Virginia Citizen from Irvington, Virginia on July 4, 1902 · Page 3
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Virginia Citizen from Irvington, Virginia · Page 3

Irvington, Virginia
Issue Date:
Friday, July 4, 1902
Page 3
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REUGIOUS APPOINTMENTS. METHODIST. Rar. C. K. XaaaaV l*aator. Irvlnrton. Klrat aud Third Sundaya, 11 A. M.; Secotid atxi Kourth Suuday niajhta; Prayer Meotirnr Wedneaday nlarbte. White Stone. Flr*t and Third Sunday8.8 P. Sl.; Seoond and Kourth Sundaya, 11 A. M. Floet'a lalaud. Socond Sunday, 3 P, M.; Third Sunduv ulpht. l'oplar Neck, Kourth Sunday.3 P. M. Rav. K. k. UiNTirv, Paator. White Marah. Klrat Sunday, 11 A. M.; Third Sunday. 3 P. M. Kehoboth. Klrat Suuday. 3 1*. M.; Third Sun? day, II A. M. Bluff Point, First Sunday, ~M P. N.; Fiflh Snniay. 11 A. M.; Edjrelv, Socond Sunday. 11 A. M.; Fourth Sun? day. 3 P. M. Bethel. Secoud Sunday, 3 P. M.; Fourth Sun? day, 11 A. M. IIAPTIST. Rav. K. W. Clatbhuoi, Paetcr. Irvington. Seeond and Kourth Sundaya. 8.-H0 P. M.; First aud Third Sunday s, S P. M.; (Preachina; or Prayer tncetiuKl. Wieomlco, First and Third Sundaya.11 A.M. Kllmarnock. Second and Fourth Suudayo, 11 A. M. Bluff Point Chapel, Kourth Sunday 7.80 P.M. Rav. U. V. Bradley. Pastor. White Stone, Flrst and Third Sundaya. 11 A. M.: Secoud and Foui-tbSeiidaya,8P. M. Fleets iHiaml, Soeoiul and Fourth Sumlup, II A.M.;Firstaud Third Suudays,aP. 11. PRESBYTERIAN. Hfv. h. L Wai.k.n, Paator. Weeres. Baaaaal and Kourth Sundaya 11 A. M. and m,:M P. M. LOCAL MENTION. All comraunieations should bcaddreaaed to I the Vikoima Jiiizrn. IrvinKton. Ya. L II. Kilee was in Baltimore this week. Frank Wilahin, of Norfolk, is visiting relalives here. Capt. Al. McDaniel has returned frora a visit to the Eastern Shore. I ?>r l.iK* of Appetilf Urove's TasteleasChili Tonic. Wbooping cough is cauaiug a few of the juveniles aroUDd here to bark. Mrs. Lula Gaines ran down from Ea 8cx this week for a few days' stay. The Baptlats had intercstiug Children a Day excrcises on lnst Sunday night here. Ity Teat Haa Proven Iteat. Urove's Tastelss Chill Tonic. Mrs. Johnnic Leland, of Richmond, arrived Tuesday to visit Mrs. Willie Leland. Mrs. Lizzle Neale, of Litwalton, is tbe guest this week of her couain, Mrs. S. P. Simmons. J. W. Haydon and Judsoa T. Haydon bavc beeu uiaking improvemcuts at their rcBidences. For Pale. Sickly Childn n. Grove't Tacteleas Chill Tonic. Mrs. Moliic Willey and Miss Georgia Meckins are In Baltlmore for a few weeks' visit. Mrs. S. B.Grifhthaadhermother.Mrs. Mitchell, aie visiting tho latter's son on the Island. Mrs. L. II. Irvlng and Mrs. Judltu Bonncr were visiting relalives at I'rban u* this week. Hecetved laat week from North t'arulina a ?artro of Mrst-claa* Cyreaa Shlnales. Ordcre I romptly tliled at lowcat prlcea. W. A. DAMKKON A lilu >.. Weema. Va. Mrs. James Burns, of Bridgeport, Coun., is visiting her father, 8.11. Moore, at this place. W. E. Simmons and family, of Flcet's Bay Neck, were the gucsts of Mra. G. D. Callis Sunday. Miss Eva Buasells ou Wednesday night gave the young people a aail on Capt. J. II. Busaella' achooncr. If you suffer with headache?occaslon ally or conatant?ask Haydon for lome of that new and wouderful drug, Cafelerian. ? Ladies' Excluaive Missionary Soclcty held a convivial meeting on Tuesday in the Methodist church bere. Among the recent sick we uote Mrs. J. R. Callla, Mra. Mary Long, Capt. J. N. Wllder, Capt. A. J. Hainilton. Some are out and the others impruving. If youwlahto get the "Right" atuff at tho "Itfirht" prlce g-o to the "4UgaaM bouac. C. W. jonea' stock ia always up to-date. I f you oan't go to Krcderickaburg. write to him. Mrs. E. YV. Long and daughter, Miss Pauline, returned Wednesday from Tolchester aad proceeded by eame boat to visit Mrs. Alllson Ileadley, at Sharps. Mrs. S. A. Ratcliff, Mrs. Myrtle Perry, Mra. Alice Carter, Miss Ketner and Mrs. T. I. RatelltT eame over here from Mil lenheck with T. I. RatcliiT Tuesday on a ahoppine expeditiou. By insuring in the Northern Neck Mutual Fire Asa'n, Irvington, Va., you eacape any chance of having a raw suit on your hands in case you burn out. Troubles are not apt to arlse, and if they do the by-lawa say they ahall be adjudl cated by arbitration. * Miss Lillie WUllams, of Mathewa, who had been visiting her cousin, Miss Myrtle Brewington a few days, took steamer here Sunday morning to attend the Nor? mal at Tappahanuock. Little Sidney Newbill was on Norfolk boat Suuday, en route to his home in Essex, fully recovered from his late dangerous illness and thesurgical opera tiou that was performed in Norfolk. Cut this out and take It to Ellis C. Richard son'a. Kllmarnock; T. J. Willing & Co'b., Ir? vington; W. A. Dameron a Bro's.. Weema; and (5. W. Sanders\ White Stone; and aet a l?>x of Cbamherlaln's Stomachand Llver Tab leta. The beat physic. They alaooorrect dia or.lera of thestomach. Prlee ro cents. Mrs. Dr. A. B. Hooe, of Washington, was this week visiting her brother, R. S. Mitchell, at the Irvington Beach Hotei. On Wednesday she left to viait relalives at Sharp'a WL*if, Uking with her little Mary Mitchell. A tieocral Strengthenlng Tonic, Qrove's TasteleM Chill Tonic. Loyola Leland, who wcnl a few weeks ago to Laurel, Del., to grow up with the cmntry and, as a side issue, to preserve some unprofltable lives by iusurance in his one and ouly company, reached here Saturday morning to spend ten days of a summer vacation. If A M .,, To You, And say some othor salve, ointment, lotion, oil or alieged bealer ls aa good as Bucklen's Arnioa Salve, toll him thirty ycira of marvei ouacurosof Pilca, Burns. Boils,Corns, Felona, Cloera, Cuts, Soalds, Brutaes and Skin Erup tions prove it's the best and chcapest. 25 cents at KlltaC. Richardaon. Ktlmarnock; T. J. Hay? don a Son, IrvinKton. B. S. Hammonds and Jasper Jett have ijuished paiuling the Methodist church and are now engaged in paintiog the roof of W. McD. Loe's dwelling. The Methodist church showa up well In its new dress. The Haplists have refresh cned their feuces and will soon begin paiotlng the outside of their church. Htopa the Cough and Wurki off the Cold Laxative Brorao OAilnlne Tableta cure a oold |n one dav. No Cure, no Par. Prloo 25 cents. VIsltors aeen bcre recently: J. R. Creaham. T. II. Maaaey, W. C. Long worth, W. G. Foxwell, M. F. Timby, B. II.11 >bioaou, Mra. B. II B Hubbard. jr., Mlaaea Ruby Saadersand Netlle Crop-rv . E. B. Squlrea, ffin. Loren/o (Tt*nny) Bellowa. Mra. R. H. Hudeon, Mrs.AValter J. Wiuegar, It. U. Dunawty, Mra. J. M. Uannon. I'at* People II %% .? i- ,i ? Blood. Orove'aTaatoIeaeChill Tonlc makos rlchblood Late arrivale at Irvington Beach: Geo. R. Fiiich, B. C. Taliaferro, Mr. and Mra. Walton Hubbard, Misa Mary Hubbard, Cco. Sandeis, jr., David Jamea, jr, W.' C. KIrwan. Jamea Butler, J. H. INuip, Mra. A. B. Hooe, Mra. A. V. Owena and' daugbter, Thelma, Lloyd Snead, wlfo aud Jaiuthter, Miss Mamle Snead. Geo. N. Anderton, E. C. Peed, .1. R. Butler, Meaara. Fitxhugh and Wrlght. Ai'l? Imuaedlately. Colda are aometime* mor? trouhleeome in aumrner than in wlnt* r. Ir'aso hard to keep from adding- tothetn whlU> coolln* off after ?MBatae. Uno Mlnute Couao Cure cu-e? at once. Abaolutely aafe. Acts immediarely. >urv curclnr couaiis. eolds.croup. throat and 'ung-troublea. CAUOIIT ON THE FLY. Steamer Essex on Sunday waa loaded with teachers bound for the Normal at Tappahannock. Ladies were greatly In prcponderance. Miss Costenbadur,15 ycar-old daugbter of the late Robert Costenbader, cf Mon tross, Westmorelaud county, was way laid near her home Saturday l>y a negro named John Homer, and crimlnally as saulted. She is in a precarioua condi tion. Her aasailaut has been caught, and but for promplness In ofticera. who eluded pursuers and reached Alexandria with thclr prisouer, a lyncbing would haveoccurred. Catarrh Can not be Cured with Local Anplicationa. aa t hoy eannot rejeh theseat or the c'iseaae. Catarrh ia a blood or coii?titutlonal dlseaae and in order to cure it you imist take internal icmedioa. llall'a Catarrh Cure ia taken internally.aitd act. dl rcetly on tho bloo j and tnueous ati'faccs. Hall'e Catarrh Curo ia not a <|uack medtcitic. lt waa preacribed by ono of the U>st phvsi clana in thia country for years. and is arejrular prcacriptiou. It is cornpowedot the l>cat twntea known. combined with the l>est biool purl tlcrs. HvtlnK diroctly on tbe niucou* aurlacea. Iheporloct cunbination of the two Injrredt enta ia what produeessuch wuudcrful resulta in curing Catarrh. Send ror toatlmonlala ?r. e. ? ,. F. J.CHBKET & Co.. Props.. Toledo.O. !*old l>y oriiKKiata, price Me. Hail'a Family Pills are the boat. PEARLS FROM THE SIIELLS. V. Garland Wcavcr spent Suuday willi friends in the upper part of Lancaster county.?Southside Stnttncl. Miss Mary Mltchcll, of Ricbmond county, who haa been the guest of Mr. S. S. Bradford and family, has returned home.?Frede:ick9l>urg Star. Laat ni?ht about 8:.'10 o'clock a large delcjration from St. Luke'a church gnild. headed by their leader of soclal events, lilled the home of their rector, the Rev. VV. T. Snead. Recitatlons and games made uptbe program. with rcfreshments Included. Pleaaurc gave way to gllence for a sbort time, in ordcr that \V. F. Slmma.a prominent member of St. Luke'a, might fuliill tbe duty aasigncd him by the Guild?the presentation of a nice sura of money to the rector, as an evl dencc of their csteem for him aud in rec ognition of bla faitbfulness to them. Mr. Snead has had offers in otber fielda of Hle. but decided to rcmaln at St. Luke'a. The guild is to be cougratulatcd on the aplendid way ln which the aur prise waa arranged and carried out. The rector begins his third year at St. Luke'a next Sunday, and with the brlght out look and the encouragement received last night, it is an assured fact that auc ccss will follow.?Itichmond Nev*. Mother Alway. Krrpi lt Handy. "Mother mrreied a long time from dlatreaa ing palnaan.l gvneral ill lioalth due priroartly to Indlgestion," m)? L. W. .spai,i|?K, Verotm, M<?. " l?u >carsairo I urot her to try Kotfol. BM trrew l>et ter at imw and now. at the a?e of ?<-\ <iii> alx.eataanythiuK .he want*. renmrk Iiik that ahe foars no bad etTccta as she lu*a her liottlc or Kodol bandy." Dont waate time doctortugaymptoina. (Jo after Uie i*uic. If your atomach l. aound your hoalth will be yooa. Kodol reata the atomach and ttretiKtheuM thelMMly bydlyealiiiKyour food. lt iaoatuie'a own tonlc. DKAMA8 AT K1LMAUNOCK. Wednesday and Thursday, July 9th and 10th. 10tr>, at Kilmarnock Hall, there will be acted the dramas, "Bread on the Waters," and "Prof. Baxter'a Inventlon." One play each night, aup piemented by music, monologucs acd other enlcrtaiuing performances. Refreahments served ln dalnty style. Come and have a jolly time. Admission, 25 cts ; children, 15 cta. Doors open at 7 p. m. Benetit of Lebauon Church. NEW miT 8TAHTED. Am running private Ferry on Eastern Brancb from Robert Waddy's to Capt. Miller'a landings for the convenience of the public. Wh. Smitii. Omcera Electcd. At the eemi-annual electloa on Tues? day night I.vington Lodge, I. O. O. F., 205, chose the followlng ofticers: F. G. Newbill, Noble Grand; Orris Jamea, Vlce Grand; Clinton Bew, Recording Secre tary; B. S. Hammonds, Flnancial Secre tary; J. T. Rilee, Treasurer; J. W. Ilun dley, Chaplain. AppukTtive ofticea will be lilled at next meeting, Tuesday night of next week. At atockholdera meeting of the cor poration of tbe Chesapeake Academy, held at that institution in Irvington on Tuesday morning, at which about ninety per cent. of the atock was represeated, the following oflicers were elected for the ensulng year: L. H. Irvlug, President; F. G. New bill, Secretary; W. L. Messick, Treasurer. Board of Directorg: L. H. Irvlng, F. G. Newblll, W. L. Measlck, W. J. Newbill* G. P. Squires, Lyttleton Cockrell, J. F. Bellowa, R. M. Sandera, D. R. Jamea. A 19.2 per cent. divldend?or $4.80 on every share of $25?was dcclared. Meaars. L. H. Irvlng, VV. L. Messick and R. M. Sanderswere appolnted a sub-committee to negotiate with lessees. Don'fc Fall To Try This. Whenevor an honeat trlal ia Klven to E!eo trio liittera for any trouble ltia reoommended for a permanent curo will aurely be effected. It never faila to tone tbe atomach, reKulate the ktdneys and bowels, attmutate the liver. InvlRorate the uorvaa and purlfy the blood. It'aa wonderful tonic for run-down ayatems. Eloctrlc Ilitters poKitfvcly cures Kidney and Liver Troubles, Stomacb Diaordcn, Nervous nesa, Sleepleasneaa, Hbouraatiam, Nouralala, and expels Malarla. Satiafaction g-uarantood ny Ellia C. Klchardaon, KUraarnock; T. J. Haydon & Son. Irvington. Only CO oenta. Lancaster i'reachiiifr. Rev. T. J. Wray, of the Heathsvllle circuit, will preach on next Sunday at White Marab at 11 a. m , Rehoboth 11:30 p. m and BluiT Point Union Chapel at 8 p. in. A collection will be taken at each place f.?r the Virginia Confercuce Orphanagc. A large attendance and liberal Riving are earneatly deslred. Rev. R. K. Benlley will fill Mr. Wray'a pulpit at Heathsvllle Suuday. Need Klore kfelp. Often tlicover-taxedortranaof diRoatlon cry out for help by Hyapepala'a palna, Nauaca. Oizzmeaa, Headache* liver complaiata, bowel dlaordora. Such trouhloa oall for prompt uso of Dr. Kina'a New Life Pllla. They are ffcntlo. t horeuffh and B*oarantoed to cure 25 conta at Bllia C. Klchardaon. Kilmarnock; T. J. Hay? don k Son, Irvington, Lancaster County. MILLENBECK. W. H. Warren on July 1st was ap polnted wharf ageot here and repreeen tative Ol W. MeD. Lee in place of Mr. Tapscott. Mr. Watren will move here to reaide. T. I. Ratcliff's mother, Mra. 8. A. Ratcliff, of Ratcliffs Wharf, and stster, Mrs. Myrtle Perry, of Fredericksburg, and Miss NannieCatlett.of Spotsylvania, are viaiting at his home. Judge Juo. C. Ewell's new gaaoline launch, being built by Buek Carter, is nearing completion. IBEKIS. Reva. R. E. Beutley and T. J. Wray will exchange pu!pits on ihe first Sunday in July. The people on the north side of Eaat ern Branch were much disappointed in not belne. able to cross Ihc rlveT to hear Rev. C. R. James prcach at Black Stump Suuday. The wind blcw so hard it was dangerous to cross. Mr. and Mrs. WiP.iaro Sloane. Misses Cora, Maggie and Bertie Webb, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. McKenncy, of Brookvale, and J. H. McKenncy, Jo Douglass and Willie Webb, of Lancaster, were here Sunday _ Y. WEEMS. Misses Addie Plnes and Kose Fishcr, of Baltimore, arrived Wednesday to visit the former's Biater Mrs. Grillln Ashburn, jr. They expcct later to visit Mrs. Lev Bryaut at Irvington. I. II. Francis and paity arrived Thura day morning to open the summer at their fine place oo Point Francis. Mis. Kathrine Noblett arrived Wed? nesday from Baltimore. J. O. Dameron and bride (formerly Miss Margaret Jones. of Dinwiddie, and once music instructor at the Chesapeakc Academy, Irvington) arriyed Wedueaday and have taken up their abode in Mr Dameron's handsome residence. WHITE STONE. R. Otis Davenport, of this place, is now reprcBentiog the Hassenforder Safe and Lock Co., of Philadelpbia, and trav eling the towns of Trcnton, Wilming ton, Bristol and Cape May. His many Lancaster friends wiah him abnndant auccess. M. F.Timby, after attending the Vet erans' Meeting at Wharton Grove on tbe Fourth, will go to Tappahannock with his photogrsph gallery while the Normal is In scssion. Mr. Bush, Mrs. Amcricus MeNamara, Mrs. Johony Buchau and E. A. Oliver are among ihc aick tbia week. Great preparationa are being made by our people to attend the Whartou Grove cntertainment tomorrow (Friday) OCRAN. DAYLIGHT ALL THE TIME.? MANY PER80NALS. Steamcrs Squlres and Brown were in Baltimore last week undergolng rcpairs. Miss Ida Bellows returned this week from Baltimore, where ahe had been for treatment to her cyes. She was accom panicd by her mother. Mrs. G. S. Paaquith pald a short visit home from Baltimore this week. Misa Molly Brent returned Sunday from a pleaant trip to Lancaster C. II W. E. Humphreys, who haa beeu quite aick, ia out again. Walter Bruaatar, of Baltlmore, is visit? ing frienda bere. The annez to the chapel Is corapleted. The benehes will aoou be put in and the house paicted. Mlaa Nettle Cropsey, of Baltlmore, ia visiting her rousln, Mrs. A. C. Dawaon. Mrs. Thoa. Jones and A. W. Buah are on the aick 11st. Mrs. J. L. Humphreya, of White Stone, apent several days with Mrs. W. C. Kemp this week. The new gas plant at Bellows & Squlres' factory is a ahinlug auccess. They haidly kuow when the sun goea down. W?ARY WlLLIB. K1SUEUMAN. Capt. Thoa. M. Fitchclt and Miss Jen nio Simmons have returned from a trip cmb.acing Baltimore aud Annapolia and announce their marrlage ia the latter city. Mrs. Emily Meekins has rcmoved to the home of her daughter, Mra. W. G. Foxwell, at this place, to reaide. Trap ncttera have finiahed their spring work of taking up stakes and nets. Most of the lishermrn have done fairly well. Purse-net'ers are not doing much. Henry Ingram has gotton lumber in place and will begln his new houac this week. Also J. S. Laadiu ia getling lumber to build this summer. Glad to hear the Island is in progress. Capt. B. A. Croasdale will start purse netting this week. Monroe Ingram is huildlng acook room to his dwelling. Mrs. M. E. Rains is In Baltimore. Mrs. Efhe Meekins and children are spending a month with her father in Dorchester county, Md. We would love to hear somethlng of the mail route from White St. ne down here. Gus Rainea has moved back to his home from Corotoman. We are glad to wel comehim with us again. Wm. E. Davis left last Friday for the cutter Hamllton to take charge of his cftlce. _ Jack. ANTI-RAPP. IS IT AN ELOPKMENT? WHAT KIND OF A YIELD OP POTATOES WAS IT? Charlie Payne and Misa Jaule Cbilton left Tuesday for Baltlmore. The report is that they have gone to be married. Her sister, Miss Kate Chilton, accom panied them. J. T. Payne and son, Osy, also left the Eame day. J. A- Robertson has finiahed getting his shella off. Miss Eula Harper ia spending a few days with Miss Sailie Robertson this week. Purse-netting is very dull so far. A. F. Hughlelt and J. L. Robertson spent last Sunday at Kllmarnock. D. B. Robertson and Leslie Kesterson will leave today for Norfolk aud various other points. J. L. Robertson took his father's bug eye, Nancy H&nks, to the railway Wed? nesday. Miss Daniel, of Middlesez county, is visiting at the home of Mra. H. E. Robertson. A. A. Robins has gone to West Point this week. W. S. Ingram dug elghteen rows of Irish potatoea Monday and got eight barrels. [ For tho benefit of an anxious public we wlsh our corre->pondent had stated length of rows.?Editor J We are in hopes that the new church will soon be erected in our community. Howard Spencer was home this week with a rising hand. Rosa Bud. <? &A Thia aignature i* ou every tx>x of the geuuina Laxative Bromo Quinine Tabieu the ramedy that curea a eold ln one dtavjr Wl-IUHNdS. A mnrrlage iicense waa issaed Satur? day In Baltimore to Gustav Wagner (formerly of Irvington) and Miss Katie Poweil. Redbank Baptist church. in uppcr Northampton, was the scene last week ofa very intcresting weddlng, when Miss Rcna Floyd aud Rev. Andrcw Broaddus were united in marriage. Rev. C. L. Corbitt ofticiated. After a dinuet at the homeof the bride, Rev. and Mrs. Broad? dus left for Sparta, Caruline county. DAMEUOX-JMXKS?Oaeof the most beautiful and iutereating of the June weddings waa solemoized on Thursday last at 9:30 p. m., at Concord Pres-by terian church iu Bruoswirk county, Virginia. The contracting parties were Mr. James Oscar Dameron a popular young merchant of Weems, Virginia. and Miss Margaret Bolling Jones, the beautiful and accomplished daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Tboraas Thweatt Jones, of Din widdie county, Virginia. Scldoni in the history of the old county has there been sucli an ussemblage of beauttrul girls aud chivalrous men as were gathered in this hospitabie home to dohouor to this popular couple. Tlie church was haud<*omely decoraled ln green and white, tbe idea being very efit;ctively carried out in white draperiee about the pulpit, while coverlnga for the fl >or. and garlands of green Inter spersed with bunches of pure white tlowera aud aapar.igua fern. The hridal party was prcccded to the altar by four ushcrs?Messrs. Thomas Cox, of Sussex, Virginia; William Moore, of Diuwlddie; Johu Tucker and Hugh Baird, of Brunswick, Virginia. Tbebrides maids and groomsmen thon entered ln the following order: Miss Clara Dackett, of Clinton, S. C, with Mr. Cl&ibornc Pope, of Petersburg, Va.; Miss Susic Dozier Dickson, of Sumter, S. Cwltu Mr. Thoma9 Flournoy, of Law renceville, Va; Mi98 Emma Pope, of Brunswick, with Mr. V. B. Colonna, of Newport News, Va: Miss Alice Gam in.m. of Fredericksburg, Va , with Mr. William Elllott Jones, of Dinwlddie; Miss Nan Pryn Jones and Mr. John Cutler Gilusha, of Dinwiddie; Miss Myron Galusha, of Dinwiddie, with Mr. llichard Manson, of Bruuswick, Va.; Miss Gertrudc McMurran, of Newport News, Va., with Mr. Landou Davis, of Locust Dale Academy, Va ; MisB Franccs Court ney, of Norlhumberland county, Va, with Mr. James A. Joaes, of Brunswick. These lovely miidens were all dressed in white orgaudie with low necks, while liberty satin ribbou nashes and carried large bouquets of ferns ticd with full bows of white organdie. Tlie maid of honor was M iss Mary Bar uett Joues, a sintor af tbe bride, who entered alooe. Her atriking brunctte beauty wa9 greatly cubanceJ by asupcrb toilct of imported while Japancae silk gauze over yellow brocadc, entrain, and trimracd with pearl passementcrie. She alao worc a white aalin ribbon sash and carried a shower bouquctof yellow roBes tlcd with yellow ribbon. Ncxt eame the groom with his best man, a brother, Mr. Harry Dameron, of Newport News, Va. Then the bride entered leaning on the arm of her brother, Dr. John Bolling Jones, of Petersburg, Va., who gave her away. Her lovcliuess of both person and charactcr secmed emphasized by her brldal array, which was an exqulsite creatlon of imported white Japauese silk and appllqueover a white brocade which has been handed down through her Raodolph anccstors for many genera tions. Mer vcll was caught with a pearl ornament, aud she carried a shower bou quct of brides roses tied with white satin ribbon. The cercraony wa9 very im presaively performed by tho falherof the bride, Rev. T. T. Jonea, of the Bruns? wick and Dinwiddie c'aurchee. The grandold wedding raarches of Lohcngrln and Meodelssohn were beautifully ren dered by Mrs. L. G. Elinore, asthe brldal party entered and left the church. After the ceremony at the church, the entire brldal party and many othcrs repaircd to the home of the brlde's parenta, 'where true "Old Virginia" hospitality was dia pensed in an elegant lunchcon. Some of the visitors from a distance were: Miss Eli/abeth Carringtou, of Hampden-Sidncy, Va; Dr. and Mrs. John Bolling Jones, of Petersburg, Va ; Mrs. T. Crawford Redd and Miss Anoie Penick, of Richmond, Va.; Miss Mary Harriaon Bird, of Petersburg, Va ; Mr. Robort Randolph Jones, of Newport News, Va; Miss Eleauor Duckett, of Clinton, S. C , and many othera. The popularily of this young couple was fully atteeted by the great number of beautiful and coslly presents recelved. They left on tho northbound train at &15 p. m. for Atlantic City and other norlhern points, followed by a shower of rice, old shoes, and good wishes. They will make their future home at Weems, Va., where Mr. Dameron is engaged iu business. Summer eomplalnt la unuaually prevaleut among ohlldred this aeason. A well developed c.we ln the wrlter's family was oured uut week hy the timcly use of Chamberlaln'a Collc, Cholcraand l>iarrha>a Remedy-oneof the best patent medlolnea manufacturod and which ia al waya kept on band at the home cf ye scribe. This la not Intended asa free puff for the com pany, who do not adverttae with us, but to benettt little aufferera who may not be within eaay aeeeaa of a physician. No family ahould be without a bottle of this modiclne in the houae, ospeelally ln summer-tlmo.?Lansing, lowa, Journai. For sale by EUia C. Rlehard aon, Kllmarnock; T. J. Willing & Co., Irving? ton; W. A. Damoron X Bro., Weems; O. W. Sandera, White Stone. Another Attractionat Whartou tirove Today. Don't forget the big time of the Vet erana at Wharton Grove today (Friday). In the afternoon there will be a match of base-ball between nlnes from Middle aex and Lancaster countles. Besidcs the amusements already pub? lished for Wharton Grove today, (Friday) the ateamers/'Iclcle" and "Sentlnel," of Urbanna, will "pull off" their long looked-for race. Both of the ateamers are very fast and opluion as to the faster of the two is quite divided. They will atart from the camp ground wharf and run to some point yet to be agreed upon near the mouth of the river. This is their fint race and Is looked forward to by the people of Urbanna with great intorest. Should a party of Irvlngtoniana decide to rcmaln at the ground tonight Capt. Bayton aays he will return for them and convey them home at any hour. See Capt. J. N. Wilder lor auy arrangement on this line. NOTICE : Roberts Chill Tonic ad resumes. Bellows & Squirea advertlse their large line of general mercbandise. Neudecker Tobacco Co., and Schwartz man Bros. change their ads this week. TO WATERMEt'oN GROWERS. Ship your w&termelons to A. Frank Evaus, Commlssion Merchant, 11th St Wharf, S. W , Washington, D. C. Keferences: Bradstreet and Dun Mer cantile Agenciea; Central National Bank, Washington, D. C; Hon. J. 11. Smail, of North Carolina, and raelon growers generally. Westmorc ., ld Co. KOM1M C VE. Tbe tbresheiiueii ! wrv busy. The yield of wheat ii uoft al? good, but mofit of the crot s are turnin^ out much better taaa irai npaetea, considering the thot l ovb of tbe wheat. Coraaropiart I oking ?|iiiti* well here. Cbildrcu'd Day r na, which were observed at (iei .h Baptist church on the fifth Sin ?*y iu June, were a succesa in evt inct. The exercises were opei. y the read ing of the 34th I'suIt uy tfce super intendent, John L Heal*\ Tbe music, which waa rery good, was greatly added to 1. <he musioal talents of Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy. Two duets, "Be Still," and "Star Divine," reudered bj them, were en joyed by all, a? was also a solo by Miss Millie Croxton, of Baltimore. The singing by the primarv class was very good. Mrs. L A. Carter pre sided at the organ. The recitations by tbe cbildren were sucoessfully curried out. An address by Kev. Q. M. Conni'llee was very much en joyed, also an interesting one by Mr. M. S. Pelano. Quite a large crowd was present and everything paased off plea8antly. Mr. Arthur Brannand Miss Lilian Obier, both of Northumberland county, were married June ISth by Hev. A. I>. Keynolds. Mrs. Mary A. Sandy, an aged lady of Village, is in very delicate heath. The infantof Mr.and Mrs. Ii. A. Coates is quite sick. Mr. Oinobundro, of Baltimore, recently visited his tincle, W. 1{. Oniohundro, of Lyelh. Mrs. George Edwards, after spend ing a few weeks with Mr. and Mrs. K. B. P^dwards, at Lyells, has re? turned to Philadelphia, where Mr. and Mrs. Edwards will spend the remaining summer months. Best wishes to the wee lady who recently appeared at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. \V. Smith. Miss Millie Croxtoo, of Baltimore, is at her parental home near Lyells. Mrs. Dollie Balderson and two children, of Iiodge, visited the lady's mother, Mrs. A. J. Rock, recently." Many expressions of regret are made at the deatb of Mr. H. J. Mills, of Warsaw, which occurred the past week. Our loviug eympathy is ex tended his bereaved lovcd ones. H. M. Hutt and two daughters, of Earnham, visited reltifives near here the past week. If we have a thiug to do, let us do it; If we'd aspire hillsof heigbt We iiiuat atrivc with all our mij;ht, Alwaya la the way of right; Let us then pursuc lt. R D 0. POB ItKNT OU HAUBi My tent at Marvln Or.ivo Camp, con iHinini: tlirec room?, on Whitiirld Ave. Kor It>fflM apply to C C Hammack, Sunnybank, Va. Itev. Tillery Before Conferenco. A? meeting of Hicl'mond Baptist Miaiatara' Ooafttreaca Monday tnora iug the Kev. J. Ii. Tillery was pres rnt and was introduced to the body. After a statement made by Mr. Tillery a cornmittee was appointed to examine hitn. The cornmittee consists of the llevs. J. B. Hutson, D, I)., c. S. Oardaar, L>. D., (ieorge Uoapef, I>. I)., W. B Leake and W. T. Derieux. D. I). Iu his Btatement, which was vol un'.arily made, Mr. Tillery indicated his reasons for leaving the Methodist church, and alao gave an explana tion of hia trouble with the Balti nu n Conference. As regards the former, Mr. Tillery said he went ovor feo the Baptistson account of a coaaoieatioat conviction that he should obey the Lord iu methods of baptism. He had come to the con alaataa that immersion was the only DfOper way of administering Uie j-aeiament, and that other fornis of "b.tptism are no baptism at all.? Richmtrnd TYratt MALAK1A CAUSES HIUIOI SNKSS, Grove's Taatelosa Chlll Tonlc removea the riaWIXIl prkss ASSOl IATION The Virginia Preu3 Aasociatiou Oloaad i?a unnual bession at Virginia Beach on Thursday. The followmg olli n vere elected for tbe ensiiing year: l'resid -nt, W. S. tJopelaoai, of Uiehmond; Vice-Piividei.t, S. S. Nottingbani, of Norfolk. .1. Ii. Ii . waa re-elected tary. and K. N. Bobinaoa, Tvoaaajgtr. Miss Bertfco Bobioaoa ?aa again chosen to liiI the position of Ilistoriuu. Executive Oomwittee: C. 1). lKnit, A. 1\ Rowe, Evan U. Cheaterman, K. H Ben/.ely and C. EL Tbacker. Me8sra. M. B. Lcwis, Methodist Epiacopul Church, M. T. Harrisou and OL E. Tbacker were eketed aa delegntta to the National Editorial Association, and W. McDouald Lee was unani niously chosen us Virginia cotnniit teeinau for that organization. The paper read by Editor W. Mc Donald la?e, of Irvington, on "Tlie Jamestown TVroentennry Exposition" was an cxquisite bit of cniposition which thrilled his audience nnd evokeJ the nioat generous applauae. It will probably be uaod M part of th" literatureof the Kxposition Uoaa> niittee.? Ru/miond Dispulth. mi m?v iti.oon. Kaaaa a aaaaldj nniaiailnai Para i>u><>'i meanna clcitr coinplcxion. Orovo*a Taeieleaa Chill Tonic luukes rich, clcar blood. MII>l>Li:SKX NOTKS. Miss Virgie Revere, of Fredericks? burg, ia visiting frienda near Mill Creek. Ed. Ingram, daughter, Elsie, and son, Orauville, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. II. F. Ciarncr, at Irvington. The town council of Urbanna has adopted ordinances_ providing that no intoxicating litjuors shall be sold within the lunits or within one milc of the town, and puttingon an extra license tax of fgj for the sale of cigarettes. Jndge Ware, of Easex, held County Court iu Middlesex for Judge Gar nett, while attending the Constitu tion Convention. Howard Cleveland (colored) for housebreaking was jailed for sixty days and lined fSJi. Sam Cross for breaking into M. A. dackson's store was sent to the peni tentiary for live years. On that day Healy-Claybrook Canip, Confederate Veterans, elected W. S. Kichardson and S. A. Bristow delegates to the Cruud Camp at Wytheville. A tubiet ia mcmory of Captain Elliott Mnse Healy, of Company C, of the Fifty-fift'i Virginia Kegiment, C. 8. A., killed at Mauaesaa, August, :50th, 1802, and one in memory of Colonel Churchill Robtrt BloJMJ were unveiled. l'ortraits of Capt. Elliott Mtisc Healy aud Hon. 13. F. Blood, donated by Senator J. Boyd Scara.were unveiled by BettieWrighr, af Tuppahannook, who recited "Sol ? liera in Orny" and "The battle of New Market" very beautifully. Dark Hair u I have used Ayer's Hair Vigor for a great many years, and al though 1 am past eighty years of ?ge? >et I have not a gray hair in my head." Geo. Yellott, Towson, Md. We mcan all that rich, dark color your hair used to have. If if s gray now, no matter; for Ayer's Hair Vigor always rc stores color to gray hair. Sometimes it makes the hair grow very heavy and long; and it stops falling of tnc hair, too. SI.M a ko'Hc. All ifrafiiata. If your drupjrist can not antiply yoa, a*>nd u? ono d.MUr and wo vill rxpraaa you a l?>tU?*. Ile miro and ei\t? tl:e nauin of yuur ueurcnt exi>rcH? OftTee. Addrcaa, J. <-. Avr.i; *?>., ixjweii.Maaa. MAI.MJI V MAKKS VOl' WKAK. Qrove'a Tastelesa t'liill Tonic m.ikea you fctrong". Make Money and Save Money. But an Acetylene Plant in your house, store or factory. The grandest light under the Son. No smoke, smeil or heat. Cheaperthan coal oil. (Jo aud see the large one in Bellows & Squires' factory; also my store and T. O. Sinither's. AU lit up with this geru of a light, Come and let me talk with you if you want your house, store or factory lit up. Am agent for the Northern Neck. Now to make money buy a lot in Old Dominion Place, Norfolk. Coat, $5 down and $5 per month thereafter till paid for. Anybody who wants to can do this. You throw this much away every month in cigars or something elae. Lots auy price you want. The great fnture for Norfolk is won derful?going to be the greatest seaport in the United States. The Tercentenuial will be held there, and you know what that means for Norfolk. Take my advice and buy now and in a few years jou can wear diamonds. Come and see me. 1 will show you maps aud give you all other information desired. Eortnue aever knocks at a nian's door but once. It is knocking today. I am yourg to make and save money, ELIK C. RICHAKDSON, 4711 Bmdwiy, KIIMAMOCK, VA. EI EI We deaire to announce to the citl zens of the Itappahannock Valley that our plant is now iu tirst-ciass runninx order and ready to auppl; all dem&uda for ice whethcr large or amall. In soliciting your aupport we would re miinl you that thia is purely a home enterprise and cxpecta tobeanpported by home patronage?cilizena along the river. ICE E Our ice will be sold at the loweat market price. Special ratea to partiea buying in large quantities. We have our own boat and will deliver justlfiable ordera anywherc on the Kappa hannock ltiver from Tappahan nock to the Chesapeake Bay. Write ua for prlcea and save money. RAPPAHAMNOCK ICE CO., Urbanna, Va. ESTABLfSHED 1878. A. LEWIS & SON,' Commission Merchants, GRAIN. LIVE STOCK, WOOL. PRODUCE. 222 8. St., BALTIMORE, MD. SPLENDIQ OUTLET FOR SPRING LAMBS EARLY PEAS and POTATOES. It pays to ship to a house that has a trade for just what you have to sell. We regard shippers' interests as our own. We employ no agents or solicitors. Our house is a better one to-day than it has ever been. Give us a trial with your next shipment. Jvvow Jko. C. Kwell, President A. IIowakm, Vice-President. J. V. Gouldmax, Ji:., Cashier. THE LANCASTER NATIONAL BANK, IRVINGTON, \TA. Deposits Solicited, Negotiable Paper Discounted ALL, tOKUESPO.MMJNCE I'ltOMI'ThY ANSWEKE1) IN SI.ALi;i> ENVELOPE8. Handsome Litkogrraphed Check Booka presented to each Customer. WALL lilSINF.SS KKl?T IN 8TKICT OOXFWBffCaVJH BANK OPEN FROM 9 A. M. TO 4 F. M. 5 X)i??ex?eixl3 Ladies came to buy again. Thafs what we have been working for these nastveare reputation on Good Wearing Reliable E abrics-and we'SsUckitt ev^ if we dont make so much money. " New Black Goods. 38-mch Black All-Wool Tamese, light weight, 50c. yd. 45-inch Hlack All-Wool Tamese, light weight, 57c. " 45-inch Hlack All-Wool Crepe Melrose,li't weight, $1 yd. 45inch Black All-Wool Twilled Oscawana Cloth, niedium heavy for skirts, 1 ? 45-inch Granite Cloth, medium weight for skirts, 1 " 45-inch Armure All-Wool Lustrons Hlack, 1 " :tO-inch Old Heliable Keady-shruok Storm Serge, 50c 45-inch Kxtra Heary Keady-shrunk Storm Serge for service, (}9C, yj. 36-incl All-Wool Cheviot, better than before, 50c. " A full Iine of those good wenring Hlack Taffeta Silks. 45-inch Hlack Silk Grenadine, small meeb, $1 yd 17-inefa Hlack Habutai Silk, light weight, bal strong, 5^ yj# 17 inch Hlack Pocgee, Soft and elegant quality, $1 yd. Hot Weather Specials Just Opened. Lace Ilose for ladies at 10c, 15c, l<>c, 25c; for men at Iftfe. l'.c., 25c Ladies^ Qaaae \ ests, ribbed, at 5c, 8Jc, 10c, 15c, 25c. Lovelv Styles. Ladies Gatise PanU in ribbed and flat styles at 25c. Children's Gauze Vests at snndry prices in Cotton. Chilren's Summer Weight Wool Vests at 25c, 37Jc, 50c Men^s Gauze Shirts and Drawers in Bal., blue and nink, 25c Haaa Fme Gauze Shirts and Drawers in varietv of styles, 50c Men's Fine Woveu Summer Negligee Shirts, ctioice styles, 50c Hoys Fme Woven Summer Negligee Shirts, choice styles, 50c Imported Woveu Madras Negligee Shirts, beautiful designs, at $1 Summer Netting Corsets, open mush but strong and cool, 50c Short Girdle Corsets, a little beauty and featber-weight, 50c Fine, Cool, Hatiste Corsets, about 6-ounce weight, out strong, new desizne $1 Lovely Lawns at 5c?fine, wide and shter, new styles. New Parasols, for children and ladies. LT^'w* >V"u Siik Sun a?? *ff* rn*r*?" f?r ladiea ia dark red, dark greeu, dark blue, dark purnle that we bought a a bargaia when North recently, and are offering at $2.50 and ?.::>, always sell at $3.75 ?X 50 ^"ffi^^TiaaiatL " **"" "* if * k ?0t 8ati3faCt0r-V ? return *0Qr m?*' EW QTST APyC^ NEW STORE and m ffffi ^9 1 Eif-lill^i^ NEW STOCK, Enterprise Building, FREDERICKSBURG, VA, EXCURSION TO FREDERICKSBURG JULY 2ND. a* The ladies ofRappahannock Church will give an Excursion from THE T. BRENT STORE Where you will lind the most complete line of evervthin- in Drv Gonda hrofts <;?,t< White Goods Fancy Goods, Mi.linery, Notions, iSSffilkSlSA SUi%| SWrWck m!? I uh ?r',rt,|Wa,8V:: Mrdlin ??*??? Ladita* and Qeate' Xeckwcar, 1 Ios ery, Gloves CoraSa' Men a and loys' Clothing, Trunks, Suit Gaatfl, atft, and hundmls of otlu;r thing* thaw havelf t enacT to to cnZ\- M? U( y 8hOU,d v,8itt0lir.Milli"^y IVpartm,nt which is s,cond lo noneVvSa Be1u? to come, we will make some special prices for that data. m^m* tx sure THE T. N. BRENT STORE Corner Main and George Sueets, Fredericksburg, Va. Place your orders for Merchant Tailoring for Spring and Summer with your Home Stores. They see you every day. They are interested in you. They are looking for your trade. They will see that you are pleased. nt?l?Th.?iCOlnmbia TailoriuR Company will t.vecute your orders in the most fashionable, np-to-date style, and m\\ give you perfect htting gunnents (inishrd ia the best workmanlike manner and Sv!hr ?ntire S~SgCV, ** ^ ramajaatad by the flme mention,d h,Z, whi t? pieiSd to show you our eamples, which is oue of the largeat liaea ever eihibited: P IUVI.Nt; i HAKDIXG, Weems, Va.. BLUKDOM ? 1IINTON, Keedville Va. BUBAHK BB0&, Kilmarnock, V,, A. H. MALLOKV. Warsaw vl ' I). K. JAMKS, White Stone, Va., FACLCONKK I ANDEHTOX, Tappahanuock, Va., And scveral others who will be adwrtised later. 8hort'iy1'!n0'theirC,!Li0?ir T "^ " ^^ JOUr ?,der ,0r ?"r ?Wm'"' wll? ?"> c?? ? I" COLUMBIA TAILORIWC CO., 239 N. Gay St., BALTIMORE, MD. GREAT YELLOW FRONT SHOE HOUSE, 421 S. BROADWAY, BALTIMORE, MD. QRANDEST DISPLAY OF Sh.oes "and" Slippers Ever Shown in Baltimore. All the Latest Designs in IDEAL KID, PATENT LEATHER and VICI XIO, For Men, Ladies, Misses, Boys and Children. WRITE FOR OUR NEW CATALOGUE. -''??' URB1NG. OfmcexWorks" fRE0ERICK5BIJR6, VA. SHINGLES! SHINGLES! Keep on hand eedar ahinglea, 4, 5 and (i inches wi.le. Will OOdataaH any other dealer. Have two boata running and wiil deliver any kind of sbingle if wauted iu 8ufticient quantity. Also have a 11x40 foot sharpie to sell cheap. C. IIACKNEY, Lancaster Co , Eubanka, Va. WILLSON & CORIELL, \\ boataaJe and Commlssion, North Carolina and Virginia Pine Lumber, WlattoOiUa I{. K. Ties, llardwonds, Wood. ff] East Falls Avenue, Baltimore, Md. Caraoes and Carload LoU. Corrcapondenec and Conalgnmenti 8oileKed.

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