._ ;it the hour of une delinquent vlth costs of a us in and unless payment TO. will be sold ou Monh ''a.y, of January. 1909. o'clock p. m. to nay assessment, toitetner advertising and expens of the sale. nv order of the Board of Directors. •r> T. A. K.AKRR, secwiarv. NOTICE OF PERSONAL SAi SALE OF E REAL AND STATE BY PRIVATE Associated Supply Company Oil Well In the Superior of Ktirn matter ... .Deceased. or Outirt in and for ;,he . State of CallfornU. of, the Estate of Knnl •Joveml: sat # e con # iflr: istate. w lifhest hi ._. nted StateB. on bv tne Sv the ilst da ^e office oft the matter ol t fson. aoceaned, t ministrator ot. t trf .rtttv Phones Main 19 and IO26 STORES AT Oilcenter, McKitrick and Coalinga ,at nrlvate sale to or cash, gold coin t. and subject to tUDerfor Court, on Decernlier. -., ,~,.~ ««.d adminls- the court house, in Bakers- t CoHfttv. State of California, _ interest, and estate Bmll.Krlckso" s —' ••' ._..„ ..itei operation lit' law or otherwise, nc milred other than or in addition to that of the said Emif ErickHon. at the time ,of his death, in and to all that certain lot. piece, or parcels of, lands .te. lying, and being in the Countv Stale of California, and as follows, to- trator — ..„, „ . field. Kern Countv. S all the right, title. Jn^iooi. «.... « D ^.. of the saia.Emll Efrickson. deceased, at the time of his death and nil (lie right. title, and ,intere,Hj that the. usiate bus BftUAtL. ....„_. .._ pf Kern. Stale of _. tided and described n uniliviflet] .Quarter interest in the " U, of the SWi/i of section 31. town- ID 29. 8. range 21 oast. M. D. B. & „ contitlnine 80 acres, more or less. " An undivided one-fifth Ipterost In the S.W»4 of t|io S\V>/4 ' - and 'ange.. „. ami lots 1. *. section 10. township 30 fl. 'ast. M. D. B. & M.. contain' " acres, more or less. interest in acres more . or less. NOTICE OF ASSESSM Welling 0:1 vyaipany. tocatio principal place of uuslneaa. lOtjs U, way. Oakland. Alameda Countv. i of California. on ot 'oad- itato Ul v>ill irvi (lit*. . . , Notice is nereDv riven, that at tneetiim of the Directors hold ou t n nth dav of November. 100K. an AH- .sesVinent of :i ceiUs per share was levied iil.o't till' caiM.lal stock ol the ( < t the AH- poralum. Pavab"U ; "at" once, to J. H, KiHoii Secretary of Haiti welling OH Comiiaiiv. nt his oillcc. rooms IN and l'i iiiiis llroadwav. OaKlaml. Ahiuietia C'ouutv. Calitornla. Anv .stock upon which thin aHsesHineut shi.|l remain unpiild pn the nluln dav oT I)ec«mb«r. I !<os. w II be i vlluguuut and advertls- • r% AVl — "— anil uu- wlll be l!*os. will he ilelluguunt and i •d lor sale al Public Auction ess payment is made before. <pid on tlie 28th oar of,,D« 1 ipid —. ,- - - lOOe, at 8 a. tji.. n sesami'iit t.i.eeth*r - __ of utcember. to pay dellnauent as- Iin cost of adver- if sale.. _, -•' "* Directors. (he DIM NolCE TO CREDITORS. In the Sunerlor Court of the County of Kern. State of California. . In the Matter of the Estate of Alex- under Bessueiiie. deceased. Notice is Fumdiv tiven. hv the un- .leinl'-rued adnilnlHiriaor of the estule All xander UeHsiiiellli!. deceased, to ( reditorti of. iind all liersons bav- claims ak-'altiHt the Hiiid decetiHfl 10 exhibit tueni with tin; necebsarx vciiiclicrh within four iiiotiths ani'i- Hit; lirs: publication of thlH notice, whic/i is thf ihite hereof, to said iidnilnl'-i ! n- tor at tlie law oil ce of C.,1... Cluillii, rooins -I and Hi!. Hank of UaKtrhln-ld bill dim:. Hnkerslleld. Kern Count v. (lalifoniiu. the same heinir tlie place for the transaction of the bunnies* ol said estate. vmnlf . ri ,, :ssr r:il.l.R, Ailminlstrator of the Estate ol Alexander Dated N Notice l» herepy given to I KOIIH ownlne mid Keeping dong. tin limits of tho City rt BalcersJ that License Taps tor the yea.r.1- :ire now readv tor delivery at the (Ice of the Citr Clerk, in tne Dai of Producers Savings Bank bi and ou after the 15th dav ot Jant arv, 1 will nroceed to Impound .al rlous found running on tho streets tha arp not wen.rine the licenre ta«t for the vear l!»OK k cf)x Dated January 9. 1908. NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT ~^ Springfield Oil Cpmpnnv. lo.i'don of principal idacc of business. Bakers- tield. California. Notice is hfereby glv*n ihiit at. « mtellng of tne Directors held on tM i3rd dav of Novemlitr. I.I.IM. aa »•• sc^yiT!tiit of two il') cents wr anr levied uno'i Hie capital atqcK liif coriioftiiion. payable, mimedlati In l'n!t«'il St.itt'8 uold i:uin to the •ptarv of suhi coriioratiou lit offl' the company, room 1. Producers s- bank hr'.uiing. Bai>ei>tlolu. vnv stock upon which tills ut mi nt shall remain unpaid on.tUe o! Deivpiiier. lat'S, will by ucpt and advertised tor sals itildic uuciion and iinlt.-ss oavmeut ' hcicre. will hi- -sold on tlJt* 17. of Januarv, llioli. lo P.iv tU' iliiiiui'iil asm'snieiil. louciui-r WIU1 -- ol adverllslng i-ii.l expenses of Bale. liv order <iT the Hoard of Director*. \ T, LKiHTXiCU. Secretary. (i!»l,, i-.i No. 1. Producers Savin^ linildlri!:. '•onuT HithuudH si.reels, .llalifi'slielil. Culilornla. A**>y TAX "COLLECTOR'S NOTICE Notice Is hereby given th*» tta taxes on all personal property, aaf omvhalf of the taxes on all real property will be due and payable on tnd second Monday in October, and win he delinquent on th<» last Monday ja November next therafter, at t o'clpat p. m., and unless paid prior ttMfHft fifteen per cent will be added to th» Hiiioiirit thereof, and that if Mid OB» n;nl :»• not paid ti«-furu the last day In April next, at 6 o'clock p. l an additional five per cent wQt added thereto. 1. Th it the remaining one-haJK the taxcB ou all real property w,lll_, payable on and after the first day in January next, and will be liuquont on the last Monday in next thereafter, at 6 o'clock p. and that unless paid prior flvo per cent will be added to amount thereof. 2. That all uuea may b« the tlmo th nrat Installment, as in provided, IB due and payabl*. 3. That taxes may be paid ta office of the Tax Collector 1» county courthouse between the bourt <f '.) a. m. and 12 m., and 1 p. «n. •*'•* 5 p. m. Dated October 1. 1908. C. B. DAY, Tax Collector, 10-1 Kern Comnty, Cullfor " r of the ilelllt;. D oveinher li». 1008 11 -rJ Lo An undivided lots 1. 2, 3. 4, ai ship 30 S. ran/it containing l»0 An undivided one-eighth Interest In lots 6. 7. 8. 9. 10 and 11, of section r township 30 S. range 21 B.. M. I> ft.HK M "Ai« l . tullllinc f ° aCr ° Hl nl '"' e "'.rBfleld Thursday mornlnie« between Animdiviiled one-eighth !ntereRt In | an d 9 o'clock from Arfwigton and ,,. Lection' 6. iowriiifc lo' £«uk»h W. Occidental hotels, and froia Itotropole 19 . mt . DELONEQHA HOT SPRINGS. ""Most reinarkatilu tinnorai springs in California. An ansoiute euro for UHKUMATISM Forty-flvo miles from BuKerBfltld in Blerra Nevada Mountains. Pine suia .... mer climate. Good accommodation*. 1 • Terms reasonable. Stage leaves Bak- th« Ow NOTICE TO CREDITORS. In Countv o A. Spurlin, Notion Is rior.(.'nun \." f ;")<\ ror . tni ,..', HKIil deceased. iTlforulft. In tlmmatter nr the estate of Emily u>rn. SI,'iin of Ci given by the ator of (lie n» UB iiiirlln . nd all perKons the of Kinilv A. crodlturK ol. ( - cmlniH against the siiiii . oxhiblt ihein with the uecesst voncin-rs \Hhln toi,r months after first r.iilJlii-atlon of (his notice, to nald inlniinlstrntor at trie office Matthew S, Pint/,, rooms fi anfl rh, c,,,!,)!,, J!,ilf«lln & |u er the s? BSVf.'. for the e..iale . Coiililin Hiil erslu -Id, Cotintv the 'Hiime helnc Emily Mattii..-,v o o A. Spurlln. i'liiiz. uttoruov transaction of n Haul Kern ; he bu

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