The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 15, 1908 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 15, 1908
Page 6
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THE BAKERSFTELD CALIFORNIA^ TUESDAY, DECEMBER 15, 1908. ANNUAL SALE Gibson Girl Drill Will Be A Feature Of Ladies Minstrels Of 1847 Rogers Bros. Silverware IS SCHEDULED FOR Wednesday Thursday and Friday Positively No Longer! This Orcat TIfHKK I'AY event will crowd our magnificent store with Mger we are well prepared. Kxtni salespeople are here to serve you; plenty of mo::i we have recently remodeled our jewelry store and instead of one aisle, we two main aisles in this section. Last year's sale of 1S47 Rogers Bros.' Silverware created much enthusiast out tl* entire county. It was appreciated, coming as it (fid, BEFORE Chri-'i enabling our customers to save 2,') per cent of their Christmas money. In repeating the sale this year we do so with a still larger stock of the ch" terns of Rogers Bros.' goods, and with a guarantee from the oldest and ISM-' jewelry store in Bakerslield —Wiekersham's . . '<>". lor u " have, thus Note The Details of This Great Sale Tea Spoons Patieni, set of six, regular price $2.25 (')iarter Oak Pattern, set of six regular price $2.25 PrisciliM Pattern, set of six, regular price $2.25 Avon 1'iittern, set of six, regular price $2.25 Berkshire Pattern, set. of six. regular price $2.25 Lexington Pattern, set of six, regular price $2.25 (..'resi Pattern, set of six, regular price $2.25 Sale Price $1.69 Activity In the sale of tickets for drill of the Gibson girls, and from all the Imlle.s' minstrels at tbe Bakers- 'field Opera House ,on the Monday following Christmas, has already begun and It Is now certain that everybody and his neighbor Is going to bo I there. The public Is anxious to see how i he young ladies of the town ! will ((import themselves In minstrel ; toggery, and It Is not too early to predict that every seat will be filled. So if yon haven't bought a ticket yet I pet yours now. When the box office ; opens I here's going to be a scramble for I lie good ones. The curtain will' go up on an enlivening scene. The usual circle of minstrels will occupy the front of the stage and back of this will be some 30 or 40 yonng Iadies»of the chorus. Mrs. ,T. Benson Wrenn will be In the middle and the Jokes and songs will not fail to Interest. A feature of the second part of the evening's performance will be the ^Desert Spoons Vintage Pattern, set of six, regular price Charter Oak Pattern, set of six regular price Priscilla Pattern, set of six. regular price Avon Pattern, set of six, regular nvici Berkshire Pattern, set of six, regular nrict Lexington Pattern, set of six. regular price Crest Pattern, set of six. regular prii $3.50 $3.50 $3.50 $3.50 $3.50 $3.50 Sale Price $2.63 Table Spoons Vintage Pattern, set of six, regular price $4.00 Charter Oak Pattern, set of six regular price $4.00 Priscilla Pattern, set of six, regular price $4.00 Avon Pal tern, set of six, regular price $4.00 Berkshire- Pattern, set of six, regular price $4.00 Lexington Pattern, set of six. regular price $4.00 Ov-it Pattern, set. of six, regular price $4.00 Sale Price $3.00 i ^ accounts It will be one of the catchiest things that has ever been presented In this city. The rehearsals are In progress dally and the Initiated say It's going to be something worth while. Those who make up the drill corps are Misses Gladys Llghtner, Marguerite Llghtner, Nellie Gren- vllle, Myra Surface, Kate Grenvllle, Roberta Holtby, Ardls Hare, Bernlce Harrell, Douglas Macmurdo and Isabel Forker. Mere man Is not permitted to know much at this time about th« costumes and nobody can get a worJ out of the I young ladles about the jokes and songs, but the mystery only adds to the Interest, and nobody Is willingly going to miss this great society event. G, A, R. OFFICIAL ENTERTAINED Department uommandei Merrill ot the district made up of California and Nevada, of the G. A. R., was the guest of honor of Hurlhut Post at a smoker and banquet last evening. Mr. Merrill arrived from the south, where lie lives at Long Beach, yesterday at' ternoon, and was met by a committee from the local post. The evening "was very pleasantly spent and In addition to a speech by the visiting official, Major F. S. Rice, Walter James, John McWlllamp, II. F. Condfct and A. W. Storms made short addresses. GOOD THINGS TO EAT AND DRINK Desert Forks va. set of six, regular price Oak P.iiti'i'ii, set of six regular pi Ice regular pi Ice tern, set of six. rn. set of six, it tern, set of six, '.I't : ti, regular regular pi rn. set of six. regular pi ice set of six. regular price $3.50 $3.50 $3.50 $3.50 $3.50 $3.50 $3.50 Sale Price $2.63 Dinner Forks I of six. regular prici t of six regular prici six. regular price regular prici regular prici regular prici regular prici $4.00 $4,00 $4.00 $4.00 $4.00 $4.00 $4.00 Sale Price $3,00 Wickersham Co. (inc.) OPEN EVENINGS UNTIL XMAS Nineteenth and Chester Every BIKE Goes (.•hamherlaln's Ualraent is otia of rents. For sale by Baer Bros., Baltic mo,it romarkablo preparations yet j crsfleld; Kern Drug Co.. Kern. * for the relief of rheumatic ' *"*"* and for lame back, sprains and | Direct retur " 8 of the P»Pke-Kelly from pain I "9 ht wi " be rece|ved round by round ' at the Louvre tonight by a direct wire from the ringside. Tommy The quick relief if«ii it affords lln case of rheiima- is alono worth many times Its , 25 cents; Inrse size, 50' Love, manager. wwl. Price, ME AND LADDER NAVE GOOD PUGILISTIC RECORD When the Furnace Fails On many a cold winter morning you will wake to find the lires "out." What are you going to do aboul it—shiver ? Prepare now lor the emergency with a PERFECTION OU Beater (Equipped with Smokeless Device) tnJ you'll have genial, glowing heal— instantly—wherever you want il—without smoke or smell—smokeless device prevents—turn the wick as high or as low as you like. Easily carried about. Brass font holds 4 quarts ol oil—burns 9 hours. Handsomely finished in japan and nickel. Every heater warranted. miku cHccry the long 1 eveninu-brilUint, iltady light lor re«dina or «tw. Mode ol tan. nickel jUtol inJ equlppti with lk« tniioycd wnlrtl dralt bumir. Everr Urop wirraaM. II pvrJulcr Joew'lc«rry 4« PwUclian Oil Halec a>4 R»y» Imp. mU* our netretl igtney lor dacripttvt circular. STANDARD OIL COMPANY Hotu, K'hlie \Vhite and I.emird l.aiiil'T. who finht :U Scrllmer's aext Monday night, have pood records. White IHIS I'niu'lii thirteen lialtles, 11 • won on decisions, lr:i\vs. lie \virn two malt 1 . His only de- I'uweVH at Maricopa uiiieii out iii the White ((tilcKly re- l.'iwever. Cot- in the 1'nwern, the heavier -leep in the second .-i 1'aitle was- in this Illy of Ki'esun. The lirelllPrit ever SCOll all se\i-n of which 1 and three were , hy the knock on feat, was hy Ki<l when he was eu twelfth nnuiil ileeined hhnsel! 1 , reliirn Unlit \\ iin hid was pill ii, • ronuil. While's l.i city with Joe Hi liallle, one of ihi 1 n llie city, was • >.| r\ draw at th nil of the twentieth roniiil. A peculiar eolnc.ii|euci> is that .aiuler anil White have, in 'heir I'ssional career, each fought (hi Millcs. l.auiU'r has won nil but mil these were lost to him In one liy a newspaper t|> • < i aid the ollu-r, the much cii" both pro t-on | WO de- ion, |j5ed 'ieato decision, which the San Pedro Ight. critics way should riuhtfniu havo leeu a draw Of his thirteen tu;ht8, ander t'ou«lit four draws, won MX de- won on a Uuockont onre and out two decision*). Their feoorda ?oni|)lete urn: Lauder's Record, .11 in Homer, (i rounds, decision. Young Berry. G roinulti, decision. Kid .Daltou, 10 rounds, draw. Young Herry, 10 roundK, draw, lOarl Sam, 1 round. KnocUoat. I'hil Knight, 10 roaads, decision. Young Dempsey, 10 rntindt), decision Kid Halloa, lo rounds, draw. Kid Hell, lf> rounds, decision. nuhles, Robinson, 10 rounds declshn Kid Trendall, 20 rounds, lost dec'n Krank Plcuto, 20 round, lost dec'n White's Record. Frank Mague, 3 rounds, decision. Kid Vlto, 'A rounds decision. Billy Hadeu, 4 rounds, decision. Young Pedler Palmier, 10 rounds di Kddle Weber, 6 rounds, knock out, Yoiinsr Pedlrtr- Palmer. 10 round dec Paul Martin, 1 rouiul, lost .U-clslon. Frankle Edwards, .| rounds decision. Harry Baker, I rounds, draw. Kid Powers, 1:! rounds, lost k. o. Kid Powers, \> rounds, won k. o. Joe Hielly, ^o i-ounds, draw. Two Good Preliminaries. Another good feature in connection with next Monday's show, is the preliminaries. Kid Murray, a clever little Los Angeles fealherwelnht', Is to light Kid Alexander, the local colored scrapper. Both lads are training faithfully and promise to put up a hot acrnp. L«»t niglu both lads posted a $15 forfeit for weight mid appearance. They nve to fight ut IL'n pi Murray after hlu work out yesterday stepped on the scales in the presence of Manager Hehfeld and showed to the gatisfacllon of that astute promoter and he la in fine striklm; distance of he weight. Alexander, from all I hear, is n good little Iml," said Murray, "but I iave not seen where he bus yet been up against a good boy. When he faces no, there may be nnothur atory to ell." The little colored Iftd, however, Is confident and does not fear Murray. All ho asks is that the Uos Angeles ud make the weight and he will light o a finish. Manager Rehfeld has called off the Danny McGee. flRhl and In its stead wll! give Slick Morrell, the colored weight, who fought Stanley Kei''Uell a draw before the Michigan i'.'-r won his laurels from Joe Tho-iias, n chance for the purse. Morrell i.-s a fighter of some ability and Is nnx-'-uB for a go. He will probably be pitted against another ebony hued fighter who wants a crack at the man who drew with Ketchell. Both Wutte and Lander trained before big crowds yesterday. The Louvre was jammed to the doors and the Interest the fans are taking in Lauder. snowa $at t.he clever little They ' must all 'go betorc Jan. 1st to make room 1'or 190'J stock now enroute from the east. Our basement is full now, and more coming; so this is an opportunity to own a high grade machine for less than a cheap one would cost you at the regular price. Don't pass this up as you will always regret it if you do. No Trash but the real thing. Such well known makes as SNELL TRIBUNE BEADING STAND AED APPEAL PEERLESS and others. "We also give you over nud above then* 1 lowest prices ever offered, bell, tool bag, lamp and carbide, all ready for the match -and we furnish that too. (,'ould you ask more for vour money? See Us Today Don't put it off till the brst are gone, but blow right in nnd get the pick of the whole stock. Think of that $45 Appeal for $37.50. $45 Baker and Hamilton for $37.50. How does that sound? You save enough on one wheel to buy Santa Glaus and his whole outfit. The same old place on Chester avenue. Bible's Cyclery 1817 Chester Ave. We have them. Try some of our imported Italian olive oil. Just the thing for your salads and seasoning. We also carry a fine line of imported macaroni. Groceries. Liquors and Cigars. Pasquini Bros. 1209 19th. St. Main 655 Prompt Delivery. Flour! Flour! What is Best? Most housekeepers know but to those who don't we'll be glad to tell'their to always buy Kern River Mills Flour It's n superior Hour in every way—always pleases and is by far UK '>6st. At all grocers, ICTURE frame.-, to order. We call at your home with samples and prices on application, Me Car on's Art Store. Office, M. 731. Res. Farmers 18x1 2O25 Chester. Singer Office Announcement! AMERICAN BAKERY AND RESTAURANT. again open. A alean and ap- petising plttee to eat. White help only. We sell the famous "Butternut" Bread. RICHARD HOESER, Prop. Open day and night. 1923 Chester Avenue.

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