The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California on August 19, 1970 · Page 27
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The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California · Page 27

San Bernardino, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 19, 1970
Page 27
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More Show People Moving to B? FORREST DIKE Seaoal to Tr iMtTttegrafn US VEGAS - Jack E. Leonard, Julie London and hubby Bobby Troup, Peter Lind Hayes and wile Mary Healy are pleased with their new homes here, and are trying to get other show folk to move to Vegas. On TV the other night, Leonard was asked if his wife liked his new house. "She certainly does," he answered. "She bought one right next door!" Patti Page and Eddy Arnold, appearing on a local TV talk show hosted by this columnist, discussed their big hit songs, and Arnold congratulated her for receiving citations of thanks from the governors of Tennessee and Massachusetts for "Tennessee " Waltz" and "Cape Cod." Patti smiled and said, "I'm a real estate singer!" -'.Eddy Arnold revealed that he's now a writer said he wrote the liner notes for his Mend Al Hirt's new GWP label album, "Al Hirt Country" . . . . -David Frye, the brilliant impressionist who appears next month on bill with Frank Sinatra at Caesars Palace, being congratulated for being named "Top Comedy Artist of 1970" by Record World magazine. Frye's "I Am The President" album is still riding high on the popularity charts across the nation . . . Dwayne "Dobie Gillis" Hickman, new public relations director for Howard Hughes' Landmark Hotel, had a reunion with singer Steve Rossi at the Sands they were hhow WEDNESDAY BASELINE DRIVE-IN: "Chisum" 7:45, 12, "Wait Until Dark" 10. BEL AIR DRIVE-IN: "Cotton Comes to Harlem" 7:45, 11:30. "The Christine Jorgensen Story" 9:50. CREST THEATER: "Fantasia" 12:30, 4:32, 8:56. ."Ring of Bright Water" - 2:42, 6:44, 11:03. FOX REDLANDS: Continuous from 7 p.m. "Beneath the Planet of the Apes," "Downhill Racers." FOOTHILL DRIVE-IN: Show . at dusk. "Charlie Brown," t "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang."' INLAND CINEMA: "Cotton! Comes To Harlem" 7, 10:45. "The Bridge at Remagen" " 8:45. I NATIONAL GENERAL'S Redlands WEEKDAYS 7 P.M. ; SAT., SUN. CONT. 1 P.M. CHARLTON HESTON "BENEATH THE PLANET OF THE APES" CO-HIT ROBERT REDFORD "Downhill Racer" BOTH COLOR GP Golden State Theatre J745 7TH ST, RIV. . PHONE 484-4480 "A COCKEYED MASTERPIECE! 2a An Ingo Preminger Production Color by DELUXE rl Panavision 1AV "BOB & CAROL & TED & ALICE" MVERSI0E 60LDEN STATE Vi 1M Slrttt 6844680 At 7 10 40 P.M. IN COLOR RATED R CO-HIT SOLDIE HAWN "Cactus Flower" (G) AT t:S0 ONLY I MOVIE RATING GUIDE Th letter ratings appearing In movie advertisement! in The Sun- Telegram are applied by tht Motion Picture Code and Rating Administration and are defined as follows: (O) Suggested audiences. for general a j op) All agei admitted. Par-" . ental guidance suggested. (R) Restricted, persons under 17 (some theatres say 18) not admitted unless ac- companled by an adult (X) Persons admitted. under 18 , not Z The rating (V) also appears and Z means that a film Is unrated, al-Z though the code has been tn effect B only, sine Nov. 1, 1968 and not all dims released prior to that U data- have been submitted for rating. 5 Unrated fllmi, which ara eon- sldered family films will carry j Z symbol G ST. . . . c BflHK I 1 93 classmates at Loyola in Ix Angeles. Rossi said the college cheer that fits all colleges is "The check from home" . . . 'Bottoms Up" afternoon musicomedy at Caesars Palace, is now in its 13th year. Producer Breck Wall and Joe Peterson originated it a dozen years ago in Dallas . . . Now that Charlie Brill and Mitzi McCal have been held over for an additional 18 weeks as comedy stars of the Tropicana's F o 1 i e s Bergere, she says, "We feel more at home in Vegas than we do at home!" . . . WHO'S WHERE Most of the following shows will be on at least through Aug. 23: ALADDIN - "Our Thing," Musicomedy, Minsky Burlesk, Tempest Storm. CAESARS PALACE Nancy Sinatra, Osmond Brothers. lounge: Brothers Castro, "Don't Make Me Laugh," "Bottoms Up." CIRCUS CIRCUS "Tom Jones '70" Musicomedy. DESERT INN - "Pzazz '70." Lounge: Roberta Sherwood, Dick Roman, "The Daily Dirt," Musicomedy. DUNES "Casino De Paris," "Vive Les Girls." EL CORTEZ - King Henry. FLAMINGO - Phil Ford, Mimi Hines. Lounge: Tony Martin, The Treniers, Jim Bailey. FREMONT - Marty Rob-bins. FRONTIER - Wa y n e Newton. Lounge: Ray Anthony. HACIENDA - Hank Henry I imps 1 -5 MT. VERNON DRIVE-IN: Show at dusk. "The Exotic Ones," "Untamed Mistress." RITZ THEATER: "Chisum" 12:30. 4:25, 8:36. "Wait Until Dark" 2:15, 6:15, 10:20. STAGE ONE: "Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice" 7, 10:40. "Cactus Flower" 8:50. STUDIO THEATER: Open 7:15 p.m. "Paint Y q u r Wagon" 9:40. "True Grit" 7:30. TRI CITY DRIVE-IN: "A Man Called Horse" 7:45, 12:05. "The Reivers" 10:05. AN ALLEYCAT THEATRE NOW COPENHAGEN 1970' THE BEST OF THE LOT OF DANISH SCENE." The Advocate. May 27,1970 "Censorship, a hallmark of an authoritarian regime, reflects a society's lack of confidence in itself. In the free society to which our constitution has committed . us, it is for each to choose for himself..." U.S. Supreme Court Justice Potter Stuart "INCREDIBLE SCENES... THE PHOTOGRAPHY IS GENERALLY BETTER THAN THE FILM AT THE CINEMA." Filmed II I T-tM!l.fl;Hi;iHJjU,lK "1 . MMi " v UNCUT1 ALSO "TEMPLE SM BERNARDINO rest, CO-HIT "RING OF B (Las Vegas Scene Burlesque Show, Ink Spots. INTERNATIONAL Elvis rresley. Theater: "Hair." Lounge: Ike k Tina Turner. LANDMARK - Bobbie Gentry, Rich Little. MINT Suzi Arden, Eddie Cash. RIVIERA - Carol Chann-ing. Lounge: Shecky Greene. SAHARA - Jack Benny. Lounge: "Skin," "Fillies de Soul." SANDS Joey Bishop. Lounge: Steve Rossi, Slappy White, Bill Medley. SHOWBOAT Don Palmer, Cindy Layne, Johnny Paul. SILVER SLIPPER - Barry Ashton's "Wonderful World of Burlesque," Phyllis & Bobby Sherwood. STARDUST "Lido de Paris." Lounge: Kim Sisters. Archaeologists Find Evidence Of Alaska to Japan Migration COSTA MESA, Calif. (UPI) Evidence that man may have migrated to Northern Japan from the Aleutian Islands, completing a "loop" which began with a migration from Siberia to Alaska thousands of years earlier, was disclosed yesterday by a team of archaeologists. The return migration probably ended during the first 1,000 years after the birth of Christ, according to Roger De-sautels, president of Archaeological Research, Inc. here. The scientific foundation made public a report on four months of excavations during 1969 in the boggy earth of Amchitka Island in the Aleutian Chain carried out under a subcontract from the Atomic Energy Commission, which scheduled a series of nuclear tests on the remote island. The Federal Antiquities Act requires that where government projects may endanger an historic site a survey must be conducted and excavations made if the site proves valu able. The loop theory of northern Pacific migrations was based on 6,862 artifacts uncovered at 12 digging sites on Amchitka. Earlier studies have theorized TU 9-7815 OPEN 11:45 LATC SHOW FRIDAY AND SATURDAY 480 "D" ST. NO ONE UNDER II ADMITTED PLAYING LA. Free Press, April 24, 1970 Entirely on Location mm SHOWING OF EROS" COOLED BY REFRIGERATION OPEN 12:30 NOW SHOWING BRIGHT WATER" THUNDERBIRD Pat Moreno's "Artists & Models," "latin Fire Follies." TROPICANA ' Fol i e s Bergere." Lounge: Xavier Cugat, Charo. Carol Channlng's sob, (baa, 17, here with her for her successful current show at the Riviera. The revue, "Carol Channing and Her 10 Stout Hearted Men" ran for six months at the Drury Lane Theater in London. Thieves ransacked her London apartment, and when she was sobbing to Scotland Yard detectives about the loss of costume jewelry, they question its value. "It's not very valuable," she said, "But it was in the pocket of my $25,-000 mink coat!" (P.S. Drury Lane Theater owners bought her another $25,000 mink) . . . Aladdin's famed Sabre Room gourmet restaurant was converted into a prime rib din- that nomadic groups migrated from Siberia across a now extinct Bering Sea land bridge 10,000 years ago to Alaska. The descendants of the early nomades .the Aleuts probably traveled down the Alaskan coast and out the Aleutian chain. The excavations indicated that the Amchitka Aleuts were more advanced in skills than the coastal people. Desautels said some of the artifacts dug up on Amchitka are directly similar to some artifacts of the Okhotsh culture of Northern Japan, which date between 530 and 960 AD. The Aleuts were skilled seamen who could pilot their skin I n nPae-9A ra rrs n m n I ' WHWTJTfl N sv ii bh iMf h ev d II II h fe-i i i rTiifflai ir.t:.-,,,,,, ,.; sb ism m m m m au hi k a m w mm wu lan - 3 if I f 1 mmiiiiniiiii iimniani - i mull li I i ti 1 l 9 111 Las Vegas ery . . . Dick Martin (of Rowan & Martin) was discussing advertising with the Sands Hotel ad chief Al Freeman, and said, "If I could find a woman who could say something in 23 words or less I'd marry her!" . . . Mary Larkin, PBX chief at Hotel Sahara, says they handle an average of 7,800 phone calls daily, and 2,000 are for paging. "I think a lot of politicians call themselves just so their names will be i announced," she says. Vic Damone's manger protested when he saw that the singer's name didn't get 100 per cent billing on the Frontier marquee a breach of contract. Situation was corrected . . . Dean Martin, David Frost, Diahann Carroll, N Jan Murray, Tony Martin and Totie Fields in to catch Liza Minelli's Riviera show covered boats in the heavy seas and storms which beset Amchitka most of the year, Desautels said. "Although this observation must be relegated to the realm of speculation, it seems likely that people who possessed a maritime economy who were residing in the Western Aleutians traversed the considerable distance of open water between the western Aleutians and the northern Japanese islands sometime after 800 AD," Desautels said. "Thus, this important culture pattern had returned to the probable region of its earliest, obscure beginning." ,adults fidour (mom vvf. posrw Mmes ms w omwvNnY TO KM M JD FncVOCAWt, JO ADUIT IN NATVXB. ThM" W EWQT HOC TC AOVERTSr 7W5 777Z, NOZ DISPLAY , MY HNEtTlSlNb WIS. SUFFICE IT Hi MY THAT THIS WFWKs PfK6M PKiWi&y WKL B SrWH (N AW OTHER THFfmE, IN WE STATE OT CAllKB.N)A ! YOU VAVtT SEVtTN PMS V) XE IT IF MISS IT YOU WUt NEVER- FCGGlVS YOOPSFif-' Plus The "Mystery Girls" at all theatres I juat before she closed. Dino said, "She's the hottest name in show business today." At the Thunderbird, actor Warren Beatty was telling Chill Wills about a friend of his, a Hopi Indian, who received his call-up instructions and was being questioned by a draft board. "Do you speak any foreign language?" he was asked. "Yes," replied the Hopi, "English." Mai Stag Not Permitted $900 PER CAR Maxlmim 4 Occvpanti Unlet Accompanied by par Shew t Desk to tn M llSwIirltrdixtliiln FAMILY FARE NOW SHOWING "ofBoy Named Charlie Uroivn" TECHNICOLOR 2ND BIG HIT 3-1 CtdityCidt& Comiwj Wed.. Ana. 2AHi i t J. Sttwirt H. Fond "THE CHEYENNE i SOCIAL CLUB" 16779 ARROW BLVD. FONTANA (Formerly the Arrow Theatre) 822-361B X n o o T H I LI gfc L v c J I. I I m. Wednesday, August 1?, i ir j lil A I r ! mimt lu ll" Shows Start it p 'Jl'.FHlAWh J 'ZV.? '."y FONT ANA -. I COl' ftM I . 977 OU lit O'H J J Linda I 'Mllll Q1 L IK I rTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT U I 423 1 Slrt ! I I l M Sll,l lll ll'l J CONTINUOUS FROM NOON TV r isU AUORtY HEPBURN "WAIT UNTIL DARK" (u, Show SUrtj al Duk MIOHWAYM betonwi CvUon t KMwndt Freawai 0((-8mp lorn Luicta M9-2025 OM A LI N O A 'TM-0777 - 'alOZlIJ HOESSH DAME JUDITH ANDERSON BWAVIStOTECTTOTOOtOR M 4,'TIH" llliWI l.'PH Steve McQueen in I fa THEATRES' 'rii.SNiDHo ll-n.. SN KRHMOMO I 1 C Oil - tmmp I 1 f tW Hil 7t 0373 . B3? OW . SHOW AT DUSK SAMUEL fAl'WF I ' "(GODFREY RAYMOND CALVIN CO-HIT INLAND CINEMA CO-HIT BELAIR ! WEWifrrrfRtfll "THE CHRISTINE rJTjg2 JORGENSEN 0Sk 44a w. tAse unc &nsdoP (Imi.ii aRli . ,J? C2L Y0URWAG0M n ."TRUE GRIT" BBSS. THE SUM CS iniMilif iiiri Cm4 t UitmM ALL coie ow -CHISUM" ca hit -WAIT UNTIL DAJUT CU! Children Under 12 Frti! chisum "WAIT UNTIL DAI I (6) Li daik" (in n H u roion mo "COTTON COMES TO HARLEM IRIH vn HIT f4 STORY" (R) All COLOR SHOW A MAN CALLED HORSE" (GP) CO-HIT "THE REIVERS" (GP1 UMlNI ft? J SHOW AT DUSK 1 '.. vf-siV'-'.: y -t i 1 CO-HIT ALAN ARKIN RICHARD CRENNA Children Under 12 Free CO-HIT "THE REIVERS" (GP) 1970 Ji sTVlllllltllllla?-i i. I'

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