The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 15, 1908 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 15, 1908
Page 2
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIPORNIAN TUESDAY, DECEMBER 16, 1908. the BakcrsfleM California!! Evnry Evening but Sundays at . K<'ru County, Callfornln. Clty and Count) T Tuesday, Dec. 15 DEAR TOM:Gruenhagen's candy costs no more than or- Butered In I'uktofllce nt Hiiker&fltltl, ri-fna-pv nanrtv--hiit It's Cnl.. ns Srrnml-class Mnll Matter. i alnar y OBnay DUtlt S .— ;far superior in ever Co cents u month; $5 n \ ear In Advnnce : „. | way . Learn of its delic- ALFRED HARRELL, Editor and Prop. | Telephone ................. Main 31 TI'KSHAV. DKCK.MBKH K>. 1'Mls " THlfBOARD OF TRADE Tlif linn 1 nrviT was when Micro w;is ii wiili-r lii'ltl of nscf'iiliicss for H llftiinl nl' Trade in K'-ni county lli;ni n»w. \Vo hnvc rofiolu'd tiic |i.iint in tin 1 history of onr growMi wlicn H coiimici'ciiil hotly is in position In do a world of jjood fur tin 1 community. Thousands of people arc miiiiiiu: into California and they are looking for cheap land, and Kern is one of the counties that ran still offer superior inducements to the homeseeker of moderate means. It is not enc.onratfiiifr, therefore, to ascertain that the one trade body that I he county maintains is not properly .supported — has not. the means to carry on its work in the most effective manner. It is ;iousness by buying a (box todey at Meroney' s. BILL Itlon 24, 26-18. I \V. H. Wilbur to Candace B. Wll- I bur, $10; north half section 2, 26-23, except right of way of canal Second Extension Water Company. » . » Fresno Praises Max Figman J. B. Berges & Company Wholsale Dealers in Wines, Liquors And Cigars The cream of all goods served in sample room. Quotations and samples sent on application Phone Main 237 1623 Nineteenth Street Trying to Make River Behave said that the board is not total income of tin- more than ^150 a Because the Colorado River is steadily encroaching on the town of Needles and taking porticns of the townslte down to the Gulf of California, Senator Flint has introduced a measure In Congress with a view to j ascertaining by a survey If the na- j (Fresno Republican.) Just what manner of joy conies to one upon seeing a polished, clean cut comedlnn present excellent comedy c-an only he known by those who saw Max Figman play In "The Substitute" at (lie Barton last night. Considering tional government cannot make the the fact that Rose Stan! plays tonight j big stream "behave itself," says the I the house was satisfactorily large and i u, a Angeles Express. j perhaps by another year (when it has Half a mile of land that formerly! belonged to the State of California! montl 1 .. Obviously the salary of nj snaked into our Intelligence sufficient secretary and the rent of suitable | ly what, manner of man Mr. Figman i now f s missing and Arizona has prof- quarters cannot lie paid out of so \ really is) he will be given what the|t le ,| by tne 8amo amount small a sum, to say nothing of the expense that much come throuirh intelligent advertising. At least four or five times that amount of money is needed monthly, and can be used to advantage in the community. If any reader of this article takes exception to it on the ground that he is not satisfied that the hoard has done all the work that it should do, the answer is that no hoard can operate satisfactorily and successfully without means. A community will have exactly the kind of commercial organization that it elects to have. That is within the power of the citixen.s of the town and the most important community matter that is now hefore the people is this very Board of Trade husinoss. There is to he an annual meeting of the hoard soon. Every eit- i/cn oiiirht to he there. If he is not a rneinhcT of the hoard and so i ness is not entitled to vote. very easy method for quire membership and hecome a contributor. needs the money and beyond that it needs land co-operation "I I men of the city. The date of the <••< I has not yel been <l< The press will advi.- las to that, ami tin I sincerely hopes ihat [business in Uak'-rsth pvill evillei' • •'!'>i|.,'ii [important a maiii i IIP any one is unt entitled to a [voice in the proceedings, that can jhe readjly remedied. iakiTstield is loo larj;e ain Icoiinty is too advantage' ush aated just now not to have a •,' '. and an effective!'' v. • iBoard of Trade. It has hem 'ted that there lit 1 a Ilion and that a Chamber of < Inicrce he substituted for the pivx: ofe-aiii/ation. Thai is a matter of detail. The lirst Ihinir is the r'lti/.i'ns thi-mselves to b'tld ,Board of Trade and parti.MI Mii- I—. ,vh,.n t!i,. l),-,rd "!'i::.. .' '. ! >!:!' . I .-.'II i in; l.v a nii:' : !;i!iMt salary. A to\vn and county that raise .-(iiiuiMi i.| a single day j'harity, can v.ipport a I;,.-,..,i ,, r IPrade prop. r!y. !i i-;i;i:i.i' ,i'V,,,-i ! In fact, not to do -••>. \\Y think Jhere will be noin- in .| : M>i;i. this lonelu.sion : anil w^ ho*,,, that Ivhen the date of the nn eii;, L: - is linnounceil the iratli"riiiv. will par- lake of the nature nf a mass nio.'l- Ing. And then let plars be laid lor Bakersfleld to hav<- nn\ only Ihe right kind of board, but th (lolltlcal reporter calls nn "ovation." lie deserves it. Last year when Mr. Figman played "The Man on the Pox" theater goers began to sit up nntl take notice. This The place where the ferry landing i on the Needles sltle was located a j few years ago Is away up on the dry land on the Arizona'side of the river.! The water works that supplies the j year he has a far l,Ptt«r vehicle for hU j town w , th water hag been comDe , led brilliant gifts and sklll-a play more t(J movo am , now ,„ 15QO feet from R8 seriousness of purpose and one that original site glvps him a chance to show what stuff , ,„„. ..' . .. . 7 . , , T . , „ I In 1881 the town was a mile from he Is made of. He is essentially a ,. , ,., .. . . .. ... .. . the river. Now It Is not more than comedian, but a comedian need not be ... .. . _ . half a mile and a serious feature of a clown. In fact, if he Is, his career is short lived. "The substitute ,, i the situation is that the main current sounds a few dpths that no one dreamed existed In the actor when he played "The Man on the Box." The very fact that the audience misunderstood now flows on the California side, whereas until recently it has kept on the other side of the channel. Both the Needles Smelter Company the seriousness of the close of the H-C-1 a " d the Santfl Fe Rallwa > - Company ond act and laughed when Mr. Figman ! have taken steps to prclect taelr had u serious speech to make showed ! P>'°P ert y. bllt th e Pe°P'e of Needles that n lauRh was a foregone concliiB-'. belleve U ls a P™Wem the Federal j ion every time he had the center of i government should cope with. The the stuKP. His very seriousness was | Santa Fe nas been compelled to such innocence, embarrassed serious-1 move slx miles of Its track between Which Broke Out in Different Places -Nothing Would Help Him— Mother Almost in Despair—Skin Quickly Healed WithoutaScar and Trouble Has Never Returned SINCE USING'CUTICURA MOTHER GIVES IT PRAISE "Several rniinthn aRO, my little boy, now iw.i and u half years old, began to brruk out with Itching sores. I begnn t < > doctor him, nnd as eonn as I got them healed up in one place they would break out in another. I •was almost in despair. I could notgetanything that would help him. Oneevpn- inj5 I read a testimonial from a lady who had cured her little boy with Cutiruia. I began to use the Cutlcurs Soap and Cnticura Ointment, and after Using OUTTI three times, the gores commenced to heal. He is now well, and not a sear is loft on his body. They have never returned nor left him with bad blood, us one would think. Cuti- cura Kemedies arc the best 1 have ever tried, ami they are surely great. I shall alwnvs drive thorn in the house, handy, aiid shall highly recommend them to nny one who is sunVrlng likewise. I cannot give them too much praise. Mrs. William needing, 102 Washington St., Attica, Ind., July 22, 1907." that Its line point was almost j His attitude ' then.' is a ! missed by the adiin'ce. him to ac- was a half apnlouy for that is to |'ti all an.l not iiii.ftinn th '!';•.•• Imard '.if IliF ailtlifiif" li\ lit iir: abiVe ami | linn-, lln 1 bi WDII i;ii« and u'aincil his ,1 ''Mini li.-,i.-i..-i Mir ||..',n.- an.I han-ls nl ; above i .•. '. (in,' v. !i., viliii'.s.-'fil hi \\ t ii'K- thu town and where It crosses the river. pouring hot slag along the bank niflipr compnny has bpt>n able .'iim s-rliiusi expectations ' *'"' unny all the''" protect its location, but the river ! eoatiuues to eat. into the bank both and below the smelter. It Is finislx'il abtiiit iL'lin feet wide at thet point. 1 ODD FELOWS. Dirc-ct returns of the Papke-Kelly fight will be received round by round ' at the Louvre tonight by a direct wire from the ringside, Tommy j Love, manager. | KKKX F.ODC!-: NO. 202, 1. 0. O. F.— Hc.Kiilar meetings every Saturday evi-ninji. s o'c-ltick. \\'tirl< in second ilfni-pe, Saturday, Dfcfinber IHth. T. P. PInnell, N./O.; J. W. Crosland, secretary. P. O. Box 52. * ITCHING TORMENTS From littlo patches of eczema, tetter, milk crust, psoriasis, etc., on the skin, Bcn'i', or Imridn of infanta, chilflren, or adults are iri^Kintly relieved and speedily einvd, in tho majority of cas*-s, by warm U-ith* with Cuticura Soup and Rentle (inninMnKs with Cuticura Oint- iiiint, the Ri-eut Sltin Cure, ns*isted. wln-ri neei'ssary, by mild doses «.f Cuti- cura Ke-olvent. (''ntieura Jtemixlie.s ure guaranlffd absolutely pure. Cutlrara Sonp (28c.) to Cl«m«« the BXIn, rinl- curn ointinmt (S0c.> tn Ural Urn H»ln. ond futi- curn Itcwjlvcnt <fiOo.).lor tn tho form of Choonlata Cruitnl I'llta, Me. PIT vial o( 6tll to I'urlfy thp Hiimd. Soli) throiiKhnut the worlil. eotltr Urug i Clu-ia. Corp., Sale I'rups.. Horttcin. Muss. -aUed 1 rce. Cuticura uuok oo Hi In Dlicasee. r Artistic Steins \ 50c to $5 I We've sh'ju. ,,, — jll.St SUh.e ,.| |1|, (Hit anil Hun,! m;. H|J;IIH you ean M. a;;iue. A pretty «,ien, makes a niee with Christ m;\:- it's lime ycjn v. e:, sclee.tious now l'i assortment. I.-; pli- I'rleesi Me to r. ! kind of support for a I i, — - .»«-*--... — REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. Deeds. j Chamberlain Canning Company to j lYed Chamberlain, $l(i; D4(»x230 feet! Ii northwest corner lot 32. Virginia ' |olony. J. n. Fry and wife to F \. Ni^libert ) lad wife, flO; lot 14, north .in feet! It 13, block 2, Ixjwell addUion. Hak- Fred Gunther Co. Family Trade Solicitrr) Store and Warerooms 1518 18th St. No bar attached. Phone Main 99. NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. nak^rshelil Fuel and Oil ('onitmnv. Local ma of principal place of business Selnia, i/iilifornla. Location of works Keni I'onntv. California. Notice is i herebv irlveu. that at a meptini: of the | directors of the above named porimr- I ailciu. held mi the ."tli ilav uf Decern-! 1 ber. lOd.s. :iu assfs.-anent of one bun-i ; tired dollars per share w:i'- levied noon I l*!f caitital stock of Uie coruoratlon. ; navalile iinmetlialelv to the secretarv i 01 s.iiil tDriMirallon f'harlfs \ at i liiM ollifi- at the tilllec tif the Couhtv i Recorder ot Keru Conn i v. i Anv stock upon wlncii this assess, ri'.ciit shall remain miDaiii on the !»th : dav ot Januarv. llln'.i. will be tlelin- 1 fluent ;i:i«! adverliscil for sale at uub- j lie <iiii'iinn p and nnli's-i iiayment is j inilde bcd'orf. wll! t.c S(M nn ihe lUUh 1 <hi\ nl .l.iiman. 1:111:1. in in:-. ;}\,. delin- j tiueiit a -si..-snifii|. to:;i>i!,> r \\ith the I co-<ts ol ailvertioiiw rind <•MM.uses of i sale. I 1 ll \s \ i.ijij 1 S"'crel.1i v. ot the li.iKei ~t'ie!d Fni'l ami ; Oil I'o.. Makersfiebl. l':i!. NOTICE TO HE1RC5 ON PROVING "} 1IM 111 I be Sunerlor Cutiri o! '! nf Kern Slate of Culifoi aj-- 1 leu,111 nient L\ lit i no .Mat ItM' of i hi, Not h'o is herein- I'.iveit ' 1: •' Ihe ills I ilax of l)ei-eitil,ei \ -i! '- o 'doc 1 ,, i.. m. oi Hut .'• • i oMi'i room. I ii-iKirt ineni eolirl, :il III. f'nlll-t I Ion.,,- .-. I '•• ,•'' I'.'i'ii. State of ('•.-' 'ii :!;>noin! oil as the i;;. I'M- i|i-.\ iivr I bo will i < o»d\s in. liecertMed. linv. i .1 ;. ' "in i, ;uid for hearbiL- ''..• oi A. IV NVIiitlemore. fi.i 1 '• i him of letters lest;<in. '-••• I. L. MM. ' r. 1 ; 'iefi'. -e |.'loiiraov, A:: i - . O. E. Real and wife to Aii.e n Ipears, $10; south 21 feet lot S«, block i5, Bakorsfleld. [Snn Francisco Oil Comiany to II. T, Oil Company, $U>; northeast lutrter section 27, 32-25. j J. U. Neff, trustee and J. R. Neff j Foothill Citrus Farms Cempany, ! |<i; northeast quarter, west half i I'ctlon 26, 31-29. I Annie B. Van Dyke to .7, H. Cook, ' l»;.l"t :i, sec-lion 36, 32-25. j IE. V. Tracy U) James Arp, $10; ' 1st half (if southeast quarter section 29-24. |H, F. Ungo, James T. Olbbea, Sam' EldTld6« to H. Le Baron, |10; le((l hall of aouthwwt qnarter aeo City Fish Market ALWAYS A FRESH SUPPLY ON HAND. GIVE US A TRY. PROMPT DELIVERY. A. Lyons Pr °p- 1512-18 Main 977. Marek's Cigar Store J. F. Marek, Proprietor . inos N'luPtwnth SI, T'lion,. Main f.osJ NVholosiilo ami Hoiaii t u;ars, To-, liiifcds, l'l|)fs ami Clii'wln '. (;\ini. DIs- ! triljiiltir for Hakt-rsfiultl nf LOVERA, 12i/ 2 c Cigar AVALON, lOc Cigar HALO, 6c Cigar ' For Sale.... FOUR AND ONE-HALF JOYOUS DAYS ON THE OCEAN TRIP. ELEGANTLY EQUIPPED ITEAMERS ASK ANV Second quality sewer pipe, suitable for sewers, ditenes, and culverts. GLASS & FISCHER, Q and 19th Sti •WASHING WITHOUT WATER U Like Trying to Get Rid of Dandruff Without Herpldde. Did you ever see any one trylnc to wash themselves without Boap or water? If you did what would you say ol him? It l» every bit as foolish to try to get Id of Dandruff and to prevent Bald- neca by feeding the germs which cause t, with Canthrarldes. Vaseline. Olycer- ne and similar substances which form ;he principal Inrri called Hair Vigors. Newbro's Herplclde la successful because It attacks and kills the parasitic germ which feeds on the hair rootfl. It Is the original and only genuine scalp germicide manufactured. Sold by leading druggists. Send lOc. In stamps for sample to The Herplclde Co., Detroit. Mich. Two sizes, 50c and 91-00. J. A. HUGHES, Agent. GOLDEN WEST HOTEL THE LANDMARK OF SAN FRANCISCO—NOW OPEN Cor. Powell and Ellis Streets FRED P. PLAGEMANN, Prop. New building. Modern in every respect 160 rooms. Opposite Rallrsad and Steamship offices. Especially convenient for commercial travelers. IN THE HEART OP THE CITY Free bus meets all trains and boats. Take Market St. cars or Fourth aid Ellis car to hotel. Entramce on Powell St. TEA Is there a better way to keep the family longer at table, to keep it together? Your grocer rtturna your money II yo» doa'l lit* SchllllDf'l Beit: W»M. hi* Harry W. Thomas returned from n southern trip this morning. Frank Keller has returned from a short trip to I-.cs Angeles "o NEW YORK OUGH Gocd Cough Medicine For Children. The season for coughs and colds Is now at hand and too much care cannot be used to protect the children, A child Is much more likely to contract diphtheria or scarlet- fever when he has a cold. The quicker you cure his cold the less the risk. Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is the sole reliance of many mothers, and few of those who have tried It are willing to use any other. Mrs. F. F. Starcher of Rlpley, W. Va., says: "I have never used anything other than Chamberlain's Cough Remedy for my children and it has always given good satisfaction." This remedy contains no opium or other narcotic and may be given as confidently to a child as to an adult. For sale by Baer Bros., Bakersfleld; Kern Drug Co., Kern. * Denver Restaurant Koj:idar ifeals, '2,"c and up. K.istern Oysters and first- class Chinese Noodles, Chou Mean, Pineapples, Chicken, and Chop Suey. ' Good Service. 1313 19th St., Bakersfleld. GENTLE HORSES. We always have on hand safe and gentle torses that ladies can drive. You will find everything spick and spau about our stables, our horses good animals, and carriages, cabs, surreys, etc, etc., in good running order all the lime. W. T. RATLIPP Cor 21st and \ Sts Tel. Main 88 The Bon Bon for HOT DRINKS, OYSTER COCKTAILS AND CANDY T. C. COPPIN, Prop. Phone Main 251 leilhctdl 6)[cr Good YCfretnhles are hard to get these days. The local supply 'is limited; the rest is old. "We keep a fresh supply always on hand. Give us a trial and he convinced. 1423 19th Sv Phone Main 401 Capital Paid Up, $100,000 Surplus, $25,000 A cheesing account with the First National Bank has BO many advantages that you will find it a great aid in your financial affairs. If you have uot already such an account with us we shall be pleased tn have yo~a open one and test it for yourself. ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN DAKERSFIELD OR KERN Corner 19th and H Streets. PAYNE l& SON Funeral Directors Embalmers AMBULAGNE Phone Answered Day or Night •ra-r-^il^mi TRAINS LEAV E «^T#lf**™> BAKERSFIELD Leave for AnUoch Berkeley . . . Chicago Fresno Grand Canyon Hanford Kansas City. Johannesb'rg Merced Oakland Oivkclale Richmond . , . SanFranolsco Searcblteht . Stockton Ttilare Vlsalla Yoeemlte A.M. " 7:55 "8:20 7:55 8:20 7:30 9:00 7 : Si) S • 20 7 • SO 1 • 00 7:55 8:20 7:30 i»:G' 7:55 8:20 7:!vO 9:00 7:30 7:B6 8:20 7:B5 8:20 7:55 8:20 7:55 8:20 7:30 7:S5 8:29 8:20 P.M. 7:30 7:30 7:30 7:30 7:30 7:30 7:30 7:30 7:30 7:30 7:30 7:30 For detail information phoie or oaTl on N. •)• HilOftON, Agent. A Bargain!! FOR SALE—Lots 23 anil 24, block 89, on Q street, between King and Baker streets, Keru. Prlfce $450. .Terms If desired, $150 first payment; balance 1, 2, 3 yearn. Write to Leigh Thornton, 531 North Boylston Street, Los Angeles, California. OLD Painters CNYDEB & JACKSON Painting in all branches. Interior Decorations a Specialty. CARRIAGE PMNTINO SIGN! Phont Main 1198 1627 Will 8t OaL

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