The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah on January 17, 1989 · 28
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The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah · 28

Salt Lake City, Utah
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 17, 1989
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8C The Salt Lake Tribune Tuesday January 17 1989 Television Today Dial Spinners If you have been spinning the channel selector these past few days and found a strong color signal on Channel 14 and wondered what it was all about read on KXIV (which by the way I think is a nice play on Roman numerals) is an independent owned by American Television of Utah Inc a subsidiary of Skaggs Telecommunications Service with studios at 5181 Amelia Earhart Drive Don L Skaggs is president of the company KXIV was originally licensed as KATU then RGBS but all that has changed The new channel is a UHF signal transmitting at 933 kilowatts effective radiated power from Little Farnsworth Peak in the Oquirrhs just below Farnsworth Peak itself on which KSL and KSTU have their transmitters According to Mike Hemingway program director for the new station KXIV is an independent channel covering the Salt Lake Ogden and Provo areas “We’ve been asked if we’re a religious channel or a shopping channel The answer is none of the above We intend to be a traditional television station broadcasting movies children's programs situation comedies and perhaps some sports on an 18-hour schedule probably from 6 am to midnight” Hemingway said If all goes well and according to plan KXIV will debut m mid-February At present it is still in the equipment-testing stage broadcasting color bars and test patterns FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH: The networks still are scrambling to arrange their prime-time schedules by late January — to be in place for the February sweeps rating period This is the so-called “second season” (actually the second-half of the season) ABC is patching the cracks in its Saturday lineup by adding the Spenser spinoff A Man Called Hawk a one-hour dramatic series starring Avery Brooks in the role he created on Spenser: For Hire which fell by the wayside The network intends to team Hawk with the new version of Mission: Impossible and Murphy's Today’s Viewing Television Stations KUTV Channel 2 973-3000 KTVX Channel 4 972-1776 KSL-TV Channel 5 575-3333 Kl ED Channel 7 581-7777 Kl'LC Channel 9 581-2999 KBYU Channel 1 1 (Provo) 378-5298 KSTU Channel 13 532-1300 Channel One 263-2400 KOOG Channel 30 (Ogden) 621-3030 3224)317 Tuesday January 17 5 am (2D Down to Earth 5 10 am (2D Together 515 am (2D NBC News gj AM Weather 530 am 3D Morning Stretch (3D CBS News 31 BYU Devotional Archives 0 am (2D News r 4J ABC News q 3D This Morning 34 Gumtoy 630 am CD Mister Rogers Q 31 Hooked on Aerobics 34 COPS 7 am (2D Today 3D Good Morning America O 3D Zoobilee Zoo q 31 New Zoo Revue 34 Woody Woodpecker 730 am (D Sesame Street q 3 1 Today's Special 34 Real Ghosttousters 8 am 3D Focus 31 Sesame Street q 34 Derm the Menace 8 30am 3D Figuring It Out 34 Jem 9am (2D Classic Concentration 3D Geraldo 3D Price Is Right 3D Reading Rainbow Q 3D Instructional Programming 33) Mister Rogers q 34 My Little Pony 9-30 am 3 ) Wm Lose or Draw 3 ) Instructional Programming 31 Captain Kangaroo q (14 Body by Jake 10 am 3D Sale of the Century (4D Home 3 ) Young and the Restless 31 Today's Special 34 Fai Guy q 10-30 am (2D Wheel of Fortune 3D Dimensions i Science 31 Hooked on Aerobics 11 am (2D Live — Regis and Kattiie Lee 3D Al My Children 3D As the World Turns 31 BYU Devotional Archives 35 Perry Mason Noon 3D News 3D One Lite to Live 3D Midday 31 Sesame Street q 34 Bewitched 1230 pm 3 Instructional Programming 34 I Dream of Jeanne 1255 pm 3D Together 1 pm 3D Santa Barbara 3D General Hospital 3) Guiding Light 31 Mister Rogers q 35 I Love Lucy 1:30 pm 31 Romper Room 35 Andy Griffith 2 pm 3 ) Another World ( 4 1 People's Court (5 1 Wonderful World of Disney (7 j Story Book International 31 Gourmet Cooking 33 Father Knows Best 230 pm ( 4 ) The Judge q (7 13-2-1 Contact q 11 Art cf Ashley Jackson 33 Leave It to Beaver 3 pm 1 2 1 Days of Our Lives 3 Jeffersons q 1 5 Oprah Winfrey q 7 1 Zoobilee Zoo q 11 Today's Special 13 The Chipmunks 30 Yogi Bear 3 30 pm 4 Facts of Life 7 Sesame Street q 11 Reading Rainbow q 13 BraveStarr q 50 Jetsons 4 pm 2 Donahue 4 Family Ties q $ Win Lose or Draw 11 3 2-1 Contact q 13 DuckTales 30 Finders Keepers 4 30 pm 4 Night Court 5 MAS‘H 7 Today's Special 11 Square One Television q 13 Double Dare 30 Fun House 5 pm 2 Family Feud 4 ABC News q 5 Cosby Show q 7 Square One Television q 9 Physics 1 1 Animals of Africa 13 Punky Brewster 30 Dating Game 5 30 pm 2 NBC News q 4 News $ CBS News q 7 MacNeil-Lehrer News-hour 1 1 Big Bird m Japan q 13 Silver Spoons q 30 Newlywed Game 6 pm 2 5 News 4 Wheel of Fortune q 13 Cheers q 30 Gong Show t X pm 2 PM Magazine 4 Jeopardy q 5 USA Today 7 Nightly Business Report 11 Utah News Tonight 13 WKRP m Cmcmnati 50 Liar's Club 7 pm 2 Matlock 4 Who's the Boss’ q May Notice a Harold Schindler Television Editor Law hoping that something good will come of it At the moment it looks as if A Man Called Hawk will have to carry the other two ABC says Avery Brooks’ role will “take on an added dimension” by returning to his hometown of Washington D C after three years in Boston The Saturday programming change will take place Jan 28 on KTVX wth Mission Impossible leading off at 7 p m A Man Called Hawk premiering at 8 p m and Murphy’s Law at 9 pm CBS has a sense of humor A corporation would have to have a funny bone to order — as CBS has done — production on a “light-hearted adventure” called Tarzan in Manhattan (tentative title) based on the Edgar Rice Burroughs characters (Stop spinning Edgar maybe it’s just a joke) According to CBS someone named Joe Lara was selected from among 350 aspirants to become the 18th Tarzan in movie and television history since the storybook hero was first introduced to the reading public in 1914 Come to think of it any 1990s apeman scenario would have to wind up in Noo Yawk the jungle of jungles And where is CBS filming such a production? Why in Hawaii of course (I wonder if the network shouldn’t be billing this as a “light-headed adventure?”) Meanwhile the same network has changed the name of its bittersweet romantic comedy scheduled for Valentine’s Day Instead of Sugarbaby it is now entitled Babycakes but still based on the German-language film directed by Paul Schneider from a teleplay by Utahn Joyce Eliason Big Bird in Japan will be seen on KBYU Tuesday at 5 30 p m and repeated Saturday at 2 p m and Sunday at 1 p m And the basketball 3D Tour of Duty q (ID Nova q (ID General Biology (Tl MacNeil-Lehrer News-hour 35 Columbo 3Q Movie - “Rebel" 0985) Matt Dillon Debbie Bvme 7:30 pm 3D Rosearme q 8 pm (f In the Heat of the Night (4 Moonlighting q Li1 Movie - “Desperate for Love" (1989) Christian Slater Brian Bloom q lID American Experience q (ID Introduction to the Visual Arts 11 Nature q 830 pm 34 NBA Basketball Utah vs Portland 9 pm 2 Midnight Caller f 4 thirtysomethmg q ID Civic Dialogue 11 Only One Earth 50 Improv Tonite 9 30 pm 7J A People's History of Utah 10 pm r2 1 4 1 5 News '7 Are You Being Served’ 9 MacNeil-Lehrer News-hour 11 This Old House q 10 30 pm 11 McLaughlin Group 10-35 pm 2 Best of Carson 4 Night Court 5 MASH 7 Power Game q 11pm 11 Slow Fires 13 Cheers q 11-05 pm 4 Inside Edition 5 Pat Satak Show 11 X pm 13 Current Affair 1135 pm 2 Entertainment Tonight 4 On Tnal 7 Paul Gauguin The Savage Dream Midnight 13 Arsemo 1205 am 2 Late Night With David Letterman 4 Wipeout 1235 am 4 Relatively Speaking 5 Hollywood Squares 1 am 13 Perry Mason 105 am 2 Sweethearts 4 News 5 Dukes of Hazzard 1 35 am 2 Later With Bob Costas 140am 4 Movie - Snake Tiger and Crane ’ ( 1978) Carter Wong Yen Nan-Hsi 2 am $ Nightwatch 335 am 4 Utah 1989 With PM Rie-sen 4 am 5 Headme News I New Signal game between BYU and Air Force at Colorado Springs will air live Thursday at 730 p m on KBYU Channel 11 AND MORE: NBC has two major miniseries in the works: Phantom of the Opera written by three-time Tony-nominee Arthur Kopit and Desperadoes a controversial book by Elaine Shannon about international drug cartels “Phantom” is a two-part miniseries based on Gaston Leroux’s novel and conceived by Kopit before the current Andrew Lloyd Webber musical The story concerns the masked figure who haunts the Paris Opera House and risks his life to win the heart of the only woman he ever loved Phantom of the Opera will air next season Desperadoes is about an American drug-enforcement agent whose life and death helped expose the underworld of South America’s drug operations and powerful interests within the Mexican and US governments It too will be telecast next season New Postmaster May Stamp Out Complaints Kenneth R Prentiss Salt Lake City’s new postmaster plans to “eliminate” what he says is the biggest customer complaint — mis-sent andor misdelivered mail The US Postal Service executive since 1970 has been postmaster at Colorado Springs Colo during 1988 and was at Albany N Y- the previ- Mr Prentlss ous eight years He agrees with U S Postmaster General Anthony Frank that postal rates will not increase until “the first quarter or so of 1991” Like Mr Frank Mr Prentiss thinks there will be no move to stop Saturday mail deliveries to cut costs According to Mr Prentiss Americans want Saturday delivery and two days without delivery would mean mountains of mail for carriers on Mondays “Cutting Saturday delivery would cost us more money because of the backlog of mail” He began work here Dec 31 replacing Dennis J Yuhl who left earlier to become postmaster of Portland Ore Mr Prentiss who has bachelor's and master’s degrees from Purdue University in mechanical engineering spent 23 years in the aerospace industry before joining the Postal Service He will be sworn in Tuesday at 3 p m in the Main Post Office 1760 W 2100 South Joseph R Caraveo regional postmaster for the West San Bruno Calif will officiate at the rites making Mr Prentiss the city’s 29th postmaster and second general manager of the Salt Lake City Division Of the division's 8542 employees about 1000 work at the Main Post office There are 669 other post offices branches and stations Nearly 1 4 billion pieces of mail were delivered last year in the division — Utah Montana most of Idaho and parts of Oregon and Nevada Driving distance from the top to the bottom of the division is 1116 miles A goal Mr Prentiss has is restoring public confidence and satisfaction in the Postal Service He wants to “get involved with all his employees and listen to their ideas ’’ “I'm seeking innovation and creativity among the employees They will have an opportunity to participate in the decision-making process as well as the day-to-day activities of moving mail” About 250 postal workers are expected at Tuesday 's installation This marks the first time in recent history there has been such employee involvement in the local installation of a postmaster Along with Mr Prentiss' “postal team concept” he lists four guidelines or “keys to success” he developed at Colorado Springs These include maximizing customer service maximizing quality in all operations improving the perceived image of the Postal Service and maximizing overall operational efficiency During World War II Mr Prentiss served with the U S Army Air Corps He is married to the former Sarah Weller Weston of Salt Lake City TONIGHT’S VITAL ISSUE CHiLP CUSTODY VITAL ISSUES A Public Adairs presentation of KALI RADIO-910 on your dial You can participate by colling between 6 05 and 7pm Call 570-5255 HALL 910 A HI ilil WANT-ADC “237-2000 t the OP Club we believe your power to save on office products is an important contributor to your bottom-line That’s why we show you the year-to-date savings on eveiy invoice A $10 annual membership at the OP Club guarantees you the lowest prices on office products anywhere! 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