The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 15, 1908 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 15, 1908
Page 1
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Vol. XX. BAKERSKIELD, CALIFORNIA, Tt'KSDAY, DECKMHKR 15, 190s BIGGY'S BODY IS FOUND SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 15.— The body of former Chief of Police BIggy, was found In the bay this morning and has been fully identified. Tile body was discovered just off Goat Island floating face upward with arms out- stretchod. The crew of the freight ferryboat Transit made the gruesome discovery, and at once made report to tho authorities. The harbor police recovered the remains. Tho face was much disfigured, but the Identification from tlip clothing is complete. BIg- gy bad on a long overcoat and gloves, and his wearing apparel establishes his identity. When the harbor police arrived at the Mission street wharf, there was an immense crowd of people, the report of the dlacovery having spread * through the city. * .;. .;. .;..[.... ;..;. .;..;. .;. .5. .}. .% .;. 3. .j. .> W. V. Matlack Succeeds Geo. Planz in Bank of Bakersfield W. V. Matlack has resigned h Is position aa agent for the Southern Pacific at this point and has been elected to succeed George J. Planz as assistant cashier of the Bank of Bakersfleld. Mr. Matlack In turn Is succqeded by Arthur B . Allen as agent for the railroad company. The Important changes go into effect at once. Mr. Matlack will be at his desk in the bank tomorr ow morning, and Mr. Allen Is already on duty In Kern. Mr. Matlack has been a truste d employe of the railway company for many years and has proven a most popular agent. His entrance Into the banking business will add a strong man to the Institution with which he is to be associated. Mr. Allen, who succeeds Mr. Matlack, is no stranger in Kern, he having b~een employed In the S. P .office for a number of years. Lately he has been located at Ha nforcl and later at Fresno, and his appointment here Is In the, lln e of promotion. WASHINGTON, Dec. 15.—President Roosevelt sent to the Senate today a statement relating to the purchase of the Panama Canal property ana denouncing in strong language the charge that there was anything wrong in giich connection. "These stories were first brought to SLAIN LIGHT DISTRICT AND PAUL ALLEAUD WOUNDED A quarrel between the colored women of the tenderloin who live in the string of houses on M street ut the 1 corner of Twenty-first, this morning News." says the"message, "and they I ttt U:30 ' resulted ln lhe murder of are of a scurrilous and libelous char- j '-aura Logan, aged 21. and Annie aeter, false in every essential partic- Williams, about tho same use, is In I jail charged with the crime. my attention by the Indianapolis 1 <-'orner of Twenty-first, this dow by the woman as she was return- Ing to lior own room. There Is also a holo in the window screen. ThU U the theory accepted by the officers. Knife Not Drawn. The body was found tying with the Alleoud, the lemon merchant, JIM RECOMMEND!! mm ular. "Delavan Smith, the editor of tho j News, shelters himself behind the ex-' wll ° WH8 P l >»»» n K < ! " wu M street ln , , i lun uchvery wagon on the way to his , ou Ui>- rldht side, and In the arm, at face downward left side. The hands were folded under the face. The. wound iu ike head IB at the rear head to tho south, : and slightly on the cuse that he merely accepted .statements of the New Yojjli World.' b ome at Twenty-third and Q streets, owned by Joseph Pulitzer. It Is Idle' received the first two to sav that the bullets the known character of I col ° lvi1 murdres* fired, one taking ef- Ed.Vaughn Found Dead in Canal The Grand Jury, after a week's of pyaemia or suppuratlve fever, an fed 'through the lloshy purl of his rl^ht baud ana the other making a session, adjourned this morning after filing a report with Judge Bennett, tho most important part, of which was a recommendation that the salaries of certain county t>fficlals be increased. The recommendations are: Tax collector, from ?'Jt)(lO to ?4000 per year. Superintendent of schools, from $18i)U to $30UU per year. Surveyor, from $1200 to $1800 per year. District attorney, from $4t)00 to $o(HM) per year. And the report adds that said increase, In the judgment of the jury, infectious disease, and consultation PniiuiT and his paper are such that (hi: statements of tlfat paper are be-. llev-d l,y nobody well Informed, but! sl| 6 ht WOIind ln U ' 8 rl « ht BUlt> ' that unfortunately thousands of Illy Informed people believe, statements I printed, even though they appear in is sug-' a news l m l' or published by Pulitzer. sest'ed,"and'i7 nec"eB"sary""th"e "provision j "These statements are false in ev- ' ery particular from beginning to end for a second operating room. It. is recommended that a small building be erected away from the main building, for a ward for Insane patients. In the present ward the cries of the Insane annoy the other patients In the hospital. The Grand Jury complains of bills for ambulance hire aggregating $100 at $i/ner case. The charges are for the most part In connection with Indi- eients and it Is suggested that omnl- busses or street cars can be used fre- Quarreling All Morning. According to the statements of colored women residing in the same of bouses, the Willia n.-i woman, luu lull uiuuw, indicating Ujat boll) shots were Urcd while the •woman was running, the, latter at close range with the gun almost pressed against the elbow. Under the. dead woman's waistband was a long butcher knife, apparently new and unstained by blood. It Is certain that U had not been entirely pulled out. There Is no way of determining whether it was her victim and another, colored wo- 1 partly removed. | will enable the foregoing officers to j qnently and so save this expense | provide for additional office help and I furnish a surety bond through a Ed Vaughn, the pioneer resident of | •««* Hot Springs Valley, was found dead , tary H u \veems and Is signed by yesterday In the Kern River Power ; , lames Curran as foreman. The jury Company's canal at Codfish. It Is ! finds that no public offenses have presumed that the death was School Buildings The grand jury visited the public school buildings of Bakersfield and acc |. ', been committed that would warrant written by Secre- . Kem an(] approve of the cleanliness lighting, ventilation and heating. Recommendation was made that :^11 buildings not so provided, should have fire extinguishers and that boxes of I of s:iid be placed in furnace rooms . . „ . . , any indictments. dental and that Mr. Vaughn fell into J County Jail. the canal while dipping up water. | The jury finds the county jail | testing of Justice of the Peace Robert Palmer ' crowded to its capacity. The prison- | mended. held an Inquest today at Borel, but i where oil is used as fuel. Frequent recom- show than nothing was elicited to death was due to other dent. The deceased was an old time and , highly respected resident of the. county, having resided In Hot Springs Vallev for more than thirty years. 1 ers are properly taken care ot, as are | the sick by the county physician. It! re apparatus Fire Escapes. J Attention Is directed to the fact Unit ("American their wicked slanders are only surpassed by their fatuity." The President. then defends Charles P. Taft, Douglas Robinson ami Secretaiy Hoot and continuing says: "These stories need n'i investlga- jtion whatever. In form they are partly libels upon Individuals, but In fact wholly and in form libels on the United States government. I do not believe we should concern ourselves particularly with Indivlduels who wrote the lying, libelous editorials and articles from correspondents' reports. Tho real offender is Pulitzer of the World. "While the offense of which Pulitzer Is guilty Is In form libel upon In- man named Little been quarreling Willie Heilly had all morning. It seems that the Williams woman culled Laura Logan a liar." and there had been more or less wrangling about It for a half hour or more. The Logan woman, who lived at Nil. iili>, walked up to the apartment of the Williams woman, li"!h, and exclaimed: V "1)0 you call me a liar'.'" "Yes, I do," was the retort. "You do? You do?" answered back j is found that the plumbing is in bad | a number of two story school miimuigK aecl-'shano and the recommendation is.] have no fire escapes, an;! reconinieuda- I made that the old plumbing be taken j (ion is made n great Injury Is done In the good name of the people. It should nol be that such fire escapes out and modern plumbing substitute- j bo supplied, also that the oil storage County Hospital. tank at the Bryant buildina i further from outbuildings. be move:! All doors The hospital Is found to be school buildings should swing open. quate~ln point of capacity, but the ad-' illtlon now being built will relieve the j For Social Purposes. Recommendation is also nia'lo He was engaged in farming and nilu-; sltualiou The hoard Is congratulated j with the social needs fully iu mind. HIP Ing and enjoyed a wide friendship' on the sieps taken In this direction; i school properties bo not used for other ™on* nioneer residents ! the .-o»i of $11.225 Is fully met by a thtih school purposes more than is ab- among pioneer residents. «npi-l'il f,v solutely require;!. among pioneer residents. Mr. Vaughn Is survived by a widow and n number of grown children. special tax. Reference is made to the report of tho county physician of several cases solutely require;!. Theaters. The theater buildings were visited left to a private citizen to sue Pulti- zer for libel. He should be prosecuted for libel by governmental au- thorilies. H is a high national duty to bring to justice this villlficr of Stepping out onto ihe the American people, this man who wantonly and wickedly and without! om '" lei1 b - v JosKl '' »l''l"nond. tho shadow of justification seeks to"' 1 ' c(lll)IVrl woraan - al -""• s1 '" "red blacken the character of reputable ! lhmj times " lorc " n " Make this Store Your Christmas Store for Men's Gifts Make this Store Your Christmas Store for Men's Gifts private citizens and convict the government of his own country In the i eyes of the civilized' world of wrong doing of the basegt and foulest kind. The attorney general has under consideration a form under which proceedings against Pulitzer shall bo brought." Olllcor Doll hastened |o the scene and found the woman wfio did the shooting .standing In her doorway. She immediately surrendered the gun which had five empty chambers. She wag lodged In jail. Coroner MoCinn was notified and made a careful survey of the scene. Likewise Assistant District Attorney Irwiu appeared. Marshal McKamy, oiiu-ers HOW on and Constable Newell were also on the scene. Will iilakely, a young negro, vva» arrested by Constable Newell, It being said thai bo gave the. revolver to tbu woman. Tbis she denies, claiming that the gun is her personal property and was in her dresser. Jessie Richmond, au eye witness, was also de« tuined. Murderess' Story. standing in my doorway,' 1 . ,.ii;ims woman, after the shouting, "when this womiui came up (o iho door ;;'iil said, 'You did, you (.!,! oaii n. - a liar.' She reached In her waist and began pulling out a long butcher knife. 1 saw the knlfa but did nol wall for her to pull H. I reached lor my gun and began firing. 1 don't know how many times 1 flred or where 1 fired. 1 just flred. Tb9 lets took effect, one In the head and gun is mine and lllakeley had nothing the other In the left arm, which ap- to do with the affair." parently passed through the fleshy | Eye Witness' Story. part and on Into the heart, causing j ••[ was in my room when 1 heard death. The last shot was fired at' the shooting," says the Richmond wo- "I hoard Annie calling Laura i hen I at uru ran to my door -< a.-> sin' was stopping in the 1 Annie told me to get out the first woman, at the same time reaching In her waist, and partly pull- Ing out a long butcher knife. The Williams woman, according to j her story, then u allied tor her revolver. a I'orty-ilvo calibre I'olt.i, which was In her dresser drawer, and began firing. Fired Five Times. When Laura Logan saw that the Williams woman li,*ul a 141111 slir star).| oil to run ami Hie Hi si ! wo shots ! tired wont wild of their mark and I struck Alloouil, who was apssing by. sidewalk, the murderess ran her victim to a room INO Get Your Christmas Gift Shirts Here 1 When you make a man a present of n shirt get it at a store like uurs —wlio'rv you know that any shirt you buy here is the lajest style out, the prettiest patterns and the best values. Men like nice shirts—in fact, very few men ever feel they have too many. So you see one or two shirts chosen from our large and complete assortment will surely please the recipient. Right now is the time to make your selections. All prices—smartest of styles for your Christmas selections. Start Your Shopping Now. Christmas THE TOGGERY Men's Gifts Are Easily Found Here! towiu * SIMM and when changes were pointed out to Insure the public mit'oty. do pruiirlo j tors signified their willingness to] make such change)-'. It is rocomiuun:!- j ed tbiit the fire chief see (hat ail suet: I buildings have chemical lire oxtiu gulshers. , County Offices and Court House. i C TOnr»niMr> Additional room needed is soon to : 3 I KAJr rllNLi be supplied by the utilization of tin- new ball of records. , The experts report is made a part of the grand jury's findings, the invest i gallon covering down to Julio ;ui, HKi7. Recommendation is made that the expert's reports each year be filed by Dec. 1st of the year next tiiiccpcdiiig. Raise In Salary. The recommendation for the raise! in salaries referred to is basi d on this. Ill view of the fact thai the business ; of the county ban increased from VI to j 75 per cent since the present salary j law wotit into effect, and iu Inllelpa- lion of a further Increase, in order to provide, for the necessary assistance for the various officials, we recommend that our state nennlor iinil our assemblyman Introduce a bill for an increase of salaries as follows:.' Then follov.; the schedule given above. Reckl:-3 .V.:to Driving. Request is made for a strict enforce- niiuit of ordinances to pi event rock- less auto driving ii'id the running of atitos without lights. Public Morals and Miscellaneous On this subject I'.e report say»: "Complain having been made to the rand jury that In a certain section ut the. oily of Hakersfleld known as the •ed light district, such conditions are allowed to prevail that people who have occasion to travel through these streets are subjected to annoyance, and Immoral exhibitions. In our judgment It should foe strenuously urged upon the officers and city mis tees that they InHist upon and exorcise such police control over these public HI reels and thoroughfares tluit all persons whose business or convenience requires the of sidewalks be relieved from the annoyance referred to." THE WEATHER. Fair tonlghl and Wednesday. Heavy frost In the morning. close range, as the limb was p:v,,.vr marked and the shirt waist ;--illl on . I: ai tiro when Ofllcer Doll arrive I. third shot entered the floor of room and from it^ .li^M'ar.ijit'i' evidently been fired through the win- "d on Page $.) NO HONING Give Him a Gillette Safety Razor for Christinas H K will us" it. never IViir! And thiink yon from his h-,'irl every time he slutvos. Ove' Ivvn million men lire usiiif: the (iillolte -miy <>HO of them will loll you lie would not li • without it for ten time* its cost. $5 to $6.50 J. A. HUGHES The Leading Prescription Druggist. Phones Main 64 and 74.

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