The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 14, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, December 14, 1908
Page 7
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MONDAY, DECEMBER 14, 1009. THE BAKERSFIELD CALIPOENIAN Deeds. Kern County Land Company to Julius Hnminorschmldt, $5 etc.; lots 5, 6 and 7, block 164, Bakersfleld. George F. and Ethel Rowe, Edwin B. ROSH to J. W. Crosland, E. H. Whiti? anil .losepli Aekerman, $10; north half section 36, 29-28, except righls ol 1 way railroad, East Side canal and county roads. J. \v. Farree and seven others to W. A. Col well, $10; west half, lots 1, 2, 3 and 4, section 18, west half section 19, 32-23. S. U Mack and wife to Serafln Rodriguez, $10; lots 25 and 26, block 61, Ti'hnchapl. Qoorge C. Carr and wife to Percy H. Clark, $10; southwest quarter section 14, 26-24. Percy H. Clark and wife to Title Insurance and Trust Company, $10; southwest quarter section 14, 26-24. Frank Baum and wife to Loreta B. Nelson, $10; northwest quarter of northeast quarter section 31, 25-26. W. A. Colwell to P. H. Enrlght, $10; southeast quarter of northwest quarter section 19, 32-28. £1 Belmont HAVANA CIGARS The NEW kind EASY VICTORY OVER PI I HI I KYI II! By defeating the fast Porterville football team Saturday at Porterville by the score of 23 to 0, the sturdy players of the Bakersfleld High School practically won the pennant. There is still a game to be played with Dinuba and the result of the Visalia protest is to be made known, hut these cannot affect the standing of the Bakersfield team. The shut out of the Porterville aggregation was due to superior play- Ing and superior team work. The Bakersfleld eleven played a splendid game and performed with great credit to themselves and to Coach Griffith. John Stroud and Drury Wieman were perhaps the bright stars of the Bakersfleld team, but the nine other players were in the game every minute of the time and did stunts in holding the opposing line and warding off dangerous taoklers that enabled the full back and half back to get In their good work. The Porterville boys opened with the ball but after a few minutes of, play the pigskin was taken from them on an illegal forward pass. The Bakersfleld back fleld soon got into action and Wieman carried it across the line for a touchdown, scoring five points, all that were hung up in the first half, although Bakersfleld came dangerously near scoring a place kick at the end of the period . In the second halt three touch, downs and goals were secured, bringing the score to 23 to 0. Porterville made a determine^ stand in the seo ond frame but were not equal to the task of stopping the boys in blue. The Bakersfleld boys returned Saturday night. They have much praise for the hospitable manner in which they were received and treated at Porterville. The Christmas Game. Coach Griffith last night said that while no game had yet been secured for the Christmas date an effort is being made to Interest the Berkeley High School in the contest. The Los j Angeles High School team has dis- I banded for the season. If Berkeley Fighters Fit For The 60 A Week From Tonight Yesterday was a strenuous one for Eddie White and Leonard Lauder, who ght a twenty round battle In Scriber's opera house a week from to- ight. Both lads entertained large rowds at their respective, training uarters. Lauder at the Louvre did few extra stunts for the entertain- lent of the crowd. He is taking his work easily and will be in fine trim or the go next Monday. He is at veight now and declares he Is fit for he battle at a moment's notice. At McDougall's road house wher« BAKERSFIELD OPERA HOUSE EOBT. (i. 6AHTON, Manager T ONIGHT BUY SEATS SATURDAY "Say! Bakersfleld Looks Good to Me.—Patricia O'Brien HENRY B. HARRIS PRESENTS Rose Stahl "THE CHORUS LADY" A Comedy by James Forbes, Author of "The Traveling Salesman" EXACTLY AS PRESENTED IN NEW YORK FOR ONE YEAR. Prices •... 50c to $2.00 Tuesday, December 14th JOHN OORT PRESENTS The ALASKAN By Blethen Figman Girard Staged by Max Figman WITH A SPLENDID CAST OF PRINCIPALS, HEADED BY EDWARD MARTINDEL as "Totem Pole Pete." 60 SINGERS IN THE ENSEMBLES THE FOMOUS PANOING "TIDBITS" OARBD2S OWN ORCHESTRA Prices $1.60, $1.00, 76o, 60c, 26« Carriage*—Autos—10:48 p. m. Don't be Late for the Whistle. Go to Geo, L Snider and buy a Thursday, Dec. 17th Mr. John Cort Presents America's Foremost Comedian, Max Fignian In His Latest and Greatect Success The Substitute A Comedy by B. M. Dix and E, 0. Sutherland "Figmap retnrnH a great wnnediau"—8. P. Call. Prices ... Wo, SOo, 76c, $1, $1,60 Bale Open* « the first preliminary. Wednesday next Sam Ferguson who will refers the battle, will visit \\ hite to instruct him in the rules the IIOVH ii.-!ii under. Ho will visit Laud": i|i-» ni-xt day. Ht'Iow Is printed the measurement H of ilie rival fighters. It wfll be seen that they are very evenly ni;itrhe.>l. I.i'iiler is truly a remarkable athlete. He has a chest expansion of seven i', which for a little man, Is quite out of the ordinary. He is known In Urn Angeles as "the boy with the blR LEONARD LAUDER, WHO MEETS EDDIE WHITE NEXT MONDAY. White is training, a special program was offered the large crowd that was in attendance. Fans from both the city and the oil fields made the trip and saw classy little Eddie at his best. He is rounding Into shape nicely. ' "I never felt better." said Eddie nft- not been working too much so ther« is no danger of iny going sink 1 ;irul when Lander and I clnsh I will he at my best. This fight, means a lot to me and I am going to win." His work yesterday corniced of three rounds of rope jumping and three rounds with the exercisa machine. He wrestled with Pat Patterson for three rounds more and then t)oxed two rounds each with Frank and Sam McDougall and Dann;- 1 Mc- Oeen, the Southern Pacific shot) man who will he one of the principals in dops not accept the challenge the attempts of tho local management to secure a Christmas game will not stop. The people of Bakersfleld are anxious to see the high chool players In action against one of the best teams In the state. League Meeting Saturday. A league meeting has been called for Saturday next In Vlsalla to consider the protests now before the hoard of directors and some other matters pertaining to athletics. The consensus of opinion seems to be that Vlsalla has not a hit of ground to stand on In her protest and the case of IMnuba Is likewise as unjustifiable. .{. .;. .}. .j, q. •& .j. .3. ^> •?• & & <5« •{• * * * + * PAINT YOUR HOUSE * * House painting Is my specialty. * •I- I use nothing but the best mate- * •'f rln-lu, guarantee my work and * •:• chnrge reasonable prices. * *.. I. D. MEREDITH, Contractor * * 2117 B St. Phone Main 172 * ****** ***•!•**** C. J. T'lanz, President Arthur 8. Crites, Cashier, A BANK ACCOUNT FOB CHRISTMAS There is no gift for your boy or girl that compares with H bank account. It will make many a Merry Christmas for years to come, because it teaehcs the wise use of money, instils economy and thrift and helps to form the ','iving habit. \ .'hen making up your list of Christmas presents, include a Hunk Book with the First Bank of Kern. 4 per cent interest paid on timu deposits and Saving ao- counts. chest," for no fighter, whether big or small, is able to expand as much as Lauder does. Following are the measurements: Lander White 5 ft fi ......... .height ........ 5 ft 7 f, ft S .......... reach ....... 5 ft 10 Vj 15 ............. neck ...... .• ...... 15 :>3 ......... chest . normal ......... 40 ........ chest, expanded ........ :>7 2'J ............. waist ........... 29 % 2d ............. thigh ............. 20 11 ............ fore arm .......... 1 (( 7 .............. wrist .............. 7 IT, ............. calf ............. 11 K! ............. biceps ............. 12 131! Ibs ........ weight ........ !:::> Ibs 22 ............. age ............. 20 -- * . » DEATH OF JUDGE JOHN GARBER AT BERKELEY. BERKELEY, Dec. 13.— Judge John Garber, formerly supreme judge of Nevada, and for many years one of the most noted jurists of this state, died at his home late tonight from an attack of typhoid fever. Judge Gar ber had been ill for several weeks and the doctors have entertained no hoj>es of his. recovery, as he was over 70 years of age. Judge Garber was prominently connected, with many of the great legal battles in/ the civil courts of this state, notably the Stanford, Fair and Blythe litigations, which Involved many millions of dollars. A friend of President Roosevelt, Senator Reveridge and the late Mark Hanna, and for forty years associated on one side or tho other of every Im portant case in the California courts, former Supreme Court Justice John Garber ranked as a leader of the bar In California. 1'ivjiiile.nt Iloofovelt offered to make Judge Garber a commissioner on the Isthmian canal commission. This was in February, 1904. Judge Garber is a gold Democrat of the old school, and hud he accepted the post he would have been on the commission with six Republican engineer**. E BICYCLE I am Closing out all '08 models at a Great reduction All new and up-to-date; no shop worn or old stock. You will be pleased with any selection you may make, as every bicycle in my store is "Al" article of the grade. Tires! Just received a fresh shipment of the best. I want your tire business; I can take care of you in a way tbat will be satisfactory. The Holidays are on us. A question is, what to get for that present Select something beneficial and useful. Nothing better than a Bicycle. Get Something for home entertainment an Edison Phonograph is the proper article. Have I got themt Bet you. 'Call and see and hear them, the up-to-date. Play both the late Amberol or 4 minute, and the Gold Mould or 2 minute records. I am headquarters for Edison phonographs and records; the largest and most complete stock in Kern county, I sell Edison Phonographs on installments. Just received a large shipment of Zon-o-phone records; will sell at a reduced price. I also have a select assortment of pocket cutelry; also razors, the best ever. Call and examine my line, will be pleased to see and show you. Bicycle and Talking Machine repairing a specialty. A nice line of Cabinets for Edison Records in stock. GEORGE L. SNIDER Phones Main 295, Main 1185 958 Baker Street, Kern, Cal. CROUP QUICKLY CURED. Callforntan want ads.: three days, 25c. Don't Let the Child Choke to beath While Waiting For the Doctor. Hyomei, the miraculous, antiseptic, dry air treatment, will cure croup In either the first or second stages. Easily inhaled, even when the breathing is Irregular, It reaches more promptly than any other remedy the terribly Inflamed membrane of the windpipe". Its soothing balsams act immediately, the inflammation is allayed and the swelling reduced. "Not long ago our little boy, Walter, awoke In the night with a bad attack of croup. We allowed him to inhale Hyomei; he began to breathe easier, and in half an hour was fast asleep. I am glad to speak a good word for a remedy that will rob croup of Its terrors."—Rev. Geo. Slsson, pastor of M. E. church, South Londonderry, VL Hyomei (pronounced (High-o-me) is guaranteed by druggists to cure catarrh, coughs, colds, asthma, bronchitis and croup, or money back. A complete outfit, Including a neat hard rubber pocket Inhaler, costs only fl. An extra bottlo of Hyomei, if afterwards needed, costs bu 50 ceufts. McDonald's Famous Hnlr that really is hnlr. The only full line of hair goods In the valley. Anything made or repaired. Bleaching and dyeing. Phone 117. BIT K street. 108 MECHANICAL TOYS WE HAVE A FEW LEFT FROM LAST YEAR WHICH WE WILL SELL FOR 008T HOLIDAY GOODS SEE OUR CHRISTMAS CARDS A WBABBB. 1822 «h«riMr avi Phone Msln 4 Candies Wo have jusl put in n lino of these fine candies awarded five gold medals throughout the world for quality. Try some. Annett's Bakery 162719th St. Phone M 390 Kahler Sas: Now is the time to make your selections from or_r complete stock of Christmas Goods Suitable presents for young and old at prices to suit all. Be sure and come. HEADQUARTERS FOR CHRISTMAS CARDS AND BOOKS. BAKERSFIELD DRUG CO. Kahl^r Bros, PHONE MAIN 42 Corner 19th A I 8U. Safe Rent One Now Deposit Cheap Nece«*ary Handy Safe Boxes Bakersfield Abstract Company QEO. HAY, Mgr. Cheitor AiuHl 19th 9t The Little Racket The little store of L. T. Godley & Co., corner 18th and Chester avenue, is still adding new lines of 5, 10, 15 and 25c dry goods and uo- tion specialties, Our latest will he the Richardson embroidery outfits, \vhidi is the most popular embroidery line in (lie world, We invite the ladies to cull and inspect a few samples, already received. Join a Richardson Club uul learn the beautiful art of embroidering. We give special prices on many imcfifi articles. L. T. GODLEY & CO. Dr. J. S. Weiser Manager of the Woiser Optical Co., 1033 I street, Froano will bo in Bukersfield tho week commencing Monday, December 14, 1008, and will stop at tho New South- j era Hotel. I Byes Examined Free AH,Work Guaranteed _J

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