The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 15, 1908 · Page 5
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 5

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 15, 1908
Page 5
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TUB BAKBRSPIBLD OALIFOKNIAN TUESDAY, DECEMBER 16, 1908. Our Watch Supremacy If yon can find such watches as these, at such prices, in any other store we shnll not expect yon to give preference to us. But it would he vain to try to find equally reliable Watches at our prices. This is not hoasting, but sober fact. We guarantee every watch. Our standing is your sc'tiurily. We do^iot advertise one thing and show you another. We would appreciate a call. New i Designs Continually Arriving Goli! FiHH Fl.iin I'oH-iud Engine '! i;r::H Finely Jc\vclcd Movement I-IKKo!'<U: Finely )r : •;,]. . IMain ui' batiti 1- I No. ."H s nhvays j Kern City Kern City J.A.BERNARD CANNOT SUE THE CITY OF KERN s A. Hernard cannot sue tlie' Kevn to annul the "annexation j lilies whi.'reby BernnrilV .n!-li- i 's maile a part of the iu<-or-i . ii'v.'ii. Tiii;- 1 U iho findiTKs :v General ! . H. \Vebb to \\!:oii: : '. i '.va:; made I'or (.-> . '• !:•;.>;; ca=n« tofljy to Th-i,r.' Our Guarantee STAJHTDARD WATCHES PROM LEADING MAKERS. Every Watch has Our Personal Guarantee. . Every Watch that we sell is thoroughly examined and regulated by experienced Watchchninkers and giuinuiteed to yive entire satisfaction to the pnrehas- er, no matter how inexpensive the wtiteh. Consider this umiraniee when ready to purchase. WS BUY DIRECT FROM MANUFACTURERS AND SAVE YOU THE MIDDLEMAN'S PROFIT As the success anil reputation of a Retail Jewelry House depends, 10 a ureaf extent, on their Watch I.iepart- riieiit. you are assured that this establishment handles only reliable stun-lard a;oods, the prodcts of the loading name alone is a giiaiuntee or reliability. OPEN EVENINGS UNTIL CHRISTMAS amined tho flection notice, i 1 which is attached to the ;\p"l and 1 an; KiitUflcd- ilia! in a" »• quiremonts it comvlies su'.i.,:, with tin? provisions oC the ,-.-. r'>!'oivuc.e to annexation oi<-i--;., Th' 1 at tonic}' ^ ', \ears olap.'od i \: 11 .'.'1-1 Iv-i-IVe a •.• , > )!>•• I'-, i'litl for th.H !' ao '.'ill' :-. tii' 1 action coulii -.liii".!. l'h..'i-t'l'oi-o said !> Our Lnrcje New Illustrated CATALOG FREE Ca'.! or Write for it today . it will be of considerable service to you in su'j;i. r rstin^ suitable articles for gifts. MAKE YOUR SELECTION EARLY. WE WILL PUT IT AWAY UNTIL WANTED. MAIL ORDERS' filH-1. Anything :>io tnred forwarded iiiiinedi.'itoly, postage prepaid, ou i-eceipt of price, ami delivery iiuaranieod. ALL GOODS SOLD ARE FULLY GUARANTEED, AND WE'LL CHEERFULLY REFUND MONEY IF ANY ARTICLE PURCHASED DOES NOT PROVE JUST AS REPRESENTED American Jewelry Company 1430 Nineteenth St., Bakersfield Phone Main 73 &Q&a&Q<&WaQ^&Q!%^^ GEELAN MILLINERY I 1329 Nineteenth Street. R Exclusive Millinery for Holiday Gifts New iirrivals in children's bats, fl'lis. Ollf Jll'iccs jji'i- tile IrtVi'fSt ( trimmed. We curry c..!i!,i!( '.. ''.!>• ntiii.irs. Veilings am! I'lniuef-:. liolli patent leather and iii fine millinery, nllts i'e- ol' [{ibbons, Shapes, Trim- Empire Theater --- onigHt and all Week - Overture, 'Martha." Singing and Dancing Comedian GEORGE JONES MORELLO BROS, Shadowgraphs PAUL JONES Illustrated Song, "Dixie and the Girl 1 Love." HELEN SOULE CO., CHRISTIE DENE Presenting "The Serenaders." Sensational Figure Posing and Dancing EMPIRE MOVING PICTURES " We Close at Noon." "Will They Ever Get" STANLEY & WEAVER In "Mrs. O'Grady'a Washday." Doors open 7 p. m. Continuous Performance until 10:30. General Admission 10c, Reserved Section 15c, Reserved Seats, 20c. WILL ENTERTAIN. The League of Helpers will give j their entertainment and social this j evening at the home of the matron, Mrs. Ed Radebaugh, on Owen street The following will take part In the program: Opal Sollla, Lora Waldo, and Winifred Lee will give one of their specialties; Robert Thayer will sing; Roy and Mary Larson will [give one of their delightful Instrumental duets; Naomi Meyers and Eddlo Raiiebau-gh will sing; Miss Ruth Hayties will recite; Mrs. A. H. Kosa will render a piano solo; Miss Helen Campbell will deliver a monologue, itnd .Mr. Do Colviu of the Majestic Theater will sing a number of his songs, with MIT. A. H. Rosa as arrom- Piinist. UeKides the program there will be refreshments and the young people will have a number of prettily dressed dolls on sale, also a hamlsorao cake set kindly donated by Ardlzzi- Olceso will be raffled. CITY BRIEFS. 1^ . ^•^••MH^HHDHMBl Hay Seed Carnival NEXT ATTRACTION AT DKEAMLAND RINK FRIDAY NIGHT. 4 BIG PEIZES - 4 For the best hayseed characters, first and second prizes for both lady and gentloman. Another nice, the funniest one yet, come and find out hat it is. No advance in Prices. N. SMITH. Manager. Direct returns of the Papke-Kelly fight will be received round by round at the Louvre tonight by a direct wire from the rfngslde. Tommy Love, manager. Inquest Today — Coroner MoC.iun will hold the inriuest over T. V.'. , Dulley ti.ii iit'tcrnoon at lllxon «fe Sons' iiiidi-rtitK-inK jmrlors. . Laid to Rest --'I'lu; remains of Mr Klorotii e Gak:K \v«rc burled tliis a;'i ternoon. Interment was in Union i Ct'im-u-vy. i Go to San — Mr. and Mr.-!. j Bobby liobinson have gone to S.'in [ Kr.'inelsf.-o, wf.i'. they will lii;tK" i their home iu 'i • future. They were ! residents of ;hls . liy jor iiiiiny ye;vn» I.Mrs. Robinson lormorly being In the millinery biislnes.s, and hnvo iiian> , friends hen.' who aru sorry to see i them d"i,arf, NOTICE. The ladli-u of tl;e si. 1'iiul and St. i Allies f!nil.| liolil their annual sale at the (iulld Hall Saturday ufl.ernoon and ovmiiiK, Dofi-mlier I'.ith, The ladies offer for Kale many things that will solve tho problem of Christmas Hhoppent. Drop in and make your selections early. 119 ' :. L : 2QYO ACCUSED Cl- CRIME CF 3 Special Ofllcer Mc-aile, I'; 1 . .:...'ii; yei-lerday chnr;-in : !!. .Mur|'h> , (V H. Tie-ill, Jac! -'. V. . :!...- ';i.t with and ol.'trtinUia: seine !i'-en'-; utidereloiliing, which they dis socon 1 h-;n 1 :.; lit and ennfe.-:. il .>. n :• S'i'iMi |i .-1.1 »•! Annett's Bakery The Place For GOOD PASTRY CLEAN BREAD MacDONALD FAMOUS CANDIES' 10f!7 iOih S'., PV;0"ic M" 93? BUCKEYE EMPLOYMENT ti;h :•' p. "t t,i r. c ; Main i!''< and "^ iUriliMleil (l'">> of to. E.LLIS STRUCK BY PASSING ENGINE .lock Kills, a wdl known retired > c':iii VO-M;:!. i'armor, was knocked down by a ' an-l h.i* i.,n switch engine at the Southern Pailflc inouncement Extraordinary GRAND CHIEF PA MONROE A \-;SIT. Mr.-;. Mary the i'Mhiaii Sister-: el .Sti.vl-ion, i -id Monvue Te'.ioi'i'' :m o.lii-i:^ .i.-'i T^ •> | new iiieml'.Ts. M,-. ,,ii'l Mrs. L. ],:'.!•- sor. were lnltl?.'er and a large number of \isltors in-lit ^'i;\.-c t Tciu;i!.' wi-re pn^-i 111. Ill 1 'oi!;iv of •'•:• i i.',;,i..ion ,\ v. ,is LTi-.illy enjoyed by all. i _. . . . | i j Baker street crossing last night , SU ] tl . ( j ,,,, '(about Hi o'clock and sustained several i Hrennaii ! sevi-iv bruises and cuts about tbo I sion. He h'-ail. He was picked up by Night- watchninn Selna and taken to his daughter's home on N street, where he spent, a quiet night, and no perlotis results nve expected, although ho complained of a pain In bis chest th!« moining. Mr. Kilis was carrying a satchel on his shoulder and was or. ills \\--.\y to board No. S on his way to Los Angeles when lie was struck by the engine. 1 an niilee !iiii'-l, coi'i)i-r '!"weni!"tb avenue, room 2, where h all aff.iirs .if lii i.~ ll.l rcoial ill ii. tands al.ui", the clairvoyant'-'. HTH) i.s I'-rouni/.' press and pniilio a^- the grc.i ^ci'-n:-.. of p.ilni: i-r uv.»d>u'f.l. palmi I anf in tlio cit» lit Mie <;r;ui<5 ami (•'•leKlrt!' 1 e,in I"' c'>n- Prtjf. ruf.'H- M illll > e n :'l IC(». 1>J !>>' \ltf '. n:as : y iit- 'll v I'.en, <vhoin i.iri v ; I<-1) yon ;,i :;id Suf -.Mill Isil* • ill M»''Jl t'l. '.ire iif': tiiy-J" ,i.|iir,ori ."tiS i >--i'i' umkrf -ii i,, Yesterday in San Francisco all of the oil lands claimed by E. E. Jones in the Midway oil fields, were turned over to the Standard Oil Company and tlie work now in progress as well as much additional development, will be henceforth conducted by the octopus. The property Involved -comprises the-northeast quarter of section 9, all of section 30, the east half of section 14 and all of section 12 in 32-23, all but the 120 acres claimed by Conley & O'Brien in section 18, all of section 20 and all but Murphy & O'Brien's 200 acres in section 29, the last-three properties) being in 32-24. Three thousand, three hundred and sixty acres is the total amount. The financial terms of the deal have not been made public but it is a known fact that they, depend upon tile proving of the territory. Mr. Jones returned from San Francisco this nioniinsr. He readily acknowledged that tlie transfer had bectn made but refused to discuss tho terms of the deal. The Standard Is operating on al- for several months past with comparatively HiMe success hi .Midway. Oil was struck on section 30, which was secured by the same kind of a transfer from the Big Four Oil Company, but it was decided to go deeper and now the hole is down about 2100 feot and good results are anticipated. Drilling is progressing on the other properties and oil is expected in time. NOTICE. linkprsfield, Ca)., Dec. 1:1. 100S. 1 hereby assign all my rights and Interests and money also outstamliin: debts ninco November 21st, 1!)08. to Elmer Lundeen. |>ro)>. HiUMing located fit ISIS Chester avenup, ) n vij|]<e rK . field, California, known* aw Tracy's I mi. (Signed) PATSY 11OHMKR, Mur. Attes!: .1, H. ftuhevriui), A. A. ll;>ni|>- lon. 10 Direct returns of the Papke-Kelly fight will be received round by round at the Louvre tonight by a direct wire from the ringside. Tommy Love, manager. Back From Red t Rock—James no- most all of the property. A rig has; vino this morning returne-t from Red been constructed on every quarter Hock, where he has been for section, and orders have been issued, time past. He is much some Improved in i It Is understood, to start a string 6f i health and will return to the desert toos at work where every rig is. This '- soon, will be a big addition to tho work now under wny. J, M. Atwell, chief of tho producing department, has the work In hand. The transfer will not (.•nise any changes in the operation's now under way, "Evi r.v acre of my Midway holdings ..iivo now been disposed of," said Mr. .Jones. "I expect to clean up enough !o buy a baft of candy or uve, but am ' "t at liberty to hUy what the) terms of tho Standard deal are. No, 1 am i. >t going to got out of the il busl- in ss. Oil uiiii l?ii!;cr.'ifleld a: - plenty _''od enough for me and 1 am Koln;; to remain here." The cbaiicea are that Vr. Jones will lie back In the harness and at work as bard as ever in thi; course of a feu- Wi.cks. H.j still baa inter- t-sirf iu the Templor country. By yesterday's transfer tho Standard assumes the many r<-syionsUb!ll- ties attached to the Midway properties. All of tho east half of section 14, the land over which Cunningham et nl entered Into conflict with Jones lor possession, is included In tho transfer, The Standard has been operating lilteil y .-.oil i'l'i ii :•>•)' !'•! ... 'i-i.-bi Th-' j>,o e ni:iy lie I - lii'.l ll|>n to know i,' it is Jiijv , : ' i c'.iiil. '>' in I'M: i:i"ss. I; v,- .in.I in ;-.iarr!.-'V". \VilOM SHALL I MAKKY'. OFTEN SHALL 1 MAKUYV SHAS4, I KVKIt UK DIVOHCKHV POKS .1^ u'1'HKll SHMIK THS-: LuVU TH.Vr i!KI.ON«,S TO Ml'.. 1 IF'.SU. WHO'.' IS MX lllSi-;.\Sl' *.TR .\i!;.r..' v,'ni:.\* SHALL i U:\VR j IIKKK? AM " I.IAP.'.K TO \(T\ •• DI:\T? siini'i.ii i ,., v:./; ..jv MOXKV.' IN ,....'!' SHALL I i.\ \'KST? MAVK 1 ANV KNKM.'KfT' t'AN" I TIM-ST MV l-'lllKNns? IN WHAT TOWN 0!( .- I * i K WOl'LP 3 HI-: MOHT srt - . v• - ...'UL? CAN* 1 SELL MY PROPKRTY? The professor t.'lls all tln-se and many more. Ilo !H ever ready ff> lielp those with small capital to iinuV quick and sura Invest incut. If your business IB unsuccessful, or If you tu« in trouble of any kind, you should BMS this truly gifted medium at ouce. He has helped thousands on the road to success and he can and will help yo». He not only tells you what your lift has bpcn and will be, but also how l.c better your condition In every pohslbte way. Thousands of people are failures today simply because they do not swn these things for themselves or are in* following the right trade or profession. Prof. IJveiiuan has mmlf u life nUnly of those thiiiKii a:ul he I.s now. prepared to show you bow to make a thorough wueci'.sH of your life. His fee is reasonable and within reach ol aft, and If lie does not tiiaKo you a rcaii- Ing that is Miperlor to any you have ever bad be will positively refuse If accept -any fee whatever. Olllce bourn, 10 a. m., to S ;>. m. Sunday, 1 to I p. in. I.(iily ;i" -ndance. Thrre vcceptioit rooms, ^-. arrnn.gcfl that you meet no Mran.uoi-s Perfect rtUt.isfaction by lu.til. Sv-n'u $1, day and date of birth, for uiiH reading. SPECIAIj— Prof. IJrennan Is tins only medium in the country who jwn i lively tells your full name; nnd 'M will tell It free of charge to all win, come prepared to take a reading. Cnp Hal furnished for business enlerpri* es; partners found; property bouglw and sold, etc. Remember the address, (Jrttnil Hotel, corner Twentieth a»t Chester avenue, head of OBIco located just a; Holiday Rates Where HI S[ieiul tllO Holidays Sattlii ']•' 1,et\Vrc:i Way I'al' Jars. Tickets Trip i'f. .-I i -1111 inak>- Holiday oliday rates in e .'-till ;ons wliel'e . ,, ;)oi i-xt-ei-il ti-n Dec. i!S-.:.M-:!."i-::i, \ I'or return Jan 4. .->ii!i I' riim.'isco Jiitkei'siield.... -Visuliii IMiotie or cull on \.., Holidays Rates tli) ••-- .M<-rc llnnl'ord. . Hudson, A

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