The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California on October 22, 1969 · Page 10
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The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California · Page 10

San Bernardino, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 22, 1969
Page 10
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Xl 0 THE SUN Wednesday, October 22, 196 yL y-iag- COUPON C 3 Ways to Manage Radioactive Waste By CARL A. VINES OAK RIDGE, Tenn. (UPI) Since the start of the atomic era in the 1940s, nuclear reactors around the nation have produced 7 5 million gallons of hazardous, high level radioactive waste materials. And scientists here and elsewhere around the nation still are wrestling with the Future Looks Grim For German Party By GEORGE THOMSON BONN (AP) - Kurt Georg Keisinger's imminent fall from power sounds an ominous note for his Christian Democratic party. Observers are asking whether the Catholic party which led West Germany from the ruin of war to wealth in two decades can survive out of office. West Germany's new Bundestag, the lower house of parliament, elected a new chancellor, Willie Brandt, leader of the Social Democrats. Although Brandt's Socialists ran behind the Christian Democrats in the Sept. 28 election, he put together a coalition with the tiny Free Democratic party to get a majority in the Bundestag. What caused the decline of the brilliantly successful political grouping set up in 1949 by the late Konrad Adenauer? The answer is not plain, but it is argued that the party achieved its initial objective of rebuilding West Germany without making further plans for the future. Many West Germans regard the Christian Democrats and their Bavarian allies, the Christian Social Union headed by Franz Josef Strauss, as patriarchal and apathetic. The news magazine Der Spiegel said last week they have degenerated into "a club J that meets once in four years to elect a chancellor." The September election underlined the diminishing role of the Roman Catholic Church in political affairs. Adenauer's cabinets always contained a 3-1 majority of Catholics, but the practice was discarded after h i s resignation in 1963. More than 80 per cent of the Christian Democratic party's members are Catholics. But an increasing number of C a t h o 1 ics apparently feel less committed to vote for a "Christian" party, and there has been an influx of Catholics into Brandt's party in recent months. Protestants outnumber Catholics 51 to 44 per cent in West Germany. The Christian Democrats also may lose support among the small businessmen, white collar workers, merchants and farmers who make up 40 per cent of the party's 380,000 members. Brandt's coalition promises to take more account of their interests in deference to the liberal Free Democrats, who draw many of their members from that sector of society. problems of what to do with this material, which promises to become even more plentiful as more and more commercial nuclear reactors go into power production. "Basically there are three approaches to waste management," says K. E. Cowser of the Health-Physics Division of Union Carbide, operators for the Atomic Energy Commission of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. "These can be summed up as delay and decay, concentrate and confine and dilute and disperse,' he adds. And all three approaches are now used. Basically, there are three classes of waste. There is the material which has a short half life of radioactive danger. Some of this material decays into harmless elements faster than the reader can complete this sentence. There are other elements which decay at a rate of one to five years or so. These elements generally are stored in steel tanks, shielded to prevent radiation from escaping into the atmosphere, and allowed to sit buried beneath the earth surface until the decay process is complete. Fighting has begun among the Christian Democrats, and there is talk of an attempt to replace Kiesinger as party leader. Czech Plans Freedom hi U.S. for 9 Years 1 LOS ANGELES (AP) - .liri Vokroualik says he had planned for a long time to seek freedom in America. While biding his time in Prague, he took a machinists' course. Finally, he was able to sign on as a motor machinist on a Czech freighter. His ship steamed slowly to Japan and then to Los Angeles for a brief refueling stop before setting out for Peru. Immigration inspectors had finished their routine check Sunday of the Vitkovice the first Czechoslovakian ship to call here in several years when Vokroualik approached them on the dock and asked for political asylum. "I plan my freedom for nine years," the dark-haired 26-year-old told newsmen later. "I know of what it is, the United States, from m y history books and from my radio. I know it is good place where people have liberty. "Help me stay here. I have no family here. I have no money. I have hands. I can work good." Vokroualik told of attending Prague's High Technical Institute to become a mechanical engineer while living with his mother, father and one younger brother. In hesitant English he said his passion for reaching the United States was kindled when, at 17, he found an American history book on a back shelf in a library. And the passion flamed when he heard about America on Radio Free Europe. The Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia in August 1968 confirmed his plans, he said. "I learn how it is not to be free. I am in square when tanks come, many people die. I have only my hands. I cannot fight tanks with my hands. "I come to America so my hands can work with machines and not to fight tanks." Authorities turned Vokroualik over to police custody in adjacent Long Beach, pending an immigration hearing. They explained that, the seaman had to be jailed temporarily because he had sneaked off his ship and technically was a deserter. To be able to stay in the United States, an immigration official said, "he will have to convince the board of in quiry that his claim that he will be abused if he is forced to return is valid." The official added: "There is every reason to believe he Then there is the low level waste, material which can safely be flushed away into rivers and lakes or released into the atmosphere because the level of radioactivity is so low that it presents no hazard when diluted and flushed into man's natural environment. The more difficult problem is involved in the high level, liquid and solid wastes which are produced in the reprocessing of used fuel elements from nuclear reactor cores. Up to now, this material has been buried a few feet underground in storage tanks tanks which must be periodically replaced because of the natural deterioration of the steel and other materials of which they are fabricated. It is in this area of confining the high level wastes, whose radioactive half life ranges up to 30 to 50 years, that the Atomic Energy Commission is pushing dramatic new concepts. Scientists here believe that this fission waste can be safely and effectively removed from man's environment through two processes. One disposal system, involving materials in the medium range or radioactivity, Young Hungarians Read Newspapers BUDAPEST (UPI) A survey of Hungarian youth shows that all read books, 97.5 per cent read newspapers, 92.1 per cent weekly periodicals and 69.4 per cent magazines, according to the news agency MTI. Of the book readers, 31.2 per cent prefer modern novels, followed by historical and biographical novels and travel books. There was very little interest in poetry. The English long bow used during the 100 Years War had a range up to 400 yards. Cold Waves includes HAIR CUTTING HAIR STYLING SHAMPOO & SET CREME RINSE OPEN SUNDAYS 9 TO HAIR COLORING includes Shampoo & Set OPEN EVERY EVENING FREE PARKING IN REAR PHONE TU 2-1056 ADELE'S BEAUTY SALON 2284 SIERRA WAY ACROSS FROM SAGE'S SIERRA WAY STORE &MEM0 will be allowed to stay." 1 fl v ' x i J convenience ... II AA I PRIVATE PARTIES II I II I I CAN PLACE H Ov"l Classified fl A H Advertising fl D 1 IN THE I , r.u O RIVERSIDE fl TYPES OF HAIR ! , PDPCC II j I in combination n SCTOO I O Riverside I J I I Enterprise I (l at the n II SUN-TELEGRAM I i CLASSIFIED II 4 is the hydraulic fracturing procedures. This system is now being used at Oak Ridge and involves mixing the liquid radioactive waste with concrete to form a grout which is pumped into shale formations 500 to 800 feet underground. The process is somewhat like drilling for oiL For high level wastes, another program of permanent disposal involves use of salt mines. Hospital Cleanup Wins an Award MANILA (UPI) - The National Mental Hospital, once known as a "snake pit" because of its congested and unsanitary conditions, has won an award as the cleanest government hospital. Mrs. Imelda Marcos, the Philippines' First Lady, visited the hospital last year and started a vigorous improvement ' drive. "There are about 500,000 square miles of natural salt formations around the United States," says R. L. Bradshaw, a research engineer, "and only a small part of this is needed to supply the nation's salt requirements. "We believe that one mine, about 830 acres or one and a quarter square miles, will take care of the waste disposal needs through 1994," Bradshaw said. In the salt mine process, the waste is concentrated and stored in steel containers some 1,000 to 2,000 feet below the surface of the earth, sealed in salt where it would remain permanently out of man's natural environment. Heart Attack or Gas Pressure? For many years research has sought the cause of heart attacks. Yet man continues to suffer unexplained "apparent" heart attacks. Among my patients I have found many who suffered heart pain caused by gas and indigestion. One was Mrs. Maude Wisdom. She says, "My heart used to beat so fast and pound so hard it would shake the bed when I was trying to sleep. When gas pressure was relieved the heart would slow down and chest pains and arm numbness would disappear. Since taking Dr. Mulroney's detoxification therapy I feel better in many other ways. Heart pressure is;.no longer a problem, dizziness is gone, I walk much bettw and feel keener mentally. I believe in detoxification therapy and believe everyone could benefit from It." Maude Wisdom, 109 N. Orange St., Rialto, Calif. If you are suffering and unable to get well why not call today for an appointment ? Complete health examination and detoxification trial treatment, only $7. 419 "E" St. Dr. Hugh Mulroney, D.C. TU 5-7616 THAT'S RIGHT! WE WILL GIVE YOU A FREE CAR WASH WITH ANY GASOLINE FILLUP AND THIS COUPON! Why wash your car at home when you can get a free car wash professionally for filling up your tank! With Chevron Gasoline COME IN TODAY AND FILLUP FOR YOUR FREE CAR WASH! GOOD SUNDAY THRU THURSDAY Please Present to Cashier Most Major Credit Cards Honored 11 OFFER EXPIRES OCTOBER 31, 1969 PH. TU 1-01 II 440 COURT ST. (Ared Entrance) & m i UNJ UirvLJ . 7&? 1 o w 2 m &w em UTS M Vuy Now For C&riifens BIRTHDAY,

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